Outrage after transgender murderer allowed to have gender swap surgery costing the taxpayer $26,000

Paris Green will be escorted on a 1,000-mile round trip to a hospital in Brighton for the surgery, with prison authorities calling the whole operation a "security nightmare"

                            Outrage after transgender murderer allowed to have gender swap surgery costing the taxpayer $26,000

People are outraged after a transgender murderer is scheduled to be escorted on a whopping 1,000-mile round trip from a Scotland prison facility to a hospital in Brighton for a gendeer reassignment surgery, with prison authorities calling the whole operation a "security nightmare". 

With 24-hour guard protection during 27-year-old Paris Green's two-week recovery after surgery, taxpayers would be spending tens of thousands of pounds on the whole procedure.

Green, who was born Peter Laing but has identified as a woman since 2011, was put behind bars in 2013 for the murder of 45-year-old Robert Shankland.

She, along with two accomplices, tortured, sexually assaulted, and battered Shankland to death after luring him to her apartment. The 27-year-old will be the first serving prisoner in the history of Scotland to undergo the gender swap procedure which is said to commence within weeks, prison sources confirmed last week, Daily Mail reports.


A spokesman for the Prison Officers Association Scotland said: "We don’t make the rules, we don’t comment on them and don’t decide who goes to jail or when they get out."

However, one experienced officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: "Most of the people I’ve discussed this matter with think it’s outrageous. You can murder someone brutally but while you are in prison you are entitled to everything you ask for, no matter the burden on a stretched system, because it might breach your human rights to say no. What about the rights of the victim and his family?"

While another said: "Has anyone asked the nursing staff who will look after her if they are happy to care for a murderer? This is not a life-saving operation, it is not vital to keep Green healthy. I don’t have any problem with people changing sex as long as they’re part of the wider community and haven’t done anyone any harm."

Green began her sentence at Cornton Vale women's prison after she was ordered to serve a minimum term of 18 years. However, she was moved to a women’s wing at HMP Edinburgh after it was reported that she was having sex with female prisoners.


Male to female gender reassignment surgery for Scottish residents is undertaken only at Nuffield private hospital in Brighton as Scottish hospitals do not have the resources to perform such operations, according to NHS Scotland.

The NHS, and therefore the taxpayers, will foot the £20,000 ($26,000) bill in Green's case, which includes the operation, a stay of several days in a private room, plus the cost of follow-up surgeries if doctors recommend it.

According to reports, most patients go for a second operation to enhance their breasts and also undergo a procedure to shave the Adam's apple after recovering from the main surgery. The total cost of the procedure can be anywhere between £10,000 ($13,000) and £100,000 ($130,000), according to the TransUnite organization. Having said that, NHS does not usually contribute more than £60,000 per patient.

A general view of HMP Edinburgh in Saughton. (Getty)
A general view of HMP Edinburgh in Saughton. (Getty)

A Scottish Prison Service (SPS) source said: "If the NHS specialists say full sex-change surgery is necessary for a prisoner’s physical or mental wellbeing after years of taking hormones and living as a woman, the only debate would be about how best to manage it."

While a spokesman for the SPS said: "If a request is made by the NHS for surgery for one of the prisoners it is treating, we would not and could not stand in the way."