1. 'Manifest' Season 1 recap: The finale might have just wrecked Grace's reputation forever on the show
  2. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5: Polly Grey's new look leaves fans impatient for release date
  3. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 12: Josie's dark secret may ruin her relationship with Lizzie forever
  4. Uber driver accused of raping teen passenger freed of all charges after winning argument that sexual encounter was 'consensual'
  5. Legacies Season 1 Episode 13: A roadtrip to MG's parents house goes very wrong
  6. 'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Episode 9: Things are about to get steamy between Susie and Mimi
  7. ISIS bride Shamima Begum flees from Syrian refugee camp with newborn after a bounty is placed on her head
  8. Queen Elizabeth's bruised 'purple' hand leaves public worried about the monarch's wellbeing
  9. 'Flack' episode 3 preview: Robyn's life is expected to spiral down further
  10. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 preview: Five iconic moments we are totally rooting for
  11. California mother kills six-month-old daughter, throws son off second floor balcony and then jumps herself
  12. Chris Watts reportedly reveals new details into murders of wife and two children to agents who visited him in Wisconsin prison
  13. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly plan to raise ‘gender fluid’ royal baby
  14. Rapper Ceon Broughton jailed for filming girlfriend Louella Fletcher-Michie dying of drug overdose instead of getting help
  15. Miley Cyrus rocks her 'work mode', as Kendall Jenner and Kristin Cavallari top our Best Dressed Celebs today
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  17. Lawsuit filed after emotional support pit bull mauled five-year-old girl when she tried to pet it at airport
  18. EXCLUSIVE: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' composer Dan Marocco reveals the secret sauce behind the iconic title track
  19. Trainee teacher, 22, dies of anxiety pill overdose because she 'just wanted to sleep like a normal person'
  20. Russian officials order release of 100 captive whales held illegally after online pressure from actor Leonardo DiCaprio
  21. Kylie Jenner accuses Travis Scott of cheating on her, claims she has evidence to prove it
  22. 'American Gods' season 2: Release date, plot, cast and everything you need to know
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  25. Jordyn Woods refuses to be a victim of trial by media or social media in the Tristan Thompson cheating scandal
  26. 'Survivor, Edge of Extinction': Keith Sowell's incompetence gets him eliminated, will he join Reem Daly on Extinction Island?
  27. Adventurous grandmother posing for photos on 'ice throne' rescued after drifting away from shore in Iceland
  28. Clark Gable's son refused to pay for his own son's funeral or let him be buried in family plot for disgracing family name
  29. BritBox: Everything you need to know about BBC and ITV's Netflix slayer
  30. Colorado hunter slammed for posing with corpse of mountain lion, gloating about her kill
  31. Teen cheerleader's dad reveals how she died two hours after she felt tingling in her feet and numbness in her hands
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  33. Khloe Kardashian breaks silence on Tristan-Jordyn drama: 'They're sorry because they got caught'
  34. Drake's father says he supports R Kelly '100 per cent', feels Jussie Smollett is 'misunderstood'
  35. 'London Kills': Hugo Speer talks about the complex mind of his character David Bradford and taking on the role "experientially"
  36. Two-year-old diagnosed with rare ovarian cancer which caused a tumor as big as a grapefruit
  37. Jordyn Woods reveals what happened at the infamous party with Tristan Thompson: "No tongue, no making out"
  38. Will Smith's fatherly advice to Jordyn Woods at the Red Table: "This world is not going to break you, we won't allow it"
  39. Khloe Kardashian blames Jordyn Woods for 'breaking her family', gets slammed for not holding Tristan Thompson responsible
  40. Jordyn Woods is sorry about a lot of things, but won't accept blame for Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson's break-up
  41. 'The Widow': Kate Beckinsale as Georgia Wells braved it all for love and was rewarded only with a coward at the end
  42. 'Deadly Class': Taylor Hickson drew inspiration from Siouxsie Sioux for Petra's 80s gothic look and attitude
  43. Golden Globe-winning actress Katherine Helmond dies at the age of 89
  44. Madeleine McCann: Investigators looking for missing UK girl want additional funds to continue search
  45. Pedophile rapes 5-year-old boy 14 times, assaults 1-year-old girl five times, tries to blame children
  46. Woman brutally assaults 92-year-old man with brick, breaks his jaw and shouts 'go back to your country'
  47. Six-year-old girl sexually abused, repeatedly forced into vile 'swinger' orgies by her own mother and stepfather
  48. Mother, one-year-old son suffering from genetic skin condition kicked out of American Airlines flight over 'rash'
  49. Michelle Obama won't run for president in 2020, wants to 'empower' and 'make room' for young leaders instead
  50. Oprah Winfrey praises 'Leaving Neverland', says the problem is much bigger than Michael Jackson in new HBO special
  51. Man asks obese co-passenger to pay him $150 to 'compensate' for discomfort he caused by taking up quarter of his seat
  52. Blogging couple post 'irresponsible' photos showing them dangling out of a moving train while in Sri Lanka
  53. Johnny Depp files $50 million defamation lawsuit against ex-wife Amber Heard for falsely claiming domestic abuse
  54. Man with incurable disorder kills himself by removing oxygen mask after claiming it did not constitute as suicide
  55. 11-year-old girl brutally assaults, kills one-year-old infant left in her care by babysitter mother
  56. Meghan McCain says Ivanka Trump's 'lie' about Jared Kushner's security clearance is 'the first crack in her veneer'
  57. Man with bipolar disorder stabs four-year-old dog 100 times, slits his throat and stuffs remains in trash can
  58. Meryl Streep becomes a grandmother for the first time as daughter Mamie Gummer gives birth to a son
  59. Mother returns home to find 19-year-old daughter and her ex-boyfriend dead in front yard in apparent murder-suicide
  60. 7-year-old boy whose body was found encased in concrete in storage unit in Colorado was fed cocaine and meth
  61. Farmer's wife found impaled with corn rake had told secret lover he'll kill her if he discovered their affair
  62. Khloe Kardashian finally admits Jordyn Woods is 'not to be blamed', says it was her ex Tristan Thompson's fault
  63. 88-year-old woman mauled to death in her own backyard by six German Shepherds owned by neighbor
  64. Justin Bieber is 'maintaining distance' from ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez 'to be loyal' to wife Hailey Baldwin
  65. Blind university student found hanging in her room with her guide dog by her side just days after breakup
  66. Illinois nurse adopts infant with heart condition after 'falling in love' with him while he was under her care
  67. 'American Idol' Season 17 review: As personal and emotional as a reality show can get
  68. Homeless father crushed to death after trash bin that he was sleeping in is tipped into garbage truck in Manchester
  69. Elton John says his sons are 'grounded' and 'not spoilt' despite having Lady Gaga as their godmother
  70. Parents post videos showing them throwing slices of cheese at their babies in strange new internet challenge
  71. Woman shocked to find husband having unprotected sex with multiple men in porn film while wearing wedding ring
  72. German city official seize family's pet dog and sell it on eBay for $850 after they failed to pay off their debt
  73. Spice Girl Emma Bunton to tie the knot with boyfriend Jade Jones after 20 years of dating
  74. 17-year-old girl scout bleeds to death in her boyfriend's arms after being knifed in the back by balaclava-clad gang inside park
  75. British parents take 600 children out of school to protest against new course that they feel 'promotes homosexuality'
  76. Grace Jones, 70, dazzles in gold bodysuit at Zendaya and Tommy Hilfiger's show at Paris Fashion Week
  77. Gay man pretended to be a woman on his wedding day so that husband's parents could hide their son's sexuality
  78. 'Godfather' actor claims Robert F Kennedy may have plotted Marilyn Monroe's murder to stop her from going public about JFK
  79. Michael Jackson banned from BBC Radio 2 following child abuse claims in documentary 'Leaving Neverland'
  80. British rapper breaks women's dead-lift record after 'identifying as female' in debate over transgender athletes
  81. Nicole Scherzinger shrugs off video leak, joins Sarah Hyland and Catherine Zeta-Jones as best-dressed celebs
  82. 'Manifest' Season 1 recap: Jared might have lost his chance with Michaela as fans see him turn "wolf" after finale
  83. 'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 11, 12 review: Eun-ho wins Dan-yi over, they finally go out on a date!
  84. Michael Jackson sent bizarre faxes, wrote a lullaby for alleged rape victim Wade Robson when he was 8 years old
  85. 'Leaving Neverland': Michael Jackson accuser James Safechuck says singer assaulted him "every day"
  86. Legacies season 1: Why this Salvatore School vampire could be the next to die on the show
  87. Father admits to leaving toddler to die alone on a park bench because 'he was tired of caring for him'
  88. 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3: A look at where we left Offred, Emily, Nick and others in season 2
  89. 18-year-old student stabbed to death by teen girl after arguing about a boy on social media
  90. Johnny Depp says Amber Heard started an 'affair' with Elon Musk just one month after their wedding
  91. After Nicole Scherzinger video leak, experts weigh in on how to prevent and deal with cyber breaches
  92. 'Project Blue Book': Episode 9 recalls the absurd abduction of Barney and Betty Hill
  93. Sisters, aged 8 and 5, who vanished into bear-infested woods in California found alive two days later
  94. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says she's just 'living in the world' after she was accused of spending over 3 times more on car services than subway
  95. Foals return with 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1': Everything we know and expect from indie darlings' new album
  96. Pharmacology student, 24, unable to cope with death of parents, kills herself by stepping in front of a train
  97. Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson confirm romance as they kiss passionately at hockey game
  98. 'Stranger Things': Season 3 might just revisit the legendary Mets vs Braves game of July 4, 1985
  99. Man rapes and kills 5-year-old son, leaves chilling message in his blood: 'I gave you life, I'll take it'
  100. 'The Voice' singer Janice Freeman dies at 33, Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Hudson pay tribute
  101. 'American Gods' season 2: Neil Gaiman's words vs its on-screen political representation
  102. Prodigy frontman Keith Flint found dead in apparent suicide at his Essex home at age 49
  103. Nicole Scherzinger video leak: Star needs to move on, say crisis management experts
  104. James Bulger's father loses bid to make his son's killer Jon Venables' identity public
  105. Meghan Markle's sister Samantha says the royal 'doesn't have a heart' in new documentary 'Meghan and the Markles'
  106. Scott Verill, aka kwassa, says he loves sad songs, but isn't interesting in singing them
  107. Kim Kardashian is 'livid' that Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe with Jordyn Woods
  108. 'Peaky Blinders': Four times Helen McCrory's Aunt Polly absolutely rocked it in the show with all her '20s jazz
  109. Prince Harry may be more difficult than his wife Meghan Markle, claims royal expert
  110. 'Now Apocalypse': Can Gregg Araki transcend gen gap to give Starz show a millennial perspective?
  111. Luke Perry, star of 'Riverdale' and 'Beverly Hills 90210', dies at 52 following massive stroke
  112. Women complain about getting 'keto crotch' after going on the famed low-carb diet
  113. Royals come out with strict social media guidelines and warn followers that abuse of any kind will not be tolerated
  114. 16-year-old schoolgirl raped, doused in petrol and torched to death after refusing to 'elope' with neighbor
  115. Two women in Indonesia flogged until they are unable to walk under Sharia law after being caught with men in hotel raid
  116. Veteran’s service dog has to have tail amputated after groomer attacks her and breaks off her tail
  117. 'Queer Eye' Season 3 preview: Emotional new trailer promises new heroes, tears and 'holy sh*t' transformations
  118. 'Into the Dark' episode 6: Julianna Guill on 'Treehouse' being part of a broader conversation in the post #MeToo era
  119. 'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 9 preview: Cassie Randolph receives a surprise as show promises emotional fence-jumping scene
  120. 'To the Stars' cast really enjoyed taking selfies in '60s undergarments, reveals costume designer Kiersten Hargroder
  121. 'Shameless' Season 9 episode 13: With redemption and money finally coming her way, where does Fiona go from here?
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  127. 'American Gods' season 2 vs 'Now Apocalypse': Two visually stimulating shows release on March 10, which one will you root for?
  128. 'What are you doing to mommy?': Family lawyer reveals Chris Watts killed daughter Bella after she saw him strangling Shanann
  129. Luke Perry, 52, reportedly never regained consciousness following massive stroke that killed him
  130. Student, 14, reveals he had sexual encounters with married teacher more than 100 times
  131. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5: Michael Grey might just be Tommy's wild-card
  132. Mother arrested after she accidentally live-streams boyfriend performing sex act on her 7-year-old daughter
  133. 'The Act' Season 1 preview: Deedee Blanchard's caring mom mask slips and Patricia Arquette nails it
  134. Gay couple claim Uber driver kicked them out after one kissed the other's forehead in the backseat
  135. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's mother knew her daughter would be someone 'powerful' even before her birth
  136. Best Dressed Celebrities: Kate Beckinsale's plunging neckline sees her join Brie Larson and Janelle Monae on our list
  137. Elephant crushes handler to death after he beats the animal during bath and accidentally slips
  138. Leaving Neverland: Wade Robson felt "jealous, hurt" after Michael Jackson dropped him for Macaulay Culkin
  139. 'Manifest' Season 1 recap: Ben Stone's involvement in Montego Air Flight 828 might be a little more complicated
  140. Michael Jackson accuser James Safechuck claims his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley was all for show
  141. Arnold Schwarzenegger and son Patrick sport matching outfits in adorable 'Twins' snap
  142. 'Project Runway' season 17: Why Karlie Kloss is more than just your average supermodel
  143. America's Hidden Stories: Salem's Secrets reveal how witch trials were used as a cover for ulterior motives
  144. Paris Jackson fears documentary about dad Michael Jackson could ruin her acting career
  145. Top shows on Amazon Prime Video: From Hanna to The Marvelous Mrs Maisel
  146. Man wrongly thinks wife cheated on him, murders her and two children before jumping off cliff
  147. Former 'Today' show host Tamron Hall reveals she is pregnant with her first child at 48
  148. 'Stranger Things' Season 3: Where on earth is Barb? New season might reopen the case of the missing best friend
  149. Mother and boyfriend raped 4-year-old daughter after tying her up and then beat her to death
  150. Polyamorous woman and husband both fell in love with their bridesmaid and are in a relationship with her
  151. Grieving mother forgives school bullies who contributed to her teen daughter's suicide: 'You were too young to understand'
  152. Virgin Atlantic tells women cabin crew they can ditch makeup but must follow chosen palette if they want to use it
  153. 'Saddest elephant in the world' dies after living alone for 43 years and suffering deep depression in Spanish Zoo
  154. Man arrested over death of daughter a week after posting 'daddy day care' picture on social media
  155. Donald Trump and Ivanka donated big dollars to Kamala Harris during her rise in California politics
  156. 'After Neverland': Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck reveal how Michael Jackson groomed them
  157. 'Project Blue Book': Abduction, misinterpretation, and a blow to dignity sums up penultimate episode of Robert Zemeckis-produced show
  158. Will 'Captain Marvel' be for Marvel Cinematic Universe what 'Wonder Woman' was for DC?
  159. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton look stunning as they make first joint appearance following feud rumors
  160. Leaving Neverland: Why is "good friend" Macaulay Culkin silent on allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson?
  161. The great American cover-up: Did Woodrow Wilson cause the spread of Spanish Influenza worldwide?
  162. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's chief of staff accused of illegally funneling nearly $1million in political donations to his own firms
  163. Upcoming Superhero Movies 2019: Trailers & release dates
  164. 'The Good Fight' season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer and everything else about the 'The Good Wife' spin-off
  165. Factory worker in China dies after she's buried under a pile of sand by distracted colleague who dumped her into a processor
  166. Thousands stand in rain for hours to donate stem cells to five-year-old boy suffering from rare cancer
  167. Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson reveals that he burnt a symbolic replica of his custom-made 'Thriller' jacket in 'Leaving Neverland'
  168. Man sentenced to 25 years in prison for raping and impregnating "especially vulnerable" 11-year-old
  169. Air Force Major arrested over wife's disappearance after police found he bought an ax and burn barrel
  170. 21-year-old Kylie Jenner dethrones Mark Zuckerberg as youngest self-made billionaire of all time
  171. Melania Trump reveals she has already warned son Barron, 12, about drugs: 'Nothing positive comes of it'
  172. Nasty new game 'Rape Day' allows players to brutally assault and kill women, 'smash infants to a pulp'
  173. Bookies predict Harry and Meghan may name child Diana, after his late mother, if baby is a girl, or Arthur if it's a boy
  174. Colorado firefighter who succumbed to brain tumor given emotional farewell on his way to donate organs
  175. Deaf man crushed to death by angry Land Rover driver following argument over parking space at supermarket
  176. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 final trailer: The last Baratheon is back and Cersei is the only one smiling
  177. 'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 9 review: Colton Underwood finally jumps fence and fans can't get over the moment
  178. 'The Passage' Season 1 episode 8 review: Amy and Fanning square off telepathically as she chooses between being human and turning viral
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  182. 'American Idol' Season 17: 19-year-old Myra Tran from Vietnam is definitely one to look out for this year
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  184. 'Killing Eve' Season 2: Will we get a new and more devious version of Villanelle?
