1. Adult film stars speak out on the possibility of porn being taxed to raise money for Trump’s border wall
  2. 'Game of Thrones' season 8: Jaime Lannister may drop his title as Kingslayer and may take up the fabled title of Azor Ahai
  3. Deadline Artists: Pete Hamill and Jimmy Breslin's faceoff with Donald Trump in 1989 is still relevant today
  4. Heklina and Jackie Beat talk 'RuPaul's Drag Race': 'I don't think RuPaul would ever have drag queens on her show'
  5. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 9: What was Hope doing in Rafael's dreams?
  6. Lethal Weapon season 3: When will the show be back on air?
  7. Meghan Markle ditches messy bun and rocks tight ballerina bun during solo appearance in London
  8. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 9: Landon is finally showing his true colors and we love it
  9. Nutritionist commits suicide after she posts heartbreaking note on her website saying she was 'tired of feeling tired'
  10. Melania is Donald Trump's 'fiercest protector,' ex-White House aide says
  11. Peter Dinklage takes a scooter ride through New York with daughter, 6, as she keeps warm in enormous red earmuffs
  12. 'Doom Patrol': With a name like Negative Man, you'd be surprised that he's actually a positive and upbeat character
  13. Missing Iowa teen died falling from communication tower after he left home following an argument with his parents
  14. Toronto doctor loses medical license for having sex with 'emotionally exposed' cancer patient in hospital bed
  15. Mother charged with child cruelty for 'waterboarding' her infant daughter for waking her up at night
  16. ‘Jersey Shore’ star JWoww shares video of estranged husband Roger Mathews throwing her to the ground
  17. Muslim school in UK does not allow girls to eat lunch until all the boys have finished theirs
  18. Kansas woman arrested for leaving two toddlers in car in freezing temperatures for hours while she drank at bar
  19. 'Project Runway': Why Christian Siriano is the perfect fit for the revamped runway competition
  20. 'Young Justice: Outsiders': With the mid-season finale having already arrived, why is Kaldur'ahm aka Aqualad missing in action?
  21. Minnesota man leaves pet dog chained outside in subzero temperatures during deadly polar vortex
  22. Texas woman, 26, arrested for masturbating in public with her 'legs straight up in the air and spread open'
  23. Mother, 23, kills newborn twins and stuffs their bodies into a teddy bear and laundry basket
  24. Australian judge says Muslims should denounce certain 'hostile verses' of Quran for 'inciting violence'
  25. Golden Globes Fiji Water girl sues company for using her image as a marketing tool without permission
  26. Young Indonesian couple publicly whipped 17 times each for the "moral crime" of cuddling
  27. 'One-Punch Man': Why Genos will always remain the sidekick who fails every single time
  28. Father plotted acid attack on his own 3-year-old son to shame the mother for leaving him
  29. French teen jailed after walking away with PlayStation 4 for just $10 by weighing it in supermarket's fruit section
  30. Meghan Markle and Harry hold hands like 'passionate lovers' while William and Kate hold them like 'parent and child'
  31. Cory Booker announces 2020 presidency bid with common purpose to make sure "no one is forgotten, no one is left behind"
  32. Joseph Baena strikes another one of dad Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic poses
  33. 'Game of Thrones' Season 8: Can Sansa Stark, the Lady of Winterfell, inherit the Iron Throne?
  34. Gamer plunges to death from balcony while trying to get better internet reception during online multiplayer game
  35. America's big freeze: Incredible images of the polar vortex unleashing frigid temperatures in the Midwest
  36. Mother claims her 4-year-old son remembers miscarriage where he 'died', 'became an angel' and 'returned'
  37. Dixie Chicks singer Natalie Maines' estranged husband wants $60K a month as he 'challenges prenup'
  38. GoT star Kit Harrington's wife Rose Leslie didn't talk to him for 3 days when he told her the show's ending
  39. Michael Jackson's 1st sexual abuse accuser reportedly identified distinctive mark on megastar's penis before $23m settlement
  40. 'The Bachelor' season 23: New drama in the mansion, this time between Onyeka Ehie and Nicole Lopez-Alvar
  41. 'Manifest': Cal's 'Callings' led him to prophesy 'it is coming', but what could 'it' be?
  42. 'Into the Dark: Down' transports viewers into a Valentine's nightmare sugared with claustrophobia, paranoia, coercion and assault
  43. 'Project Blue Book': With ratings dropping, perhaps the History Channel show should focus more on truth than fiction
  44. 'Russian Doll': Leslye Headland on what sets the series apart from clichéd shows with female protagonists
  45. 'Counterpart': The men in the show are reverential and dutiful, and not bad examples of the kind we need in the 21st century
  46. Oscar 2019 winner predictions : Vegas bookie RJ Bell tips 'Roma,' Christian Bale and Glenn Close to win
  47. 'Strangers': Meet Anthony Wong, the actor who openly critiques discrimination in the Hong Kong film industry
  48. 'Russian Doll' isn't a regular cookie cutter romance, it is a witty comedy ruled by women
  49. Woman shocked to find videos showing boyfriend and his best friend sexually assaulting her as she slept
  50. True Detective season 3 episode 5: Hays and West hop on a senile adventure train
  51. Kate Middleton dons dreamy $2,700 Alexander McQueen dress for mother Carole's 64th birthday
  52. Families devastated as man breaks into funeral home while high on drugs and sexually abuses corpses
  53. 84-year-old woman spends hours in the cold after being locked outside care facility in just her bathrobe
  54. 'Escape at Dannemora': Michael Beasley reveals how he got into his character of Murder and the challenge it presented
  55. Kylie Jenner celebrates daughter Stormi's first birthday amid touching tributes from the Kardashian-Jenner clan
  56. Tom Brady's wife Gisele Bündchen says she broke up with Leonardo DiCaprio because she wanted to stop 'numbing herself'
  57. Daycare owners who left two toddlers in van during heatwave leading to death of 22-month-old girl claim it was an accident
  58. Woman and son shocked to find crying 30-minute-old baby girl abandoned in a park in subzero temperatures
  59. Stepdad who pleaded on TV for safe return of missing 14-year-old Tennessee girl arrested hours after she's found in Wisconsin
  60. 13-year-old schoolgirl who was found hanged was laughed at by mother for 'wanting to be her little girl again'
  61. Man abducts estranged wife, ties 119-pound block of concrete to her before throwing her off bridge and killing her
  62. Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson reignite romance rumors after being spotted walking hand-in-hand in LA
  63. Mother who mutilated 3-year-old daughter's genitals 'coached her to lie to the police' so she wouldn't get caught
  64. Mother of 11-year-old girl who killed herself after viewing 'horrific and disturbing' images blames social media giant for her death
  65. Tekashi 6ix9ine admits to being a member of violent Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods gang, agrees to cooperate for reduced sentence
  66. 'What black girl magic looks like': Veteran cop posts 'racially insensitive' video mocking woman walking home in the cold
  67. David Bowie tried to have a threesome with 16-year-old girl and her best friend while on holiday with Mick Jagger, claims comedian David Baddiel
  68. Trump lashes out at Nancy Pelosi for wanting to 'win a political point' and doing a 'terrible disservice' to America
  69. Saudi government helped hit-and-run driver suspected of killing 15-year-old girl flee US on a private jet: Report
  70. 23-month-old girl dies after being sexually assaulted and brutally beaten by mother's boyfriend
  71. El Chapo drugged and sexually assaulted girls as young as 13 and called them his 'vitamins': Court documents
  72. Youtube star Austin Jones pleads guilty to producing child pornography after forcing minors to send him explicit videos
  73. Polar vortex: Pet zebra freezes to death after getting stuck in a fence as temperatures dip to -17F
  74. Cardi B turned down offer to perform with Maroon 5 at Super Bowl halftime in support of Colin Kaepernick
  75. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says it's a 'privilege' to not have to deal with the trauma of being transgender
  76. California restaurant owner says customers wearing MAGA hats won't be served, apologizes following outrage
  77. Mary Poppins branded racist by academic for 'flirting with blackface' in iconic rooftop dancing scene
  78. President Trump's year-round bronze glow is a result of 'good genes', claims White House official
  79. 5 children who weren't wearing seatbelts killed after being ejected from vehicle in horrific car crash in Maryland
  80. Mother of 2-month-old killed by babysitter 'asked doctors if he was being abused' days before the horrific incident
  81. Woman who repeatedly stabbed sleeping boyfriend with samurai sword took 'substantial steps to kill him' for being unfaithful
  82. Tanning addict Martina Big says she 'identifies as black' and wants to move to Africa to start a family
  83. Dog owner dyes her Great Dane pink to make her look less scary and more approachable
  84. Christopher Reeve's daughter Alexandra says her parents' foundation has helped paralyzed people stand and take steps again
  85. 'I can't do this anymore': Homeless man freezes to death months after breaking down while talking to charity worker
  86. 'It’s better we cut it off': Woman stabs 'cheating' husband, chops off his penis as he lies bleeding to death
  87. Autistic teenager left with a 'chunk missing above his eye' after being attacked for the second time in a month
  88. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 11: A monster that lowers the gang's inhibitions wreaks havoc at the Salvatore School
  89. 'Russian Doll' season 1: Fans call it 'the best series' of 2019, demand a season 2 already
  90. 'Legacies' season 1: Why Hope and Landon's relationship is also about breaking gender stereotypes
  91. 'The World's Best': The TNT Boys leave judges and fans with goosebumps after their performance
  92. Autistic teen kills herself after she was locked in a psychiatric care unit for mentally ill as parents blame the facility for lack of support
  93. Adam Levine tears off his shirt at Super Bowl leaving Janet Jackson fans outraged over gender double standards
  94. 7-year-old boy brutally beaten and buried alive in snow by religious couple for not memorizing the Bible
  95. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez should be allowed to run for president as she is a natural leader, says Michael Moore
  96. Angelina Jolie had trouble getting over Brad Pitt as she loved him 'like she hadn’t loved anyone else before'
  97. Pregnant real estate agent, 35, found brutally stabbed to death in her home in Queens
  98. NBC's 'Abby's': Release date, cast, plot, preview, review and everything else you need to know
  99. 'True Detective' season 3 episode 6: What does Harris James know about the brown sedan?
  100. One-year-old boy dies after being accidentally locked inside a hot car in blistering Sydney
  101. Leaked Donald Trump schedule shows he spends 60 per cent of it in 'executive time'
  102. Breastfeeding mother 'squirts boob' at woman who told her to go somewhere private because her husband was getting distracted
  103. 4-year-old boy accidentally shoots 8-month pregnant mother in the face after finding loaded gun under mattress
  104. Salma Hayek rocks greying locks in stunning all-natural selfie as she embraces her age
  105. Student from University of Vermont found frozen to death after trying to take a shortcut home in frigid temperatures
  106. 'Romance is a Bonus Book': Everything we love about Netflix's newest K-drama starring Lee Na-young and Lee Jong-suk
  107. Four-year-old girl needed surgery to have her intestines realigned after being brutally raped by schoolteacher
  108. ABC's 'The Fix': Release date, cast, plot, preview, review and everything else you need to know
  109. Project Runway: Why Brandon Maxwell is the perfect choice to be a judge on fashion reality show
  110. Popular Australian fisherman faces major backlash after Facebook video shows him using dead shark as bong
  111. Woman pays for 20 hotel rooms to house homeless in Chicago amid record-breaking cold
  112. Sex worker finds Meghan Markle's inspiring, handwritten notes on bananas given to prostitutes 'offensive'
  113. 'Flack': Pop TV's new dark comedy starring Anna Paquin takes a look at the cut-throat world of celebrity PR
  114. 12-year-old girl gives birth to child after being sexually assaulted for months by 37-year-old man
  115. Rowan Atkinson to take a break to look after 'Baby Bean' while girlfriend Louise Ford focuses on her acting career
  116. Swedish student who attempted to prevent deportation of a migrant by refusing to sit in plane goes on trial
  117. Woman gifts boyfriend t-shirt with her face on it warning other girls to "stay away" from him
  118. Vegans slam Hyundai Super Bowl ad for mocking them and comparing vegan dinner party to root canal and jury duty
  119. 'Young and the Restless' star Kristoff St John dies at 52, just months after getting engaged to model girlfriend
  120. Family devastated as 35-yr-old father who was told his throat pain was caused by 'anxiety' dies of cancer
  121. Chinese woman abandons three-month-old baby girl on a street near a mall in subzero temperatures
  122. 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' brings back 4 previous contestants, who are you rooting for?
