Alabama shooting: Multiple teens injured as gunman opens fire outside Birmingham party

Authorities said the shooting started outside the venue of the event just as the party was drawing to a close at 10 p.m.

                            Alabama shooting: Multiple teens injured as gunman opens fire outside Birmingham party

At least six teenagers are reported to have been shot at a party that took place at WorkPlay in Downtown Birmingham, Alabama, on the night of September 2. Authorities in the city said the shooting started outside the venue of the event in the 2200 Block of Fifth Avenue South, just as the party was drawing to a close. When the firing finally stopped, six teens were left wounded and a seventh reportedly suffered a dislocated knee.

Sergeant Johnny Williams, a spokesperson for the Birmingham Police, said one of the victims in the shooting sustained life-threatening injuries. A few of the teenagers from the party have been detained for questioning. According to Williams, the shooting began at 10 p.m. just as the party at WorkPlay was drawing to a close. reported that a police officer, who was as security in the club, called the South Precinct for backup to help out with the large crowd and the expected traffic block as the show was coming to an end. As additional officers were on their way to the venue, two teens inside the club started an argument and the fight was taken outside before the shooting started.

Police evidence markers spotted on the scene revealed at least a couple of shots from the gunman were fired right outside the front door of WorkPlay, and about 14 other shell casings were found in the parking lot across the street from the club. None of the shots were fired inside the club and authorities are yet to determine how many people were involved in the shooting.

Williams said, in the initial report: "We don't believe most of the people injured were actually involved." All the teens who had been injured are believed to be innocent bystanders. Williams admitted that the situation could have been worse. "Anytime you have gunfire in a crowd of people, it can turn out to be very dangerous to everyone involved."

The sergeant added that they are currently speaking to a couple of teenagers from the scene. He said: "Right now, we're continuing to investigate and determine who is responsible for the shooting and get them into custody." Authorities continued investigating the scene well into the next morning. Meanwhile, a multitude of family members had congregated at Children's of Alabama where the wounded teens were undergoing treatment.

Walteria Davis, 16, was not at the party but told an interviewer that her 15-year-old cousin had been there and was shot in the buttocks. She added that she had not seen him but had spoken to him on Facetime while he was being treated for his injury. Speaking of the shooting and the surge in violence affecting teens across the city and elsewhere, David said: "It's not right. Where is it coming from? It didn't use to be this way."