  185. 'Captive State': Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Rupert Wyatt's new flick
  186. 'The World's Best': Get ready for an epic battle between Liliac Band and Vonnie Lopez
  187. 'Outlander' season 5: Fans speculate a face-off between Murtagh and Jamie in the upcoming season
  188. Man who posted videos of him abusing toddler jailed after police recognise his Nike trainers
  189. Kylie Jenner is a successful, single, working mom; we should be celebrating her, not churning out the hate
  190. 'Romance is a Bonus Book': What is Cha Eun-ho's promise to author Kang Byeong-jun about?
  191. Georgia teen was starved and kept in a dog cage for months before she was buried in family's backyard
  192. Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson did not grieve after father killed himself and instead chose to focus on his career
  193. Top Bikini Bods of the Week: Emily Ratajkowski, Chanel Iman and Candice Swanepoel send temperatures soaring
  194. Man murders dentist ex-girlfriend, stuffs her body into suitcase, and kills himself by crashing his BMW head-on into truck
  195. Craig Hunegs to join Disney as president after 21st Century Fox acquisition
  196. Hit-and-run driver who left 10-year-old boy with severe brain injuries says he did "nothing wrong"
  197. 'Now Apocalypse' episode 1 preview: Stage set for exploration of millennial world through their sex lives
  198. Will Smith to play Williams sisters' father in new biopic but critics say he isn't 'black enough'
  199. Husky bites off four-year-old boy's hand after he stuck it through fence to play with the dog
  200. Ocasio-Cortez backtracks on Amazon NYC headquarters, top aide says she 'welcomes having a community process'
  201. 'American Gods' season 2, episode 1 preview: Wednesday is ready for war, but what about the other Old Gods?
  202. 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' episode 13 preview: Will Eun-ho fire Dan-yi from the company?
  203. Luke Perry's will left all his assets to his children as it is revealed he died surrounded by fiancé and former wife
  204. High school senior saves up for two years to buy his friend with disability an electric wheelchair in heartwarming gesture
  205. Man mauled to death by lion and lioness he had kept illegally in his backyard
  206. Radio stations pull Michael Jackson's songs off air across the globe after 'Leaving Neverland's child abuse claims
  207. 'Terror In The Skies': New documentary to throw light on mysterious winged creatures including the recent Chicago Mothman
  208. Dying man's wish fulfilled after he gets a call from Donald Trump: 'You're my kind of man'
  209. New York man hangs pit bull from tree because it had become aggressive towards him and his daughter
  210. Khloe Kardashian under fire for over-editing recent pics in sheer bodysuit: 'Your thighs don't match'
  211. US woman, 4-year-old daughter 'trapped' in Saudi Arabia after she divorced 'abusive' Saudi husband
  212. Jihadi inmate ambushes and stabs two officers with 'ceramic knife' smuggled into prison by his pregnant wife
  213. Missing Scottish tourist, accused of multiple rapes, child sex offenses, may have faked his own death to avoid trail: Police
  214. Male GOP lawmakers slammed for wearing pearls to gun legislation hearing as gun violence victims testify
  215. Disney pumps up its superhero muscle by hiring Craig Hunegs as President at Disney TV Studios
  216. 'The Village' season 1: You don't get to choose your relatives but you can choose your family
  217. Netflix's 'The Highwaymen': Release date, cast, plot and everything else about the Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson film
  218. Piers Morgan blasts 'self-made billionaire' Kylie Jenner: 'She's as dim as a lump of bread'
  219. Oklahoma teenager brutally murders parents for being 'satan worshippers', sending him messages 'telepathically'
  220. Shanann's brother hopes Chris Watts' confession will 'shut up' all the people who still say she killed her own daughters
  221. The End of Free Porn? Pornhub, Brazzers, YouPorn to have age verification to stop minors accessing adult content
  222. R. Kelly lashes out in his first interview since his arrest for alleged sexual abuse: 'Stop it. Y’all quit playing! I didn’t do this stuff'
  223. Chris Watts told 4-year-old daughter 'Mommy is sick' after she saw him wrapping Shanann's body in a sheet, says lawyer
  224. Nine-year-old told parents she was born in the wrong body and is now living as female with her family
  225. Six-year-old boy stuck in toilet seat after playing on his cellphone for too long, gets rescued after two hours
  226. New 'Tolkien' movie trailer takes us through the period that inspired JRR Tolkien's most celebrated novels
  227. Transgender man who gave birth says he won't be doing it again after being repeatedly judged and abused by strangers
  228. R Kelly's interview was "awful": Crisis expert weighs in on singer's weepy tv spot
  229. 'The Sinner' Season 3 returns with Bill Pullman and new series regular Matt Bomer
  230. 'American Idol' Season 17: Show claims upcoming episode 2 will be 'one of the greatest auditions ever', but fans are skeptical
  231. 'Wounds': Release date, plot, cast and everything else about Hulu's new horror film starring Dakota Johnson
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  234. 'The Bachelor' Season 23 'Women Tell All': Courtney Curtis shoves pacifier down Demi Burnett's mouth, fans appalled
  235. Michael Schur, creator of 'Parks and Recreation' and 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', renews deal at Universal Television
  236. 'Deadly Class' episode 8 review: Threesome and a violent love triangle, as Master Lin deciphers Chico's murderer in 'The Clampdown'
  237. Comedy Central launches digital Originals channel on YouTube: Here's the full list of shows
  238. 'London Kills' season 2: Writer Paul Marquess sheds some light on whether David Bradford's wife is dead or alive
  239. Netflix shows and movies set for release in April 2019
  240. 'Knightfall' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about History Channel's period drama
  241. 'The Passage' Season 1 finale preview: Amy has seen the future and it's not a pretty sight
  242. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Hannah Brown could very well be the next Bachelorette
  243. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 14: Roman's return may turn everything upside down for Hope
  244. Luke Perry's son Jack Perry shares emotional tribute to his father: 'I’ll miss you every day that I walk this earth'
  245. 'Flack' episode 3 review: Anna Paquin's show needs to delve deeper into character psyche
  246. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5 cast: Sam Claflin set to play Fascist leader Oswald Mosley
  247. Two-year-old girl who went missing with her 'alcoholic' mother found dead inside car in freezing temperatures
  248. Kim Kardashian dons racy sheer bodysuit while Rita Ora rocks a tee in our best dressed celebs of the day
  249. Plus size model Elly Mayday, 30, dies after sharing her struggle with ovarian cancer
  250. School secretary charged with 9 counts of child rape after 2 years of relationship with 14-year-old
  251. Video emerges of 13-yr-old with cancer accusing Michael Jackson of 'teaching him how to masturbate' in 2003
  252. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 preview: Natalie Dyer's Nancy Wheeler needs a better storyline
  253. 'The Case Against Adnan Syed' and other documentaries that you should watch in March
  254. Woman wore makeup to cover acne but boyfriend saw her without it on a vacation and then dumped her
  255. Chris Watts' daughter Bella begged for her life after watching him kill sister: 'Please, daddy. Don't do to me what you just did to CeCe'
  256. Homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt and Kate McClure plead guilty to their role in GoFundMe scam
  257. Ohio man admits to raping disabled girl for over 18 months when he took polygraph test for state trooper job
  258. Prince William and Kate Middleton visit slum street, while Harry and Meghan give speech at Wembley
  259. 'Veep' season 7: Everything you need to know about its trailer, cast, and where to watch it
  260. Arrested Development season 5B: Release date, plot, cast and everything else about Netflix show
  261. Family horrified as postman is seen dousing their rescue dog in pepper spray on each visit without provocation
  262. 'Remorseful' Chris Watts opened up on details of the murders 'after he found god in prison'
  263. Bruce Lee's 'Warrior': Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know about Cinemax show
  264. Top cop says story around Madeleine McCann's disappearance doesn't add up, questions the 'open window' theory
  265. Shocking wedding video footage shows groom slapping bride for teasing him with wedding cake
  266. Six-month-old baby boy mauled to death by babysitter's boxer-pit bull mix while she was cleaning her car
  267. Father found guilty of planning 2018 Worcester acid attack on three-year-old son, jailed for 16 years
  268. Toddler almost dies after contracting bacterial pneumonia from popcorn kernel that got stuck in his lung
  269. 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek, 78, reveals he has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer
  270. Queen publishes her first Instagram post — a letter sent to her great-great-grandfather Prince Albert by Charles Babbage
  271. Why is Kate Beckinsale being slammed for dating younger Pete Davidson when these male celebrities are doing the same?
  272. Alabama judge allows teen would-be dad to sue medics for assisting girlfriend abort baby in potentially groundbreaking case
  273. 'Captain Marvel' box-office buzz: Brie Larson's film expected to make $350 million opening worldwide
  274. 'Pose' greenlit for UK audience: Here's why Ryan Murphy's groundbreaking series is a must watch
  275. Donald Trump and Michael Jackson shared an unlikely friendship earlier but why is he silent now?
  276. Five non-English shows to binge-watch on Netflix this March
  277. British woman launches first transgender lingerie brand for those wishing to 'tuck' in their genitals
  278. 18-year-old girl hospitalized after being brutally sodomized by three US Navy members at house party
  279. 'Aquaman' full movie leaked online in 4K; online pirates may have finally cracked iTunes
  280. 'Aquaman' Jason Momoa's plane forced to make emergency landing after engine fire scare
  281. 'Shadowhunters' Season 3 episode 13 preview: Luke Garroway might finally get his happily ever after with Maryse Lightwood
  282. 'Vikings' Season 6: Baffling fan theories about Ragnar's sons that might just come true
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  296. Mother drowned 3-year-old daughter in bathtub after wrongly suspecting husband was having an affair
  297. Cinemax's 'Warrior': Andrew Koji packs a punch as lead in the Bruce Lee-inspired period drama
  298. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 13: Landon's fiery performance and dealing with Rafael's bite
  299. Mariah Carey's former business manager exposed her breasts to singer's staff and urinated on an assistant, alleges cousin in lawsuit
  300. Lili Reinhart goes full mermaid, joins Alessandra Ambrosio and Megan Pormer on our Daily Best Dressed Celeb list
  301. 'Now Apocalypse' episode 1: This Gregg Araki show is off to an abstract, absolutely bizarre and sexy start
  302. Olivia Newton-John reveals she's fighting her stage 4 breast cancer with homegrown cannabis
  303. Five high school seniors wake up at dawn to shovel neighbor's driveway during snowstorm so she could attend life-saving dialysis
  304. Quick-thinking Kentucky waitress' social media post saves two young children from allegedly abusive parents
  305. Chris Watts had sex with wife Shanann hours before killing her: 'It was like a trigger point'
  306. Man handed 3 life sentences after molesting 4-year-old girl and nearly beating her mother to death just days after murdering his ex
  307. Mystery brunette spotted with Tristan Thompson after split from Khloe Kardashian identified as model Karizma Ramirez
  308. Carcass of great white shark abandoned for years in wildlife park finds a new home
  309. 'Project Blue Book' Season 1 finale: Columnist Drew Pearson to appear in episode 'Washington-Merry-Go-Round'
  310. 'Peaky Blinders': Revisiting the top 5 firsts on the show before it returns for season 5
  311. 8-year-old boy forced to wet himself in front of classmates after teacher refused to let him use the restroom, claims mom
  312. Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson says the singer raped him days after settling $23m lawsuit with Jordan Chandler, 13
  313. New porn regulation could force users to the dark spaces of the Internet, fear AgeID developers
  314. Three-year-old girl drowns in bathtub after mother leaves her unattended for a few minutes
  315. Paris Jackson breaks silence on Michael Jackson's child abuse allegations, says he had a 'good heart'
  316. 'Peaky Blinders' season 5: Thomas loved Grace, adored May, but let's be honest, he needs Jesse Eden to face the Fascists
  317. Coroner says teen Dutch model was dead before she fell from 20th floor of Malaysian highrise, but rules out murder
  318. Single mom crushed her 9-week-old baby to death to silence her cries with such force that her ribs cracked
  319. Canva's Natural Women Collection: Creator Elle Hughes on challenging societal standards of beauty and gender norms
  320. Former Miss Teen Universe dies after suffering cardiac arrest a day before 20th birthday
  321. Puppy 'burnt to a crisp' using chemicals and dumped in a garbage bag outside McDonald's outlet
  322. Young father charged with manslaughter after his month-old son suffocated and died while sleeping on his chest
  323. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 13: What MG and his bromance could mean for Kaleb
  324. Teacher placed on leave after forcing student to wash off Ash Wednesday cross from forehead
  325. Man asks women to 'stop whining' about tampon prices as they need just '7 tampons per cycle', gets schooled on social media
  326. 'Us': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about Jordan Pele's upcoming thriller
  327. 'Flack' episode 4 preview: Will Robyn be able to stop herself from ruining her relationship with Sam?
