Where is Sydney Leathers now? Here’s how Anthony Weiner sexting scandal helped her career

Sydney Leathers reveals how she used the publicity from the Anthony Weiner sexting scandal to build a new career

                            Where is Sydney Leathers now? Here’s how Anthony Weiner sexting scandal helped her career
Sydney Leathers and Anthony Weiner (@sydneyelainexo/Instagram/ Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Back in 2013, Anthony Weiner was an extremely popular Democratic representative. He then got embroiled in a sexting scandal that destroyed his career and shot Sydney Leathers to infamy. At the time, Leathers was in her early 20s when she leaked the scandal, before being outed. Put in the spotlight, it appears Leathers managed to make the best of her situation, as she revealed in a stunning new interview.

Like Leathers, it appears Weiner too has managed to make a career for himself in the aftermath of the scandal. After being released from prison in 2019, we reported that in 2020 he was running a business. In early June, we also reported that Weiner reportedly re-joined Confide, the very same app where he sexted a 15-year-old, leading to his imprisonment. Currently, Florida Rep Matt Gaetz finds himself embroiled in a similar scandal, through the sugar daddy site Seeking Arrangement


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Matt Gaetz could be sentenced to 30 years in prison and fined up to $10,000 if sex trafficking charges are brought

While Weiner's name has occasionally made it to the press, little was known about Leathers. Following the massive scandal, she has mostly stayed away from the media, barring the occasional comment. What happened to her? Well, now we know thanks to an explosive tell-all interview published on Sunday, June 28. 

Sydney Leathers is now a popular adult performer (@sydneyelainexo/Instagram)

Where is Sydney Leathers now?

As with many other women, Leathers was vilified for her role in the scandal. "During all of that, I lost my job and my income. And it was upsetting, like, I'm somebody who comes from a family who has nothing," she told The Business of Business. With little hope and a nationally-known name, Leathers turned to the only industry she could — pornography. "Porn wasn't even that big of a leap," she admitted, adding, "I'm just blessed with a very porno-sounding name."

Leathers said, "You know what I mean? Like, I felt like the societal stigma was already there in such a real way. It was just like, "Oh, well, people already think I'm a whore". She says she "chose to capitalize on it", and eventually found fame on PornHub and OnlyFans. After a few years of performing adult content, Leathers decided to change course. She went to college, got a degree and returned to Indiana. "I didn't like move to LA seeking fame. I'm a very like normal, boring person actually." She also got trauma therapy, helping her move on from the scandal.


Now, Leathers has used her experience in the adult industry to help promote a new crypto startup called SpankChain. Since 2021, she's worked in the company in various roles — from social media marketing to model outreach. "Like I'm technically called the "community manager," but I do like a little bit of everything," she admitted. The company has created a crypto wallet for sex workers to pay and receive money, that also works with the US dollar. 

Leathers is still performing on OnlyFans and made headlines in 2020 for slamming Bella Thorne when she joined the platform. According to her Twitter bio, she is also a writer, having featured in Penthouse and The Washington Post. She's also got over 26K followers on her Instagram account, where she frequently shares photos. "I've lived a colorful life," she admitted. Leather's isn't the first victim of a sex scandal to have been publicly shamed and named. Monica Lewinsky faced a similar situation in the '90s. Like Lewinsky, Leathers has managed to turn her life around and turn her scandal into a major advantage. 

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