  123. Emiliano Sala search: Underwater footage shows body in wreckage, authorities mull next move
  124. DC's 'Doom Patrol': Who is The Chief, and why is he the leader of this ragtag band of obscure misfits?
  125. 'Peaky Blinders': Season 5 will see the Shelbys clash with the 'Billy Boys', and Alfie Solomons might just be part of it
  126. 'Toy Story 4': Did Disney's Little Bo Peep really need a dress change to show her transformation into a more confident person?
  127. 'Manifest': Are the red X's a call for hatred by the Major or Cody Webber?
  128. DC's 'Young Justice, Outsiders': Nightwing is the best among all Robins, here's why
  129. 'Roswell, New Mexico': Episode 4 will see the Evans siblings in a heated conflict over Rosa's death, as Liz looks for the truth
  130. 'Project Blue Book': Episode 5 is cringeworthy, but Hynek remains the hero of the story
  131. 'Game of Thrones' season 8: Gendry may just be the rightful heir to the Iron Throne
  132. EXCLUSIVE 'Counterpart' Season 3 preview: Actor Nicholas Pinnock on Ian's unfolding story
  133. 'Avengers: Endgame' Super Bowl clip sees Steve Rogers grieving over fallen mates, Rocket Raccoon in original costume
  134. 'Whiskey Cavalier' comes up with a new trailer and it looks like the buddy-cop dramedy that we've all been waiting for
  135. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Now that Cassie Randolph has a rose from Colton Underwood, fans believe the 'two are meant to be'
  136. RHOBH season 9: This could be the real reason why Lisa Vanderpump distanced herself from the cast
  137. 'The World's Best': TNT Boys win the fan favorite vote on premiere night, but do they have what it takes to win the title?
  138. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 10: Lizzie's impulsive decision makes the whole school suffer
  139. Andy Cohen welcomes newborn son Benjamin Allen Cohen: 'I'm eternally grateful to an incredible surrogate'
  140. Five dead and three injured after plane falls apart mid-air and crashes into two-story home in Orange County
  141. 'We are thrilled': Producers of RuPaul's Drag Race, When the Beat Drops on GLAAD nominations
  142. Saudi Arabian woman who was forcibly taken back to Riyadh in 2017 has not been heard from since
  143. Kansas judge calls teen girls 'aggressors' in sex solicitation case, reduces pedophile's prison sentence
  144. Schoolgirl, 13, who hanged herself was once woken up by stepdad at 1.30 am to mop the floor as punishment
  145. Colorado teen sexually assaulted and murdered 10-year-old girl whose father was dating his mother
  146. Veteran shoots himself in the head on Facebook Live after shooting girlfriend and her 5-year-old son
  147. 'True Detective' season 3: Is Margaret "the aunt"? Emily Nelson is willing to tell us everything but she doesn't want to ruin the mystery
  148. Jennifer Lopez celebrates 'two years of laughter, fun and adventure' with Alex Rodriguez in sweet anniversary tribute
  149. Elderly brothers freeze to death meters from Kentucky home after truck breaks down in sub-zero temperatures
  150. Emiliano Sala's dog waits for him to return home in heartbreaking picture shared by his sister
  151. RJ Bell offers a glimpse into the future of the betting industry and how anything that has an outcome can be bet upon
  152. Gisele Bündchen kisses Tom Brady after Super Bowl win, gushes over his 'tireless commitment'
  153. 'Young and Restless’ star Kristoff St. John who was found dead never really got over the 2014 suicide of his son
  154. Man vaping for the first time dies after the device explodes in his face and shrapnel severs a major artery
  155. Doctor refers fireman whom ambulance medics kept alive for 19 minutes after heart attack to another hospital
  156. 'Pen15' is Hulu's response to Netflix's 'Big Mouth', but there are many reasons to love the show
  157. 'Weird City': Here's why the anthology series about a twisted future and a mad scientist will be an exciting watch
  158. Man claims he is Prince Charles and Camilla's love child, says Diana was ready to go public about his existence before she died
  159. Manhunt: The chilling murder spree that inspired British crossover series on London serial killer
  160. Minnesota man accused of groping at least 10 children kills wife suffering from Alzheimer's 'out of mercy' to 'help her get to heaven'
  161. Man crashes car, climbs out, strips naked and starts simulating sex with vehicle on busy highway
  162. Bernie Sanders slams pharmaceutical company charging $375K for a drug which was free for years
  163. Former Vogue supermodel who made 'a million dollars a year' now lives homeless on the streets of Barcelona
  164. 'Hanna': A coming-of-age story cloaked as a spy thriller starring Joel Kinnaman hooks you right in with the pilot episode
  165. Jayme Closs, who was found alive 88 days after her kidnapping and parents' murders, enjoys meal with grandad
  166. Hector, the 'loneliest dog in Britain', still awaits a forever home after 500 days at an animal shelter
  167. Lone jogger viciously attacked by juvenile mountain lion suffocates animal to death with bare hands in Colorado
  168. Four children, all aged below 8, killed in house fire as mother and father manage to escape
  169. Liam Neeson denies being racist for admitting he wanted to kill a random black man after his friend was raped by one
  170. Nebraska woman who competed with half-sister to have sex with their father charged with incest
  171. Children devastated as mother is found dead inside home hours before father's body is discovered floating in river
  172. 19-year-old lesbian abducts woman and anally rapes her with strap-on dildo in India
  173. Flack: Anna Paquin starring Pop show is about morally flawed female protagonists, but will it fly?
  174. Man charged for sexually abusing infant for seven months and filming the act
  175. HBO's 'Game of Thrones': Tyrion and Cersei take sibling rivalry to new levels with the former often getting the better
  176. 'Manifest': Episode 14 sees Zeke and Cal receive the same 'Calling' again, will they team up to solve the case?
  177. 'Survivor, Edge of Extinction': 3 crazy strategies contestants have planned to become Sole Survivor
  178. 'Counterpart': Ian's story and his past illustrate a tragic premise of the show in a way unlike other counterparts
  179. Netflix's 'Velvet Buzzsaw': Horror-satire is making a big come back, and here's why people love it
  180. 'Project Blue Book': Episode 6 will see Dr J Allen Hynek break the rules to chase 'The Green Fireballs'
  181. ‘Shadowhunters’ Season 3B preview EXCLUSIVE: Jade Hassouné on why the show will never truly end
  182. 'Manifest' Season 1 Episode 15: A new character who could change the game
  183. DC's 'Justice League vs. The Fatal Five': New trailer reveals some familiar faces with sinister tendencies
  184. 'American Gods' Season 2 preview: The significance of the White Buffalo in Shadow Moon's visions
  185. 'The Bachelor' Season 23 review: Elyse Dehlbom's exit gets mixed fan reaction
  186. 'The World's Best' Season 1: Despite Manami Ito's inspiring story and performance, judges' scores leaves fans stunned
  187. Donald Trump mispronounced Bhutan and Nepal as 'Button' and 'Nipple' and thought they belonged to India
  188. San Antonio woman dismembers cousin and cooks his severed limbs in a barbecue over botched drug deal
  189. Pink poses with husband Carey Hart and children as she gets star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame: 'You guys are my stars'
  190. 28-year-old mother kills newborn girl by stabbing her 15 times with pair of scissors before hiding body in kitchen bin
  191. Teen recalls how she was tricked into sending nude pic to bully who then circulated it in school
  192. 13-year-old Michigan boy who was relentlessly bullied for his weight, glasses and braces kills himself
  193. British soccer fan faces '15 years in prison' in UAE for wearing Qatar team shirt to Asian Cup match
  194. American Idol Season 17 preview: Judges tease an emotional new season and fans can't wait
  195. Father who escaped burning house with his children dies after going back inside to rescue pet dog
  196. Couple decides not to have children because they don't want to 'contaminate the world'
  197. Actor John Michie's daughter died from drug overdose because ex did not seek help for 6 hours and filmed her dying in multiple videos
  198. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 preview: Everything we know about Millie Bobby Brown's Eleven from prequel book 'Suspicious Minds'
  199. Heartbroken wife sings for father-of-four suffering from 'human form of mad cow disease' three days before his death
  200. Starz 'Now Apocalypse' Season 1: Release date, cast, plot, preview, review and everything you need to know
  201. Kate Middleton wears 'world's angriest dress' as royal fan notices 'a face' in her $2,500 bright green Eponine frock
  202. The 'Pelosi Clap': House Speaker's clap-back at Donald Trump dubbed most iconic moment of SOTU on social media
  203. 11-year-old bullied for having same surname as Trump dozes off during State of the Union address
  204. Pennsylvania police officer arrested and charged after uploading videos of him having sex with minor on adult website
  205. 23-year-old student stabbed 75 times by ex-boyfriend who 'turned nasty' after she refused to take him back
  206. 27-year-old man suing parents for bringing him to the world without his consent: 'They had me for their joy and their pleasure'
  207. Students heartbroken after 32-yr-old teacher who inspired them to 'believe in themselves' kills self due to low self-esteem
  208. Maroon 5 made terminally ill teen's dying wish come true just one day before she succumbed to cancer
  209. Hulu's 'The Act' Season 1: Release date, cast, plot and everything you need to know
  210. Men start craving beef and pork after looking at sexy images of women: Study
  211. Meghan Markle reportedly wrote father Thomas a letter begging him to stop his media attacks: "Stop victimizing me"
  212. Melania Trump criticized for wearing military-style black dress to SOTU in stark contrast to the Democratic women who donned white
  213. 'Flack' Season 1: Here are 3 reasons why star of Pop's latest show Anna Paquin keeps us wanting more
  214. 3 out of every 4 viewers felt Trump's delayed State of the Union address was positive: Opinion poll
  215. Abortion rights advocates push back after Donald Trump calls for 'late-term' abortion ban in SOTU address
  216. Starz 'American Gods' season 2 preview: All you need to know about the new gods
  217. 'Manifest' Season 1 episode 15 preview: Rescued man from van claims 'Callings' are capable of much more
  218. 'Pen15': Hulu's upcoming comedic gem is slammed, but everyone's missed the point of the show
  219. 'The Passage' Season 1: The backstories of death row prisoners-turned-virals raises the Fox show above its peers
  220. 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 preview: George RR Martin's 'Fire and Blood' adds to Gendry's already royal bloodline
  221. 'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 1 Episode 5 preview: Michael wants to confess the truth about Rosa's murder to Liz
  222. 'White Dragon': Streets of Hong Kong play pivotal role as Amazon set to release gritty ITV thriller
  223. DC's 'Young Justice, Outsiders': Here's why episode 8 plays a pivotal role in defining the paths of these unsung heroes
  224. 'Counterpart': Episode 9 will see Baldwin refusing to commit another murder as Mira puts her final plan into action
  225. 'One-Punch Man' Season 2 update: The show's set of downright quirky characters is what keeps fans coming back
  226. 'Lethal Weapon' Season 4 set for green light as Matt Miller says pitch is ready, but there's a problem
  227. 'Lethal Weapon': Damon dithers and SWS stays away, 5 things we learned from Matt Miller's TCA reveal
  228. Man offered to help teen from her rapist stepdad only if she recorded and sent him videos of the rape
  229. Emiliano Sala search: Body recovered from plane but investigators cannot say whether it is the footballer or his pilot
  230. Michigan father run over by car while trying to remove daughter's dead cat from roadway
  231. Massachusetts teen who pushed boyfriend to commit suicide via texts sentenced to 15 months in prison
  232. 'Legacies' season 1 EXCLUSIVE: Jodi Lyn O'Keefe dishes on her return to the vampireverse, the Saltzman twins and Jacques Parker
  233. Iowa father locks 8-year-old boy in dark basement without food for months while girlfriend films torture
  234. New Jersey man, 22, allegedly slits mother's throat during argument over money and then dumps her body in a garbage bag
  235. The true story of 'vampire' Rod Ferrell who became the youngest inmate in the US on death row in 1998
  236. Denise Richards reveals her 7-year-old daughter is facing 'developmental delays' caused by chromosomal disorder
  237. Baby dies after being exposed to nicotine vaping liquid making experts question safety of e-cigarettes
  238. 'Romance is a Bonus Book' episode 5 will reveal why Eun-ho never told Dan-i he loves her
  239. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Fans blame show's producers for axing Kripa Sudick's accident clip from Monday's episode
  240. Healthy grandmother dies after doctors remove both kidneys after misdiagnosing her with cancer
  241. Anorexic student who weighed just 84 lb says she refused to drink water because she was afraid of gaining weight
  242. Alabama teen who allegedly molested horse last year is now accused of breaking into couple's home with sex toy and taser
  243. 'Game of Thrones' Season 8 spoilers: What George RR Martin's book 'Fire and Blood' tells us about the upcoming season
  244. Animal abusers who left seven dogs starving without food and water are banned from owning pets
  245. 'American Horror Story' Season 9: Ryan Murphy delivers a chilling lesson in how to keep a show fresh and relevant
  246. Gucci's $890 'blackface' jumper sparks outrage forcing brand to apologize and withdraw sale of 'racist' garment
  247. 'The Bachelor' Season 23 review: Did Elyse Dehlbom give up too soon? After all, the race has just begun
  248. Five binge-worthy shows to set the mood for Jordan Peele's sci-fi anthology 'Weird City'
  249. 'The Rise of Phoenixes' Season 2 could still rectify the tragic ending and return the story to the novels
  250. Donald Trump suggests Virginia leadership crisis will help Republicans win state back in 2020
  251. Missouri man accused of murdering sister-in-law and her boyfriend claims Scientology made him do it
  252. Justin Bieber says he didn't have sex for a year and that Hailey Baldwin was his 'reward for good behavior'
  253. Woman weighing 464 lb reveals men pay to watch her chug calorie-filled drinks through a funnel and jiggle her flab on camera
