1. 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again's Alexa Davies on playing a young Julie Walters: "I'm star struck by her"
  2. HBO's 'Sharp Objects' star Patricia Clarkson reveals that playing the one-of-a-kind mother Adora was "grueling"
  3. David Hasselhoff has tied the knot with model Hayley Roberts
  4. "The biggest movie of all time!": Vision actor Paul Bettany hypes Avengers 4 in Infinity War special featurette
  5. James Gunn scandal: Disney rumored to be thinking about reinstating Guardians director as cast lends support
  6. Man gets 25-year prison sentence for forcing girlfriend to have sex with his friends
  7. As ABC's 'Quantico' wraps up, we look back on the badass heroines of the FBI crime drama
  8. Young mother accused of sleeping with 13-year-old virgin boy is spared jail with a warning: "No teenage lads around for parties"
  9. Nicki Minaj's 4th studio album 'Queen' faces delay over Tracy Chapman sample
  10. Video footage of mob enforcing Islamic law by pouring buckets of sewage on couple accused of extramarital affair, sparks outrage
  11. Man has all limbs amputated after contracting blood-infection from his dog's lick
  12. Former adult star Jenna Jameson shares photos of her amazing 57-pound weight loss
  13. 'You was a statutory rape baby!' Blac Chyna's mother Tokyo Toni calls her a 'mistake' in social media rant
  14. Will the Queen step in? Meghan Markle so hurt by father Thomas's behaviour that royal aides hold crisis meeting
  15. Murderer of Serena and Venus Williams' sister is re-arrested for parole violation
  16. Mila Kunis says husband Ashton Kutcher's nine-year relationship with Demi Moore was 'very real'
  17. Woman who was punched outside nightclub was protecting group of young girls from her attacker
  18. Cops fatally shoot Vietnam war hero defending his family from an intruder who attacked his 11-year-old grandson
  19. Ellie Soutter missed flight to training and felt she 'let her team down' before killing herself
  20. 'Rules only applying one way': Donald Trump Jr. slams Netflix for giving comedian Aziz Ansari a 'second chance'
  21. Kim Kardashian's 'skinny' posts spark social media firestorm as Emmy Rossum, Stephanie Beatriz slam KUWK star
  22. Woman bites off and swallows host's nose after being refused more alcohol, cigarettes at house party
  23. David Hasselhoff's daughter Hayley celebrates her curves in a sexy lingerie campaign
  24. SHOCKING: Ex-boyfriend confesses to killing mother-of-four then stuffing her remains in a plastic bag
  25. Shocking footage shows trigger-happy LAPD officers fatally shooting a man and the woman he was using as a human shied
  26. Woman who has spent $20,000 on plastic surgery now claims she cannot lie on her front or take public transport
  27. 'Terminator' sequel first look is OUT! (Deets inside)
  28. Denmark burqa ban comes into force, protesters to rally wearing proscribed clothing items
  29. Mayor ignores multiple 911 calls from ICE employees surrounded by violent demonstrators
  30. Warning against WhatsApp game 'Momo,' which is being cited as the next Blue Whale
  31. Son fakes his death on social media to con parents, family for quick money
  32. 12-year-old will soon be 'entombed within himself' as rare medical disorder turns his skin into stone
  33. 'Super pooper' school superintendent resigns from post, sues police department for $1 million
  34. Evidence collected while investigating a pedophile were so horrific that officers had to seek counseling
  35. Woman scarred by botched eyebrow tattoo procedure gets offered free treatment by qualified technician
  36. Bizarre World: People are rubbing toothpaste on their breasts to make them bigger
  37. 'Anne With An E' star Cory Gruter-Andrew on Cole's incredible journey on the Netflix show
  38. 'The Darkest Minds' review: A familiar YA tale that is worth watching
  39. Best romantic comedies on Netflix (Updated in September 2018)
  40. New York Jet's Dylan Donahue pleads guilty to DUI crash
  41. Christina Aguilera reportedly pregnant with second child with fiance Matt Rutler
  42. Orange Is The New Black: 5 plot holes you might have missed in season 6
  43. Kris Jenner shares two posts on mammogram, and fans pour in with their own experiences with cancer
  44. Woman who was harassed for 13 years by online date she met just four times wins payout
  45. All 103 people on board Aeromexico flight miraculously survive after plane crashes and bursts into flames
  46. Judd Apatow claims Tom Cruise didn't know one could watch porn online
  47. Jerry Garcia's family members celebrate his birthday by launching new independent music label
  48. 'Star Trek' star Brent Spiner cast in season 4 of 'Supergirl' as Lynda Carter's right-hand man
  49. Nicole Kidman to join Margot Robbie and Charlie Theron in 'Fair and Balance,' drama on roger Ailes' scandal
  50. Deafheaven share eerie music video for 'Night People', announce US tour
  51. Abby Lee Miller visited by 'Dance Moms' students in hospital
  52. Netflix's 'Insatiable' destroyed the hope that TV could catch up with body positivity rendered by music and fashion industry
  53. 'Animal Farm': Andy Serkis-directed adaptation of George Orwell's allegory acquired by Netflix
  54. Nicki Minaj delays dropping upcoming album 'Queen' yet again
  55. Grannies protest Donald Trump's immigration policy with 2000-mile roadtrip to the US-Mexico border
  56. Steven R. McQueen to reprise role as Jeremy Gilbert in 'Vampire Diaries' spinoff 'Legacies'
  57. Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan are seeing each other
  58. 'The Sinner' Season 2: The mystery intensifies as the detective deals with a child killer while sifting through his own past
  59. Dave Grohl announces documentary 'Play,' including epic 23-minute track where he plays all seven instruments live
  60. 'Westworld' actor Zahn McClarnon cast in Warner Bros' 'The Shining' sequel, 'Doctor Sleep'
  61. Multiple salads, wraps sold from Kroger, Trader Joe’s and Walgreens contaminated with fecal parasite
  62. Rhea Seehorn opens up about her character's relationship with Jimmy McGill in 'Better Call Saul'
  63. Tom Hardy is almost unrecognizable as Al Capone in new gangster film 'Fonzo'
  64. 10-year-old "Superman" Clark Kent shatters swimming legend Michael Phelps' record
  65. Soldier jailed for 15 years after persuading 12-year-old girl to send him naked pictures and then leaking them on social media
  66. After superheroes, DC and Warner Bros bring in the animal kingdom with a 'Super Pets' movie reportedly in the works
  67. "My heart is breaking": Fiance mourns death of Hell's Kitchen alum Jessica Vogel
  68. 'The Sinner' season 2 showrunner Derek Simonds reveals why death by poison was their choice of evil
  69. Tom Holland, in his signature style, leaks major spoiler about 'Far from Home' Spidey suit
  70. Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz's daughter reveals the truth about her parents' split: "Their divorce was horrible"
  71. A 'Friends' revival? Jennifer Aniston sparks hopes again, calling the sitcom her "greatest job"
  72. Homeless man lands work at McDonald's after a police officer helped him shave before the job interview
  73. The Originals series finale: An emotional end to an iconic show
  74. Woman arrested after authorities find her six kids covered in lice, open sores, and living in a 'deplorable' home
  75. Gangster who mocked police on social media managed to get bail and is on the run AGAIN
  76. 'Marvel's Runaways' is coming to Freeform right after the 'Cloak & Dagger' season 1 finale
  77. Are aliens trying to contact us? Canadian telescope picks up mysterious radio signals from space
  78. Pregnant woman served latte with cleaning solution instead of milk at McDonald's
  79. Video: Dad feeds children ice cream laced with laxative, films them crying in pain
  80. Has the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle finally been solved? Scientists claim to have finally found the 'rogue' culprit
  81. Watch: Pizza delivery boy belts out Beethoven masterpiece leaving family speechless
  82. 106-year-old woman reveals the secret to her longevity, and married couples will NOT be impressed
  83. Killer who crept up behind rival boxing fan and fatally stabbed him is given 14 years behind bars for manslaughter
  84. Saudi Arabian couple arrested after video shows man kissing his girlfriend on the cheek
  85. 'Baahubali': Netflix orders prequel TV series; director SS Rajamouli to head project
  86. CDC tells people to stop reusing condoms after washing them, "use a fresh one for each sex act"
  87. Words of wisdom: Lessons every girl in her twenties needs to learn from these older women
  88. Young mother's touching letter to daughter she lost to miscarriage strikes a chord with parents
  89. Paul Walker's mother recalls his last phone call where he spoke about buying Christmas tree for daughter
  90. Mother passes out from pain after doctors allegedly perform C-section without anesthesia
  91. Woman gets Kmart logo tattooed on her ankle because she is 'addicted' to the discount retail chain
  92. Texas deputy fired after inmate climbs out of window and rides on top of patrol car
  93. Woman arrested for killing her roommate and setting the house on fire to cover her tracks
  94. Prince George scores spot on best-dressed list becoming youngest person to ever do so
  95. Elderly man killed after toilet brush gets lodged in his head through eye socket
  96. 8-month-old baby dies after father slaps her 'out of frustration'
  97. 'Insecure' season 3 update: Fans issue paid petition to get Jay Ellis back on the show
  98. How shallow! Kim Kardashian says sister Kourtney is the 'least exciting to look at'
  99. Father tackles 'upskirt' pervert after spotting him taking pictures of unsuspecting female shoppers
  100. 'Six' season 2 review: A promising premise undercut by poor character development
  101. From Futurama to Family Guy: Top 10 animated shows of all time
  102. TV legend Dale Winton did not kill himself, he died of natural causes: Coroner
  103. Jennifer Lopez's Versace denim boots: Bold fashion statement or fodder for trolls?
  104. Carrie Underwood flips an "I don't care" to rumors involving her plastic surgery
  105. Illinois lawmaker resigns after ex-girlfriend accuses him of using her nude photos to 'catfish' men
  106. Active shooter reported at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, officials respond to situation
  107. 'Raising Tourette's' and 'Deaf Out Loud' by A&E Network are slated to premiere in August and September
  108. Netflix The Innocents: A look at 10 iconic shapeshifters in films and TV
  109. Bill Pullman talks about his character's crisis in 'The Sinner' and possible third season return
  110. 'Strange Angel' episode 8 review: Jack and Richard fall out as Susan confronts the Grand Magus
  111. Great Wall of China: Newly constructed section of iconic structure collapses after heavy rainfall while ancient wall stands firm
  112. 'Snowfall' season 2 is far better in portraying the 80s' crack epidemic as compared to season 1
  113. Rape allegation against Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter now under review by Los Angeles County prosecutors
  114. 'Christopher Robin' review: A nostalgic throwback the whole family will enjoy
  115. "Depressing to hear the statistics,' says 'The Spy Who Dumped Me' director Susanna Fogel on the number of female directors working in Hollywood
  116. Ivanka Trump blame of family separations at US-Mexico border "low point" for her, but blames immigrant parents for crisis
  117. "All I did was be black": College employee calls police on black woman eating her lunch, because she seemed "out of place"
  118. 'Better Call Saul,' 'Preacher,' and 'Lodge 49' set to air on AMC this week, here's what you can expect
  119. White homeowner calls police on black woman taking shelter from the rain
  120. 'The Talk': Piers Morgan reveals that he sympathizes with Meghan Markle's father Thomas
  121. Rick Genest known as 'Zombie Boy' dies at age of 32 by suicide
  122. Lady Gaga mourns Zombie Boy Rick Genest's death, says it's "beyond devastating"
  123. 'Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Meet the Team' returns for season 13
  124. 'Marvel's Cloak & Dagger' season 2: Joe Pokaski talks fate of the vigilantes after the finale showdown
  125. Kim Kardashian delivers a scathing retort to fan who says 'Kourtney is done living this Kardashian life'
  126. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott only had eyes for each other at 'Astroworld' launch party
  127. Struggling single-mom waitress who was tipped $1,000 on a $32 bill donates it to children's charity
  128. Meet the Webnars who are trying out the country life in TLC's newest 'Little Life on the Prairie'
  129. Watch: Unhinged man taunts 2,000-pound bison that charges at him twice in Yellowstone National park
  130. MEDICAL MIRACLES: Woman donates her heart, and then actually hears it BEATING in recipient's chest!
  131. Lee Dong Wook to star in Netflix's medical K-drama 'Life'
  132. 'Venom' trailer 2 review: Dark, moody, and grotesque, is Tom Hardy-starrer pushing the anti-hero envelope too far?
  133. Maxine Waters accused of charging fellow Democrats heavily for campaign endorsements and funneling funds to her daughter's PR firm
  134. "You smell like a toilet!" Steve Jobs' shocking deathbed words to daughter reveal harsh truth about Apple founder
  135. Jessie James Decker faces MAJOR backlash after posting pic of herself holding a glass of wine while breastfeeding baby
  136. Passenger who witnessed woman get sucked out of Southwest Airlines is now suing the airline for PTSD
  137. Regressive royal family fashion police stops Princess Charlotte from wearing trousers
  138. In case that shocked doctors, mother of toddler who died of "unbelievable" injuries is arrested
  139. Florida woman fatally flings four-year-old daughter into river
  140. Rebecca Romijn says it's "a real honor" to join 'Star Trek: Discovery' season 2
  141. Man kills son, ex-wife, current partner and himself in triple-murder-suicide amid custody battle
  142. Trump hits out at "fake news"! POTUS claims it was The Queen who kept him waiting at the Windsor Castle
  143. Finally, justice for Ella Grayce! Killer gets life for molesting and killing 21-month-old baby girl
  144. Gold Digger: Julia Ormond makes British TV debut with lead role in BBC drama
  145. Man charged for abusing girlfriend's three children and making them eat shoes, after aunt blows whistle
  146. Babysitters accused of forcing nine-year-old girl to drink dog urine
  147. Parents should NOT give their children mobile phones before they turn 11, top psychiatrist says
  148. [WATCH] 'Lizzie' trailer: Chloë Sevigny and Kristen Stewart boost up potential for indie horror flick on Borden murders
  149. Teens brutally killed their mother because they couldn't stand her complaining
  150. Kylie Jenner believes Caitlyn Jenner's much-younger girlfriend Sophia Hutchins is a gold digger: Report
  151. Pro golfer Jarrod Lyle makes decision to stop cancer treatment and enter palliative care
  152. WARNING PARENTS: Plastic containers are having a major effect on your child's health, say experts
  153. 15-bedroom 'Game of Thrones' castle that was home to House Tully is up for sale for an absolute steal
  154. ‘My 600 lb Life’ star LB Bonner dead at 31, according to reports
  155. Bring the keg, it's official! Beer is actually GOOD for your health, says new study
  156. Forget the ghost nonsense! 'The Sixth Sense' had a second bigger twist all along!
  157. Inked with love: Elder brother gets arm tattooed with face of his brother who has Down Syndrome
  158. 'Yellowstone' episode 6 review: 'The Remembering' marks show's riveting return to its roots
  159. The true story behind the only picture of Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy together revealed ahead of auction
  160. Joseph James Pappas, suspect in the killing of George W Bush's cardiologist, commits suicide as police closed in
  161. 'Crazy Rich Asians' sets new Hollywood standards by refusing to get whitewashed
  162. Michael Jackson would have "easily topped the #MeToo hit list" if he was alive, says former bodyguard Matt Fiddes
  163. RING LEADER: WWE wrestling superstar Kane, aka Glenn Jacobs, wins Knox County mayoral race
  164. Chris Rock to star in season 4 of FX crime anthology 'Fargo'
  165. Las Vegas massacre: 10 months after carnage, police closes investigation, but motive is still a mystery
  166. Lollapalooza 2018 live stream: Arctic Monkeys, The National, Vampire Weekend, Greta Van Fleet and more
  167. 'Lethal Weapon': Showrunner Matt Miller speaks about Seann William Scott's entry in third season
  168. Lollapalooza 2018: 2 arrested and 46 sent to hospital on day 1 of Chicago music festival
  169. Shrien Dewani who was accused of wife's murder on honeymoon posts picture with new boyfriend
  170. Demi Lovato has agreed to enter rehab: "She understands the severity of her overdose"
  171. Hayden Panettiere spotted with mystery man, sparks rumors of split with fiancé Wladimir Klitschko
  172. 'The Sinner': Five reasons why you should be watching season 2
  173. FX greenlights Ryan Murphy's 'American Horror Story' for season 10
  174. Cypress Hill announce new album 'Elephants on Acid', share lead single 'Band of Gypsies': Listen
  175. President Trump doesn't know what Great Britain is, social media mocks him with memes and jokes
  176. Paris Hilton "a little too busy" to watch Lindsay Lohan's return on MTV's 'Lohan Beach Club'
  177. John Lennon's killer's wife admits he told her about his plans two months before he shot him
  178. Swampy spot where murdered toddler Caylee Anthony's body was found 10 years ago is now up for sale
  179. Britney Spears is worth $56 million, but she shops just like you and me
  180. 'The Sinner': Three burning questions we need answered in season 2 episode 2
  181. New couple alert: Elle Fanning and Max Minghella spotted strolling streets of London
  182. Robert Berry discusses the challenge of upholding Keith Emerson's legacy on new album '3.2 The Rules Have Changed'
  183. Jessica Lange to return to 'American Horror Story' Season 8
  184. From Royal romps to star-studded threesomes, 'pimp to the stars' Scotty Bowers, reveals all about Hollywood's Golden Age
  185. VIDEO: Family captures the moment a 'Gollum-like monster' was spotted walking by the forest
  186. Shocking footage emerges of UFC fighter Jared Gordon taking down Crips Gang members in violent street fight
  187. SHOCKING: HIV-positive shelter care worker sexually abused 8 immigrant children
  188. Ready to feel old? Ross's son Ben from hit TV series 'Friends' is now the same age as Rachel was in season 1!
  189. 'If you talk to the press, you're out': Prince Harry and Meghan Markle warn their friends against speaking to the media
  190. Outraged social media slams Donald Trump for 'disgusting' attack on LeBron James
  191. 'Frasier' star Kelsey Grammer tattooed his wife’s name on his crotch, just so he wouldn't cheat on her!
  192. Kind-hearted woman rescues terrified abandoned puppies dumped in a plastic bag
  193. Footage of sick televangelist punching frightened kangaroo in zoo sparks public outrage
  194. UFC 229: Conor McGregor ends hiatus to fight Khabib Nurmagomedov
  195. Man with 'five stone testicles' that won't STOP growing reveals it has prevented him having sex for 12 years!
  196. 8-year-old boy dies after mistaking dad's crystal meth for breakfast cereal
  197. Heartwarming video of autistic teen helping grocery store worker stack shelves is viral for all the right reasons
  198. 20-year-old man with Down Syndrome shot dead by police after being spotted with a 'gun'
  199. Footage emerges of heroic mother saving her children from burning flat by throwing them out the window before dying
  200. Dead New Mexico couple could have been greatest art thieves ever after $160m painting found in their bedroom
  201. 'She’s dead! She’s dead!': Demi Lovato's assistant found blood and vomit at the scene of her overdose
  202. As world mourns Zombie Boy Rick Genest, his family believes his death was an accident
  203. Grieving father digs up his dead baby's coffin only to find a plastic doll inside
  204. "There is a responsibility to a cold, hard truth": Ryan Murphy on the relevance and future of Pose
  205. Meghan Markle's birthday turns sour after sister Samantha lashes out at Duchess in vicious post
  206. Outrage after school refuses to let dying mom take son on what could be their last holiday together
  207. No victim left behind: Melania Trump defends LeBron James after President Trump's appalling "dumb" tweet
  208. Barry Chuckle, one half of comedy duo The Chuckle Brothers, dies aged 73
  209. IT'S WAR? Angelina Jolie's lawyer set to quit after her "venomous" demands in divorce with Brad Pitt, say reports
  210. Nicole Kidman desperate to reconnect with Scientologist children Bella and Connor Cruise: Reports
  211. Married teacher who indulged in sex act with 14-year-old student is allowed back into the classroom!
  212. "George, I hate you": George Michael's boyfriend Fadi Fawaz's shocking rant after he was left out of singer's will
  213. Footage of endangered white rhino being forced to parade and perform tricks in a Russian circus spurs social media outrage
  214. WATCH: Shocking footage captures a visibly startled Venezuelan president narrowly escape assassination attempt
  215. KKK recruiters are trying to lure children in New York with free candy and white supremacist fliers
  216. Incredible moment brave grandmother fights off violent carjackers who tried to steal her Audi
  217. 'Shock, disbelief and disgust': Black woman receives n-word as temporary password from her utility company
  218. Three children return wallet filled with $700 to owner proving the 'spoilt millennial' is just a weary trope
  219. From shooting barefoot, playing games to who has the best stories, look behind the scenes with the cast of 'Cobra Kai'
  220. Elderly woman lived for five weeks on cheese left over from husband's funeral after pension payment suddenly stopped
  221. The first animal you spot will reveal a lot about your personality
  222. "I'll do whatever it takes": Model reveals her aim to get the world's biggest bum
  223. Vintage Luftwaffe World War II plane crashes into the Swiss Alps, killing all 20 onboard
  224. Portland officials probe allegations that police officers violently targetted anti-fascist protesters at far-right rally
  225. Straight from the cast: What to expect from Cobra Kai season 2
  226. This throwback picture of 10-year-old Blake Lively dressed as Baby Spice will make your day!
  227. Barbie feet is the latest celebrity trend taking social media by storm
  228. 'The view is always better with you': Michelle Obama's sweet birthday message for Barack will make you miss them even more
  229. "I emitted a metallic, acidic, stink": Model reveals how her breast implants ruined her life
  230. Demi Lovato breaks her silence after overdose: "I need time to heal"
  231. HBO Sharp Objects review: In Wind Gap, the truth about the past is closer than you think
  232. "Nauseating" to work with Disney: Guardians star Dave Bautista slams studio over James Gunn firing
  233. Charlotte Rae, the affable Mrs Garrett from 'The Facts of Life', dies after long cancer battle
  234. Vanessa Kirby as Black Canary in Margot Robbie's 'Birds of Prey'? DC fans say "yes"
  235. 'Big Bang Theory' renewal: CBS President teases season 13 and revival of medical drama 'Code Black'
  236. Last month a 2.1 kiloton meteorite nearly wiped out a US Air Force base, so why is the military keeping quiet about it?
