Teen mom stubs out a cigarette on former boyfriend's face in a fit of anger, pleads guilty

Alys Senior pleaded guilty to the assault charge.

Teen mom stubs out a cigarette on former boyfriend's face in a fit of anger, pleads guilty

In a bizarre turn of events, a teenager stubbed a cigarette on her ex-boyfriend’s face because he dared her to do so. Mother-of-one Alys Senior, 19, pleaded guilty to a single charge of assault during her trial held at the Kirklees Magistrates’ Court, on Wednesday.

The unidentified victim, who is the father of the defendant's child, suffered a burn mark on his cheek after allegedly passing the lit cigarette to her, provoking her to assault him, Kirklees Magistrates’ Court was told.

Alys has no previous charge against her name, barring the crime on September 16th, last year.  (Alys Senior/Facebook)
Alys revealed that she was 'goaded' by her ex to stub it on his face. (Facebook/Alys Senior)

The court trial was in response to the crime that occurred on New Street in Huddersfield town center on September 16, last year. According to Alys, the two broke out in an argument that led her angrily stubbing the cigarette on her ex's face.

Senior is a 19-year-old teen mom to a daughter. (Facebook/Alys Senior)

Prosecution represented by counselor Jill Seddon, however, begged to differ with Alys' version, by stating that the argument between the two broke over their child, where she accused him of being a bad father before grabbing the cigarette from his hand and stubbing it angrily on his client's face.

Seddon further added that she shoved the cigarette into his cheek and spat in his face.

 Kirklees Magistrates’ Court. (Pinterest)

However, according to a report published in Huddersfield Daily Examiner, Senior, who hails from Croftlands in Newsome, told police: “He handed the cigarette to me and goaded me to stub it out on his face, which I did.”

The row between Senior and her ex-had broken out on New Street in Huddersfield on September 16, last year. (Pinterest)

She admitted to the police that she was angry and frustrated at the time that led to the moment in question. 

Alys Senior, 19, of Newsome pleaded guilty to assaulting her ex by stubbing a cigarette on his cheek, last year. (Facebook/Alys Senior)

Counsellor Carl Kingsley, who was mitigating on Alys' behalf, told the court that his client’s ex-was, in fact, the provocateur, who instigated her by attempting to assault her first and even ended up knocking his own mother to the ground in the process.

Solicitor Carl Kingsley was representing Senior at the trial in Kirklees Magistrates’ Court. (KingsleyBrooks)

Kingsley added: “He then began goading her to assault him, handed her the cigarette and asked her to stub it out on his face. She did and that’s why she’s here today. She feels he’s manufactured this situation.”

Alys admitted to a single charge of assault. (Facebook/Alys Senior)

District Judge Michael Fanning, who was presiding over the case, told Alys, who holds no previous convictions to her name, that he was satisfied that the incident between ex-couple was 'fleeting with no significant injuries.'

Alys was let off with a $119 dollar fine alongside a nominal court charge. (Facebook/Alys Senior)

Alys was let off with a £85 fine ($119), alongside an additional £85 court costs with £30 ($42) court charge. 

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