  328. 11-year-old boy shoots trooper father with his gun for taking away his video games
  329. Ashley Graham suffers wardrobe malfunction, flashes nude underwear in a thigh-high slit dress in Melbourne
  330. Anna Paquin's 'Flack' is too slow, suffers from surface-level drama that leads nowhere
  331. Fans of 'The Simpsons' threaten to boycott show after studio bosses remove episode featuring Michael Jackson from circulation
  332. Immigrants in Australia asked to learn English within 18 months or lose Centrelink benefits under radical new policy
  333. Miss Misunderstood: It's time Melania Trump's good work transcended the circus around husband Donald Trump | Opinion
  334. 'Russian Doll' was an opportunity to 'learn something new about yourself and improve,' says actor Yul Vazquez
  335. 'Manifest' Season 2: Top three ways Jeff Rake could possibly end the show
  336. Michael Jackson's sister LaToya had denounced his "crimes against small, innocent children" in shocking 1993 interview
  337. Justin Bieber shares series of pics of wife Hailey Baldwin amid speculation that their marriage is in trouble
  338. Mississippi man shoots wife and two friends at birthday party because they wouldn't let him drive home drunk
  339. 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' Season 2: Feline Salem may not talk, but he sure has enough of a backstory for an entire episode
  340. Michael Jackson's fans want his accusers to undergo lie-detector test to prove child abuse claims once and for all
  341. Woman and teen daughter found dead along with unidentified man in 'murder suicide' case
  342. Young mother videos herself shaking baby like a gun to the beats of rap song 'Pew Pew Pew'
  343. 'ISIS bride' Shamima Begum's baby Jarrah has died, claims family lawyer in 'strong, but as yet unconfirmed reports'
  344. Chris Watts has pictures of wife and children in his cell and 'talks to them' every day
  345. 'It's a serious thing': Whoopi Goldberg misses co-hosting Love Rocks NYC event due to ongoing battle with pneumonia
  346. Woman reveals chilling details of the night ex-boyfriend sliced the throats of a young couple for smoking marijuana with her
  347. Chris Watts reveals he got the idea to blame the deaths of his children on his wife from investigators
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  358. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Tracy Shapoff says she wants to 'learn and move forward' from the offensive tweets she wrote in her past
  359. Actor Jan-Michael Vincent, star of 'Airwolf' and Golden Globe nominee, dies at 74
  360. Athlete training for Olympic trials attacked by pit bull mix, suffers multiple gruesome bites
  361. Michael Jackson's former nanny defends him, says he was 'incapable of child sexual abuse'
  362. Three siblings aged 4, 7 and 10 used as sex toys at family parties by pedophile parents, uncle and grandmother
  363. Rep. Ilhan Omar rips Barack Obama, says he's a 'pretty face' who got 'away with murder'
  364. Donald Trump leaves Melania standing out on the White House driveway and she literally shrugs
  365. Keith Urban gives an insight into his marriage, says wife Nicole Kidman is a 'maniac' in bed
  366. Mother filmed trying to suffocate her newborn because she thinks the baby is 'possessed' by the spirit of her dead daughter
  367. 'Michael Jackson Innocent' campaign: Fans plaster London buses with posters supporting the King of Pop
  368. Teen who attacked mentally ill woman with flour and eggs says he regrets it, wants to apologize
  369. Meghan Markle defies royal protocol as she flashes thigh in black-and-white patterned mini dress
  370. Shanann's family shocked on learning how Chris Watts murdered his family: 'It's worse than we thought'
  371. Mother left horrified after woman on bus snaps at her son with Down syndrome and tells him to 'shut up'
  372. Michael Jackson’s son Blanket ‘has stopped talking’ since child abuse allegations against father resurfaced
  373. Chris Watts wanted to kill himself using a gas can after murdering family but decided against it as he didn't want to 'hurt others'
  374. Diane Abbott blames British government for death of 'ISIS bride' Shamima Begum's infant son
  375. Jordyn Woods ditches her long locks for new shorter hairstyle post Tristan Thompson cheating scandal
  376. Georgia puppy mill operator arrested after more than 700 dogs were found housed in tiny crates stacked one on top of the other
  377. 'Bring me the ears of the White Devil': The fall of the Nation of Yahweh
  378. Meghan Markle loses third key royal aide in months as personal secretary announces she's quit
  379. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Tracy Shapoff says Colton Underwood is no longer a virgin
  380. Freeda Foreman, boxing icon George Foreman's daughter and former middleweight boxer, dies aged 42
  381. Alex Rodriguez gets engaged to Jennifer Lopez with the $1 million ring she deserves
  382. Rapper TI brands documentary on Michael Jackson as 'racist', calls for Hugh Hefner and Elvis Presley to be examined instead
  383. Massive outrage as Trump autographs copies of the Bible for Alabama tornado victims
  384. Police raid dying cancer patient's hospital room for marijuana after he admitted to taking THC pills to combat pain
  385. Justin Bieber reveals he's feeling 'super disconnected and weird' amid rumors of marriage woes with Hailey Baldwin
  386. Lea Michele is married! 'Glee' alum gets hitched to boyfriend of two years Zandy Reich in a private ceremony
  387. Mother abandons five children under 12 for four days at home while she goes on a beach vacation
  388. Sarah Payne killer claims he's a 'dead man walking', vows to sue prison chiefs after being attacked in jail four times
  389. Sarah Ferguson remembers 'dear, departed friend' Princess Diana in an emotional social media post
  390. Man who plotted acid attack on three-year-old child is brutally beaten by fellow inmates as he serves 12 years for his crimes
  391. After Shamima Begum, two more ISIS brides have been stripped of British citizenship
  392. Chris Watts claims his father developed cocaine addiction after he got married to Shanann
  393. 'Daddy, no': Chris Watts says he hears daughter Bella's haunting last words every day in prison
  394. Luke Perry's fiancée Wendy Madison Bauer pays emotional tribute, says the past 11½ years were the happiest years of her life
  395. Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 en route to Kenya crashes minutes after take off, all 157 on board killed
  396. Man helps lost canine reunite with its owner after he stood on a street corner holding a 'lost dog' sign for two days
  397. Woman severely mauled by jaguar after she crosses the zoo barrier to click a selfie with it
  398. Texas woman spends over $30k in cosmetic surgery to look like Meghan Markle, says daughter can't even tell the difference
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  404. Maryland man shares a video of him grabbing a brown pelican and sinking it underwater, sparks outrage
  405. Alex Rodriguez cheating rumors arise just hours after Jennifer Lopez announces engagement
  406. Chance the Rapper marries longtime girlfriend Kirsten Corley in the presence of good friends Kanye and Kim Kardashian
  407. 'Patty Griffin' review: A vivid and extremely personal offering from music's very own Wonder Woman
  408. Jed Allan, star of 'Beverly Hills, 90210', dies at 84, just days after costar Luke Perry died of stroke
  409. Michael Jackson stashed pictures of nude children in secret sex closet at Neverland, video of 2003 raid shows
  410. Woman reveals pedophile husband drugged her every night so he could rape minor daughter
  411. Katherine Schwarzenegger reveals that Chris Pratt is 'very involved' in their wedding planning
  412. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests Ronald Reagan's policies towards black people and minorities were 'racist'
  413. Jordan Peele's 'Us' further proves that 'The Twilight Zone' reboot is in good hands
  414. Prodigy singer Keith Flint was found hanging in his Essex mansion, inquest hears
  415. 'Aftermath': Alexander Skarsgard plays the "conflicted and guilt-ridden" German dealing with World War II
  416. Queen Mother was annoyed with Prince Philip when he installed phones at Buckingham Palace, new documentary claims
  417. Florida teen accused of setting caged cat on fire and feeding it to his dogs gets no jail time
  418. Texas stranger "apologizes" to children before shooting their 9-month-old puppy in the face
  419. Woman goes to bed with fever, wakes up from coma in hospital 10 days later to find fingers and legs amputated
  420. Two arrested after 9-year-old girl's body found in duffel bag on horse riding trail was identified
  421. 'The Passage' season 1 finale preview: Shauna Babcock could actually be Amy's biggest threat
  422. Scottish serial killer and rapist Angus Sinclair dies in prison days after joining betting pool on how long he lives
  423. Ethiopian Airlines jet was spewing smoke, swerved and dipped before crash created basketball court-sized crater
  424. Plus-size model says they are also under pressure to have a flat stomach: 'You can be fat but not too fat'
  425. South Dakota woman charged with murder 38 years after leaving newborn son to die in a ditch
  426. Shamima Begum's mother seeks 'mercy' for daughter from Britain after baby's death
  427. Woman on dream holiday rejects boyfriend's long-planned proposal because it was 'in a hotel room'
  428. 14-year-old boy from Houston dies after classmate stabs him in the eye during a fight over a brownie
  429. Greek man missed crashed Ethiopian Airlines plane as he was late by two minutes: 'My lucky day'
  430. 'Werq the World Tour' will take audiences "beyond the world and into outer space", Naomi Smalls promises
  431. 'Vikings' season 6: All you need to know about the powerful new character Oleg the Prophet
  432. Hindu man who mistakenly ate beef wants supermarket to pay for his 'purification' trip
  433. Hospital records altered after 21-year-old man sent home with incorrect flu diagnosis dies of meningitis
  434. Dog dies after left tied to a pole with no water and food in searing 31 degrees heat
  435. Chris Watts denies gay affair and 'rape fantasy' tryst while he was married to Shanann: 'Nichol was the only one'
  436. 'The Case Against Adnan Syed': Court denies new trial for murder convict as documentary explores possibility of overlooked clues
  437. 'Shadowhunters' season 3B episode 13 preview: More Sizzy to come as Izzy wakes up at Simon's place
  438. Florida officer used police database as personal dating website to target at least 150 women
  439. George Foreman pays touching tribute to daughter Freeda after death: 'Just one more day'
  440. Khloe Kardashian shows off stunning curves in fishnet catsuit as she celebrates friend's birthday in Las Vegas
  441. Mother of Ethiopian jet crash victim says she tried to talk her daughter out of flying because she 'had a bad feeling'
  442. 17-year-old raped, has skin on her face sliced off in brutal attack after Sunday mass in Philippines
  443. Meghan Markle is turning Prince Harry into a 'robot' and making him boring, says Piers Morgan
  444. Bride-to-be devastated as mother-in-law asks her to exclude her 'disfigured' father from wedding celebrations
  445. K-pop star Seung-ri quits after being accused of supplying prostitutes to high-profile patrons
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  461. Female daycare manager who watched child rape videos and found babies 'sexy' spared jail
  462. 'The Twilight Zone' reboot: 5 scariest original episodes to binge on ahead of the new series
  463. Iranian couple arrested after public marriage proposal at shopping mall goes viral
  464. British backpacker Catherine Shaw, 23, who went missing on March 5 found dead in Guatemala
  465. Woman stabs and kills 11-year-old daughter to stop her from having sex with grandmother's boyfriend
  466. Jaguar that injured woman after she crossed barrier to take selfie will not be put down, say zoo officials
  467. Luke Perry's daughter Sophie slams trolls criticizing her 'grieving process': 'I did not ask for this attention'
  468. Roseanne Barr blames Michelle Obama for getting her fired from ABC show over racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett
  469. Aaron Carter slams Michael Jackson accusers, says he wants to punch Wade Robson in the face
  470. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' sequel being 'heavily discussed' after winning big at the Oscars
  471. Father kills one-year-old son by slamming him against bedhead and repeatedly punching him
  472. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5 cast news: Meet Brian Gleeson, the famed wingman from 'The Bisexual'
  473. Two minors, aged 7 and 8, tie up 3-year-old boy with rope and beat him to death with stones in South Africa
  474. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton share friendly kiss at Commonwealth Day service in Westminster Abbey
  475. Colorado teen who raped and bludgeoned 10-year-old girl to death sentenced to life in prison
  476. Two children drown after the car they were locked in rolls into a creek while their mother shopped
  477. Saudi Airlines passenger flight turns around after mother forgets and leaves her baby at airport
  478. Saudi woman who was granted asylum in Canada celebrates "first birthday being free"
  479. Two men cleared of rape after judges thought the victim was 'too masculine' to be desirable
  480. Man murders toddler son by pushing his stroller into the sea because he was angry with his wife
  481. Kelly Catlin's sister opens up after the 23-year-old's suicide: 'Please don't kill yourself, were my last words to her'
  482. 'Manifest' Season 1: Did Grant Finnegan's thriller book 'Flight 19' inspire the Jeff Rake show?
  483. Erin Wehrenberg named senior vice-president of Network Comedy for ABC Entertainment
  484. Lin-Manuel Miranda and Michael Douglas to present 19th Monte Cristo Award honoring playwright John Logan
  485. 5 men accused of gang-raping British woman at Italian hotel claim the victim 'consented enthusiastically'
  486. 'Street Outlaws' returns to Discovery Channel on April 1 with a two-hour season premiere
  487. Santana lead vocalist Andy Vargas to release debut solo single on March 15 ahead of 'Supernatural Now' tour
  488. Developers cover trees in massive nets to bend rules which prevent cutting down trees with nesting birds
  489. Unvaccinated boy nearly dies of tetanus, running $811,929 in hospital bills, but parents still to refuse to vaccinate him
  490. 'Birds of Passage' wins Marimbas Award at 36th Miami Film Festival; 'Screwball' takes Audience Award
  491. Teenage mother stabs baby to death minutes after giving birth, dumps the body and goes back to sleep
  492. Naomi Smalls on her relationship with Manila Luzon: "We're not best friends"
  493. British woman, 44, suffers stroke while nearing orgasm when partner was performing oral sex
  494. Discovery and Science Channel greenlight second season of 'BattleBots'
  495. The 24 Hour Plays: Nationals 2019 applications are now open and on till April 1, don't waste a minute
  496. Woman saws off her hand with the help of her family to claim $430,000 in insurance scam
  497. Florida baseball coach and wife electrocuted while putting up new scoreboard at field destroyed by Hurricane Michael
  498. Shanann's parents think Chris Watts was honest in his confession because "it's eating him up"
  499. R. Kelly got teen bride Aaliyah pregnant and also had sex with her mother, claims alleged survivor
  500. Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin charged in massive college bribery scheme along with 48 others
  501. Toddler dies after being viciously beaten and poisoned by mother and boyfriend who 'played video games' instead of helping her
  502. Woman who slashed boyfriend with samurai sword 26 times over cheating suspicion jailed for 19 years
  503. 'On My Block' season 2 trailer sets the mood right after a sombre teaser
  504. 'The Village': Crochet heart central to NBC's upcoming drama is spreading love in New York City
  505. 'Russian Doll' star Yul Vazquez needed help keeping track of the timelines while shooting for the Netflix show
  506. 'Hanna' could be Amazon's best action series yet with intense, exhilarating hand-to-hand combat
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  508. Jennifer Lopez shares photos showing Alex Rodriguez going down on one knee for romantic proposal
  509. 'Fosse/Verdon': The true story behind Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon's epic and tumultuous relationship
  510. Five times Avan Jogia's 'Now Apocalypse' proved that it is truly a show for millennials
  511. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Fans appalled as Colton Underwood dumps Tayshia and Hannah G to run after Cassie Randolph
  512. 'The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard': Ryan Reynolds, Salma Hayek and Samuel L Jackson reunite for sequel
  513. 'Pose' season 3: Trailer, release date, plot, cast, news and everything else about Ryan Murphy's ode to the LGBT community
  514. John Legend will perform his powerful new hit 'Preach' at the iHeartRadio Music Awards
  515. 'The World's Best': Three acts that are most likely to win the title this season
  516. 'Romance is a Bonus Book': Before Lee Na Young, here are the actors who shared great chemistry with Lee Jong-suk
  517. 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' season 2: Why have a love triangle when there's an option for polyamory, argue fans
  518. 'American Idol' season 17: Three performances that left judges spellbound during Sunday's auditions
  519. Drunk mother throws newborn son into dumpster moments after giving birth so that she could carry on partying
  520. 'Deadly Class' episode 9 review: Truth comes to light and fan-favorite characters drown in darkness
  521. Iranian lawyer sentenced to 38 years in jail, 148 lashes for representing women who removed headscarves in public
  522. Mike Tyson wouldn’t let his child hang out with Michael Jackson but says accusers are ‘out for money’
  523. Luke Perry death certificate released; star planned to marry fiancé Wendy Madison Bauer in August
  524. Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian stun in revealing ensembles for girls' night out with siblings Kylie and Kim
  525. 'Shadowhunters' season 3B: Katherine McNamara teases super adorable Jace/Clary date night spoilers for upcoming episode
  526. Meghan Markle ready to reunite with estranged father Thomas and sister Samantha after baby's birth
  527. Kim Kardashian offers to pay five years' rent for man recently released from prison after he was denied housing
  528. 'Get rid of my kids': Trump allegedly told John Kelly to force Ivanka and Kushner to resign because they were bringing him too much bad press
  529. Mother whose baby 'drowned in a bath' was on the phone with her girlfriend for 'almost 50 minutes'
  530. Woman who was injured while taking selfie with jaguar says zoo should move their fence back
  531. Funeral home loses grandmother's body, puts another corpse in the casket when family comes to say goodbye
  532. Model with jet-black monobrow says she receives death threats over her bushy facial hair
  533. #TeamClayne moves 'Into the Dark' after Hulu signs Clayne Crawford for new show
  534. Woman claims her Muslim husband was fed nothing but pork by Border Patrol after being detained despite having work permit
  535. Where's Kendall Jenner? Fans curious after Kourtney shares a picture of Kardashian girls hanging out in a loo
  536. Kate Middleton sports $1,040 Gucci blouse as she plays with "diva" twins during visit to children's center
  537. Georgia ex-detention officer accused of rape was covered in scratches from his victim when arrested
  538. Luke Perry 911 call after stroke reveals woman begged officials to 'hurry up and get here'
  539. HBO comedy series 'Veep' returns for seventh and final season on March 31
  540. Italy bans unvaccinated children from schools after measles outbreak
  541. Mexican woman stabs husband in the abdomen after dispute and then begs for forgiveness in viral video
  542. Couple jailed for brutally beating up homeless man and slashing his neck alleging he stole a handbag
  543. Hulu's 'Shrill': Aidy Bryant's Annie shows us how to own our bodies
  544. Nick Jonas buys wife Priyanka Chopra a luxurious new car to celebrate song 'Sucker' hitting No.1 on Billboard
  545. 'Supergirl': Costume designer Kiersten Hargroder says Mellissa Benoist 'looks good in everything'
  546. Covington Catholic teen sues CNN for $275M for "falsely attacking, vilifying and bullying him" over Lincoln Memorial incident
  547. Notorious prisoner Charles Bronson's wife Paula Williamson divorcing him after he demanded she 'wear catsuit to visit him in jail'
  548. Disgraced New Jersey priest, 70, found shot to death in Nevada after he moved states to flee accusations of sexual abuse
  549. Woman who got cosmetic surgery to make nipples look like hearts wants fifth boob job to make them look like 'basketballs'
  550. Khloe Kardashian is reportedly planning a major plastic surgery to get over Tristan Thompson cheating on her
  551. Hannah Brown is 'The Bachelorette' on season 15, but America has mixed feelings
  552. Michael Jackson's former maid claims he never loved Lisa Marie Presley and was only after her iconic father's fortune
  553. 'Killing Eve' season 2 'Quiet' trailer finally addresses Eve and Villanelle's crazy obsession with each other
  554. Police rush to R. Kelly's apartment after anonymous caller claimed his girlfriends had carried out a 'suicide pact'
  555. SNL lineup: Sandra Oh, Kit Harington and BTS to make debuts when Saturday Night Live returns
  556. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame needs to adapt to the changing times or risk becoming irrelevant
  557. College admissions bribery scandal: Why was William H Macy, Felicity Huffman's husband, not named in the FBI affidavit?