  237. Where, when and how to watch next week's amazing Perseid meteor shower
  238. Why the 'Murphy Brown' revival could become Donald Trump's worst nightmare?
  239. VIDEO: Oxnard police releases surveillance footage to show officer had sufficient reason to shoot suspect
  240. Meghan Markle suffers a MINOR 'wardrobe malfunction' at friend's wedding, and the Internet erupts in outrage
  241. Royal pains! First Meghan Markle's bra, now Zara Tindall's caught grabbing hubby's butt
  242. VIDEO: Stunned guests watch as wild elephants drop by hotel pool to have a drink on a sweltering day
  243. "If you scream, I'll kill you": Homeless woman describes in chilling details how Former NFL star Kellen Winslow II raped her
  244. If you love Ferrero Rocher, you're gonna love this! Nutella is looking to hire people just to taste chocolate
  245. Oh, nothing. Just Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger enjoying a Sunday together
  246. AWKWARD! Russian defense ministry’s official Instagram account accidentally posted a nude selfie
  247. "After fulfilling my duty to the country, I will return": BTOB's Seo Eunkwang announces military enlistment
  248. "Cute but she’ll rip your face off": Kendall Jenner flees restaurant after pet Doberman bit little girl
  249. Watch: Family watches in shock as 102-year-old super-grandad jumps into sea while on a boat trip
  250. Samantha Markle slams reports that claim Meghan Markle is to secretly visit her father, "there has been no contact"
  251. 'God started it because of gay people': US pastor makes bizarre claim about California wildfire
  252. '16 and pregnant' stars: Where are they now?
  253. Adorable dog 'perches' himself on top of the house waiting for the owner to return
  254. THE GREAT ESCAPE! How two pensioners broke out of a nursing home to rock the world's biggest metal festival
  255. THIS VIDEO MAY HAUNT YOU: A woman's bad headache turns out to be a spider living inside her ear
  256. World's most-starred chef Joel Robuchon dead at 73
  257. Vanessa Hudgens reveals secret to 6 years of loving relationship with beau Austin Butler
  258. From cradle to the crown: 9 strict requirements a royal nanny must fulfill if she wants to be employed
  259. Grandmother who idly watched as her 16-year-old girl granddaughter starved to death, locked in a room, says she "misses her"
  260. 'The Facts of Life': Leonardo DiCaprio to co-produce reboot of popular '80s sitcom with Jessica Biel
  261. Father arrested for "intentionally killing" five-year-old autistic son; authorities still searching for the child's body
  262. Floribama Shore season 2 episode 5 review: Candace and Codi blow hot and cold amid more relationship drama
  263. Beyonce' September Vogue Cover is ground-breaking for more than one reason!
  264. 16-year-old who was sexually abused by her traffickers for three months meets mailman who helped her escape
  265. Man details killing his mother and a friend on social media: 'Felt nothing'
  266. 'Don’t let this control your life': Woman who was sexually assaulted in high school shares her incredible weight loss journey
  267. "It's a combination of The Simpsons, Lord of the Rings, and American Grafitti," says 'Disenchantment' writer Josh Weinstein
  268. "These girls are incredible, they wrote, created, acted, and edited the whole show": 'Teachers' star Ryan Caltagirone on the 'Katydids'
  269. Watch: Chilling moment man casually approaches 6-year-old boy before abducting him in broad daylight
  270. Screen legend Robert Redford "retiring from acting" at 81
  271. Meet the woman who claims she's in a 'serious' sexual relationship with a ghost and plans to have a 'baby' with it
  272. BUN RAP: British Airways in sexism row after employee says he was sacked for sporting hipster hairdo
  273. 16-year-old boy dies after being found unresponsive at Lollapalooza; mother suspects seizure
  274. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood': Margot Robbie shares first look as Sharon Tate for Quentin Tarantino's upcoming movie
  275. Watch: Touching moment when police officer's son surprises him during final radio call
  276. 'Deep State' season 1 review and spoilers: Promises much, but leaves a lot to be desired
  277. 'Maniac' trailer: Emma Stone and Jonah Hill star in new Netflix black comedy series
  278. 'Proven Innocent': Kelsey Grammer's character isn't the main villain of the legal drama, it's the media and journalists
  279. Britney Spears forgets where she is midway through performance
  280. All-gay boy band Echo V on using their music to celebrate individuality and acceptance
  281. 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend' casts 'Pitch Perfect' star Skylar Astin for final fourth season
  282. 'I'm a full-fledged stalker': Jason Momoa reveals he's been obsessed with wife Lisa Bonet since he was 8
  283. Ethan Hawke reveals his life fell apart after split with ex-wife Uma Thurman
  284. Cardi B announces first post-pregnancy performance at Mala Luna 2018
  285. NASCAR CEO and Chairman Brian France arrested in New York for DUI, possession of Oxycodone
  286. 'The OC' turns 15! A look back to the time when the iconic show was teen TV at its best
  287. Navid Izadi, California-based DJ and rapper, died in a plane crash
  288. 'Supergirl': DC's new movie is already on the cards and will be written by Oren Uziel
  289. P!nk hospitalized after canceling second show in Sydney
  290. 'In Search Of' episode 3 review: 'Monsters of the Deep' doesn't live up to its name
  291. 'The Mighty Ducks' actor Shaun Weiss arrested for public intoxication
  292. 5 reasons why 'Casual' is a much-needed reality check for today's saccharine romcoms
  293. 'Homeland' season 8 will be the last for Showtime's series
  294. Suits alum Patrick J Adams and wife Troian Bellisario are expecting their first child
  295. 'Preacher' season 3 episode 7 review: What's wrong with 'Hilter' is exactly what's off about the show
  296. Kourtney Kardashian has the last word on KUWTK feud: "I taught Kim how to fight dirty"
  297. Donald Trump claims Scotland loves him! "No we f*****g don't," says Dr Who star David Tennant
  298. 'City of Lies': Johnny Depp-led Notorious B.I.G. crime thriller pulled from release amidst brewing controversies
  299. Rosie O'Donnell joins Broadway stars in anti-Trump protest outside White House, chants: "We are not going away"
  300. VIDEO: The Meg Hollywood premiere sees the stars shine bright on the blue carpet
  301. Gal Gadot gearing up to play real-life Wonder Woman in Showtime's Hedy Lamarr series
  302. West Hollywood City Councils calls for 'removal' of Trumps' Hollywood Walk of Fame star
  303. BIG, STRONG AND ALL ALONE: Researchers find solitary 'rogue planet' larger than Jupiter, wandering just 20 light-years away
  304. Teen throws 8-year-old boy off 30ft-high waterslide because "the line was too slow"
  305. Man who killed girlfriend and their unborn baby by jumping on her stomach, gets two life sentences
  306. Photo captures tragic moment girlfriend lays her head on her boyfriend's chest, moments before his life support is turned off
  307. Christie Brinkley and daughter Sailor twin hard in sexy workout gear
  308. BLOODY WEEKEND: 72 shot and 13 killed in Chicago as mayor warns of city's moral breakdown
  309. 'Teen Mom' star Jenelle Evans is turning down offers because she's 'locked in contract' with MTV
  310. FAITH RESTORED Walmart employee steps in to give disabled woman a manicure after salon refused to do so
  311. Watch: Couple living with grizzly bear they adopted 25 years ago say he 'loves people' and is 'very sociable'
  312. Dwayne Johnson slammed for 'supporting animals being kept in captivity' after posting video with sea lion
  313. Big-hearted woman helps man short on cash to pay for his food, but has no clue who he really is
  314. Man spots three-meter-long python slithering up the wall of his house, looking for a way to GET IN
  315. "Let’s win!" K-pop band BIGBANG members shower Seungri with support for his first ever solo concert
  316. Girl with Sleeping Beauty Syndrome claims she can sleep for up to THREE DAYS after drinking alcohol
  317. Sleeping for more than 8 hours each night increases chances of early death, says new study
  318. Boris Johnson is at it again! This time he says burka-clad women look like LETTERBOXES
  319. Bachelor party game goes tragically wrong after guest accidentally drowns during 'hold breath underwater' contest
  320. "Tyler’s not that kind of guy. He’s a good Christian boy," says family of man arrested for sexually assaulting a pony
  321. Scientists says children should be allowed to swear at home, parents pissed off about it
  322. SEE PICS: Bradley Cooper, girlfriend Irina Shayk can't keep their hands off each other during Italy vacation
  323. Janet Jackson & Cardi B to perform at Global Citizen festival for foreign aid
  324. Doctors warn of dangers of new 'Peegasm' trend, claim it can cause permanent damage to the body
  325. "We have enough water": California fire agency responds to Trump's 'bad environmental laws' tweet
  326. Woman shares scary footage of a strange man's violent reaction after she refused to give him her phone number
  327. PICTURED: Malia Obama, boyfriend Rory Farquharson light up on their Europe trip
  328. Lady Gaga announces Las Vegas residency with 27 spectacular shows; here is all you need to know
  329. Republican National Committee site linked to porn account for months before anyone noticed
  330. Iraqi immigrant, who shot a Colorado police officer, evaded deportation despite five-year crime spree
  331. Man goes to take a photo of his girlfriend on the beach, stops, looks around, then takes the most IRONIC pic ever!
  332. Father who 'breastfed' his newborn baby girl as mother battled for her life in ICU after delivery says it was a "huge honor"
  333. Watch: Ants construct a "living bridge" to attack a wasp nest
  334. Osama Bin Laden's son marries the daughter of a 9/11 hijacker
  335. Marijuana growers refuse to evacuate California wildfire zone forcing firefighters to divert air tanker passes
  336. Campaigners call for ban on dog meat, claim practice is on the rise across Europe
  337. 18-year-old who left friend's toddlers to die in hot car for 15 hours claims he wasn't aware they were inside
  338. Mother with terminal cancer heartbroken as 11-year-old son dies from rare form of the same disease
  339. 'House of Cards': Netflix announces November premiere date for sixth and final season
  340. 11 emaciated children rescued from New Mexico compound amid exorcism claims
  341. 'Disenchantment's David Herman talks about having played over a hundred voices and "just being able to get paid to play"
  342. Journalist reveals how 15 months of sexual assault by terrorists brought her to brink of suicide, only to be saved by a little bird
  343. The celebrity breakups in 2018 that have left us heartbroken
  344. 'Anne with an E' star Dalila Bela talks about Diana's inspiring journey on the Netflix show
  345. Kathleen Turner didn't feel very welcomed by 'Friends' cast, says "they were such a clique"
  346. 'Creed II': First official stills show Adonis Creed in grueling training session with Rocky Balboa
  347. Keith Urban thanks wife Nicole Kidman for inspiring the No. 1 song 'The Fighter'
  348. 'The After Party': Netflix unveils trailer for star-studded hip-hop comedy featuring Wiz Khalifa, Pusha-T and many more
  349. 'Better Call Saul' season 4 premiere review: 'Smoke' lights the spark for Jimmy's transformation into Saul Goodman
  350. Amazon's 'The Widow': Will Kate Beckinsale's drama be just another stereotypical portrayal of Africa?
  351. Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig confirms new album "done now", shares new songs at Lollapalooza after party
  352. 'Kin' Review: A stunningly unique sci-fi crime thriller with a twist
  353. Ruby Rose to play a lesbian Batwoman in CW's annual crossover event of DC shows
  354. Pearl Jam brings 'Home Shows' to Seattle to fight homelessness
  355. Plain White T's are turning hit song 'Hey There Delilah' into a scripted TV show
  356. 'Vikings' Season 6: Take comfort in history to know Floki is probably still alive
  357. 'Deadly Class' episode 6 review: Maria Salazar has to square with consequences, craziness and crucifixion in 'Stigmata Martyr'
  358. Vicki Archer dies at age 41: Radio Shropshire presenter tweeted she was home alone a day before mysterious death
  359. Angelina Jolie alleges Brad Pitt hasn't paid any "meaningful" child support, as gloves come off in very messy divorce
  360. Kourtney Kardashian and Younes Bendjima reportedly break up
  361. 'Jane the Virgin' star Gina Rodriguez confirms engagement to longtime beau Joe LoCicero
  362. Kris Jenner drops hints she is engaged to Corey Gamble
  363. Axing 'Roseanne' "wasn't that difficult" says ABC boss teasing upcoming spinoff 'The Conners'
  364. 'Cloak & Dagger' season 2 first look: 'Mayhem' continues when the Marvel series returns in 2019
  365. 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' teaser is here and it is terrifying
  366. "The Bat is out of the bag": Ruby Rose speaks out for the first time after being cast as CW's 'Batwoman'
  367. 'Suits' season 8: Here's why the show needs to bow out before it gets worse
  368. 'In the Tall Grass': Netflix adaptation of Stephen King thriller casts horror vet Patrick Wilson
  369. Sudanese asylum-seeker who dragged women into cemetery and assaulted them is sentenced to 16 years in prison
  370. 'Power' season 5 episode 7 sneak peek: Ghost and Kanan hatch devious plans, but will they succeed?
  371. First time EVER in 50 years, chilling details of largest ever UFO sighting revealed by witnesses
  372. Matthew Perry on the mend after undergoing surgery for gastrointestinal perforation
  373. Student who posed with giant alligator for graduation photos says 'he's like a puppy'
  374. 'If I could swap places with James and Ruby, I would': Woman is jailed for two years in drink-drive crash that killed fiance, daughter
  375. WATCH: Father who refused medical treatment for his sick baby girl on religious grounds is astonished to find he may be jailed for life
  376. Bah! Who needs surgery! This woman found the 'secret' to enhance her bum without going under the knife
  377. Brady Bunch mansion buyer who out-bid Lance Bass revealed to be David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery
  378. War veteran with pneumonia passes out on hospital floor after being refused bed for not being 'sick enough'
  379. FDA slammed after allegations it plans to use 'fresh tissue' from aborted babies to create 'mice with a human immune system'
  380. Mother shares horrifying photos of children's chemical burns from henna tattoos they got in Morocco
  381. Three members of vile Rochdale child sex ring to be deported to Pakistan SIX YEARS after they were jailed!
  382. "My son's in there!': Mother's heartbreaking cries as son, 7, is killed in suspected gang arson attack
  383. 'Game of Thrones' season 8 spoiler: Tormund and Beric's fate revealed in accidental script leak!
  384. PICS: Ted Kennedy's Georgetown estate, where deals were made and political fates sealed, is on the market for $22 million
  385. Breastfeeding mom asked to cover up by stranger, finally she gives in to his bullying and does so
  386. VIDEO: Watch the shocking moment a gas tanker plows into stranded truck on a freeway and explodes in a HUGE FIREBALL
  387. Father bans children from taking antibiotics or painkillers even after the doctors warned him that his child might die
  388. Joan Collins looks fabulous at 85 as she steps out for dinner with family
  389. Carrie Underwood confirms she is expecting second baby in adorable social media post
  390. Shamers, step aside! Breastfeeding in public is now TOTALLY LEGAL in all 50 US states
  391. Man faces jail for downloading images of people performing sex acts on snakes and other animals
  392. Global manhunt for a father who threw his infant son into the East River, New York
  393. SHOCKING: Dead fetus found on American Airlines flight at LaGuardia airport
  394. Man who brutally killed girlfriend's 17-month-son murdered by vigilantes after serving 33 years in prison
  395. Britney Spears grateful to boyfriend Sam Asghari for giving her the gift of a "healthy" life
  396. California wildfires have grown so massive they can be seen from outer space!
  397. People who put up Christmas decorations earlier are happier, according to new research
  398. Every day, for 40 years, this man planted a tree on a desolate island, now he lives in Eden
  399. Paranormal experts warn 'major spike' of ghostly activity in Britain due to ongoing heatwave
  400. Victoria Beckham's crystal healer, Emma Lucy Knowles, suggests women should carry rocks in their bras to bring love and confidence
  401. Sony removes Leonardo Dicaprio's double-chin, Brad Pitt's wrinkles from 'Once Upon a Time...' promo photo
  402. Watch: Great white shark leaps out of water with jaws wide open, misses marine biologist by inches
  403. Mother of transgender son donates her uterus so that in future trans women may have the option of childbirth
  404. Cincinnati cop tases 11-year-old girl for ‘stealing food at a local grocery store’
  405. Alien hunters claim that UFOs are 'showing themselves' to help humanity 'reach a higher consciousness'
  406. Japan Typhoon 'Shanshan': Strong typhoon churns towards Japan
  407. Kendall Jenner lets her nips slip for another sizzling magazine shoot
  408. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively look stunning on date night at launch of his new alcohol brand in NYC
