Meet Isabelle Deltore, the max security prison guard who traded the handcuffs for a pole and stardom

Once she saw the amount of money she could make with a stripping job, she messaged the prison after her 4 am shift at the club saying that she had resigned.

                            Meet Isabelle Deltore, the max security prison guard who traded the handcuffs for a pole and stardom
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After working in one of Australia’s toughest jails, Isabelle Deltore decided that it was time to do something different for a change. So she left behind her old job, and within some time, the Melbourne resident was crowned as the winner of the Miss Nude World competition 2015 and 2018. In a recent interview, the sizzling beauty revealed what changed her mind about her old job and made her pursue a career in nude modeling.

In her interview, she told “I was an officer in youth justice and I was in maximum security for five years. I was in the army reserves as well.” She further said that there were a number of factors that made her change her prison job, which included the constant violence and being “objectified” by prisons constantly. This made her come up with the idea of making a little extra money on the side.

“I was very good at what I did but I was constantly fighting to move up the chain and I was never going to win,” she said. “I was just sick of the violence, sick of the sexual innuendo; I was constantly being objectified and was like ‘why not make money out of (being objectified)’?"

One day, the prison guard decided to try her luck out as a stripper and ended up earning two weeks' worth of regular wages in one night of stripping. She said, "I couldn’t figure out what I was going to do so I decided to be a secret stripper until I could get another job with my degree. But I just liked stripping too much.”

Once she saw the amount of money she could make with a stripping job, she messaged the prison after her 4 am shift at the club saying that she had resigned. “This is definitely more lucrative. I wasn’t on the (prison) roster, I’d done my last shift, and then I went into Spearmint Rhino and made what I would have made into two weeks in one night," she revealed, adding, “At 4 am, I sent the prison an email saying I resign. I was like, see you later.”

Isabella later explained that she felt much safer in the strip joints than her prison job, since the people who misbehaved there got thrown out of the club almost on the spot. “If your boss sexually harasses you, you have to tolerate it,” Isabelle explained. “But in this industry, it's not tolerated. I just wanted to be good at something, and I happened to be good at this.”

“With my current line of work, everyone knows what’s on the table. If they want to buy a lap dance, well here are the boundaries, we’re exchanging money for it so it’s very out in the open. Previously I would complain if I had some officer or prisoner make a pass at me. Now I’m much happier and my self-esteem has increased.”

But the adult entertainer believes that she has nothing to be ashamed of, given her current stream of work. “I do pornography, but the technical term is ‘erotica’ because I only do solo and girl on girl but I don’t do boy-girl stuff and it’s that which crosses it over to pornography. But the industry is so small so quite often we don’t differentiate between erotica and pornography.”

The blonde hottie is quite a determined person at heart and is someone who would put her all in order to reach her goals, especially when it came to her winning the Miss Nude World title. "When I wanted to win Miss Nude World, I tried for months," she revealed. “I had to learn aerial hoop from scratch and one of my trainers was from Cirque du Soleil and it was 30 hours a week as well as dance classes, choreography and costume making.  It almost cost me my relationship because I was overly focused.”

“Miss Nude World is not just about doing the pole and taking your clothes off. You have to be an all-around showgirl; you’re judged on if you have that pizzazz factor. I had some massive props including a two-meter high horse that spun on a disc and spat water out of its nose,” she said. “I’m not even joking; it’s for sale if anyone wants it.”

She also said that her prison job had taught her a lot, including managing her time and being disciplined. Another good thing that came out of her previous career was that she had learned how to handle the frisky fingers of overexcited punters.

She explained, “I was managing units of 20-40 inmates and staff so I know how to deal with people who are a little bit difficult, how to be assertive without being aggressive. And it’s the same dealing with blokes; you be honest and go this is the line. You will sometimes get an ‘ah but’ from one, but my response is ‘no I’m not dealing with your buts mate’.”

Isabelle is currently on tour with the Sexpo circuit but said that her old career does catch up with her from time to time. She added: “I've had [former] prisoners come see me and say they just can't work out where they know me from, and once I had the general manager of a prison see me when I was doing a pub show. He said to me, ‘you seem much happier now’ and I was like, ‘I feel much happier now’.”