  558. Brazil school shooting: 10 people, including 6 children, killed in deadly attack
  559. Johnny Depp overwhelmed with support from fans online after Amber Heard lawsuit
  560. 22-year-old rapes drunk woman, films the attack and passes video around bragging about his 'conquest'
  561. 'The Simpsons' producer Al Jean says Michael Jackson used guest appearance to "groom boys"
  562. 'Fosse/Verdon': The greatest Broadway icons you'll meet in FX's series on Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon
  563. 'Shazam!': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything you need to know about DC's latest superhero film
  564. ICE using mass surveillance database from local police to track undocumented immigrants, records reveal
  565. 'The Good Fight' season 3: The 'best show on TV' is back with power dresses and nuanced political commentary
  566. 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything you need to know about the Marvel series
  567. 'Now Apocalypse' episode 2 preview: With aliens and BDSM, Gregg Araki's show gets even more interesting
  568. Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill talks about new VS scent Tease Dreamer and how she gets in shape for summer
  569. NBC's 'The Village' gets the American salute wrong and the vets cannot unsee it
  570. 'The Act' co-creator Nick Antosca reveals his fascination with the story of Gypsy Blanchard: 'I couldn't stop thinking about it'
  571. 'Outlander' spin-off: Lord John Grey's miniseries is the need of the hour
  572. 'Warrior': Olivia Cheng plays Ah Toy, the most desired Chinese woman of the wild wild west
  573. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 14: Hope finds herself in hot water in the middle of Miss Mystic Falls as Roman returns
  574. Billions season 4: Everything you need to know about cast, plot and where to watch it
  575. 'Game of Thrones': Will Season 8 see Jon Snow kill his newfound love, Daenerys? Here's what we know
  576. Chris Watts placed on suicide watch for the second time after other inmates shout out ways for him to 'kill himself in his cell'
  577. Olivia Newton-John reveals in memoir that she dated a 'Hollywood bad-boy legend' but wouldn't say his name
  578. Madeleine McCann was abducted by traffickers and could still be alive, claims new documentary
  579. 'Killing Eve' season 2: What are Villanelle's motives behind being this new flamboyant, fashionably chic person?
  580. Amal Clooney stuns in gorgeous caped white gown for dinner with Prince Charles
  581. Frank Cali of New York's Gambino family shot dead outside his Staten Island residence
  582. 'Manifest': Josh Dallas' Ben Stone is the modern day Prince Charming among Jeff Rake's plethora of talented faces
  583. British man kills protected seagull in front of horrified children by smashing it against a wall only because it stole his chips
  584. Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves says three surgeons declined to treat him after his chin implant exploded
  585. Lori Loughlin's YouTube star daughter admits her parents forced her to go to college, says her dad 'faked' his way through his college
  586. 'Stranger Things': Top 3 reasons why we cannot wait to see Mad Max in Season 3
  587. Bride slams pregnant bridesmaid for cradling her baby bump during wedding photos to 'deliberately' steal her thunder
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  589. 'Shrill' isn't just Aidy Bryant's breakout role, she also battles body-shamers, managing to hit home without overselling
  590. Brave grandpa who chainsawed face and tongue in half while chopping wood drove himself to hospital 20 miles away
  591. Cute or controversial? Pic of boy and girl dressed as doctor and nurse causes social media firestorm for being 'sexist'
  592. Thomas Cook staff threaten to kick woman, 21, off a flight because her crop top was 'causing offense' to other passengers
  593. Paris Jackson spotted arguing with rocker beau amid Michael Jackson abuse allegations
  594. 'Avengers: Endgame' new trailer: Easter eggs and everything else you missed
  595. Florida woman shot boyfriend in the armpit after arguing with him over his loud snoring
  596. Outrage after videos of college girls being gang-raped are posted online by blackmailers
  597. Texas mom gets 20 years in jail after she threw her two-month-old baby against a door for crying
  598. Alex Rodriguez spotted with black eye after rumors of him cheating on Jennifer Lopez surface
  599. 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' season 2: New poster confirms speculation that a love triangle is brewing
  600. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14 preview: Does Magnus get his magic powers back or is there more he's hiding?
  601. Nicki Minaj flaunts her famous curves at the Fendi headquarters in Rome
  602. Florida father arrested for bringing loaded gun to school after son called him and cried that a teacher had 'slammed' him
  603. Harry Potter actor Robbie Coltrane seen in wheelchair as he battles 'constant pain' of osteoarthritis
  604. 'Legacies' star Peyton Alex Smith on his sexy fight scene with Danielle Rose Russell
  605. 'What We Do In The Shadows': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the hilarious vampire series
  606. Australian swimming teacher arrested for sexually abusing 6-year-old girl and raping her 8-year-old sister
  607. Judge sparks outrage after refusing to let 44 unvaccinated kids back into school owing to 'unprecedented measles outbreak'
  608. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14 preview: Is Clary finally moving over to the dark side?
  609. Khloe Kardashian 'extremely upset' with Tristan Thompson for neglecting daughter True
  610. Woman injects disabled son with her own blood so that he could get more attention from hospital staff
  611. Enraged father confronts school officials after his daughter is left behind multiple times by schoolbus drivers
  612. PEN America launches 'PEN Presents' 2019 series with Samantha Jayne of 'Quarter Life Poetry' and NeueHouse Hollywood
  613. 'Funny Women of a Certain Age': Fran Drescher to headline new Showtime comedy special; premiere on March 23
  614. Rock icons The Sweet announce 50th anniversary Ballroom Blitz tour 2019; here are the dates and venues
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  620. After 'Big Little Lies' Reese Witherspoon post hints she may have found her next project in 'Where the Crawdads Sing'
  621. 'Pose' season 2: Madonna's presence looms large in the upcoming season of Ryan Murphy's FX show
  622. 'Songland': NBC greenlights songwriting competition show with Adam Levine as executive producer
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  627. One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson's 18-year-old sister Félicité dies after suffering heart attack
  628. 'Warrior': Cinemax's series follows the secret society of the Tongs as they battled for territory and control in Chinatown
  629. New Zealand mosque shooting: Gunman had strapped a GoPro camera to his head to livestream shooting on Facebook
  630. New Zealand mosque shooting: Suspected gunman Brenton Tarrant wanted "revenge against foreign invaders" in chilling manifesto
  631. New Zealand mosque shooting: Eyewitnesses share horrifying details of the attack 'I could see blood everywhere and bodies lying dead'
  632. New Zealand mosque shooting: Footage shows moment hero cop was able to drag and arrest the shooter from his car
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  634. New Zealand mosque shooting: YouTuber PewDiePie reacts to gunman mentioning his name, says he feels 'absolutely sickened'
  635. New Zealand mosque shooting: Armed police arrive at Auckland train station post bomb scare following NZ's worst terror attack
  636. New Zealand mosque shooting: Queensland senator blames "Muslim presence" for terror attack, says 'they are the perpetrators'
  637. New Zealand mosque shooting: All Blacks star Sonny Bill Williams pays an emotional tribute to terror attack victims
  638. Michigan woman filmed going on a violent rampage at local Burger King because her burger had tomatoes in it
  639. Lori Loughlin dropped by Hallmark after she was charged in college admission bribery scandal
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  642. Donald Trump Jr. slams celebs arrested in admissions scandal, goes silent when asked about his own college admissions
  643. Katy Perry, Heidi Klum and Kacey Musgraves among worst-dressed celebs at iHeartRadio Music Awards
  644. New Zealand mosque shootings: Gunman Brenton Tarrant was a "dedicated personal trainer" who went out of his way to help people
  645. New Zealand mosque shootings: PM Jacinda Ardern rejects and condemns white supremacist ideology
  646. New Zealand mosque shooting: The 10 worst mass shootings in history
  647. Wisconsin man, 56, ties up and throws eight newborn puppies into the trash before they are rescued by passerby who heard their cries
  648. Chris Watts case: Shanann Watts' devastated parents weren't allowed to see granddaughters before they were buried
  649. New Zealand mosque shooting: Gunman called Turkish president Erdogan a 'warlord' who 'must bleed his last' in his manifesto
  650. Primary school LGBT diversity lessons to stop after parents protest against classes
  651. New Zealand mosque shooting: Attacker had "kebab remover" written on gun, sported neo-nazi symbolism
  652. Couple "laughed, joked, and played on their phones" while their 22-month-old baby lay dead in hospital bed
  653. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5: Finn and Michael need to show Thomas they're capable of carrying the Shelby legacy
  654. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially split their royal households from Prince William and Kate Middleton
  655. Piers Morgan calls Beto O'Rourke "the white version of Obama," slams his "uniquely depressive" campaign message
  656. New Zealand mosque shooting: Terrorist Brenton Tarrant threatened to kill London Mayor Sadiq Khan in manifesto
  657. Ukraine mother arrested for filming herself in lingerie having sex with toddler son and selling videos to pedophiles on dark web
  658. DC's 'Legends of Tomorrow' season 4 star Ramona Young on Koane's attack on Mona: "It'll change her life as she knows it"
  659. New Zealand mosque shooting: Gunman wrote he 'supports' Trump, sees him as 'a symbol of renewed white identity' in his manifesto
  660. 'Friends' creator Martha Kauffman says there will never be a reboot of the sitcom because it 'could only disappoint'
  661. Businessman dies after suffering "severe allergic reaction" to hair transplant surgery
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  671. Luke Perry gets cremated and his ashes are scattered across his beloved farm in Tennessee
  672. New Zealand mosque shooting: Man escapes gunman's hail of bullets inside only to find wife dead outside
  673. Children, 9 and 10, killed in horrific 'street race' car crash, devastated mother heard screaming: 'My babies, my babies!'
  674. New Zealand mosque shooting: Malaysian feigned death when terrorist opened fire in a bid to save his life
  675. Ex-adult entertainment star Mia Khalifa gets engaged to chef boyfriend Robert Sandberg
  676. New Zealand terror attack: Police across the US tighten security around mosques
  677. Transgender woman demands apology, $3,000 in compensation after railway staff called her 'sir'
  678. Bond girl Eva Green thinks a woman should not replace Agent 007
  679. New Zealand mosque shooting: Gunman compared himself to Nelson Mandela, claimed he would win Nobel Peace Prize
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  700. New Zealand mosque shooting: Piers Morgan asks Donald Trump to denounce white supremacists or "be damned by his silence"
  701. New Zealand mosque shooting: 3-year-old boy who went missing after terror attack 'died in his father's arms'
  702. New Zealand mosque shooting: Hero who tried to snatch shooter's gun confirmed dead along with his son
  703. New Zealand mosque shooting: Muslim NYU students blame Chelsea Clinton's "rhetoric" for terror attack
  704. Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe felt like the singer's "thoroughbred" who had been impregnated like a mare
  705. Val Kilmer stylishly covers up remnants of trachea surgery with neckerchief at San Diego screening
  706. 81-year-old former priest Sabine Griego charged with raping 8-year-old girl 30 years ago in New Mexico
  707. Women who smoke up before sex are 'more than twice as likely' to report satisfactory orgasms, says research
  708. 320-pound Florida woman who sat on and killed nine-year-old cousin sentenced to life in prison
  709. 24-year-old mother buries newborn baby alive in her backyard because 'she did not want her'
  710. Paris Jackson says 'it's not my role' to defend late father Michael Jackson from sexual abuse allegations
  711. New Zealand shooter's arsenal of weapons included an AR-15, the same assault rifle used in the 2017 Las Vegas attack
  712. Chris Hemsworth, Russell Crowe, Mark Ruffalo lead celebrity tributes to New Zealand victims: 'White supremacy must be stopped'
  713. Teen smashes egg on Australian senator's head for blaming New Zealand terror attack on Muslim immigration
  714. West Virginia man accused of raping and murdering girlfriend's 10-month-old daughter
  715. Christchurch mosque attacker's mother moved to a secret location, leaves behind her dog
  716. Christchurch terrorist sent manifesto to New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern's office minutes before mosque attacks
  717. Madeleine McCann's mother had refused to answer 48 questions about missing daughter in 2007
  718. 'Love Island' star Mike Thalassitis aka Muggy Mike found dead in woods aged 26
  719. Paris Jackson's suicide attempt rumors slammed by star
  720. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2: The teenage witch's love life is going to be the least of our concerns once Lucifer enters
  721. Prince William turned to Prince Philip for advice on decision to split his household from Prince Harry's
  722. Massachusetts man kills high school sweetheart wife and three children, sets house on fire before killing himself
  723. Mother was on phone with son when he was shot dead at New Zealand mosque: 'He's shooting at us'
  724. Kim Kardashian hails New Zealand's prompt review of gun laws after mosque shootings: "America take note"
  725. Arizona woman dies after jumping out of moving car being driven by drunk friend following an argument
  726. 25-year-old teacher arrested for having sex with teen pupil several times while "tutoring" him
  727. Louis Vuitton pulls all Michael Jackson-themed pieces from collection, children's museum removes singer's items
  728. Body of missing toddler found in ditch wrapped in blanket, 5 days after mother shot dead by father
  729. Macaulay Culkin confirmed Michael Jackson had master bedroom rigged with creepy alarm in 2005 testimony
  730. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern comforts Muslims at mosque after Christchurch terror attack
  731. Mama June Shannon and boyfriend Geno Doak arrested in Alabama for possession of crack cocaine and needles
  732. Pennsylvania man facing death penalty for raping, murdering, and dismembering 14-year-old girl
  733. Julia Roberts "sad" that Louri Loughlin and Felicity Huffman didn't have faith in their children to get admissions on own merit
  734. Meghan McCain fires back at Trump for slamming John McCain: "No one will ever love you the way they loved my father"
  735. Iraq war veteran sentenced to 9 years in prison and fined $10,000 for abusing neighbors' dogs
  736. 'Love Island' stars slam show after Mike Thalassitis’ death saying they are abandoned once series ends
  737. Bodybuilder Paul Kerton says that going vegan improved his eyesight dramatically within six months
  738. Mike Thalassitis suicide: 'Love Island' star was reportedly struggling with debt and grieving his grandma's death
  739. 'Black Lightning' Season 2: Jennifer Riker channels Hopkins' Hannibal Lecter for her role as Dr Helga Jace
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  741. Prince Harry plans to take a 'two-week paternity leave' to attend to baby duties after Meghan Markle gives birth
  742. Three teens die following horrific stampede during St Patrick's Day celebrations in Northern Ireland
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  744. 'Warrior' season 1: The show subtly attacks the myth "there is no China in the Bible"
  745. Children with 'non-regular bedtimes' tend to have 'more behavioral difficulties,' says study
  746. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 15: Landon finds out secrets from his past as he and Hope struggle to make amends
  747. Samuel L. Jackson does not 'give a f**k' if Trump supporters don't watch his movies: 'I already cashed that check'
  748. Father who threw 5-year-old daughter off 60-ft bridge plans to plead insanity as trial begins
  749. James Bulger's father vows he 'will not rest' until he 'exposes' the new identity of Jon Venables
  750. New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant sacks lawyer, chooses to represent himself in court
  751. Black box data from crashed Ethiopian Airlines flight shows ‘clear similarities’ with Lion Air crash
  752. 'Love Island' star Mike Thalassitis hanged himself in the woods, police confirm
  753. Kim and her Kardashian sisters post adorable throwback pics of Rob Kardashian on his 32nd birthday
  754. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14: Maia's got her plate full with old demons and a new romance
  755. New Zealand mosque shooter Brenton Tarrant's cousin says he deserves the death penalty for what he's done
  756. British mom Rebecca Crawforth, who was once homeless, now owns a range of beauty tools loved by celebrities from Oprah to Kim Kardashian