  409. Could Brian Johnson and Phil Rudd be reuniting with AC/DC?
  410. Billy Flynn to possibly depart 'Days of Our Lives' with Kate Mansi
  411. Oscars introduce an 'Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film' category
  412. Dascha Polanco from 'Orange is the new black' gives most relatable body positivity interview as she strips naked for magazine
  413. Richard Gere and wife Alejandra Silva are expecting their first child together
  414. James Bulger's killer Jon Venables could finally be stripped of his anonymity after motion filed by James's father
  415. Brad Pitt slams "manipulative" Angelina Jolie; claims he has already paid her $9 million since split
  416. Arctic Monkeys' hint at new album coming sooner than expected, plan to rope in Tame Impala's Kevin Parker
  417. Netflix's 'The Innocents' takes an even more darker turn in its second trailer
  418. Max Joseph to quit 'Catfish' after Season 7, co-host Nev Schulman thanks him for the journey
  419. Hasbro announces it is working with a studio for a 'Power Rangers' sequel
  420. Mark Wahlberg: A remarkable journey from troubled youth to bonafide superstar
  421. Ariana Grande jokes about her injuries she suffered while filming 'Carpool Karaoke' with James Corden
  422. 'My 600-lb Life' star LB Bonner death ruled suicide by gunshot wound
  423. Nicki Minaj announces 'Queen Radio' show on Beats 1
  424. Constance Wu had been pointing out flaws in Hollywood for years but the world is just waking up to it now
  425. Lauren Bushnell finds Ben Higgins' rumored return to Bachelor 23 "scary," but is all for it
  426. Why Oscars' new Outstanding Achievement in Popular Film category is a joke on the filmmakers and viewers
  427. 'The Flash' star Grant Gustin fires back at body-shaming fans
  428. Cher teases lead single 'Gimme! Gimme! Gimme' from her upcoming album of ABBA covers
  429. Nick Carter rape allegation: Brian Littrell has Backstreet Boys bandmate's back, terms accuser "fame seeker”
  430. 'Queen Sugar' renewed for a fourth consecutive season at OWN with Anthony Sparks taking over as showrunner
  431. 'Outlander' Season 5: Roger MacKenzie may be hated even more in upcoming season
  432. Vile trolls body shaming Grant Gustin shows that even male superheroes are not immune
  433. Iconic Aerosmith tour van abandoned in the 70s discovered in the woods
  434. 'Superman' actress Margot Kidder death ruled a suicide, daughter says "it's a relief" as the truth is out
  435. What's new on Netflix? Three films and documentaries to binge on this weekend
  436. The cast of Netflix's newest sitcom 'All About The Washingtons' tells you what to expect from this fun family autobiographical series
  437. 30-foot 'globster' with 'eyes the size of dinner plates' washes up on Alaskan shore
  438. DAUGHTERS OF ANARCHY: Women in Saudi Arabia kick-start Harley Davidson chapter after lifting of driving ban
  439. Marvel's Cloak & Dagger: Every character ranked, from comic classics to originals
  440. Rapper Uncle Luke claims Kanye West has to say 'stupid things' or he'll be "divorced" out of the Kardashian family
  441. Rare teeth from ancient mega-shark found on Australia beach
  442. Remember the famous cheesecake from the Golden Girls? Soon you'll be able to make one just like it
  443. 'Deadpool' gives life to Fox earnings
  444. Twin who secretly swapped places with his murderer brother in jail to do time for him has to watch his execution
  445. Midwife murder suspect Michael Stirling beaten up in jail hours before court hearing
  446. Indonesia Lombok Earthquake LIVE: Death toll in Indonesia quake hits 319
  447. Woman creates a social media campaign to find the 'hot guy' she met on a flight
  448. "Nice bowls, there!": Jack in the Box faces major backlash after releasing "tone-deaf," sexual innuendo-laden ad
  449. Barber gets his 'bloody' revenge on boy who pranked him
  450. With the full support of mum, 11-year-old schoolboy turns into a confident drag queen on popular TV talk show Loose Women
  451. Watch: Katy Perry's adrenaline-packed whale watching trip is comedy gold
  452. Mother of teenage boys filmed attacking a McDonald's manager apologizes, says: "Ashamed my boys would do this"
  453. Man trying to turn his life around shot and killed by neighbor over 'dog pee argument'
  454. Surveillance footage captures prison inmate brutally beating a city correction officer till he becomes unconscious
  455. Arson victim's elder brother used to deal Class A drugs and had recently survived a stabbing attempt in the same house
  456. Man to undergo retrial for shooting customer who showed up after he allegedly advertised sex with his pregnant wife
  457. Portugal Fire : Thick smoke clouds southern Portugal beaches as fires rage
  458. “Like, amazing head!": K Michelle spills all the racy details on her brief relationship with Idris Elba
  459. Teacher googles 'is it legal to sleep with students' before going to house party, now she's under arrest for not heeding its advice
  460. Treasure hunter claims to have discovered an "alien spaceship" 300ft below the Bermuda Triangle
  461. Man arrested at New Mexico compound was training children to carry out school shootings: Report
  462. Mother kills 5-year-old daughter, leaves son critically injured after intentionally driving into a river
  463. WhatsApp flaw could allow hackers to send fake messages
  464. State of Emergency declared in Charlottesville ahead of white supremacist rally anniversary
  465. Man alleges he was kicked out of swimming pool in Las Vegas because his bathing suit was 'too gay'
  466. Shocking video footage of man savagely attacking wife in elevator sparks outrage
  467. "I don't get the best tables at the restaurant": 'Disenchantment' star Maurice LaMarche on the travails and triumphs of a voice actor
  468. Death of a child killer: Vigilante neighbors went through man's mail, used Google to uncover past before murdering him
  469. PGA Championship: Hackers hit PGA computer servers, demand bitcoin ransom
  470. Think twice before killing a spider in your home, here's why
  471. Kylie Jenner shares two new photos of daughter Stormi's face to celebrate her 21st birthday
  472. "You're boring": Ariana Grande uses sass to clap back at troll who accused her of cheating on ex Mac Miller
  473. Mother reveals how pole dancing helped her embrace her body after she battled bulimia and trolls who called her 'pig'
  474. DUI suspect tells police not to arrest her because she's a "clean, thoroughbred white girl"
  475. Golfer Jarrod Lyle dies at the age of 36 after ending cancer treatment
  476. Colt Cabana slams former best friend CM Punk with over $1 million lawsuit over legal fees
  477. 'Fahrenheit 11/9' trailer: Michael Moore's anti-Trump documentary to hit theaters before mid-term elections
  478. New poll reveals Donald Trump is as strongly disliked as Richard Nixon was JUST BEFORE he resigned as president
  479. Black hooded 'ghost' caught in the middle of a pub seance spooks British revelers
  480. 'Yellowstone' episode 7 review: 'A Monster Is Among Us' reveals good and bad side to Taylor Sheridan's writing
  481. Demi Lovato cancels rest of 'Tell me You Love Me' world tour to focus on her recovery and rehab
  482. Daddy Yankee's lookalike breaks into singer's room and steals $2.3 million worth of jewelry and diamonds
  483. Macaulay Culkin reveals he turned down leading role in 'Big Bang Theory' three times
  484. First lady Melania Trump's parents, Viktor and Amalija Knavsare, are now full US citizens
  485. Brad Pitt tries to maintain relationship with kids amid divorce with Angelina Jolie
  486. Drake's tour bus towed away in Kansas City as highly-anticipated tour with Migos gets off to troubled start
  487. 'Vikings' Season 6: What's next for our favorite seafaring warriors as the saga wraps up
  488. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' set to mine #MeToo movement for an episode
  489. New photo of Angus and Stevie Young furthers AC/DC lineup speculation
  490. Lindsay Lohan sparks controversy by suggesting some #MeToo accusers look "weak"
  491. 'Silver & Black' movie cancelled, Sony announces two standalone movies on Marvel characters Silver Sable and Black Cat
  492. The creators behind 'shark-ized' monster in 'The Meg' hope 'fear and humanity' works in their favor
  493. Weird Al Yankovic joins Weezer on accordion for their cover of Toto's 'Africa': Watch
  494. Catherine Oxenberg says daughter India "moving forward" after exiting sex cult NXIVM
  495. 'Suits' ratings take a nosedive, with Meghan Markle off doing duty as Duchess of Sussex
  496. 'Proven Innocent' episode 1 review: Here's why some viewers could not get past the pilot episode of Fox's new legal drama
  497. Topher Grace down for a revival of 'That 70s Show': "Absolutely love to do it"
  498. Kate Middleton might not attend Princess Eugene's wedding due to her maternity leave and sister Pippa's pregnancy
  499. Snooki and Nico Tortorella to host MTV’s American version of ‘Just Tattoo Of Us’
  500. Strange Angel episode 9 review: Newer mysteries arise and older ones remain unaddressed as the Parsons hit crossroads
  501. Casey Affleck apologizes over sexual misconduct allegations: "I behaved in a way that was really unprofessional"
  502. 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' season 2 teaser: Midge returns to take center stage
  503. "I am going to be alone forever": Iggy Azalea splits with DeAndre Hopkins just a day after confirming their relationship
  504. Macaulay Culkin says he wants to have some "tiny little Asian babies" with girlfriend Brenda Song
  505. Harvey Weinstein, Steven Seagal and Anthony Anderson sexual assault cases being reviewed by LA prosecutors
  506. Just can't get enough of it! Gina Rodriguez flashes massive engagement ring in social media post
  507. Kanye West defends his support for Trump and talks mental health on Jimmy Kimmel Live! : "They said I couldn't say it out loud"
  508. TLC's 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' featuring two young parents and their nine kids to premiere next month
  509. Mark Wahlberg, Emily Skeggs and Carlo Alban talk about what went into their diverse and complicated roles in 'Mile 22'
  510. Melania Trump's parents get US citizenship under program slammed by Trump
  511. Hair transplant and weight loss can't stop Mexican drug lord's arrest
  512. NASA's Sun Mission: NASA counts down to launch of first spacecraft to 'touch Sun'
  513. Kourtney Kardashian cozies up with ex Scott Disick a week after split from Younes Bendjima
  514. Parents slam Frontier airlines after their unaccompanied children were put up in a hotel room with strangers
  515. Six-year-old who always wanted to be an older brother has tear-jerking first contact with newborn sibling
  516. Man fatally stabs mother-in-law after she helped her daughter flee their arranged marriage
  517. Allowing babies to walk barefoot can make them smarter, say experts
  518. Austrian freed on $200,000 bail in US underage sex case
  519. Mugshot of student arrested for marijuana possession goes viral
  520. Boxers or Briefs? Science has finally picked a winner!
  521. Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich held over for allegedly assaulting a prostitute
  522. John 'Goldfinger' Palmer: Mysterious murder of cocaine-fueled conman with "16,000 reasons to die"
  523. James Bond producer Barbara Broccoli says Idris Elba is the frontrunner to replace Daniel Craig as the super spy
  524. Fredericton Canada shooting: Four dead as suspect arrested; locals advised to remain indoors as a search continues
  525. Exclusive: Cast of Netflix's 'Insatiable' defend the show, say fat-shaming allegations are absurd
  526. Fake Donald Trump stars pop up on Hollywood Walk of Fame, pro-Trump 'faction' claims responsibility
  527. 9-year-old girl killed by falling rock in 'one-in-a-million' freak accident while playing at North Yorkshire beach
  528. Man arrested after offering $500 'to anyone who kills an ICE agent' amid rising tide of threats
  529. Watch: 16-year-old pushed off 60-foot bridge by a friend ends up with five broken ribs, punctured lung
  530. Mother locked up with toddler in "foul" Dubai jail for three days for allegedly having glass of wine on Emirates flight
  531. 'Insecure': All you need to know about its creator Issa Rae, a trailblazing visionary
  532. Monkey Dust: New street drug turns users into Incredible Hulk and causes violent, psychotic outbursts
  533. US Marine Corps gets first ever female infantry platoon commander
  534. 'Blade Runner' actress Sean Young caught on surveillance cameras stealing $12,000 of laptops from NYC store
  535. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce may be canceled by court as they fail to reach an agreement
  536. Croc terror: Businessman abandons remote farm with hundreds of crocodiles endangering the lives of locals
  537. "Louie has always had big dreams but has always been told NO" says 'Snowfall' star Angela Lewis on her character's motivation
  538. "I'm really sorry": Man who murdered seven-year-old girl he was babysitting in 1985, dies by lethal injection
  539. 'G-spot of Europe': Raunchy ad for the capital of Lithuania sparks outrage ahead of the Pope's visit
  540. Astro's Justin Verlander says that wife Kate Upton saved his life during depression triggered by injuries and career slump
  541. 'Fear the Walking Dead' spoilers revealed by Alycia Debnam-Carey, Kevin Zegers and Jenna Elfman
  542. Bill Murray accused of pouring glass of water on photographer at a restaurant in Martha's Vineyard
  543. 'The Village' preview: The important family lessons we learned from NBC's upcoming drama even before its premiere
  544. 'Proven Innocent' Season 1: Who killed Rosemary Lynch? Here are some wild guesses based on the pilot
  545. Hailey Baldwin has not been meeting her friends due to Justin Bieber's strict dominance
  546. Nicki Minaj drops new album 'Queen' a week ahead of release date: Stream
  547. Matthew Newton steps down as director of Jessica Chastain-starring movie 'Eve' after heavy backlash
  548. Paul Rudd to star in Netflix's philosophical comedy 'Living With Yourself'
  549. Tom Morello teases new song 'Rabbit's Revenge' from upcoming solo album: Listen
  550. Kourtney's ex Younes Bendjima threatens to spill out dark secrets if Kardashian sisters do not keep quiet
  551. 'Mile 22': Cast discuss characters and possibility of an Oscar nomination in the 'popular film' category
  552. 'Real Housewives of New York City' star Bethenny Frankel's on-off boyfriend found dead in Trump Tower
  553. Damon Albarn hints at Blur reuniting for another album: 'A reunion is never not a possibility.'
  554. Tour de France winner Jan Ullrich arrested for assaulting prostitute
  555. 'To All The Boys I've Loved Before' review: A transformative coming-of-age story that is as wholesome as it is entertaining
  556. Pornhub gifts Kanye West with lifetime membership, after shout-out from rapper on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
  557. Netflix's 'Insatiable' is not as tasteless as people are making it out to be, it's a lot worse!
  558. 'Snowfall' season 2 portrays Franklin as a boy who is all about power and the ideal drug lord of the West
  559. PHOTOS: Kylie Jenner turns 21 in style at over-the-top birthday bash
  560. Gal Gadot brings "bad girl vibes" to her Disney debut as a race chick in 'Ralph Breaks the Internet'
  561. 'Dora the Explorer' gets a movie remake and here's the first look of Isabela Moner as the protagonist
  562. 'Riverdale': Mark Consuelos' lookalike son Michael to play young Hiram Lodge in season 3
  563. Father says children begged for their life before he slit their throats over marital dispute
  564. Chris Pine and Chris Hemsworth are putting the future of Star Trek 4 in jeopardy
  565. People over 40 perform best when they work three days or less, study finds
  566. Prince Charles was not happy when he realized that Princess Diana was far more popular than him
  567. Netflix's 'Insatiable': Cast defends 'tone-deaf' show as 229,653 people sign cancel petition
  568. If you can pronounce every word in this poem, you speak better English than 90 percent of the people
  569. Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott stuns fans with hot new gym photo
  570. Watch: Reckless but extremely lucky driver leaves a trail of destruction trying to exit highway
  571. UNBELIEVABLE: Man steals passenger jet from airport, crashes 15 minutes later after being chased by F-15 fighters
  572. 'She might blow up the bus': Bus driver asks Muslim woman with a two-month-old baby to remove her veil
  573. Trump behaves 'like a dog off the leash' in Melania's absence, says Omarosa in new book
  574. Woman discovers her droopy fingernail was actually a symptom of lung cancer
  575. 'First Man': Feast your eyes on Ryan Gosling suiting up to play Neil Armstrong
  576. Donald Trump's granite inscription on display at New Hampshire State Library vandalized
  577. Forget 'Yanny or Laurel', the internet can't figure out if this cup is round or square
  578. 'Flash': Grant Gustin calls out haters with bonus sneak-peek of new suit for season 5
  579. Man sexually abuses 11-year-old girl while she is alone in hospital waiting room
  580. Is it the end of Crocs? Brand announces closure of all its factories and fans are freaking out
  581. KINKY ROMP GONE WRONG: Man stabs woman in the neck killing her during 'sadomasochistic sex'
  582. Joan Collins says she regrets turning down Oscar-nominated role to please Warren Beatty
  583. 'Geordie Shore' star Aaron Chalmers' girlfriend accused of ripping off girl over Russian lash treatment
  584. GUILTY ON ALL COUNTS: Monsanto ordered to pay $289 million after jury agrees weedkiller Roundup caused man's cancer
  585. Nobel Prize-winning writer VS Naipaul dies aged 85
  586. McDonald's will serve free food for 50 years to one lucky person who gets the McGold Card
  587. Homeless people are now wearing barcodes to promote cashless donations
  588. Harvard psychologist offers five simple tips to raising a 'good' child
  589. INCREDIBLE! Woman posts photos of 'boyfriend' who looks just like Michael Jackson
  590. IT'S CONFIRMED: Secondborns get less attention, care from mothers than older sibling
  591. 'If you go to the press, it will end in tears': Thomas Markle says he hung up on 'rude' Prince Harry
  592. Chloe Grace Moretz says shelved movie with Louis CK should never release
  593. First Lady Melania Trump is recruiting volunteers to decorate White House, entertain guests during Christmas
  594. Blac Chyna's booty looks dramatically different, sparks rumors she's removed her artificial implants
  595. Pony painting parties spark outrage, campaign launched to ban the 'cruel, disturbing' trend
  596. Stranger Things: Despite the cheeky teaser, season 3 will be a lot darker, says producer
  597. Mom sets herself on fire, ends up killing two daughters, injuring one and badly hurting family dog
  598. NO KIDDING: Roller coaster rides can help you pass kidney stones and are an 'effective alternative to health care'
  599. Cannibal couple who ate 30 women had jars of pickled remains, frozen body parts at home
  600. Ruby Rose quits Twitter after fans lash out over her casting as LGBT superhero Batwoman
  601. Vanessa Kirby who? DC's eyeing a biracial Black Canary for Margot Robbie-led 'Birds of Prey'
  602. Parents, children with different surnames must carry birth certificates when traveling, according to new rule
  603. No happy ending: Donald Trump has another 'covfefe' moment, asks FBI to give Andrew McCabe 'text massages'
  604. Carrie Underwood shows off baby bump number two in adorable Instagram post
  605. 'My name's Elba, Idris Elba': Did actor just confirm he's the next James Bond?
  606. Research shows Viagra can improve eyesight and could potentially cure blindness
  607. Chip Gaines cuddles son Crew as the two soak up the sun in adorable new photo
  608. 7-year-old severely burned after boy douses him with nail polish remover and sets him on fire
  609. Jason Aldean and wife Brittany Kerr expecting baby girl, break the news with fun gender reveal video
  610. Stunning Nat Geo video shows wild elephants in their natural habitat in upcoming documentary 'Into the Okavango'
  611. Victoria's Secret Angel Chanel Iman is now a proud mommy - check out little Cali Clay's first photo!
  612. Chris Hemsworth is trolling the heck out of Marvel fans with saucy Avengers 4 spoilers
  613. Aretha Franklin 'gravely ill', family rush to hospital to be by her side: Report
  614. THE X FILES: Authorities alleged to have wiped data from UFO hunter's laptop, who died after 'vomiting black liquid'
  615. 17 days and 1,000 miles later, mother orca Tahlequah finally stops grieving and lets go of dead calf
  616. Ultra-rich are paying to freeze themselves into 'cryo-sleep' in hope of new life in future
  617. The real story of the "she" from the old tongue twister, 'She Sells Seashells'
  618. If you dare to wear white pants, make sure you wear the right underwear!
  619. Man who "raped, murdered, and ate parts of his ex-girlfriend's body" deemed mentally fit to stand trial after four years
  620. Disney's 'Kim Possible' live-action movie gets Christy Carlson Romano and Patton Oswalt to join the cast
  621. Hobbies in the middle age can help reduce chances of dementia, study finds
  622. Identical twin brothers 'who spent their entire lives together' found hanging in park
  623. FOREVER YOUNG: Scientists successfully reverse aging in lab-grown human cells, is immortality around the corner?
  624. Tenants left stunned after pervert landlord videotaped them having sex and made over 180 videos of naked women
  625. Air traffic controller applauded for being "calm, prudent, and mature" in dealing with suicidal Seattle hijacker
  626. As family saga threatens to overwhelm Meghan Markle, her mother is doing the most MOM thing ever
  627. SAS sniper kills terrorist commander with a .50 caliber Browning machine gun from 1.5 MILES away
  628. Police chief's son who viciously attacked 71-year-old Sikh man flips the bird during his court appearance
  629. 'We are hereby entitled to 10% of all future earnings': Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos congratulate son on 'Riverdale' role
  630. A grieving sister's 40-year mission to track down and bring to justice the sailor who tortured and killed her brother
  631. Omarosa in big trouble after "threatening national security" by taping her dismissal in ultra-secure Situation Room
  632. Animation is not child's play anymore and we have Netflix to thank for it
  633. Anna Kendrick, owner of 'best' Twitter account, shades Ryan Reynolds after Teen Choice Awards win
  634. Florida police officer accused of handcuffing a black child for "dribbling a basketball"
  635. Father who rubbed hot sauce in eyes of two-month-old and tortured her sentenced for 30 months
  636. Prince Charles had a secret relationship with Princess Diana's sister Sarah, but it didn't end well
  637. Turkey Crisis: Lira hit again, risk aversion hits eurozone bonds
  638. Believers rush to witness 'miracle' as Virgin Mary statue 'cries blood' over plan to relax abortion laws
  639. $245 million Powerball ticket sold in Staten Island, New York; but where the hell is the winner?
  640. First-born children make the WORST drivers and are more likely to flout speeding laws, new research claims
  641. Police union asks officers to boycott Miami Dolphins after players kneeled during anthem
  642. ORGY IN THE PARK: Four rompers caught on camera getting it on, even as unsuspecting children play nearby
  643. 'Floribama Shore' season 2 episode 6 review: Kortni refuses to see Logan's 'psycho' tricks while Codi prepares to meet GatorJay
  644. Horrified man calls cops after being chased by baby squirrel 'looking for a new mother'
  645. WWE legend Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart dies at age 63
  646. "He wasn't supposed to die": Bikini model charged with husband's murder, as his horrified 9-year-old child looked on
  647. Watch: Officers risk their lives to save 60 animals from shelter as raging wildfire closes in
  648. Listen to Death Cab for Cutie's new album 'Thank You For Today'
  649. 'In Search Of' episode 4 review: 'Artificial Intelligence' proves to be surprisingly informative
  650. Josh Duhamel shows off washboard abs while on family vacation with son Axl
  651. Azealia Banks says she stayed 'alone' at Elon Musk's house for three days, waiting for Grimes
  652. Melania can't wait for Trump's presidency to be over so she can divorce him: Omarosa's latest shocking claim
  653. 'Juliet, Naked' Review: Ethan Hawke, Rose Byrne and Chris O'Dowd sparkle to elevate a Nick Hornby classic
  654. Review: 'Sharp Objects' episode six 'Cherry' is a cocktail of shocking revelations
  655. Janet Jackson to drop new single 'Made For Now’ feat. Daddy Yankee this FRIDAY on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'
  656. WATCH: Teyana Taylor whips her wig like a prop after it flies off mid-performance
  657. NBC to air Paley Center Special before Season 3 premiere of 'This Is Us'
  658. 'NCIS' actor Adam Croasdell claims he got catfished and harassed online
  659. Liu Yifei to play Mulan in upcoming live-action adaptation of 1998 Disney classic
  660. Marilyn Monroe’s long-lost nude scene with Clarke Gable from 1961 movie 'The Misfits' has been re-discovered!
  661. 'Dora the Explorer' FIRST LOOK: Isabela Moner has already perfected her cartoon counterpart's style
  662. "I don't like Michael Jackson": Sam Smith's comment on the late pop icon has taken the Internet by storm
  663. Mark Hamill set to join ‘Knightfall’ as it's renewed for season 2 with Aaron Helbing as the showrunner
  664. 'Bert Kreischer: Secret Time' trailer: Comedian's debut Netflix stand-up special to premiere on August 24
  665. Thom Yorke announces US solo tour dates for the fall
  666. "If I see something in my mind – we do it": Anne Marie Cummings talks about the creative process behind 'Conversations in L.A.'
