1. Netflix's 'Cargo' review: A 'zombie tearjerker' set in a post-apocalyptic paradise stands out in a crowd of undead
  2. Betty Gilpin and Jacki Weaver join the cast of Sony's The Grudge reboot
  3. John Cena set to star in 'The Janson Directive' with Dwayne Johnson producing
  4. HBO's The Tale mines the searing difference between trauma and memory
  5. The robot from Lost In Space is just the latest in a long line of menacing cinema AIs, but these are the best ones so far
  6. Deadpool 2 might be last for the 'Merc-With-a-Mouth' but Ryan Reynolds is hopeful for an X-Force team-up
  7. Palace worried about Meghan and Harry's love scene in the Lifetime movie
  8. What to expect when Marvel Cinematic Universe rolls out its Phase IV and V after the 2019 Avengers movie?
  9. Interview: Roshani Chokshi's 'Aru Shah and the End of Time' is set to introduce Hindu mythology to Hollywood for the first time ever
  10. That Cable guy! Deadpool's nemesis is more than just a cyborg mutant, he's an ass-kicking anti-hero for the ages
  11. Tom Hardy's Venom closely resembles the Children of Thanos from Infinity War and that's no coincidence
  12. MCU does away with sexualized heroines from the comic world to give its women strong narratives and incredible stories
  13. Hollywood's whitewashing of live-action anime films is a big problem, especially since they're picking the wrong ones
  14. Sherlock Holmes 3 is finally happening and Robert Downey Jr. is on board for the 2020 release
  15. 'Fahrenheit 451' brings Ray Bradbury's dystopian novel to life on HBO
  16. Hulu's 'Tiny Shoulders: Rethinking Barbie' looks at the evolution of the world's most famous doll in the #MeToo age
  17. From Hollywood brat to double-dipping villain: In his 50s, Josh Brolin's acting career is in full bloom and for good reasons
  18. 10 Netflix horror movies you can watch while you wait for Martin Freeman's 'Cargo'
  19. Netflix vs the big screen: Is the streaming giant hammering the final nails in cinema's coffin?
  20. Harley Quinn spin-off Birds of Prey to expand DC's R-rated universe
  21. The missing ingredient: Why DC's live-action films are no patch on its animated versions
  22. 'The Man Who Killed Don Quixote' wins court battle, set for Cannes curtain-closing premiere
  23. 8 Marvel Comics characters we'd like to see in Phase IV
  24. Four-time Oscar nominee Annette Bening joins the cast of 'Captain Marvel'
  25. Mr. Rogers biopic 'You Are My Friend' starring Tom Hanks set for October 2019 release
  26. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence pair up for 'Bad Boys For Life'
  27. A T-Rex comes face-to-face with a lion in 'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' new trailer
  28. Did Gwyneth Paltrow just drop an Avengers 4 spoiler? Actress reveals huge twist in Tony Stark, Pepper Pots relationship
  29. Disney is all set to give away Sky to Comcast so that they can buy Fox
  30. It's been 60 years since Barbie dolls hit shelves; but have they done more damage than good, a new documentary asks
  31. Deadpool 2 early reactions are in and fans are going gaga about those "awesome" post-credit scenes
  32. Zazie Beetz and Vince Vaughn are latest to join the cast of political thriller 'Against All Enemies'
  33. Race-related horror thriller 'Infidel' gets picked up by TriStar, Michael Sugar to produce adapted movie
  34. Could Simon Pegg be a part of Marvel's Avengers? Actor reveals he is interested in playing Captain Britain
  35. Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon are killing it in the new trailer of 'The Spy Who Dumped Me'
  36. Dan Stevens joins Natalie Portman in Noah Hawley's 'Pale Blue Dot'
  37. Nicolas Cage's next 'Prisoners of Ghostland' is being directed by 'the most subversive filmmaker in Japan'
  38. TRAILER: John Cho starrer 'Searching' is a thriller told entirely through the screens of tech devices
  39. The trailer for Shane Black's 'The Predator' dropped and it's a mix of nostalgia and excitement
  40. Priyanka Chopra as Ms Marvel? MCU boss confirms Kamala Khan movie in the works
  41. Director Patty Jenkins confirms filming on Wonder Woman sequel to begin "shockingly soon"
  42. 'It scared the s**t out of me': Deadpool 2 villain Josh Brolin reveals he was terrified to play Cable for the sequel
  43. Harrison Ford hijacks new Han Solo Alden Echrenreich’s interview
  44. Margot Kidder, who was Lois Lane to Christopher Reeve's Superman, dies after years of bipolar struggle
  45. Showtime's Bipolar Rock 'N' Roller' to chronicle legendary sportscaster Mauro Ranallo's struggle with mental health issues