  254. Cat found buried under a mountain of snow in 'frozen and unresponsive' state recovers thanks to vets' efforts
  255. Oscars 2019 is upon us, but do we even care anymore?
  256. Ivanka Trump lashes out at art installation of lookalike vacuuming crumbs thrown at her by gallery visitors
  257. The Passage cancelled? FOX would be loony to bin one of the best vampire shows in recent memory
  258. Kim Kardashian rocks amFAR red carpet in gorgeous boob-baring vintage Versace gown
  259. 'Tiny penis' and 'period blood' emojis set to hit smartphones and the internet is going crazy
  260. Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey pairing in 'Now Apocalypse' sends the internet in a collective swoon
  261. Whoopi Goldberg defends Liam Neeson, says 'you can't be surprised' by actor's desire for revenge
  262. Angry teacher filmed slapping female student for using mobile phone inside classroom
  263. 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' preview: Looking back at the most controversial moments from CBS show
  264. 'Manifest' season 2? Jeff Rake's show has to be renewed to solve the mystery of Montego Air Flight 828
  265. Sophie Okonedo: From 'Hotel Rwanda' to setting the stage on fire, here's a look at 'Flack' actor's impressive body of work
  266. 'American Gods' Season 2 preview: Slavic God Czernobog may play a transformative role in hit Starz show
  267. 'Roswell, New Mexico': Liz's search for answers leads her to Grant Green, could he have been Rosa's lover?
  268. DC's 'Doom Patrol': Our crew of wacky heroes may lose their minds when they face sanity-stealing antagonist Mr Nobody
  269. 'White Dragon' preview: The nature of truth and death sets new Amazon show apart
  270. Netflix's 'The Umbrella Academy' review: The series rings true to its graphic novel, just as strange and wonderfully compelling
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  273. 'The Bachelor' season 23: Heather Martin shares her first kiss ever with Colton Underwood but fans are not buying that story
  274. The World's Best Season 1: 'Six-Octave-Man' Dimash Kudaibergen stuns judges with his vocal range
  275. 'Untogether' director Emma Forrest on putting her life on screen and why working with Jamie Dornan has spoilt her forever
  276. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 10: Lizzie Saltzman has a rude awakening in a world where all her dreams come true
  277. Mother raped her son and daughter for over a decade to please perverted husband
  278. Netflix's 'Russian Doll' Season 1: Rebecca Henderson on Natasha Lyonne's energy and why Season 2 is on the cards
  279. Inseparable identical twins, 52, facing financial trouble hang themselves from tree after being taken off benefits
  280. Emiliano Sala's devastated family and fellow football stars pay tribute as his body is pulled out from the plane wreckage
  281. ABC's 'The Fix': From suburbia to stardom, how Robin Tunney took over the world
  282. "He's incapable of sympathy": Victim of 'Seduced by Evil' conman Derek Alldred reveals how she was scammed out of $325,000
  283. 'My Best Friend's Wedding' cast reunite after 22 years and share memorable moments
  284. Florida city commissioner 'licked' male colleagues, grabbed their privates as a 'show of dominance'
  285. Total Bellas season 4 episode 4: Brie has a tough time convincing Bryan to rebrand himself in new clip
  286. 'Now Apocalypse' Season 1: Gregg Araki's latest show for Starz cements his place in the pantheon of New Queer Cinema
  287. Girl, 11, commits suicide after complaining about being bullied in school and on social media
  288. Michael Jackson's former maid says she found children's underwear floating in his jacuzzi and tampons next to his bed
  289. Meghan Markle reportedly still cooks for herself and does her own hair and makeup: 'She's self-service'
  290. Man jailed for engaging in sex acts with 12-year-old girl who posed as 'experienced' 19-year-old on adult dating app
  291. Man, 48, who stopped to help a car crash victim on a 450-ft-high California bridge falls to his death
  292. Brazilian lawmaker slammed for wearing cleavage-baring red outfit to swearing-in ceremony
  293. Michelle Rodriguez defends Liam Neeson, says he is not racist because he kissed Viola Davis in 'Widows'
  294. 'Lethal Weapon' season 3: Why Cole going back to Natalie is the worst decision ever
  295. Father of man who abducted Wisconsin teen Jayme Closs after killing her parents wishes for 'complete healing of her mind'
  296. Pregnant mother carried baby with fatal abnormality to full term so she could donate her organs
  297. Mother 'hounded by debt collectors' jumps off 330-foot bridge holding her 10-year-old son in her arms
  298. Iowa mother who let infant son rot to death by leaving him in maggot-infested diaper and urine-soaked blankets found guilty of murder
  299. Vet who stitched packets of liquid heroin into puppies' stomachs to smuggle drugs sentenced to 6 years in prison
  300. 'Legacies' season 1: Here's what could happen if this twin doesn't survive the Merge
  301. Ted Bundy ate hamburgers while watching news of his murders on TV, reveals ex-girlfriend
  302. Meghan McCain blasts Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner for attending her father's funeral
  303. Pennsylvania groom drags teenage waitress into bathroom stall and sexually assaults her during his wedding reception
  304. Albert Finney, star of 'Erin Brockovich' and 'Under the Volcano', dies at 82
  305. China 'forces' Muslims to eat pork, drink alcohol during festive events for Lunar New Year holiday
  306. 3-year-old boy dies after he was run over by black pickup truck in a parking lot in front of his family in Dallas
  307. 'The Act': Here's the real story which inspired Patricia Arquette and Joey King's Hulu show
  308. Texas woman, 29, shot dead while setting up garage sale to pay for anniversary trip with husband
  309. Female cadet found dead at elite Sandhurst academy after senior officers quizzed her over 'drunken party'
  310. Father tied to tree and forced to watch as teenage daughter gang-raped by six men
  311. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Green Deal to fight climate change slammed by conservatives, termed 'brainless'
  312. Naomi Campbell sparks engagement rumors with Liam Payne after being spotted with huge diamond ring on wedding finger
  313. 'Flack' Season 1: Anna Paquin, Sophie Okonedo and Lydia Wilson are the ultimate Hollywood fixers on Pop's new show
  314. Epix's 'Pennyworth' follows Batman's loyal butler, Alfred Pennyworth, in his very own spin-off series
  315. NBC's 'The Village' looks to capture 'This is Us' fans, but will they bite?
  316. 'Doom Patrol' finds an ideal way to introduce lesser-known superheroes to new fans in pilot episode
  317. 'Game of Thrones' best episode: Season 6's 'The Door' was the pivotal episode in a series full of them
  318. 'Counterpart' Season 1 Episode 9 races towards the finale as Mira emerges as a dictator
  319. 'People of Earth' star Ken Hall on his role in 'Polar' and transitioning from comedy to serious roles
  320. Texas girl, 6, with terminal cancer gets wish to be police chief, swears to fight the 'bad guys in her lungs'
  321. 72-year-old woman who runs living facility charged with sexually assaulting 67-year-old woman with dementia
  322. Liam Hemsworth tears up as he reveals Miley Cyrus has taken his surname: 'I didn't ask her to'
  323. 'Boiling water challenge' sends eight people to the hospital with serious burns during polar vortex
  324. Couple allegedly forced teen daughter to take part in threesomes with them to spice up their boring sex life
  325. Chef who murdered his one-year-old stepdaughter by violently shaking and punching her jailed for 19 years
  326. Katie Price branded a 'disgrace' for calling 16-year-old 'overweight' son Harvey a '24-stone nightmare’
  327. Five children between 12 and 16 charged with murder in shooting death of Nashville musician
  328. 29-year-old Canadian man who gunned down six people at a Quebec City mosque in 2017 sentenced to life imprisonment
  329. Two women admit to having had flings with David Bowie when they were just 14 and 15-years-old but insist it wasn't sexual abuse
  330. Mother of woman, 24, whose body was found in a suitcase says her daughter was afraid someone was going to murder her
  331. British rapper Cadet, 28, killed in tragic car accident on his way to a performance
  332. Ohio woman who killed husband, hid his chopped up body at home and then pretended he was alive gets jailed for 20 years
  333. Crowds cheer as they watched officials publicly execute two pedophiles for sexually assaulting and murdering 12-year-old boy
  334. Parents of the four children who died in Stafford 'gas explosion' arrested for gross negligence manslaughter
  335. Iowa man kidnaps ex-roommate's cat and then sends him an extremely disturbing video of him torturing the animal in the cold
  336. Male tiger at London zoo mauls intended female mate to death as staff helplessly tried to separate the two animals
  337. Taxi driver beheads six-year-old boy with a shard of glass as the child's frightened mother screamed and tried to save him
  338. Man sues two Glendale police officers for abuse of force after being tased 11 times just for violating traffic rules
  339. 'The Wonder Years' main trio of Fred Savage, Josh Saviano and Danica McKellar have a nostalgic reunion over lunch
  340. Thomas Markle reveals full contents of letter written by Meghan urging him to stop 'victimizing' her, says her words were 'deeply hurtful'
  341. Woman who broke her wrist in car crash with Prince Philip says 'roads will be safer' after he 'voluntarily' gave up his driver's license
  342. Texas councilman Scott Dunn apologizes after he was slammed on social media for calling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a 'bimbo'
  343. Brad Pitt makes an appearance at Jennifer Aniston's star-studded 50th birthday bash
  344. Proud fiancée reveals how 'hero' partner, 28, who died of a brain tumor has saved five other lives by donating his organs
  345. Dog trainer dies by self-inflicted gunshot wound after he was accused of abusing pets in his training facility
  346. Parents express anger over school charging $3 'ransom' to return cell phones confiscated from students
  347. Google Play and Apple Store criticized for hosting app that allows men in Saudi Arabia to track and control women's travel
  348. Kylie Jenner throws an epic first birthday party for daughter Stormi complete with carnival rides and a butterfly rainbow forest
  349. Woman arrested in front of her children for referring to a transgender woman as a man online
  350. Ozzy Osbourne,70, rushed to intensive care over pneumonia scare as bronchitis worsens
  351. Rapper Mac Miller reportedly left $4.48million fortune to his family after his death
  352. Chrissy Teigen invites Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to watch Grammys with her and social media loves it that she said yes
  353. Dog owners spend more time cuddling their pets than their partners on Valentine's Day: Report
  354. Prince William told Diana he did not want to be king but Harry was more than keen: Documentary
  355. Grammys 2019: The best dressed stars on the red carpet; from Miley Cyrus's chic pantsuit to JLo's vintage-inspired gown
  356. Grammys 2019: From hideous to just plain blah, here are the 10 worst dressed celebrities of the night
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  360. Grammys 2019: Offset's tongue flick says a lot about Cardi B's 'Money' performance
  361. Grammys 2019: Drake disses Grammys as he picks up Best Rap Song award, organisers cut off his acceptance speech
  362. Grammys 2019: Dolly Parton performs with goddaughter Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Kacey Musgraves and others
  363. 'True Detective' season 3 episode 6: Pink castles that lead to old cops