  667. Louis Vuitton model George Koh convicted of brutally murdering rival Harry Uzoka when they met to settle dispute over woman
  668. 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina': First look of Kiernan Shipka as Sabrina unveiled
  669. Celebrities send their love and prayers as Aretha Franklin's health deteriorates
  670. Day for Night Festival cuts ties with founder Omar Afra amidst sexual assault allegations
  671. BTS drop ‘perfect’ concept images for new album shortly after being trolled for undergoing plastic surgeries
  672. The life and times of Jack Ryan
  673. Watch: Niki Minaj drops opulent music video for 'Ganja Burn' from her latest album 'Queen'
  674. "A phoenix-from-the-ashes moment": Singer Tiggi Hawke on her new summer anthem 'Remedy' with the Cowens Brothers
  675. 'House of Cards' star Robin Wright marries boyfriend Clement Giraudet in secret, low-key ceremony
  676. 'Deadly Class' episode 6 preview: Killing Chico was just the beginning of Maria Salazar's craziness
  677. Rolling Blackouts C.F.'s Tom Russo talks about "the tension between hope and disillusionment" that went into making 'Hope Downs'
  678. 'Jungle Cruise': Casting of Jack Whitehall as Disney's first-ever openly gay character receives backlash
  679. 'Disenchantment' review: A beer chugging, gambling princess set in the medieval times is all you need this summer
  680. 'What Really Happened?': Andrew Jenks to launch season 2 of podcast examining critical moments in pop culture history
  681. Harley Carter reopens a cold case as his first investigation in an all-new episode of WGN America's 'Carter'
  682. Preacher season 3 episode 8 review: The Devil gets his dues in 'The Tom/Brady'
  683. Pop star Bella Thorne inks million dollar record deal to partner with Epic/Sony
  684. Man dies after crashing plane into his own home just hours after release from jail for assaulting wife
  685. Tough guy punches 'creep' in the face for staring at his girlfriend's butt in a store and then laughing about it
  686. Massachusetts man who fatally shot himself after being pulled over by cops had a nasty surprise in car's trunk
  687. WATCH: Horrifying ad for 'The Nun' sparks outrage among viewers who jumped out of their skin
  688. Meghan Markle called 'inhuman' and a 'sociopath' by her own family after father Thomas Markle complains about her behavior
  689. Banks across the world brace for ATM hacks after FBI issues shocking warning of cybercriminal threat
  690. "He's really just like a zombie": Mother warns after son contracts rare virus from mosquito
  691. Man who bludgeoned to death another driver in road rage incident, is FATALLY run over just moments later
  692. Meet the 'big baddie' from C Block: Henny Russell reveals what made her play the role of Carol Denning in OITNB
  693. Aretha Franklin resting and recovering at home as her family remains hopeful after the singer's recent health scare
  694. Pregnant woman suspected of shoplifting at Staples asked to lift her shirt to reveal what was underneath
  695. 'Black Cab Rapist' who assaulted 12 female passengers could stay in jail as more victims step forward with allegations
  696. "My love for her cannot be changed": Teenager says she'll marry her zombie doll next month
  697. Cuteness Overload: Olivia Wilde shares adorable pics of her daughter and son
  698. Bristol Palin slams ex Dakota Meyer claiming she had to drive herself to and from hospital during birth of daughter Sailor
  699. Six crows employed as "garbage collectors" at French theme park
  700. "Absolute disgrace": Mother of dead boy outraged after pediatrician convicted of manslaughter wins right to practice again
  701. Conjoined twins separated through surgery at 7 months are happy and healthy at 17 years later
  702. Expect a surge in serial killers in the next 15 years: Author Peter Vronsky delivers chilling warning
  703. Cardi B reportedly has child services called on her for threatening to 'drop her baby' and fight Nicki Minaj fan
  704. 17-year-old transgender woman spends $20,000 to look like her idol Kim Kardashian, and it's just the beginning
  705. Italy bridge collapse: Dozens dead after Genoa motorway bridge caves in
  706. "I grabbed my drink and chucked it at his head": Michigan girls escape kidnapping by throwing hot coffee in suspect's face
  707. This optical illusion of a brick wall is driving the Web crazy, but are you smarter than the internet?
  708. Watch rapper Doja Cat's bizarre meme-worthy music video for 'Mooo!'
  709. 5-month-old survives heart-lung transplant, becomes youngest recipient in a decade
  710. Two women punch it out in fight over selfie spot at Rome's iconic Trevi fountain
  711. Days of Our Lives August 13 – 17 spoilers [DOOL]: Gaby continues to exact revenge on everyone who wronged her
  712. 'Outlander' Season 5: Fans want more screen time for OG couple Claire and Jamie Fraser, here's an assurance they will get it
  713. '$100,000 Pyramid' contestant was asked a very simple question, and boy did he get slammed for his answer
  714. Watch Ariana Grande and James Corden recreate ‘Titanic’ with songs from Foo Fighters, Ed Sheeran, Rick Astley, Celine Dion and more
  715. Rarely used painkiller can reduce the need for epidurals in pregnant women by half: Study
  716. 'Distracted' daycare worker who left 3-year-old girl to die in scorching van for four hours sentenced to 11 months in jail
  717. So You Think You Can Dance Live! returns for Season 15 this fall
  718. Ashanti and Ja Rule share first taste of upcoming collaborative album
  719. A white package fell from the sky, with Donald Trump's name on it, and no one was happy with its message
  720. 'Born This Way' cast gets candid about representing people with Down Syndrome on TV
  721. Mother breastfeeding in church 'without a cover' accused of 'immodesty' and 'inspiring lustfulness'
  722. Marie Avgeropoulos who plays Octavia Blake in ‘The 100’ reportedly arrested for domestic violence
  723. New 'Family Guy' and 'Simpsons' films are reportedly in the works
  724. Mother recalls the horror of losing her newborn triplets (one by one), before husband's death due to brain cancer
  725. Sick woman puts terrified dog in washing machine so she can ENTERTAIN her social media followers
  726. Here's how the 'Crazy Rich Asians' got the 'Rich' made without a prop house
  727. Has Blac Chyna had her butt implants removed? Well, here's her superb answer
  728. Omarosa releases new tape where Donald Trump staffers discuss how to spin his use of N-word
  729. 'Better Call Saul' season 4 episode 2: The biggest takeaways from 'Breathe'
  730. Does this selfie signal the formation of the greatest band ever? Or just two men reminiscing about music greatness?
  731. 'Jack Ryan': Phil Abraham to direct the first two episodes of Season 1
  732. Reese Witherspoon reveals her stunt double, Marilee, and fans think she could pass off as her own daughter
  733. 'Fixer Upper' star Joanna Gaines' social media post about failure and success is inspiring to the core
  734. Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson share passionate kiss at airport confirming dating rumors
  735. Ethan Peck confirmed as Spock for season 2 of 'Star Trek: Discovery'
  736. Harvey Weinstein scandal: Judge refuses to drop sex trafficking lawsuit against disgraced mogul
  737. Nicki Minaj's Ex Safaree claims she tried to kill him: "Remember the night you cut me"
  738. Demi Lovato overdosed on same drug that killed Prince and Lil Peep
  739. Stevie Wonder and Jesse Jackson visit ailing Aretha Franklin at her Detroit home
  740. 'The Romanoffs' trailer: Matthew Weiner's anthology series unfolds over three continents and seven countries
  741. 'What Men Want': Taraji P Henson stuns as a male-mind reader in the gender-swapped reboot of 'What Women Want'
  742. More than 300 'predator priests' abused over 1,000 children in six dioceses: Grand jury report
  743. 'Atypical': Season 2 premieres September 7 on Netflix
  744. Rod Stewart cancels concert with Cyndi Lauper at the last minute over strep throat
  745. 'Esme & Roy': New animated series from makers of 'Sesame Street' to hit HBO this Saturday
  746. ‘Mile 22’ review: A CIA action thriller with a feminist twist
  747. Hulu renews 'Castle Rock' for a second season
  748. 'Dr. Pimple Popper': TLC renews the freshman series for a second season
  749. Netflix releases trailer for 'Next Gen' starring Constance Wu, Charlyne Yi, and John Krasinski
  750. 'The Sinner' season 2: The story so far
  751. From busing tables to animation maestro: How 'Disenchantment' creator Matt Groening came to have his D'Oh moment
  752. Driver rams car into security barriers outside UK parliament in suspected 'terrorist' attack
  753. "I was uncomfortable": Magician Penn Jillette claims he heard Trump say 'racially insensitive things'
  754. 'Get Out' director Jordan Peele says there's lack of imagination in Hollywood
  755. 2018 Napa Valley Film Festival: Narrative and Documentary lineup unveiled
  756. 'Southern Charm': Thomas Ravenel quits show following sexual assault allegations
  757. Watch: Bleecker Street releases two new clips from 'Papillon' starring Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek
  758. Bride-to-be? Priyanka Chopra flaunts massive diamond ring from beau Nick Jonas for the first time
  759. Could Hydro-Man be the villain of Spider-Man sequel? Tom Holland shares water stunt fueling rumors
  760. Who says crime doesn't pay! Teen whose mugshot went viral set to rake in the cash
  761. All is not well: Guardians 3 star Chris Pratt admits "it's not an easy time" after James Gunn firing
  762. Jethro Tull's Martin Barre announces new solo album 'Roads Less Travelled'
  763. Journey's Steve Perry to release first solo album in 24 years, shares lead single 'No Erasin': Listen
  764. West End star claims she was barred from singing in Dreamgirls ballad because 'she is white'; Queen's Brian May erupts
  765. Dream to be an Avenger? Marvel is looking for a butt double for Infinity War sequel
  766. Meghan Markle will speak to father Thomas only if he reaches out to her in a 'respectful manner', says close friend
  767. Woman, 21, who shot herself in the head, gets a second chance at life with a face transplant
  768. Ailing Aretha Franklin's family express gratitude for the outpouring of love and support
  769. Watch: Rapper YG calls American Airlines "racist" after he was kicked off flight for allegedly being intoxicated
  770. 'Gotham' season 5: Fox series may introduce the father of an iconic Batman villain
  771. The Queen is hiring, and here's how you can apply for the delicious job and LIVE in Buckingham Palace
  772. Here's why you should never pop a pimple in 'Triangle of Death'
  773. In the line of fire: Prison inmates are being paid JUST $1 per hour to fight wildfires in California
  774. MCU Easter Eggs in 'Runaways' confirmed: Season 2 synopsis, premiere date, and first image
  775. Florida teachers pool in and donate 75 sick days to fellow teacher battling cancer
  776. Watch: Aquarium gift shop employee kicks out black girls in New Jersey, tells them 'you are not welcome here'
  777. Blood Lust: Man protests vegan food festival by eating RAW MEAT at venue, and people are not happy
  778. New study issues stark warning to people using their smartphones: They're making you blind
  779. 26-year-old reality star Lyric McHenry, who was 20 weeks pregnant, found dead on NYC sidewalk
  780. Mother who shared post about 'how to love a child you didn't plan to have,' says she doesn't regret it
  781. Passenger left wearing only a bra after being restrained by cabin crew for 'causing havoc' on flight
  782. California father shoots his three children dead before killing himself in apparent murder-suicide
  783. EXCLUSIVE: Selena Tan talks about playing the "Bible aunt" Alix Cheng in 'Crazy Rich Asians'
  784. "Necrophilia is harmless": Greens candidate advocated sexual intercourse with corpse to be legalized
  785. There is an existential threat flowing under the streets of Melbourne, and most residets don't even know it, say experts
  786. Sylvester Stallone celebrates wife gorgeous Jennifer Flavin's birthday with glamorous daughters in tow
  787. Prosecutors may bring criminal charges against cruel teen who pushed friend off 60ft bridge in Washington
  788. Lichtenberg figures: People share photos of the startling fern-leaf scars left from lightning strikes
  789. EXCLUSIVE: William Moseley talks about the live-action adaptation 'The Little Mermaid' and journey after 'Narnia'
  790. Teacher who had sex with her students said she couldn't 'control herself' and that that she 'would do it every day'
  791. Matt Lauer to pay Annette Roque up to $20 million in divorce agreement as the disgraced anchor "feels guilty" for cheating
  792. 'I felt unsafe and belittled': Transgender woman says WestJet staff 'outed' her in front of co-passengers
  793. GENOA BRIDGE TRAGEDY: Family of three, including 7-year-old son, among 39 killed in Italy bridge collapse
  794. Watch: Bizzare video of a rat with plant growing out of its back
  795. Vienna ties with two North American cities for the title of world's most liveable city
  796. Angie Harmon's 46th birthday celebrations will put you to shame, and so will her body
  797. WATCH: Moment when a boy challenges TSA agent to a dance battle and he accepts!
  798. The Last Tycoon announce debut album ‘Oppenheimer Blues’
  799. Mollie Tibbetts kidnapping: Police believe kidnapper may have attended candlelit vigil, and was also part of search party
  800. 'General Hospital' celebrates Maurice Benard's 25th year as Sonny in a very special episode
  801. Hero dad risks life to shield eight-year-old son as duo plummet off balcony in bizarre accident
  802. Listen to the unreleased 'Time Song' from the upcoming 'The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society' anniversary album
  803. SCOOP! School superintendent who pooped all over school set to get over $100,000 from New Jersey school district
  804. "It was so surreal," says 'Broken' star Miles Tagtmeyer on his Emmy nomination for Best Actor
  805. Watch: Greta Van Fleet's cosmic desert trip in new music video for 'When The Curtain Falls'
  806. John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John reunite for Grease 40th anniversary and prove summer lovin' is still a blast
  807. Lena Dunham celebrates her hysterectomy anniversary with nude post
  808. Aerosmith announces 'Deuces Are Wild' Las Vegas Residency for 2019
  809. WE TV renews hit series 'Bridezillas'
  810. A high-dollar heist! Thief steals ramen noodles worth nearly $100,000 from gas station
  811. Watch: Trump supporter 'punched in the head' by frontman of punk rock band during concert
  812. Multiple shots fired at 50 Cent and Tekashi 69's music video shoot in Brooklyn
  813. Lady Gaga posts cryptic photos and fans just can't handle the suspense
  814. The truth about 'Inception's ending scene revealed by Michael Caine!
  815. NXIVM sex cult case: Allison Mack asks court to let her pursue acting while she awaits trial
  816. Diane Kruger accidentally reveals baby bump while hailing a cab in New York
  817. Uh, oh! USA Network cancels 'Shooter' - No season 4 for the Ryan Phillippe drama
  818. 'The Simpsons' creator Matt Groening puts a woman in the forefront for Netflix’s ‘Disenchantment'
  819. Teyana Taylor drops out of Jeremih's 'Later That Night' tour citing his "DIVA" behavior
  820. Surreal anime 'The Night is Short, Walk on Girl' to hit US theatres on August 21
  821. 'Vida' season 2 adds Raúl Castillo and Adrian Gonzalez, production begins August 20
  822. Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence: Two best friends, an interview, and some revelations!
  823. 'Sharp Objects': Eliza Scanlen says she is just as 'confused and baffled' by Amma as we are
  824. 'Proven Innocent' review: Fox's spellbinding new courtroom drama has a bewitching motif
  825. "I'm not back in the same way": Jim Carrey opens up about working in Hollywood and his eventual return in Showtime's 'Kidding'
  826. Nick Jonas' parents will be traveling to India to meet Priyanka Chopra's family
  827. 'Yellowstone' episode 8 review: 'The Unravelling Part 1' is awfully undercooked
  828. 'The Sinner' Season 2: Heather and Marin's story-within-a-story lays out the clues
  829. Alex Jones' pirate radio station, Liberty Radio, shut down amidst social media crackdown
  830. "I knew when I saw his photograph," says Kelly Ripa recalling how she fell for Mark Consuelos even before she met him
  831. Fans slam Colin Jost as "most entitled white male" to host The Emmys after his awards show diss
  832. Guardians 3: No way is James Gunn coming back as Marvel boss Kevin Feige supports decision
  833. Enraged father kills man who tried to enter bathroom stall being used by his teen daughter
  834. Own a slice of the past: Charming Wild West cabin on a private island in Georgia goes on sale at $1.3 million
  835. Johnny Depp says Amber Heard pooped in their bed after a heated argument, but she blames the dog
  836. Not gay enough, not Jewish enough? Ruby Rose is still an interesting choice to play Batwoman
  837. 71 people hospitalized after overdosing on deadly synthetic marijuana in a city park
  838. Pit Bull dies after being sexually assaulted, beaten and dumped on the street with a rope around its neck
  839. Measles outbreak in 21 US states: What we know and don't know about the highly contagious disease
  840. GOP candidate for Arizona's secretary of state wants election ballots to be printed in English only
  841. Babysitter charged with negligent homicide after two-month-old girl dies from Benadryl overdose
  842. Dating agency asked to pay £13k after it failed to find woman 'man of my dreams'
  843. Baker who refused cake for same-sex couple, now sues Colorado after refusing to bake one for trans woman
  844. After aunt passes out giving birth in bathtub, 10-year-old girl cuts newborn's umbilical cord "using stuff" learned from doll videos
  845. Aretha Franklin's biographer explains why no one knew about her illness: "She didn’t want to be seen as a tragic blues figure"
  846. TJ Miller responds to 'Silicon Valley' actress' accusation: "It was difficult to work with her"
  847. 'What would you have me do, starve myself?': WWE star Peyton Royce hits back at body-shaming journalist
  848. Thomas Markle's issues with Meghan aren't recent, he didn't even attend her first wedding in 2011
  849. Shocking footage shows teenage boy trying to throw his girlfriend in front of a train
  850. Disabled doctor marched off EasyJet plane at 'gunpoint' after he complained he wasn't given seat with extra legroom despite paying extra
  851. DADDY COOL: Thomas Markle set to become fashion icon as he gets set to launch his own clothing line!
  852. Imam from mosque where Manchester bomber prayed denies calling for 'armed jihad' six months before attack
  853. Madonna reminds the world she is still the Queen of Pop on her 60th birthday
  854. 'The Widow' preview: 5 reasons you should watch the upcoming Kate Beckinsale series on Amazon Prime Videos
  855. Man with folds of excess skin after dramatic weight loss says it's a 'blessing' to have it removed
  856. Rihanna and shirtless Donald Glover pose together in mysterious photo and everyone's wondering why
  857. Lotto winner Callie Rogers severely beaten up by two dog-sitters who threw her around "like a rag doll"
  858. Hours after appealing on the Today Show for 'missing' wife and daughters to come home, man confesses to killing them
  859. 'Just put it in the freezer': Former employee at Indiana animal shelter says management asked her to freeze cats alive
  860. Woman whose skull was carried by a homeless person on a stick finally identified after two years
  861. Watching Kelly Stafford pumping iron at 38 weeks pregnant is truly freaking inspiring
  862. Scarlett Moffatt will not replace Ant McPartlin in 'I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here' as co-host
  863. SHOCKING! Sea turns red as 180 whales are brutally slaughtered by residents in annual ritual
  864. Melania warned Trump to 'not get into a public fight with Omarosa' but he called her a dog anyway
  865. 'The Little Mermaid': A small-budget movie with a very big heart
  866. Aretha Franklin dies at 76: Queen of Soul passes away at home in Detroit
  867. Police chief justifies tasing 87-year-old Syrian woman, who was holding a kitchen knife to cut dandelions
  868. Listen: The 15 Aretha Franklin songs that prove she is the one true Queen of Soul
  869. 'Best that God had to offer in her voice. RESPECT': Tributes pour in for Aretha Franklin
  870. 'I'm in a lot of pain': Teen who broke five ribs after being pushed off 60ft bridge by a friend wants to press charges
  871. Queen Elizabeth's doctor dies after being hit by a lorry while cycling in London
  872. Tears, cheers, and RESPECT: The amazing bond between a 'divine' Aretha Franklin & Barack and Michelle Obama
  873. 'He showed no compassion': Video shows cop restraining, handcuffing 10-year-old child with special needs
  874. Baby girl saved from scorching car after parents pass out due to 'heroin overdose'
  875. WATCH: Unite The Right organizer Jason Kessler scolded by his dad during live video
  876. Angela Bassett rings in 60th birthday by showing off her bikini bod
  877. John Swab's 'Run With the Hunted' starring Ron Perlman, Michael Pitt is currently filming in Oklahoma
  878. 'Jack Ryan': Amazon's adaptation is using real guns, artillery to make the series more authentic
  879. OWN to celebrate Aretha Franklin's life with a television special
  880. 'Outlander' season 5 and 6: Delayed renewal responsible for 'Droughtlander' but look forward to back to back bountiful seasons
  881. Watch: Aretha Franklin's only film role in 'The Blues Brothers' is a treat
  882. JUST IN: 'Britain's Got Talent' singer Simonne Kerr stabbed to death at London residence
  883. Contact lens found stuck under woman's eyelid 28 years after she thought she had lost it
  884. Sealed with a KISS! Niall Horan and Hailee Steinfeld confirm romance with steamy PDA
  885. Proud big brother! Taylor Lautner shares adorable pic with sis Makena celebrating her successful heart surgery
  886. Body of Shanann Watts, whose husband went on 'Today Show' to appeal for her return, found at his place of work
  887. Busy Philipps' new talk show 'Busy Tonight' will premiere in October
  888. Travel Channel's 'Haunted Live' featuring the Tennessee Wraith Chasers will premiere this September
  889. FINALLY! Vogue sets minimum age for models at 18 to put an end to 'children being marketed as glamorous adults'
  890. The surreal destructiveness and magic of Japanese animator, Massaki Yuasa
  891. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi celebrate their 10-year anniversary with this special message!