  46. Deadpool 2 is paving the path for a R-rated universe: Where does that leave us with Deadpool 3 and X-Force?
  47. Tom Cruise game for superhero role in DCEU after fans peg him as the next Green Lantern
  48. Cult classic 'Willow' may get a sequel but it won't be called Willow 2
  49. Trailer for 'Bohemian Rhapsody' is finally here and we can barely contain our excitement
  50. Critics slam Lars von Trier's 'A House that Jack Built' after audiences walk out due to ultra-violence
  51. 'BlacKkKlansman': What to expect from the Spike Lee film that got an 8-minute standing ovation at Cannes
  52. Jafar Panahi's 3 Faces at Cannes: A haunting essence of regressive Iran portrayed without condescension
  53. Vertigo and The Nun: Sixty years ago two revolutionary films were screened at Cannes which changed world cinema
  54. Indoraptor, the horrifying genetically-altered dinosaur, grabs spotlight in new Jurassic World 2 featurette
  55. Black Panther spin-off: Director Ryan Coogler would love to make a sequel featuring the women of Wakanda
  56. Deadpool's metallic mutant buddy Colossus is all set for a bigger role in anti-hero sequel
  57. Chris Hemsworth takes a friendly jab at The Rock and drops 'Avengers' spoiler bomb at the same time
  58. 'Zombieland' to return with possible sequel with original cast in October 2019
  59. Bridget Jones's Diary is coming back to the big screen
  60. Gary Oldman to write, direct and star in passion project Flying Horse
  61. Benedict Cumberbatch to star in Channel 4's political drama 'Brexit'
  62. Naomi Watts to star alongside Frank Grillo for Blumhouse's 'Once Upon a Time in Staten Island'
  63. A little-known story on how Tom Cruise saved 'Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels'
  64. Captain Marvel will mark Carol Danvers MCU debut, yet it's "much different than an origin movie"
  65. Lea Thompson's The Year of Spectacular Men is a family affair and, more importantly, it is fantastic
  66. Andy Bean to reportedly join cast of 'It: Chapter 2' and play the older Stanley Uris
  67. Lupita Nyong'o to star in 'Us' Jordan Peele's Get Out sequel
  68. Kristen Stewart to make her feature film directorial debut with 'Chronology of Water'
  69. Clark Gregg heaps praise on Brie Larson while teasing 90s "MC Hammer" look in Captain Marvel
  70. MCU is setting the stage to bid farewell to fan-favorite characters after Avengers 4, here's proof
  71. The Log Lady from Twin Peaks is now getting a documentary of her own
  72. Deadpool 2 post-credits scenes revealed including one where anti-hero mocks Ryan Reynolds
  73. The interiors come to life in this movie adaptation of Chekhov's The Seagull
  74. Warner Bros secures movie rights for Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical 'In the Heights' with $50 million bid
  75. Gaspar Noé's 'Climax' wins top honor at Cannes Directors' Fortnight
  76. Robert De Niro to be honored with 'Brass Ring Award' at 2018 Carousel of Hope Ball
  77. 'Some things should be left alone': Patrick Renna on remaking cult classic 'The Sandlot'
  78. Cannes 2018: Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Shoplifters wins Palme d'Or, BlacKkKlansman gets Grand Prix
  79. Jake Gyllenhaal to play supervillain Mysterio in upcoming Spider-Man sequel
  80. Juggernaut cameo: How Deadpool 2 revives comic history long ignored by the X-Men arc
  81. Avengers 4 could beat Infinity War to be the longest-running MCU movie, say directors
  82. Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro's 'First Ladies': What could go right, or wrong
  83. Charlize Theron cast as Megyn Kelly in upcoming movie on Roger Ailes
  84. 'The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part' poster revealed, to be released in February 2019
  85. Gal Gadot's Diana Prince to suit up in 'battle gear' for Wonder Woman 2
  86. Netflix's 'Ibiza' gets special screening in NYC ahead of global release
  87. "Nothing is off the table," Ray Fisher on possibilities of Cyborg's return in a Teen Titan team-up
  88. Deadpool 2's suicide scene and extra Domino stuff included in "director's cut", confirms David Leitch
  89. ‘Shazam!’: Zachary Levi unveils first official look of his DCEU superhero and the iconic costume
  90. DCEU's Flashpoint picks up pace, Ezra Miller confirms meeting with directors Goldstein and Daley
  91. Creator Rob Liefeld has no problems with Deadpool entering MCU as long as Ryan Reynolds "calls the shots"
  92. Netflix shells out $150 million for Michael Bay-directed Six Underground starring Ryan Reynolds
  93. 'My Best Friend's Wedding' wasn't supposed to end the way it did. Here is how it originally ended
  94. Damon Lindelof says HBO's Watchmen adaptation will be a "remix" inspired by the iconic comic series
  95. Avengers 4 will bring closure to the fans but not without a few sacrifices, teases official synopsis
  96. 'The Human Centipede' creator Tom Six has a new "vile and inhumane" movie on the horizon
  97. 'Men in Black' spinoff: Liam Neeson may play the head of the secret agency
  98. Snoop Dogg switched co-star Matthew McConaughey's prop weed with the real stuff on the sets of 'The Beach Bum'
  99. Idris Elba to direct, produce, and star in Netflix's adaptation of 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'
  100. 'Godzilla: King of Monsters' release date moved to May 31, 2019
  101. Sony is fast-tracking Vin Diesel's 'Bloodshot'; Michael Sheen and Eiza Gonzalez join the cast
  102. Not Superman, Ray Fisher wants Cyborg to cross paths with Kryptonian antagonist, Brainiac
  103. "All through my twenties I was sabotaging relationships": Madeline Zima on the inspiring loneliness in 'Warm Human Magic'
  104. Marvel and DC under fire for failing to represent LGBTQ characters, stories on the big screen
  105. HBO movie 'The Tale' shows director Jennifer Fox revealing the truth about how she grappled with her own childhood abuse
  106. Star Wars' cult hero Boba Fett to have his own movie, directed by James Mangold
  107. Danny Boyle to direct 'Bond 25' starring Daniel Craig; release date set for October 2019
  108. Review: 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' plays it safe while offering a convincing origin story
  109. It will be like Star Wars on acid: Emilia Clarke on what 'Game of Thrones' creators can bring to the space saga
  110. Ezra Miller and Ray Fisher reveal which superheroes they would love to suit up as in the MCU
  111. Netflix Ibiza review: Richard Madden's DJ Leo is hot, but as a drug-addled vacation romp the film falls flat
  112. Boba Fett's cult-following explained: Why the Star Wars character totally deserves a standalone film
  113. Back to the OG Avengers: Captain America and Black Widow to play 'bigger role' in the Infinity War sequel
  114. Despite mediocre BO opening, director Ron Howard says 'Solo' his "new personal best"
  115. Alan Rickman was unhappy with Snape role, reveals letter from the actor's personal archive
  116. The big cameo in 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' that raised more questions than answers
  117. Ghostbuster alert! Ant-Man and the Wasp plot crazy ways to bring down 'the Ghost' in a brand new teaser
  118. James Gunn and Mark Hamill shared an epic coffee date picture and now 'Guardians' fans just can't keep calm!
  119. Mediaset España, Warner Bros and Netflix come together for new Spanish drama 'Brigada Costa del Sol'
  120. 'A Kid Like Jake' isn't Jim Parsons' acting breakthrough, he was always bigger, better than Sheldon Cooper
  121. Through the eyes of a zombie: How the 'Cargo' directors changed the post-apocalyptic thriller with their film
  122. Ryan Reynolds and James Gunn hint at 'Guardians of the Galaxy' 'Deadpool' crossover
  123. Godzilla: King of Monsters release date changed as studio eyes summer success
  124. Jamie Foxx to play Spawn in comic creator Todd McFarlane's directorial debut
  125. Dorky Maleficent? Angelina Jolie's epic reunion with Elle Fanning as filming on sequel starts
  126. Elle Fanning posts hilarious Insta pic from Maleficent II sets: Here's everything we know about the production
  127. Perfect fit: Award-winning filmmaker Jane Rosemont's 'Shirts!' to debut at Dances with Films Festival
  128. Costume designer Aieisha Li on movies, clothes and styling Charlize Theron in 'Tully'
  129. Avengers 4 rumored title could hold the key to Marvel Cinematic Universe, the death count and more
  130. 'A Kid Like Jake' movie review: Empathy takes center stage as Jim Parsons and Claire Danes shine
  131. Feeling the need for speed: Tom Cruise ends suspense around Top Gun 2
  132. Dances with Films festival 2018 to feature 'Doubting Thomas,' 'Murder Made Easy,' and 'Psychonautics: A Comic's Exploration Of Psychedelics'
  133. Post-apocalyptic spoof 'Brock Bledsoe: Future Hero' to premiere at the Dances with Films festival
  134. James McAvoy confirms filming has begun for 'IT: Chapter 2'
  135. WATCH: Carrie Underwood delivers one of the best renditions of the national anthem we've heard at husband's hockey game
  136. Even at 78, Giorgio Moroder, the 'Father of Disco' shows no signs of losing his groove
  137. Foo Fighters bring out John Travolta on stage during a cover of a 'Grease' song
  138. Florence + The Machine join Instagram to announce new song 'Hunger'
  139. Guns N’ Roses hint at ‘Appetite For Destruction’ reunion and tour
  140. Watch: The National debut new song “Light Years” at Homecoming Festival
  141. 'I feel so much more in control of it now': Camila Cabello reveals her struggles with OCD
