These super new models are taking over from Gigi, Bella and Kendall

Supermodels who are known for stealing hearts as they set foot on the ramp, now better watch out! There is a whole new league of budding models who are just getting ready to take over the likes of Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

These super new models are taking over from Gigi, Bella and Kendall

With the London Fashion Week descending upon us, top editors, stylists, designers, and models are going to be flocking to London, getting ready for the big old show! Well ahead of the show, The Sun spoke to insiders within the fashion industry and they have revealed the beautiful new models to be excited about this season.

Who can take over the likes of Kendall Jenner, the top model who has walked the runway at the world's top fashion weeks for prominent brands such as Chanel, Diane Von Furstenberg, and many others. Kendall started modeling at the age of 14 and she has been a force on the ramp ever since. 

And what about Gigi Hadid? Should she watch her back? The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model started at the mere age of two. Gigi has been an inspiring model and has been the face of upscale clothing brands. 

And what's with Cara Delevingne's best pal stealing her crown?

Fashion editor, makeup artists, and fashion PR's have spoken of who they think will be the next model of the moment. 

The new Kendall Jenner: Kaia Gerber

“My absolute fave and the obvious one at the moment is Cindy Crawford’s bub, Kaia Gerber. I idolized Cindy when I was growing up but Kaia also has that extra quality sass, style, and energy.”

Marty, Fashion Stylist (@martystylist)

Kendall Jenner, the most popular of them all. For now? (Source: Getty)

For those who are not aware, Kendall is 22 whereas Kaia is just 16. They are both friends and come from well-known families associated with the top class. They both know what it's like growing up in the limelight and how the modeling industry is. 

Kaia Gerber killing it. (Source: Kaia Gerber/Instagram)

Kaia has a lot she can pick up from Jenner like working hard to get to the top, ignoring people who bring them down, and understanding how to keep a fine line between professional and personal life. But let's just hope Kaia doesn't agree to sign an advertisement deal with Pepsi. 

The new Cara Delevingne: Adwoa Aboah

“This girl is amazing. She bagged herself a Vogue cover, a Burberry campaign and she got the Model of The Year award – this one is going to be huge. And she’s not afraid to talk about real issues – she turned her life around and now helps other women with her channel Gurl Talk.”

Laura Hartshorne, Fashion PR

Cara is beautiful. (Source: Getty)


Cara and Adwoa are more similar than one would think. Both are the ripe age of 25 and both of them have dealt with depression. Adwoa had a drug addiction in the past but is now over it and is sober. The two are even close friends who have been seen holidaying with each other.

Both the models have been Vogue cover stars and dominate the luxury ad campaigns. But is their friendship strong enough to hold good in this new-age competitive era of modeling? We can only wait and find out.

Adwoa Aboah. (Source: Adwoa Aboah/Instagram)


The new Naomi Campbell: Leomie Anderson

“She’s not new to the modeling business but 2018 is her time to shine. She has buckets of sass whilst at the same time loads of individuality.”

Kelvin Barron, Fashion Stylist (@kelvinstylist)

Naomi Campbell defined supermodel! (Source: Getty)

We have to say, Naomi Campbell, though 47, is a force to reckon with. The fashion model and activist did, after all, popularize the term "supermodel." However, Leomie Anderson who is 25 years old has enough sass and class up her sleeve to bridge the gap or maybe even take over the likes of Campbell.

These two models, apart from being Londoners also have one other thing in common. Both have taken a stance and spoken out against racism prevalent in the fashion industry. They both took to social media to call for more inclusive practices in the business.


Leomie Anderson has some sass. (Source: Getty)

The new Gigi Hadid: Anna Ewers

“She’s so strikingly beautiful. I’d love to get my brushes on her, she has cheekbones that are made for contouring.”

Lou Maddison, Make-up Artist (@loumadsmakeup)

Gigi Hadid, the Tommy girl (Source: Getty)

Anna Ewers, 22, is a German model with multiple campaigns, covers, and runway shows to back her up. Anna has been ranked as one of the top up and coming models in the industry. 

As for Gigi, the Tommy girl who has already established herself in the industry may need to watch out. The 22-year-old is always at the top of her game but is her lookalike going to steal her limelight?