  757. Trump pressures General Motors CEO to reopen Ohio auto plant: 'I don't care, I just want it open!'
  758. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern urges locals to surrender their semi-automatic weapons
  759. Do true crime documentaries like 'The Ted Bundy Tapes' create copycats? A criminologist weighs in
  760. Teenager takes his own life after being sexually exploited by sex-crazed female schoolteacher for years
  761. Madeleine McCann was abducted by 'sex beast wearing a surgical mask', claims investigator
  762. Utrecht tram shooting: Three dead, multiple people injured in shooting inside a tram, manhunt launched
  763. Michael Jackson's children Paris, Prince and Blanket had a very unusual upbringing at Neverland
  764. Jade Goody reportedly broke down when she had to tell her sons she was dying
  765. 'Peaky Blinders': Crime, masculinity and the subtle integration of racism in the BBC One drama
  766. 'The Twilight Zone' new teaser shows Jordan Peele inviting us to a dangerous blast from the past
  767. Teen who smashed egg on Aussie senator's head honored with a mural in Melbourne
  768. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt want to be declared single even as battle over custody of their children drags on
  769. Outraged mother sues Lori Loughlin, Felicity Huffman and others for $500 billion in college cheating scandal
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  771. Florida man accused of sexually assaulting three patients at a mental health clinic for over four months
  772. Shadowhunters star Katherine McNamara on her fashion evolution: "It's a way to put your stamp on the world"
  773. Women start turning into their mothers when they reach 33, claims new study
  774. Body found in search for missing mother-of-three after she vanished post a hen party
  775. Disabled man whose wife was shot dead in New Zealand terror attack says he has forgiven the shooter
  776. 'Game of Thrones': Season 8 might see Arya Stark set off on her own journey to the West of Westeros
  777. Ryanair passenger tries to break up mid-flight brawl but is left with his 'nose bitten off' and a bloody face instead
  778. Mother who drowned daughter, 3, in a bathtub to spite husband is jailed for 18 years
  779. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's hunt for Eve is going to bring her teasingly close, reveal new photos
  780. 'The World's Best': Fans suspect the show was scripted and the winner had already been decided before the finale
  781. Beto O'Rourke raises record-breaking $6.1m in first 24 hours of campaign in run-up to 2020 US presidential elections
  782. 'Into the Dark: I'm Just F*cking With You': Release date, plot, cast, and everything you need to know about the April Fool's Day episode
  783. Khloe Kardashian defends Tristan Thompson from claims that 'he's a bad father'
  784. Trump's name could be struck off election ballot papers in Washington unless he releases his tax returns
  785. Convicted pedophile flees after running over, killing two-year-old boy, says he 'thought it was just a ball'
  786. Utrecht tram shooting: Tram doors wouldn't open when the gunman started firing, recalls witness
  787. Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince 'stripped of some of his powers' following fallout over Khashoggi murder
  788. Pamela Anderson and footballer boyfriend Adil Rami 'back together' months after their split over marriage disagreement
  789. Maisie Rocks: Mother urges people around the world to paint pebbles and hide them in her daughter's memory
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  803. Bruce Lee wasn't the only one Hollywood let down with its whitewashing legacy of 'yellowface'
  804. Millie Bobby Brown and Romeo Beckham are reportedly dating and his mom Victoria approves as she's a huge fan
  805. 'Manifest': Now that Jared has finally fought for Michaela, will we see the two together?
  806. 'Warrior': Why Bruce Lee's passion project had been rejected by Warner Bros. 50 years ago
  807. Emily Ratajkowski flashes her ribs on Instagram, fans concerned for her health
  808. Amy Schumer reveals husband Chris Fischer has autism spectrum disorder: "My husband's brain was a little different than mine"
  809. 'Peaky Blinders': Season 5 might see the original Communist of the Shelby family, Ada, stand up against her brother Thomas
  810. Jim Carrey draws scathing cartoon of Trump with swastika on his forehead blaming him for NZ terror attack
  811. New Yorkers blame 'villain' Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for loss of 25,000 jobs after Amazon cancels headquarters plan
  812. Blind runner defies all odds by completing NYC half marathon with the help of his three guide dogs
  813. Mother helps 22-year-old daughter earn $160k a year by taking racy nudes and selling them online
  814. 'Leaving Neverland': Why is the world fixated on Paris Jackson in the wake of sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson? | Opinion
  815. Portuguese cops initially believed Madeleine McCann's parents accidentally killed her with an overdose of Calpol
  816. Girl pleads guilty to pushing friend off 60-ft bridge leaving her with broken ribs and punctured lungs
  817. Meghan McCain slams Trump's 'pathetic life' for spending weekend tweeting criticism of late Senator John McCain
  818. Ex-cop admits she had sex and slept for four hours as 3-year-old daughter was dying in hot patrol car
  819. Lori Loughlin "very upset and up in arms" against Varsity Blues Scandal whistleblower Morrie Tobin
  820. Meghan Markle was a 'failure' in Hollywood before her Suits role, says royal biographer
  821. 'Game of Thrones': Before Season 8 slays you with the biggest battle sequence on TV, here are the top 5 battle scenes from the show
  822. George W Bush takes a swipe at Trump as he welcomes new US citizens: 'Dial down the rhetoric'
  823. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14: Everybody has a task at hand as power, responsibilities and action peaks
  824. 14-year-old Russian girl dies after her charging phone falls into bathtub filled with water electrocuting her
  825. Australian man who posted comments in support of New Zealand mosque shootings banned from using the internet
  826. Man gives ATM card and PIN number to homeless man and tells him to withdraw $27 for himself
  827. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 15: Roman is surely going to upset the Raf/Hope/Landon love triangle
  828. Emilia Clarke gets on with her godmother duties before returning to play Mother of Dragons on 'Game of Thrones' finale
  829. Michelle Obama praises daughters Malia and Sasha for their grace and resilience: 'I am in awe of my children'
  830. 12-year-old schoolgirl gangraped by her brothers and uncle before being strangled and beheaded by her aunt
  831. Kate Middleton stuns in chic coat dress as she makes rare joint appearance with Queen Elizabeth
  832. 'Knightfall' Season 2 preview: Star Wars' Mark Hamill swaps lightsaber for Templar sword and it's impressive
  833. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's injuries and lack of control could turn her into something far more dangerous
  834. Travis Scott just shut down all the rumors about his and Kylie Jenner's split with one telling comment
  835. 'Billions' season 4 episode 2: Axe is bent on revenge while Chuck has plans that threaten to spill secrets
  836. Prominent Italian anti-vaccine politician mocked, ridiculed after contracting chickenpox
  837. Six-week-old girl dies of methamphetamine toxicity after being breastfed by drug addict mother
  838. 'Our Planet': David Attenborough, Salma Hayek, and Penelope Cruz set to feature in Netflix's upcoming series
  839. Lauren Sanchez's brother was paid $200,000 by National Enquirer for racy texts and naked selfies of Jeff Bezos
  840. Two men sexually assault two runaway underage girls they met online in school playground
  841. 22-year-old tan addict who uses illegal Melanotan injections to get ultra-dark look says she is 'not racist'
  842. Kylie Jenner scared her relationship with Travis Scott may end the same way as Khloe's with Tristan Thompson
  843. Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara teases Clary's fashion evolution as 'the ultimate dichotomy' embraces the dark side
  844. Mystery continues to shroud Richard Pryor's act of dousing his body in rum and setting himself on fire in 1980
  845. Michael Jackson was a predator, says music video producer who worked with the singer: 'I believe the accusers'
  846. 'Deadpool 3' or 'X-Force'? Ryan Reynolds teases return of potty mouth superhero under MCU
  847. 'Love Island' star Sophie Gradon's 'hysterical' boyfriend killed himself after he found her hanging
  848. Michael Jackson's first accuser Jordy Chandler hasn't been seen in nearly 25 years
  849. Woman, 51, hospitalized after injecting juice made from 20 different fruits into her veins to improve health
  850. RuPaul's Drag Race star Pearl Liaison on becoming an author and dreams of writing campy, animated series mocking 'Real Housewives'
  851. Carrie Underwood gets candid about getting back into shape after having baby no. 2
  852. 'Black Lightning' Season 2: Jennifer Riker talks about the inspiration and "master class" she experienced on set as Dr Helga Jace
  853. The Handmaid's Tale behind-the-scenes book will shed light on the making of one of the most revolutionary American shows of its time
  854. 'Lucy in the Sky': Reese Witherspoon shares teaser on social media, says she was honored to produce film
  855. 'The Act' premiere review: Joey King impresses with her spectacular transformation, as Dee Dee begins to spin a web of lies
  856. Victoria’s Secret brings back swimwear line after three years, thanks to popular demand
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  869. Depressed Justin Bieber seeks comfort in the company of his mom, wife Hailey and the Bible
  870. Disney closes $71 billion acquisition of Fox entertainment business after months of negotiations
  871. 'Manifest': Just like Grace, Jared too lost his hero status and went on to become the bad boy in fans' books
  872. Prince Charles, 70, rocks floral swimming trunks as he and wife Camilla hit the beach in Barbados
  873. Madonna, Chris Rock and Ben Stiller among first celebrities to donate funds for the victims of the New Zealand terror attack
  874. Family horrified as woman is spared jail after mowing down girl, 10, and leaving her in a wheelchair
  875. Indiana fertility doctor fathers 48 children after using his own sperm to inseminate unsuspecting patients without their consent
  876. Autistic girl, 7, brutally beaten and sexually assaulted by 5-year-old boys inside play structure at Albany McDonald's
  877. 'Project Runway' season 17: Why Frankie should have been eliminated instead of Cavanagh Baker
  878. Amber Heard is dating 'It' director Andy Muschietti after her split with Vito Schnabel
  879. 'Peaky Blinders': Season 5 might just see a budding friendship between Ada and Jessie Eden
  880. Drinking hot coffee or tea could increase chances of developing tumors in the oesophagus: Study
  881. Chicago woman falls out of car window and is crushed to death as she stuck her head out to yell 'Bye, Miami'
  882. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14: Magnus' state of disorientation following the loss of his magic comes to an end
  883. Paris Jackson's 911 call after alleged suicide attempt reveals responders were dealing with 'psychiatric problem' of 'possible VIP'
  884. Preschool teacher forces toddlers to strip and stand naked in a closet as punishment for misbehavior
  885. Aćim Vasic on his latest short film 'Prey', unpacking 'feminism' and raising awareness about stalking
  886. Teen who smashed egg on Aussie senator's head for anti-Muslim comments is swamped with marriage proposals
  887. Michael Jackson accuser Wade Robson doesn't mind if people continue to listen to his music: 'It's not my concern'
  888. Ivanka Trump believes she could be president, wants to build a dynasty with Jared Kushner, claims new book
  889. New Zealand biker gang stands guard to protect Muslim worshippers during Friday prayers
  890. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Eve and Villanelle's relationship goes beyond the hunter and hunted dynamic
  891. 'Game of Thrones': Sansa Stark might just sit on the throne in Season 8. Here's why
  892. Two-year-old bleeds from his eyes, dies after mother's boyfriend sits on him as punishment for taking his phone
  893. Former Australian swimmer Kenneth To dies at 26 after falling ill while training in Florida
  894. Fathers of two Michael Jackson accusers killed themselves over abuse suffered by their sons
  895. Man strangles woman to death after brutally beating her, lives with her corpse for over a month
  896. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 trailer sees the children enter their teen years as Netflix promises 'a summer that will change everything'
  897. Best Dressed: Priyanka Chopra Jonas stuns in sexy, completely see-through polka dot dress
  898. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood': First official trailer reminds us how much we missed Quentin Tarantino
  899. Jealous mother brutally slit 3-week-old daughter's throat because she felt her husband 'loved the child more'
  900. Kate Beckinsale introduces Pete Davidson to her mom over a family dinner on the 40th anniversary of her father's death
  901. San Francisco proposes legislation to ban e-cigarettes until their effects are reviewed by the FDA
  902. Mother accused of letting 62-year-old man sexually assault her 5-year-old daughter for $400
  903. Teen found dead in bed after she spent the night drinking vodka, snorting cocaine and taking morphine tablets
  904. 'The Fix' Season 1: Taylor Kalupa says it was "so much fun to work with" prosecutor Marcia Clark and to expect closure by the end
  905. 'Bird Box' sequel 'Malorie' in the works as author Josh Malerman says he 'wants to know what comes next'
  906. Lion Air crash: Off-duty pilot had identified plane malfunction just a day before plane crashed
  907. Las Vegas cop, 29, arrested for filming a man's genitals and making a mentally ill man twerk
  908. 'The Twilight Zone' teasers spur anticipation for upcoming reboot with signature moves from original series
  909. Ashley Graham flaunts her stunning curves as she dons racy lingerie for new Addition Elle campaign
  910. Teen falls to death while attempting free solo climb in Utah state park: "Something went terribly wrong"
  911. Czech model weeps after she is sentenced to 8 years in Pakistan for trying to smuggle heroin worth $1.3 million
  912. 'He is Psychometric' week 2 review: Lee Ahn knows the truth about Jae-in, realizes she was the kid from his past, but it's too late
  913. 'Vikings' season 6: Who dies and who reigns in the final instalment of History Channel's flagship show
  914. 'Now Apocalypse': Beau Mirchoff as Ford is the hot straight guy who subverts stereotypes with subtlety
  915. 'Deadly Class' finale review: Series ends with F**kface's swan song, broken relationships and Chico's frozen decapitated head
  916. 'The Act': Joey King reveals fun fact about episode 2 on social media, posts picture with onscreen mother Patricia Arquette
  917. 'The Bachelor' Season 23: Smitten couple Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph redo hometown date, dad seems to approve too
  918. 'Once Upon a Time In Hollywood' trailer: Fans react to Quentin Tarantino's version of the 60s starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt
  919. Jessica Simpson welcomes baby girl Birdie Mae, her third child with husband Eric Johnson
  920. The Bachelorette: Show teases Hannah Brown's first date and fans speculate who that might be
  921. 'Flack' episode 5 review: The most interesting episode sees Robyn finally letting go as Bradley Whitford keeps us entertained
  922. Joseph Gatt says his character in Disney's 'Dumbo' is Darth Vader to Michael Keaton's The Emperor
  923. 'American Idol' audition highlights: From a burping Margie Mays to last season winner Maddie Poppe appearing disguised as a goth contestant
  924. 'Love & Hip Hop' star Tommie Lee arrested for appearing drunk in court for child abuse case
  925. 'Warrior': The characters of Ah Sahm and Mey Ling form the crux of the upcoming Cinemax show
  926. Emma Roberts breaks off engagement with Evan Peters after 7 years and is now dating Garrett Hedlund
  927. 'Legacies' season 1: Will Josie be the new Lizzie Saltzman after Penelope's exit?