  142. Leather-clad Kesha stuns on Cosmopolitan's June cover as she opens up on life after Dr Luke battle
  143. Calvin Harris releases official music video for hit song "One Kiss" with Dua Lipa
  144. Dierks Bentley talks about scaling his highest mountain yet with ninth studio album
  145. On the heels of a hot new single, Raluka opens up about her obsession with music and Queen Bey!
  146. Céline Dion's Vegas show is gatecrashed and we still haven't stopped laughing
  147. 12 years ago one of country music's biggest bands gave an interview that almost ended their career, now here's the full story
  148. Calum Scott releases new single 'What I Miss Most'
  149. The return of the prodigal daughter: Why country fans will always accept Taylor Swift back into their fold
  150. Jade Novah drops new groovy single 'All Blue'
  151. 'Saving Grace' is ample proof that it's gonna be Grace Carter's year
  152. London fusion duo, Temptress, dropped a new single and music video and we're in love
  153. Three-time Grammy nominees Nothing More drop their music video for new single 'Just Say When'
  154. Childish Gambino's new music video for 'This Is America' is a perfect lesson in political satire
  155. Kacey Musgraves new video for her single 'Butterflies' captures the magic of love
  156. What is the best music streaming service for you? We rank the top services for your taste in music
  157. The United States of Kanye: Here's what America could look like if Kanye West becomes President in 2024
  158. Highlight reel: VH1's 'Dear Mama: A Love Letter To Moms' returns to the small screen for third edition
  159. Christina Aguilera and Demi Lovato to debut new duet at 2018 Billboard Music Award
  160. It's about time: Janet Jackson to receive 'Billboard Icon Award' 2018
  161. Rising UK star Laurel announces her debut album 'Dogviolet and previews lead single
  162. Ruen Brothers share DIY video for new single 'All My Shades of Blue'
  163. Jennifer Lopez to perform at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards
  164. Folly Rae launches Wes Anderson-inspired video with a dark twist for new single Sniper
  165. Foo Fighters meet their match in 'Little Fonzie', the 8-year-old drummer who refused to leave their stage
  166. Watch: Metallica performs a baffling cover of ABBA’s Dancing Queen
  167. Interpol’s teaser suggests that the new album is almost finished
  168. Christina Aguilera announces first North American tour in 10 years
  169. Wallows make their television debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden
  170. Towkio plays a sad astronaut in his new music video 'Morning View' featuring SZA
  171. Rap legends Salt-N-Pepa to perform with En Vogue at 2018 Billboard Music Awards
  172. Nine Inch Nails announce new EP 'Bad Witch' and a ticketing twist to tour with Jesus and Mary Chain
  173. REVIEW: 'Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino' is a first of its kind; the first boring Arctic Monkeys album
  174. Better grab your ZEDD In The Park tickets soon, as first-tier sold out within 24 hours
  175. Post Malone's 'Beerbongs & Bentleys' sits atop Billboard 200 for second consecutive week
  176. Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament on new album: “2019 is probably safe to say”
  177. Lindsey Buckingham breaks silence on Fleetwood Mac split: “They lost their perspective”
  178. Fujifilm announces global partnership agreement with Taylor Swift for its 'Instax' series
  179. George Ezra all set to read a CBeebies bedtime story
  180. Mikaela Davis' 'Delivery' is a thrilling adventure over 10 tracks
  181. After R Kelly, Spotify urged to remove Chris Brown, Eminem, RHCP and other artists accused of sexual misconduct
  182. Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter contributes new song 'Sangria' to Gaspar Noé's ‘Climax'
  183. Stanaj releases 'Dirty Mind' featuring Ty Dolla $ign
  184. Dawes debut music video for 'Living in the Future,' first single from upcoming ‘Passwords’
  185. The Code release music video for new single ‘Satellites’
  186. Next Town Down release new single 'Easy'
  187. Tenacious D announce first US tour in five years, tease new studio album
  188. Alex Lleo debuts on Mahogany Session, announces Scottish tour
  189. Kanye West unveils tracklists for collaborative albums with Kid Cudi and Pusha T
  190. Frances Bean Cobain loses Kurt Cobain's iconic 'MTV Unplugged' guitar in divorce settlement
  191. Beastie Boys set to release memoir which includes a cookbook, graphic novel and more
  192. 'Best Part' hitmakers Daniel Caesar and H.E.R bag two BET nominations each
  193. Leaked jail video shows rapper T.I. calmly pressing cops about reason of arrest
  194. Listen: Jennifer Lopez drops new single 'Dinero' featuring Cardi B & DJ Khaled
  195. Karmen is back with new single and music video 'Lock My Hips’ ft. Krishane: Watch
  196. Calum Scott unveils music video for new single, ‘What I Miss Most’
  197. The late great Glen Campbell's daughter Ashley is keeping her father's memory alive through her amazing music
  198. Sir Elton John is reportedly performing at the royal wedding
  199. Billboard Music Awards 2018 announces an all-star lineup of presenters
  200. Courtney Barnett invites a deep dive on sophomore album ‘Tell Me How You Really Feel'
  201. Dave Matthews Band's violinist Boyd Tinsley sued for sexual harrassment
  202. Nine Inch Nails drop new song 'God Break Down the Door': Listen
  203. 2018 Billboard Music Awards complete winner's list: Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran tie with maximum wins each
  204. Dierks Bentley announces ninth studio album The Mountain
  205. Dakota drops Zdot remix of ‘Sober’ from upcoming EP ‘Call Me When You Get This’
  206. Nicki Minaj accused of cultural appropriation for ‘Chun Li’ SNL performance
  207. Chvrches show off four new songs from ‘Love is Dead’ as they kick off 2018 tour
  208. Bob Seger confirms rescheduled tour dates a year after health scare
  209. Kendrick Lamar invites white fan on stage to rap with him, then stops show after she uses the N-word from his original lyrics
  210. R. Kelly sued for sexual battery and infecting woman with STD
  211. Guns N’ Roses release never-before-seen 'It’s So Easy' video
  212. Trent Reznor explains why NIN’s upcoming ‘Bad Witch’ is an album and not an EP: “EPs feel less important"
  213. "Having music in a video game feels so timeless to me": Vo Williams on being featured in 'Watch Dogs 2'
  214. Watch: R.LUM.R team up with DJ duo Vindata on 'Emotion' music video
  215. Portishead and Wolf Alice are the latest bands to join the cultural boycott of Israel
  216. Watch Björk’s first TV performance in eight years on 'Jools Holland'
  217. Watch Arctic Monkeys play their first European show in nearly four years
  218. Scottish pop-rock quintet Dancing on Tables on their upcoming EP, their new sound, coming of age and more
  219. Will Smith hints at possible rap comeback with new song 'To the Clique'
  220. Pusha-T previews new album 'Daytona', produced by Kanye West
  221. Diplo and Mark Ronson drop ‘Only Can Get Better’, the title track from their collaborative project Silk City
  222. Alicia Keys joins James Bay for surprise performance of 'Us' on The Voice finale
  223. Watch: Romanian-American singer, performer and model Antonia drops new, sexy music video 'Hotel Lounge'
  224. 2018 Radio Disney Music Awards: Meghan Trainor to perform special medley, Charlie Puth and Maddie Pope in line-up too
  225. 'The Goo Goo Dolls' to release new live album titled 'The Audience is This Way' in July
  226. Chvrches' 'Love Is Dead' discusses heavy themes, but fails to deliver them meaningfully
  227. Country singer Jackie Lee has been to hell and back over the last year, but his new single is testament to his spirit
  228. "People will put up with all kinds of things because they don't want to be by themselves": Caswell on her new single 'Everyone Knows'