  892. ‘Juliet, Naked’ director Jesse Peretz talks about obsessions and interpretation of art
  893. TNT orders sequel to 'The Alienist' with 'The Angel of Darkness' limited series
  894. Meghan Markle was already worth millions when she exited 'Suits'
  895. Arnold Schwarzenegger reunited with his lost 1969 Mr. Universe Trophy
  896. Jean-Claude Van Damme's son pleads guilty to assault charges after holding roommate at knife point
  897. 'General Hospital' spoilers: If you're a fan, get ready for an explosive episode on August 17
  898. 'Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood' amongst nine exclusive first-run documentaries acquired by Starz
  899. 'Outlander' season 4 to premiere in November, announces Starz
  900. Lodge 49: Dud looks for magic in California but Wyatt Russell finds it instead
  901. 'Better Call Saul': AMC, Postmates join hands to deliver free Los Pollos Hermanos meals to fans
  902. Paul Walker's brothers open up about his tragic death and how the family is dealing with it
  903. Forbes' highest-paid actresses of 2018: Scarlett Johansson dethrones Emma Stone
  904. Netflix's 'ROMA': First teaser trailer is here!
  905. Aretha Franklin: Singing legend's memorial to be held at historically significant Detroit museum
  906. The Rolling Stones' Bernard Fowler and guitar legend Waddy Wachtel to headline Alert the Globe show
  907. Black Widow who? Evangeline Lilly's Wasp could be new choice to lead all-female Marvel ensemble movie
  908. Director Sebastian Gutierrez talks about his brand of horror and the "accidental science fiction" in 'Elizabeth Harvest'
  909. Chris Watts allegedly stuffed his daughters' bodies in oil and gas tanks 'so they wouldn't smell': Sources
  910. Jill Janus dead: Inside Huntress frontwoman's struggles with health and suicidal thoughts
  911. Quadriplegic boy reunites with dog that helped him 10 years ago
  912. Teen, who had vanished from home five years ago, calls to inform the police that she is 'safe and happy'
  913. Watch: The beautiful moment a four-year-old girl rings end of cancer treatment bell after fighting the disease for two years
  914. Parents' phone obsession blamed for increase in children drowning
  915. "My whole world crashed": Man mourns deaths of seven family members, including five children, in terrible car crash
  916. Woman drives home with corpse of man who landed in passenger seat after he smashed through windscreen in drunk-driving crash
  917. Caitlyn Jenner rocks denim while stepping out with rumored girlfriend Sophia Hutchins
  918. First-time mother who followed midwives' breastfeeding advice wakes to find newborn choked to death
  919. Omarosa releases tape of Lara Trump offering her post-White House campaign job to buy her silence
  920. 'He was just protecting me': Daughter defends father who killed man trying to break into bathroom stall she was using
  921. Camberwell stabbing: Shocking video shows paramedics trying to save teen who was 'disemboweled' in gang fight 'over a belt'
  922. LONDON KNIFE ATTACK TERROR: Four teens stabbed in London, with one reportedly 'disembowelled'
  923. Meghan Markle's dad Thomas Markle is 'bitter' that his children have not paid him back for his generosity
  924. Days after Argentina rejected abortion bill, woman dies trying to abort a child at home
  925. 'I wonder if my daughter's death will be as beautiful as my son's': Mother's agonising wish as she watches her second child die in eight months
  926. Prison suicide pact gone WRONG! Notorious serial killer Joanna Dennehy, girlfriend found soaked in blood
  927. Donald Trump cancels military parade, as projected cost inflated to over $90 million
  928. Mother of five-year-old suffering from fatal disease constantly harassed by neighbors over medics occupy parking spaces
  929. Actress Tara Reid slurs and stumbles over her words during bizarre live TV interview
  930. Georgia police chief defends use of taser on 87-year-old grandmother cutting flowers
  931. A BABY CALLED FREEDOM: Woman rescues newborn from flooded drain with umbilical cord wrapped around his neck
  932. Devastated father assaults ex-wife after investigators reveal that remains discovered in creek belong to their missing autistic son
  933. Pennsylvania woman charged with raping 5-year-old boy and posting video on social media
  934. "I will go out. I will leave": Wife, stepdaughter and her boyfriend pleaded for their lives before ex-pastor killed them
  935. 'Proven Innocent' episode 1 review: Prove them innocent to prove Bellows guilty, that is Madeline's approach
  936. Did Shanann Watts's sudden financial success drive a fatal wedge into her marriage with Chris?
  937. Tear-jerking moment! Dying father fulfills his last wish to walk his daughter down the aisle on stretcher
  938. Chris Watts exchanged loving messages with family barely months before murdering them
  939. WATCH: Moment police officer chasing a suspect on foot is run over by colleague's van
  940. Man who lacked "inhibitions" because of a brain tumor is found guilty of manslaughter after killing his 11-year-old great-niece
  941. Woman charged with drunk driving took her own life to escape from disappointing her father
  942. 'She asked me to push her': Friend who shoved teen off 60ft bridge says she never intended to hurt her
  943. Mother says children tied in the back of pickup truck driven by heroin-addict boyfriend wanted to go for a 'joy ride'
  944. Timothy Coggins murder case: Second killer pleads guilty for the racially motivated crime
  945. Alien invasion? Strange pink blobs have people terrified that ETs are already here
  946. When Tibetan waiter Shavo Dorjee watched a 27-year-old exile self-immolate, he had no idea that years later he would play him on the big screen
  947. Eighty one-year-old woman becomes oldest person in Britain to undergo gender reassignment surgery
  948. 'Legends: Iconic Film and Music Memorabilia Auction' to highlight Hollywood's most celebrated icons
  949. 'He was the best student I ever had': Chris Watts' high school teacher says he is in shock
  950. The storm under your bonnet! Meet Heather Storm, the Garage Squad queen who loves bringing classic hot rods back to life
  951. Anthony Bourdain's New York City apartment up for rent just two months after his death
  952. Stephenie Meyer's 'Down a Dark Hall' starring Uma Thurman hit theatres today!
  953. 'He's being fake': Body language experts say Chris Watts showed telltale signs of guilt and deception during interviews
  954. Police won't file charges against teen who shot and killed mother's boyfriend as he tried to strangle mom
  955. 'The Oath' trailer: Tiffany Haddish and co. dragged through a turbulent yet hilarious Thanksgiving
  956. Renée Zellweger set for big TV debut as lead with Netflix's anthology social thriller 'What/If'
  957. 'I love you, baby girl': The tragic final moments of Morgan Miller's daughter before she died
  958. 'Watchmen': HBO orders for its very own superhero series based on Alan Moore's comic book
  959. 'Hold the Dark': Netflix releases first poster of Jeremy Saulnier thriller starring Westworld's Jeffrey Wright
  960. Stan Lee gets restraining order against former adviser after he forced himself into his affairs and stole $5 million
  961. 'Yellowstone' season finale will tie up a lot of loose ends on August 22
  962. IT'S OVER! Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus split days after he's spotted with Playboy model Shauna Sexton
  963. Thomas Mann to play Jim Dear on Disney's live-action adaptation of 'Lady and the Tramp'
  964. 'General Hospital' spoilers: Tragedy on the cards for Port Charles on August 20
  965. Korn frontman Jonathan Davis' embattled ex-wife, muse Deven dead at 39
  966. 'Celebrity Big Brother' releases video denying Stormy Daniels' claims of them "trying to control her"
  967. 'The Sinner': The complex and beautiful women who are writing their own stories
  968. Netflix cancels 'A Break with Michelle Wolf' and 'The Joel McHale Show'
  969. A Serpent in Eden: Son of pastor killed by snake during sermon is also bitten during service
  970. 'My daddy is a hero': Heart-wrenching words of Chris Watts' daughter Bella filmed just months before her murder
  971. High school football game ends in carnage after fight sees two people shot
  972. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas get engaged at a traditional ceremony in India
  973. Symphani Soto shares how she juggles being a beauty guru, singer and influencer as she awaits the release of her new EP
  974. Akkkkk! Jumping spider capable of leaping over an average human found in the UK for the first time
  975. EXCLUSIVE: Rhea Seehorn on the force of nature that is Kim Wexler, and the future of 'Better Call Saul'
  976. 'Your reign of terror ends here': Man who forced couples to have sex at gunpoint and then raped the women gets 148 years in prison
  977. Chris Watts allegedly strangled his daughters to death before putting bodies in oil well, court documents reveal
  978. Supercop 'breastfeeds' malnourished baby after doctors are "too busy" to help
  979. American Matthew Knowles reveals how a twist of fate led him to star in 'Asura', China's first $100m film
  980. Former UN secretary-general and Nobel laureate Kofi Annan dies at 80
  981. Chris Watts and Scott Peterson: The terrifying similarities in two murder cases that captivated America
  982. Stormy Daniels' estranged mother calls her an 'attention seeker' and wishes Trump was her son-in-law
  983. Shocking video footage of police beating man shows him violently "swinging" at cops before he was pinned down
  984. Teen who pushed her friend off a 60ft bridge could be jailed for a year after reckless endangerment charge
  985. $1,300 AI 'wife' that can chat with you, call you 'master' and all you need to do is give her $14 every month for living expenses
  986. $2.5m on boob job, drugs and parties, and now no money to support disabled son; the scandalous fall of the youngest Lotto winner
  987. 4 years, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots: The miracle of the RAINBOW BABY will make your heart melt
  988. Meghan Markle's dad Thomas compares royal family to Scientologists and the Stepford family because of their 'cult-like' secrecy
  989. Bruce Willis and Demi Moore reunite for daughter Rumer's 30th birthday and looks like the 'roast' is forgiven
  990. Graphic footage shows brave woman battling thieves trying to steal $75,000 from her purse, even as they RUN HER OVER
  991. Denzel Washington's son John David slams reporter for disregarding his mother's influence in his life
  992. Supercop saves 3-year-old girl from hot car after she was locked inside for 12 hours after mother went to 'buy alcohol'
  993. Pregnant Shanann Watt's body was found in a shallow grave near where daughters were found, court documents reveal
  994. Racist woman who was severely beaten after using N-word on Metrobus is now hospitalized
  995. Coolest centenarian ever: Ruth Parker celebrates her 101st birthday at Taco Bell
  996. 'I would rather set myself on f****** fire': Why Stormy Daniels walked off Celebrity Big Brother just hours before launch
  997. 11-year-old dying from leukemia asks for racing stickers to cover his casket and the response is overwhelming
  998. Babies on board: Sixteen Arizona nurses become pregnant at same time
  999. Kevin Spacey's latest film proves how hard the actor's star has fallen after APPALLING Box Office return
  1000. Jack the Ripper revelation: Expert claims that infamous serial killer may have actually been a woman
  1001. Omarosa's new book claims "vindictive" President Trump will "deport" wife Melania if she divorces him while he's in office
  1002. Celestial kingdom spotted? Video sparks talks of a 'choir of angels in the sky' along with visions of 'gateway to heaven'
  1003. Evil in the Matrix: Parents left terrified and shaken after reviewing footage from their baby monitor
  1004. Debra Messing and Chaz Dean honored at the Angel Awards Gala
  1005. 'The Originals' star Claire Holt marries real estate executive Andrew Joblon in a breathtaking ceremony
  1006. New report reveals that Harvey Weinstein accuser, Asia Argento, paid underage actor to settle sexual assault case of her own
  1007. When is Sherlock Holmes 3 releasing? Robert Downey Jr. shares an epic teaser to excite fans
  1008. Chris Watts case: Brother of murdered Shannan Watts reveals how she "beat all odds" to conceive her babies
  1009. Wait, what? Winona Ryder and Keanu Reeves might actually be married for 26 years now!
  1010. 'My dog is dying': Police allegedly shoot dog that just wanted ‘to play’ with them
  1011. Cardi B 'nervous' about VMAs show, her first since childbirth, but she has planned something 'spectacular and memorable'
  1012. Pete Davidson pulled over by cops but his friend gets busted for drug possession
  1013. Princess Diana's former bodyguard slams Prince Harry for not taking responsibility of Thomas Markle
  1014. Thailand's Princess Sirivannavari could well be the most talented AND gorgeous royal in the world
  1015. End of an Era: The Undertaker to fight Triple H for last time at WWE Super-Show Down in Australia
  1016. Nicki Minaj calls out Travis Scott for inflating his Spotify numbers after 'Queen' fails to hit at No. 1 on the charts
  1017. Sleeping with contact lenses on could lead to serious eye damage, warn experts
  1018. 'It was horrific': Mother and daughter left fighting for their lives after suspect smashes them with hammer in vicious unprovoked attack
  1019. Marylin Manson collapses on stage during Houston gig after suffering from "heat poisoning"
  1020. Princess Eugenie's wedding set to cost taxpayers millions, as ministers ask her father to foot security bill
  1021. "Billy Connolly's wonderful brain is dulled,” says Michael Parkinson; comedian's production company says he's in "top form"
  1022. Man gets arrested by ICE agents en route to hospital with pregnant wife, leaving her to drive there on her own
  1023. Chris Watts case: Prosecutors prepare to reveal why he killed his pregnant wife and two children
  1024. "I had 20 hours to arrange a wedding": Woman marries her soulmate and watches him die just 13 hours after saying 'I do'
  1025. German restaurant imposes 'no children allowed' dinner policy so adults can eat in peace
  1026. Makayla Lysiak shines in Season 2 of 'Mr. Mercedes', a series that she's only allowed to watch parts her parents have approved!
  1027. Alert mother rescues her children from toy car moments before it bursts into flames
  1028. Furious customer stabs plumber to death just because he took a 'three-hour' lunch break
  1029. 'Jack Ryan': Amazon series will not feature Ryan's darker alter ego, John Clark
  1030. 'Falling stars challenge' is the latest social media trend that we didn't need
  1031. "Jesus. Please, God, help us": Footage shows father and son making dramatic escape through deadly forest fire
  1032. Satan worshippers unveil massive Baphomet statue as battle lines are drawn in Arkansas
  1033. Study finds the perfect age from when parents should let their babies sleep on their own
  1034. Lana Del Rey defends her decision to perform in Israel: 'Music is universal'
  1035. Eva Longoria shares a gorgeous mother-and-son photo on a 'lazy kinda Sunday'
  1036. Woman who survived 10-hour in Adriatic Sea after falling from ship may have jumped, claims crew member
  1037. King of Pop dethroned: The Eagles' Greatest Hits flies past Michael Jackson's Thriller to take title of best-selling album in history
  1038. Alec Baldwin has gone through daughter Ireland's social media pics, and his response is total DAD
  1039. Hero cop jumps off 30-foot overpass to save life of 12-year-old boy who leapt off it moments before
  1040. Puta! Puta! Potty-mouthed toddler's rant at priest during baptism goes viral
  1041. Kim Kardashian is 'obsessed' with death and wants to study mortuary makeup
  1042. Indian Man who sexually assaulted sleeping passenger on Spirit Airlines flight could face life imprisonment and deportation
  1043. Francis Ford Coppola backs Winona Ryder's claim that she is "married to Keanu Reeves"
  1044. Ryan Reynolds trolling Paul McCartney is so much better than those Silly Love Songs
  1045. Dwayne Johnson posts a pic of sushi, and everyone gets philosophical; but surely he needs a bigger TV!
  1046. 'He was making no sense': Last person to see Shanann Watts alive says she suspected Chris from Day 1
  1047. New York Senator proposes bill to make calling 911 on innocent black people a hate crime
  1048. 'Made in Mexico': Netflix announces first-ever Mexican reality show chronicling lives of nine socialites
  1049. Before you tune in to Amazon's latest show, check out every Jack Ryan movie, ranked from worst to best
  1050. 'Atypical': Netflix reveals the first trailer of Season 2
  1051. Nicki Minaj shares her Vogue Arabia pictures on social media and it's breaking the internet
  1052. 'In Search Of' episode 5 review: 'Time Travel' is the series' best episode so far
  1053. Rose McGowan responds to sexual assault allegations against Asia Argento, calls for people to "be gentle"
  1054. 'Proven Innocent' preview: Before Madeline Scott fought for the innocent, Ezekiel Boudreau did and set her free
  1055. 'The Village' Season 1 preview: NBC's upcoming drama proves that simple can be revolutionary
  1056. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to attend hit musical performance amid summer vacation
  1057. 'Outlaw King': Netflix releases first trailer of upcoming film starring Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce
  1058. Olivia Munn trolled for showing too much cleavage while promoting No Kids Hungry campaign
  1059. Kylie Jenner's beau Travis Scott refuses to sit behind Nicki Minaj at VMAs amid feud over #1 album spot
  1060. 'Night School' Trailer: Kevin Hart gets schooled by Tiffany Haddish
  1061. Blac Chyna and Tyga spark reunion rumors after being spotted dining, hitting clubs in NYC
  1062. 'American Horror Story': Emma Roberts shares sneak peek into new season 'Apocalypse'
  1063. 'BlacKkKlansman' production designer Curt Beech on recreating 1970s Colorado Springs for the movie
  1064. J.K. Rowling gives her approval to popular fan theory that claims Professor Dumbledore is Death himself
  1065. EXCLUSIVE: 'Sharp Objects' star Hilary Ward on Amy Adams - "I think she's a shoo-in for an Emmy and deservedly so."