  928. Frozen Lake Michigan looks stunning as blue shards of ice cover its surface as it begins to thaw
  929. 'Peaky Blinders': Season 5 might see Thomas Shelby go back to his hometown allies, the Irish Republican Army
  930. Amber Peat, 13, who hanged herself following a row over chores, 'blamed herself' for family problems
  931. 13-year-old boy hacks his mother to death with a cleaver because she killed his pet dog
  932. New Zealand bans military-style semi-automatic assault rifles after Christchurch mosque attacks
  933. Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch faces demolition after sex abuse allegations make it 'unsellable'
  934. Estonian man charged in the murder of filmmaker Laureline Garcia-Bertaux who was found dead in a shallow grave in her garden
  935. Best Dressed: Joey King nails androgynous chic in a structured blazer and flared denim
  936. Couple allegedly paid UCLA in Facebook stock to have daughter 'who had never played competitive soccer' placed on elite team
  937. Lori Loughlin's daughter Olivia Jade blames parents for ruining her influencer career
  938. 'The OA' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything about the multi-dimensional sci-fi thriller
  939. Father sexually abused his daughters for 20 years and even let his colleagues gang-rape them
  940. YouTube star mother accused of pepper-spraying adopted children to make them star in videos
  941. 'Stranger Things': Season 3 might see revenge getting personal and Will being held back yet again as new trailer drops
  942. Katherine Heigl's journey to CBS pilot 'Our Home' has not been a joyride but we are glad she made it
  943. 12-year-old boy in coma after he was viciously attacked by six dogs while riding his bike in Mississippi
  944. Melania Trump offers rare glimpse into family life with pic from son Barron's birthday celebrations
  945. Politician's dwarf pedophile son could be let off prison amid fears he will be targeted by inmates
  946. Birmingham mosques attacked with sledgehammers in late-night rampage leaving Muslim community shaken
  947. Alesha MacPhail murder: Teenager finally admits to raping and killing 6-year-old, sentenced to life
  948. Pet dog dies in cargo hold of Air France-KLM plane after getting suffocated during non-stop 11-hour flight
  949. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14: Will Maia and Jordan end up back together?
  950. Sex worker licks airplane toilet seat in viral video, leaves social media grossed out
  951. 'Knightfall' Season 2: The true story behind the religious Knights Templar, their military crusades and unreal quest for the Holy Grail
  952. Macaulay Culkin jokes about Michael Jackson's abuse allegations in front of his daughter Paris Jackson
  953. What streaming platforms can learn from the Nielson Total Audience Report
  954. 'Game of Thrones': The Stark sisters took a long time to move from anger to trusting each other but will season 8 undo all that?
  955. Michael Jackson would shriek 'don't look at me' if he wasn't wearing make-up before or after sex
  956. Nikki Bella confirms her relationship with 'Dancing With The Stars' pro Artem Chigvintsev: 'It's crazy!'
  957. Trump says he didn't get a 'thank you' for approving John McCain's funeral arrangements
  958. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Who are The Twelve that Villanelle works for?
  959. Madeleine McCann may have fallen down a storm drain after leaving Portuguese resort, new documentary claims
  960. Chris Brown "turned on" by Rihanna's sexy new Fenty pictures, still wishes to marry her
  961. Toy Story 4: Keanu Reeves as Duke Kaboom in new trailer, and everything you need to know about Pixar movie
  962. 11-month-old boy suffers 80% burns after falling into a bucket of boiling water his mother had prepared for his bath
  963. 'Avengers: Endgame': Who is Kate Bishop and what does the young Hawkeye's arrival mean for the MCU?
  964. Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin says he exposed his 9 children to chickenpox instead of vaccinating them
  965. Captain of Ethiopian Airlines flight had not practiced on new simulator for Boeing 737 MAX 8 before flying it, says colleague
  966. Mötley Crüe's Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars were incredibly sexist and misogynistic
  967. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 15 preview: 'The Night Children' have a hard time with rules and confrontations
  968. Ocasio-Cortez gets so many death threats that knocking on her office door makes staffers 'stiffen'
  969. 'The Fix': Taylor Kalupa reveals that the OJ Simpson murder case was a hot topic on set
  970. Alesha MacPhail's killer spent a year fantasizing about doing something 'excessive, including rape'
  971. American figure skater accused of slashing Korean rival's leg ahead of World Championship, ISU determines 'no evidence' of foul play
  972. #MeToo: Actors, models and directors on how the landmark movement is shaping a new Hollywood
  973. 'Schitt's Creek' season 6: Rose family's story comes to a close, with a perfect goodbye to fans
  974. First teaser released for Epix's new original 'Godfather of Harlem', starring Forest Whitaker
  975. Syfy's 'Deadly Class' Season 2: Fans call for another installment, creator Rick Remender "confident" the show isn't over
  976. 'He is Psychometric' week 3 preview: Will Lee Ahn finally learn the truth about his brother and Jae-in?
  977. 'The Split' season 2: Production begins on hit BBC One and SundanceTV legal show
  978. 'The Enemy Within': Cassandra Freeman reveals how Jacquelyn Pettigrew compliments the team after she comes onboard
  979. 'Deadwood: The Movie' trailer sees Ian McShane and Timothy Olyphant reprise their roles in reboot of the popular HBO show
  980. 'Once upon a Time in Hollywood' is Quentin Tarantino's 9th movie, here's why it will be a landmark film for the auteur and his fans
  981. 'Shazam!' EXCLUSIVE: Marta Milans talks about her matriarchal role and her "spiritual" calling to the role
  982. 'Cloak and Dagger' Season 2: Here's how Tyrone and Tandy's divine pairing has evolved over the previous season
  983. Chris Hemsworth teases Deadpool-Avengers crossover and we can't keep calm because here's the beginning of 'X-Force'
  984. 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 preview: Bran Stark might just be the Red God in an eternal battle with the Great Other
  985. Emilia Clarke survived two brain aneurysms during Game Of Thrones: 'I couldn't recall my name'
  986. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5: Let's talk about Aberama Gold, Aiden Gillen's character who once had a thing with Polly
  987. Woman charged with manslaughter after she left her boyfriend's 4-year-old son in hot SUV for six hours
  988. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 preview: Will Billy Hargrove remain the bad guy or will he finally redeem himself?
  989. Kit Harington compares Donald Trump to 'mad king' Joffrey, says we're living in a 'Thrones-like world'
  990. Michael Jackson to remain in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Madame Tussauds despite sex abuse allegations
  991. Alabama man with bondage fetish strangles 11-year-old girl to death, joins search party to mislead police
  992. Woman charged after her 96-year-old father is found living in filthy house infested with upto 700 rats
  993. Country singer Justin Carter, 35, dies after accidentally shooting himself while filming music video
  994. Sikh taxi drivers in New Zealand offer free rides to Muslims after Christchurch mosque attacks
  995. Mississippi governor bans abortions at about six weeks if 'heartbeat' can be heard
  996. Mother of four spends $50K to clone beloved toy poodle resulting in three identical pups
  997. Ireland Baldwin sizzles in sexy copper bathing suit during beach photo shoot in Malibu
  998. Adoptive mother helped boyfriend rape, murder and dismember her 'difficult' 14-year-old daughter
  999. Beto O'Rourke ate 'dirt said to have regenerative powers' after losing Senate race to Ted Cruz
  1000. Millennials care more about their date's political alliance than great sex, claims new survey
  1001. Donald Trump calls for recognition of Syrian Golan Heights as Israeli territory ahead of Netanyahu visit
  1002. Arizona healthcare worker accused of sexually assaulting female patient while she was sedated
  1003. 2-year-old Tennessee girl fighting for life after she was hit by stray bullet while playing on backyard slide
  1004. Man who beat his partner and forced her to eat photos of dead relatives returns to prison six months after being released
  1005. Rihanna covers entire body with glitter as she stuns in sizzling gold minidress for Body Lava photoshoot
  1006. Kim Jong-Un 'purges' personal photographer for damaging dignity by blocking a crowd's view of him for 3 seconds
  1007. Motley Crue's Vince Neil was jailed for just 15 days after causing drummer's death in DUI crash
  1008. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 14: After Jace, it is Simon who teams up with Luke
  1009. 'Manifest': Olive might have received Cal's 'Calling' when he went missing with Montego Air Flight 828
  1010. Jimmy Carter adds another achievement to his name: The longest-living president in US history
  1011. JetBlue pilots drug 3 women crew members, rape two of them and leave the third one vomiting during layover
  1012. Teachers shot 'execution style' with pellet guns during active shooter training at Indiana school
  1013. Queen Elizabeth's former press secretary says he was 'unimpressed' by Meghan Markle's 'very American' baby shower
  1014. Album Review: Sleep In. adopt a more instinctive approach on 'The Stars on Your Ceiling'
  1015. Burglar who brutally murdered 87-year-old war veteran in his own house jailed for 33 years
  1016. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Hillary Clinton troll Jared Kushner over private messaging: "But his WhatsApp"
  1017. Madeleine McCann investigators twisted DNA results to frame parents as suspects, documentary claims
  1018. Miss Moscow stripped of title after she was spotted holidaying in Maldives after pulling out of key events citing illness
  1019. Arizona man caught having sex with his pet cat in the shower, charged with bestiality
  1020. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Burning questions about Eve Polastri that still need answers
  1021. Jennifer Lopez North American It's My Party tour dates released
  1022. 'On My Block' Season 3: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about Netflix's groundbreaking show
  1023. Florida man murders pregnant stepmother in a cemetery, calls 911 to confess: 'I strangled her'
  1024. New mother dies after inexperienced medic pulls out her placenta moments after giving birth to baby girl
  1025. Casey Anthony returns to her partying ways as she tries to put her notorious past behind her
  1026. Woman who killed sick husband by beating him with rolling pin gets life term in jail
  1027. 'The Twilight Zone' reboot: Is the monster-face doll in 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet' a revamped 'Talky Tina' from the original?
  1028. Mother-of-one chokes to death after stuffing her mouth with Jaffa Cakes for a party trick
  1029. Barack Obama congratulates Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez on engagement with sweet handwritten note
  1030. 'Wonder Woman 1984': Gal Gadot shares a pic with her favorite villain Kristen Wiig
  1031. 'The Politician': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and all you need to know about Netflix's upcoming dramedy
  1032. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 leak: Redditor uploads details about premiere episode and spoiler alerts leave fans enraged
  1033. Parkland shooting survivor Sydney Aiello commits suicide; she was recently diagnosed with PTSD
  1034. 'Unicorn Store': Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot and everything you need to know about Brie Larson's directorial debut
  1035. 'American Gods' season 2 episode 3 review: Mad Sweeney's luck runs out as Laura follows Wednesday in hopes of recharging her decaying body
  1036. 'The Bachelorette' Season 15 will be the most emotional one yet, here's why
  1037. Michelle Dean, co-writer of 'The Act' reveals how Gypsy Blanchard was brought to life by Joey King
  1038. 'Now Apocalypse' can now be binge-watched, does this have to do with the show's falling viewership?
  1039. Miley Cyrus teases fans about new music video, a possible collaboration with Drake
  1040. Warner Bros' 'Scoob': Zac Efron and Amanda Seyfried to voice Fred and Daphne in upcoming animated flick
  1041. The CW's 'Supernatural': Season 15 will end series, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins bid goodbye
  1042. 'American Idol' Season 17: Emotional moments from the auditions that left the judges in tears
  1043. 'The Fix' Season 1: Episode 1 ends in gripping cliffhanger and we may know who Jessica Meyer's murderer is
  1044. Mike Pompeo says god may have 'raised' Trump to save Jewish people from 'Iranian menace'
  1045. Cage the Elephant tap Beck for latest single from upcoming album 'Social Cues'
  1046. Mueller ends investigation without interrogating Trump even once, shocks mainstream media
  1047. Barbra Streisand defends Michael Jackson, says what he did 'did not kill' sex abuse accusers
  1048. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares President Trump to a parasite while joking with Seth Meyers
  1049. Demi Moore attends ex-husband Bruce Willis' wedding vow renewal with second wife Emma Heming
  1050. Teen mother films herself performing sexual acts on infant daughter, sends videos to man in UK
  1051. Teacher says fifth-graders made 'thrusting motions' behind her, touched themselves during her class
  1052. 13-year-old schoolgirl collapses and dies of 'MDMA toxicity' after taking ecstasy at home
  1053. Paraprofessional sends nude pictures, sexually explicit videos of herself to 15-year-old male student on Snapchat
  1054. Real-life 'Notebook' couple pass away hours apart while holding hands after being married for 56 years
  1055. White cop cleared of all charges in fatal shooting of 17-year-old unarmed black teen Antwon Rose
  1056. New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern receives vile death threats after Christchurch mosque shootings: 'You are next'
  1057. Reese Witherspoon's look-alike daughter Ava Phillippe shares heartfelt message on mother's 43rd birthday
  1058. Lesbian teacher, 28, admits to sexually abusing three female students as young as 13 for over two years
  1059. Lindsay Lohan compares herself to Miley Cyrus, gets brutally trolled
  1060. Madeleine McCann's parents entered a 'Pact of Silence' with friends to hide what happened on night of her disappearance, documentary claims
  1061. Woman, 39, says she had sex with 14-year-old boy because her 'boyfriend was imprisoned'
  1062. Kate Middleton has a falling-out with long-term best friend Rose Hanbury, is starting to view her as a 'rural rival'
  1063. '90 Day Fiancé' star Angela Deem's daughter sexually assaulted, sodomized boy below 16 in front of 5 children
  1064. Autistic 18-year-old beaten, burned with cigarettes and has hair set on fire in 'humiliating' two-hour ordeal
  1065. Princess Diana and Prince Charles wept together on the day of their divorce, reveals new documentary
  1066. Diana Ross follows Barbra Streisand's lead, defends Michael Jackson and calls him 'a magnificent, incredible force'
  1067. Former NFL player Devon Still and wife Asha announce pregnancy following his first child's cancer scare
  1068. Mother-of-five who struggled with fertility issues for years donates uterus to help a stranger conceive
  1069. Gordon Ramsay refuses to hire his 'snowflake generation' children, asks them to 'f*** off to another chef'
  1070. Donald Trump Jr uses Maury Povich meme to mock Democrats after Mueller submits report: 'Donald Trump is your daddy'
  1071. Spice Girl Mel B says she had sex with Geri Halliwell during steamy one-night stand: 'She’s going to hate me for this'
  1072. Prince Charles and Camilla enjoy romantic stroll on white sands of beautiful Grenada beach
  1073. Joseph asked virgin wife Mary to leave the house when he found out she was 'pregnant', new documentary reveals
  1074. Teacher at a Sydney Islamic school finds garbage tipped on her car days after Christchurch mosque shootings
  1075. Woman livestreams her suicide on Facebook, dies before help arrives as helpless friend watches in horror
  1076. Caitlyn Jenner heads out for dinner with 'partner' Sophia Hutchins wearing Kanye West's Yeezy slides
  1077. Blind 11-year-old golden retriever finds 'best bud' and 'seeing-eye' in energetic four-month-old puppy
  1078. Verizon worker rescues cat stranded on telephone pole, gets suspended for 'putting lives in jeopardy'
  1079. Dr. Dre takes a dig at Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, brags about daughter getting into college with 'no jail time'
  1080. NHS doctors perform traumatic spinal procedure on wrong newborn after mixing up babies with same first name
  1081. Apple TV launch: How will the price stack up against Netflix, Amazon Prime and other competitors?
  1082. Julia Roberts says she's a very strict parent, keeps her children from social media and limits their TV watching
  1083. Apple TV launch: Everything we know about the highly anticipated streaming service so far
  1084. Suri Cruise is a spitting image of dad Tom Cruise in new pics Katie Holmes shared on social media
  1085. Woman punches 64-year-old grandma in front of children for being 'too slow' on the school run
  1086. Body of missing activist Amber Evans, 28, found in Ohio river two months after she disappeared
  1087. Luke Perry's daughter Sophie shares heartfelt tribute, says she misses him 'a little extra today'
  1088. Second Parkland shooting survivor commits suicide, days after another student killed herself
  1089. Woman gets mauled to death by two pit bull terriers while trying to feed the aggressive pets in quarantine
  1090. Trump says Mueller probe was an illegal takedown that failed: 'I told you there was no collusion'
  1091. School hosts 'adulting day' to teach students life skills including how to behave if pulled over by cops
  1092. Porn-addict pastor killed two wives and managed to make them look like accidents for years
  1093. 5-month-old boy dies after home circumcision by parents goes horribly wrong