German Model Anna Ewers. (Source: Anna Ewers/Instagram)

The new Iman: Halima Aden

“I love Halima. She is the only headscarf-wearing Muslim supermodel and she’s proud of her heritage. Kanye hired her for his show, and Marc Jacobs did, too. Prepare to see a lot of this girl. She is similar to Iman purely because they’re both Somali, but really she’s a totally new addition to the modeling industry.”

Tracey Sayer, FABULOUS Fashion Director (@trayslounge)

The beautiful Iman. (Source: Getty)

Halima made headlines when she walked the ramp sporting a hijab and traditional clothes during the Miss Minnesota USA pageant. The 20-year-old is a rising star who has also landed the cover of CR Fashion Book. However, Halima could learn a little or two from Iman. 

For the magazine that she landed the cover, it speaks of Iman interviewing Aden about taking the industry by storm. Does this suggest that Iman may be a sort of fashionista mentor for Aden?


Halima Aden. (Source: Halima Aden/Instagram)

The new Lily Cole: Fran Summers

"There’s a Brit model I’m following on Insta called Fran Summers. She made her debut at LW last season and has been in a couple of campaigns.  I love her grounded spirit (she’s from Yorkshire and has her own food Instagram @franmsfeasts) as well as her quirky vintage style.”

Natalie Wall, Fashion Writer (@natwallers)

Lily Cole, actress, and model. (Source: Getty)

Fran Summers is a fresh face; not someone you'd recognize but she is a promising model. The Yorkshire lass is heading places and is going to hit mine gold. The 18-year-old has walked the ramp for Louis Vuitton.

Lily Cole, the British-born actress, and model who was the face of Vogue magazine and the star of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Recently, Lily has shied away from the ramp and spotlight because she now feels she should use her name and wealth for good. She has now been working with countless charities around the world. 


Yorkshire lass Fran Summers (Source: Instagram)

The new Alex Wek: Duckie Thot

"Apart from being jaw-droppingly beautiful, she also has cool points because Rihanna is her mentor. She has a great look (her sister is also a model!), but most importantly she uses her platform to talk out about the importance of diversity. Plus squad goads - she's best mates with all the cool girls."

Erica Davies from The Edited (@erica_davies)

Alek Wek. (Source: Getty)

Alex Wek, the African-born supermodel was named model of the year in 1997 by MTV. But Alex Wek is a hardcore professional. She's not in it for the likes, she's in it for real. Alex is dedicated and hardworking. 

And so is Duckie. The 21-year-old South Sudanese Aussie beauty is new to the modeling world. She's a Style cover star and looks like she'll have a thriving career in fashion after this month.


Duckie Thot. (Source: Getty)

The new Gisele: Mica Arganaraz

“I like her off-duty vibe, she’s an artist and a real muse. She has such an individual look  - she’s South American, but not as we know it.”

Holly Coopey, Fashion Stylist (@hollycooop)

Gisele Bundchen. (Source: Getty)

Both these models come from South America but they both cater to a very different audience. Gisele, 37, International supermodel and former Victoria's Secret Angel, is known to have graced the covers of Vogue with her glossy look. Mica, 25, on the other hand, sports the look of a tomboy.

She is known as the muse of Prada and has also been referred to as an It girl. Mica in fashion sense is a force to reckon with. 


Mica is gorgeous. (Source: Mica Arganaraz/Instagram)

The new Jourdan Dunn: Neelam Gil

"I can't wait to see what Coventry girl Neelam Gil will do next already a show-stopping catwalk star for heavy hitters such as Kanya and Burberry she has graced the covers of Vogue and changed the face of Abercrombie & Fitch. At 22 her looks have got her far but I think it's her work hard attitude that will propel her to stardom."

Lynne McKenna, FABULOUS Fashion Stylist (@styledbylynnemckenna)

Jourdan Dunn for Burberry (Source: Getty)


The two models are clearly friends. Neelam often leaves comments on Jourdan's posts on Instagram.

Jourdan was discovered when she was 16 at a local Primark by a scout from Storm Models. This agency had also employed Kate Moss. She has worked for big brands like Prada, H&M, and Calvin Klein. She has always spoken out of the difficulties black women face in the modeling world.

Coventry girl Neelam Gill (Source: Neelam Gill/Instagram)

Neelam Gill, 22, is from Coventry but has now moved to London. The model is Sikh, Indian and both her grandparents were born in India. 

At the age of 14, Neelam was scouted by her agency Models 1, before landing her first major job in September 2013: a Burberry catwalk exclusive.

When is London Fashion Week? Check it out!

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