Teacher googles 'is it legal to sleep with students' before going to house party, now she's under arrest for not heeding its advice

The teacher was so eager to carry out her plan that she along with an accomplice googled whether they would get into trouble for having sex with a student

                            Teacher googles 'is it legal to sleep with students' before going to house party, now she's under arrest for not heeding its advice
(Source:Police Department)

A teacher allegedly had sex with two of her students after she searched the internet to check whether or not it is legal to do so. Brittney Whetzel reportedly joked with her colleagues of Battery Creek High School about hooking up with one of the teens. She also added that she could not wait for the boy to graduate on June 3 so she could do whatever she pleased. Brittney allegedly also spoke about having a crush on one of the boys and that she could not wait to have "beautiful babies" with one of them. However, witnesses tell the authorities that Brittney did not wait until graduation and instead had sex with two of the boys, who are expected to be 18 or 18 and older, over the spring break. 

Brittney Whetzel mugshot (Beaufort County Sheriff's Office)


To help Brittney carry out her plan, Battery Creek High media assistant Akina Andrews had also helped. The pair reportedly organized the party filled with alcohol and reportedly two days before this they googled questions about teachers having sex with students. "Can teachers get in trouble for sleeping with former students?" was reportedly one of the searches that the authorities found after going through her cellphone. 

The party was organized on April 9 where they were allegedly given beer, wine, and tequila. A day later, one of the other teachers who knew about the incident informed the school's assistant principal. Even though both the students who Brittney allegedly had sex with were 18 or older, according to the law it was illegal. 


Akina Andrews was also arrested for allegedly giving alcohol to underage students (Beaufort County Detention Center)

As reported by Daily Mail,  Under South California Law, it is illegal for teachers to have sexual contact with their students, even if the students are above the age of consent. Brittney was an English teacher in the school and had joined in 2016. Meanwhile, Akina started working in 2017. The SC Department of Education suspended Brittney's certificate on April 24. "Due to the serious nature of this allegation to misconduct, Ms. Whetzel may pose a threat to the health, safety, and welfare of students who may be under her instruction, and that emergency action is required," the department said. 

However, initially, Brittney denied that she had sex with the students and she claimed that none of the students had alcohol. "I feel like somebody's trying to like get me in big trouble and I did not do anything … I am mad that I really even asked him to watch my cats,' she told deputies. '... I would never do that to a child," she said. But the students gave different accounts of the night when they were questioned. 

It is then that upon being questioned for the second time Brittney confessed two of the students had spent the night and that she had driven them home the next morning. She then claimed that she drank a combination of alcohol and medication that made her forget parts of what had happened that night. When asked if she had sex with the students she said, "I probably did." Police arrested Brittney and she was charged with two counts of sexual battery and three misdemeanor counts of transfer of beer or wine for an underage person's consumption between April 9 and April 10. She was released from jail the following morning on a $10,000 surety bond. Meanwhile, Akina was charged with providing alcohol to minors at the same party. She was not charged with sexual battery of any kind.