  229. Barefoot's new song 'Crushin' It' featuring Elizabeth Banks is women empowerment fine-tuned
  230. CLOVES drops new single 'Wasted Time': Stream
  231. Cardi B just realized that Donald Glover and Childish Gambino are the same person!
  232. Snoop Dogg scores another 'Gin and Juice' hit, makes Guinness record for 'the largest paradise cocktail'
  233. Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody reveals how he almost drowned his career in alcohol
  234. These are the up-and-coming bands to keep an eye out for in 2018
  235. Mixing politics and music: K-pop band BTS is taking over the music scene
  236. Everything we know about Drake's new album 'Scorpion' releasing on June 29
  237. Thom Yorke debuts Radiohead's rejected James Bond track 'Spectre' live for first time
  238. Tierra Whack releases debut album 'Whack World' and the accompanying 15-minute video medley blew our mind
  239. This is the coolest thing we learnt today: Jeff Goldblum set to release debut jazz album
  240. After being hounded by a fan on Twitter for months, Weezer finally cover Toto's 'Africa'
  241. Angus & Julia Stone have a date with London's Royal Albert Hall this summer
  242. SZA claims that her vocal cords are "permanently damaged"
  243. The real reason why the Pusha-T and Drake feud is all over your news feed
  244. Gorillaz fans are in heaven: Band share two tracks from new album, announce N American tour and confirm 2nd Demon Dayz Festival
  245. 50 Cent puts Ja Rule in his place for chiming in on Drake and Pusha T feud
  246. Joey Dosik announces debut album 'Inside Voice', releases surreal music video for title track
  247. The 1975 share new single 'Give Yourself a Try', drop cryptic hint at music video on YouTube
  248. Greek DJ Xenia Ghali discusses her creative process, owning a record label and her love for vinyls
  249. The Voice shocker! Contestant Nathan Brake makes television history as he proposes to his boyfriend on hit show
  250. Amazon renews Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan for second season
  251. 'The Last OG' star Allen Maldonado reveals the only way to hold it together when Tiffany Haddish and Tracy Morgan are at work
  252. Is 'American Idol' racist AND homophobic? Of course not, but it's possible that many of the people who watch it are!
  253. Netflix's The Rain promises a fresh take on post-apocalyptic thrillers, but fails to deliver
  254. Dancing with the Stars: Athletes sees two heartbreaking eliminations on Night 1
  255. Only a true 'Roseanne' fan can crush this quiz...are you that fan?
  256. World of Wonder to 'glam up the midterms' at DragCon with Billy Eichner
  257. Quantico season 3:Little more than a swanky way to get by with a barely-there plot
  258. F is For Family: A damned yet hilarious insight into a 70s' middle-class household
  259. First look of The Punisher season 2 promises exciting times
  260. Edward St Aubyn, the tortured soul who is the inspiration for Benedict Cumberbatch's new role in 'Patrick Melrose'
  261. Dear White People special screening in LA sees a star-studded guestlist
  262. 'Four Weddings and a Funeral' is getting the TV treatment by Mindy Kaling and's what to expect
  263. Comedy specials don't cut it anymore; you need a semi-autobiographical sitcom to make it as a comedian
  264. 20 reasons why 'The 40-year-old Virgin' is still funny for the snowflake generation
  265. Martin Kove talks about reprising his iconic role as John Kreese in Cobra Kai and his friendship with Sylvester Stallone
  266. Alyson Hannigan, Jimmy Kimmel, Brad Paisley and Jason Sudeikis on the Revolving Judge Panel for ‘The Gong Show’ season 2
  267. Looks like there will be an all-star cast of celebrities on season 3 of ABC's show 'The $100,000 Pyramid'
  268. DWTS Athletes: Tonya Harding beaks down in tears, but fans aren't buying the emotion
  269. Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro continues to deny cheating claims as Pauly D offers him some relationship advice
  270. 'I realized it's not about music': Christina Aguilera reveals why she will never be a judge on The Voice ever again
  271. "The lightning that ignited my desire to write the book was my cancer": Samantha Harris on her new book 'Your Healthiest Healthy'
  272. Dear White People season 2: The characters will get deeper and expect a lot of 'Scandal' parodies
  273. The wait is finally over! Starz releases the official trailer for season 5 of 'Power'
  274. Oscars Academy expels Bill Cosby and Roman Polanski over sexual assault convictions
  275. Teen Mom's Amber Portwood accuses ex-fiancé Matt Baier of being 'high AF'
  276. American Idol to return to ABC with season 2
  277. ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Danielle Staub marries Marty Caffrey in Bohemian beach wedding
  278. '13 Reasons Why' may have initiated the discussion on teen suicide, but please don't look to it for solutions
  279. Amazon Prime's upcoming series 'The Feed' promises a thrilling look into the future of AI and humanity
  280. What to expect in Season 2 of 13 Reasons Why: Forget audio tapes, Polaroids will speak a thousand words
  281. Jeffrey Tambor may no longer be LGBT+ poster child, but Netflix's 'Arrested Development' is making sure he is still a comedy icon
