1. It's the Summer of Love again as streaming services unleash romcoms for the season
  2. 'Avengers: Endgame is over, so what's next for Marvel's superheroes?
  3. "It tackles the agreements we all make with our parents," Juliet Landau on father Martin Landau's influence on 'A Place Among the Dead'
  4. Quentin Tarantino's 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' will premiere and compete at Cannes
  5. 'Fantastic Beasts 3': Release, plot, cast and everything you need to know about the five-part Harry Potter prequel
  6. Searches for 'Avengers' on adult websites increased by 5,000% after release of 'Endgame'
  7. 'The Last Summer' star Tyler Posey can relate to his character Ricky's tendency to rush into relationships
  8. 'Crawl': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the upcoming horror movie 
  9. 'The Last Summer' is a hodgepodge of loosely interconnected coming-of-age experiences
  10. Johnny Depp's first look from 'Waiting for the Barbarians' is out, and he looks sinister
  11. Maia Mitchell says she relates to her ambitious character on 'The Last Summer': "That's how I was at that age"
  12. 'Ad Astra': New trailer, release date, plot, cast and everything else you need to know about the Brad Pitt starrer
  13. 'Hush, Hush': Plot, cast, news and everything else you need to know about the upcoming supernatural teen drama
  14. Surrealist comedy 'French Exit' to feature Michelle Pfeiffer, Lucas Hedges and Tracy Letts
  15. The new 'Spiderman: Far from Home' trailer reveals how the movie is linked to 'Avengers: Endgame's aftermath
  16. 'High Seas': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything you need to know about the Netflix Spanish murder mystery
  17. 'Spider-Man: Far from Home': Release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know about MCU's final Phase 3 movie
  18. Elisabeth Moss and Benedict Cumberbatch team up for film adaptation of 'Power of the Dog'
  19. Cannes slammed for honoring actor Alan Delon after he publicly admitted to slapping women
  20. 'Rim of the World': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about this Netflix movie
  21. MCU's Infinity Saga ends with 'Far from Home'; Will Spider-Man still be part of Phase 4?
  22. Did the good Cap just go bad and seal the fate of the universe in 'Avengers: Endgame'?
  23. 3 new 'Star Wars' films announced and 'Avatar 2' release date postponed following Disney-Fox buyout
  24. Chadwick Boseman to play Japan's first African samurai in new film 'Yasuke'
  25. 'Game of Thrones' star Richard Madden in talks for role in Marvel's 'The Eternals'
  26. 'Yasuke': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything you need to know about the first African Samurai's story
  27. 'Avengers: Endgame's nod to LGBTQ wasn't enough but there's still hope and here's why
  28. Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Phase 4: Release Dates, new superheroes, new cast and everything else you need to know
  29. Led Zeppelin's new documentary 'Whole Lotta Rock!' to tell their story for the first time from their perspective
  30. With Indiana Jones' return in 'Indy5', here's what makes the archaeological adventure genre so timeless
  31. All the Marvel superheroes we would love to see in MCU's Phase 4, including X-Men, Ms. Marvel, Iron Heart and Stature
  32. 'The Farewell': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything to know about the upcoming Awkwafina starrer
  33. 'Mortal Kombat' reboot: Release date, plot, cast, news and everything else about South Australia's biggest film production
  34. 'Good Sam': Trailer, release date, cast, plot and everything else you need to know about Netflix's feel-good mystery movie
  35. Jonas Brothers' documentary 'Chasing Happiness' to premiere on Amazon Prime Video this June
  36. Marvel to get first gay character soon, says Joe Russo assuring more LGBTQ representation in the future
  37. 'Cliffhanger': Release, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Stallone's action blockbuster reboot
  38. 'Fleabag' and 'Killing Eve' creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge will make Bond girls "feel like real people" with Bond 25 script
  39. 'It: Chapter Two': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else you need to know about Stephen King adaptation
  40. 'It: Chapter 2' official trailer has arrived and is simply blood-curdling
  41. 'I Am Mother' trailer sees Rose Byrne and Hilary Swank battle it out in Netflix's latest sci-fi thriller
  42. 'Infinite': Release date, plot, cast, news and everything you need to know about Chris Evans' new sci-fi thriller
  43. 'Where'd You Go, Bernadette': Cate Blanchett does a vanishing act in new trailer of Richard Linklater's next
  44. A new 'Matrix' movie is in the making, reveals 'John Wick 3' director Chad Stahelski
  45. Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones and Morgan Freeman to star in 'The Comeback Trail' remake
  46. Cosmic superhero Nova likely to make an appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe phase 4
  47. Mel Gibson's upcoming movie 'Rothchild' with Shia LaBeouf has stirred a hornet's nest over actor's past anti-semitic comments
  48. 'Maleficent: Mistress of the Evil': New trailer, release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know about the Disney sequel
  49. 'Hello Brother': Film based on New Zealand mosque attacks in the works
  50. 'The Mountain': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, and everything you need to know about the upcoming Jeff Goldblum movie
  51. Five LGBTQ superheroes we would love to see in Marvel Cinematic Universe's Phase 4
  52. Robert Pattinson to play Batman in Matt Reeves' upcoming superhero movie: Report
  53. 'Always Be My Maybe': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about the Netflix romcom
  54. 'Aquaman 2': Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about the sequel starring Jason Momoa
  55. 'Good Sam' actor Jesse Camacho says acting with his father Marc Camacho 'was the coolest part' of the Netflix film
  56. 'Brightburn': Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about James Gunn's new horror flick
  57. Good Sam's Chad Connell says chemistry between Tiya Sircar and him could not be faked
  58. "I never judge them": 'Good Sam's Marco Grazzini on playing the manipulative antagonist Jack Hansen
  59. 'Downton Abbey' movie: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about the Crawley family's next chapter
  60. 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' star Aisha Hinds says the 'real monsters' are those behind Alabama's abortion ban
  61. 'John Wick 4': Release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know about the Keanu Reeves starrer
  62. 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' star Natalie Shaheen says her favorite part about movie was 'just bringing it down to something relatable'
  63. 'Terminator: Dark Fate': Trailer, release, cast, plot and all you need to know about the Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton film
  64. 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and spectacular last promo footage before movie releases
  65. 'Godzilla: King of the Monster' star Elizabeth Ludlow excited about playing a pilot in monster movie: 'I love strong female characters'
  66. 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' will feature Knights of Ren and Keri Russell's Zori Bliss
  67. Christopher Nolan's 'Tenet': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the Robert Pattinson starrer
  68. 'Ice on Fire': Release date, plot, trailer and everything you need to know about Leonardo DiCaprio's climate change documentary
  69. 'Good Sam' cast teases possible sequel to Netflix film, says it would be fun "getting the team back together"
  70. 'Godzilla' star Thomas Middleditch keeps the audience guessing whether King of the Monsters is a savior or a threat
  71. 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters': Powerful women, deadly protagonist and great action make this a true blockbuster
  72. Netflix 'Rim of the World' review: An endearing throwback to alien invasion movies of the '90s
  73. 'Tom and Jerry': Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Warner Bros live action hybrid movie
  74. 'Echo in the Canyon' chronicles the birth of the iconic California Sound in the Mecca of folk-rock music
  75. 'Domino': Release date, cast, plot and everything else about GoT star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau's upcoming thriller
  76. Netflix abandons film about Michael Jackson's pet chimp Bubbles after director Taika Waititi steps down
  77. 'Rim of the World' star Miya Cech says it was weird to kiss her costar 'over and over again'
  78. 'Rim of the World' has 'more teeth than your average scare here, scare there film' on alien invasions, says director McG
  79. 'Rim of the World' star Jack Gore, who plays nerdy teen Alex, is a genius in real life too
  80. 'Akira': Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about the live-action Manga hero feature
  81. 'Vault' star Theo Rossi talks about playing a blue-collar criminal in the mafia heist movie: 'He's everybody I grew up with'
  82. 'Rim of the World' star Alessio Scalzotto says his character Gabriel is tough, but also has a sensitive side to him in the movie
  83. Will Nova's standalone movie in Marvel's phase 4 feature Annihilus and the Annihilation Wave?
  84. 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' may see Venom, not Deadpool, make an appearance in the MCU movie
  85. Will Nova have a crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy in Marvel's Phase 4?
  86. 'Guns Akimbo': Release date, cast, plot and everything else you need to know about the Daniel Radcliffe film
  87. 'Deadwood': Kristen Bell's seductive Flora Anderson was the most memorable character in the series
  88. Charles Manson biopic writer grew up in cult that used LSD to brainwash people, spoke with 'spirits'
  89. 'Rambo: Last Blood': Release date, cast, plot, trailers and everything you need to know about Sylvester Stallone's new film
  90. Jonas brothers' documentary 'Chasing Happiness' is a raw coming-of-age tale that details their struggles before their colossal success
  91. 'The Goldfinch': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything you need to know about the Ansel Elgort movie
  92. 'Always Be My Maybe' gifted us Randall Park as a romantic lead and we could not be more grateful
  93. Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman and Twitterati is beyond excited
  94. Logic and Eminem announce new collaboration 'Homicide'
  95. Sophie Turner, Taylor Swift and Cardi B rock the Billboard Music Awards 2019 red carpet
  96. Red carpet fails from Billboard Music Awards 2019: Halsey, Priyanka Chopra, Olivia Wilde and more
  97. Billboard Music Awards 2019: Madonna and Maluma set the stage on fire with steamy 'Medellin' performance
  98. Drake gives big shoutout to Arya Stark for 'putting in that work' after his Billboard Music Awards win
  99. Why Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber missed Billboard Music Awards 2019
  100. Shawn Mendes drops new single 'If I can't have you'
  101. 'Glee' star Kevin McHale talks about new music, his bond with co-star Jenna Ushkowitz and his love life
  102. Bruce Springsteen rekindles hope of a new E Street Band tour and reveals he has an album worth of material ready
  103. Ross and Rocky Lynch's latest release 'Welcome to the End of Your Life' is actually a motivational song about 'flipping your insecurity off'
  104. One Direction has been hinting all along that their reunion is 'inevitable'. Here's how
  105. Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran tease new collab single with cryptic Instagram posts
  106. Ariana Grande meets BTS member Jungkook at her concert backstage and fans want a collaboration
  107. Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran drop new song 'I Don't Care'
  108. South Korean band 14U disband after reported favoritism by label BG Entertainment
  109. K-pop band BTS raises a toast to The Beatles on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'
  110. Nipsey Hussle's final music video 'Higher' with DJ Khaled, John Legend 'captures the essence' of slain rapper
  111. BTS performance at 'The Voice' season 16 finale becomes the musical highlight of the event
  112. Joyner Lucas and Logic collaborate for new video 'ISIS', fans rejoice the end of feud between the rappers
  113. ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ songwriting credits restored to Verve frontman Richard Ashcroft, two decades after Rolling Stones dispute
  114. Rapper Yo Gotti ordered to pay $6.6million for blocking release of his single with Young Fletcher
  115. Recording album with Freddie Mercury as he was dying made Queen a 'family', says Brian May
  116. Miley Cyrus drops new album 'She is Coming' and fans are loving every moment of it
  117. Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Tove Lo, Carlie XCX, Gucci Mane and Justin Bieber drop new music; Katy Perry drops a new music video
  118. Top 15 hottest cricketers at the ICC World Cup 2019: Tom Curran, Shai Hope and Virat Kohli make our sizzling list
  119. Top 10 hottest wives of cricketers at ICC 2019 World Cup: Candice Warner, Anushka Sharma and Rebecca Marsh are showstoppers on our list
  120. Every 'Black Mirror' episode ranked from worst to the best
  121. 'Veronica Mars' reboot teaser sees sassy Kristen Bell back and a spring break gone murderously wrong
  122. 'State of the Union's Rosamund Pike and Chris O'Dowd will make you take sides and cheer as their marital Brexit rages on
  123. 'The Act' season finale sees Joey King's Gypsy Rose Blanchard both free and caged at the same time
  124. Fox renews Jussie Smollett's contract for 'Empire' season 6, plans to keep his character off-screen for first few episodes
  125. 'American Gods' actor Mousa Kraish urges fans to show support for season 3: "Bring us back sooner than later"
  126. Sex Education season 2: Release date, plot, cast, news and everything else you need to know about Netflix show
  127. 'The Amazing Race' teases episode 3 with photos of contestants dancing in the dark, singing karaoke and fishing
  128. Hulu orders 'Nine Perfect Strangers' series starring Nicole Kidman; announces renewal of 'Marvel Runaways', 'Pen15', 'Ramy'
  129. 'The Amazing Race' will soon get a new time slot on CBS
  130. Serena Waterford joins Offred in 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 trailer as the resistance becomes a revolution
  131. 'Dead to Me': Netflix show exploring female friendship is the right blend of mystery and dark humor
  132. 'The Red Line': Female cops are far less likely to use force, fire weapons, says Elizabeth Laidlaw
  133. Netflix's 'Sex Education' season 2 filming begins as teaser hints at Adam and Eric possibly getting together
  134. Young Kanye West to be portrayed by Jaden Smith in 'Omniverse', a show about alternate realities
  135. 'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 5 spoilers tease a possible hook up between Eve and Hugo; What will Villanelle do?
  136. Marie Osmond to replace Sara Gilbert on CBS' 'The Talk'
  137. 'The Red Line' star Elizabeth Laidlaw says the show humanizes a 'sadly familiar story' and makes it relevant to the people
  138. Disney hires Goldman Sachs alum Michael Cerda to serve as VP of product for Disney+
  139. Tacoma FD episode 6 exclusive sneak peek shows Silicon Valley star Martin Starr getting caught up in a hilarious full moon rescue
  140. 'Pearson': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the 'Suits' spinoff
  141. 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 episode 6 sees Tandy seeking Tyrone's help to deal with the illusions
  142. Suits season 9: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about finale season of legal drama
  143. 'American Idol' season 17 contestant Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon claps back at haters, but fans say he should have handled it better
  144. 'The Big Bang Theory' cast makes history as they left their handprints at the TCL Chinese Theatre
  145. 'Veronica Mars' reboot: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news, and everything to know about Kristen Bell series
  146. Susan Cox Powell's children claimed she was 'in the trunk' when they went camping before her disappearance
  147. 'The Voice' season 16 fans feel too many country artists in Top 13 after Cross Battles favor Team Blake
  148. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 3 has fans frustrated about Azor Ahai because Arya clearly doesn't fit the bill
  149. 'Dead to Me' Season 2: Release date, cast, plot and all you need to know about the Netflix black comedy
  150. 'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Xolo Maridueña reveals the real-life lessons he picked up from playing Miguel
  151. American Idol's fan-favorite Uche Ndubizu on his equation with the other contestants: 'We were all pretty much like a family'
  152. Newest 'Game of Thrones' theory suggests Tyrion will use the crossbow again, this time to kill Daenerys
  153. 'The Amazing Race' 31 episode 3 sees 'Survivor' team Chris Hammons and Bret Labelle nearly eliminated
  154. Forget blue eyes and blonde hair, rigid Hollywood's new romantic heroes are now dark-eyed, lean men with the guy-next-door vibe
  155. 'Live from WZRD' trailer reveals a comedy setting that meshes magic and reality
  156. Emily Watson's character who helps contain the nuclear disaster in HBO's 'Chernobyl' never really existed
  157. 'Bless this Mess' star JT Neal is keeping his hopes up for season 2 of the ABC show
  158. With the Afghanimals not around, Corinne and Eliza target Big Brother’s Victor on 'The Amazing Race' 31
  159. The Last Summer's Foster is a 'douchebag', but Wolfgang Novogratz hopes people understand him
  160. 'Into the Dark: All That We Destroy' tackles a mother's twisted love for her psychopathic murderous son
  161. 'American Gods' season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news, and everything to know about the Ian McShane show
  162. 'The Red Line' star Elizabeth Laidlaw reveals how far Vic will go to protect her on-duty partner Evans
  163. Elizabeth Banks to host ABC revival of 'Press Your Luck'
  164. 'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 5 brings out the darkness in Eve and her psychopathic relationship with Villanelle
  165. 'Good Trouble' star Sherry Cola says 'juicier' moments to come in season 2: 'You're gonna see more skin'
  166. 'Shadowhunters' series finale spoilers reveal how Jace Herondale has grown as a shadowhunter through the three seasons
  167. ABC renews 'Black-ish' for season 6 and orders new prequel spinoff 'Mixed-ish'
  168. HBO dismisses Michael Jackson Estate's 'poorly conceived' $100 million lawsuit over 'Leaving Neverland'
  169. 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' season 20 sees Snoop Dogg ace his guest role as a suspect
  170. 'Grand Hotel' season 1: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the ABC show by Eva Longoria
  171. 'Cobra Kai' renewed for season 3: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about the martial arts dramedy
  172. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 sets new Guinness World Record for the Most in-demand TV premiere ever
  173. In 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina,' the half-witch's mortal friends aren't mortal at all, in fact, no one in Greendale is
  174. 'American Idol' season 17's fans predict Wade Cota is most likely to get eliminated next week
  175. 'Mixed-ish': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything you need to know about ABC's new 'Black-ish' spinoff
  176. 'Cobra Kai' Season 3 on Netflix: Sam and Robby may finally sort out their daddy issues
  177. Why Magellan TV should be your next documentary destination for streaming real-life stories
  178. 'Malibu Rescue: The Series': Release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know about Netflix's new lifeguard comedy
  179. 'The Voice' season 16: Mari Jones's stage presence and incredible vocals have fans convinced that she could win the show
  180. Gentleman Jack's LGBTQ content may be great but TV still lacks a proper conversation around representation
  181. 'The Bachelorette' season 15: From date boxes to montage videos, fans reveal what they would like the franchise to bring back
  182. 'Cobra Kai' Season 3 preview: Jacob Bertrand's Hawk promises a lot more action for his character's evolving story arc
  183. 'Bless This Mess' star JT Neal shares how people relate to the show's idea of wanting to 'get away'
  184. 'Dead to Me' actor James Marsden says he layered his 'unsavory' character with "some humanity and charm"
  185. 'Dead to Me' actress Linda Cardellini feels her character Judy is a "walking contradiction"
  186. 'Game of Thrones' fans spot Starbucks cup in latest episode; Easter egg or major blooper?
