Smashing Pumpkins ex-bassist D'Arcy Wretzky says she loves Pearl Jam but hates one member

D'Arcy Wretzky talks about her recent feud with Billy Corgan, her thoughts on Pearl Jam, David Bowie and more in a recent interview with Alternative Nation.

                            Smashing Pumpkins ex-bassist D'Arcy Wretzky says she loves Pearl Jam but hates one member

With the Smashing Pumpkins reunion coming to fruition, (without original bassist D’Arcy Wretzky), the public has been privy to a slew of recallings of the drama that characterized the alternative music scene in the early 90s.

After having recently publicly shared her recent interactions with Billy Corgan, taking to Facebook to share private messages between the two and calling the Pumpkins frontman “manipulative”, Wretzky has now shared her thoughts on another cornerstone band from the 90s alternative era — Pearl Jam.

D'Arcy Wretzky, former bassist of Smashing Pumpkins has opened up about her thoughts on Pearl Jam. (Image Source: Pinterest)

In a recent interview with Alternative Nation, the former Smashing Pumpkins bassist revealed her thoughts on Pearl Jam, saying she absolutely loves the band except for one member.

Talking about how Corgan appeared to be wanting to get the band on a competitive level with Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters, two of the biggest touring acts that are still going from the 90’s alternative rock scene, Wretzky said in the interview, “With those two bands, everybody knows that the Foo Fighters is Dave [Grohl].

"How many people do you know who can name any other members of Pearl Jam besides Eddie Vedder? I f*cking love, I love all of the members except for Stone [Gossard]. I f*cking hate Stone, he’s an asshole. They’re all really nice, except for Stone.”

Wretzky says she loves the band barring one member - Pearl Jam's rhythm guitarist Stone Gossard, who she calls an 'assh*le'. (Image Source: Twitter)

At a different point of the conversation, Wretzky brought up Corgan’s competitive spirit with the Chicago music scene during the Pumpkins’ early days.

“He can’t stand anybody else getting attention, he just can’t stand it,” she said.

"I remember once in the beginning I was friends with a lot of other bands, and the venues would give out passes to people. I had some passes for a friend’s band that we all knew, and he was infuriated with me for being disloyal, and for helping out the competition. He always talked about how nobody in the Chicago scene, none of the other bands would give us any credibility, and we weren’t part of the scene,” she added.

Adding fuel to the flames that have recently divided her from the rest of the band, but still defending herself, Wretzky said, "If that was the case, it was because of him, and because he had an attitude like that: ‘It’s us against everybody else.’ Sorry, but I’m a happy person by nature, and that just wasn’t ‘cool.’ If you’re around miserable people who disrespect you for being happy, and also in those days you wouldn’t be respected being blonde, being happy, or being halfway good looking. If you’re a girl in a band, it was just not easy at all. Now it’s nothing.”

Wretzky also called out Corgan for his hypocrisy for performing with David Bowie, in spite of allegedly making fun of fellow bandmate James Iha for being a Bowie fan. (Image Source: Pinterest) 

Wretzky also went on to talk about the Pumpkins’ connection to David Bowie, revealing how Corgan used to make fun of fellow bandmate James Iha for being a Bowie fan.

“The David Bowie thing really pissed me off. Billy used to make fun of James [Iha] because James was a fan of Bowie, apparently. I don’t know if at the time Billy just didn’t want to pick a fight with me, because I loved Bowie as much, if not more, than James did. That’s one thing that we shared. Billy was never a Bowie fan until we played with him,” D’arcy said in the interview.

"Then I was really f**king pissed off when Bowie invited Billy to sing at his birthday party and not the rest of the band, and he invited the Foo Fighters, but again, I really don’t know. Billy might have just said, ‘Oh no, no, they won’t be interested.’ I don’t know,” she continued, calling Corgan out for his hypocrisy.

Wretzky also blamed frontman Jimmy Corgan for 'ending her career' by bad-mouthing her to fellow musicians. (Image Source: Twitter)

She also went all out to slam Corgan for practically "ending her career" by bad-mouthing her to fellow musicians. "Another thing that really pisses me off is he (Corgan) destroyed my career, I couldn’t get anybody to play with me after his slanderous statements he made over the years about me. I couldn’t even make friends, it was horrible. My life was really bad a lot of the time because of the things that he said: ‘Oh she’s a worse drug addict than Jimmy. Oh, she’s a mean drunk. Oh, she was a mean drug addict.’ No, I just wasn’t going to take his shit,” she said.

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