What is 'Stop the Steal' rally? Gun-toting Trump backers take to streets, chant 'it's not over'

Several armed protesters showed off their rifles and others wore holstered firearms

                            What is 'Stop the Steal' rally? Gun-toting Trump backers take to streets, chant 'it's not over'
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President-elect Joe Biden's supporters are having a ball of a time as their choice of candidate has become the projected winner in US elections 2020. The announcement put an end to an antagonizing four-day wait and people took to the streets while tears rushed down their rejoicing faces. People danced on the streets, hugging their loved ones, and sounds of claps and cheers filled the air. Joining them in the celebrations were also stars like John Legend and Chrissy Teigen who appeared in West Hollywood in their convertible, cheering along and shaking hands with the assembled crowd.

On the other hand, voters who supported Trump took to the streets as well, saying 'it's not over' and 'we won', according to USA Today. Protesters gathered in sizeable numbers in front of the Arizona State Capitol in Phoenix where hundreds (if not thousands) of Trump supporters packed in and were professedly agitated at the thought of Trump's loss.



The gathered crowd brought along their flags, some sporting Uncle Sam hats, with their anger being quite visible as they chanted "U.S.A.". Many of the Trump supporters are appeared to be marching in protest, including in places like Austin, TX, Lansing, MI, St. Paul, MN, and elsewhere, according to TMZ. Many of the protesters repeating "Stop the Steal," something that Trump himself called for on Twitter. 


It's being reported that hundreds of supporters of Trump are rallying outside Maricopa County Elections Department for the fourth consecutive day, insisting that the Democrats stole the election. The demonstrators took turns speaking to the rest of the crowd, kneeling to pray for Trump as well as chanting "four more years" and "back the blue". Several protesters wore hats that read “Make America great again”, while others sported flags or T-shirts that referenced QAnon – the widespread conspiracy theory that Trump is waging a secret war on child sex traffickers.

Several armed protesters showed off their rifles and others wore holstered firearms. A lot of them slammed the media crew that stood on the other side of the fence. “We forgive you for being traitors to our country,” an armed demonstrator shouted at the journalists, according to an Al Jazeera report. 


Contrary to the allegations of Trump supporters regarding voter fraud, there has been no evidence of any wrongdoings. There's also a number of reports stating some Republican elected officials around the country have already begun distancing themselves from Trump, while some have urged him to accept the outcome gracefully.

A couple of thousand Trump patrons gathered at the Pennsylvania Capitol in Harrisburg. Pennsylvania played a critical role in Biden’s victory. “If we don’t stop this today, it’ll all be over,” Bruce Fields, 66, opined, regarding news organizations declaring Biden the winner. “Otherwise we can kiss freedom goodbye.”

Frank Dobbs, 40, of Henderson, Nevada, brought a bullhorn and a Trump 2020 flag that he grappled with as the winds blew strong, during a rally outside the Clark County registrar of voters office in North Las Vegas. “It’s not over until it’s over. There’s still the courts. If ever there’s ever a time to expose widespread fraud, this is the president to do it,” Dobbs said. “The media doesn’t decide who wins the presidency. The legal voters of this country decide," according to a PBS report.

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