  187. Phoebe Waller-Bridge reveals how Fleabag finds answers to her life in season 2
  188. Elizabeth Laidlaw, The Red Line's officer Vic, explains the show's approach to tackling systemic racism
  189. 'Dead To Me' star Christina Applegate pulled a comedy out of immense sadness
  190. 'City on a Hill' season 1: Release date, plot, cast, trailers and everything you need to know about the Kevin Bacon crime drama
  191. 'It's Bruno': Trailer, release date, plot, cast and everything else about the new Netflix man-and-his-dog comedy
  192. Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5 is 'going to be mental' and fans need a real big TV to take it all in, says Emilia Clarke
  193. Will Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 4 see the death of Arya Stark?
  194. 'Game of Thrones' creator George R.R. Martin confirms three spinoff shows are 'moving forward nicely' at HBO
  195. 'The Crown' star John Lithgow set to star opposite Matthew Rhys in HBO series 'Perry Mason'
  196. Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4 sees Daenerys struggle to deal with Jon Snow's truth. How will this affect the war?
  197. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 4: Brienne picks Jamie Lannister over Tormund and fans can't bear it
  198. 'Game of Thrones' accused of being racist after the latest death in season 8 episode 4
  199. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 5 trailer: Did Euron just see a fourth dragon?
  200. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 4 sees Tyrion Lannister make his cleverest move yet and it'll give you great joy to hear it
  201. 'Game of Thrones' creators breakdown Cersei and Daenerys' mindset in episode 4 'The Last of Starks'
  202. Daenerys' eyes could play a significant role in Arya Stark fulfilling her prophecy on 'Game of Thrones'
  203. Game of Thrones season 8 episode 4's 'No.That's not me' moment between Arya and Gendry takes us back to season 1
  204. Cersei Lannister's violence saves 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 4 from becoming an otherwise boring show
  205. Why shows like 'Dead to Me' are helping us embrace dark comedy like never before
  206. 'Designated Survivor' season 3: Release, plot, cast and everything you need to know about the political thriller
  207. 'American Idol' announces Top 5 as Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie use their last save
  208. Why 'Game of Thrones' fans should worry about Cersei killing Jaime in season 8 instead of the other way round
  209. 'Shadowhunters' fans talk about their favorite moments and Malec emerges a clear winner
  210. 'Game of Thrones': The Arya-Gendry scene in episode 3 was a teachable moment for all young girls
  211. 'Killing Eve' season 2 episode 6 spoilers tease an unlikely partnership and Villanelle making things interesting
  212. HBO's 'Chernobyl' is a gripping illustration of the dark tale behind the world's worst man-made nuclear disaster
  213. Will Smith as producer for 'Cobra Kai' is major bragging rights for Mary Mouser, who plays Samantha LaRusso on the show
  214. 'Lucifer' season 4 will see the Devil get seduced by Eve, but is it all part of God's plan?
  215. Amandla Stenberg to play the lead in Damien Chazelle's Netflix series 'The Eddy'
  216. 'Absentia' season 2 trailer sees Stana Katic broken but ready to fight back
  217. Elizabeth Laidlaw says 'The Haven' will shed light on domestic violence and the marginalized women of Chicago
  218. 'Game of Thrones' co-producer says episode 4 feast scene was a 'b**** to plot out, was a real b**** to shoot'
  219. HBO admits 'Game of Thrones' Starbucks cup slip-up was a mistake
  220. 'Shadowhunters' cast bid farewell to fans in emotional video before series finale
  221. 'Shadowhunters' series finale gave fans all the closure they needed amidst a wedding, a tragic loss and a wonderful prologue
  222. 'NOS4A2': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the AMC horror show
  223. 'Game of Thrones' star Gwendoline Christie on Brienne of Tarth's tragic heartbreak in season 8
  224. 'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Mary Mouser says she loves hanging out with love square Robby, Miguel and Tory
  225. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 5: Here's why Daenerys could be the next to die
  226. Arya and the Hound could join forces to kill the Mountain in 'Game of Thrones' season 8
  227. LA's Finest: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the Gabrielle Union-Jessica Alba buddy cop comedy
  228. Into the Dark: They Come Knocking': New trailer, release date, plot, cast, and everything else you need to know about the Father's Day horror
  229. 'Bachelor' Colton Underwood can't contain his love for dogs at Amazon's Treasure Truck Pup Fest: 'It's a good time'
  230. 'Paradise Hotel': Release date, plot, trailer, and everything you need to know about Fox's new reality show
  231. 'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Mary Mouser says cast knew they were onto something special in Season 1 itself
  232. Jessica Chastain, Ava DuVernay call out 'Game of Thrones' for portrayal of women in season 8 episode 4
  233. 'Pretty Little Liars' author Sara Shepard has a new series 'Crown Lake' on Brat
  234. 'The World of Dance' winners The Kings say dancing wasn't even a career option when they started 20 years ago
  235. Kate Winslet and Mackenzie Foy set to star in contemporary take on 'Black Beauty'
  236. 'Yellowstone' season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the Paramount family drama
  237. 'Batwoman' teaser drops as CW picks it up to series along with 'Riverdale' spinoff 'Katy Keene' and 'Nancy Drew'
  238. All the theories and twists you can expect in 'Game of Thrones' season 8's final two episodes
  239. 'Queen of the South's Alice Braga says season 4 will be a 'new beginning' as Teresa takes charge of a dangerous empire
  240. 'Operation Varsity Blues' college admissions scandal to be adapted into TV series from upcoming book 'Accepted'
  241. 'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Mary Mouser says it was hard to be mad at Peyton List 'because she's so nice'
  242. Lethal Weapon's producers sued by motorist over stunt fail that allegedly caused him 'traumatic brain injury'
  243. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 finale: Who deserves to sit on the Iron Throne?
  244. 'Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' season 6 premiere: Here's a quick refresher of seasons 1 to 5
  245. Luke Cook from 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' shares why people find TV series with a dark side appealing
  246. 'Lucifer' season 4: Darker conflicts throw Tom Ellis' devil and detective Chloe apart
  247. 'One Spring Night': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else you need to know about the Netflix Korean romance
  248. HBO's new 'Watchmen' starring Regina King releases 1st trailer featuring impending apocalypse
  249. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 episode 5 stills highlight Golden Company's captain Ser Harry Strickland
  250. 'All American' star Karimah Westbrook reveals how her role as a single mother is inspirational and challenging at the same time
  251. 'Fresh Off the Boat' Season 6: Release date, plot, cast and all you need to know about the sitcom
  252. 'Empire' showrunner speaks about writing Jussie Smollett out of the show and their plans for season 6
  253. 'Sneaky Pete' season 4: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the Amazon series
  254. Emilia Clarke addresses 'Game of Thrones' Starbucks cup cameo in hilarious post
  255. 'Game of Thrones' episode 5 saw its silver lining in a white horse who now carries a harbinger of death, Arya Stark
  256. Game of Thrones season 8 finale trailer reveals Daenerys looking over a city of ashes
  257. Drogon's babies may end the upcoming war on 'Game of Thrones', suggests convincing fan theory
  258. 'The Amazing Race' sees 'Survivor's Chris and Bret limp past speed bump in leg 4 while Corinne and Eliza get eliminated
  259. Dani Fernandez on sliding into DMs, her show 'Live from WZRD' and her love for Lizzo
  260. 'Euphoria's Nika King on playing on-screen mom to Zendaya and Storm Reid: 'I would want kids just like them'
  261. 'What/If': Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else you need to know about Netflix Original starring Renée Zellweger
  262. After Starbucks cup, 'Game of Thrones' fans spot multiple goof ups through the years
  263. 'When They See Us': Release, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Ava DuVernay's take on the 'Central Park Five' rape case
  264. 'American Idol' season 17: Did Jeremiah Harmon's clapback at haters play a part in his elimination?
  265. 'Paradise Hotel' announces cast of 11 gorgeous singles checking in ahead of Fox premiere and fans freak out
  266. 'The Bachelorette' season 15: Hannah Brown returns to find true love and fans cannot contain their excitement
  267. Susan Cox Powell's father-in-law kept her underwear in Ziploc bags and used her photos for 'self-stimulation', his diary entries reveal
  268. 'The Voice' season 15: After Mari Jones' elimination, fans say people are voting for their favorite coach
  269. 'Shadowhunters' Jade Hassouné says the story will go on forever: 'We know it's not the end absolutely'
  270. 'American Idol' season 17's fans speculate why judges saved Laci Kaye Booth and sent Jeremiah home
  271. Fans of 'The Voice' say season 16 might be the worst ever as series reveals its Top 8
  272. 'Game of Thrones' season 8: Sansa Stark has a perfect set up for her big brother Jon Snow to take the Iron Throne
  273. 'Cobra Kai' Season 2 on Netflix: Mary Mouser who has type 1 diabetes finds it hard to maintain sugar level on set
  274. 'Catch 22' actor Julie Ann Emery says writer Luke Davies did a great job rendering a more modern portrayal of women
  275. 'Malibu Rescue' brings the same old-fashioned high school summer humor to Netflix
  276. 'The Loudest Voice' trailer introduces Russell Crowe as Roger Ailes and Naomi Watts as Gretchen Carlson
  277. Steven Spielberg and Amblin TV cut ties with CBS' 'Bull' over Michael Weatherly sexual harassment controversy
  278. 'Power' to end with season 6 as 50 Cent promises spin-offs
  279. Varys could be a game changer in 'Game of Thrones' if he convinces Tyrion and Jon to betray Daenerys
  280. 'FBI' spin off, 'All Rise', 'Carol's Second Act' and more get series order at CBS
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  543. 'The Hot Zone' review: A chilling reminder of Ebola virus' relevance in today's world, with a shining Julianna Margulies in the lead
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  547. Before 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 premieres, here's a look at Gilead's villains and where they stand
  548. 'Four Weddings and a Funeral': New trailer, release date, plot, cast and everything else about the Hulu miniseries
  549. 'The Hot Zone' leads the string of recent mini-series that has wowed audience and critics alike
  550. 'The Last Watch' shows Kit Harington in tears after learning Jon Snow kills Daenerys in 'Game of Thrones' finale
  551. 'The Last Watch' shows Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke getting emotional on their final day of shooting for 'Game of Thrones'
  552. 'Animal Kingdom' season 4: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the TNT show
  553. 'Queen of the South' drops videos teasing Teresa's new family members and Pote's recipes in season 4
  554. DC's 'Swamp Thing' TV series promises to leave you looking over your shoulder in gripping horror
  555. 'Chernobyl' episode 4 review: Another set of men risk their lives as the truth remains behind closed doors in 'The Happiness of all Mankind'
  556. Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams acted like they 'got a stomach ache' for the White Walkers' arrival scene in 'The Long Night'
  557. 'Game of Thrones: The Last Watch' gives the Night King the ending he deserved which the HBO show failed to deliver
  558. 'Archer: 1999': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything you know about season 10 of Adam Reed's adult animated sitcom
  559. 'American Ninja Warrior' season 11 to feature Meagan Martin and Allyssa Beird; other female ninjas expected to return
  560. Hannah Brown calls Cameron Ayala 'schemey' in 'The Bachelorette' season 15 episode 3 and fans couldn't agree more
  561. 'The Bravest Knight' writer Daniel Errico wants to create a 'multi-dimensional hero' for children and give them more diverse role models
  562. Nat Geo's 'The Hot Zone' episode 1 & 2 demonstrates how terribly wrong things can go while researching deadly viruses
  563. Will Detective Adrienne Quinlan expose Monterey Five's 'Big Little Lies' in season 2?
  564. 'America's Got Talent' season 14 contestant Kodi Lee's skills impresses fans as they call him 'inspirational' and 'extremely talented'
  565. 'America's Got Talent' season 14 premiere acts include 'unbeatable' dance troupe, a 22-year-old blind pianist and more
  566. James Corden's hit TV show 'Gavin & Stacey' to return for Christmas special on BBC One
  567. Netflix's 'The Society' is all set to take over the crown from 'Stranger Things'
  568. Animal Kingdom Season 4 preview: The problem with Pope and why the clash between J and Janine could be titanic
  569. 'Age Gap Love' series shows 19-year-old girl married to 47-year-old man, slammed for being 'triggering', 'obscene'
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  579. 'Big Little Lies' peels layers off the perfect facade of the dysfunctional American family
  580. 'Songland' season 1: John Legend finds his next hit song in Tebby Burrows' 'We Need Love'
  581. 'The Amazing Race' Season 31 Episode 7 will see teams free-falling through a glacier canyon in Switzerland
  582. Margaret Atwood says 'The Handmaid's Tale' is no longer her own, has taken a 'life of its own'
  583. 'The InBetween' Episode 1 review: Seeing the dead is passé, the real story is in the subplots
  584. 'LA's Finest' star Sophie Reynolds promises 'badass women, comedy, drama and action' in new Spectrum show
  585. 'Arrow' star David Ramsey says 'no one really wants' to make CW show without Emily Rickards
  586. 'The InBetween' star Sarah Abbott terms her character Abigail a fighter: 'She wants to get some justice for what has happened to her'
  587. ‘Good Omens’ episode 3 features hilarious 30-minute sequence chronicling Aziraphale and Crowley's friendship over 6,000 years
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  589. Blind, autistic contestant Kodi Lee brings judges and fans to tears in 'America's Got Talent' season 14 premiere
  590. 'The Bachelorette' season 15 contestant Tyler Gwozdz sent home amid allegations claiming he spat on ex
  591. 'The Goldfinch' trailer featuring Ansel Elgort and Nicole Kidman spotlights grief and addiction
  592. 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2 finale will see Tandy and Tyrone face their fears to fight Andre
  593. 'Blood and Treasure' creators Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia encourage viewers to go out into the world more and engage with different cultures
  594. Ava DuVernay's 'When They See Us' is an emotional roller-coaster torn between warmth and rage
  595. 'Swamp Thing': The powers and abilities of DC Universe's green, mean superhero
  596. 'Jessica Jones' star Eka Darville hints at playing a darker role as a full-time investigator in the upcoming season
