Taylor Swift has been spending less time with her girl squad after meeting Joe Alwyn, says friend

Taylor Swift reportedly is giving all her time and attention to Joe Alwyn while very little to her squad.

                            Taylor Swift has been spending less time with her girl squad after meeting Joe Alwyn, says friend

In an interview with Grazia UK, one of Taylor's squad members has dished details on Taylor Swift has been spending a lot less time with her girl squad ever since she started dating Joe Alwyn. The friend, who spoke to the outlet on the condition that her identity stays anonymous, said that friendship in Hollywood is a bit different than the one you see in the outside world. 

Taylor Swift has been spending more time with Joe than her friends (Twitter)

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"Celebrity friendships are weird. You don’t see each other for forever, and you accept that, but Taylor’s gone off-grid in a big way since meeting Joe," the friend said. This friend went on to claim that Taylor has also asked some of her fans to not mention or speak about her in the interviews. 

"I even heard about people getting requests not to mention her in interviews," the friend continued. "It’s hard when that’s all you’re asked about, but Taylor is hyper-sensitive. I guess you have to be high-maintenance to become the biggest pop star in the world."

However, a second insider told the magazine that even though Taylor is spending a lot less time with her friends, the friendship between them is not over.

One could say that Taylor has just started to prioritize Joe more than others. In fact, a source close to the singer even told The Sun that Taylor has been spending so much time in London that her friends have started teasing her saying that she has moved in with him. 

Taylor Swift and her friendship with her squad is still the same even though they don't spend time together (Twitter)

Not only has Taylor been having the time of her life with Joe, she also seems to have interacted with his friends. "Taylor has been spending a lot of time at Joe’s house, and has been enjoying going out with his pals to their favorite local haunts," the source told the tabloid. "She always tries to keep a low profile, but has been having a lot of fun with the group."

"And some have even been joking that it’s as if she’s moved in with him, as Taylor doesn’t have her own place to live in when she’s staying in the UK," the source continued. However, made it clear that "She and Joe haven’t quite got to that stage though." The two have been together since May 2017 and even though they have rarely been spotted together, it seems like the singer is happy and enjoying her private life. 

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