  1094. Spice Girls sex scandal: Geri Halliwell furious after Mel B lesbian sex claim, asks her to 'keep her mouth shut'
  1095. Russian media reacts to Mueller report, blames Democrats for trying to hurt Trump campaign and demonizing Moscow
  1096. Man strips naked and tries to board plane as he is more 'aerodynamic' with no clothes on
  1097. UB40 saxophonist Brian Travers diagnosed with brain tumor, will not be attending band's 40th-anniversary tour
  1098. Trump plays the doting grandpa in sweet picture with his grandchildren shared by Trump Jr.
  1099. 'The Handmaid's Tale': A look at the evolution of Alexis Bledel as Emily
  1100. Cop who fed homeless man 'dog poop sandwich' gets to keep his job, social media outraged
  1101. Man who was filmed viciously attacking and kicking 78-year-old woman on New York subway arrested
  1102. Pilot dies after he crashes stolen plane into baby shower venue that his wife was attending in bid to kill her after furious row
  1103. 'American Soul': Christopher Jefferson learned "how to make drugs and take it" via YouTube for the most heartbreaking scene this season
  1104. LAPD called to Kanye West's star-studded Sunday service after 'noise complaints' from neighbors
  1105. Secondary school forces students to use unisex toilets with cameras inside leaving parents outraged
  1106. Woman gang-raped by three members of staff in hospital while she was admitted to ICU
  1107. Father and one-year-old son killed after he allegedly crashes car into Pennsylvania river late at night
  1108. Nikki Bella retires from WWE: Wrestling star says 'body can't handle it'
  1109. After Katy Perry teared up on 'American Idol', here are the top five celebrity breakdowns on reality TV
  1110. Prince Harry is more 'volatile' than William while Meghan Markle is more 'emotional', royal author claims
  1111. Macaulay Culkin and Wade Robson lied to protect Michael Jackson, juror from 2005 trial believes
  1112. 'Legacies' season 1 finale: 5 plot twists that could possibly happen with the supernatural gang
  1113. Michael Jackson once branded Jews ‘leeches’ and accused them of conspiring against him
  1114. Christchurch victim's mother dies of heart attack day after son's funeral as she struggled to cope with grief
  1115. Fuming bride kicks veteran out of her wedding because she felt he was 'showing off' by turning up in military uniform
  1116. 'Kill Bill' actor Michael Madsen arrested for suspected DUI after crashing Land Rover into pole
  1117. Petition calls for Amber Heard to be removed from 'Aquaman 2' after Johnny Depp's lawsuit
  1118. Vigilante who lured a child killer to an apartment before stabbing him over 150 times is jailed for life
  1119. Ohio man arrested after he attacked a 17-year-old he caught performing oral sex on a five-year-old boy
  1120. Apple TV: How Steve Jobs laid the foundation for tech giant's biggest venture since the iPhone
  1121. Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee's abusive relationship with Pamela Anderson and the OG sex tape completely bypassed in biopic
  1122. 'RuPaul's Drag Race' star Pearl Liaison is no longer a fan of the show, says its "kind of a hot-ass mess"
  1123. Did Jennifer Lawrence unleash her "drunk alter-ego" Gail during Friday night out with Adele?
  1124. 'Warrior': Here's why Cinemax's series is anything but reminiscent of the 1971 Warner Bros show 'Kung Fu'
  1125. 'What We Do in The Shadows' set to return as FX series with newer vampires and their twisted Staten Island tales
  1126. Hilary Duff shares intimate video of daughter Banks Violet Bair's water birth
  1127. 'Peaky Blinders': Thomas Shelby has proved a working class hero is something to be
  1128. #SurvivingCardiB: Rapper's career has always been problematic, drugging and robbing men is just icing on the cake
  1129. Apple TV+ set to launch in over 100 countries but there's little to worry Netflix, NBC and Disney
  1130. Top sex scenes on TV: From 'GOT' and 'Outlander' and 'Shadowhunters', here are the steamy couplings that made us sweat
  1131. 'Shadowhunters' Season 3 episode 15 review: Maia Roberts proves once again why she is the ultimate alpha
  1132. 'The Bachelorette' Season 15 preview: Here's what we know about the 5 contestants introduced to Hannah Brown
  1133. Justin Bieber reveals he is focusing on repairing issues in order to be the husband and father he wants to be
  1134. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Villanelle's total disregard for fashion makes her more dangerous to Eve
  1135. 'Manifest': Who could Saanvi's mystery partner be that left the seat next to her empty on the plane?
  1136. 'American Idol' Season 17 episode 6 review: Here are the best performers from Hollywood week as judges throw their jackets on stage
  1137. 'Project Blue Book' season 2: Release date, cast, plot, news, and all you need to know about History's UFO drama
  1138. 'The Fix' Season 1 episode 2 preview: Sevvy Johnson's house raided, as trailer reveals another suspect
  1139. 'The World's Best': Fans reveal what actually happened during Dimash Kudaibergen's championship performance
  1140. AMC’s ‘The Son’ star Elizabeth Frances talks all things Prairie Flower and what to expect from the final season of the show
  1141. 'Legacies' season 1 finale: Will we see the first death of the season?
  1142. Tom Cruise's daughter Isabella thanks Scientology training for saving her life: 'Thank you, dad'
  1143. Saudi Arabia heading for record number of executions with 43 people already killed in 2019
  1144. Alex Rodriguez allegedly sent picture of his penis to model and begged her for threesome weeks before he proposed to Jennifer Lopez
  1145. Man who went to hospital for bladder check-up gets circumcised after NHS surgeons mix up his paperwork
  1146. 'Jumanji 2': New trailer, release date, plot, cast and everything else about the film
  1147. Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were addicted to prescription drugs in their final months
  1148. Johnny Depp's $30 million malpractice case against ex-lawyers delayed by four months amid ongoing lawsuit against Amber Heard
  1149. 'Legacies' season 1 finale: Chris Lee discusses Kaleb's character arc, Landon Kirby's death and MG's Ripper powers
  1150. Motley Crue's Tommy Lee was caught cheating on wife Heather Locklear with a porn star
  1151. Alanis Morissette pregnant with third child at 44, flaunts baby bump in adorable picture
  1152. Conor McGregor retires: Farewell to UFC's ultimate problem child
  1153. Keanu Reeves bonds with passengers on bus after his flight left him stranded in Bakersfield
  1154. Madeleine McCann's parents 'angry' after being targeted by trolls in the wake of new documentary
  1155. Meghan Markle's brother and fiancée evicted from Oregon bungalow after falling behind on $4,500 rent
  1156. 'Once Upon a time in Hollywood': The true story behind the Tate murders and how they tie into Tarantino's ninth film
  1157. Cost of Mueller's probe likely to reach $35 million, Republicans demand investigation into money wasted
  1158. Teen girl taking a selfie on rail tracks 'cut into pieces' after being hit by freight train
  1159. Maisie Williams shows love for her Stark sister Sophie Turner ahead of 'Game of Thrones' season 8 premiere
  1160. Apple's grand plan? News+ could be hoping to plug a Facebook-shaped hole in the news feed market in the future
  1161. Man who shattered woman's skull after raping her in a children's play park jailed for life
  1162. Swimming teacher, 20, raped seven-year-old girl eight times in a span of three weeks
  1163. 'The Red Line' season 1: Release date, trailer, cast, spoilers, review, news and everything else about new CBS show
  1164. 8-month-old infant left in hot car 'cooked' to death while grandma smoked synthetic cannabis inside home
  1165. Father who lost daughter in Sandy Hook shooting found dead at his office in apparent suicide
  1166. Man who molested a 3-week-old baby faints when judge sentences him to 260 years in jail
  1167. Justin Bieber claims he will always love Selena, but Hailey is the 'BEST THING' that happened to him
  1168. Sophie Turner reveals she had lesbian relationships in the past as she gets ready to marry Joe Jonas
  1169. 'Hanna' series review: The teenage assassin's story has its small moments but it mostly misses the mark
  1170. Steve Bannon says Trump will go 'full animal' on opponents after Mueller cleared him of colluding with Russia
  1171. New male contraceptive pill deemed safe after study finds it decreases sperm count but keeps sex drive intact
  1172. Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott Mathers, 23, flaunts her six-pack abs in sexy bikini
  1173. From Nikki Bella to Chyna, the 10 women wrestlers who left their mark on WWE
  1174. FBI had information about Pearl Harbor attack four months before Japanese offensive
  1175. Mother 'ironed' daughter's breasts when she was a teen to make her 'ugly' so no one would admire her
  1176. 26th annual Race to Erase MS gala to honor actress Selma Blair
  1177. 'Game of Thrones': Season 8 might finally see The Hound face off with The Mountain once again
  1178. Prince Harry banished best pal from group of friends because he told him 'not to marry Meghan'
  1179. 'Warrior' preview: Episode 1 brings the bloody Tong Wars, Chinese-Irish tension and a whole lot more in 'The Itchy Onion'
  1180. 'Avengers: Endgame': Marvel asks us to #Avengethefallen with new individual posters and featurette
  1181. Elizabeth Hurley recreates iconic Versace safety pin dress look 25 years after Four Weddings red carpet with Hugh Grant
  1182. Netflix's 'The Perfect Date': Release date, cast, plot, trailer and all you need to know about the Noah Centineo starrer
  1183. The World's Best: Season 1 winner Lydian Nadhaswaram practiced with 2 pianos just 2 days before finale
  1184. 'Deadly Class' season 2: Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything about Syfy's latest hit
  1185. 'Good Girls' star Lidya Jewett claims she is "up for sinking a car in the pond or picking locks" in season 2
  1186. NBC's 'Manifest': The passengers of Flight 828 might not have to die after all, but is Cal safe?
  1187. Homeland Season 8: Hugh Dancy joins cast of Showtime show for its final season
  1188. 'Killing Eve' Season 2: Niko Polastri's marriage is in shambles and his life might be in danger too
  1189. 'The Bachelor' turns 17 and fans fondly recollect which season got them hooked
  1190. 'Peaky Blinders': How Linda Shelby transformed from a God-fearing mother to a cocaine-snorting chick
  1191. 'Atypical' Season 3: Release date, cast, plot, trailer, news and everything you need to know about the Netflix show
  1192. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 15 finally offers us the unique side of Malec we have been dying to see
  1193. 'The Fix': More plot twists in episode 2 leave fans hankering for more of ABC's new legal drama
  1194. Ranking Roger of General Public and English Beat dies at 56, following battle with cancer
  1195. 'American Idol' Season 17 episode 7: Hollywood Week sees some tough competition with only 40 moving to the next round
  1196. Michael Jackson's former rabbi believes James Safechuck and Wade Robson are telling the truth
  1197. Kim Kardashian's ex-husband Kris Humphries insists marriage wasn't fake: 'It was 100% real'
  1198. One of world's 'ugliest' dogs, which had cataract and no teeth, dies of pancreatitis aged 16
  1199. 'Project Runway' season 1 episode 3: New mentor Christian Siriano has some harsh words for an "old lady" outfit
  1200. Woman admits she cheated on her husband after DNA tests reveal one of her newborn twins is from another father
  1201. Teen kills himself after teachers bullied him for 3 years after his father's death: 'I am tired. I want to die'
  1202. 'He is Psychometric' week 3 review: Lee Ahn and Jae-in partner up while Kang Seung-mo faces his past
  1203. Crack cocaine is the new 'fashion drug' for professionals, students, and clubbers, government report claims
  1204. Indonesian theme park covers up bare-chested mermaids with golden crop tops to conform with 'Eastern values'
  1205. Donald Trump attacks 'fake news' media over 'corrupt coverage of the illegal Democrat Witch Hunt'
  1206. Student, 21, reveals she earns $1,700 a month by selling her used underwear online
  1207. Former US Army intelligence analyst shot dead by ex-husband in front of her five-year-old daughter
  1208. The Gospel of Instagram according to Miley Cyrus: How the star is redefining what it means to be a celebrity on social media
  1209. Newborn dies after seven-month-pregnant mother is drugged, put in labor for four days on doctor boyfriend's directions
  1210. Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' slated to be the best-selling memoir of all time after selling more than 10 million copies
  1211. Mariah Carey: New book could reveal truth behind sexual harassment case, mental health battles and James Packer split
  1212. Dad sent ex-wife 'polite' texts before murdering four-year-old daughter and killing himself
  1213. 14-year-old autistic girl brutally assaulted in classroom as students yelled 'punch her'
  1214. Marla Maples 'bedded Michael Bolton' while she was still dating Trump, FBI probe reveals
  1215. 'Cloak and Dagger' season 2: Will Mayhem be sidelined like in the comics or will there be more to O'Reilly's alter-ego?
  1216. Synthetic alcohol which can make you feel drunk without a hangover 'could be ready within five years'
  1217. Teacher arrested for forcing herself on 16-year-old student and threatening him against going to authorities
  1218. Boy, 10, hangs himself after bullies beat him up in school and wrote 'kill yourself' on his tablet
  1219. What Jimmy Kimmel can learn about retirement from former late-night talk show stalwarts Jay Leno and David Letterman
  1220. 'The Village': Dominic Chianese as the sassy but loving grandfather Enzo is already winning hearts
  1221. Drunk Wendy Williams gets rushed to hospital after husband's alleged mistress gives birth to baby girl
  1222. #SurvivingCardiB: First male victim confirms being drugged and robbed by the 'Bodak Yellow' singer
  1223. Teen doused in gasoline and set on fire by ex-boyfriend for breaking up with him
  1224. Mother and boyfriend dunk two children in scalding hot bath as punishment, jailed for 40 years
  1225. Motley Crue's Nikki Sixx 'gang-raped' woman with Tommy Lee, boasted about it in 2001 memoir
  1226. 95-year-old World War II veteran catches four buses to attend rally in support of Christchurch mosque victims
  1227. Jussie Smollett case: All the questions we need answered, and why his career is still "over"
  1228. Cardi B compared to R Kelly and Bill Cosby as first victim emerges claiming he was drugged and robbed
  1229. Madeleine McCann's DNA found in parents' car wasn't analyzed properly: Expert
  1230. Florida man, 20, rapes neighbor, 35, and then offers to do her yard work to make up for it
  1231. Is the Nicki Minaj army behind Cardi B's 3-year-old video about 'drugging and robbing' going viral?
  1232. The art of trolling yourself mastered by Snoop Dogg on his own Instagram feed
  1233. 'The Act' episode 3 preview: The beginning of Gypsy Blanchard's rebellion against her mother Dee Dee
  1234. Man rapes drunk female colleague twice in the same night, proposes to girlfriend in the morning
  1235. Police dashcam video shows former officer shooting unarmed motorist over a seat belt violation
  1236. Barbara Bush kept a special clock that counted down days left in Donald Trump's term as president
  1237. From Jennifer Lopez to Kylie Jenner, a growing number of celebs are using 'Instagram therapy' to rubbish rumors
  1238. Discovery Channel to air 'Liberation Heroes: The Last Eyewitnesses' documentary on Holocaust Remembrance Day
  1239. 'Rocketman': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about this glittering rendition of Elton John's life
  1240. Jussie Smollett case: The 'Empire' star is done and should "find a new career" says crisis management expert
  1241. The World's Best: Season 1 winner Lydian Nadhaswaram reveals he began playing blindfolded for fun to cheer his family up
  1242. 'Warrior': A lover, an Irish leader, and a man of resources, 3 unsung heroes you need to look out for in Cinemax's series
  1243. SundanceTV's new short-form series 'State of the Union', starring Rosamund Pike and Chris O'Dowd to air May 6
  1244. 'Into the Dark' episode 7: "I'm Just F**king With You" is a biting portrayal of online dudebros being consumed by their own toxicity
  1245. 'Game of Thrones' Season 8: Let's be honest, Cersei Lannister deserves to keep her throne. Here's why
  1246. 'The Bachelor' Season 23: Cassie Randolph confirms fan speculation, reveals she is moving in with her sister and will be closer to Colton Underwood
  1247. 'Killing Eve' Season 2: Are Carolyn Martens and Niko Polastri secret spies too?