  597. When 'LA's Finest' season 2 is out, actor Sophie Reynolds wants her character Isabel to become an activist
  598. Songland: Who is Tebby Burrows, the songwriter John Legend picked for his new song 'We Need Love'?
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  609. 'Chernobyl' episode 5 review: Legasov, Khomyuk, and Shcherbina risk their lives and reputation to expose truth about nuclear disaster
  610. Elisabeth Moss' Offred will need allies in 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 to 'revolt, rebel, resist' and 'burn the place down'
  611. HBO's 'Silicon Valley' to end with season 6, creators promise 'fitting conclusion'
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  615. Pete Davidson walks out on gig after venue owner introduces him with Grande and Beckinsale comments
  616. Robert Downey Jr raises a toast to all the women of Marvel in sweet throwback snap
  617. From dating models to claiming walls 'move', a look at F1 legend Ayrton Senna's controversial life on his 25th death anniversary
  618. Rose McGowan says her nude dress at 1998 MTV VMA was a 'political statement' against sexual assault by Harvey Weinstein
  619. UNC Charlotte shooting: Rapper Waka Flocka Flame cancels campus concert, asks fans to stay safe
  620. Oprah Winfrey takes cue from Meghan and Prince Harry's 'gender-neutral' approach in picking her gift for the royal couple's baby
  621. Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, says he's not afraid of dying
  622. Kylie Jenner throws 'hubby' Travis Scott a birthday bash themed after himself and we couldn't be more envious
  623. Jenelle Evans' husband David Eason shot family dog after it snapped at their 2-year-old daughter
  624. Level 42 guitarist Rowland 'Boon' Gould found dead in his home at age 64
  625. 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek says 'good thoughts and prayers' are 'making a difference' as he battles stage 4 cancer
  626. Scandal, slips, and sordid sagas: The dark side of Miss USA pageant
  627. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry unfollow Prince William, Kate and the Royal Family on Instagram to focus on mental health
  628. Kate Middleton stuns in long-sleeved emerald dress by Emilia Wickstead
  629. Remmy Ma arrested for alleged assault against Brittney Taylor from 'Love and Hip Hop: New York'
  630. Charlie's Angels star Lucy Liu becomes 2nd Asian American woman to receive Hollywood Walk of Fame star
  631. Princess Charlotte turns 4, Kate and William share candid photos of princess being her adorable little self
  632. Channing Tatum blesses fans with nude photo taken by girlfriend Jessie J after he loses to her in Jenga
  633. Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas get married in surprise quickie wedding in Las Vegas after Billboard Music Awards
  634. Cardi B bares it all in an explicit Instagram video after fans claim wardrobe malfunction at BBMAs
  635. Jerry Springer sued by family of a man who killed himself two weeks after his fiancée dumped him on the show
  636. Gabrielle Union, Dwayne Wade, and Ludacris secretly raise funds for gay teenager who killed himself after being bullied
  637. Offset is a wanted man, arrest warrant issued against rapper for smacking fan's cellphone
  638. BTS have the time of their lives at Billboard Awards, winning two awards and the hearts of everyone
  639. Jude Law ties knot with girlfriend Phillipa Coan in surprise wedding ceremony
  640. 'Star Wars' actor who played Chewbacca, Peter Mayhew, dies at the age of 74
  641. What parents can learn from Charlize Theron and Zoe Saldana about handling their child's gender and sexuality
  642. Blake Lively pregnant with 3rd child, flaunts baby bump at 'Pokémon Detective Pikachu' premiere
  643. Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and David Eason under scanner for killing their pet dog
  644. Adam Sandler says he should have come back to host SNL sooner: 'I don't really look like Adam Sandler anymore'
  645. Patrick Starr quips about his celebrity fans Heidi Klum and Tyra Banks on BBMA Red Carpet
  646. Marc Hawes on acting alongside Regina Hall and Issa Rae in 'Little': "Man, I was nervous!"
  647. Jim Cummings, the voice of Winnie The Pooh, accused of rape and animal abuse by ex-wife
  648. Hayden Panettiere's boyfriend arrested on domestic violence charges following fight between the couple
  649. Vince Vaughn convicted for reckless driving in DUI case, avoids jail after no contest plea
  650. 'Big Bang Theory' star Johnny Galecki, 43, announces he's expecting first child with girlfriend Alaina Meyer
  651. Lily Collins believes ghosts of Ted Bundy's victims visited her at night while she prepared for the movie
  652. Lady Gaga admits she went bankrupt and was $3 million in debt after her Monster Ball tour
  653. Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn attended the Kentucky Derby with her dad wearing her late mother's hat
  654. Bindi, Terri and Robert Irwin host gala dinner in LA to celebrate Steve's legacy
  655. Amy Schumer reveals the sex of her first baby but hides it below a message to Wendy's and Chance the Rapper
  656. USC rowing team's 'no previous experience necessary' poster mocked amid Lori Loughlin, Olivia Jade college admissions scandal
  657. 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek says he feared 2019 Emmy win thinking it was a 'sympathy' award, but later reveals it felt 'special'
  658. Justin Bieber equates Chris Brown to Michael Jackson and Tupac, calls his assault on Rihanna a 'mistake'
  659. Met Gala 2019: All the celebrities who have boycotted or remain uninvited to fashion's biggest night
  660. Met Gala 2019: Here are the iconic outfits that turned heads from yesteryear
  661. Meghan Markle has gone into labor, Buckingham Palace announces
  662. Royal baby: All you need to know about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first child
  663. Royal baby: Meghan Markle's mother Doria Ragland 'overjoyed' at the birth of her first grandchild
  664. Royal baby: Prince Harry says he is 'incredibly proud' as Meghan Markle gives birth to 'very healthy' baby boy
  665. Royal baby: Meghan Markle may 'break with tradition' and choose an African-American middle name for newborn son
  666. Royal baby: Meghan and Harry's son shares birthday with George Clooney and a host of other prominent stars
  667. Royal baby: All the people who could be godparents to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's baby boy
  668. Met Gala 2019: Fuchsia dominates 'camp' theme after Lady Gaga sets the tone
  669. Royal Baby: Celebrities react to the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's firstborn
  670. Royal baby: Meghan Markle's dad is 'delighted' his new grandson is 'born into the British royal family'
  671. Met Gala 2019: Versace always takes the cake at fashion's biggest night
  672. 'Jane the Virgin' star Gina Rodriguez ties the knot with beau Joe LoCicero
  673. Amy Schumer welcomes her 'royal baby' with husband Chris Fischer
  674. Met Gala 2019: Lady Gaga makes four stunning transformations in theatrical entrance
  675. Best dressed celebrities at Met Gala 2019: Lady Gaga and Billy Porter lead the list with their spectacular outfits
  676. Met Gala 2019 worst dressed: Ashley Graham, Kris Jenner, Karlie Kloss fail to impress on the red carpet
  677. Julian Lennon on his new children’s book 'Love the Earth' and the magical and heartwarming story behind becoming an author and activist
  678. The best-dressed men at the Met Gala stole the show: Harry Styles in sheer ruffles, Billy Porter in all gold and more
  679. Taraji P Henson gives the Met Gala a miss to attend John Singleton's funeral
  680. Kim Kardashian West helps Miami man get early release from prison after he served 22 years for a nonviolent drug offense
  681. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes make their debut appearance together at Met Gala 2019
  682. Georgina Chapman makes her first red carpet appearance at the Met Gala after Harvey Weinstein scandal
  683. Stars we missed at the Met Gala including Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Beyonce, Taylor Swift and more
  684. Britney Spears' mother wants to be officially notified regarding singer's conservatorship
  685. 5 biggest Met Gala red carpet moments that you probably missed, including Billy Porter's royal entrance
  686. Meghan Markle gave birth in luxurious $25k labor ward with champagne and lobsters on the menu
  687. Met Gala 2019: Cardi B bleeds style on the red carpet in celebration of the 'female form'
  688. William 'absolutely thrilled' with new royal arrival, welcomes Harry and Meghan 'into the sleep deprivation society that is parenting'
  689. Met Gala 2019 after-party: Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and other celebs turn heads in stunning outfits
  690. 'Grey's Anatomy' star Kelly McCreary marries director Pete Chatmon in a beautiful beach wedding
  691. Dave Chappelle to receive Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
  692. Jenelle Evans fired from 'Teen Mom 2' after husband David Eason kills her dog
  693. R Kelly's lawyers demand copy of video being used as evidence in sex abuse case
  694. Madonna says Michael Jackson is 'innocent until proven guilty', questions agenda behind sexual abuse allegations
  695. First photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal baby spark cute alert
  696. Prince Harry breaks tradition, holds Baby Archie in official photo proving he's going to be a hands-on dad
  697. Meghan Markle's father and brother hopeful that Baby Archie will help heal rift with the Duchess
  698. Meghan Markle looks stunning in gorgeous white dress just two days after giving birth to Baby Archie
  699. How Meghan Markle's friendship with Gayle King shattered royal protocol to give CBS all access to Baby Archie
  700. Royal baby's name revealed: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry name their first child Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
  701. The Prodigy frontman Keith Flint's death 'not a suicide', coroner closes investigation citing 'insufficient evidence'
  702. After 3 years in the wild, Billy Bush finally lands a new job as the host of 'Extra Extra'
  703. Prince Harry's 'two weeks' slip up sparks theory that Baby Archie was born a fortnight ago
  704. The meaning behind royal baby's name: Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor
  705. Ex-manager Sam Lutfi hopes Britney Spears gets her 'freedom' after singer was granted restraining order against him
  706. 'Nashville Flipped' star Troy Shafer dies unexpectedly in his sleep, aged 38
  707. 'SuperMansion' exclusive sneak peek shows American Ranger and Soviet Slayer going head to head
  708. Christy Gibel of 'Little Women: LA' seeks restraining order against husband of 5 years
  709. Judge grants R Kelly a second chance after lawyers claim he cannot read
  710. Luke Perry was 'excited' about son Jack starring alongside him in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
  711. Busy Philipps opens up about her abortion at age 15 in response to 'heartbeat' bill introduced in Georgia
  712. Baby Archie introduced as Prince William and Kate Middleton's new son after royal family website goofs up
  713. Baby Archie is finally here and so are the latest memes on the newborn royal
  714. Diana Ross' 'violating' airport search won't be investigated further, TSA says all protocols were followed correctly
  715. Tyra Banks' body positive Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover feels a little hypocritical
  716. Amber Heard says she 'suffered the wrath of our culture' after speaking out against a 'powerful force'
  717. Princess Diana's astrologer says Baby Archie and Prince Harry will bond well and 'his calmness will cool Meghan's fire'
  718. Jenelle Evans' children removed from home by Child Protective Services after David Eason shoots family dog
  719. Hilary Duff announces engagement to Matthew Koma with the biggest ring ever
  720. Sharon Stone reveals sordid details of 'Basic Instinct' as she bares it all for re-creation of film's iconic scene
  721. Freddie Starr, comedian and 'I am a Celebrity' star, dies at the age of 76
  722. 50 Cent says Jackie Long owes him money and for saving the actor from Puff Diddy
  723. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's surrogate goes into labor with their fourth child
  724. Prince Harry misses having mom Diana by his side after baby Archie's birth
  725. Shaquille O'Neal buys 10 pairs of shoes for teen who wears size 18 after his mom struggled to find them
  726. 2PM's Ok Taecyeon to be discharged from military next week, to resume singing-acting career
  727. Sharon Stone reveals studio execs openly discussed if she was "f***able", and how she had to sit on a director's lap every day
  728. Chris Hemsworth kisses wife Elsa Pataky during beach trip, shares wave catching tips
  729. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcome fourth child, a baby boy, via surrogate
  730. Former Sistar member Bora and Big Star's Feeldog confirm break up
  731. Are Taylor Swift and Drake collaborating on a 'Game of Thrones' song? Fans go bonkers as speculation grows
  732. 3 injured as Young Thug targeted in drive-by shooting in Miami, rapper unhurt
  733. Beauty blogger Tati Westbrook ends ties with James Charles through YouTube video: 'Get off your high horse and have some respect'
  734. Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke avoided mirrors after her brain surgeries: 'I felt so deeply unattractive'