  282. REVIEW: The Karate Kid sequel Cobra Kai is exactly how you make a successful revival show
  283. Billy Bob Thornton set to return in June with Season 2 of Amazon Prime original series Goliath
  284. Aamya Deva Keroles is back with her 'family' on the hit TV show Animal Kingdom, and it's time for more "ukuleles"
  285. Review: How did Netflix get Riverdale's season two so wrong, and can they rectify the damage done?
  286. Dear White People season 2 review: Netflix's best series is back; darker, wittier and more relevant than ever
  287. From Silent Bob to 'Silent But Deadly': The comedic universe of Kevin Smith
  288. Season 2 of '13 Reasons Why' hints at a mass school shooting, but audiences may not be ready to allow reality in
  289. Riding high on nostalgia: The dramatic rise of the 80s theme in modern-day television
  290. Clayne Crawford got too close to his 'Lethal Weapon' character in real life?
  291. "Just grab a glass of wine and relax": Jennifer Bartels talks about her character Diana on 'American Woman' and losing herself in her job
  292. CW cancels 'Life Sentence' after just one season, leaving its star Lucy Hale "shell-shocked"
  293. Netflix's 'The Witcher' TV series set to add some Marvel magic to their creative team
  294. 'Something wicked this way comes': Netflix's Sabrina the Teen Witch series gets a name
  295. Oscar-winning Peter Jackson under consideration for Amazon's 'Lord of the Rings' TV series
  296. AwesomenessTV's new high school drama 'All Night' will be available on Hulu in 2018
  297. Fascinating and eerie: The real-life mystery behind the story of 'Picnic at Hanging Rock'
  298. Outlander renewed for 24 more episodes at Starz
  299. Ryan Murphy will not keep a cent of profit he makes from Pose, here's why
  300. Friday Night Lights is getting a new movie reboot and it needs to be as phenomenal
  301. Chicago P.D. finale shocker: Showrunner Rick Eid breaks down S05 tragic exit as #JusticeForAl trends on Twitter
  302. John Green's novel 'Looking for Alaska' is all set to be adapted into a limited TV series for Hulu by Josh Schwartz
  303. Fan favorite Becca Kufrin begins her search for Prince Charming on ‘The Bachelorette’
  304. Death toll rises in 'Riverdale': Showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa teases Batman-Robin reference in pre-finale episode
  305. Starz's gripping new and original documentary series "Wrong Man" to debut on June 3
  306. 'The Purge' TV series begins filming, will premiere this upcoming Fall
  307. Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl is a scary psychopath in new Netflix series YOU
  308. Adult Swim's 'Rick and Morty' renewed for another 70 episodes
  309. Drew Barrymore starrer 'Santa Clarita Diet' gets a season 3 renewal on Netflix
  310. Busy Phillips, Aidy Bryant and others to make cameos on 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' season 4
  311. 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' canceled by Fox, but Hulu and other networks circling around the popular comedy
  312. The Big Bang Theory's season 11 finale deleted a tribute scene to Stephen Hawking from Sheldon and Amy's wedding
  313. The filming for 'John Wick: Chapter 3' has begun, with a TV series on the character also in the works
  314. Drag Tots: Detox gets animated along with our other favorite drag queens to save the world
  315. American Gods' Corbin Bernsen and actress Annette O'Toole join Marvel's The Punisher for season 2
  316. Latest episode of '20/20' will feature controversial case of the girl found guilty in her boyfriend's suicide
  317. New Girl's Damon Wayans Jr will star in a new comedy series loosely based on the life of Harry Styles
  318. 'Cobra Kai' renewed just after 8 episodes as 'Karate Kid' lives on
  319. Chadwick Boseman can't help gushing about Marvel TV's new series 'Cloak & Dagger'
  320. 'Unlike anything seen before': Finn Jones teases Iron Fist season 2 with a kickass concept art on Instagram
  321. Psychic powers meet crime-solving in 'The InBetween' which just landed a series order at NBC
  322. Therese Sandersson gives an insiders look into the life of a makeup artist on a film set
  323. Quantico Season 3 Episode 3 review: 'Hell's Gate' finally revives the series
  324. Erik Griffin returns with his second Showtime comedy special 'Erik Griffin: AmERIKan Warrior'
  325. Brace yourselves, 'The Circus' enters Trump country this Sunday on Showtime
  326. Fox's show cancellation spree continues as 'Lucifer' and 'The Exorcist' get axed
  327. Marvel's 'Inhumans' and Quantico latest shows to be axed by ABC
  328. It's official! Thanks to show's fans Brooklyn Nine-Nine will be rescued by NBC
  329. REVIEW: The pleasant before and after taste of Starz' 'Sweetbitter'
  330. An in-depth look at the hits and misses of Lifetime's Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance
  331. 'Sweetbitter' star Daniyar opens up about bagging the 'gay, Russian immigrant' role in the new Starz show
  332. Team Geeks on Fleek win NBC's 'Genius Junior' show to become some of the brightest kids in America
  333. Arrow star Stephen Amell picks his favorite villain over six seasons, and it's totally unexpected
  334. Fire The Stylist BAFTA TV edition: Daisy May Cooper wears Satan's robe while Katya Jones fulfills her hidden childhood dreams
  335. Fox renews Gotham for final season 5 and fans better start preparing for a major revelation
  336. Exclusive: Pauley Perrette claims she left 'NCIS' to focus on charity work even as she hints at physical abuse on sets
  337. Lauren Cohan set to return to The Walking Dead, Maggie's future still undecided
  338. 'RuPaul's DragCon' breaks all records with 50,000 attendees
  339. Sean William Scott to replace Clayne Crawford in 'Lethal Weapon' season 3
  340. 'Patrick Melrose' episode 1: A riveting and haunting episode that grabs your attention and does not let go
  341. Meet 11 new characters of '13 Reasons Why' Season 2
  342. The Kissing Booth review: A classic teen flick with a strong dose of nostalgia
  343. 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D' gets a sixth season and here are some other Marvel shows that have been renewed
  344. Fox renews 'Gotham' and 'The Orville' but there's a catch
  345. Fox has no plans for more episodes of X-Files... at the moment
  346. Riverdale's Jughead Jones is still very much alive
  347. HBO's 'Succession' will chronicle what happens when a power struggle threatens to destroy a media tycoon's family
  348. Ellen Pompeo drops hints on Season 14 finale of 'Grey's Anatomy'
  349. Ten hopeful romantics and one lucky man: ABC's new dating series 'The Proposal' to premiere this June
  350. Original Roseanne writers say they are having a hard time recognizing her character in the reboot
  351. JK Rowling's new detective series C.B. Strike is coming to Cinemax this June
  352. Heroes of 'Once Upon a Time' prepare for epic showdown with the baddest villain on series finale
  353. Quantico may have been cancelled, but Season 3 is still kicking a**
  354. Teen assassins and next-generation criminals get inducted in Russo Brothers' new TV series Deadly Class
  355. 'Last Man Standing' launches Fox's Friday night comedy scenes: Every show on the network's 2018-2019 schedule
  356. 'Lethal Weapon' star Damon Wayans slams former co-star Clayne Crawford as an "emotional terrorist"