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  365. Hanna: Esme Creed-Miles shows why she is ready to hit the big time with upcoming Amazon show
  366. Richard Gere welcomes first child with wife Alejandra Silva, 36, ahead of his 70th birthday
  367. Man caught on video describing how he strangled classmate and threw her body off bridge: 'It took me a half hour to kill her'
  368. Donald Trump defends his 'executive time', says he works more than 'almost any past President'
  369. Kate Middleton outshines Hollywood celebrities in stunning white Alexander McQueen gown at BAFTAs
  370. Woman, 60, charged with murdering her three-year-old son who went missing in Nevada more than three decades ago
  371. Elizabeth Warren suggests she might not have to face Trump in 2020 as he 'may not even be a free person'
  372. From spending nights with Spencer Tracy to providing girls to Katherine Hepburn, Scotty Bowers documentary bares all
  373. 2-year-old girl found crying in car's backseat calling for her father who was shot dead outside
  374. Mike Tyson spotted smoking a foot-long joint at marijuana festival, set to hold weed-themed festival on his ranch
  375. Liam Hemsworth misses wife Miley Cyrus' Grammy performance after unexpected hospitalization
  376. New Jersey residents set to pay more as Governor Phil Murphy prepares to sign new 'rain tax'
  377. Scientology leader's wife who hasn't been seen in 13 years 'will never be free', says estranged father-in-law
  378. Samantha Markle hits out at Meghan for saying she barely knew her: 'If I had $600 million she would care'
  379. Internet outraged after elderly woman forced to stand on Sydney train while young commuters refuse to offer seat
  380. Michelle Obama stuns in silvery, wide-leg pantsuit as she makes surprise appearance at the Grammys
  381. Unborn baby removed from mother-to-be's womb for treatment and then put back in groundbreaking operation
  382. 'Romance is a Bonus Book': Eun-ho may finally profess his love for Dan-yi thanks to rival Seo-joon
  383. Caitlyn Jenner shows off her cleavage as she poses with girlfriend Sophia Hutchins at the pre-Grammy party
  384. Brad Pitt spends four hours at Jennifer Aniston's birthday party, gets a warm hug from her
  385. Joy Villa wears a 'Build The Wall' outfit paired with a MAGA handbag at the Grammys making a pro-Trump statement
  386. Mother finds horrific text messages of flatmate 'plotting to rape her three-year-old daughter' with another man
  387. Amazon Prime documentary 'Bible Conspiracies' claims Jesus Christ was actually the Greek philosopher Apollonius
  388. Teen finally gets first vaccine at 18 after blaming anti-vaxxer parents, who believe shots cause autism
  389. Ariana Grande tweets 'trash' after late Mac Miller loses to Cardi B at Grammys, quickly apologizes
  390. Reese Witherspoon takes a tumble after long night of partying at Jennifer Aniston's star-studded birthday celebration
  391. Georgia businessman snapped posing with gun over two dead elephants claims he 'shot them in self-defense'
  392. Toddler dies after accidentally shooting himself with unsecured gun at family friend's home
  393. Man slits father's throat outside London convenience store after he refused to give him a cigarette
  394. Rami Malek channels Freddie Mercury as he shows off his crotch bulge in tight white trousers at BAFTAs
  395. Emiliano Sala died from injuries to "head and trunk" after plane crash in English Channel, inquest reveals
  396. New 'victims' of Michael Jackson claim the singer's body could be exhumed for DNA tests
  397. 'Manifest' Season 1: Zeke's arrival could spell the end of Michaela and Jared, as things are set to get 'hostile' between the two men
  398. 'American Gods' Season 2 preview: Who are the Zorya Sisters, aka the Morning, Evening and Midnight stars?
  399. 'Miracle Workers' maybe the love child of 'The Good Place' and 'The Office', but its take on heaven and afterlife is brilliantly unique
  400. 'Project Blue Book' renewed for 10-episode Season 2 and could address the operation's disputed last day of activity
  401. 'Doom Patrol' Season 1 preview: April Bowlby on her amazing journey from Two and a Half Men to DC's Elasti-Woman
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  411. 'The Bachelor' season 23 review: Fans happy that Demi Burnett is gone, but has honesty paid the price?
  412. Teacher who was caught by husband having sex with teen student in their bedroom sentenced to 20 months in prison
  413. Man shoots dead infant daughter, wife, and her grandparents before turning the gun on himself in horrific murder suicide
  414. Steven Tyler, 70, shares kiss with 30-year-old girlfriend Amiee Preston at Grammy Awards viewing party
  415. 'The Act' Season 1 preview: After her star turn on 'Escape at Dannemora', Patricia Arquette deserves her own show
  416. Trump's daughter-in-law Lara says Dem women candidates should wait until 2024: 'It's a waste'
  417. New Jersey mother charged after she killed toddler son, cut his body up, and then hid his burned remains in garbage bags
  418. Jennifer Aniston's hairstylist Chris McMillan shares topless snap of actress on her 50th birthday
  419. Selena Gomez flaunts stunning figure in a white bikini while celebrating BFF's bachelorette party
  420. Teenage boy accused of raping, murdering 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail says a woman was responsible for her death
  421. 'Young and the Restless' star Kristoff St. John to be buried next to his son in California
  422. Trump's approval rating reaches his highest in 23 months at 52 percent after State of the Union address
  423. Bullied teen kills herself by jumping off mall's fifth-floor moments after sharing video where she 'contemplated' suicide
  424. Dog the Bounty Hunter seen embracing wife Beth Chapman in adorable photo amid her cancer battle
  425. Academy Awards stir controversy with decision to present technical awards during commercial breaks
  426. 'The Bachelor' Season 23: Are Katie, Sydney and Demi right in warning Colton Underwood about the other girls?
  427. 'Total Bellas': Nikki does not want relationship advice from Brie and she makes it very clear
  428. Trump says Beto O'Rourke 'suffered a great defeat' as the two clash over border wall in rival rallies in Texas
  429. 'Hanna' Season 1 preview: From 'The Killing' to 'Suicide Squad' here's a look at Joel Kinnaman's roles
  430. George Clooney says Meghan Markle is being 'pursued and vilified' the same way Princess Diana was before her death
  431. Coworkers horrified as 54-year-old Michigan father dies after falling into tank of sulphuric acid at factory
  432. 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' episode 7 might reveal if Dan-yi sees Eun-ho as anything other than a younger brother
  433. Driver who tricked speed cameras using jamming device attached to his BMW jailed for three months
  434. 'Historic' winter storm wreaks havoc in the Northwest, brings 'very unusual' snow in Hawaii
  435. Devastated husband demands a full inquiry after wife died of cervical cancer as NHS doctors failed to diagnose her illness six times
  436. Christian Bale makes up with his mother 10 years after bitter London hotel row that ended in his arrest
  437. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 11 preview: An evil unicorn creates trouble in school as the Saltzman twins try to put on a talent show
  438. 'The Act' preview: The top 3 takeaways from Hulu's trailer of Joey King and Patricia Arquette's new show
  439. Newborn girl found abandoned in the middle of rural California road in frigid temperatures with umbilical cord still attached
  440. Thomas Markle could face legal action from Kensington Palace for leaking Meghan Markle's letter
  441. Chris Pratt defends his faith after Ellen Page claimed that his church was 'anti-LGBTQ' in their beliefs
  442. A third of Americans think Blackface is acceptable as a Halloween costume, Pew survey finds
  443. Rachel Weisz, Amy Adams and Margot Robbie among worst dressed celebrities at BAFTAs
  444. 'Survivor: Edge of Extinction': Why Jeff Probst is the godfather of TV show hosts
  445. Two men break into abandoned Houston home to smoke weed but get shocked on seeing a 1000-lb tiger in there
  446. Outrage after school biology textbook illustration shows pregnant woman with 'straight out of porn' Brazilian wax
  447. 'They are on the wrong side of history': Harrison Ford slams Trump and others who "denigrate science"
  448. Piers Morgan touts Michelle Obama as Trump's worst nightmare, suggests Democrats 'ditch no-hopers like Warren'
  449. 3-month-old baby in coma with broken bones after she was abused 'to the brink of death' by her parents
  450. Girl, 16, who was pushed off a 60ft Washington bridge by friend says she has 'mixed feelings' about punishing her
  451. Angela Simmons' ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson was shot 13 times leading to his death: Autopsy
  452. Police fire pepper balls as Travis Scott fans rush doors after rapper's show postponed
  453. 'Now Apocalypse' Season 1: Is the Starz show a post-millennial version of Gregg Araki's unaired 'This is How The World Ends'?
  454. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hits back at Trump after he compares her Green New Deal to 'high school term paper'
  455. Newlywed couple expecting first child in April killed in car chase while 'fleeing aggravated burglary'
  456. Now Apocalypse Season 1 preview: Awkward's jock Beau Mirchoff is the token straight guy in Starz' new comedy
  457. Heroic pit bull breaks out of New York home, alerts authorities to gas leak at residence and saves family
  458. Miley Cyrus attends 'Isn't It Romantic' premiere for husband Liam Hemsworth amid his kidney stone recovery
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  465. Rapper 21 Savage released on bond from immigration custody after nine days in jail: Lawyers
  466. El Chapo convicted of 'industrial-scale' drug smuggling operation; escape king set for supermax prison
  467. How Young Thug almost didn't win Grammy for song of the year 'This Is America'
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  473. Couple arrested after 4 starving children found covered in poo with two of them locked in dog cage
  474. 'The Passage': New villain Horace Guilder's plans are something that Amy's newfound superpowers couldn't possibly take on
  475. Mother-of-two who visited doctor for headache given 'four weeks' to live after brain tumor diagnosis
  476. Dr Oz mourns the death of his father, 93, who helped him 'fall in love' with medicine: 'Dad changed everyone who met him'
  477. Justin Bieber reportedly seeking treatment for depression and anxiety but it has nothing to do with Hailey
  478. Kamala Harris listened to Tupac, Snoop Dogg while smoking weed in college — years before they came out with their music
  479. 'Lethal Weapon' season 3 episode 13 review: A promising start that loses steam by the end
  480. Drinking partner slits pedophile's throat after he confessed to molesting a six-year-old child
  481. Piers Morgan blasts George Clooney for claiming Meghan is being vilified by the media: 'It’s her family who she abandoned for celebrities like you'
  482. Meghan Markle glows in elegant cream dress, matching coat as she visits Natural History Museum with Prince Harry
  483. Donald Trump takes swipe at Barack Obama, says it's 'phony' to have a pet dog at the White House
  484. When is 'Legacies' season 1 back? Fans will have to wait another week to watch a new episode
  485. Nanny found guilty of murdering 8-month-old baby girl by force-feeding her eight ounces of milk in 30 seconds
  486. Six cops shoot California rapper 20 times after he falls asleep in car at a drive-thru with a handgun on his lap
  487. 'Shameless' season 9 episode 10: Lip's life with Tami is the only touching development to the Gallagher family
  488. 80% of Vatican priests are gay and lead double lives of homophobic priests, claims explosive book