  735. Meghan Markle's dad Thomas an 'awful father', must never be let in Baby Archie's life, says ex-wife
  736. Rhea Perlman says she and Danny DeVito may be separated but not getting divorced: 'What for?'
  737. Howard Stern wanted to apologize to Robin Williams for the 'disastrous' interview in the 90s: 'He died before I could, I am still filled with sadness'
  738. Prince William, Kate Middleton, Charles and Camilla have not met Harry and Meghan's son Archie yet
  739. Alyssa Milano calls for 'sex strike' against Georgia's heartbeat bill 'until we get bodily autonomy back'
  740. Michael Jackson's son Prince celebrates graduation, cheered by cousin TJ Jackson: 'Keep learning, keep growing'
  741. Drake shows off new $185 million luxury plane, despite rapping about dangers of climate change
  742. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry under fire for promoting close friend's luxury wellness retreat under their mental health campaign
  743. Blac Chyna in trouble again, this time for pulling a knife at her hairdresser
  744. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle buck tradition, decline to make son Archie's birth certificate public
  745. Samantha Markle pleads with Meghan to reconnect with her father for baby Archie’s sake
  746. Jodie Foster's estranged father died in one-bedroom apartment nearby daughter's $15 million mansion
  747. Amy Schumer opens up about 'violent' and 'awful' pregnancy, but says 'the second you give birth it’s gone'
  748. Keanu Reeves berates fans camping outside his West Hollywood house: 'You feel like an animal in a cage'
  749. Bafta TV Awards 2019: Scarlett Moffatt, Megan McKenna and Julia Davis among the worst-dressed celebs
  750. NBC's upcoming thriller 'The InBetween' isn't exactly like 'Ghost Whisperer,' it's much more complex
  751. Michael Jackson's son Blanket Jackson seen congratulating brother Prince at his graduation in rare public appearance
  752. Michael Schumacher's wife and father to make rare appearance in documentary on F1 legend to be unveiled at Cannes
  753. Justin Timberlake, Missy Elliott and Alex Lacamoire are Doctors of Music as Berklee College awards them honorary degrees
  754. Britney Spears claims her father admitted her into mental facility and forced her to take drugs against her will
  755. Chris Stapleton welcomes fifth child with wife Morgane on the joyous occasion of Mother's Day
  756. Pua Magasiva, star of 'Power Rangers' and 'Shortland Street', dies at the age of 38
  757. Caitlyn Jenner set to pose naked for 'Sports Illustrated' summer cover with only her Olympic gold medal and an American flag
  758. Helen Mirren reveals she still feels 'incredibly intimidated' by 'these humongous movie stars' on film sets
  759. Doris Day's Wikipedia page defaced after death announcement, social media slams site's editorial policy
  760. Jennifer Lawrence and fiancé Cooke Maroney host low-key engagement party in New York
  761. Jordin Sparks' stepfather James Jackson dies after he suffered a sudden stroke
  762. Stan Lee's former business partner Keya Morgan charged with several counts of elder abuse against the comic book writer
  763. 'The planet's on f***ing fire': Bill Nye rants about climate change, warns 'this is an actual crisis'
  764. Tiger Woods sued after bartender at his restaurant was allegedly overserved and later died in a drunk-driving accident
  765. Caitlyn Jenner supports son Brandon during music video shoot, reunites with ex wife Linda Thompson
  766. Kate Middleton seen tending to her Chelsea Flower Show garden in never-seen-before pics shared by Kensington Palace
  767. Jameela Jamil slams 'fetal heartbeat bill', says having an abortion was the 'best decision' she ever made
  768. Seungri, suspect in Burning Sun scandal, will not be arrested as court dismisses warrant request
  769. Isaac Kappy, 42, who once allegedly choked Paris Jackson dies by suicide, jumping off bridge
  770. Jenelle Evans says she is 'sick of this drama' after rumors spread that child protective services would take away her daughter as well
  771. Milla Jovovich shares her 'horrific abortion experience' in the wake of Georgia's trigger law
  772. Cannes 2019 red carpet: Eva Longoria, Selena Gomez and Julianne Moore among best-dressed stars in French Riviera
  773. 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' star Alfonso Ribeiro and wife Angela welcome their third child together
  774. Meghan Markle wrote a touching apology letter to classmates for skipping 20-year high school reunion
  775. Prince William found out he was going to be king one day only when he went to school, says royal expert
  776. Norwegian Princess Martha Louise finds love in American shaman and spiritual guide to celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina Dobrev
  777. Britney Spears may never perform again due to her ongoing mental health struggle, claims her manager
  778. Cannes Film Festival: Araya Hargate, Virginie Ledoyen and Golshifteh Farahani join the ranks of worst dressed celebrities of 2019
  779. Kim Kardashian, daughter North West dance to Lil Nas X's 'Old Town Road' in homemade music video
  780. Lamar Odom regrets cheating on ex Khloe Kardashian and his cocaine addiction: 'I hope we can be friends'
  781. Mick Jagger shows off his exceptional dance skills in video just weeks after undergoing heart surgery
  782. Rapper YFN Lucci's SUV gets shot at in Atlanta leaving driver injured
  783. Yo Gotti's concert tour bus targeted in Nashville shooting, no injuries reported
  784. 'Untrue, disgraceful nonsense': Sarah Jessica Parker slams tabloid for trying to undermine her marriage to Matthew Broderick
  785. Blac Chyna gets candid about her plastic surgeries and her relationship with Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jenner
  786. 'Good Sam' actor Marco Grazzini says he loved working with Tiya Sircar: 'We're both criminally obsessed with food'
  787. James Charles and Tati Westbrook's online feud is proof of how social media fame can build or break a brand
  788. Maisie Williams says 'Game of Thrones' fame seriously affected her mental health and self-esteem
  789. Prince Harry accepts 'damages' and an apology over aerial pictures taken of his and Meghan Markle's private country home
  790. George Clooney hopes to meet royal baby Archie during London tour while promoting 'Catch-22'
  791. Jodie Foster's mother and manager Evelyn 'Brandy' Foster dies aged 90
  792. Former WWE star Ashley Massaro dies at age 39 after she was found unconscious at home
  793. Former WWE legend Ric Flair hospitalized, expected to make a full recovery from surgery
  794. Keanu Reeves gets emotional and disusses death on talk show: 'The ones who love us will miss us'
  795. Khloe Kardashian thinks Caitlyn Jenner's 'partner' Sophia Hutchins is 'really sweet'
  796. Tom Petty's daughters sue his widow for $5 million over 'gross mismanagement' of the late musician's estate
  797. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry celebrate their 1st wedding anniversary; here's a look at the eventful year
  798. Cannes 2019 Days 2, 3: Elle Fanning, Julianne Moore, Priyanka Chopra among best-dressed celebrities
  799. Jamie Foxx's daughter Corinne says Katie Holmes and her dad make a 'really great couple'
  800. Tati Westbrook addresses downturn in James Charles' following after 'BYE SISTER' video : 'I do really want the hate to stop'
  801. Cannes 2019 Days 2, 3: Eugenia Kuzmina, Nadine Leopold and Alessandra Ambrosio among worst-dressed celebrities
  802. Keanu Reeves confesses he had a crush on Sandra Bullock while fiming 'Speed' but didn't make a move as they 'were working'
  803. Julianne Moore calls for quotas to bring about gender parity in movie industry: 'You have to open doors'
  804. Queen Elizabeth gets social media savvy, on lookout for digital communications officer to boost her online image
  805. Baby Archie's birth certificate reveals Meghan gave birth at posh Portland Hospital, refuting claims of home birth
  806. Scarlett Johansson and SNL star Colin Jost engaged after two years of dating
  807. Here's what Robert Pattinson brings to Gotham City as Batman
  808. Shannen Doherty fires back at rumors linking her to 'BH90210' staff quitting, says she refuses to be the 'villain'
  809. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name their 4th child Psalm West
  810. Cannes 2019 Day 4: Bella Hadid, Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas join best-dressed celebs list
  811. Steve Irwin's son Robert says he'd rather face dangerous animals in the wild than settle for a desk job
  812. Prince William says losing mom Diana at a young age was a 'pain like no other'; reveals it affected his work as an air ambulance pilot
  813. Cannes 2019 Day 4: Corey Rae, Deepika Padukone and Araya Hargate among worst dressed celebs
  814. 'Chronicles of Narnia' actors William Moseley, Anna Popplewell and Ben Barnes reunite to celebrate 11 years after 'Prince Caspian's release
  815. Former NBA star Lamar Odom admits to using prosthetic penis 'filled with trainer's urine' to pass Olympics drug test in 2004
  816. 'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington wants to try lighter, more comedic roles: 'I don't want to repeat Jon Snow'
  817. Prince Harry revisits his wedding venue a year later as special guest for Lady Gabriella Windsor's nuptials
  818. Calvin Klein apologizes to LGBT+ community for queerbaiting ad featuring Bella Hadid and a robot
  819. Matthew McConaughey goes back to collect his high school diploma and moves crowd with amazing speech
  820. Kate Middleton plays on swing in flower garden she designed which features touching tribute to Princess Diana
  821. 'Game of Thrones' stars Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn had to be 'kept apart at all costs' during filming because of their bad split
  822. Mel B rushed to hospital after losing vision in her right eye and screaming that she 'couldn't see anything'
  823. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle celebrate first wedding anniversary with unseen pictures from their wedding
  824. Princess Diana's wedding dress designer blasts Meghan Markle for choosing foreign brands over British designers
  825. Freddie Starr drove himself to hospital while having a heart attack because he couldn't trust his wife's driving
  826. Kylie Jenner finally 'orders Jordyn Woods to pick up her belongings' as ex-bff moves to new home after Tristan Thompson cheating scandal
  827. Beauty blogger Jeffree Star ends Tati Westbrook, James Charles feud: 'This has to stop'
  828. Slipknot drummer Shawn Crahan mourns tragic death of his 22-year-old daughter Gabrielle: 'The deepest pain'
  829. Leonardo DiCaprio seen taking pictures of girlfriend Camila Morrone, 21, during rare outing together at Cannes 2019
  830. Kate Middleton, Prince William take children out to woodland designed by the Duchess for Chelsea Flower Show
  831. Cannes 2019 Days 5, 6: Aishwarya Rai, Helen Mirren and Patricia Contreras among best-dressed celebrities
  832. Prince Charles attends opening of luxurious bed and breakfast at the Castle of Mey
  833. Cannes 2019 Days 5, 6: Andie MacDowell, Heidi Lushtaku and He Sui join ranks of worst-dressed celebrities
  834. Emilia Clarke addresses 'Game of Thrones' coffee cup mishap, blames caterers and 'fancy producers'
  835. South Korean actress Jang Ja-yeon’s suicide probe in 2009 was flawed, says truth panel but doesn't request for reinvestigation
  836. Mac Miller's unreleased song 'Benji the Dog' surfaces online, eight months after rapper's death
  837. Niki Lauda, three-time Formula 1 world champion and aviation entrepreneur, dies at the age of 70
  838. Three handwritten wills found in Aretha Franklin's Detroit home months after her death
  839. 'Counting On' stars Josiah, Lauren Duggar are expecting a baby months after heartbreaking miscarriage
  840. Iconic supermodel Christie Brinkley flaunts her bikini body in sizzling pics
  841. Johnny Depp alleges Amber Heard 'painted-on bruises' and claims he is the 'victim' since she caused him 'serious bodily harm'
  842. South Korean actor Kang Ha Neul to star in romantic thriller 'When Camellia Blooms' after finishing military service
  843. Cannes 2019 Day 7: Aishwarya Rai, Josephine Japy and Kimberley Garner lead the list of best-dressed celebrities
  844. Aaron Carter admits Michael Jackson did something 'inappropriate' on one occasion
  845. Jada Pinkett Smith admits she had an 'unhealthy relationship to porn while trying to practice abstinence'
  846. 'America's Got Talent' star Murray The Magician on being Dennis the Menace of Comedy Magic
  847. Cannes 2019 Day 7: Marion Cotillard, Cindy Bruna and Isabelle Adjani join ranks of worst-dressed celebrities
  848. Prince Charles and Camilla to host Trump for tea at Clarence House during his official visit to Britain in June
  849. Elle Fanning faints at Cannes Film Festival because her Prada prom dress was too tight
  850. Cardi B pulls out of Baltimore concert, says needs recovery time from liposuction and breast augmentation
  851. 'Game of Thrones' fans in for more disappointment as sequel focusing on Arya Stark gets a strict no from HBO
  852. South Korean actress Goo Hara, 28, survives suicide attempt, admits she's been battling depression
  853. Leonardo DiCaprio says he saw River Phoenix on the night he died: 'He disappeared in front of my very eyes'
  854. Cannes 2019 Day 8 red carpet: Josephine Skriver, Sonam Kapoor and Adrien Brody lead the best-dressed list
  855. Actor Rebecca Gayheart says she spent a year trying to kill herself after 2001 car accident that left a child dead
  856. Cannes 2019 Day 8 red carpet fashion: Elle Fanning, Margot Robbie and Valerie Pachner make list of worst-dressed celebrities
  857. Amber Heard expressed love for Johnny Depp and desire to reunite in last text message to actor, reveal court documents
  858. Meghan Markle very unpopular in Harry's inner circle as they feel she is 'running the show', claims royal biographer
  859. Tarantino snaps at reporter over Margot Robbie's limited role, dialogues in 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'
  860. Caitlyn Jenner and Sophia Hutchins look stunning in matching pink ensembles at Kylie Jenner's skincare launch party
  861. Actor Tamzin Outhwaite seems to be 'brutally broken' as cheating ex-husband Tom Ellis gets ready for remarriage
  862. Kylie Jenner's beau Travis Scott pledges profits to Planned Parenthood to protest Alabama's anti-abortion law
  863. 'Big Little Lies' star Zoe Kravitz has secretly married actor beau Karl Glusman, claims report
  864. Wendy Williams' son Kevin Hunter Jr. arrested for assaulting his father
  865. James Charles attends Kylie Jenner's skincare launch after feud with Tati Westbrook comes to an end
  866. Danny DeVito as Wolverine? 20,000 people think it's a damn good idea
  867. Jennifer Aniston refutes reports of having surgeries worth $1 million before 'reuniting with Braf Pitt'
  868. Cannes 2019 Day 9: Izabel Goulart, Marion Cotillard and Adriana Lima among best-dressed celebrities
  869. Cannes 2019 Day 9: Winnie Harlow, Romane Bohringer and Nabilla Benattia join ranks of worst-dressed celebrities
  870. Are Kate and William's Instagram posts a sign of their insecurity with Meghan and Harry's rising popularity?
  871. Olivia Newton-John's brother Hugh passes away after 'many years of decline'
  872. John Cusack hits back at Trump-supporting 'flag-sucking halfwits' on claims he disrespected Cubs’ game troop tribute
  873. ‘Henry Danger’ actor Michael D. Cohen reveals he transitioned 20 years ago: 'In my experience, I was born male'
  874. Anne Hathaway calls out the 'complicity of white women' in the passing of anti-abortion laws
  875. Donald Trump and Melania to take all their children to see the Queen during UK visit next month: Report
  876. Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner face off on 'The Graham Norton Show' after the singer apologizes for dig at ex-boyfriend Joe Jonas