  357. Petty Little Liars' spin off 'The Perfectionists' first teaser out: Are Allison and Mona reuniting?
  358. Jennifer Love Hewitt joins Fox's '911' as an emergency operator in the drama's upcoming second season
  359. Stephanie Corneliussen of 'Deception' and 'Mr. Robot' fame discusses the appeal of playing the scheming villainess
  360. Freeform to telecast 'Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists,' as well as a host of new and returning shows
  361. Netflix's sci-fi series 'Lost in Space' to return for a second season
  362. 'Project Runway' returns to Bravo in the wake of Weinstein and Co's bankruptcy
  363. Eleven cast members have been fired from TOWIE till date, and here are the real reasons why
  364. Vida's Ser Anzoategui opens up about non-binary gender community and their portrayal of Eddie
  365. Gabby Dawson is leaving 'Chicago Fire', and we can't take the pain
  366. Showrunners of 'Lucifer' reveal what could have happened in Season 4 if the show was not canceled by Fox
  367. Netflix to spend more than $6 billion to finance 470 original TV shows and movies that will premiere this year
  368. Guillermo del Toro to direct Netflix's first horror anthology series '10 Past Midnight'
  369. Deadpool's Stefan Kapicic lands recurring role in upcoming season of AMC's 'Better Call Saul'
  370. Vida star Carlos Miranda speaks about his experience on the show and his journey so far
  371. Season 2 of Seth MacFarlane's 'The Orville' set to premiere on Sunday, December 30
  372. Woman who boasted about sleeping with over 100 married men to "save their marriages", slammed by viewers as "homewrecker"
  373. ABC boss justifies Roseanne joke about Black and Asian families that viewers found offensive
  374. It's Becca Kurfin's turn to hand out the roses as she becomes the next 'Bachelorette'
  375. Fox debuts trailers for its Fall line-up including vampire drama 'The Passage' and sci-fi show 'Cosmos: Possible Worlds'
  376. Even Emilia Clarke doesn't know how the final season of GoT will end
  377. Shadowhunters' Anna Hopkins reveals that things are about to get bumpier on the show
  378. AMC's Dietland: A woman's journey to self-acceptance, overcoming patriarchy and body-shaming
  379. ABC's 'The Rookie' trailer proves Nathan Fillion should stick to comedy
  380. Arrow finale spoiler: Paul Blackthorne teases a "beautiful exit" for one of the show vets after season 6
  381. Lady Bird, Dead Poets Society, and more coming to Amazon Prime Video this week
  382. BBC announces all-female cast and writers for new show marking 100 years of female suffrage
  383. Petition to revive Syfy's 'The Expanse' reaches close to 85,000 signatures, 'Designated Survivor' to possibly find home on Netflix
  384. Hannah Baker's return to Season 2 on '13 Reasons Why' isn't just with flashbacks
  385. It's about time we be introduced to Batman's butler Pennyworth as Epix orders an exclusive series
  386. Wilson Bethel to play the role of 'Bullseye' in Marvel's 'Daredevil' season 3
  387. ABC reschedules season six of 'Marvel's Agents of SHIELD' for a summer 2019 release
  388. CBS responds to Pauley Perrette’s allegations of ‘multiple physical assaults’ on ’NCIS’ set
  389. Neighbours star Felix Mallard is 'Harry Styles' in first look of show loosely based on pop star's life
  390. Goodbye to the loft: New Girl wraps up with a time jump and Zooey Deschanel reveals who almost played Schmidt
  391. The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt's Season 4 trailer takes on the working world
  392. The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan joins Scott Foley in a wacky, jam-packed first look at ABC's Whiskey Cavalier
  393. Netflix's Evil Genius is a whole other kind of twisted: 5 basic pointers for anybody about to binge watch it
  394. Katherine McNamara explains shocking turn of events in Shadowhunters' Season 3A finale
  395. Fall TV must watch: Upcoming 2018-2019 dramas and comedies that got us hooked from the first look
  396. Roseanne Barr's real-life injury inspired 'The Addiction' episode on the show
  397. HBO's upcoming documentary 'The Case Against Adnan Syed' to re-examine the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee
  398. Criminal Minds: CBS still undecided over the length of season 14
  399. CBS reveals why 'Kevin Can Wait' is not coming back for a third season
  400. Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards reveals the explosive season 6 finale, and who she wants back on the show
  401. Heck family prepares for one last road trip, even as 'The Middle' approaches series finale
  402. ABC announces new season of 'What Would You Do?' which will be hosted by John Quiñones
  403. Queen Sugar season 3 will focus on fatherhood, reveals new showrunner Kat Candler
  404. CW's iZombie, Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend get the axe
  405. Magnum P.I's new trailer looks hipper than ever but that missing mustache sure is disappointing
  406. It's all just rumors but Amazon's New Lord of the Rings series will focus on young Aragorn
  407. Arrowverse's next crossover will introduce Gotham and Batwoman
  408. It's true! HBO is filming multiple 'Game Of Thrones' endings and even cast and crew are as clueless as we are
  409. CW brings back the witch sisters in its much-awaited trailer for 'Charmed' reboot
  410. 'Wayward Sisters' sounded like a great 'Supernatural' spin-off show but CW did not spare it from the axe
  411. Vida star Chelsea Rendon on playing the passionate badass Mari in the superb new Starz show
  412. Gotham's Penguin and Riddler talk about what the duo want to do in the upcoming season
  413. Starz' The Spanish Princess starts production with Game of Thrones actress Charlotte Hope playing the lead
  414. Arrested Development creator and cast show support for Jeffrey Tambor post sexual harassment allegations
  415. Grey's Anatomy season 14 finale hints at Callie-Arizona reunion
  416. New Legends of Tomorrow poster out! A detailed season 4 synopsis reveals magical "fugitives" on the run
  417. MTV Catfish production suspended after host Nev Schulman accused of sexual misconduct
  418. Andy Serkis rules out returning as Gollum in Amazon's Lord of the Rings: Start fresh, he says
  419. Freeform's mermaid fantasy drama Siren gets a season 2 renewal
  420. Lethal Weapon drama continues: Michael Raymond James terms Clayne Crawford episode a false narrative
  421. NBC to air ‘The 50th Anniversary Of The Elvis Comeback Special’ next year
  422. Sense8 series finale trailer: The cluster unites for one last fight to give fans the closure they deserve
  423. Black-ish star Marsai Martin signed by WME, to work on upcoming feature with Universal
