Teen's dream reunion with biological dad takes horrific turn after he sexually abuses her and posts her naked pictures online

17-year-old Stephanie Dearsley recalled her horror as her long-awaited reconciliation with her biological father quickly turned into a nightmare.

                            Teen's dream reunion with biological dad takes horrific turn after he sexually abuses her and posts her naked pictures online

A teenager's dream reunion with her biological father quickly turned sour after he locked her in his home and sexually abused her over the course of 16 months. Stephanie Dearsley was 14-years-old when she reached out to her father, 38-year-old Barry Jackson, on Facebook with the hope of reconciling with him. Initially, she thought the reunion would be the stuff of her dreams, but it quickly morphed into a nightmare.

Seventeen-year-old, Dearsley, of Hastings, East Sussex, revealed how Jackson turned out to be a "monster" and locked her in his house and used her as his "plaything." She also said that the 38-year-old uploaded hundreds of naked images of her on Instagram and that she was still a virgin when he first "forced himself upon her."

She told the Sun that she knew she was adopted from the age of five and that her adoptive parents first gave her dozens of letters from her biological parents when she turned 14 in June 2015. She successfully tracked Jackson down on Facebook, exchanging numbers with him and arranging to meet him the very next day as he lived just 20 miles away.

"When I saw my dad for the first time, it was very emotional," she revealed. "Later that day he took me to see my mum. They told me they weren’t together anymore but were still good friends. There were lots of tears and I found out I had four siblings and a half-brother. They apologized for giving me up and I honestly felt like a huge gap had been filled in my life."

She would go on to form an inseparable bond with Jackson, with the 38-year-old offering her a job at the boating lake he managed. They began seeing each other every day, and three months later, he would take her on a holiday to Scotland where he bought her clothes and perfume. She said that they went out for dinner every night and that she was on "cloud nine."

However, things began taking a turn for the worse when he asked her to move in with him. Even though her adoptive parents thought it was not a good idea, she ignored their concerns and packed a bag to leave. What began as a pleasant first few days filled with home-cooked dinners and movie-watching sessions turned sour when Jackson reportedly walked into the kitchen one morning and squeezed her bum. 

"I was shocked and slapped his hand away," she said, recalling the incident. "He told me it was just a bit of harmless fun. I hoped it was a one-off.” But the sexual advances began to escalate, with Jackson then groping her breasts and asking her to sleep in his bedroom at night because he was scared of the dark. Then, just three days before her 15th birthday in December 2015, her father reportedly came in drunk and tried to kiss her. When she resisted, he pinned her on the living room floor, pulled down her underwear, and forced himself on her.

Jackson was jailed 13 years over sexually assaulting his daughter (Source: Police mugshot)
Jackson was jailed 13 years over sexually assaulting his daughter (Source: Police mugshot)

"It was so painful. I was a virgin and couldn’t comprehend what was happening. Horrified, I lay there numb. Afterward, he went upstairs without a word," she said. She revealed that she quit going to school and didn't tell anyone because she was ashamed and scared. For the next 16 months, he would lock her inside the home as he went to work and abuse her whenever he felt like it; Dearsely stated she was scared to escape because she feared she would get caught.

She eventually worked up the courage to report him to the authorities in January 2017. Recalling the day, she said, "I told the operator that my dad had been abusing me and that he’d probably do it again later that night. I gave them my address and waited."

The police arrived as Jackson once again tried to force himself on his daughter. He was arrested at the scene but there was still more horror to come. During his trial, it was revealed that he had uploaded thousands of naked pictures of her on Instagram, including those of her in the shower. 

In December 2017, her ordeal finally came to an end after Jackson pleaded guilty to three counts of sexual activity with a child family member and three counts of distributing child pornography. He was sentenced to 13 years behind bars and the 17-year-old said she's relieved he's now behind bars and can no longer hurt her.