  877. Adam Levine exits 'The Voice' after 16 seasons, Gwen Stefani set to return to the red chair
  878. Caitlyn Jenner looks stunning in black as she attends charity event with Sophia Hutchins in recycled dress
  879. Sylvester Stallone has kept 'Rocky's two pet turtles Cuff and Link from the 70s movie and they are 44 years old!
  880. Ashley Judd in no mood to settle with Harvey Weinstein, says she intends to take disgraced Hollywood producer to trial
  881. 'Star Wars' star Adam Driver credits military stint for success in Hollywood: 'It gives you a lot of confidence'
  882. George Clooney is terrified ISIS will target his children as wife Amal takes terror group to court for rape and abuse
  883. Harrison Ford says 'nobody' is going to play Indiana Jones except him, confuses Chris Pratt with Chris Pine
  884. Meghan Markle snubs Trump, will not join Harry when he meets the US president for palace lunch during UK visit
  885. Jon Voight says Trump is 'the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln', asks Americans not to be 'fooled by the political left'
  886. Sistine Stallone stuns in gold as she joins dad Sylvester and mom Jennifer Flavin on Cannes red carpet
  887. Kanye West says Trump supporters are 'treated like enemies of America', admits he never voted in his life
  888. 'Boyz n the Hood' star Cuba Gooding Jr. was with iconic film's director John Singleton at the time of his death
  889. Sasha Obama looks stunning in classic black gown as she poses with her date at high school prom
  890. Gordon Ramsay 'cried his eyes out' after witnessing birth of his son, and then fainted
  891. Serena Williams visits baby Archie as Meghan and Harry prepare to reveal newborn's godparents
  892. OJ Simpson bragged about having an affair with Kris Jenner, hurting her during sex, claims former manager
  893. Dwayne Johnson is a 'proud father' as 17-year old daughter Simone graduates high school
  894. Caitlyn Jenner is 'ecstatic' that Khloe Kardashian has defended her relationship with Sophia Hutchins
  895. NFL star JJ Watt gets engaged to pro soccer player Kealia Ohai: 'I'm the luckiest man in the world'
  896. Kim Kardashian shares super sweet throwback picture of Scott Disick with Kylie Jenner to celebrate his birthday
  897. Marc Anthony gushes about his and Jennifer Lopez's 11-year-old daughter Emme: 'She's passionate about music and has an incredible voice'
  898. Martin Scorsese's daughter seeks public help to repair her flooded Brooklyn apartment with GoFundMe campaign
  899. As Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's daughter Shiloh Jolie-Pitt turns 13, here's how the new teen has grown over the years
  900. Melania Trump stuns in a $4,290 white Carolina Herrera midi dress as she takes in Japanese culture with Akie Abe
  901. Former 'Biggest Loser' contestant Daniel Wright passes away at 30 after lengthy battle with leukemia
  902. Iggy Azalea's nude photos leaked as hackers target 2016 photoshoot, singer deletes social media accounts
  903. Ivanka Trump shares sweet snaps of husband Jared Kushner and her kids enjoying Memorial Day ahead of couple's visit to London
  904. Loose Women's Andrea McLean runs London 10k race in her underwear for body confidence campaign
  905. Amid legal battle with Amber Heard, Johnny Depp finds refuge in friends Helena Bonham-Carter and Tim Burton
  906. Kate Mara and Jamie Bell announce birth of baby girl, their first child together
  907. Ellen DeGeneres says stepfather sexually abused her, checked her breasts 'for lumps' when she was 15
  908. Elton John was adamant about keeping all the sex and drug stories intact in 'Rocketman'
  909. 'Counting On' star Jessa Duggar gives birth to baby girl at home over Memorial Day weekend
  910. Jonas Brothers memoir titled 'Blood', co-written with Neil Strauss, to release in November
  911. Kit Harington in rehab! 'Game of Thrones' actor seeks help for stress, exhaustion and alcohol abuse
  912. Chris Kattan claims SNL boss Lorne Michaels urged him to have sex with 'A Night at the Roxbury' director Amy Heckerling
  913. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans loses custody of her three children after husband David Eason shot their dog
  914. Ariana Grande 'beyond devastated' as she postponed Orlando and Tampa shows after she tells fans she is 'incredibly sick'
  915. Latin pop star Gabriel Diniz, 28, dies in plane crash while traveling to see girlfriend for her birthday party
  916. Former Miss Universe Albania Angela Martini opens up about her mother and life struggles in new book
  917. Lamar Odom dishes on his secret relationship with Taraji P. Henson: 'I don’t think I ever connected with another black woman as deeply'
  918. Simon Cowell wants his son Eric to leave school at the age of 10: 'A healthy, happy kid is more important than an over-educated, stressed kid'
  919. 'The Godfather' actor Carmine Caridi dies at 85 after falling into coma
  920. 'The Hot Zone' episodes 5 and 6 personify Ebola as the real villain amid crisis striking Dr Jaax from every corner
  921. 'The Bachelor' season 22 couple Arie Luyendyk Jr and Lauren Burnham welcome baby girl
  922. John Cleese fights back after being branded a 'racist' for saying London is no longer 'an English city'
  923. Actor Jordan Whalen says he watched numerous clips of Prince William to play the royal in 'Harry & Meghan: Becoming Royal'
  924. LeBron James waxes eloquent about his love for candles: 'I'm very high on that'
  925. Alex Trebek reveals that some of his tumors have shrunk by '50 percent', credits positive energy and prayers of fans for recovery
  926. Mandy Moore reaches Mt Everest base camp amid one of the deadliest climbing seasons
  927. Fans accuse Selma Blair of cultural appropriation for wearing a headscarf and posting pics online
  928. Cher launches shocking tirade against Trump, says she wants him sexually assaulted in prison as a 'Toy boy of Big Bubba'
  929. Jane Fonda had a nervous breakdown when she started filming Netflix show 'Grace and Frankie'
  930. After nude leak, Iggy Azalea's decision to 'disappear' is good for her mental health: Hollywood crisis manager
  931. JK Rowling announces release of four new 'Harry Potter' stories in June based on specific Hogwarts lessons
  932. 'Jersey Shore' star Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Jionni LaValle welcome 3rd child, baby boy Angelo
  933. R Kelly faces 11 more serious sexual assault and abuse charges in new court case
  934. Meghan and Harry break away from royal charity they set up with Kate and William
  935. Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber celebrate 21 years of married life with throwback photos
  936. Model Chloe Ayling breaks down in court while recounting her kidnapping in Milan by 'Black Death' sex gang
  937. Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas meet baby Archie and Meghan Markle during visit to Frogmore Cottage
  938. Meryl Streep slams the term 'toxic masculinity', says women can be toxic too
  939. Roky Erickson, legendary psychedelic musician from Texas, dies at 71
  940. 'Hollywood Ripper' accused of killing two women set to go on trial after 18 years; Ashton Kutcher to testify
  941. Dallas officer who shot Botham Jean told 911 dispatcher 19 times that she thought it was her apartment
  942. CNN, BBC taken off the air by Venezuelan government, as Nicolás Maduro declares victory over uprising
  943. 'Hero' 8-year-old Ohio boy saves his sister, pulls her out of moving car as man tried to kidnap them
  944. Four decades after horrific 'Atlanta Child Murders', doubts remain over guilt of prime suspect Wayne Williams
  945. Amber Alert issued for missing 13-year-old Michigan girl Calista Kay Rose
  946. 'World's longest Down syndrome marriage' ends after 25 years as husband dies at the age of 56
  947. Donald Trump's approval rating is the highest in two years, says CNN poll conducted after Mueller Report
  948. AJ Freund's extended family believes 5-year-old "made the ultimate sacrifice to save his younger brother and unborn sibling"
  949. US Navy sailors instructed to 'clap like we're at a strip club' before Mike Pence's arrival on USS Truman
  950. Hazing, rape and racism: Swarthmore College fraternities disband after leaked documents reveal homophobic, misogynistic behavior
  951. California fertility doctor charged for murder of his wife who died from an 'apparent fall'
  952. Clues pointing to Madeleine McCann being 'taken by pedophile' weren't properly investigated, says ex-cop
  953. Miss France hopeful Morgane Rolland dies after being run over by truck while cycling with friend
  954. Legendary Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas rushed to hospital after heart attack
  955. UNC Charlotte shooting 'hero' was killed after he jumped on gunman Trystan Terrell to stop him
  956. Attorney General William Barr says it's 'not a crime' for Trump to ask his aide to lie for him
  957. Pete Buttigieg heckled several times by homophobic protesters at Texas event; Beto O'Rourke comes to his defense
  958. Woman with measles attends 'Avengers: Endgame' screener, puts hundreds at risk of contracting the virus
  959. 'Game of Thrones' cast honors dying 88-year-old woman's last wish, surprise her with an incredibly touching video
  960. Ben Stiller highlights plight of Syrian refugees to Congress committee, warns of Russian escalation
  961. Early tropical disturbance off Florida may kickstart hurricane season a month in advance
  962. Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen brings KFC bucket at hearing to mock attorney general: "The message is Bill Barr is a chicken"
  963. Four members of Sikh family found shot dead in Ohio home, officials rule out hate crime
  964. Was Sedley Alley wrongly executed in 2006 for the murder of Suzanne Marie Collins? Family insists on finding the truth
  965. Empress Masako: How a talented princess was worn down by Japan's rigid imperial regime
  966. Rastafarian church files lawsuit against Madison City for cracking down on its marijuana smoking ritual: 'A foolish dog barks at a flying bird'
  967. FBI technician who worked in the Pentagon after 9/11 succumbs to illness he contracted in the aftermath of the terrorist attack
  968. UNC Charlotte shooting hero Riley Howell to be buried with full military honors
  969. St Lucia quarantines cruise ship owned by Church of Scientology over confirmed measles case on board
  970. Florida teachers will be allowed to carry guns into classrooms after lawmakers pass controversial bill
  971. Trump invites Tiger Woods to White House after Masters comeback, may award him Presidential Medal of Freedom
  972. Hillary Clinton says she's 'living rent-free inside of Donald Trump's brain'
  973. College admission scam: Family of Chinese student admitted to Stanford paid $6.5 million to Rick Singer, report says
  974. 500 years after Leonardo Da Vinci's death, here's looking at his feud with Michelangelo
  975. Air force veteran who threatened to 'hang' Barack Obama and kill Maxine Waters jailed for four years
  976. Video of Crystal Lake boy's bruised face on mother's cell phone helped police crack the murder case
  977. Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea launch storytelling podcast 'Why Am I Telling You This'
  978. Pete Buttigieg and husband Chasten Glezman appear on Time cover as "First Family"
  979. Obama took Trump's victory as a 'personal insult', couldn't believe that Americans had 'turned on him', claims book
  980. Former YouTube star Austin Jones, 26, sentenced to 10 years in prison for urging underage girls to send him sexually explicit videos
  981. Former priest who got a teen pregnant gets to keep teaching job in New Jersey school despite children saying they felt 'unsafe' around him
  982. 2-year-old Indiana boy drowns after mother misses 'high water sign' and drives onto a flooded road
  983. Scientists find traces of cocaine, banned pesticides in shrimps in Suffolk rivers, claims new study
  984. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern gets engaged to longtime partner Clarke Gayford after Easter proposal
  985. Sexual assault cases in the military increased by 40% in 2018, reveals Pentagon report
  986. Girl dies from cardiac arrest triggered by 'excitement' while on Michigan water slide, family sues park management
  987. End of AIDS a possibility after study finds HIV transmission can be suppressed through antiretroviral drugs
  988. Double murder at Anderson apartment complex, two suspects in custody following high-speed chase
  989. Newborn found dead in trashcan in the Bronx, parents yet to be located
  990. Chris Watts 'looking into ways to appeal' conviction for murdering his family as he rethinks pleading guilty in the case
  991. Breast implants linked to rare cancer will stay in market, but with bolder warnings, announces FDA
  992. FBI sent 'sexy bottle blonde' posing as research assistant to former Trump adviser Papadopoulos to probe campaign's Russia ties
  993. Police looking for 17-year-old Stow girl who went missing in March seek public help
  994. Man wearing werewolf mask burns 2-year-old girl with blowtorch and tases her while she sleeps in shocking child abuse case
  995. Madeleine McCann case investigators unearth new suspect and say they are 'near to knowing what happened'
  996. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz signs "historic" bill to make marital rape illegal in state
  997. US soldier miraculously survives 70 feet fall into Hawaii's Kilauea volcano
  998. Arizona hospital staff drops newborn on the head, baby suffers brain hemorrhage days later
  999. Family of four and three dogs found dead in Ohio home from suspected carbon monoxide poisoning
  1000. 3 dead, 1 missing after massive explosion at silicone plant in Illinois
  1001. Madeleine McCann's parents left boot of hired car open for several days to get rid of 'strange smell', claims former case detective
  1002. Murdered Crystal Lake boy AJ Freund's mother is 7 months pregnant and will likely give birth in detention
  1003. Chris Watts spends jail time thinking about the past and wishing 'he had handled things differently', reveals family friend
  1004. Elderly couple end up with 20 kilos of meth worth $7 million after parcel gets wrongly delivered to them
  1005. 17 children rescued, 82 arrested in multi-state child sex sting operation named 'Southern Impact III'
  1006. 'Fatal Attraction' killer Carolyn Warmus who shot her lover's wife nine times in the back in 1989 is granted parole
  1007. Don’t wash raw chicken before cooking because it spreads germs in the kitchen, warns CDC
  1008. ASOS billionaire holds emotional funeral service for his three children who were killed in the Sri Lanka bombings
  1009. Arizona mom starved son, 3, to death, hid his body in a toy chest in rental home and then moved out
  1010. Chelsea Clinton received $300K for attending 6 meetings as IAC board member in 2018, holds $6.3M worth of stock in company: Report
  1011. 16-year-old Arizona boy Scout collapses and dies while on a hiking trip to Picacho Peak
  1012. Madeleine McCann detectives believe German child murderer and pedophile is latest suspect in the case after he matched photofit of abductor
  1013. Two Florida teens stranded at sea rescued by boat named 'Amen' after they prayed to God to send help
  1014. Joe Biden calls Trump a 'clown' during fundraiser, says he expects a nasty race from the president
  1015. Australian DJ Adam Sky bleeds to death after smashing through a glass door while racing to help a woman in Bali
  1016. 'Shark bite capital of the world' sees first victim of 2019 after man gets bitten at Florida beach
  1017. Four-year-old girl escapes after man kidnapped her and locked her in a wooden chest in his grandparent's house
  1018. Stocks tumble right after Trump threatens to hike tariffs on $200B of Chinese imports
  1019. Brunei says it will not enforce law to punish gay sex with death by stoning after facing immense backlash
  1020. 19-year-old Oakland man arrested in Oceano Dunes shooting that left 6 injured
  1021. Arizona seeing a surge in Hepatitis A cases despite vaccination drives, say health officials
  1022. Boeing knew about problems with 737 Max a year before Lion Air crash and did nothing about them
  1023. As Gaza reaches for a fragile ceasefire, dead babies form a chunk of the victims
  1024. Man wanted for kidnapping and raping three women arrested after he tried to abduct two more women
  1025. Michael Cohen set to begin three-year prison term in Trump hush-money scheme
  1026. US deploys aircraft carrier, bombers in response to 'escalatory actions' from Iran in Middle East
  1027. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos steps out with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez for NYC date night dinner
  1028. Man shoots his child's mom a day after she got restraining order against him and then kills himself
  1029. Texas bartender charged for serving alcohol to an already-drunk man who later went on a shooting spree leaving 8 people dead
  1030. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern jokes that her 'very intimate' engagement mostly went unnoticed
  1031. Joe Biden confuses Theresa May with Margaret Thatcher, calls Trump a 'clown' at fundraiser
  1032. Mom whose 12-year-old daughter killed herself after watching '13 Reasons Why' asks parents to monitor their kids
  1033. Omarosa accuses Trump administration of destroying 5 boxes of evidence meant for Mueller
  1034. 3-year-old girl dies trapped inside burning car behind chained doors even as father abandons vehicle
  1035. Brett Kavanaugh beats Ruth Bader Ginsburg as Democrat Twitter poll on Supreme Court justices backfires
  1036. Man caught in FBI sting for plotting to blow up a Chicago bar in 2012 is sentenced to 16 years in prison
  1037. Florida judge orders 3-year-old with cancer continue receiving chemotherapy despite parents' objection
  1038. Russian plane was struck by lightning moments before bursting into flames, passengers claim
  1039. Police find fifth body in Cyprus lake as army officer who killed seven women, girls appears in court
  1040. Florida man kills dementia-suffering wife of 47 years in 'mercy-killing' before turning gun on himself
  1041. Amber Alert: Stepdad of missing Houston 4-year-old says he was 'knocked unconscious' by three men who abducted her
  1042. Moscow plane inferno survivor accused of blocking others from escaping by retrieving luggage
  1043. Pennsylvania abortion clinic files lawsuit against three protestors for threatening employees and blocking entrance
  1044. Trump pardons former US soldier who killed Iraqi prisoner
  1045. Suspect who gunned down Mississippi officer at police headquarters parking lot arrested in 24 hours after shooting
  1046. Argentinian mastermind of 'witchcraft extortion scheme' sentenced to 2 years in federal prison
  1047. Cellphone video captured by Sandra Bland of her own controversial 2015 traffic stop and arrest emerges
  1048. Amber Alert: 4-year-old Maleah Davis was removed from her home last year over abuse allegations
  1049. Trump's pardoning of former US soldier slammed by critics as 'endorsement of murder', raises questions about other pending cases
  1050. Scientology cruise ship passengers to remain under quarantine until blood samples are tested for measles
  1051. Kentucky man fatally punches one-month-old son in frustration after losing video game, faces murder charge
  1052. Migrant 'rented' an eight-year-old boy for $130 because it is 'easier to get into US with a child', federal prosecutors reveal
  1053. Couple slammed for sharing nerve-shredding photo showing them leaning out of moving train for 'wildest kiss'
  1054. Amber Alert: 3-year-old San Antonio girl in 'grave danger' after abduction, police say
  1055. Stroud police searching for missing 7-year-old Oklahoma boy believed to be in danger
  1056. Kim Kardashian helped free 17 inmates by secretly funding 90 Days of Freedom campaign
  1057. Brayan Quinonez, leader of Indianapolis drug trafficking ring, sentenced to 210 months in jail
  1058. Joe Biden's 2020 staffers accused of harassing reporters on the campaign trail
  1059. FBI report reveals 51 law enforcement officers shot and killed in the line of duty in 2018
  1060. Uber driver allegedly locks two women in his car and tells them 'you're going nowhere'
  1061. Sandra Bland's sister slams law enforcement for not prosecuting former officer Brian Encinia: 'They chose to cut a deal'
  1062. Woman who tried to drown her newborn baby in McDonald's restroom skips jail time and gets fours years supervised probation
  1063. Pamela Anderson visits Julian Assange in prison, says he's been 'cut off from everybody' including his children
  1064. Suspect identified in Colorado STEM school shooting which left 1 dead, 8 injured
  1065. Man charged for Ghost Ship warehouse fire laughed when he was told it was a 'death trap', claims witness
  1066. Thunderstorms in Houston area leaves students stranded in schools amid flooding and power outages
  1067. Virginia Navy corpsman shoots two female colleagues before killing himself in double murder-suicide case
  1068. DNA sleuthing helps identify woman who was shot to death and her killer in 37-year-old cold case
  1069. Fire crews battle massive hay fire blaze at a dairy farm in Chino
  1070. Melting sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic may be an economic boon, but it spells doom for sea life, warn experts
  1071. As the clock ticks on Maleah Davis's abduction, former NYPD detective explains why time is critical when it comes to finding missing children
  1072. Lacrosse 'team mom' accused of raping 11-year-old boy who was friends with her son
  1073. Trump's businesses lost more than $1 billion in a decade, claims report on his tax records
  1074. Edits made to Colorado school's Wikipedia page in April foresaw mass shooting that left 1 dead, 8 injured
  1075. A 'caravan' of Americans is crossing the Canadian border to get affordable health care
  1076. Family of 6, including 4 children and their mother, killed in Harlem apartment fire
  1077. South Korean actress Han Ji Sung dies in tragic three-car collision on expressway
  1078. Woman and five dogs killed as suspect crashes stolen van into her vehicle after being chased by police in Long Beach