  424. Cast and crew of Arrested Development attend season 5 premiere in California
  425. Showtime to air crime drama 'City on a Hill' produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
  426. Big City Greens renewed for a second season by Disney
  427. Jennifer Aniston and Tig Notaro set to play the presidential gay couple in Netflix's 'First Ladies'
  428. Rooster Teeth greenlights Rob McElhenney's animated horror-comedy series 'Spikeface'
  429. CW announces 'Legacies', a new 'Vampire Diaries' and 'Originals' spin-off
  430. Channel 4's new series Bride and Prejudice follows six engaged couples facing homophobia and racism from their own families
  431. 'Patrick Melrose' episode 2, 'Never Mind,' unleashes the full might of Hugo Weaving's moral desolation
  432. Keeley Hawes recommissioned for The Durrells series 4 on ITV
  433. 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Friday premiere event canceled following Santa Fe shooting
  434. Jason Aldean, Dua Lipa, Halsey and more award-winning artists to perform at the star-studded 'Voice' finale on May 22
  435. Brace yourself for Ventriloquist and other classic Batman villains in upcoming final season of Gotham
  436. James Denton had to kiss a crew member to keep his second 'Desperate Housewives' wedding a secret
  437. Coming up on ABC's The View: A complete guide to this week's episodes
  438. The Last Days of Michael Jackson is ABC News' latest tribute to the King of Pop ahead of his 10th death anniversary
  439. Brooklyn 99 Season 5 finale: Jake and Amy are officially married, here's what to expect from the next season
  440. '13 Reasons Why' season 2 tackles a lot more issues than the previous one
  441. USA Network cancels ‘Falling Water’ after just two seasons
  442. Preacher Season 3: Meet Allfather D’Aronique, the corpulent head of the Grail, in first-look teaser
  443. SNL's Season 43 finale put a hilarious spin on the royal wedding reception and brings back Tina Fey's Palin
  444. Doctor Who stars to reunite in upcoming comedy-drama called 'Americons'
  445. Be ready to go retro as Bravo sends 'Real Housewives' back to the 60s with new imaginative docu-series
  446. 'The Marvelous Mrs Maisel' to be renewed for a third season by Amazon
  447. Green Arrow would beat any reiteration of Hawkeye, says Stephen Amell
  448. Jordan Peele to helm the next revival of 'The Twilight Zone'
  449. Giancarlo Giannini joins cast of Hulu's star-studded 'Catch-22' to be directed by George Clooney
  450. Barack and Michelle Obama sign a multiyear deal with Netflix to produce films and TV shows
  451. Stock up: John Malkovich marks his debut on Showtime's Billions
  452. The Good Place will be back this autumn with a filthier season 3
  453. Kim Raver aka Teddy Altman will be back as a series regular on Grey's Anatomy's upcoming season 15
  454. Lena Waithe to be honored with Trailblazer Award at upcoming 'MTV Movie & TV Awards'
  455. CONSPIRACY THEORY: Is Fox canceling its biggest shows because Disney is going to buy the company soon?
  456. Maddie Poppe wins American Idol season 16
  457. 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' writer Charlie Day hints at a 15th season for show and Glenn Howerton's possible return
  458. After canceling 'Lucifer,' Fox to give show swansong by airing two new episodes
  459. Gina Rodriguez and David Thewlis join the bizarre and hilarious world of Netflix's Big Mouth
  460. Bond girl Halle Berry bolsters the cast of 'John Wick: Chapter 3'
  461. Saved from the axe? Syfy's The Expanse might get picked up by Amazon for a fourth season
  462. Monty Python's Michael Palin has wrapped up filming a world-exclusive documentary series in North Korea
  463. Who is Jigsaw? The Punisher season 2 video confirms our greatest fears and the villain's identity
  464. Contestants announced for new celebrity specials of 'The Crystal Maze' hosted by Richard Ayoade
  465. Six Season 2: Nikolai Nikolaeff on being 'the Russian Guy' and how he learned to keep his "head down and arse up"
  466. Kimberly Walsh joins the cast of Ackley Bridge as homewrecker Clare Butterworth
  467. Praise Rao! sci-fi drama Krypton renewed for a second season by SyFy
  468. Step Up: High Water is coming back for season 2 on YouTube Premium
  469. AMC's 'The Terror' may come back for a second season
  470. Amazon Studios to produce a docu-series about the global economy with Kal Penn, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay
  471. Cinemax's CB Strike is JK Rowling's baggage free storytelling
  472. Dancing with the Stars: Athletes finale had fans fuming, and it was not because Adam Rippon won
  473. Jimmy Kimmel hosts hilarious 'American Idol' reunion and reveals what the singers have been up to with a song
  474. Brynn Cartelli wins 'The Voice' season 14 in stunning finale for Team Kelly Clarkson
  475. Roseanne reboot wrap up: Friendly faces make a comeback and Roseanne Barr's personal struggles portray today's America
  476. 'The Middle' bids farewell after 9 seasons but it will live on in our memories
  477. Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Stephanie Beatriz has no problem calling out sexism on the set
  478. 'The Big Bang Theory' is the most-watched television series in the 2017/18 TV season
  479. HBO and Sky announce new four-hour docu-series, 'The Case Against Adnan Syed'
  480. Arrested Development's Jessica Walter opens up about Jeffrey Tambor harassing her on set
  481. Hopper and Joyce from 'Stranger Things' dated back in high school, say actors Winona Ryder and David Harbour
  482. James Cromwell will be joining Starz's Counterpart cast as they fight it out in a parallel dimension
  483. Netflix's Fauda: Here's a quick recap of season 1 before you start bingeing on season 2
  484. Gotham baddie Anthony Carrigan has been signed by ICM Partners
  485. Mad Men's Christina Hendricks wants to try her hand at directing
  486. Shark Tank sneak peek: See who is in the battle of entrepreneurs trying to land their venture capital on June 1
  487. Rejoice! Bachelor in Paradise's Ashley Iaconetti confirms she's found her soulmate in Jared Haibon
  488. Claws Season 2 trailer out now: Sass, mobs and lots of slaying
  489. The Fosters' spin-off Good Trouble will follow the life of young adults Callie and Mariana
  490. Wesam Keesh promises big cliffhangers on next season of Shondaland's law drama 'For The People'
  491. Brenda Blethyn returns as Detective Chief in award-winning crime drama Vera as it gears up for season 9
  492. Emilia Clarke says the ending of Game of Thrones messed her up
  493. Netflix is now more valuable than Comcast, and may soon surpass Disney