  1066. From sunshine Barbie to a fierce red-head in 'A Simple Favor': The spiritually rejuvenating journey of Blake Lively
  1067. Cardi B's cryptic post while on her way to VMAs fuels rumors that she is splitting with Offset
  1068. TNT orders pilot for new late-night talk show titled 'Naked with Niecy Nash'
  1069. Jennifer Garner insists she can save herself but says she is a "ding-a-ling" after her recent kayaking mishap with daughter Violet
  1070. "I would recognise Parky if he was standing behind me — in a diving suit": Billy Connolly slams Michael Parkinson comments
  1071. ‘Papillon’ review: Charlie Hunnam and Rami Malek pack in the emotion in remake of Steve McQueen-Dustin Hoffman classic
  1072. Asia Argento won't undergo criminal investigation following sexual assault scandal involving minor
  1073. Shanann Watts' death was a 'result of unlawful termination of pregnancy', according to court documents
  1074. "Jane Fonda in Five Acts": HBO releases trailer for new documentary on actress' life
  1075. Disney Channel star Gary Clayton comes out as gay in heartfelt post on social media
  1076. 'General Hospital' spoilers: An investigation and a horde of secrets to be spilled this August 21
  1077. Breakout star Myles Truitt talks about landing the role of a lifetime in Lionsgate’s 'Kin'
  1078. Tom Cruise gets bizarrely shaded by Raiders coach Jon Gruden in rant over $100 million contract
  1079. MTV 'The Hills' reboot kicks off but minus OG stars Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari
  1080. MTV VMAs 2018: From Ariana Grande to Childish Gambino and Camila Cabello, the complete winners list
  1081. "Disrespected Queen of Soul": Fans demand apology over Madonna's "self-indulgent" Aretha Franklin tribute
  1082. Chris Watts was allegedly cheating on wife Shanann with coworker before murdering his family: Authorities
  1083. Funny, messed-up, and outrageous: Julie Ann Emery explains what sets AMC's 'Preacher' apart
  1084. Chris Watts claims he killed his pregnant wife in a fit of rage after he "saw her strangling his daughter"
  1085. VMAs 2018: The 20 sexiest outfits at this year's red carpet
  1086. Mia Khalifa: Adult entertainment star continues to receive death threats from terrorists, years after ending her career
  1087. Man who deliberately contracted HIV to infect others sentenced to 50 years in jail
  1088. Nicki Minaj slammed on social media for comparing herself to Harriet Tubman
  1089. Mollie Tibbetts' boyfriend took lie detector test and it may have ruled him out as a suspect in her death
  1090. Watts case: Here's why investigators believe Chris killed his pregnant wife and two daughters
  1091. "I like being able to bring humor to serious situations": Emmy Nominee Naomi Grossman on her role as Lorna on 'Ctrl Alt Del'
  1092. Social media cannot help but point out the irony after First Lady Melania Trump announces her solo trip to Africa
  1093. Dolores O'Riordan inquest set for her 47th birthday next month
  1094. Sadistic breeder arrested for 'debarking' dogs by repeatedly shoving pipe-like object down their throats
  1095. 'Mr. Mercedes': Everything we know so far and what to expect from season 2
  1096. WATCH: Moment UNC protesters topple 'Silent Sam' on campus amid chants - "This racist statue has got to go"
  1097. 'Kiki Challenge': 11-year-old girl with heart condition gets surprise visit from Drake on her birthday
  1098. Teen arrested after he allegedly tried to sexually assault his friend's mother during a sleepover
  1099. 24-year-old American urinates on fellow passenger during flight to Japan
  1100. MS-13 gang member pleads guilty to horrific quadruple murder he committed when he was just 15
  1101. 'They Shall Not Grow Old': Peter Jackson's WWI film to premiere at BFI London Film Festival in October
  1102. Mom who let men assault her young daughters in return for drugs shows no remorse as she is sentenced to 20 years
  1103. SHOCKER: Burly male officer hits girl, 14, in the face during violent arrest
  1104. Royals fans are STILL confused about the story of how Kate Middleton first met the queen
  1105. New York apartment tenants terrified after "psycho" shooter takes potshots at their building
  1106. The Envy of Angelina Jolie: Star is 'insanely jealous' of Amal Clooney and 'hates all the attention she gets'
  1107. Film festival at cathedral sparks controversy over choice of films featuring nudity, sex and paganism
  1108. New Zealand's minister for women needed to get to the hospital to give birth, so she took a bicycle!
  1109. Lauren Cohan is ready to set out on a journey beyond 'The Walking Dead'
  1110. Prince Charles is reportedly quite 'sympathetic' towards Meghan Markle's situation with her father
  1111. 20-year-old Iowa college student Mollie Tibbetts who went missing in July found dead: Reports
  1112. Disturbing 'fire challenge' leaves 12-year-old with severe burns to half of her body
  1113. Holy poop! Netflix's 'American Vandal' returns for season 2
  1114. 19-year-old girl becomes first model with Down Syndrome to win international beauty pageant
  1115. Your job culture might be affecting your child negatively without you even knowing it
  1116. EXCLUSIVE: Alysia Reiner on her 'OITNB' return and Natalie Figeroa's new stint at Litchfield
  1117. WATCH 'Press' first teaser: Charlotte Riley, Ben Chaplin, and David Suchet notch up newsrooms rivalry in BBC Drama
  1118. Priest who stole $80,000 from parish on the run after 'credible' sexual abuse allegations surface
  1119. Chris Watts allegedly kept changing his story several times before he was charged with murder of wife, daughters
  1120. Neighbors tried to intervene and stop lunatic father from frantically stabbing his toddler to death
  1121. Who was Mollie Tibbetts: 20-year-old Iowa student who was found dead loved books, theater and deeply cared about others
  1122. "I am deeply shocked and hurt": Asia Argento denies sexual assault allegations from Jimmy Bennett
  1123. 'Better Call Saul' season 4 episode 3: Nachos is in trouble and your favorite meth cook returns in 'Something Beautiful'
  1124. Danny Boyle steps down as director of Bond 25 due to 'creative differences'
  1125. Post Malone flight scare: Rapper's plane makes safe emergency landing after tires blow out during take off
  1126. 'Destroyer': First look at Nicole Kidman's shocking transformation into LAPD detective Erin Bell
  1127. Jennifer Garner makes rare appearance with children for her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony
  1128. 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' - What do the first two episode titles mean?
  1129. 'The Comedy Lineup: Part 2': Netflix unveils first trailer for upcoming show with eight new comedians
  1130. Chance the Rapper to play a werewolf in upcoming film 'Slice'
  1131. 'Lazy Town' actor Stefan Karl Stefansson, aka Robbie Rotten, dies after battling cancer for two years
  1132. 'Freaky Friday' actress Barbara Harris dies at 83
  1133. Halsey and G-Eazy spark dating rumors after being spotted together at VMAs after-party
  1134. Hilary Swank looks stunning as she marries boyfriend Philip Schneider in secret wedding ceremony
  1135. 'The Little Drummer Girl': AMC announces November premiere date for upcoming spy thriller
  1136. Tiffany Haddish gets her own original comedy special on Netflix
  1137. NBC renews 'Making It' with Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman for season 2
  1138. Man charged with the murder of 20-year-old Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts
  1139. Veronica Mars: Hulu plans to bring back the iconic character for eight-episode limited series
  1140. 'General Hospital (GH)' Spoilers: Prepare for a mother's wrath on Aug 22
  1141. 'Hold the Dark' trailer: Netflix releases first look of the creepy thriller from director Jeremy Saulnier
  1142. ‘Papillon’ stars Charlie Hunnam, Rami Malek and director Michael Noer get candid about on-set chemistry, weight-loss and solidarity
  1143. A Cause for Entertainment to hold fourth annual fundraiser for breast cancer awareness
  1144. 'American Gods' to make first-ever official New York Comic Con appearance in October
  1145. 'AHS' star Cheyenne Jackson is keeping his lips sealed but he did say that season 8 will be a love letter to fans
  1146. Robin Thicke shares heartwarming post revealing girlfriend April Love Geary is expecting again!
  1147. Sad day for theater: Beloved Hollywood producer Craig Zadan dies of complications from shoulder surgery
  1148. Rapper Meek Mill hopeful for a "fair and balanced" trial after court instructs to file a formal appeal
  1149. 'The Mighty Ducks' star Shaun Weiss checks into rehab following shocking drug arrest
  1150. Bad news US fans! Nicki Minaj postpones NickiHndrxx Tour, goes ahead with its European leg instead
  1151. 3-year-old boy living with his father found dead inside clothes dryer just a day after his birthday
  1152. Toddlers, 3 and 1, found in wreckage four days after family car crashes into deep ravine killing mother
  1153. Police got their big break in Mollie Tibbetts' case after surveillance footage led them to the alleged murderer
  1154. 'Outlander' Season 4 DVD: Bonus scenes may finally reveal who said 'Move your guns or I’ll shove them up your...' on set
  1155. Bas and J Cole drop new song and video for 'Tribe': Watch
  1156. Chris Watts case: Heartbreaking moment Shanann's father breaks down as judge reads out charges
  1157. 'LazyTown' actor Stefan Karl Stefansson thought he had beaten cancer but then it returned
  1158. Rapper Post Malone lashes out at trolls who wished death upon him during recent flight emergency
  1159. 'Oasis of calm': German restaurant sees surge in popularity after banning children around dinner time
  1160. Smoking toddler with two-packs-a-day habit quits after being given year's supply of milk and biscuits
  1161. Netflix's 'The End of the F***ing World' to return for a second season
  1162. Britain's Got Talent semi-finalist and star Antonio 'Popeye' Francis dies at 54: Reports
  1163. School installs laundromat for homeless students to stop bullying over dirty clothes
  1164. For Moses Lanham, the ability to twist his feet backward 180 degrees and walk earned him two Guinness world records!
  1165. Mother jailed in Dubai with 4-year-old for allegedly drinking glass of wine on flight is now receiving death threats
  1166. "I didn't want it to end like this": Woman posts chilling apology video before killing her manager and injuring a co-worker
  1167. No need to hide: Mexican city legalizes sex in public so police can instead focus on fighting crime
  1168. Author compares breastfeeding in the open to 'public urination' and gets booed by 'This Morning' viewers
  1169. STARZ launches spoken word contest, 'Share Your Voice', for its new series 'America To Me'
  1170. Kirsty Maxwell balcony death: CCTV footage of her final moments shows newlywed in bed, asleep for two hours before her fall
  1171. Truck driver's daughter who posed as fake billionaire heiress shows no remorse as she is indicted on grand larceny charges
  1172. Woman dumps fiance days before wedding after finding out he is 'addicted to porn'
  1173. Country music star Gretchen Wilson arrested at Connecticut airport for 'breach of peace'
  1174. Chris Watts exhibits all the classic traits of a psychopath, says expert
  1175. 'Lucifer' Season 4: A Major character might return, as title of the second episode is revealed
  1176. Victims of rapist cop furious over the decision to release him after he served only SEVEN years of his two life sentences
  1177. Former US president Jimmy Carter still lives in a modest $167,000 house that he built himself back in 1961
  1178. Furious mom chases down pervert who was filming her 12-year-old daughter in changing room
  1179. Chris Watts' friends say they regret letting him stay at their place after family was reported missing
  1180. 15-year-old girl busted for 'dealing marijuana out of her bedroom' while her mother supervised the whole operation
  1181. Police hunt for 'disrespectful' British tourists who posed nude near iconic war monument in Italy
  1182. James Gunn working on top-secret horror film with Sony set to release in November
  1183. Woman convinced 14-year-old boy to have intercourse with her and then falsely accused him of rape
  1184. Deputy accused of sexually abusing toddler and threatening her undocumented mother with deportation dies in an apparent suicide
  1185. Review: Season 2 of 'Mr. Mercedes' may polarize fans as the show take on a sci-fi horror flavor
  1186. Parents have an epic reply for daycare staff after they said their daughter should be dressed more like a girl
  1187. Father who slammed his 16-month-old son into concrete and stabbed him to death charged with capital murder
  1188. PICTURED: Latest mugshot of John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman released ahead of parole hearing
  1189. Christopher Nolan could be directing 'James Bond 25' after Danny Boyle walked out over 'creative differences'
  1190. Ouch! UFC star Bryce Mitchell reveals he tore his scrotum in half while using a drill
  1191. 'Bachelor in Paradise': Kenny King says he would never date Tia Booth, confirms there is no love triangle
  1192. Twin sister of 6-year-old boy tragically killed by pellet gun bravely sits on horse-drawn carriage carrying his coffin
  1193. 'Atypical' season 2 trailer suggests a shift from Sam's world into a deeper investigation of other relationships
  1194. Three men face 1,460 counts of bestiality for sexually abusing goats, cows, and dogs on Pennsylvania farm
  1195. A tale of two murders: How Chris Watts and Mollie Tibbetts cases exposed America's political divide
  1196. Horror sensation 'Hereditary' is the scariest movie of 2018 and there's scientific evidence to prove that
  1197. Kim Kardashian spotted 'picking wedgies' with bestie Larsa Pippen on Miami trip
  1198. Actor Ian Somerhalder promotes cat welfare with sweet social media post
  1199. Walker Hayes and wife Laney share heartbreak of losing their baby girl during childbirth
  1200. "I just wanted the bullying to stop": 'Danseur' shows how male dancers combat stereotypes and homophobia in the ballet industry
  1201. 'Trans-Am' is BACK! Discovery's American muscle car series to premiere in October
  1202. Murder of 15-week pregnant Shanann Watts reignites debate over Colorado's fetal homicide law
  1203. 'Big Bang Theory' to end in May 2019 after 12 seasons and record-breaking 279 episodes
  1204. Former Trump Tower doorman who claims Donald Trump had a love child with housekeeper, says he's now free to talk
  1205. 'Dancing Queen': Drag superstar Alyssa Edwards takes centre stage for new Netflix show
  1206. 'RuPaul's Drag Race' star Alaska Thunderf**k and Jeremy Mikush on their deep and familial friendship that led to 'Amethyst Journey'
  1207. It's on VIDEO! Kylie Jenner goes out of her way to avoid bumping into Nicki Minaj at the VMAs red carpet
  1208. Asia Argento accuser Jimmy Bennett says he was 'ashamed' and 'afraid' to come out as a sexual assault victim earlier
  1209. Asia Argento confesses she did have sex with underage boy in leaked texts: Report
  1210. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott share adorable new photos of baby Stormi
  1211. Simon Cowell renews multi-year deal with NBC, will continue to judge 'America's Got Talent'
  1212. VH1 renews 'RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars' for a brand new fourth season
  1213. 911 dispatcher refuses to send help after mother accidentally locks two-month-old daughter in hot car
  1214. 'General Hospital' spoilers: An episode full of revelations and confrontations awaits this August 23
  1215. Showtime announces special one-hour episode of 'Our Cartoon President' that focuses on midterm elections
  1216. 'America's Got Talent' season 13 quarterfinals will definitely leave fans asking for more
  1217. Kaley Cuoco's heart is 'broken' over decision to end 'The Big Bang Theory' after 12th season
  1218. Regina Hall talks about her new film ‘Support The Girls’ and its relation to the #MeToo movement
  1219. Chris Watts may have murdered daughters BEFORE wife Shanann came home from business trip, say detectives
  1220. Wrecked season 3: Tune in to see the latest episodes of the fearless survivors on TBS' disaster island comedy
  1221. 2012 video of Chris Watts where he spoke on 'saving relationships' may hold vital clues to killings motive
  1222. Mollie Tibbetts case: Suspect's employer did not use the federal E-Verify system to vet his identity
  1223. Footage of 5-year-old clinging to speeding motorbike after parents are thrown off will send chills down your spine
  1224. State Department issues level two advisory for Mexico after 8 bodies found in beach resort city
  1225. Meth addict clubbed partner to death with vacuum cleaner pole, then stabbed her face with a samurai sword
  1226. Meet Larsa Pippen, the 'fourth Kardashian sister' always seen but never heard
  1227. Swingers get swingin': Jealous partygoer assaulted man who asked his wife for help putting on a sock!
  1228. Notes of hope! Woman's inspiring messages at suicide spots in the UK has saved 14 lives
  1229. 'Instant Family' trailer: Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne starrer seems hilarious and heartwarming
  1230. 'Everything’s going to be okay': Pink stops concert midway to comfort grieving teen who lost her mother
  1231. Trapped in Dubai: British expat claims he was left homeless after being hounded by debt collectors in UAE
  1232. Meghan Markle's estranged brother says his family should to be treated 'like the Middletons'
  1233. Coconut oil is 'pure poison' that increases your cholesterol, says expert
  1234. Woman breaks down in court after cellmates claim she murdered her boyfriend because he left her for a beauty queen
  1235. Steven Tyler demands President Trump stop playing Aerosmith songs at his rallies
  1236. Ben Affleck goes back to rehab after intervention by ex Jennifer Garner
  1237. Woman starves ex-boyfriend's dog for 30 consecutive days as revenge for breaking up
  1238. Meghan Markle might rope in mother Doria Ragland to resolve family drama
  1239. KKK leader sentenced to 4 years in prison for firing shots at black counterprotester at Charlottesville rally
  1240. Queen Elizabeth banned her corgis from her bedroom because they snored, new documentary claims
  1241. Unknown Amazonian tribe with no contact with civilization captured in stunning drone footage
  1242. Newborn baby girl reportedly dies after midwife slipped and dropped her moments after her birth
  1243. North Carolina town declares Bigfoot as its official animal
  1244. School superintendent used racial slurs, threatened to kill black workers: Lawsuit
  1245. Grieving mother warns parents after daughter died napping in the car seat
  1246. Korn frontman Johnathan Davis finally breaks his silence on wife Deven's death
  1247. Fighting with your sibling can actually make you a better person, new study suggests
  1248. Mollie Tibbetts' alleged killer reportedly tailed another girl in his car and tried to flirt with her
  1249. Not enough Buck for the Bang: Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons reportedly turned down $50 million and scuppered hit show
  1250. Young baritone alleges he was drugged, violently raped and left bleeding by two famous gay opera stars
  1251. Asteroid bigger than Great Pyramid of Giza to zip past Earth at 20,000 miles per hour
  1252. Police officer breastfeeds crying, malnourished baby neglected by hospital staff, gets promoted
  1253. ‘Redneck Woman’ singer Gretchen Wilson faces upto six months in jail for alleged fight on plane
  1254. Ed King, Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist, who wrote opening riff to Sweet Home Alabama, dies aged 68
  1255. First look: The Walking Dead Season 9 is going to be a blast
  1256. Watch the trailer for 'The Land of Steady Habits' starring Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco, Thomas Mann, and Connie Britton
  1257. Hawaii braces for monster Hurricane Lane, as US Navy submarines leave port
  1258. Ed King dies aged 68: Tributes pour in for Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist
  1259. Dwayne Johnson is world's SECOND highest paid actor on Forbes list
  1260. The Queen plans to 'rebrand and modernize' the royal family and sees Meghan Markle as a 'positive' addition
  1261. 'Yellowstone' season finale review: 'The Unravelling Pt. 2' sets the stage for a blockbuster second season
  1262. National Enquirer CEO and Donald Trump's friend David Pecker granted federal immunity in Michael Cohen case
  1263. 'House of Darkness: New Blood': Lifetime Movies original horror flick to premiere on September 7
  1264. Bewitched reboot to get a modern, inter-racial twist
  1265. 'Eerie' last photos show Shanann Watts and daughters on family outing days before their brutal murders
  1266. Late Anthony Bourdain may have been involved in the sexual assault cover-up against Asia Argento according to new claims
  1267. "Am I happy? Of course not": Mayim Bialik writes her thoughts on 'The Big Bang Theory' ending after Season 12
  1268. EXCLUSIVE: Emily Hahn explains why we need to watch 'Beautifully Broken' and we are sold!
  1269. "This gratitude needs no time to ‘sink in'": Jim Parsons pens thoughts on 'The Big Bang Theory' ending after Season 12
  1270. 'The Last Ship' season 5 trailer: Final season of TNT drama promises a spectacular conclusion
  1271. Watch: Elizabeth Hurley goes topless while on vacation in Greece, sets social media on fire
  1272. Barry Jenkins' adaptation of 'If Beale Street Could Talk' to premiere at Harlem’s Apollo Theater during New York Film Festival
  1273. NBC revives 'Timeless'! Writers reveal the first details about the upcoming two-hour long movie
  1274. WE TV celebrates new episodes of 'Braxton Family Values' with a party
  1275. Watch: Kourtney Kardashian’s ex Younes Bendjima allegedly beats up nightclub worker as Drake and Odell Beckham Jr watch
  1276. HBO Sharp Objects: Has Camille Preaker been the killer all along?
  1277. Mollie Tibbetts suffered 'multiple sharp force injuries' and her death was a homicide, reveals autopsy
  1278. Kari Skogland to direct Showtime series starring Russell Crowe as late Fox News chief Roger Ailes
  1279. 'The Purge’ breakout star Jessica Garza talks about this 'role of a lifetime' and wonders if we are all susceptible to purging
  1280. 'Basketball Wives' star Sundy Carter claims she was drugged and raped by man who leaked her sex tape
  1281. Two police officers suspended for leaking video of Denver mayor's son threatening an officer during a traffic stop
  1282. Katie Piper's acid attacker to be released from life sentence after serving only 9 years
  1283. Ozuna drops new album 'Aura' featuring Akon, Cardi B, Romeo Santos and more
  1284. 98-year-old man walks 6 miles every day to visit paralyzed wife in hospital
  1285. CNN commentator Symone Sanders blames Mollie Tibbetts' death on 'toxic masculinity'
  1286. 10 most iconic riffs of the 70s: Remembering Ed King, the legend who gave us the opening riff on 'Sweet Home Alabama'
  1287. Top 13 movies on journalism you should watch before the release of BBC1's 'Press'
  1288. Single mother shoots her severely disabled 7-year-old son to death and attempts to kill herself by overdosing on pills
  1289. BTS confirms Nicki Minaj to feature on an alternate version of new single 'Idol'
  1290. Let it rip: Hospital security guard who filmed all his farts for 6 months while at work gets fired
  1291. Woman who falsely accused two college football players of rape 'rolls her eyes' in court as victim explains how she 'destroyed his life'
  1292. Woman loses her NASA internship offer even before she joined due to one vulgar tweet: "suck my d--- and b***s"
  1293. Prince William and Kate Middleton don't have full legal custody of their children; neither will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  1294. Brad Pitt is 'sickened' by estranged wife Angelina Jolie for publicizing their child custody battle