  1079. Meghan McCain and Seth Meyers lock horns over Rep. Ilhan Omar's anti-Semitic statements: 'Are you her publicist?'
  1080. Photos show over 100 malnourished lions being bred for their bones in South African facility
  1081. US Army picks new 'army greens' uniform with World War II look to reinvent its image
  1082. Wanted child molester who faked his own death to avoid arrest found alive in Florida nearly three years later
  1083. The original avenger: The day Mike Tyson made his hero Muhammad Ali proud
  1084. Severe weather causes damage across Arkansas as atmospheric conditions generate powerful storms
  1085. 9-year-old Michigan boy charged with murder after he shot his mother with a rifle, court documents reveal
  1086. Community furious after Oklahoma officers shot three children in their head and face while firing at suspect in pizza shop robbery
  1087. Georgia boy opens Lego gift box only to find three pounds of meth worth $40,000 inside
  1088. One killed, two injured in Fort Lauderdale mall shooting, gunman in custody
  1089. Suspects in Colorado school shooting appear in court for the first time since the incident
  1090. US Marine veteran nicknamed 'Combat Barbie' parades her curves in classic pin-up inspired photoshoot
  1091. Graffiti drawn in California High School bathroom threatened a shooting on campus on May 9
  1092. Man wanted for stabbing wife to death after wedding night added to FBI's Top Ten Most Wanted Fugitives List
  1093. NYPD union slammed after 'accidentally' posting video of two men having oral sex on subway platform
  1094. Octopus gets its revenge on woman live streaming herself trying to eat the sea creature alive
  1095. Thousands of emperor penguin chicks are drowning as sea ice disappears from the Antarctic, warns expert
  1096. Trump laughs, jokes after follower at rally suggests to 'shoot' migrants at the border
  1097. Anaheim police officers seen firing 76 shots at suspect in bodycam video will not be charged in his death
  1098. No jail time for Florida preschool teacher who molested children as young as 4 years old
  1099. BBC host who shared 'racist' tweet comparing Baby Archie to a chimpanzee sacked for 'stupid unthinking gag'
  1100. Dashcam footage of South Korean actress Han Ji Sung's fatal accident contradicts husband's statement
  1101. Pennsylvania school drops 'God bless America' after parent says it violates the US Constitution
  1102. Indiana man who stalked 'thousands of women' finally arrested after threatening to sexually assault woman
  1103. Sex offender wanted for murder of 77-year-old man confesses to murdering six more people
  1104. Student sues to prevent getting chickenpox vaccine, contracts virus two months later
  1105. Walmart US store managers earn an average of $175,000 per year: Report
  1106. Car stolen during 4-year-old Maleah Davis' kidnapping has been found, say Missouri City police
  1107. Kendrick Castillo: Colorado school shooting victim's father warned him "not to be a hero", but he diasgreed, "you raised a good person"
  1108. California teacher fighting breast cancer asked to pay for substitute teacher out of her salary while on medical leave
  1109. Another emaciated whale carcass washes ashore amid mysterious rise in 'starving' sea mammal deaths along West Coast
  1110. Court bans Maleah Davis' mother and stepfather from contacting their children
  1111. Former Missouri college student sues school for 'threatening her with expulsion' if she spoke about her rape
  1112. Chelsea Manning released from jail after 2 months, but she could be back again for contempt charges
  1113. "She can't tell them to stop, she couldn't get away!": 10-yr-old student with special needs bitten several times by another student on school bus
  1114. Manhunt launched for truck driver who killed couple headed to their wedding when he rammed his 18-wheeler into their SUV
  1115. Siblings defend 9-year-old boy who shot his mother, say he had 'snapped' but 'didn't mean to do it'
  1116. Grand jury indicts parents of 5-year-old AJ Freund on charges of first degree murder
  1117. Pennsylvania man who beat Playboy model to death over drug payment, convicted of first degree murder
  1118. LA mansion where over 1,000 guns were seized belonged to billionaire Gordon's Getty's former mistress Cynthia Beck
  1119. Abolition of cash bail makes a strong case for reduction of overcrowding in jails and helping those with little financial access
  1120. Did the late Freddie Starr really eat a live hamster?
  1121. Measles outbreak: Counties in Illinois, Florida and Texas among those at highest risk of disease, say Johns Hopkins researchers
  1122. Pennsylvania mother who transmitted fatal dose of drugs to her baby through her breast milk spared jail time
  1123. Boston Red Sox divided along racial lines over Trump's invitation to the White House
  1124. School district backtracks on decision to serve jelly sandwiches to students with lunch debt after massive backlash
  1125. Endangered kakapo parrot becomes first bird to undergo brain surgery, makes 'remarkable recovery'
  1126. Florida mother arrested after 'hundreds of bugs' crawl out of daughter's backpack inside school's lunchroom
  1127. Pennsylvania teacher accused of repeatedly sexually assaulting 14-year-old male student faces over 50 charges
  1128. 11-year-old Ohio girl pregnant with rapist's baby may be forced to bear child because of 'fetal heartbeat' law
  1129. Florida man accused of burning girlfriend's 2-year-old daughter with blowtorch while wearing werewolf mask kills himself
  1130. Parents of pro-life teenage girls harassed by Rep. Brian Sims raise $100,000 for Philly non-profit
  1131. 20-year-old Iowa veteran fulfills last wish by marrying girlfriend hours before dying of cancer
  1132. Mother who tried to drown newborn baby in McDonald's toilet moments after giving birth avoids jail time
  1133. Pup with third-degree burns found in Coachella Valley dumpster, $10,000 reward for info on perpetrator
  1134. Bodycam clip shows 17-year-old girl armed with knife apologizing after getting shot at three times by police
  1135. Ohio woman breaks into stranger's home, washes dishes, pets family dog and leaves
  1136. Missouri man who tortured, killed and mutilated cats and kittens charged with felony animal abuse
  1137. Mother who claimed her 7-week-old daughter was kidnapped arrested after child is found at bottom of ravine
  1138. Three men sentenced for killing mountain lion in Yellowstone National Park and dragging carcass to their car
  1139. Chris Darden, attorney for suspect in Nipsey Hussle's murder, files to withdraw from case
  1140. Chicago man convicted of murder appeals after learning that eyewitness who said he saw him pull the trigger is blind
  1141. Michelle Obama shares sweet picture with daughters Malia and Sasha to celebrate Mother's Day
  1142. Las Vegas woman who pushed elderly man off bus for asking her to be nicer to other passengers charged with murder
  1143. Massachusetts teen mauled to death by dogs he was caring for: 'Things like that should never happen to anybody'
  1144. Maleah Davis' mother claims ex-fiance cleaned apartment with bleach on the day child went missing
  1145. Philadelphia police find body in plastic container believed to be of 70-year-old reported missing
  1146. 'Ireland's oldest orphan' finally meets her 104-year-old mother after a six-decade long search
  1147. Anna Sorokin says she's not sorry for ripping off nearly $200,000 from New York's richest
  1148. Donald Trump plans change of July 4 fireworks venue to deliver personal address from steps of Lincoln Memorial
  1149. 1981 Brink's heist getaway driver Judith Clarke released from prison, will now live in Manhattan
  1150. Vladimir Putin falls on his face during victory lap after ice hockey match
  1151. Judge praises couple as 'good partents' for sending four-year-old boy to school in a girl's uniform
  1152. Woman tosses her newborn girl in a dumpster, faces attempted murder charges and deportation
  1153. Colorado school shooting suspect Devon Erickson had a past of bullying and violence, reveals former friend
  1154. Two men from Texas wrongfully convicted of stabbing a man to death declared innocent after 19 years
  1155. Timmothy Pitzen's aunt hopeful 8 years after his disappearance: 'The family believes he's alive'
  1156. Six-year-old boy who called 911 because he was lonely finds a friend in Tallahassee police officer
  1157. Las Vegas woman arrested after 2-year-old daughter found drowned in bathtub
  1158. American Airlines pilot arrested in front of shocked passengers at Kentucky airport for 2015 triple homicide
  1159. Uber and Lyft backseats are 35,000 times germier than the average toilet seat, reveals study
  1160. Ohio high school to eliminate valedictorian honor citing mental health concerns
  1161. Aircraft crashes onto A40 in Wales, third such incident on carriageway in three years
  1162. 15 months after Parkland shooting, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School principal resigns
  1163. White supremacist who sent letter to Trump containing a white powder and threatened to kill him faces 140 years in prison
  1164. Oregon man wanted for sexually assaulting multiple young girls turns himself in after 23 years on the run
  1165. Alesha MacPhail's mother wants to meet her daughter's killer in jail, look him in the eye and 'ask why he did it'
  1166. Federal judge orders 32 Florida counties to provide Spanish-language ballots in 2020
  1167. Multiple cases of disease that can be transmitted from dogs to humans confirmed by Iowa state department
  1168. Trump's appointment of Patrick Shanahan as the Pentagon Chief could undermine national security
  1169. Yoga instructor, 35, disappears while hiking in Maui forest, cops seek public help to locate her
  1170. Former Tennessee pastor who repeatedly raped adopted daughter sentenced to 12 years in prison
  1171. All-girl soccer team finishes league undefeated and secures cup double, all against boys' teams
  1172. Champion powerlifter who broke world records stripped of titles because she was 'still a man' during competition
  1173. Alibaba's Jack Ma urges employees to have sex at least six times a week, says 'duration is the key'
  1174. Video shows K-9 German Shepherd latch onto and bite screaming domestic violence suspect wanted for choking girlfriend
  1175. Oklahoma man drove through three states with dead wife in passenger seat, arrested in Arizona during traffic stop
  1176. From being almost euthanized in Saudi Arabia to being a service dog for a veteran in Arizona, Newton has come a long way
  1177. 6 dead and 10 injured after two floatplanes carrying cruise ship passengers collided in mid-air in Alaska
  1178. Savannah police sergeant killed after gunman fired at him while he investigated a robbery at a barber shop
  1179. Mother has newborn taken away as she tests positive for opiates after eating poppy seed bagel before delivery
  1180. Florida woman jailed for hurling her 10-month-old son against a wooden fence because he wouldn’t stand up on his own
  1181. Boyfriend arrested after University of Georgia professor's naked body found near hot tub under suspicious circumstances
  1182. Baltimore woman shot dead in broad daylight was married to a convicted drug lord and an actor at the same time
  1183. American Airlines pilot arrested on board plane for triple homicide earlier faced a military court martial for battery and sexual assault
  1184. US couple reveal nightmare ordeal when their 'adopted' 3-yr-old boy was snatched from their home by Kenyan authorities
  1185. Alabama abortion ban: Chris Evans, Lady Gaga and other celebs join #YouKnowMe
  1186. Howard Stern says he helped get Donald Trump elected but wishes it was Hillary Clinton instead
  1187. Body of Florida mother found inside scrapped upright freezer six years after she went missing
  1188. Seven children left unattended in hot car by babysitter rescued after four-year-old calls 911
  1189. New video shows Sandra Bland was not engaging in dangerous behavior and agencies must be held accountable, says civil rights expert
  1190. Video shows mental health workers punching, beating disabled man with belt at Georgia facility
  1191. Woman seen forcibly pushing 74-year-old man off bus leading to his death in disturbing surveillance video
  1192. Alesha MacPhail's mother slams court's decision to allow six-year-old's murderer to appeal his life sentence
  1193. Texas A&M hurdler leaps over finish line, secures first place after landing flat on his face
  1194. Elvis was a pedophile, slept with girls as young as 14 and was 'obsessed with virginity', claims new book
  1195. Video shows fratboys forcing puppy to drink beer at backyard party by putting a dispenser in its mouth
  1196. Trump thinks Democratic race is down to four candidates: 'Crazy' Bernie, 'Sleepy' Joe Biden, 'Reboot' Beto and Pete 'Boot-Edge-Edge'
  1197. Police say woman killed by Texas cop was not pregnant, claim she tasered the officer before he shot her
  1198. Somali man Farhan Warfaa travels 8,000 miles to Virginia to testify against former army colonel who allegedly tortured him
  1199. Carnival worker confesses to 'accidentally' shooting two women and one teen in space of 18 days
  1200. Son beats mother to death with baseball bat thinking she was an intruder after she walked into his room when he was 'drunk and jet-lagged'
  1201. Florida passes bill to create public database of pimps and johns convicted of soliciting prostitution
  1202. Trump Tower one of the 'least desirable' properties' in NYC as residents find living there difficult after Trump's win
  1203. Massachusetts teenager who beheaded classmate and chopped off his hands convicted of murder
  1204. Georgia couple found guilty of beating two-week-old daughter to death while high on meth
  1205. LUNA LANDING: 15-foot Great White Shark weighing over 2,100 pounds heading towards Outer Banks in North Carolina
  1206. 'Fetal heartbeat' laws divide America as fears grow that Roe v. Wade could be challenged in the Supreme Court
  1207. Convicted killer Michael Samra's lawyer says his execution, set for Thursday, will not fix things: 'There is only tragedy in a death sentence'
  1208. Hollywood legend Doris Day will have 'no funeral, no memorial and no grave marker'
  1209. 17-month-old toddler dies after being sexually assaulted at motel and left with punctured lungs, fractured ribs
  1210. Netflix 'Jailbirds' star Megan Hawkins arrested after trying to open bank account using fake ID
  1211. 16-year-old girl kills herself after Instagram poll sees 69% vote in favor of her committing suicide
  1212. Cats banned from going outside, dogs to be seized for barking too loudly under new Australian law
  1213. Man sexually assaults 68-year-old woman in coma at Bronx hospital, cops seek public help to track him down
  1214. United States sees lowest number of births in 32 years as fertility rate drops to record low: Report
  1215. 3-year-old fatally shoots himself after discovering unsecured gun inside home while mother was busy doing heroin
  1216. Drunk 12-year-old girl steals grandfather's car, leads cops on high-speed chase before crashing into speed limit sign
  1217. Could Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden derail his father's 2020 presidential bid?
  1218. Two British teachers jailed in Oman after 'trying to rescue dogs' left in 'scorching heat' by the owner
  1219. Nebraska farmer hacks off leg with pocket knife to save his life after getting stuck in grain auger
  1220. Helicopter crashes into Hudson River near Manhattan, pilot survives
  1221. Planned Parenthood and ACLU file lawsuit challenging 'heartbeat bill' in Ohio, want court to block the ban
  1222. Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs receives local hero award after she escaped man who had killed her parents and abducted her
  1223. Dallas Catholic diocese properties raided by police as sexual abuse allegations grow louder
  1224. Search for Maleah Davis: Investigators scouring area suspect claims is "perfect place to hide a body"
  1225. 16-year-old Colorado STEM school shooting suspect to be tried as an adult, expected to face 48 counts including first-degree murder
  1226. 33-year-old woman arrested after she snatched 4-year-old boy at South LA McDonald's and walked out
  1227. 5 things to know about Alabama's anti-abortion law — the Human Life Protection Act
  1228. Alabama abortion ban: Where neighboring states of Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Mississippi stand
  1229. Death row inmate donates special last meal to the homeless and writes to his murdered wife's family seeking forgiveness
  1230. Texas father murders his two children and sets their bodies on fire before killing himself after bitter divorce
  1231. Three radio stations in Florida to play Trump speeches every hour until 2020 elections
  1232. Trump family gets into bitter Twitter spat with NYC Mayor de Blasio as Eric Trump says 'our great city has gone to sh** under you'
  1233. 22-month-old Kentucky toddler missing for three days found alive and in 'remarkably good condition'
  1234. Photoshopped image of Anne Frank posing in bikini published by Harvard student magazine sparks outrage
  1235. Alabama abortion ban proves that state Republican senators are not pro-life or even pro-living, they're just pro-birth
  1236. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey, who signed the abortion bill, has a long history of pushing conservative agenda
  1237. Abortion ban: How Savita Halappanavar's death revealed the dark side of restrictive abortion laws in Ireland
  1238. Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke ridiculed for broadcasting haircut and back massage online
  1239. 15-year-old Illinois teen who fatally shot 13-year-old boy during sleepover pleads guilty to involuntary manslaughter
  1240. Kelsey Grammer praises Donald Trump and slams 'bunch of clowns' in Washington
  1241. Florida judge slams insurer for refusing to cover cancer patient's treatment citing 'high cost and efficacy'
  1242. Disabled passenger rebukes Southwest Airlines for not allowing him to fly with his necessary lift device on board
  1243. Boxer who kissed journalist without consent has to complete sex harassment counseling before he gets back into the ring
  1244. Bored father-of-two raped unconscious woman inside Alaska police station for adventure
  1245. 68-year-old experienced pilot flying solo dies in plane crash in Los Padres National Forest
  1246. Severe thunderstorm warning issued for Chicago area; scattered hail and strong wind likely
  1247. Man who smothered elderly woman and robbed her suspected of killing 11 others
  1248. America is waging a war against women with its anti-abortion bills and it's not pro-life or religious, it's political
  1249. With the koala becoming 'functionally extinct', here's what needs to be to done to save the species
  1250. Maleah Davis: Family abductions have to be handled with a 'high level of care', says former detective
  1251. Mother-daughter duo who murdered pregnant Chicago teen and cut her baby out charged for 'womb raider' plot
  1252. Arkansas woman poses as sheriff's deputy, walks out of prison with incarcerated boyfriend
  1253. Internet sensation Grumpy Cat dies at age 7 and netizens mourn: 'Her spirit will live through her fans'
  1254. Abortion ban: Has the Republican Party forgotten one of its own pro-life lawmakers who pushed his mistress into abortion?