  489. Toddler, 3, trapped in school bus for five hours after driver failed to notice her fallen between the seats
  490. Khloe Kardashian and 'mini-me' niece Penelope Disick rock matching haircuts
  491. Ex-boyfriend brutally stabs 20-year-old hairdresser 14 times after she dumps him on Valentine's Day
  492. If 'The Rise of Phoenixes' impressed you, here are 5 must-watch Chinese dramas you should check out
  493. Miranda Lambert dumps a bowl of salad on a woman after getting into a heated brawl at a Nashville steakhouse
  494. Twilight costars Kristin Stewart and Taylor Lautner reunite for his birthday, Robert Pattinson nowhere in sight
  495. Man dresses up in a black-and-white dog costume, has sex with pet Siberian husky and posts disturbing video online
  496. Mini Usain Bolt: 7-year-old leaves track competitors far behind as he sprints 100 meters in a blazing 13.48 seconds
  497. Legacies season 1: Has the show done justice to Lizzie Saltman's bipolar disorder story arc?
  498. Deadly blue 'Mexican oxy' pills containing fentanyl take toll on US Southwest
  499. Microsoft founder Bill Gates says he 'doesn't deserve' his $94 billion fortune and that he 'paid too little tax'
  500. Blac Chyna 'secretly dating' rapper Soulja Boy for a week now after they 'slid into each other's DMs'
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  508. 66-year-old dog trainer found dead in her backyard with multiple dog bites on her face and arms
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  510. Luke Bryan and wife Caroline adopt 18-year-old rescue dog Poochie after falling in love with him online
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  514. Woman who abused 6-year-old boy and filmed it, allegedly on boyfriend's orders sentenced to 40 years imprisonment
  515. Carcass of 12ft great white shark found eerily intact inside wildlife park six years after it was abandoned
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  534. Two-year-old girl dies after being whipped with belt and burned by caregivers for wetting herself
  535. Chicago husband drinking with wife in backyard hot tub shuts lid and drowns her following an argument
  536. Bill Cosby compares himself to MLK, Mandela, and Gandhi, says he feels ‘no remorse' for his actions
  537. Substitute teacher resigns after telling class of mostly black students 'Martin Luther King Jr killed himself'
  538. Kim Kardashian reveals she's never really had a nose job despite everyone thinking she did
  539. 7-year-old bullied, beaten for months at school leaves heartbreaking note on teacher's desk
  540. 'Project Blue Book' episode 6: Susie's relationship with Mimi may put her job in trouble
  541. Brad Pitt reportedly sent Jennifer Aniston a secret gift for her 50th birthday before attending her star-studded party
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  545. Father devastated as the car he was travelling in knocks down and kills his 12-year-old daughter
  546. NYPD detective killed, sergeant wounded in friendly fire as they responded to a robbery in Queens
  547. Mother who wasn't allowed to pump breast milk while working at KFC gets $1.5m in damages after her supply dried up
  548. Boy, 15, left bloodied and almost blinded after bully smashes his glasses into his face in an unprovoked attack
  549. Family urges parents to get children vaccinated after 7-year-old daughter dies from flu complications
  550. Kate Middleton stuns in dreamy blush Gucci gown as she glams up for charity dinner
  551. Travis Scott creates insane 'path of love' filled with red roses and candles for Kylie Jenner
  552. Father who hired 15-year-old babysitter for his daughter groomed her and had sex with her over 25 times
  553. Dog called 'Donald Trump' shot dead by his owner's neighbor but sheriff insists it wasn't over politics
  554. 8-year-old locked in basement by father and his partner had U-shaped bruises from being hit with fly swatter
  555. Maryland mother, 33, who worked as school nurse allegedly had oral sex with multiple students
  556. True Detective season 3 episode 7: 'The Final Country' takes us back to Lucy's best friend
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  561. Teen Instagram influencer charged with endangering lives after she was filmed throwing a chair from the 45th floor of a high-rise
  562. 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail had 117 injuries on her body and was 'raped before she was murdered'
  563. 'Lorena': Looking back at the sensational Bobbitt trial that launched a 'battle of the sexes' in America
  564. Bride slammed for excluding childhood friend from wedding party because her 'massive breasts' would have been a distraction
  565. London schoolgirl who fled to Syria and joined ISIS says she's pregnant and wants to come back
  566. Florida mom raising her 11-month-old child gender-neutral and refers to the baby as 'theyby' so they can decide their sex at an older age
  567. 'Total Bellas' season 4: Are the twins leaving Total Divas because their own show is in trouble?
  568. 'Shameless' season 9 episode 10 shows Fiona as an exact replica of Frank as her downward spiral peaks
  569. Mandy Moore says ex-husband Ryan Adams damaged her career as he was 'controlling' and 'psychologically abusive'
  570. Man kidnaps woman and rapes her in front of her 5-year-old son to take revenge on his 'cheating wife'
  571. Palestinian zoo officials rip out 14-month-old lioness cub's claws so 'children can play with her'
  572. Purse lost by teenager in 1954 located 65 years later with lipstick, basketball schedule, and note asking her to prom
  573. Heroin addict who mugged and killed a 100-year-old Holocaust survivor for cash jailed for 15 years
  574. Abusive Brisbane man douses girlfriend in petrol, sets her on fire leaving her in coma with horrific injuries
  575. Catherine Zeta-Jones sizzles in red, joined by Michael Douglas and lookalike daughter Carys at NYFW
  576. How does Hanna the Amazon TV show stack up against the movie? Here's what you need to know
  577. Florida rapper YNW Melly, who recently collaborated with Kanye West, charged with murdering two friends
  578. Michael Jackson talked to child-sized mannequins kept in numerous bizarre poses at Neverland mansion
  579. Drinking just two sugar-free diet drinks increases risk of stroke, heart disease by a third: Study
  580. STARZ's 'American Gods' Season 2 preview: Whatever happened to Media, and who is New Media?
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  594. 'Project Blue Book' Season 1 Episode 7: The strange story of a scoutmaster who was attacked by a UFO
  595. 26-year-old woman lay dead in hot tub at parents' garden for three days after she accidentally fell in following an epileptic fit
  596. Colorado runner who killed mountain lion with his bare hands in self defence says it was like a wrestling match
  597. #TROP: Chinese hit show The Rise of Phoenixes is a global success, but here's why it failed in China
  598. Trump claims scaling 30,000ft Mount Everest will be easier than climbing his 30ft border wall
  599. Brad Pitt asked for Jennifer Aniston's forgiveness over how he handled their divorce
  600. Texas teacher arrested for exchanging nude pictures and having sex and with a 15-year-old student in classroom
  601. 'American Idol' season 17: Fans shocked as '90 Day Fiance' star Evelyn Cormier makes it to the top 20
  602. 'Seduced by Evil' conman Derek Alldred's victim recalls emotional devastation from relationship: 'I knew everything was wrong'
  603. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Season 6 Episode 6: An unusual case proves Jake and Rosa are friendship goals
  604. 'Legacies' season 1 episode 12: A townwide quarantine threatens to expose our supernaturals
  605. Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom officially engaged after he popped the question on Valentine's Day
  606. 'Liv & Maddie' star Jessica Marie Garcia on potential reboot: 'Maybe Willow and Joey would be married with some cute kids'
  607. Barack Obama shares photo of 'one and only' Michelle grooving to Motown on Valentine's Day
  608. Schoolgirl, 15, hit and killed by train as she was crossing track while looking at her phone
  609. Mother takes 10-year-old daughter to gym so she can be 'bikini body ready' from a young age
  610. 'The Passage' season 1: In a sea of bloodsuckers and power-hungry fools, Brad and Amy are the only hope for humanity
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  612. 'Now Apocalypse': Meet Carly and Severine, the show's lead women who are not afraid to flaunt their sexuality
  613. Swedish tourist gets Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus's wedding pictures after mix-up, she gives it back
  614. Angry Muslim parents protest against schoolteacher for homosexuality and gender reassignment course
  615. Trump now officially 'obese' according to government guidelines, yet his physician says he's in 'very good health'
  616. Bound, Tortured, Killed: How the notorious BTK serial killer escaped capture for three decades
  617. Did you love Memories of Alhambra? Hooked to Romance is a Bonus Book? Then these 10 K-Dramas are for you
  618. Trump replaces Obama-era White House golf simulator with flashy new one worth $50k
  619. Pop duo Jedward's mother Susanna Condron has died after a long battle with cancer
  620. New R. Kelly sex tape: Michael Avenatti says he has new video evidence of singer having sex with underage girl
  621. Minneapolis father raped his disabled twin daughters, and impregnated one twice
  622. Prince Harry spends Valentine's Day away from wife Meghan Markle in royal wedding-inspired igloo
  623. 'Killing Eve' season 2 trailer: Villanelle is back to playing games and Eve seems far from her normal self
  624. 5-month-old found emaciated, 'close to death' after vegan parents fed him mashed potatoes instead of baby formula
  625. Mothers who use illegal drugs during pregnancy leading to child's addiction will be charged with assault under proposed bill
  626. Mother on meth found slumped over in running car while her 8-month-old child slept in the backseat
  627. Jussie Smollett attack: Chicago police and Fox dispute reports that assault on 'Empire' star was a hoax
  628. School boys pool in allowances to buy flowers for all 270 girls and 70 women staffers on Valentine's day
  629. 2019 Oscars keeps one eye on ratings, even as rebellion threatens to derail Hollywood's big night
  630. Pregnant 19-year-old Shamima Begum who fled Britain to join ISIS could be prevented from returning: UK Home Secretary
  631. Regina King for US President? It has been foretold, but star claims she "loves her family too much"
  632. Doctor treats his overdosing daughter instead of her friend who was in a worse state leading to his death
  633. Teenager accused of 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail's murder joked about her death in Snapchat group
  634. 21-year-old Algerian student has throat slit, attackers write 'he is gay' across the wall in his blood
  635. Demi Rose flaunts killer curves in strapless bodycon dress at Mark Fast LFW show
  636. Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine says family plotted his escape if he was found guilty of child abuse
  637. Donald Trump declares National Emergency to fund border wall; Democrats threaten slew of lawsuits
  638. 'Avengers, Endgame': Marvel Cinematic Universe needs Captain Marvel, but will she assume the mantle successfully?
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  642. 'Counterpart' canceled: STARZ probably had valid reasons to axe Justin Marks's show, and we might know why
  643. 'Dirty Duchess' of Argyll Margaret was the first victim of revenge porn, claims biographer
  644. Hero mom hailed after she pumped and dumped breast milk through 6 months of chemo so she could breastfeed her son
  645. 'Abducted in Plain Sight': Netflix documentary sheds new light on shocking details of Jan Broberg kidnapping
  646. BERATE GASBY: Husband of lifestyle guru B Smith slammed for dating another woman while caring for Alzheimer's-stricken wife
  647. School expels two students after their mother refused to have them vaccinated on religious grounds
  648. Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles tried committing suicide when he was told about King of Pop's death: Reports
  649. ABUSE NIGHTMARE: Woman reveals private hell as "charming" man she met on Tinder became "a monster"
  650. Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox's private jet makes emergency landing after losing wheel after takeoff