  1248. 'Manifest' Season 2: Jeff Rake might have hinted at a 2nd villain through the cult "Church of the Returned"
  1249. 'American Idol' Season 17: With the top 40 contestants decided, fans reveal who they are rooting for
  1250. 'Shadowhunters' season 3 episode 16 spoilers: Magnus battles for his life, as Clary summons an evil entity
  1251. From guest spots to playing lead on NBC's 'Abby's', Cuban-American actress Natalie Morales is ready for her place at the big table
  1252. Denise Richards invited ex-husband Charlie Sheen to her private Malibu wedding. Here's why
  1253. Cable dramas still lead the way, after study shows 9% lift in viewing thanks to digital platforms
  1254. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx put split rumors to rest, enjoy romantic stroll in Central Park
  1255. Jordan Peele says black actors will always take center stage in his movies: 'I don't see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie'
  1256. 11-year-old girl dies after she was brutally beaten up by classmates during brawl leaving mother devastated
  1257. 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' season 2 may undo the blunders of season 1 including giving Salem a voice
  1258. Girl who wanted to celebrate 18th birthday by skydiving dies after parachute fails to open
  1259. Prince William backed Harry's bid to have a separate household after Queen resisted proposal
  1260. Rosie O'Donnell says Whoopi Goldberg was the meanest person on The View: 'The worst experience ever'
  1261. 'He is Psychometric' week 4 preview: Lee Ahn finds out the connection between his attacker and Kang Seung-mo
  1262. Did former Michelle Obama aide play a role in Jussie Smollett's 'suspicious' release? Critics allege political 'interference'
  1263. Disney-Fox Merger: Who's in and who's out at the new entertainment behemoth
  1264. Teen who pushed her friend off 60ft Washington bridge sentenced to two days in jail
  1265. High-rise building catches fire in Dhaka, several people seen jumping to their death from blazing tower
  1266. 'Flack' season 1 finale spoilers: The drama in Robyn's life comes to an end while Melody and Eve go down different paths
  1267. Drinking a bottle of wine a week has same cancer risk as smoking upto 10 cigarettes: Study
  1268. Half of voters still think that Trump obstructed justice, finds first poll since end of Mueller probe
  1269. Tom Cruise bans ex-wife Nicole Kidman from attending their son Connor's Scientology wedding
  1270. Man charged with child sex abuse gave name as 'Michael Jackson' when stopped by cops
  1271. 'Million Dollar Mile' episode 1: CBS' high-stakes, high-budget response to 'American Ninja Warrior' piques the interest of viewers
  1272. Before CBS' drama 'The Red Line' premieres, here are five other shows that explore race
  1273. Woman gives birth to twins a month after delivering baby boy as doctors fail to notice 'a second uterus'
  1274. Meghan Markle wants Elton John to teach her baby how to play the piano in the future
  1275. KUWTK season 16 teases another scandal, but let's face it, the drama's getting old | Opinion
  1276. 'American Gods' EXCLUSIVE: Actor Devery Jacobs says she fought hard to bag the role of Sam Black Crow
  1277. Muslim campaigners slam New Zealand women for wearing hijab in solidarity: 'The hijab is not empowering'
  1278. Dog The Bounty Hunter says his cancer-battling wife wants to spend her last days 'on the hunt'
  1279. Timothée Chalamet and Ansel Elgort: High school rivals turn BFFs after taking Hollywood by storm
  1280. Newborn baby found buried in cemetery flowerpot with her umbilical cord still attached
  1281. Ivanka sees the Trump family as the next Kennedys, wants to be president someday, claims book
  1282. Mom died from 90% burns after she doused herself in gasoline to 'scare' cheating husband
  1283. Police car driving Countess of Wessex hits a mother's car and drives off leaving her with a hefty repair bill
  1284. Marcia Cross shares her anal cancer story to end the stigma: 'There is a lot of shame about it. I want that to stop'
  1285. 'The Perfect Date': Will Netflix's golden boy Noah Centineo be able to break away from stereotypical rom-com roles?
  1286. 'American Idol' season 17: Five contestants who have the highest chance to make it to the Top 20
  1287. Who wore it best: Kris Jenner joins Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj in Alexandre Vauthier gown, but who owns it
  1288. Offset comes out in support of Cardi B after her old video sparks widespread outrage
  1289. Rita Wilson told husband Tom Hanks to be "super sad for a very long time" if she died from breast cancer
  1290. 'Texas 7': The murderous gang that pulled off one of the most daring prison escapes in US history
  1291. Man who raped 3-year-old daughter after 'mistaking' her for his wife jailed for 50 years
  1292. Mother-of-three dies after suffering blood clot following $9,000 boob job and tummy tuck procedure
  1293. The Code season 1: Release date, plot, cast, spoilers, trailer and everything else about new CBS show
  1294. 'American Idol' fans are furious Colby Swift got sent home in episode 7, request judges to bring singer back
  1295. Seungri's 'Burning Sun' scandal, Jang Jun-young's sex tapes, Jang Ja-yeon's suicide: South Korea's #MeToo movement takes off
  1296. 'On My Block' season 2: Julio Macias says there isn't much that Oscar wouldn't do for his brother Cesar
  1297. Barbara Bush contemplated suicide after husband Bush Sr's 12-year affair with his younger aide
  1298. 1-year-old girl from Georgia abducted by 39-year-old man is believed to be in 'extreme danger'
  1299. 'Peaky Blinders': Top 3 times Thomas cold-bloodedly murdered for the Shelby family
  1300. Jessie J posts steamy, naked bathroom pic, but there's one major problem
  1301. 'Vikings' Season 6: Leaked image teases death of a major character, here are two possibilities
  1302. 'Good Trouble': Versatile Nicki Micheaux's passion for "the fight for justice" lands her another significant role
  1303. 'Game of Thrones': Season 1 perhaps hinted to what might happen with Tyrion and Varys in Season 8
  1304. 'Euphoria': Zendaya shares teaser of HBO drama, produced by Drake
  1305. 'Shadowhunters' Season 3 episode 16 teaser proved we need to talk about Sizzy
  1306. New 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 pictures suggest things are about to heat up in Winterfell
  1307. New 'Killing Eve' Season 2 teaser reveals Villanelle's vogue goes out the window in her crazy pursuit of Eve
  1308. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 could see new couple Jonathan and Nancy join Hawkins Post, a very risky move
  1309. ‘Good Girls’ and 'Toy Story 4' star Christina Hendricks on her first major TV role since ‘Mad Men’ and the show's darker tone
  1310. 'On My Block' star Julio Macias has a theory about who's behind that shocking season 2 ending
  1311. 'Dwight in Shining Armour's Sloane Siegel fights medieval villains and hordes of enemies in this coming-of-age fantasy comedy
  1312. Chances are the much-missed Detective Vance will not be back in 'Manifest' Season 2
  1313. NBC's Abby's: A contemporary 'Cheers', set outdoors, but offering little comedy
  1314. G-Eazy-backed liquor start-up Stillhouse sues Bacardi for extortion in $100M lawsuit: Attorney Skip Miller says they look forward to day in court
  1315. 'American Idol' season 17 has fans convinced that they will witness some really good singing talent
  1316. 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' Part 2 will see Jordan Fisher's John Ambrose fight for Lara Jean's affection
  1317. Disney is banning smoking areas in all its theme and water parks across America
  1318. First look photos tease 'Easy' season 3 ahead of May 10 release on Netflix
  1319. Rihanna spanked a very pregnant Slick Woods with a whip at the Savage X Fenty show last year
  1320. Michael Jackson child abuse scandal leaves Paul McCartney stunned and very sad
  1321. GLAAD Awards 2019 Red carpet: Wardrobe disasters from Jonathan Van Ness and Jameela Jamil to Adam Lambert
  1322. 'Avengers: Endgame': Release date, plot, cast, trailer, news and everything else about the most-awaited Marvel movie
  1323. Woman hacks off lover's head and genitals 'in Satanic ritual' after he died in BDSM sex game
  1324. 'He loves to cuddle': A day in the lives of two Pakistani brothers raising an African lion named Simba as a pet
  1325. Tom Cruise is god to Scientology members, lower ranks forced to watch his movies multiple times: Report
  1326. Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau who outraged America with their love story headed for separation
  1327. Fans of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina' no longer excited for a crossover with 'Riverdale'
  1328. Hollywood vs State of Georgia: Alyssa Milano leads star charge against Heartbeat bill, warns state of boycott
  1329. Michael Jackson's defenders Barbra Streisand, Diana Ross slammed by Leaving Neverland director Dan Reed
  1330. Piketon Murders: Did the Wagners really kill 8 members of the Rhoden family over a custody battle?
  1331. Father of missing 8-year-old boy Noah McIntosh charged with murder, while mother is held for felony child endangerment
  1332. Paris Jackson accidentally cut her arm with scissors, wasn't a suicide attempt, friends insist
  1333. Trump says wind energy won't work because wind 'only blows sometimes'
  1334. We deserve 'On My Block' season 3 if only for Oscar aka Spooky to evolve and find a love interest
  1335. 10 shortest Hollywood marriages: Nicholas Cage, Britney Spears, Kim Kardashian and more
  1336. George Clooney calls for boycott of Brunei hotels because of anti-gay laws
  1337. Catholic mom wants girls to stop wearing leggings because it 'exposes their nether regions' to men
  1338. 'Black-ish' star Anthony Anderson wants Jussie Smollett to win at NAACP Image Awards
  1339. Husband strips wife and shaves her head for refusing to dance for his friends
  1340. 'Imagined Life' is changing podcasts as we know it, Wondery's chief content officer Marshall Lewy explains how
  1341. Olivia Munn, Tan France, Shangela among best dressed celebs at GLAAD red carpet
  1342. Man who spent $30,000 to look like Michael Jackson has no regrets despite child abuse allegations
  1343. 4 steps celebrities like Jussie Smollett can take to revive their reputations, according to PR crisis expert Ronn Torossian
  1344. The true story behind Clint Eastwood's 'The Mule': How a 90-year-old trafficked 1,400 pounds of drugs for El Chapo
  1345. Prisoners at British jail HMP Berwyn allowed to unlock their cells and guards must knock before entering
  1346. 'American Gods' season 2 episode 4 sees Wednesday and Shadow tangle over the dead wife
  1347. Nicolas Cage annuls wedding just four days after getting married for the fourth time
  1348. Playboy model charged in murder of 71-yr-old psychiatrist found bludgeoned to death in car trunk
  1349. 'Cannibal frat boy' who killed couple, ate husband's face thought he was 'half-man, half-dog'
  1350. Why the trend of Hollywood actors making a beeline for television roles will not be ending any time soon
  1351. Model caught on camera kicking and stomping on dog spared jail time, gets away with just a $600 fine
  1352. Motley Crue film 'The Dirt' sees band's music top streaming charts on Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer
  1353. Has Netflix struck a hit formula? 'The Silence' trailer promises a ride similar to last year's 'Bird Box'
  1354. Madeleine McCann's mother buys her birthday presents every year hoping she will come back home
  1355. Dwight in Shining Armour's Sloane Siegel is the teen inspiration to watch out for, and not just for his acting credits
  1356. Resurgence: DeMarcus Cousins, Showtime releases official trailer and key art from sports documentary
  1357. 'Peaky Blinders' behind-the-scene stills reveal Arthur's intentions for the Shelby family in upcoming season 5
  1358. Elyse Dehlbom was fan-favorite over Hannah Brown for 'The Bachelorette' Season 15, until her DUI arrest was revealed
  1359. NBC's 'Manifest': Fans should put aside their indignation against Grace and Jared
  1360. Epix drops 'Pennyworth' trailer ahead of highly-anticipated summer release
  1361. 'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit' gets renewed for Season 21, breaks record for longest-running primetime drama
  1362. Kim Kardashian has always slayed the "fitting pics" game like nobody else
  1363. These 3 striking similarities between 'Game of Thrones' Season 1 and Season 8 will blow your mind
  1364. Every season of the 'Peaky Blinders' gave us a masterclass on murdering the Shelby way
  1365. Miley Cyrus' Instagram features the 'Best of Both Worlds', as she embraces her inner 'Hannah Montana'
  1366. These spoilers from episode 1 and 2 of The Twilight Zone's reboot will sure get you in the mood for some surreal horror
  1367. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 might just see Steve and Jonathan team up to smack the heck out of Billy
  1368. Abby's premiere met with mixed reactions, while some love it, others hope it gets better
  1369. Kylie Jenner's daughter Stormi sports gorgeous pink bag with little help from dad, Travis Scott
  1370. Is 'American Idol' Season 17 contestant Alejandro Aranda a one trick pony or a true artist? Fans seem divided
  1371. Soul Rising on their upcoming single 'Not the One' and what it takes to be diverse and still come together
  1372. Heartbroken husband of mother-of-two killed in horrific M25 crash vows to 'make you proud till I see you again'
  1373. Mother who watched while her boyfriend raped and murdered teen daughter sentenced to life
  1374. Miranda Kerr is expecting her second child with husband Evan Spiegel 10 months after giving birth to son
  1375. Man dies one week after daughter's boyfriend brutally beat him up and cracked his skull
  1376. Jada Pinkett Smith unfollows Kris Jenner, Khloe, and Kim Kardashian on Instagram following Jordyn Woods scandal
  1377. Grandmother gives birth to her granddaughter after volunteering to be surrogate mother for her son and his husband
  1378. 5-year-old battling cancer finds perfect stem cell donor match after over 10,000 people come forward to help
  1379. Sarah Michelle Gellar pushes Selma Blair's wheelchair during Disneyland outing as they celebrate 20 years of friendship
  1380. Emiliano Sala's pilot was 'colorblind' and therefore 'not qualified to fly at night', claims report
  1381. Adele's estranged dad earns $65-a-day as Yodel driver years after bitter fallout
  1382. Caitlyn Jenner’s girlfriend Sophia Hutchins is closer to Kylie than Kendall
  1383. Joe Biden accused of touching and kissing former Nevada politician's head during 2014 campaign
  1384. Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx slept with Tommy Lee's girlfriends, the band even had a 150-prostitute orgy once
  1385. Kate Middleton hires new fashion advisor to keep up with Meghan Markle's style
  1386. Madeleine McCann investigator siphoned cash from search fund to bankroll lavish lifestyle and wasted probe funds on useless detectives
  1387. 'GoT' star Peter Dinklage spotted spending quality time with daughter in NYC once again
  1388. Heartbroken man takes his own life after finding out his wife was sleeping with his best friend
  1389. Barbara Bush hated Trump but still welcomed Melania to First Ladies' club: 'I am glad it's not Bill Clinton'
  1390. Boy, 19, shot dead after he knocked on wrong door of apartment complex he had just moved to in Atlanta
  1391. Mick Jagger’s mystery illness forces Rolling Stones to postpone North America tour
  1392. Police chief and friend raped girl hundreds of times over 7-year period starting from when she was just 4
  1393. El Chapo set to launch fashion brand with his beauty queen wife from behind bars
  1394. Madeleine McCann search could be abandoned with no new leads or suspects, and money running out
  1395. Judge restores Obama-era ban on offshore drilling in Arctic after Trump lifted the ban
  1396. Kylie Jenner denies intentionally slashing price of Jordy Lip Kit after Tristan Thompson cheating scandal
  1397. New Zealand shooter demands access to visitors, phone calls in prison, says he's being treated unfairly
  1398. USC student, 21, murdered after she got into a car thinking it was her Uber
  1399. NHS racial equality boss sacked for discrimination against white colleague
  1400. Ocasio-Cortez's constituents say she's ignoring Bronx to spend time on national issues
  1401. Trump cheats at golf, he lies about his score and hits other players' balls, claims sportswriter
  1402. Diddy says he regrets not marrying Kim Porter, but it's too late now: 'Don't be like me'
  1403. Michael Jackson was 'scared to death' of having sex with women and 'repulsed' by prostitutes, claims book
  1404. ISIS bride Shamima Begum's husband also banned from the UK and is seen as a national security risk
  1405. Motley Crue's Tommy Lee loved to f**k girls in the limo, and the band loved virgins, claims former driver
  1406. Russian teachers strip in protest after colleague was fired for 'dressing like a prostitute' and causing students to 'lust after her'
  1407. Saudi govt hacked Jeff Bezos' phone and leaked nude pics as revenge for Khashoggi murder reports, says investigator
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