  1255. Closing Three Mile Island plant is a mistake because nuclear energy is our best bet to combat climate change, says expert
  1256. Social media outrage as woman who shoved elderly man off bus to his death is freed on bail
  1257. Alabama's blanket abortion ban eerily resembles The Handmaid's Tale's dystopian society
  1258. Abortion-rights groups see massive spike in donations after several US states pass restrictive laws
  1259. Donald Trump says criminals who kill cops should 'immediately, but with trial, get the death penalty'
  1260. Abortion ban: Alabama doctor vows to keep providing abortions even after ban comes into effect
  1261. Self-help guru Tony Robbins accused of sexually harassing and pursuing female employees, fans
  1262. Transgender woman who was attacked by homophobic mob in April found dead with gunshot wound in Dallas
  1263. Vermont mother who put vodka in disabled son's feeding tube leading to his death gets appeal rejected in court
  1264. Republican lawmaker says rapes are mostly 'consensual' or 'date rapes' defending Missouri's abortion ban
  1265. Former Idaho cop bludgeoned his elderly parents to death because they didn't let his dog in; kept bodies with him for a week
  1266. Lunch lady refuses ​offer to rejoin after school fired her for handing out free food to hungry student
  1267. Victims of Ohio State University doctor who molested nearly 177 students speak up: 'It’s even more widespread than we knew'
  1268. Man who strapped his 3-year-old daughter to baby seat and set car on fire charged with murder and arson
  1269. Teacher accused of sending nude pics to teenage student and having sex with him in an SUV behind a hotel
  1270. NYPD officer arrested for plotting murder of estranged husband and current boyfriend's teenage daughter
  1271. Suspect arrested for 1996 rape and murder of Angie Dodge after innocent man spent 20 years in prison for the crime
  1272. Scottsdale woman confesses to smothering her 79-year-old mother with a pillow and killing her in 911 call
  1273. Firearm fatalities can be significantly reduced if gun owners simply lock them away, finds survey
  1274. Womb raider case: Photos show grieving father cuddling baby who was cut from pregnant woman's womb by mother-daughter duo
  1275. President Donald Trump's incredible golf round scores were actually faulty, posted by hackers
  1276. Middle school gets drag queens to perform at Pride and Liberation Event to help students embrace sexuality and gender identity
  1277. Florida man shoots his wife in the face because he did not like her 'disrespectful tone'
  1278. New York plans to make texting while crossing the street illegal and punishable with a fine upto $250 if bill is passed
  1279. Woman who smiled for mugshot after DUI crash that killed 60-year-old woman cries as she is sentenced to 11 years in prison
  1280. Accused killer in Sarah Stern's murder case demands new trial claiming juror who posted 'LMAO' on Facebook tainted his trial
  1281. Students, faculty walk out after VP Mike Pence takes the stage to deliver speech at Taylor University's graduation ceremony
  1282. Donald Trump says he is all for abortion ban, but wants exceptions for rape, incest and when mother's life is at risk
  1283. Around 50 million people under threat of severe weather, schools in Tulsa to be shut for the day
  1284. 1 dead, 8 wounded after shooting disrupts Alabama high school graduation party
  1285. Texas girl, 8, abducted in front of her mother, found safe thanks to 'heroes' who reported suspect's car
  1286. Roe v. Wade: Abortion bans are an 'unabashed effort' to force Supreme Court to revisit 1973 ruling, says expert
  1287. Nashville church shooter was trying to kill 'a minimum of 10 white churchgoers', reveals trial
  1288. Technology helping law enforcement close cases more effectively now, says former detective
  1289. Uber launches new 'quiet mode' on luxury rides for passengers who want to have minimal conversation
  1290. Veteran left with punctured lung and broken ribs after tripod thrown from highway overpass crashes through car's windshield
  1291. Execution date for Bobby Joe Long who raped and murdered women set after he desperately tried to delay it saying 'it could hurt'
  1292. Bridgeton Taco Bell manager unleashes Islamophobic tirade at man breaking Ramadan fast, gets fired
  1293. Alabama high school football coaches go viral for teaching life skills in inspirational 'Manly Monday' classes
  1294. Abducted 8-year-old Texas girl found safe in hotel after church members report suspect's vehicle, kidnapper arrested
  1295. Florida couple scam 82-year-old veteran and empty his bank account leaving him on the brink of suicide
  1296. New Jersey millionaire who engaged in mid-air sex acts with minor while private plane was on autopilot faces five-year jail term
  1297. Columbine school shooting survivor and champion against opioid addiction Austin Eubanks found dead at age 37
  1298. Gunman in camouflage kills cop, wounds two other officers after 'domestic disturbance' at Alabama trailer park
  1299. 22-year-old Ohio woman dies after collapsing in Cleveland Marathon
  1300. New York state bill would allow prisoners to be jailed near their children
  1301. Filmmaker Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer to boycott Georgia if 'heartbeat bill' goes into effect
  1302. Missing Idaho teen who sparked Amber Alert has been found, suspect in custody: Police
  1303. Oklahoma and Texas at 'high-risk' as severe storms, violent tornadoes sweep across Southern Plains
  1304. Great white shark tracked to Long Island Sound for the first time as researchers say it may have been following bait fish
  1305. After New York and California become hotbeds for abortions, experts fear criminalizing miscarriages could come next
  1306. NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere had plans to build dungeon to cage women and to exploit them as his 'sex slaves'
  1307. Maleah Davis case: Stepfather's story doesn't add up, chances of finding the 4-year-old alive slim, says former detective
  1308. Florida woman lodges false sexual assault complaint that leads to death of innocent neighbor
  1309. 3-year-old Georgia girl dies after stepfather brutally beats and rapes her, mother charged for doing nothing about abuse
  1310. Columbine survivor Austin Eubanks's overdose death exposes the devastating psychological impact of school shootings
  1311. Jamie Oliver's restaurant empire on the verge of collapse, leaving over 1,000 jobs at risk
  1312. Jim Carrey's graphic pro-abortion painting backfires as pro-lifers call it a 'blessing' for their movement
  1313. 'Game of Thrones' fans seeking professional counseling to manage 'anger, sadness and grief' after finale
  1314. Louisiana couple charged after locking autistic woman in cage, covering her in feces and forcing her to eat dead mother's ashes
  1315. Putin's rumored lover gives birth to twins in heavily-guarded VIP clinic in Moscow, claim reports
  1316. Ohio middle school students seen adding urine, semen to crepes meant for teachers and staff
  1317. Asian accountant smashes ex-wife's head against car and calls her 'bacon basher' for dating white man
  1318. Baby cut out of mother's womb during 'womb raider' killing opens eyes for the first time while being held by dad
  1319. High school gym teacher accused of getting teen student pregnant twice and making her abort both pregnancies
  1320. Florida woman accused of stabbing pre-teen daughter to death because she believed the girl was 'having sex with men'
  1321. Comatose woman who gave birth at care center was sexually assaulted and impregnated multiple times, alleges family
  1322. Married Oklahoma teacher who had sex with three teenage students charged for rape and sexual battery
  1323. Former WWE superstar Ashley Massaro who died at age 39 was found hanging in her home, claims report
  1324. Eric Holder, suspect in Nipsey Hussle's murder, pistol-whipped a man an hour before shooting the rapper
  1325. Thousands of women and rights groups march across US in #StopTheBans rallies to oppose anti-abortion bills
  1326. Former army colonel found guilty, ordered to pay $500K to Somali villager whom he had tortured 31 years ago
  1327. Organizations like Texas EquuSearch play an important role in locating missing persons especially in cases like Maleah Davis' abduction
  1328. Vermont, California, New York and more rush to expand abortion access as other states seek to restrict it
  1329. Florida teacher arrested for bringing loaded gun, two knives in her backpack and leaving it in her classroom
  1330. Florida couple married for 62 years die just 90 minutes apart, holding hands
  1331. After transgender woman's murder in Dallas, cops investigate rise in transgender killings in the last seven months
  1332. Santa Anita race horse deaths: Drugs, weather and racing horses too young contributed to rise in fatalities, say experts
  1333. DEA takedown San Diego meth trafficking ring with ties to the Sinaloa Cartel after a year-long investigation
  1334. Domestic violence survivors in New York to get lenient sentences for crimes against their abusers
  1335. Utah man allegedly smashed toddler's head against a wall leaving her with a fractured skull because she wouldn't stop crying
  1336. Mother, 33, jumps off cliff with 2-year-old daughter after separating from partner; family 'shaken to the core'
  1337. Florida man gets life in jail for murdering wife 26 years ago and burying her in backyard of son's childhood home
  1338. 'Game of Thrones': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Elizabeth Warren wanted Sansa to sit on the Iron Throne
  1339. Dallas police looking for 'hate crime' connection between killing of two transgender women and stabbing of a third
  1340. Pro-life Mississippi lawmaker punches wife in the face for not undressing quickly enough when he wanted sex
  1341. Georgia woman's van rolls into river after she jumps out frightened by a spider that crawled onto her lap
  1342. Illinois zoo euthanizes flamingo after rock thrown by elementary school student breaks its leg
  1343. Michigan couple force woman with severe disabilities to work as $200-an-hour prostitute and live in a shed
  1344. Mississippi man who followed 12-year-old girl into restaurant bathroom and raped her hours later sentenced to 20 years
  1345. Kindergartner 'lunch shamed' by school aides when she did not have enough money for a hot meal
  1346. Dead, buried, and growing: How human composting could be a game-changer for the funeral industry
  1347. Santa Anita Park: Push for Horseracing Integrity Act of 2019 grows stronger after 60 horse deaths on the track
  1348. Everything you need to know about Harriet Tubman, the first African-American woman who was set to appear on the $20 bill next year
  1349. New York City will be under water in 100 years, experts issue stark warning as sea level rise speeds up
  1350. San Francisco man snatches 74-year-old woman off the street, rapes her for 5 hours and dumps her on sidewalk in semi-conscious state
  1351. Bobby Joe Long execution: Florida serial killer who murdered 10 women, raped 50 others faces electric chair
  1352. Vermont's pro-choice Republican governor may allow abortion rights bill to become law
  1353. 'Violent tornado' hits Jefferson City after it left three people dead and several injured in Missouri
  1354. Border Patrol agent called migrants 'mindless murdering savages' and even hit a man with his truck, court documents say
  1355. American pastor gives bleach as 'miracle cure' for malaria and HIV to over 50,000 poor Ugandans
  1356. Lunch lady who was fired for giving 'hungry' student free food had 'not charged him for three months'
  1357. 21-year-old Oregan student dies after falling from scenic lookout spot while taking pictures
  1358. Trump, who promised to give up golf once elected, spent over $100 million of taxpayers' money golfing: Report
  1359. Infant girl dies after being left inside daycare van in blazing Florida heat for several hours, daycare owner arrested
  1360. Vegan firefighter who was not offered 'ethical' food while fighting fire in Canada files complaint with Human Rights Tribunal
  1361. Virginia woman's young, healthy dog euthanized to fulfill her dying wish of being buried with her pet
  1362. Coffee company helping 100 single moms by giving them cars and meeting their most critical needs
  1363. Wanted man agrees to turn himself in if his mugshot gets 15,000 likes on Facebook, share Connecticut police
  1364. Two 10-year-old California girls fight off naked intruder who broke into their bedroom during sleepover
  1365. Cordova shooting victim was holding a paper with suspect’s license plate number when he was shot dead
  1366. Mother bludgeons boyfriend with crowbar for dropping pizza on the floor, avoids jail time
  1367. New Jersey couple who placed infant under comforter so he would stop crying leading to his death face murder charges
  1368. Man suffers heart attack and dies hours after girlfriend smuggles zombie-drug Spice into psychiatric hospital for him
  1369. John F. Kennedy Jr barged into the house of man who kissed wife Carolyn Bessette at 2 am and punched him, says new book
  1370. Texas man gets life for killing girlfriend, dismembering her and dissolving body in barrel of chemicals
  1371. Mississippi cop allegedly murders woman he had affair with because he didn't want his 'wife to find out'
  1372. Trump boasts of his amazing chemistry with the Queen, denies fist-bumping her: 'We had a great time together'
  1373. Man carrying marijuana in his butt accidentally shoots himself in genitals, lands himself in jail
  1374. Federal prisoner who spent 35 years in solitary confinement for triple murders dies at age 67
  1375. Amber Alert issued for 1-year-old girl from Chattanooga after she was reportedly taken by a man at a traffic stop
  1376. Attacks on places of worship by 'homegrown, self-radicalized actors' will continue, says FBI assistant director
  1377. Baby elephant tied to its mother's feet collapses out of exhaustion due to soaring heat in Thailand
  1378. Arizona border patrol agent who assaulted woman he met on dating app charged for raping multiple women over 7 years
  1379. Disney World employee who tried to lure 8-year-old girl to Orlando hotel for sex arrested in undercover operation
  1380. Mother who fractured 10-month-old daughter's skull is let off by judge who blamed the injuries on the baby's 'brittle bones'
  1381. America's deadliest serial killer who confessed to killing over 90 women reveals chilling details in new documentary
  1382. 9-year-old boy dies after locker falls on him while attending after-school swimming club