  651. Dancing Royals and hiding Mick Jagger: Notorious celebrity club Tramp turns 50, here's why the stars love it!
  652. University of Gothenburg faces backlash over plans to euthanize six Labradors used in dental implant trial
  653. Arkansas mom shot in face with crossbow drives herself to hospital to get treatment
  654. Aurora shooting: How a bloody tragedy unfolded when man being fired from job fatally shot five workers
  655. Pink reveals she got 13 stitches after slashing husband Carey Hart's car tires after a fight
  656. Pope Francis defrocks former US Cardinal Theodore McCarrick for soliciting sex during confession and crimes against minors
  657. Vladimir Putin "sent flying" during bout with judo Olympic medalist, who gets kiss on head for effort
  658. THE FACTS: From Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez's Netflix payout to a dog killed for being named named Donald Trump
  659. Great Whites may have killed off Megalodon mega shark in savage battle for the oceans, says new research
  660. Teacher, Brittany Zamora who allegedly performed oral sex on 13-year-old in school fears for her safety in jail
  661. WWE legend Undertaker retires at 53, as fans pay tribute to the wrestling great
  662. Ann Coulter says Donald Trump's national emergency is to "scam the stupidest people in his base for next 2 years"
  663. Super snow moon, the biggest supermoon of the year, on February 19 is a lunar spectacle you cannot miss
  664. Miranda Lambert secretly married: Everything to know about her husband Brendan McLoughlin
  665. Man whose mother was raped and killed 23 years ago claims he identifies her in Samuel Little's sketches
  666. Africa League 2020: Barack Obama joins hands with NBA, FIFA to start basketball championship in continent
  667. Two women detail horrific sexual abuse they faced at the hands of superior nuns
  668. Meghan Markle challenged to take a lie detector test by half-sister Samantha
  669. Hilary Duff reveals her 'Younger' co-star Nico Tortorella drinks her "delicious" breast milk
  670. US police departments want to be allowed to hire non-citizens, as lack of qualified recruits begins to bite
  671. 'Secret History of Air Force One': The tense 9 hours when a plane was the world's most powerful place
  672. Woman slammed for revealing she wants to break up with boyfriend after he reveals he was raped as a child
  673. Hundreds of passengers stranded after British airline Flybmi collapses into bankruptcy
  674. ISIS bride who returned to UK escapes prosecution despite being deemed "too dangerous" to raise her 2-year-old daughter
  675. The rise and fall of an 'American Idol': Antonella Barba could face 110 years in prison after being indicted for drug running
  676. 'The Boys & Girls Guide to Getting Down': Rare NSFW footage of Meghan Markle getting down and dirty set to be film
  677. Chilling case of SS Ourang Medan: Crew sent terrifying SOS message before being found dead with faces frozen in horror
  678. Melania Trump looks stunningly elegant in a cashmere 'poncho' on her way to Mar-a-Lago
  679. Survivors of 9/11 left shocked by decision to slash victim compensation fund by up to 70 per cent
  680. Prince Harry racked up whopping £30,000 bill at Las Vegas hotel where he was photographed naked, but he didn't pay it
  681. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton feud forces Prince William and Prince Harry to split their staff
  682. After four years of battle, Gavin Grimm may have finally forced Virginia school board to end transgender bathroom ban
  683. Racing fans call for alcohol ban after woman and toddler caught in 50-man brawl at Haydock Park racecourse
  684. NYPD officer under investigation for asking colleagues to shoot rapper 50 Cent on sight: reports
  685. Terror's 'last breath': Encircled ISIS fighters blend in with civilians as US-backed forces tighten noose in Syria
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  691. Hunting advocacy group advertises chance to join 'modern-day Teddy Roosevelt' Trump Jr on elk hunting trip for $10 per entry
  692. Steamy bedroom video of Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger leaked online by hackers
  693. Jussie Smollett attack: 'Empire' star's case gets murky as police suspect he may have staged alleged racist assault
  694. 'Very Cavallari' season 2: Kristin and Jay's countryside life is quite the grand affair, hindered by a few conflicts
  695. Devastated mother loses 12-yr-old son in car accident, the same way both his stepfather and father died
  696. Jihadi bride Shamima Begum says she had "a good time" living with ISIS, but now wants Britain to let her back in
  697. "Hypocritical idiot!": Victoria Beckham slammed for owning nearly 100 handbags made from exotic animal skin
  698. Princess Margaret's son David Armstrong-Jones to write biography slamming 'The Crown's portrayal of her as a socialite
  699. Mum shares 7-year-old's heartbreaking goodbye message, written on her arm during school lockdown
  700. Is Brie Bella quitting WWE? New episode of Total Bellas hints 'mom-guilt' may be the reason
  701. 'Doom Patrol': Here's why DC series hits all the right marks compared to other recent superhero releases
  702. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez under fire for giving boyfriend congressional email account, but insists she's done nothing wrong
  703. Top cop slams 'lenient' sentence given to former police inspector after hundreds of child porn images were found on his phone
  704. 'The Passage' Season 1 Episode 6 preview: There's new hope for Amy!
  705. Teenager goes to bed with headache, has seizure, is put in a coma, wakes up 4 days later having given birth to a baby!
  706. Tennis legend Martina Navratilova says transgender sportswomen are 'cheating' unless they have transitioned
  707. Corey Graves refutes wife's accusations on social media about his alleged affair with WWE star Carmella
  708. 'Flack' episode 1: The Anna Paquin starrer pits the illusion of fame against its grim reality
  709. Florida prison inmates put lock-picking skills to good use and rescue baby girl locked in an SUV
  710. 'Games of Thrones' star Lena Headey claims saying no to Harvey Weinstein's sexual advances impacted her career's growth
  711. Toasting bread and turkey roasts release dangerous level of "fine particles" that can cause serious health hazards: Study
  712. With Perinatal Depression on the rise, doctors urge early counselling for pregnant women
  713. Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner out of prison after sexting 15-year-old girl, starts pre-release program in half-way house
  714. Tiffany Senter won't let cystic fibrosis and multiple lung transplants stand in the way of her dream
  715. 'Young Justice: Outsiders': There's a cryptic message hidden in the titles of season 3 and it may spell doom for our superheroes
  716. Young mother-of-two takes her own life after two men assaulted her and blackmailed her with a recording of the abuse
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  721. '10 days from death': Young man reveals how he was starved, beaten, stabbed and burned by girlfriend for years
  722. Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine may go into witness protection after testifying against fellow gang members
  723. What would Ned Stark do! As he turns 60 Sean Bean says he's open to more children with fifth wife Ashley Moore
  724. Hulu's 'PEN15' takes on Netflix's 'Sex Education' and ends up looking like its title
  725. 'The Rise of Phoenixes': Fan videos capture the fun actors had behind the scenes on the sets of your favorite show
  726. Kim Kardashian's latest sexy outfit leaves stunningly little to the imagination
  727. Pennsylvania woman accused of raping underage teen relative as boyfriend forcefully held him down
  728. 11-year-old arrested in school after allegedly refusing to stand for Pledge of Allegiance
  729. Colin Kaepernick may be back in the NFL with New England Patriots or Carolina Panthers, says lawyer
  730. Blake Shelton reveals he had no inkling ex-wife Miranda Lambert was getting married to Brandon McLoughlin
  731. Teen who allegedly raped and murdered Alesha MacPhail searched 'how do police find DNA' online a day after her body was found
  732. Lisa Marie Presley reveals Michael Jackson would "screech and sing" while having sex
  733. Sailor in iconic photo of Times Square kiss at end of World War II passes away aged 95
  734. Tiger found in garage of abandoned Houston residence finds new home at Murchison sanctuary
  735. Aurora shooting victim's wife reveals heartbreaking final text sent to her by husband
  736. Police bodycam footage reveals moment when knife-wielding man gets gunned down after beheading girlfriend in apartment
  737. "If teachers have it, why not parents": Tennessee Rep explains school dress code for parents
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  744. American Idol season 17: Fans make it clear they are not in the mood to listen to any more sob stories
  745. 'Project Blue Book' episode 7: 'The Scoutmaster' could feature the influence of communism in the hunt for aliens
  746. 3 children, 1 woman dead in Michigan shooting near Cedar Springs, police say
  747. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 preview: Netflix show may feature Six, another Hawkins Laboratory victim from the comic
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  751. Couple slams hospital for death of their baby who suffered a fatal brain injury during his birth: 'Their actions killed our son'
  752. Jihadi bride Shamima Begum "ready to face prison" if allowed back into the UK, says report
  753. Meghan Markle travels alone to attend a baby shower thrown by closest friends in New York
  754. US airlines to change ticketing process to allow passengers to choose a non-binary option under gender
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  759. Piers Morgan writes fiery op-ed telling jihadi ISIS brides wanting to come back to 'rot in hell' with their terrorist husbands
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  761. Kim Kardashian praised by fans for sharing "relatable" photo of her psoriasis flare up
  762. Jessica Chambers murder: Four years after teen was burned to death, her case still remains a mystery
  763. Victoria Beckham gets candid about her messy bedroom and private life in tell-all video for new YouTube channel
  764. Teen spent 3 months in hospital after bullies tell her "you're going to kill yourself' in sickening video
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  766. Singer Charo's husband Kjell Rasten commits suicide aged 79: Reports
  767. Normandy villagers protest British D-Day memorial because it "cuts the view over the sea"
  768. 'Project Blue Book' episode 7 review: The Scoutmaster's encounter brings out a new side to Captain Quinn and Dr. Hynek
  769. Michael Jackson hit 'You Are Not Alone' was written by R Kelly and hides a highly "sinister" message
  770. "I wanted to smash his snotbox": Mike Tyson reveals he once offered $10,000 to fight gorilla at a New York zoo
  771. Overweight Chinese woman who claims to be a 'virgin' and 'never had a boyfriend' gives birth to baby boy
  772. World's most expensive 'fake'? The $450 million Salvator Mundi vanishes after its authenticity is questioned
  773. British tourist who infamously slapped immigration officer in Bali shares pic claiming she's being tortured in jail
  774. Fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld dead at the age of 85
  775. Karl Lagerfeld's 10 most iconic designs through the years
  776. Bernie Sanders 2020: Senator declares he's running for president in upcoming elections
  777. Indonesian authorities apologize for using snake to interrogate man suspected of stealing phones
  778. Former Seattle Seahawks player Anthony “TJ” Cunningham shot dead in Colorado over a parking spot
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  782. Miley Cyrus's mom Tish poses in front of locker packed with marijuana and dad Billy Ray approves
  783. Alabama newspaper editor calls for the KKK's return to 'clean out DC'
  784. Acorn's 'London Kills': Release date, cast, plot, review and everything else you need to know
  785. Tristan Thompson hit with more "cheating" rumors after he is spotted flirting with party girls
  786. Horse dies from sugar overdose after burglars feed her 20-kilo bag of carrots to keep her quiet during robbery
  787. Journalist who watched Ted Bundy die slams media's interest in the serial killer, says he 'doesn't deserve to be remembered'
  788. From calling Adele fat to not liking Pippa Middleton's face, Karl Lagerfeld's most shocking remarks
  789. Nicole Scherzinger video leak: Singer fears more leaks after intimate clip with ex Lewis Hamilton goes online
  790. "White Knight" Joe donor on world tour to impregnate thousands of women with his "super sperm"
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  792. Police release eerie footage of UFO-like object hovering in the sky during thunderstorm: 'We are not alone'
  793. Dolly Parton denies gay rumors, slams claims her best friend Judy Ogle is her secret girlfriend
  794. Amazon Prime's 'Lorena': John Wayne Bobbitt and his time in the spotlight after his wife severed his penis
  795. Woman who called Michelle Obama 'ape in heels' defrauded FEMA of $18k during 2016 West Virginia flood
  796. Michigan powerlifter moves two-ton SUV to save man pinned underneath it after accident
  797. 65 feet tall statue of Donald Trump dressed as a Warhammer warrior unveiled in Italy
  798. What is the 'White House Big Dig'? Secret behind the mysterious structure built after 9/11 attacks revealed
  799. 'Survivor, Edge of Tomorrow': Where are all the winners now?
  800. 'Fighting the Sky': Angela Cole researched ufology and did her own stunts for her role as Lorraine Gardner
  801. Jihad bride Shamima Begum's British citizenship revoked, family to challenge decision
  802. 'American Idol' Season 17 premiere: A year of comebacks? Another former contestant Alyssa Raghu joins auditions
  803. 'The Bachelor' Season 23 episode 7: Honest Heather Martin quits, says she isn't a good fit for Colton, fans say bravo
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  806. 'Lethal Weapon' season 3 episode 14: Cole's losses are piling up for an explosive finale
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  808. Former Philly detective arrested, accused of grooming and sexually assaulting male witnesses
  809. John Wayne's 1971 Playboy interview resurfaces, and The Duke's remarks spark outrage
  810. American Jihadi ISIS bride faces 60 years in prison if she gets her wish to return to the US
  811. Man pleads guilty to murder, rape and dismemberment of 14-year-old being fostered by girlfriend
  812. The Act Season 1: Cast details of Hulu's highly anticipated show
  813. Wrestler Chyna to be inducted in WWE Hall of Fame as part of D-Generation X, two years after her death
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  815. Scary movies make you fat: Stress triggered by such movies has you grabbing junk food for comfort
  816. Lady Gaga calls off her engagement to fiance Christian Carino after two years together
  817. 'Total Bellas' season 3 episode 6: Nikki Bella tries to decide who to date between Peter Kraus and Taye Diggs
  818. Woman who fled to Syria to become bride of ISIS terrorist says she spent first night in "blood-stained torture chamber"
  819. Cheyanne Harris: Mother sentenced to life without parole after 4-month-old son found dead
  820. 'American Gods' Season 2 preview: What do the two coins given to Shadow Moon symbolize in the Starz series?