  1295. Father who stabbed 10-month-old son to death said he saw the '666' mark on him
  1296. Ten-year-old pays touching video tribute to his mother, who is living with incurable cancer
  1297. Sacha Baron Cohen trolls Donald Trump with open letter
  1298. Former Playboy model found strangled to death in upscale Pennsylvania condo
  1299. From JFK to Marlon Brando: The secret world of Madame Claude, the "Steve Jobs of sex"!
  1300. Channing Tatum pens heartbroken message after his childhood best friend dies unexpectedly
  1301. Nuns, one as old as 93 years, arrested over allegations of abuse at orphanage
  1302. 'Lethal Weapon': First look of Seann William Scott's character reveals him to be as lethal as his predecessor
  1303. John Lennon's killer denied parole for 10th time and will remain in jail for at least two more years
  1304. Hillary and Bill Clinton enjoy a loved-up weekend at friend's son's wedding
  1305. Pete Davidson was asked what it's like to be engaged to Ariana Grande, and his answer is totally NSFW
  1306. Let the binging begin: Here's a full list of what's coming to Amazon Prime this September
  1307. British couple die during Egyptian holiday, as 300 tourists evacuated from hotel over "raised level of illness"
  1308. Drunk woman screams 'we are all going to die' as plane circles airport causing passenger to have seizure
  1309. 'Reef Break': Poppy Montgomery to star in ABC's upcoming action-packed crime drama
  1310. Expert warns about the dangers of following Jenna Jameson's diet to lose weight
  1311. NASA chief Jim Bridenstine proposes "Gateways" on stable orbits to facilitate space exploration
  1312. How the 'Slender Man' urban legend inspired two 12-year-old girls to stab their classmate NINETEEN times
  1313. The Cambridge Analytica of Sex: Online service to manipulate your wife to have sex with you
  1314. Remorseless 'Golden State Killer' ignores relatives of victims during court hearing to consolidate charges
  1315. 'Suspiria': New trailer promises a darker, more intimate take on Dario Argento's 1977 classic
  1316. Magic or plain physics? Video of boy's reflection moving faster than he does leaves Internet stumped
  1317. Married couple trying to have a baby for 4 years finally told they're doing something seriously wrong
  1318. Man who survived shark attack now has flesh-eating bacteria devouring his leg
  1319. Holly Willoughby set to replace Ant McPartlin as host on 'I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here'
  1320. Tekashi6ix9ine starts beef with Ludacris after his comments on 'Wild N Out'
  1321. Murder rate in London strikes 100! Homicides in the capital rise to triple figures after woman, 73, found dead
  1322. Drink and be merry!? Study reveals early-age drinking makes prostate cancer more aggressive
  1323. New study debunks popular belief that light drinking keeps people healthy
  1324. Hospital security guard admits to having sex with dead girl's corpse, leaving her family shattered!
  1325. Eerie! Three friends posed for selfie moments before one of them "choked" the other and buried him alive in a grave
  1326. Sony admits that posthumous Michael Jackson album, 'Michael', does not actually feature the King of Pop at all
  1327. Kate Gosselin is a 'proud mom' as she shares a cute first day of school snap of her children
  1328. 'How I Met Your Mother' star, Josh Radnor ordered to stop harassing neighbors and stay 7 yards away from them
  1329. Kirstie Alley finally opens up about the "love of her life" John Travolta and why she never married him
  1330. Will President Trump resign or be impeached? Oddsmakers bet on the Republican's uncertain future in the White House
  1331. Experts stumped after Great white shark washes up dead on beach with strange red marks on it
  1332. "Turning down so. Many. Sides. Of Fries. Wasn't worth it!": Ireland Baldwin opens up about her battle with anorexia
  1333. Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers August 24: Shocking revelations and a return from the dead, here's what you can expect
  1334. 'Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous' host Robin Leach dies at 76
  1335. John McCain to discontinue brain cancer treatment, as family rallies around him
  1336. Natalie Portman to direct and star as identical Jewish twins in Dear Abby-Ann Landers biopic
  1337. Rod Stewart's 30th studio album 'Blood Red Roses' to be released September 28
  1338. Luxury apartment right below President Trump's penthouse is up for sale, and the Secret Service is not happy at all
  1339. 'My 600-lb Life' star Lisa Fleming who lost 200 lbs to get healthy dies at 50
  1340. Celebrating the little victories: 'Broken' star Miles Tagtmeyer's journey to becoming an Emmy-nominated actor
  1341. Beyonce, Jay-Z honored with key to Columbia City, and a day named after them!
  1342. The Last of the Mavericks: John McCain's legacy will be honor and dignity, and that's what we need most right now
  1343. Ava DuVernay's 'Central Park Five' casts Joshua Jackson, Christopher Jackson and Adepero Oduye
  1344. 'The Old Man & The Gun': Robert Redford pulls off a string of bank heists in gripping new trailer
  1345. 'Oceans Twelve' actor Vincent Cassel and French model Tina Kunakey tie the knot
  1346. Jude Law just dropped a major hint about 'Sherlock Holmes 3' plotline!
  1347. 'Wild 'n Out': New video shows why Azealia Banks publicly slammed the show
  1348. 'American Horror Story: Apocalypse' - Everything we know so far
  1349. 'My Dinner with Herve' Trailer OUT! Peter Dinklage-Jamie Dornan starrer gets a release date
  1350. 'Shameless' season 9: Katey Sagal and Courtney Cox join the cast of Showtime comedy-drama
  1351. Season six of Showtime's 'Ray Donovan' to unravel in New York, promises return of Mickey Donovan
  1352. 'General Hospital (GH)' Spoilers: What are Margaux's real intentions? Find out this Friday, August 24
  1353. Emma Watson joins Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of ‘Little Women,’ replacing Emma Stone
  1354. 'Charlie's Angels': Lucy Liu backs reboot starring Kristen Stewart
  1355. Prince’s family is suing the doctor who prescribed painkillers days before his death
  1356. The Colors of Cade: Actor Trevor Long on the layered evil in Netflix's Ozark and Season 2's darkness
  1357. Idiotic Oregon man who took on a bison at Yellowstone National Park is sent to prison for his antics
  1358. Free at last: Barnum's Animals Crackers redesign box, animals finally 'free' after 116 years
  1359. Kelly Monaco, who plays Sam in General Hospital, talks about her years in pain and the surgery to finally end it
  1360. This simple optical illusion could help diagnose autism in seconds
  1361. Police dog dies after officer leaves it in hot car for more than SIX hours, cop who left dog not charged
  1362. Rising R&B/dance singer Parker Polhill breaks down his new single 'WYB?', invites country singer Brett Young to collaborate on his upcoming album
  1363. 18-year-old YouTuber 'McSkillet' killed in high-speed car crash; mum and daughter in the other vehicle also killed
  1364. WTF! P&G has applied to trademark millennial acronyms like LOL and NBD
  1365. Woman allegedly forced to take down underwear and show bloodied sanitary pad to airport staff
  1366. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry welcome a new four-legged member to the royal family
  1367. Trump talks about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, but avoids talking about gravely ill John McCain
  1368. Jessica Biel shares cute picture of Justin Timberlake and their son while in The Netherlands
  1369. Daughter loses 55 lbs so that she can donate her kidney to her ailing 74-year-old father
  1370. Miranda Lambert and Evan Felker have called it quits after dating for almost eight months
  1371. Jersey Shore's Jenni JWoww thanks fans for support after she reveals her 2-year-old son hasn't spoken yet
  1372. Dad promises daughter £100 for every A* in GCSE examinations, and totally regrets it on results day
  1373. Netflix new series Wanderlust, starring Toni Collette, premiering October 19 globally
  1374. Emma Thompson reveals her teenage daughter Gaia was sexually assaulted in packed London train
  1375. Kyle Pavone, singer and keyboardist for We Came as Romans, dies aged 28: Reports
  1376. Kate Middleton has a three-inch scar on her head and nobody really knows how she got it
  1377. The sound of wedding bells: Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are reportedly talking of getting married
  1378. US senator John McCain passes away at the age of 81
  1379. Mother 'meticulously planned' sexual abuse of her baby son and 5-year-old daughter with secret lover
  1380. Tributes pour in from across the political aisle for John McCain
  1381. John McCain's Hanoi Hilton jailor recalls 'stubborn' POW
  1382. John McCain: The life of a hero in five key dates
  1383. Remembering John McCain, a Titan among men
  1384. Beyonce-Jay Z concert stage invaded by fan; security team and backup dancers tackle him
  1385. Barack Obama and Donald Trump's reactions to John McCain's death says a lot about the two presidents
  1386. McCain vs Trump: A relationship so tense that one of McCain's final wishes was that POTUS not attend his funeral
  1387. Carcasses of 323 reindeer who died of lightning strike led to increased plant diversity, study says
  1388. ‘Carol Burnett Show’ star Tim Conway suffering from dementia and is 'almost entirely unresponsive', says daughter
  1389. Donald Trump can't get the American flag right, social media tries to figure out why
  1390. 'Eggcentric' man hospitalized after stuffing 15 hard-boiled eggs up his rectum while getting high on date-rape drug GHB
  1391. Thomas Markle pleads for a "final chance" to apologize to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
  1392. "My Heart Is Broken," Cindy McCain on losing her husband of 38 years
  1393. Remember the couple who raised $400k for homeless man who gave them his last dollar? Well, he's back on the streets
  1394. Watch: Father reuniting with son who has Down Syndrome is making the Internet cry
  1395. Michigan mother breaks into her own car to rescue locked baby after 911 refused to send help
  1396. Neil Simon, legendary playwright who wrote Odd Couple and Barefoot in the Park, dies at 91
  1397. Missouri teen shot dead an hour after "I made it to see 17" birthday post on Facebook
  1398. Report suggests Russian trolls used Mollie Tibbetts' murder to distract from Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort's trial
  1399. Multiple fatalities in mass shooting at an online gaming tournament in Jacksonville Landing, Florida: Reports
  1400. UPDATES: Florida shooting survivors left feeling "shocked and devastated"
  1401. UPDATES: Florida shooter was "unidentified white male" who is dead; no more gunmen suspected
  1402. Jackson Odell of 'The Goldbergs' and 'iCarly' fame died of "accidental drug overdose"
  1403. Everything we know about 24-year-old David Katz, Jacksonville mass shooting's suspect
  1404. 'Power' season 5 episode 8 puts Ghost and Tommy back on top and Kanan six feet under
  1405. Rapper Swae Lee threatens to sue a fan who threw a phone at him and bust his lip open
  1406. Mel B enters rehab for PTSD after six "incredibly difficult" months of drinking and sex addiction
  1407. Game of Thrones Season 8: What we learned from the first look at the final season
  1408. Meet Roy Samuelson, the man whose voice you probably hear more than anyone else in your life
  1409. Ryanair pilot faints just before landing as plane faces fiery thunderstorms
  1410. Kristin Cavallari suffers major wardrobe malfunction in daring dress at awards show
  1411. Mollie Tibbetts' father tells community to "turn towards life" during his daughter's funeral mass on Sunday afternoon
  1412. 'In Search Of' episode 6 review: 'Sinkholes' shows us the human side of disasters
  1413. The education of a royal: What lies ahead for Prince George and Princess Charlotte
  1414. 'The Batman': Oscar Isaac to bag role for Warner Bros' movie, directed by Matt Reeves
  1415. Sacha Baron Cohen tries to draw murder confession from OJ Simpson on 'Who Is America?' finale
  1416. Autistic six-year-old beaten up by bullies after he stopped them from picking on his friend
  1417. Mike Shinoda pays tribute to the late Chester Bennington, along with Sum 41
  1418. Enraged mother smashes glass over server's head after she 'disrespects' disabled son at restaurant
  1419. Inside Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's gorgeous and earthy Malibu home
  1420. White House wanted to call John McCain a "hero", but Donald Trump was having none of it
  1421. Monica Lewinsky could head to the Australian Outback after talks to join ITV's 'I'm a Celebrity'
  1422. 'The Bold and the Beautiful' star Jacob Young to host his own talk show 'Daytime After Dark'
  1423. 'Incredible Hulk' Lou Ferrigno visits police officer who was shot in the head while on duty
  1424. 'It's tough to bury your child': Senator John McCain's death was a 'big blow' for his 106-year-old mother Roberta
  1425. Sexist man shot at women drivers because he believed only men should be allowed to drive
  1426. Sir David Attenborough to return with new documentary 'Dynasties' this coming Autumn
  1427. 'Sharp Objects' finale: A floor full of human teeth and a shocking reveal!
  1428. Meghan Trainor's childhood Nantucket home up for sale for around $1.7 million
  1429. Baby owl thanks mother for bringing it food with an adorable kiss on the cheek
  1430. "Each song is a chapter, inspired by love and relationships, both good and bad": Jen Lilley gets candid about her upcoming album
  1431. Inside Meryl Streep's $24.6 million Tribeca Penthouse that's up for GRABS!
  1432. Insensitive ambulance driver dumps ailing 96-year-old man at his home to fend for himself
  1433. Paris Jackson shares adorable pictures of godfather Macaulay Culkin on his 38th birthday
  1434. 'Got The Truck of My Dreams'! Kanye West just gifted wife Kim Kardashian a neon Mercedes jeep worth nearly $240,000
  1435. 'True Detective': 'Moonlight' star Mahershala Ali to play the lead in season 3
  1436. Venus Williams and boyfriend, TV Guide heir Nicky Hammond, are giving everyone relationship goals
  1437. X-ED! Asia Argento fired from 'X Factor Italy' amid sexual assault allegations
  1438. Kansas residents drank contaminated water for years and authorities decided to keep them in the dark
  1439. Jill Duggar slammed for promoting 'homophobic' sex education book for 3-year-olds
  1440. Floribama Shore season 2 episode 8 review: Kortni gets stressed by massive pregnancy scare as Logan continues to act difficult
  1441. 'Southern Charm' star Thomas Ravenel hints that Ashley Jacobs may have cheated on him
  1442. Kaley Cuoco shares adorable behind-the-scenes moment as 'Big Bang Theory' draws to a close
  1443. Police stumble upon burglars' plan to break into Demi Lovato's LA mansion during her rehab stay
  1444. Man jailed for severely abusing his 1-month-old baby gets beaten up by prisoners using sock filled with tuna cans
  1445. Murdered Shanann Watts and her two young daughters will be laid to rest on Saturday in Catholic funeral
  1446. John Goodman defends Roseanne Barr, says she is 'not a racist'
  1447. REVEALED: The truth behind why Queen Elizabeth still refuses to allow 1969 BBC documentary on Royal family to air
  1448. Luke Bryan is the highest-earning country star for 2018, beating Garth Brooks to top spot
  1449. 'Suspiria': Top 5 reasons why Luca Guadagnino's remake of Dario Argento's 1977 horror classic will not be the same
  1450. Parents of Shanann Watts share emotional obituary but make no mention of accused husband
  1451. Tributes pour in for two men killed in Jacksonville shooting after they are identified on social media
  1452. Ronan Keating's wife Storm hospitalized after 15-month-old son accidentally stabs her
  1453. 2018 People's Choice Awards: Complete list of nominations and 13 new categories
  1454. 'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: A day of truth and consequences, here's what you can expect on Aug 28
  1455. House of Cards Season 6: Netflix releases new photos of the upcoming season, introducing the Shepherd family
  1456. Slayer to extend tour 'Final World Tour' into 2019
  1457. 'General Hospital' fans outraged after stars Matt Cohen And Billy Miller become victims to social media slander
  1458. 'A Private War': New trailer of war drama starring Rosamind Pike as Marie Colvin released
  1459. Lifetime debuts 'Jordin Sparks: A Baby Story' special on September 6
  1460. Garth Brooks announces new live album 'Triple Live', details Notre Dame Stadium concert
  1461. Belmont dominates Billboard charts with self-titled debut LP
  1462. 'David Makes Man': Oprah Winfrey Network announces cast members of upcoming lyrical drama
  1463. Four Indiana teens killed as SUV slammed into them while they were pushing a woman's stalled car
  1464. The Walking Dead casts 'Sons of Anarchy' fan favorite Ryan Hurst as Beta Whisperer for ninth season
  1465. "Do not despair," John McCain's last message for Americans on "present difficulties"
  1466. 'StartUp' season 3: Friends fight it out for power in Sony Crackle thriller premiering November 1
  1467. Panic! At The Disco unveil new music video for 'High Hopes'
  1468. Nickelodeon to bring back classics like 'Clarissa Explains It All' and 'Doug' to streaming network with VRV
  1469. Seth Rogen- produced 'Preacher' sparks controversy showing Nazi wearing MAGA hat
  1470. 'General Hospital' spoilers: What happened to Nina's baby? Suspense ensues on August 28
  1471. 'Deadly Class' episode 5 review: 'Saudade' isn't just an episode, it's a psychedelic experience, thanks to 10 tabs of LSD
  1472. "We did not like him in season 1 but we like him now," London Brown on fan reaction to his character Reggie in 'Ballers'
  1473. EXCLUSIVE: Pop-rock duo Evaride break down their single 'What's It All For', detail upcoming debut EP
  1474. Actress Maura Tierney hospitalized after being hit by a car
  1475. 'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans' ex-husband arrested for assaulting a woman
  1476. The Orwells cancel hometown show in Chicago as fans outcry over sexual harassment
  1477. Foo Fighters team up with Queen drummer Roger Taylor for cover of 'Under Pressure': Watch
  1478. 'The Haunting of Hill House': Netflix reveals first look of upcoming horror flick
  1479. How the Baker Brothers turned a 15-minute short film into the Hollywood must-see movie of the summer
  1480. "She is goals!": 'Grand Hotel' star Justina Adorno reveals what it's like to work on an Eva Longoria set
  1481. Katy Perry denies Dr Luke raped her in deposition; producer calls Kesha's claims 'bogus'
  1482. WWE Raw: Kevin Owens quits after humiliating loss to Seth Rollins
  1483. Eddie Murphy, 57, expecting 10th child, his second with current partner Paige Butcher
  1484. Roseanne will be killed off in 'The Conners,' confirms John Goodman
  1485. Online drug dealers are selling deadly weight-loss pills that has already killed 25 people to teenagers at a really low price
  1486. National Guard pilot dead and brother paralyzed after trip to scatter their father's ashes ends in a tragic plane crash
  1487. WATCH: Imagine Dragons' video of their latest single 'Natural' is eerie and terrifying
  1488. Ed Sheeran may have just revealed that he's secretly married to fiance Cherry Seaborn
  1489. Man allegedly leaves yoga ball filled with carbon monoxide in wife's car killing her and daughter
  1490. Prince George went for his first grouse shoot and people are furious
  1491. 'Better Call Saul' season 4 episode 4 review: Mike shows a rare emotional side while Kim tries to rediscover her love for law