  1383. Princess Diana's fatal car crash turned into theme park exhibit at National Enquirer Live!
  1384. DNA testing at borders labeled as 'invasive and inaccurate' and an excuse to separate children from their families
  1385. Serial killer Bobby Joe Long had no visitors, requested beef sandwich for last meal before being executed
  1386. Child killer Ian Huntley, other pedophiles 'being allowed to mix with children during prison visiting hours', claims visitor
  1387. Shocking footage shows San Diego cop fatally shooting chain-wielding man shouting 'Trump is the Devil'
  1388. South Carolina man shoots and kills daughter mistaking her for intruder when she tried to enter their home
  1389. Distorted video of Nancy Pelosi making her sound drunk doing the rounds on social media
  1390. Missing 4-year-old Maleah Davis was likely murdered, says Houston police chief: 'We want the public to come forward'
  1391. Former deputy headteacher who shared child sex abuse videos while high on drugs sentenced to 2 years in prison
  1392. Howard Stern says he has 'inside information' that Trump's run for office was a publicity stunt to get a better deal from NBC for 'Apprentice'
  1393. Playboy model walks naked through Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in New York City, sparks outrage
  1394. 'Morning Joe' host Joe Scarborough says people close to Trump told him the president was in 'mental decline'
  1395. Trump unveils LGBTQ t-shirts for Pride Month just hours after his government proposed removal of transgender health care protections
  1396. Tiffany Trump goes all-out glam for amfAR Gala in Cannes as she poses with billionaire boyfriend Michael Boulos
  1397. Two Texas men die while attempting to jump car over open drawbridge
  1398. Four children for whom an Amber alert was sounded in McKees Rock found safe, alleged abductor on the run
  1399. Queen 'deeply upset' after death of loyal housekeeper of 40 years, expected to attend funeral
  1400. Chicago high school forced to reprint yearbooks after students flash 'white power' symbol in several photographs
  1401. 18-year-old high school senior who secretly filmed sex with 14-year-old girl to be registered as sex offender for 25 years
  1402. Tennessee high school baseball coach seen inappropriately touching female student in viral video suspended without pay
  1403. Florida man struggling with mental illness kills himself a day after his service dog was mauled to death by alligator
  1404. Massachusetts man says mystery intruder broke into his home, cleaned it, and left without stealing anything
  1405. Sophia Weaver, 10-year-old who was bullied for facial deformities and inspired support for disabled children, passes away
  1406. Lawrence man, 47, allegedly gave drugs to 13-year-old, sexually assaulted her before dumping her body at a hospital
  1407. 30-year-old California male nanny accused of molesting two boys he was babysitting, four more alleged victims come forward
  1408. 8-year-old South Carolina girl told father 'I love you' before he murdered her and her four siblings, claim authorities
  1409. US soccer star Alex Morgan plans to decline possible invite from Trump White House after World Cup
  1410. Hundreds mourn pregnant teenager killed by 'womb raider' family as husband carries her coffin at funeral
  1411. Maine man found guilty of raping, murdering 19-year-old high school friend after video showed him dragging her body into trees
  1412. Trump rarely joins Melania in private Air Force One cabin on long flights, stays awake watching Fox News: Report
  1413. Bullied 9-year-old expelled from private school after mom complains about her being repeatedly kicked, pushed and hit
  1414. Strict abortion laws are forcing students to reject colleges in six states that have criminalized the procedure
  1415. 16-year-old pushes stranded double amputee home to safety minutes before tornado bears down on St. Louis
  1416. New York City teachers told to focus on black students regardless of socio-economic status in controversial training
  1417. El Chapo's demand for 'outdoor activity' may be part of plot to escape before June sentencing, say authorities
  1418. Georgia GOP candidate threatens Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders in video, compares socialists to terrorists
  1419. Heartwarming video shows soldier honor fallen comrades in heavy rainstorm ahead of Memorial Day
  1420. James Bulger's killer Jon Venables' fight to keep his identity a secret has cost taxpayers more than $82,000
  1421. Another horse dies at Santa Anita, making it the 26th death on the racetrack since December
  1422. Amber Alert: 4-year-old missing Dallas boy Fermin Fuentes has been found
  1423. 65-year-old California man dies after shark 'ripped off his left leg' while swimming off the coast of Maui
  1424. To end suicide tourism, countries should give citizens a real choice in end-of-life issues, say experts
  1425. 15-year-old boy's video of him drop-kicking cat after pretending to stroke it lands him in custody
  1426. 3 members of NJ family travelling to Niagara Falls killed by alleged drunk driver who rammed his pickup truck into their SUV
  1427. Detroit teenager shot and killed by man over a pair of designer sunglasses at local gas station, CCTV footage reveals
  1428. Six-month-old baby found alive in Michigan motel room where her parents lay dead for three days
  1429. Family of woman who hanged herself with a bra in Michigan correctional facility to receive $860,000 as part of lawsuit settlement
  1430. Utah judge suspended for 6 months without pay for criticizing President Trump online and in court
  1431. Two brothers, aged 5 and 6, found dead at bottom of apartment pool after sneaking out of Florida home
  1432. Study proving efficacy of CBD in battling opioid addiction may pave way for widespread cannabis and hemp-based medical treatment, experts say
  1433. Wife and 9-year-old daughter of University of Wisconsin basketball coach killed in tragic car accident
  1434. Gillette's new ad features a father teaching his transgender son to shave for the first time
  1435. Madeleine McCann 'could have wandered off by herself' before she was reported missing, claims UK top cop
  1436. Mississippi lawmaker accused of punching his wife slams 'misrepresentations' of incident, doesn't apologize
  1437. Woman who allegedly 'poisoned' her two teenage sons leading to their death charged with murder
  1438. Arnold Schwarzenegger lends helping hand to 102-year-old woman facing eviction from California home: 'I'll be reaching out to help'
  1439. Chicago pastor who tutored 12-year-old twin sisters arrested for inappropriately touching the students
  1440. Police officer's son who killed two while driving high on drugs spared jail, identified after turning 18
  1441. Ocasio-Cortez slams NYT for using Hope Hicks 'glamor shot' and accuses her of 'considering committing a crime as lifetime drama'
  1442. Police searching for missing five-year-old Utah girl take her uncle into custody as 'main suspect'
  1443. Woman said 'I love you' to her cheating husband even as he battered her to death so he could sleep with her sister
  1444. Massachusetts transgender teen crowned Barnstable High prom king: 'Eighth grade me would have never thought I'd be here'
  1445. Brooklyn man kills mother, stabs father during argument over why he came home barefoot
  1446. Florida teenagers die after they were struck by a bus while celebrating high school graduation in Peru
  1447. Thousands support doctor suspended for asking Muslim patient to remove veil: 'Treat this man fairly'
  1448. Woman sexually assaults 70-year-old female with umbrella, steals $15 before stabbing her to death
  1449. Parts of central Indiana under Tornado Watch, authorities issue warnings of flash floods, thunderstorms until 12 a.m.
  1450. Being transgender is no longer classified as mental illness, says World Health Organization
  1451. Man with knife attacks schoolgirls in Japan; 3 dead, including suspect who stabbed himself
  1452. Large, destructive tornado strikes Dayton Metro area as Ohio grapples with severe storms
  1453. Rare giant albino panda caught on camera for the first time ever, scientists say
  1454. Police officer accused of sexually assaulting a minor commits suicide on the I-220 after news of abuse surfaces
  1455. Maine's new law bans people from opting out of immunization for religious reasons after rise in measles cases
  1456. US WEATHER IN PICTURES: From Polar Vortex to unprecedented flooding, extreme climate has rocked the country
  1457. Anthropocene Epoch: The period when humans started significantly altering the planet to be decided in 2021
  1458. Georgia man, 34, drowns trying to rescue father who walked off boat in sleep to use bathroom
  1459. Married Oregon man charged with murder after mistress and their three-year-old son go missing
  1460. Woman who survived attack by 'America's deadliest serial killer' suffers from 'survivor's guilt' as she recounts her horrifying ordeal
  1461. Three Florida teenagers fatally struck by SUV while waiting for a bus to their football tourney
  1462. Louisiana woman allegedly beats wife with bedpost for accidentally putting marijuana in washing machine
  1463. Mother admits to causing death of her 23-month-old twins as devastated father watches on in court
  1464. MacKenzie Bezos set to give half her $37 billion fortune to charity: 'I have a disproportionate amount of money to share'
  1465. Robert Mueller drew up obstruction indictment against Donald Trump before shelving it, Michael Wolff book claims
  1466. Memorial Day in pictures: Tributes pour in for fallen soldiers who gave their lives for their country
  1467. Irish Everest climber sent tragic last text to pregnant wife saying he'd 'done it' hours before falling to his death
  1468. Former 'world's fattest man' moving from US to UK to avail $137,000 in free healthcare
  1469. 'Egg Boy' donates $100,000 to families of Christchurch mosque shooting victims after lawyers waive fees
  1470. Meghan McCain asks Amy Klobuchar to leave her father's legacy and memory 'out of presidential politics'
  1471. Lamar Odom once threatened to kill Khloé Kardashian in drug-fueled rage, reveals new memoir
  1472. Abortion ban: Netflix to 'rethink' investment in Georgia, becomes first major studio to counter restrictive legislation
  1473. Asians benefit from white privilege and white supremacy, NYC Department of Education-sponsored group says
  1474. Oregon church declares transgenders have 'heartbeats' too, slams white supremacy in political street signs
  1475. Delaware man gets life sentence for bludgeoning sleeping girlfriend to death over suspicion she was talking to her ex
  1476. Vicious tornadoes sweep through Kansas, Pennsylvania as powerful storms hit New Jersey
  1477. Amber Alert: 12-year-old girl missing from Baltimore, last seen with man in silver Honda Accord
  1478. Sunday climbers and corrupt operators mean death: Mount Everest was always an accident waiting to happen, says summit veteran
  1479. Young mother-of-two shot dead while trying to protect her baby from hail of bullets
  1480. Jayme Closs' mother's 911 call on the day she was kidnapped gives horrifying glimpse of the killings and abduction
  1481. WHO declares 'gaming disorder' a mental health issue, warns of 'significant impairment in personal, family, social' areas of functioning
  1482. Woman planned to kill her 3-year-old stepdaughter for days before smothering her to death with blanket
  1483. Couple who kept 12-year-old boy restrained in bathtub with shackles and K9 shock collar before his death arrested
  1484. 79-year-old woman appeals for kidney donor in a bid to outlive her daughter's killer and ensure he never walks free
  1485. Partygoers leave 10 tons of trash on Virginia beach after Memorial Day bash, residents horrified
  1486. Indiana man who impregnated girlfriend's 10-year-old daughter challenges 160-year sentence
  1487. Bodybuilder who injects oil to increase muscles faces amputation, stroke and severe infections
  1488. Private group begins construction of border wall with money raised on GoFundMe: 'Buckle up, we're just getting started!'
  1489. Teen who was bullied for months jumped to her death 'hours after she was sexually assaulted at school,' lawsuit claims
  1490. Arizona man arrested after witnesses rescue half-naked, intoxicated 13-year-old girl from his bedroom
  1491. 8-year-old girl sexually abused by 73-year-old foster carer wrote heartbreaking note about repeated abuse
  1492. Alabama father-of-two dies after being bitten by copperhead snake while walking puppy on Memorial Day
  1493. Mississippi campground manager fired after pulling gun on black couple enjoying picnic with dog
  1494. Trump will meet Queen and Prince Harry, but not Meghan, during 3-day state visit to UK
  1495. Mueller says charging Trump was 'not an option' as he officially closes Russia probe
  1496. Robert Mueller says he didn't give a clean chit to Donald Trump over obstruction, hints at impeachment as last resort to charge president
  1497. Man who set himself on fire near White House dies in hospital after suffering burns to 85% of his body
  1498. Female teacher's aide caught sitting on male high school student's lap, school starts investigation
  1499. Feel the Monday blues every day of the week? You may have a case of burnout, says WHO
  1500. Chicago cops shoot man mistaking him for his murder suspect brother after he pulled out a gun
  1501. Disney echoes Netflix, CEO Bob Iger says it would be 'very difficult' to continue filming in Georgia if abortion ban takes effect
  1502. Cubs outfielder Albert Almora Jr. breaks down in tears after his line-drive strikes a toddler sitting in the stands
  1503. Texas' safe gun program slammed by NRA but applauded by experts: "Storing guns safely would help"
  1504. Man causes infant daughter to overdose on drugs after cleaning syringes in a jug of 'baby water' used to prepare her formula
  1505. Tornado completely rips apart Indiana family's home but leaves their Bible without a scratch
  1506. The dark side of wildlife tourism: Animals subjected to horrific, inhumane conditions in the name of entertainment
  1507. Las Vegas father who forced children to have sex with pet dog, his ex-wives and himself gets 341 years
  1508. 'It's ok to be white' t-shirts taken off online store after it's labeled 'inherently racist'
  1509. The Lazarus Files: Female cop who murdered ex-lover's wife was helped by LAPD in avoiding jail for 20 years
  1510. Mother of Alfie Lamb, 3-year-old who was crushed to death by a car seat, gets jailed for over two years
  1511. Rupert Murdoch said he couldn't 'get the a**hole off the phone’ after Trump call, claims new book
  1512. 'It's now or never': Nancy Pelosi faces mounting pressure to start Trump's impeachment process
  1513. Florida man, 70, arrested for impregnating 13-year-old girl: 'He would touch her and have sex with her'
  1514. Woman left infertile after doctors remove wrong fallopian tube during surgery
  1515. Toddler who survived fall from Minneapolis balcony that resulted in brother's death set to make a full recovery
  1516. Oklahoma nurse arrested for forcing 10-year-old daughter to undergo unnecessary medical procedures
  1517. Pedophile ex-cop who plotted to have baby with girlfriend just to rape the child gets rehoused near nursery
  1518. Severely malnourished sea lion pup with diver's mask wrapped around its neck rescued
  1519. Uber to ban passengers if drivers give them bad ratings as company updates guidelines
  1520. Pregnant woman held against her will and shot dead by boyfriend who then turned gun on himself
  1521. Trump says he was 'not informed' about John McCain warship during trip to Japan
  1522. Nancy Pelosi takes swipe at Melania while criticizing Donald Trump's merit-based immigration proposal
  1523. Second Chance Act: How a simple change in criminal records could keep formerly incarcerated from going back to prison in North Carolina
  1524. Death of last male Sumatran rhino jolts conservation efforts, but all is not lost for the species
  1525. Delaware woman recounts 8-hour attack that almost left her dead while holidaying at a Dominican Republic resort
  1526. Woman battling depression poisoned herself as per instructions given on suicide forum while others egged her on
  1527. Joe Biden slammed for touching 10-year-old girl on the shoulders and telling her she is 'good looking'
  1528. Two adults and one teenager found dead in gruesome triple homicide, a toddler and an infant discovered alive on premises
  1529. Rapper Lil Durk turns himself in over shooting incident, faces attempt to commit murder charge
  1530. Man who buried 7-year-old son's corpse in concrete after he suffocated in a dog kennel charged with murder
  1531. 'Mercedes Mum' who led cops on high-speed chase now asks public for money to fund her luxurious lifestyle
  1532. Infant chokes to death on pine cone at North Carolina daycare, family claims he was dead hours before help arrived
  1533. North Korean official who was reportedly executed wanted nuclear-free Korean Peninsula, blamed US for arms race
  1534. Teacher who was caught having sex with 14-year-old in classroom released from prison after a year
  1535. South Carolina lesbian couple sues foster agency after it turned them away on religious grounds
  1536. Illinois marijuana bill should 'inspire Midwestern states' to ditch prohibition for sensible regulation: Expert
  1537. Casey Anthony working on movie that will highlight America's most hated mom's roller-coaster life
  1538. Alabama executes Christopher Lee Price for killing pastor with sword and knife days before Christmas
  1539. New York teacher fired for making African-American students act as slaves in mock auction
  1540. Kim Kardashian spends two hours talking to quadruple murderer on death row, as he waits DNA tests which could prove he's innocent
  1541. Former Air Force Academy cadet who violently raped female cadet and hit her till she felt 'dazed' faces jail term
  1542. Ben & Jerry's plans to launch CBD-infused ice-cream, seeks public support for FDA approval
  1543. Pittsburgh dads adopt six siblings who underwent 5 years of neglect and abuse in foster care
  1544. Former Hawaiian cop avoids jail time for sexually assaulting 5-year-old child over a period of four years
  1545. Thug threw man onto train tracks ‘because he was white’ and left him for dead in Pittsburgh
  1546. Texas civilians can carry brass knuckles, clubs for self-defense under new law
  1547. Ellen DeGeneres' mother Betty regrets ignoring sexual abuse claims: 'I wish I had the capacity to listen to her'
  1548. Florida woman whips 26-year-old stepson's bottom 30 times with leather belt for missing midnight curfew
  1549. Woman sexually abused by father developed 2,500 personalities to cope with trauma
  1550. Man, 40, who married 21-year-old daughter despite knowing they were related jailed for two years
  1551. Florida man escapes from traffic stop only to get arrested after he calls 911 to brag
  1552. Thai man who hired assassins to kill his sister and her British millionaire husband sentenced to death
  1553. Infant cut out of mother during 'womb-raider' murder now breathing on his own
  1554. Sephora to close all 400 US stores on June 5 for 'inclusion workshops' in wake of SZA's racial profiling in a California store
  1555. Maleah Davis' stepfather confesses dumping her body in Arkansas ditch after accidental death
  1556. 11 dead, 6 injured in Virginia Beach shooting at municipal center, suspect dies at scene
  1557. 'American Gangster' drug kingpin Frank Lucas dead at 88
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