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  822. Pope Francis did not do enough to stop priests from sexually abusing deaf children: Report
  823. Kylie Jenner responds to the 'completely false' rumors about plastic surgery and her face being 'reconstructed'
  824. Mom shares heartbreaking birthday letter penned by epileptic teen daughter who died a day after
  825. Duchess in the city: Meghan Markle cradles her baby bump as she steps out in New York ahead of her baby shower
  826. Francillon Pierre case: Mother accused in cold case murder of 3-year-old child arrested after 33 years
  827. 'The Umbrella Academy' star Aidan Gallagher talks comic books and his character in Netflix's superhero series
  828. 'Family is family': Samantha Markle begs Meghan to meet estranged dad while in US
  829. Dakota Johnson reveals the "unbelievable trauma" of her menstrual cycles
  830. Amazon Prime 'Hanna' Season 1: Release date, cast, plot, preview, review and everything you need to know
  831. Patrick Frazee to stand trial for the murder of Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth, judge rules
  832. LA Lights: 'Siren' breakout star Natalee Linez on writing to Jim Carey and dealing with rejection in Hollywood
  833. 'The Lord of the Rings' Middle Earth teaser hints at super secretive Amazon series as being a prequel
  834. Ohio Man punches, bites leg of own lawyer after being sentenced to 45 years in prison
  835. Jennifer Lopez opens about playing a stripper in new movie 'Hustlers' and being a judge on 'World of Dance'
  836. John Allen Chau killing: US will not prosecute isolated tribe that killed American missionary
  837. Karl Lagerfeld's ashes to be mixed with that of his "one true love" Jacques de Bascher who died in 1989
  838. Widow of MMA fighter uses her Jiu-Jitsu skills to survive 4-hour assault by boyfriend
  839. Nanny and grandmother-of-10 convicted of force-feeding infant to death with baby formula
  840. Kylie Jenner under pressure to break ties with Jordyn Woods after reports she hooked up with Tristan Thompson
  841. Miranda Lambert's new hubby lived a "secret life," had baby with woman while being engaged to another
  842. Starz 'Now Apocalypse' Season 1: Release date, cast, plot, review and everything else you need to know
  843. Schoolgirl sexually assaulted by 15-year-old, forced to share corridors as he is allowed to remain in the same school
  844. Man's charge upgraded to murder after toddler he assaulted dies
  845. Cold Case: 29 years after 11-yr-old William Tillett was murdered, man arrested and charged
  846. Donald Trump cheers Covington student's $250 million lawsuit against Washington Post
  847. 'Fighting the Sky': Angela Cole's funny behind the scenes moment with director Conrad Faraj and her upcoming projects
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  858. Home of Bridgeton mother charged with the murder of her toddler son gave off a 'burnt smell', prosecutors revealed
  859. "They'd slice my neck": Michael Jackson's maid reveals she was threatened if she ever talked about sex abuse
  860. 'Project Blue Book' episode 8: 'War Games' further explores Captain Quinn's bitter realization about war trauma
  861. Jordyn Woods moves out of BFF Kylie Jenner's luxurious mansion following Tristan Thompson cheating scandal
  862. Turkish mother jailed for injecting her 18-month-old baby girl with bleach and liquid soap: 'I couldn't love my daughter'
  863. Survivor of genital mutilation reveals how she was left with opening "no bigger than head of a matchstick" and unable to have children
  864. Tristan Thompson admitted to cheating on Khloe Kardashian with Jordyn Woods when confronted: Report
  865. Brother of British aid worker who was beheaded by ISIS calls jihadi bride Shamima Begum 'evil scum'
  866. Trump's pick to lead climate change panel compared talk on carbon dioxide to the demonization of Jews in Nazi Germany
  867. 'Whiskey Cavalier' Season 1 review: A fun one-time watch but the plot ain't fiery enough
  868. Meghan Markle jets back to UK in private plane after celebrating her lavish baby shower with close friends in NYC
  869. Police issue warning over disturbing trend of youngsters burning garbage bins and sniffing fumes to get high
  870. 'Domestic terrorist' coast guard officer plotted to kill Democrats, reporters for 'white homeland'
  871. Starz 'American Gods' Season 2: Who is Sam Black Crow in Neil Gaiman's fantasy series?
  872. 'Shadowhunters' superfans take to billboards to save the show ahead of the fantasy series' final installment
  873. Wisconsin high school slammed for handing out awards for 'enormous boobs' and 'big booty' to cheerleaders
  874. Democratic contenders running against Trump in 2020 including Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, Beto O'Rourke, and more
  875. Brit Awards 2019: Ten worst dressed celebrities on the red carpet
  876. The 1975 frontman Matty Healy is the most woke musician out there, and he confirmed it at the BRITS
  877. Mark Consuelos gets candid about how he and Kelly Ripa ended their breakup just a day before their wedding
  878. New footage shows Shanann Watts returning from her business trip before she is murdered by husband Chris Watts
  879. The strange case of Jussie Smollett: How the 'Empire' star went from victim to being arrested in 3 weeks
  880. Chris Hemsworth set to play Hulk Hogan in new Netflix biopic on the WWE superstar
  881. Softball coach charged with assault after "charging like a bull" at grandmother videotaping his abusive son
  882. 'Killing Eve' season 2: Will the focus finally shift to Eve Polastri's dark past from the spotlight on mysterious Villanelle?
  883. Hoda Muthana: Jihad bride not allowed back in US, here are the facts behind her 'US citizenship'
  884. Australian chiropractor filmed hanging two-week-old baby upside down for spinal treatment ordered not to treat children
  885. Woman born with no arms, knees, and just 7 toes thought she'd be alone forever; she's now planning her dream wedding
  886. 'How To Get Away With Murder' season 5: Jessica Marie Garcia has 'the blisters to prove' she was on the sets of the Viola Davis show
  887. 'The Enemy Within' Season 1 preview: Predictable plot is saved by layered characters in NBC espionage drama
  888. Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry having a boy? Baby shower photos may have let gender slip
  889. New Jersey school bus driver overdosed on heroin and crashed into a tree with 12 special needs children on board
  890. People with disabilities share their sexiest photos as Andrew Gurza's #disabledpeoplearehot goes viral
  891. Piers Morgan upset at Little Mix for laughing out loud when Brits host Jack Whitehall "fat shamed" him at awards
  892. 'Shameless' season 9 episode 12 preview: Fiona and Lip's relationship strains further as she acts more like Frank Gallagher
  893. Jeremy Corbyn believes jihadi bride Shamima Begum should be allowed back into the UK and "given our support"
  894. Courteney Cox opens up about scary flight emergency while jetting off with Jennifer Aniston on her birthday
  895. South Carolina couple tortured children, 5 and 7, by rubbing hot pepper on their genitals as punishment
  896. Kelsey Berreth murder: Frazee blindfolded victim and hit her so hard a tooth fell out, arrest affidavit reveals gruesome details
  897. Are Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer back together? Rumors fly as two are spotted together in LA
  898. Tucker Carlson apologizes for using profanity against Dutch historian after he accused him of taking "dirty money"
  899. Tamera Mowry drinks sister Tia's breast milk: "Best milk I've ever tried in my life"
  900. "F***ing scumbag," Alesha MacPhail's father shouts at 16-year-old boy found guilty in rape and murder of 6-year-old
  901. Ohio man hits wife after she catches him sexually abusing their maltipoo in the bathroom
  902. Khloe Kardashian shares cryptic emotional messages amid Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods cheating scandal
  903. Former Uber driver blames 2016 shooting spree on 'devil' app which 'guided' him to kill unsuspecting people
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  920. Michigan mom with mental illness executes three young daughters with hunting rifle, takes their bodies home and kills herself
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  925. WWE confirms Roman Reigns' return to Monday Night RAW ahead of Wrestlemania 35
  926. Minneapolis man who raped his disabled twin daughters, impregnating one of them twice, jailed for 30 years
  927. Radical Islamist Abu Hamza's son wants to get back into the UK despite his British citizenship being revoked
  928. 'Manifest' Season 1 recap: Here's how the title is a major clue to the mystery of the missing plane
  929. Pregnant mother killed after jumping in front of stroller to protect children from driver who rammed into family
  930. Donald Trump slams Jussie Smollett for 'racist and dangerous' lies, defends his 'tens of millions' of MAGA fans
  931. Piers Morgan claims Queen Elizabeth will not be pleased about Meghan Markle's $500K baby shower
  932. Jihad bride Shamima Begum's family urges Sajid Javid to bring her son to the UK, to challenge revoking her citizenship in court
  933. One in 13 children develop PTSD before they turn 18 because of assault and sexual violation, says study
  934. Michael Jackson's estate files $100M lawsuit against HBO to stop release of 'Leaving Neverland' claiming it was breaching a 1992 contract
  935. Florida mayor opened fire at cops as they raided his home: 'Lucky he's not dead'
  936. 'Peaky Blinders' Season 5 preview: Hollywood sweetheart Sam Claflin to enter world of blood and violence
  937. Neo-Nazi prison gang 'murdered, maimed, kidnapped rival inmates, and conspired to sell meth' over 14-year period: indictment
  938. This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia proud of costar Mandy Moore for speaking out about her troubled marriage with Ryan Adams
  939. Man caught on camera duct-taping clerk, setting customer on fire during robbery at convenience store arrested
  940. 'Doom Patrol' Ep 2 review: From flatulent donkeys to sentient cockroaches, the DC show screams uniqueness!
  941. British model Edie Campbell allegedly called 'too fat' to open a show at Milan Fashion Week
  942. Miley Cyrus opens up about being a 'queer person' in a 'hetero relationship' with husband Liam Hemsworth
  943. Gay pensioner faces deportation back to home country where homosexuality is illegal because he doesn't have a boyfriend
  944. Teen accused of Alesha MacPhail's rape and murder stripped of anonymity by judge, had a history of abusive behavior
  945. Utah man pleads guilty to punching one-month-old son to death after the baby's cries woke him up
  946. Marijuana laws this year could help black and Latino drug dealers to go legal
  947. 'Game of Thrones' Season 8: Our prediction of those who are going to die in final season of HBO hit
  948. 'Stranger Things' Season 3 preview: Maya Thurman-Hawke set to enter Hawkins as Robin
  949. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry slammed for her 7,000-mile private jet journey to New York for fancy baby shower
  950. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' season 6 episode 7 review: Jake and Captain Holt's hilarious teamwork is a bond like no other
  951. Dua Lipa's dad Dukagjin steals the show at Brit Awards as viewers lust after the 'silver fox'
  952. Cole Sprouse opens up on why his character Ben, Ross' son, disappeared without explanation on 'Friends'
  953. Woman with 'fish scale' skin condition credits mom for boosting her self-confidence
  954. 'True Detective' season 3 finale: 'Now Am Found' takes us back to the pink room
  955. Police lose all incriminating evidence against pedophile duo who allegedly raped dozens of children for years
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  959. Judge wants to visit Statue of Liberty before sentencing climber Theresa "Patricia" Okoumou
  960. Woman takes to Reddit after finding out her husband has micropenis only on their honeymoon; he now wants to sue her for defamation
  961. 'Romance Is A Bonus Book' episode 8: Will Eun-Ho find out that Dan-yi thinks she is not good enough for him?
