The 100 season 5: Mommy Clarke, valiant Bellamy and everything else we know so far

Season 5 of the CW show The 100 will premiere on April 24th.

The 100 season 5: Mommy Clarke, valiant Bellamy and everything else we know so far

April 24 could not come soon enough for us hardcore fans of 'The 100', and who have been waiting to know how the post-apocalyptic world is treating Clarke and her daughter. Thanks to the teasers for season 5, we know for a fact that our shero survived the Praimfaya and is now an adoptive mother to Madi, a fellow Night Blood girl.   

Despite living – presumably – a relatively boring life for the last six years after multiple near-death experiences, Clarke's life may now be in danger.

We have spotted a prison ship – carrying people since before the first apocalypse nearly 100 years ago - that is earth-bound, and they definitely do not seem to be very friendly people. 

"They're from our time, so they're from before the first apocalypse," creator Jason Rothenberg revealed at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con. 

"That means it's probably cryo. They were in hypersleep. They've come back to this planet that they don't recognize and has been destroyed, and all that's left is this garden of Eden that Clarke's been living in, and there's not enough room for everyone." 

This prisoner ship is disappointing not only because Clarke's enemy list may have to grow further, but also because this means Bellamy and the others who went to space to escape Praimfaya are not back yet. That is not going to be the case for too long though, considering Jason has promised a "valiant" Bellamy for season 5. 

However, the shippers may not be too happy to note what Jason had to say regarding the relationship status of the hot young survivors of the second apocalypse. "People break up, people get back together, people fool around. They do have six years of time to kill, and there's not a lot to do," he speculated.  

Bellamy and Clarke (Facebook)

While Bellamy and Raven have some sexual history, Echo - who is the spaceship with them, may also become a romantic interest for him. Whether you loved her badassery or hated her blind loyalty, Tasya Teles, who plays Echo did a great job of portraying the warrior, and is now getting promoted as a main cast member.  

Clarke, on the other hand, may meet new people to get intimate with, considering a ship-full of new eye-candies. So, what if they aren't the best people! Reportedly the new members of the 100 family include a serial killer named Vinson, a cocky space pirate named Zeke, a former crime syndicate enforcer who has been a prisoner on the ship named Robert McCreary and a military strategist named Charmaine. 

Murphy and Clarke (Facebook)

While we got most of this information regarding season 5 of 'The 100' from Jason's Twitter feeds, he is keeping something super-secretive from us fans.

Hopefully, we will get a taste of that in the trailer for the upcoming season, which is expected to be released later in March. Meanwhile, cajole your fangirling heart with the possibilities that this tweet offers: 



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