  1492. Zafar the Horny Dolphin seems to think interspecies love is the future; swimmers don't agree
  1493. Louis CK performs at the Comedy Cellar, is a comeback on the cards for embattled comic star?
  1494. A royal feud: Sarah Ferguson, Camilla Bowles came to blows over Princess Diana during holiday in Balmoral
  1495. 9-year-old boy commits suicide after being bullied at school for coming out of the closet
  1496. Bob Bergen, the voice behind Looney Tunes' Porky Pig, on bringing home the bacon, and why after 28 years, he still has to audition
  1497. "Bess is a woman with a backbone": Ellen Adair on 'The Sinner' season 2 and much more
  1498. 'So You Think You Can Dance Live!': The Emmy Award-winning show announces All-Stars for Season 15 tour
  1499. Jehovah's Witness Serena Williams will not be celebrating daughter Alexis Olympia's first birthday
  1500. 18-year-old girl dies after car stalls on tracks during driving test and is hit by speeding train
  1501. Alec Baldwin to play Thomas Wayne in Warner Bros Joker origins movie, alongside Joaquin Phoneix
  1502. Emily Ratajkowski looks stunning in a towel during bathroom photo shoot
  1503. Jennifer Aniston, Adam Sandler spotted holding hands on sets of 'Murder Mystery'
  1504. Girl who made Kate Middleton laugh when she tried to 'steal' her flowers dies aged 9
  1505. Lookout for mystery woman wearing only T-shirt and handcuffs who rang doorbell of home and disappeared
  1506. 'Operation Finale' is like "Mission Impossible but without Tom Cruise," says star Pêpê Rapazote
  1507. Alleged pedophile seen dumping 14-year-old girl's body outside his apartment block after 'rough sex'
  1508. Chris Stapleton tops list of nominees for CMA Awards
  1509. Here's everything coming to Hulu this August, September 2018
  1510. Bride asks guests to pay $1,000 to attend dream wedding, breaks up with fiance after getting just eight RSVPs
  1511. Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul died of severe coronary artery disease and an enlarged heart
  1512. Toddler dies after mother gives her a sippy cup laced with fentanyl while she went to smoke cannabis
  1513. 'Johnny English Strike Again' official trailer 2: Johnny will enter the realm of virtual reality this October
  1514. Aretha Franklin lies cross-legged in glittering gold casket as thousands gather to pay respects
  1515. Man who burned black housemate alive cites "the Bible is for white people" only
  1516. Taylor Swift all set to become a free agent as her contract with Big Machine Label Group draws to a close
  1517. Two-year-old girl left paralyzed after falling on drinking glass while playing at grandparents' house
  1518. 'The Crown' season 3: First look at Tobias Menzies as Prince Philip
  1519. 'Basketball Wives' fans demand Evelyn Lozada be FIRED for racist slur against Cecilia Gutierrez
  1520. 22-year-old man gets his own nose cut off, ears hacked and eyes tattooed to look like a 'living skull'
  1521. 'Sharp Objects': Designer John Paino reveals the inspiration behind the dollhouse
  1522. Iggy Azalea denies dating Minnesota Timberwolves' Jimmy Butler
  1523. Parents arrested for leaving 11-year-old daughter home alone for 'almost a week' while they attended concert 1,300 miles away
  1524. Kevin Smith shows off his 51-pound weight loss after massive heart attack
  1525. 'American Ninja Warrior': The Emmy-award nominated show kick starts its national finals in Las Vegas
  1526. Ed Wood's long lost film, 'Take It Out on Trade', to receive Blu Ray release
  1527. 'Married at First Sight' couple Ashley Petta and Anthony D'Amico are expecting their first baby
  1528. Tate Taylor reunites with Jessica Chastain to direct 'Eve' after Matthew Newton's removal
  1529. Ben Affleck could hang up his cape as Batman due to insurance cost issues post rehab
  1530. Taylor Hanson and wife Natalie expecting their sixth child this December
  1531. 'Dead Lucky': New crime thriller to hit Sundance Now on September 20
  1532. 'Vox Lux' first look: Natalie Portman channels glam rock as pop icon Celeste
  1533. There's a hidden meaning behind why Aretha Franklin was dressed in red at her public viewing
  1534. The 1975 team up with No Rome on his new single 'Narcissist': Listen
  1535. Ex-cop Roy Oliver found guilty of murder of 15-year-old Jordan Edwards
  1536. Daryl Hannah and Neil Young spark secret wedding rumors through cryptic social media post
  1537. Matt Smith in galaxy far far away? Star Wars fans are freaking out over latest Episode IX casting
  1538. Cliff Richard is back 'for real' and set to release new album 'Rise Up', his first original music in 14 years
  1539. Meet the Model Squad: Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold talks about the importance of female friendships and cheat days
  1540. Logic drops 'YSIV Freestyle', announces September release of new 'Young Sinatra' album
  1541. '40-year-old Virgin' actor Shelley Malil who stabbed ex-girlfriend 23 times given parole after serving 8 years
  1542. "I'm still going to keep training horses": 'The Riders' star Brady Jandreau on his new film and reliving his cowboy life
  1543. Meghan Markle 'still anxious' about what her father Thomas would say or do next: Report
  1544. 'Iron Fist' actress Christine Toy Johnson on landing Marvel role and the "secretive" audition
  1545. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood': Quentin Tarantino finds his Roman Polanski in Polish actor Rafal Zawierucha
  1546. 'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Showdown between Sami and Hope; Here's what to expect on Aug 29
  1547. HBO quits erotic programming space, no more 'Real Sex' or 'Taxicab Confessions'
  1548. Drake's young fan Sofia Sanchez "recovering nicely" after heart transplant
  1549. 'America's Got Talent' star Aaron Crow's knife trick goes awry, Simon nearly loses hand
  1550. Katharine McPhee teases future stepdaughter Erin Foster while on vacation with fiance David Foster
  1551. Stormy Daniels tells Vogue that sex with Donald Trump lasted just 'two minutes'
  1552. Mandy Moore pens touching tribute to late ex-boyfriend DJ AM on his ninth death anniversary
  1553. “They know what they are doing": Victor Levin on directing Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder for 'Destination Wedding'
  1554. Two mothers choke each other in brutal road-rage brawl even as their crying children beg them to stop
  1555. 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Prepare for a thrilling episode on Wednesday, August 29
  1556. Michael Douglas' son Cameron shares adorable photo of 101-year-old Kirk Douglas playing with great-granddaughter
  1557. Pink's husband takes son with hand, foot and mouth disease to restaurant, gets slammed by diners scared of being infected
  1558. 17 months after woman goes missing, K9 detects human remains in husband's truck, bedroom and drain
  1559. Teen reportedly throws classmate's 'racist and hateful' MAGA hat, slaps teacher who asked her to leave
  1560. 'I freak out every time I talk about it': Man who tried to help 'stranded' woman on highway finds out it's actually a trap
  1561. Father shoots and kills 10-year-old twins before taking his own life in apparent murder-suicide
  1562. Elle and Dakota Fanning's parents have officially called it QUITS after 25 years of marriage
  1563. Iskra Lawrence shows off her curves in skimpy bikini while sharing a message on body positivity
  1564. Serena Williams hits back at catsuit criticism by switching to designer tutu
  1565. Depressed father 'dies of broken heart' two years after his 15-year-old daughter Paige Doherty was brutally murdered
  1566. Sir Ben Kingsley to star in EPIX's noir drama 'Our Lady Ltd'
  1567. Couple who allegedly locked children in stacked cages and horse trough say they were trying to 'protect them'
  1568. Boy George on his infamous feud with Madonna: "She hates me!"
  1569. Photographer forces 13-year-old cancer patient who lost hair from chemotherapy to remove hat for class photo
  1570. 'The Sinner' season 2 episode 5 lifts the cover from who Vera Walker really is
  1571. 'You need to unstick me': Mathew Perry superglued his hand to his legs while he was 'high out of his mind' claims longtime pal
  1572. Former Lethal Weapon actor Clayne Crawford gets candid about the firing and defends his 'intimidating behavior' on set
  1573. Mark Hamill praises bullied 10-year-old who refused to fight back because 'it's not the Jedi way'
  1574. Top 10 celebrity WTF moments of the year
  1575. Video showing married Premier League football star having a threesome goes viral on social media
  1576. Bodybuilding champion Zoey Wright who suffers from bowel disease reveals she's getting ostomy bag removed
  1577. Watch teaser: Netflix's 'Big Mouth' is BACK with season 2!
  1578. Janet Jackson pays tribute to Michael Jackson on his 60th birthday with Remember the Time-themed video
  1579. Ariana Grande's fiance Pete Davidson talks candidly about childhood suicide attempt and why he fears she will dump him
  1580. Princess Mia! Girl, 5, with 'beautiful, long hair' is a social media sensation with nearly 50k followers
  1581. Four-year-old attached to mechanical heart finds donor, 16 years after her family donated her sister's heart
  1582. 30-year-old man ordered to pay just £75 compensation after leaving his girlfriend with horrific injuries and soaked in blood
  1583. They’re going to give me another heart attack, says teacher slapped with medical bill of $108,951
  1584. Dwayne Johnson sends heartfelt message to teen who lost his mom, the star's biggest fan, in car crash
  1585. Man claims he was Chris Watts' secret gay lover before Shanann and her daughters were murdered
  1586. Meghan Markle's 'Suits' dad Wendell Pierce has some advice for Thomas Markle
  1587. 'The Other Side of the Wind' trailer: Orson Welles' lost film trailer released by Netflix
  1588. 'The Romanoffs': Amazon Prime Video releases first look photos of upcoming anthology series
  1589. 'Proven Innocent' premiere: New trailer 'Suspect Her' astonishingly reveals Levi Scott was Rosemary's lover
  1590. Rami Malek's hacker drama 'Mr. Robot' is officially coming to an end after season 4
  1591. Metallica launches 'Blackened', their own line of American whiskey
  1592. A daughter's last goodbye: Meghan breaks down as thousands gather to pay tribute to war hero John McCain
  1593. Jennifer Aniston's trainer talks about his favorite client, as relationship rumors swirl
  1594. Greta Van Fleet becomes first rock band to feature on Apple Music's 'Up Next' series
  1595. 'Vikings' Season 6 preview: Gustaf Skarsgård confirms we haven't seen the last of Floki, fans don't think he's the next Seer
  1596. Dwayne Johnson to play Hawaiian King Kamehameha in Robert Zemeckis' 'The King'
  1597. 'Dopesick Nation': Viceland's show on America's opioid crisis debuts September 12
  1598. Leonardo DiCaprio getting serious about engagement with girlfriend Camila Morrone
  1599. 'I Think We're Alone Now' trailer finds Peter Dinklage and Elle Fanning facing the apocalypse in high contrast
  1600. 'First Man': Watch new trailer of Ryan Gosling in Damien Chazelle's take on Apollo 11 mission
  1601. Teen Mom's Chelsea Houska welcomes daughter with husband Cole DeBoer
  1602. 'Model Squad': Five-time Victoria's Secret veteran Devon Windsor talks her recent engagement and much more
  1603. Luann de Lesseps skips jail time after plea deal approval, gets off with community service and AA meetings
  1604. 'Hawaii Five-0': First look of original series' reboot shows Lieutenant McGarrett all suited up!
  1605. 'NCIS' reunion: Miami at the heart of Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo's new series, 'MIA'
  1606. 'Mr. Mercedes' season 2 episode 2 review: 'Let's go roaming'
  1607. "The Orwells have disbanded": Chicago band announce break up amidst sexual harassment allegations
  1608. Beyonce and Jay Z's Orlando concert sports tight security after security breach at Atlanta show of 'On the Run II' tour
  1609. Alec Baldwin no longer playing Batman's father in 'Joker' movie: "I'm sure there are 25 guys who can play that part"
  1610. 'General Hospital' spoilers: No new episode on August 30? But there are epic cliffhangers in store!
  1611. Barack and Michelle Obama will not be attending Aretha Franklin's funeral
  1612. 'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Kristen's drama continues, here's what to expect on Aug 30
  1613. Jim Carrey: Why the actor's return to Hollywood won't be the same — for him as well as his fans
  1614. Aww-dorable! Nicole Kidman jams with Keith Urban to his song 'The Fighter'
  1615. Up in the air: Study claims that 1 in 50 people find love on an airplane
  1616. Aretha Franklin decked in powder blue outfit for second day of viewing ahead of tribute concert and final funeral
  1617. The Age of the Anti-Hero: What is it about amoral characters like Marty Byrde that has viewers wanting more?
  1618. John McCain's 106-year-old mother Roberta will not miss his memorial, burial services
  1619. Kylie Jenner becomes the face of Adidas Originals' FW18 Falcon campaign
  1620. Meghan Markle gives her first TV interview as a ROYAL for documentary 'Queen of the World'
  1621. Michigan Amber Alert: Sturgis police are looking for 3 children abducted by father who is considered 'armed and dangerous'
  1622. 70-year-old man takes his dead wife's photo to the beach every day and the reason he does it will melt your heart
  1623. Fans shocked by Bruno Mars's 'beach body' while on holiday with stunning girlfriend Jessica Caban
  1624. Meghan Markle rocks thigh-skimming tuxedo dress on her first public outing in a month
  1625. Best friend's boyfriend arrested for murder of Bronx woman whose remains were dumped in NYC parks
  1626. US Open: Outrage as woman tennis star penalised for taking top off during match, officials issue public apology
  1627. Vanessa Trump confirms ex Donald Trump Jr's relationship with Kimberly Guilfoyle, says she supports it
  1628. Gwyneth Paltrow says she was really "thinking about d***" in "Thinking about d***" meme picture
  1629. Teen who went missing after witnessing father's murder found a year later alive in basement 50 miles away
  1630. 10 sex scandals that rocked the world of football
  1631. Man arrested for violent murder of Playboy model Christina Kraft was released from jail in July
  1632. Sex tape scandal: Premier League football club says man in viral threesome video is NOT their player but a lookalike
  1633. Bikini-clad balloon mocking London Mayor Sadiq Khan set to fly Saturday in political tit-for-tat
  1634. Val Kilmer looks lively as ever as he steps out with daughter after fierce throat cancer battle
  1635. 'I have learned how to live': Jamie Foxx on how his sister with Down Syndrome inspired him
  1636. Woman deported after having intercourse with 14-year-old who 'paid her $480 to take his virginity'
  1637. Drinking water at all public schools in Detroit to be shut off due to contamination
  1638. Laila Ali and Carnie Wilson among the star-studded panel set to judge 2019 Miss America competition
  1639. Sarah Palin, John McCain's 2008 presidential running mate, has not been invited to his funeral
  1640. Mother who was stabbed to death by ex-convict boyfriend ignored daughter's warning about his violent past
  1641. TRAGIC: Mother of five killed in car crash after boyfriend cut brake lines to make crack pipe
  1642. Kanye West shares texts with Caitlyn Jenner amid her feud with Kardashian clan
  1643. Enrique Iglesias' video of twin toddlers giggling is way too CUTE!
  1644. Mystery woman seen frantically ringing door bell found safe after boyfriend shoots himself dead
  1645. 'I just want to leave': Residents at Elmington Estate on the 'war zone' that used to be their home
  1646. Modern dance legend Paul Taylor dies aged 88
  1647. Former police officer who killed unarmed African-American teen sentenced to 15 years in prison
  1648. Ben Affleck's Playboy model girlfriend Shauna Sexton, was arrested twice in the past
  1649. 'Suspiria': The latest clip sees Tilda Swinton ask Dakota Johnson to "improvise freely"
  1650. Omarosa's Trump tell-all memoir 'Unhinged' witnesses a 40 percent drop in sales
  1651. 9-year-old dies in horrific collision moments after posing for photo to celebrate first day of school
  1652. 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills': Is Charlie Sheen planning to visit ex-wife Denise Richards?
  1653. John McCain memorial: Here are the 15 people he chose to be his pallbearers
  1654. In one of his final interviews, John McCain warns America about President Trump and the coming Russian threat
  1655. Tess Holliday: Here's everything about the plus-size Cosmo model who shut down Piers Morgan like a boss
  1656. John Legend talks about wife Chrissy Teigen and friendship with Kanye on new episode of 'Big Boy’s Neighborhood'
  1657. The Conners: Roseanne's TV grandkids confirmed as series regulars for spin-off
  1658. Emmy Rossum abruptly quits Showtime's 'Shameless' after nine seasons, here's why
  1659. Arnold Schwarzenegger's love child Joseph Baena is a spitting image of his father
  1660. Snapchat faces heat after map shows New York renamed as 'Jewtropolis'
  1661. Gérard Depardieu accused of raping 22-year-old actress; French actor denies allegation
  1662. 'Diablo' series potentially in the making at Netflix, reportedly to be helmed by 'Hellboy' writer Andrew Cosby
  1663. 'If you don’t take a chance you’ll never know what can be': Country/pop troubadour Eileen Carey on her latest single 'That Town'
  1664. Selena Gomez-starring new Woody Allen movie 'A Rainy Day in New York' may never hit theaters
  1665. Muse announce new album, 'Simulation Theory', release retro visuals for single 'The Dark Side': Watch
  1666. 'Sixties stud' Brad Pitt seen filming 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,' as actor's foundation faces legal troubles over Katrina homes
  1667. Damon Herriman to play Charles Manson for both Quentin Tarantino's 'Once upon a time in Hollywood' and David Fincher's 'Mindhunter'
  1668. Meek Mill to sell Puma-collab capsule collection via pop-up shop in hometown Philadelphia
  1669. Michelle Branch and Patrick Carney welcome their first child
  1670. Michael Jackson was indeed that balding, overweight patient in The Simpson's 1991 'Stark Raving Dad' episode
  1671. 'The Good Doctor' Season 2 trailer hints that Shaun's job is in jeopardy
  1672. First Look: 'This Is Us' season 3 takes us back in time to Jack and Rebecca's first date
  1673. Ashton Kutcher hits teen on a scooter with his car leaving him with a bloody knee, makes up for it with a selfie
  1674. 'Days of Our Lives' spoilers: Eve walks in on a shocking scenario, here's what you can expect on August 31
  1675. 'Shameless' may never recover from its Emmy loss, but here are 7 reasons why Rossum was too good for the Showtime show
  1676. 'Big Brother' contestant JC Mounduix caught kissing sleeping houseguest, sparks inappropriate behavior outcry
  1677. ‘Kin’ sound designer Joseph Fraioli talks about his transition to Hollywood and creating characters with sound
  1678. Rising Indian pop singer and entrepreneur Ananya shares how she connects the cathartic power of music to mental health issues
  1679. Eminem surprises fans with new album 'Kamikaze': Listen
  1680. X Factor spoiler: Simon Cowell apologizes to contestant who he rejected 17 years ago on another show
  1681. Abby Lee Miller to undergo more chemotherapy amid fears that she may never walk again
  1682. A Royal handover? Queen Elizabeth reportedly preparing Kate Middleton to take over royal commitments
  1683. Mother warns parents of the risks of co-sleeping with infants after she woke up to find her own baby dead beside her
  1684. Prince Harry regrets 'rushing' last phone call with mom Diana because he wanted to get back to playing with cousins
  1685. Former 'The Cosby Show' star Geoffrey Owens spotted working as cashier at New Jersey Trader Joe's
  1686. Labrinth, Sia and Diplo unleash a storm with fun video for new single 'Thunderclouds': Watch
  1687. Fake dentist who promised to "make you smile" practiced for SEVEN years on unsuspecting patients!
  1688. Flavor Flav and Tiffany "New York" Pollard's fans want the two to set their feuds aside
  1689. 'I’m a Democrat. And I loved John McCain': Joe Biden delivers heart-rending eulogy for longtime friend, brother
  1690. VIDEO: Mass brawl erupts on flight after drunk woman allegedly gave passengers 'lap dances' and 'flashed her boobs'
  1691. Man has forearm amputated after catching bacterial infection from eating sushi
  1692. EuroMillions winner Jane Parks recalls how botched Brazilian bum lift procedure left her fighting for life
  1693. The heartbreaking photo that shows young rhino lying cowering beside its dead mother
  1694. Sorry folks but Drake Bell 'will not be attending' Ariana Grande's wedding
  1695. 'The Sopranos' actress attempted to use acid and alligators to dispose body of husband's ex-wife
  1696. Serial cat killer on the loose, remains of 13th feline left in full public view
  1697. 'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry shades Jenelle Evans for homeschooling her stepdaughter after a fiery podcast
  1698. Two-year-old shares special dance with father on her last day of chemotherapy
  1699. 'Jack Ryan': Amazon's latest adaptation of Tom Clancy's novels depicts Ryan as a hero in the era of anti-heroes
  1700. Meghan Markle flies commercial on her first solo trip to meet stylist best friend Jessica Mulroney
  1701. Husky on vegetarian diet leaves owner embarrassed by choosing meat over bowl of veggies on talk show
  1702. 'The Young and the Restless' spoilers: A Friday full of emotional breakdown on the cards for Genoa City
  1703. A stunning tribute: Diana's face appears on Paris tunnel pillar she crashed into 21 years ago
  1704. "Men are delusional!" Kylie Jenner's ex Tyga is shut down by netizens for trying to take credit for her success
  1705. Mother allegedly murders 3-year-old daughter and stuffs body in duffel bag before calling 911 and claiming the girl had gone missing
  1706. It was Rose McGowan's partner Rain Dove who turned over Asia Argento's texts to the police
  1707. Hunter becomes hunted: Man mauled by the same black bear that he shot using a bow and arrow
  1708. Former 'ER' star Vanessa Marquez shot dead by police after she allegedly pointed a replica handgun at officers
  1709. Four men who raped girls aged 14 and 15 get away with 'scolding' and no jail time
  1710. 'The Predator' final trailer offers a sneak peek on the ultimate killing machine
  1711. Airline allegedly offered woman $75 as 'hush money' after allowing man who masturbated next to her to walk free
  1712. Shocking image of gun pointed at Meghan McCain during John McCain's services pulled down from social media
  1713. Kelly Ripa reminds all parents that 'a vacation with your kids is a trip, not a vacation' as she posts hilarious family photo
  1714. Woman arrested for murdering her two daughters searched 'how to commit the perfect murder'
  1715. Hilary Swank just dropped a throwback picture from her wedding day and we're swooning!
  1716. Aretha Franklin funeral: Hundreds of pink Cadillacs line up to pay respects to the Queen of Soul
  1717. Aretha Franklin: Memorable moments from the Queen of Soul's funeral
  1718. Dozens of musicians pay tribute to Aretha Franklin at memorial concert in Detroit
  1719. Lana Del Rey cancels her performance at Meteor Festival in Israel
  1720. Rita Ora leaves little to the imagination as she sizzles in topless photos on social media
  1721. First Eminem, now G-Eazy. Machine Gun Kelly has a lot of beef to deal with after back to back diss tracks
  1722. Aretha Franklin funeral: Ariana Grande leaves audience spellbound with her touching rendition of 'Natural Woman'
  1723. Aretha Franklin: Buckingham Palace plays 'Respect' to honor late music icon
  1724. J. Cole's Dreamville Festival lineup boasts of Sza, Young Thug, Big Sean and more
  1725. 'The Conners': Production underway as first picture from the sets of 'Roseanne' spinoff revealed
  1726. Aretha Franklin: Chaka Khan performs 'Going up Yonder' in honor of the Queen of Soul, with a little help from her fan
  1727. Princess Diana's "sense of fun" and "zest for life" remembered by friends and family on 21st death anniversary
  1728. Cardi B reportedly ordered attack on bartender at strip club, who she claims slept with husband Offset
  1729. Metallica tease deluxe remastered edition of '... And Justice For All'
  1730. Does Kevin Spacey deserve a second chance? At least Robin Wright believes he should be given one
  1731. Disneyland to serve alcohol for the first time in Star Wars-themed bar, starting 2019
  1732. Princess Eugenie Wedding: Here's how the second royal wedding of the year may look like
  1733. "There’s a lot more to the series than people think": Novelist Steve Alten on the success of ‘The Meg’ and the possibility of a sequel
  1734. Steve Harvey addresses new beard, divorce rumors and playing matchmaker in upcoming season of 'Steve'
  1735. 'Model Squad': Actress Caroline Lowe hopes the new show will help people see the reality of the glamour industry
  1736. It's a boy! 'Homeland' star Claire Danes welcomes baby #2 with Hugh Dancy
  1737. Ewan McGregor's daughter Clara regrets calling Mary Elizabeth a 'piece of trash': "It wasn't my finest moment"
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