  962. Cardinals blame "homosexual agenda" for rampant child sex abuse in Catholic church
  963. Woman in coma wakes up to hear family reading her last rites but finds herself unable to tell them she's awake
  964. Virginia elementary school sparks outrage for 'runaway slave' gym lesson, issues apology
  965. Lesbian, bisexual women more likely to be overweight than their heterosexual counterparts, finds study
  966. Kurdish foreign minister urges Britain to take back its jihadis or risk wave of terror when they return on their own
  967. 'On My Block' star Jessica Marie Garcia talks Jasmine's sexuality and Ruby's fate in Season 2
  968. 'The Haunting of Bly Manor': Netflix looks to a Henry James classic to recreate 'The Haunting of Hill House' magic
  969. New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft charged with misdemeanor solicitation of prostitution
  970. Daughter Bindi calls Steve Irwin her 'guiding light' as she remembers him on his 57th birthday
  971. EXCLUSIVE: ‘Shadowhunters’ EPs Todd Slavkin and Darren Swimmer on what to expect from the finale
  972. 'Proven Innocent' episode 2 review: Madeline Scott takes zero shots of alcohol, one shot of justice and frees 2 women
  973. The Turpin 13: Couple who starved their 13 children and shackled them to the bed plead guilty to torture
  974. R. Kelly charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse involving victims between ages of 13 and 17
  975. 'Proven Innocent' Season 1: Fox's legal drama has focused on cases involving minorities, here's possibly why
  976. Disgraced singer R. Kelly turns himself in, faces 70 years in prison for aggravated sexual abuse
  977. Kim Kardashian's 5-year-old daughter North West stuns in her first ever cover shoot for WWD Beauty Inc
  978. 'ISIS bride' Hoda Muthana says she won't have a problem returning to the US after father sues Trump administration
  979. Comedian Brody Stevens from 'The Hangover' franchise dies at 48
  980. Jenna Jameson reveals secret behind incredible post-baby weight loss journey
  981. 'Desperate Housewives' star Nicollette Sheridan fires back at Lisa Rinna amid cheating allegations: 'FAKE NEWS!'
  982. Texas mom furious after son's school teachers give him Jim Carrey's 'Dumb and Dumber' haircut
  983. Saucy sauna photos are the new celebrity trend, just ask Rita Ora, Ashley Graham, Lea Michelle and Liz Hurley!
  984. Death row drug mule grandma Lindsay Sandiford says death doesn't bother her now: 'If you want to shoot me, shoot me. Get on with it'
  985. Father 'intent of watching football' sentenced to life for shaking four-month-old daughter to death
  986. James Charles' fans show overwhelming support for makeup blogger after he shares distressed post on social media
  987. Time's Up CEO Lisa Borders resigns after learning life-coach son accused of sexual misconduct
  988. Justin Bieber spotted smiling bright for the first time after actively seeking help for depression
  989. Steamy bedroom video of Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton hits 600,000 views despite legal battle
  990. PETA receives backlash after stating Steve Irwin died while 'harassing a stingray'
  991. 'Jihadi Jack' says he wants to come home from Syrian jail: 'I miss my mom, pasties and Doctor Who'
  992. Oscars 2019: 10 sexiest dresses of all time, from Angelina Jolie's famous slit to Cher's original 'naked' dress
  993. Meghan Markle gifts her baby shower bouquets to cancer patients
  994. Piers Morgan 'truly hates' the Beckhams as he brands them a 'total sham' and once again questions their parenting skills
  995. Woman held by her hair outside 11th storey window fights for her life before plunging 100ft to her death
  996. Aaron Campbell: The teen who brutally raped and killed six-year-old Alesha MacPhail as identity is finally revealed
  997. Fans are convinced that Tristan Thompson's cheating scandal is Khloe Kardashian's much deserved karma
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  999. Full cost of Meghan Markle's baby shower revealed, and people need to get over the hate
  1000. R Kelly met one of his alleged victims during his 2008 child porn trial when she asked him for an autograph outside court
  1001. NRA publishes magazine headline 'target practice' next to Nancy Pelosi, Gabby Giffords in controversial cover spread
  1002. R. Kelly unable to pay $1 million bond immediately due to lack of funds, claims lawyer
  1003. White Alabama editor who wanted KKK to 'clean out DC and raid gated communities' replaced by black woman
  1004. Peter Frampton says next tour will be his last, reveals he's suffering from incurable IBM
  1005. Paul Hollywood 'furious' about young girlfriend's mom commenting on row between ex-wife and current flame
  1006. Nikki Bella hints that reunion with ex-fiancé John Cena isn't completely off the cards: 'The door is always open'
  1007. Pregnant 10-year-old trapped as sex slave in ISIS as aunt reveals children are 'raped by 100 men', beaten by jihadi brides
  1008. Fans want Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper to 'get married' now that she's not engaged anymore
  1009. SAS troops find severed heads of 50 Yazidi sex slaves as they close in on ISIS' last 'tunnel rats'
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  1035. Jordyn Woods might have hinted about her cheating with Tristan Thompson before it went public
  1036. Parents had hired private investigator to document son's 'mental erratic behavior' just days before he killed them
  1037. UK schoolchildren to be taught about gay and trans relationships, female genital mutilation in compulsory sex education program
  1038. Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves reveals bloody stitches after getting 200 threads removed ahead of his 11th nose job
  1039. Ivanka Trump enjoys a family day out with children as she takes them indoor skydiving
  1040. Michael Jackson abused me in a bedroom with 'do not disturb' sign at Neverland, alleged victim claims
  1041. Donald Trump Jr nominates Christine Blasey Ford, Jussie Smollett for 'best politically motivated hate hoax' Oscar category
  1042. Kate Mara and husband Jamie Bell to be parents soon as actress reveals she is pregnant with their first child
  1043. Starz 'American Gods' Season 2: Shadow Moon moves closer to becoming the King of America in season 2
  1044. 'Romance is a Bonus Book': Eun-ho and Dan-yi grow closer as they reveal their true feelings to each other
  1045. Kendall Jenner turns heads in shocking racy dress as she poses with Caitlyn Jenner in Oscars afterparty
  1046. California student says high school's MAGA hat ban violates First Amendment rights
  1047. 'Jessica Jones' star Krysten Ritter expecting her first child with boyfriend Adam Granduciel
  1048. Man wrongfully convicted of killing ex-girlfriend and her son in 1978 gets $21 million settlement after nearly 4 decades in jail
  1049. Meet Alexsandro Palombo, a Pop artist merging Simpsons with celebrities to highlight social issues
  1050. Khloe Kardashian labels Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods 'snakes' in fiery post
  1051. Michigan mother who fatally shot her three daughters forged doctor's note to get them out of school early
  1052. Man born with no arms stabs father in stomach with scissor blade held between his toes
  1053. Weird City EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sanders on tackling the vanishing American middle class through sci-fi comedy
  1054. 'The Umbrella Academy' Season 1: Sir Reginald Hargreeves may just be the Academy's real biological father
  1055. Texas cargo plane crash: Two bodies recovered from site of Flight 3591 crash
  1056. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes may have split as the actor tells people at Oscars after-party that he's 'single'
  1057. Jordyn Woods blames Tristan Thompson scandal on 'being blackout drunk' and is 'begging' Khloe and Kylie for forgiveness
  1058. Ryanair passenger who racially abused female pensioner on Barcelona flight will not face prosecution
  1059. Humpback whale calf found dead in Amazon forest leaves scientists baffled
  1060. Kansas water park death: Charges dropped in 10-year-old Caleb Schwab's decapitation on waterslide
  1061. Supreme Court to decide whether Maryland war memorial cross is constitutional or if it favors one religion over another
  1062. Donald Trump slams Spike Lee for 'racist hit on your president' after director asks voters to be 'on the right side of history' in 2020
  1063. Jordyn Woods applies for job at posh LA restaurant SUR after being shunned by Kardashians over Tristan Thompson scandal
  1064. 'The Handmaid's Tale' season 3 may tie-in with author Margaret Atwood's upcoming book 'The Testaments'
  1065. If your cat is grumpy, it's probably your fault! Research finds cats mirror their owner's personalities
  1066. Emiliano Sala crash: Plane plunged 2,400 feet in just 15 seconds before crash and split into three parts on impact
  1067. 'Man in a dress' Billy Porter gets nod of approval from Glenn Close, as social media users lose their marbles
  1068. Controversial Serena Williams cartoon was not racist or sexist, Australian media watchdog says
  1069. Abused Golden Retriever pup found in wasteland with her feet broken and mouth sliced open like Batman's Joker
  1070. Freddie Mercury's Queen bandmates congratulate Rami Malek for the win and celebrate together at Oscars afterparty
  1071. Woman who had 17 abortions in six years told she may never be able to have children in future
  1072. Father who woke up to daughter's screams takes down burglar who was repeatedly raping her in the bedroom
  1073. British ISIS bride Shamima Begum begs for 'second chance', says decision to join the terror outfit was a 'mistake'
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  1089. 'Stranger Things' season 3 will explore more of that 'Dad Steve' magic that fans have loved so far
  1090. Kristen Bell shuts down troll who accused her of "exploiting other people's children for monetary gain"
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  1092. DC's 'Doom Patrol' episode 3: The show mellows down in trippy imagery, but goes a wee bit overboard with the gore
  1093. Two brothers, aged 3 and 5, found dead in river after they went missing on their way home
  1094. Steven Spielberg shows off stunning daughter Destry, 22, at Oscars after-party
  1095. James Bulger's mother Denise Fergus 'relieved' that film about her son's brutal murder did not win an Oscar
  1096. Former Trump campaign staffer alleges that he forcibly kissed her after a rally in 2016
  1097. Lady Gaga and Madonna end their eight-year feud by hugging it out at Oscars after-party
  1098. Teen pounces on 10-year-old schoolgirl on her way home before choking and raping her
  1099. How 'Dangerous Woman' Ariana Grande usurped Selena Gomez's throne to become #1
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  1102. 'Manifest' Season 2: Three things fans want Jeff Rake to bring back in the next season
  1103. Unvaccinated French boy suspected of reintroducing measles to Costa Rica while on holiday with his family
  1104. Meghan Markle dons gorgeous blue dress for her audience with Morocco's King Mohammed VI
  1105. 'American Gods': Sakina Jaffrey to play Hindu goddess of war Kali Ma in season 2 of Neil Gaiman's fantasy series
  1106. Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner pose as they hold onto sister Kourtney's butt in a steamy sibling photoshoot
  1107. 6-year-old Alesha MacPhail's killer was friends with woman who forced a 14-yr-old girl to perform sex acts for pedophiles
  1108. Argentinian 'Playboy' model found dead in apparent 'drug overdose' a year after she tried to expose VIP pedophile ring
  1109. Top Pope aide and Australia's highest-ranking Cardinal George Pell found guilty of raping 13-year-old choirboy
  1110. Jordyn Woods cut out of the Kardashian family business for good after cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson
  1111. Netflix 'The Order' Season 1: Release date, cast, plot and everything else you need to know
  1112. Mother finds horrific clips hidden in YouTube Kids videos that show children how to commit suicide
  1113. Mel B felt 'uncomfortable' for Irina Shayk after Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's steamy Oscars performance
  1114. Woman, 31, left shattered after husband, 27, begs her to have botox because it 'f***s him up' to see her smile or laugh
  1115. Social media pressuring young children into changing gender, director of NHS clinic says
  1116. DC's 'Doom Patrol': Cyborg comes into his own as he steps up and becomes team leader
  1117. 'Project Blue Book' Season 1: Captain Michael Quinn's naive quest for lost innocence makes him the true hero
  1118. Nurse with 'infectious smile' shot to death outside restaurant by man who grabbed security guard's gun and opened fire
  1119. True Detective Season 4: 5 possible pairings that would blow our socks off
  1120. Father of murdered toddler James Bulger launches legal bid to reveal new identity of Jon Venables
  1121. Veteran cop may lose her job for breaking wind on duty and repeatedly using the C-word
  1122. Angelina Jolie and her kids step out in style for special screening of 'The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind' in NYC
  1123. Melania Trump looks radiant and glows as Donald Trump showers praise on her at White House Governors' Ball
  1124. 'Flack': Does Anna Paquin's show portray the world of celebrity PR accurately? Here's what crisis management mogul Ronn Torossian thinks
  1125. Transgender gay rights activist 'burned down his own home' while pets were still inside and 'made it look like hate crime'
  1126. 'Manifest' Season 1 finale recap: Someone gets shot in the finale episode, here's who fans think it is
  1127. Prince Harry wanted to talk about Kate Middleton's 'killer legs' in his best man's speech but Chelsy Davy told him not to, royal biographer claims
  1128. School principal who brutally murdered wife, three sons before killing himself was a cross-dressing porn addict
  1129. Young Taiwanese mom drowns newborn baby and leaves him to be eaten by maggots in a bid to get back at her ex-boyfriend
  1130. Robert Downey Jr congratulates 'the complete showman' Rami Malek on Oscars win with sweet video
  1131. 'Applications were stamped with a big C for colored': Inside racial discrimination suit filed against Donald Trump by Justice Dept
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