  494. 'Roseanne' stars wants George Clooney to return for season 2, but it seems unlikely
  495. Twitch and BBC will stream 500 classic episodes of Doctor Who
  496. 'Disenchantment' teaser-trailer provides fans a first look at Matt Groening's latest show on Netflix
  497. HBO's 'Watchmen' casts Regina King, Don Johnson, and four others
  498. Jimmy Kimmel roasts President Trump and his Spygate conspiracy theory
  499. Season 2 of Netflix's 'Queer Eye' to premiere on June 15
  500. Scarlet Magazine will be on the run as 'The Bold Type' airs season 2 on June 12
  501. Quantico's Priyanka Chopra gushes about co-star Marlee Matlin saying she's like the mama of the group
  502. Big Brother returns with its 20th season and CBS announces new game show
  503. 'Young and the Restless' star Elizabeth Sung dies aged 63
  504. Natalie Dormer to act and produce TV series on Oscar-winning actress Vivien Leigh
  505. Age of Aquarius coming back on Broadway thanks to NBC's latest rock musical 'Hair Live'
  506. Netflix cancels Arrested Development's UK promotional tour; cast members apologize to Jessica Walters for Tambor's behaviour
  507. Movie adaptation of Stephen King's 'Pet Sematary' to release on April 5, 2019
  508. It's a necessary conversation, says the cast of Queen Sugar while discussing interracial relationships
  509. MTV's Floribama Shore's original cast members head to Panama City beach after they get renewed for season 2
  510. Is it the end for Olicity? Arrow's Emily Bett Rickards teases ominous future after that Oliver Queen twist
  511. CBS cancels Code Black after three seasons
  512. Amy Poehler, the boss of 'Parks and Recreation', is totally up for a revival
  513. The Originals season 5, Episode 6: What to expect from the series 'What, Will, I, Have, Left'
  514. 'American Ninja Warrior' and 'The Good Place' amongst shows to feature on NBC's official podcast
  515. Kanye West’s family will go head-to-head with the Kardashians in season 4 of ‘Celebrity Family Feud’
  516. Game of Thrones' Natalie Dormer was 'pissed off' at how things ended for Highgarden
  517. ABC's '20/20' investigates murders committed by felons wearing monitoring devices
  518. Martin Kove returns as evil sensei John Kreese in Cobra Kai season 2
  519. These 10 titles leaving Netflix this June will crush your heart
  520. ABC News' Good Morning America to expand to three hours, cancels 'The Chew' after 1,454 episodes
  521. Watch: Power-packed action sequence puts Jon Bernthal's 'The Punisher' in the spotlight
  522. Lethal Weapon drama: Clayne Crawford retweets a post from former co-star Evermore, slyly shades Damon Wayans
  523. Stream Punked! How Netflix changed the entertainment game to become the biggest player in the world
  524. 'Charmed' reboot actress Sarah Jeffery defends new series
  525. JK Rowling's CB Strike brings you TV's next great detective, a complex plot and loads of thrilling crime drama
  526. Why Hannah Baker isn't coming back for 13 Reasons Why's potential season 3
  527. Ninja Warrior UK will return with fifth season in 2019: Here's all you need to know
  528. Quantico's new time slot sees the show's ratings rise, but is it enough to save it?
  529. 'Patrick Melrose' episode 3 review: A troubled past, but 'Some Hope' for the future
  530. 'Creators ran out of ideas,' says Kevin Conroy, voice of Gotham's hero in 'Batman: The Animated Series'
  531. Krysten 'Jessica Jones' Ritter says she's working out for filming season 3 of Netflix show
  532. Sweetbitter Episode 4 Review: Not enough of Simone
  533. Maggie Gyllenhaal insisted on that very 'real feminine orgasm' on 'The Deuce'
  534. Michelle Wolf roasts Sarah Sanders' "ugly personality" on her new show 'The Break'
  535. 13 Reasons Why Season 2: 13 takeaways from the controversial Netflix show
  536. Rejoice, Expansers! Jeff Bezos confirms Amazon is picking up 'The Expanse' for another season
  537. While the campaign to save 'Lucifer' rages on, showrunner Henderson teases 'female friendships' in bonus episodes
  538. Arrested Development Season 5: Which characters are expected to come back?
  539. She's lethal, she's sane and she's got her eye on the prize: Why Shelby Wyatt makes a better lead for Quantico than Alex Parrish
  540. Killing Eve subtly breaks stereotypes on what a sociopath assassin really wants
  541. Netflix's Evil Genius: The true story behind the weirdest bank heist and the woman at the centre of it
  542. Lauren Cohan to return for season 9 of 'The Walking Dead', but possibly in a reduced role
  543. 'Jessica Jones' star Krysten Ritter wants 'Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23' to be revived
  544. ‘Roseanne’ canceled by ABC following Roseanne Barr's racist Twitter rant
  545. ABC axes 'Roseanne'! Fans and critics go to war as Roseanne Barr tweets force network's hand
  546. HBO confirms second season of Wyatt Cenac's Problem Areas
  547. Joy Reid says Trump presidency gave Roseanne Barr ‘broad sense of permission’ to be racist
  548. Not The Obama Network: Netflix executive addresses left-leaning concerns after Obama deal
  549. "Starring in a Marvel project is what an actor dreams of": Miles Mussenden gets candid about his big 'Cloak & Dagger' break
  550. "In my personal life, I deal with many levels of bullying": Claws' Kenneth Kynt Bryan on his intrinsic link with Scarlet
  551. "It is important to show that immigrants are human": Rafael De La Fuente on playing the edgy Sammy Jo in the 'Dynasty' reboot
  552. 8 things that make no sense at all in season 2 of '13 Reasons Why'
  553. Andrew Lincoln's 'The Walking Dead' exit to take solo lead Norman Reedus' salary to at least $20m
  554. ‘Roseanne’ cast holds emergency meeting to discuss spin-off show without Roseanne Barr
  555. Netflix's supernatural medical drama 'Chambers' has Uma Thurman starring in a lead role
  556. The Affair Season 4 trailer out now: Ramon Rodriguez, Phoebe Tonkin among guest stars appearing
  557. 2018 Tony Awards to be hosted by Sara Bareilles and Josh Groban; Matt Bomer, Armie Hammer, Claire Danes to attend too
  558. Who cancelled Roseanne? Meet Channing Dungey, the cut-throat head of ABC Entertainment
  559. "I still have a fire in me to create": Ingrid Rogers on starring in cop drama 'Bosch' and her journey to stardom
  560. ABC is planning ‘The Middle’ spinoff around Eden Sher’s Sue Heck
  561. Originals season 5: Two major deaths, thanks to a mission to save Hayley in latest episode 'What, Will, I, Have, Left'
  562. Robert Ford's return was not a surprise because the clues were always there
  563. Season premiere trailer of 'Black Ink Crew: Chicago' reportedly contains a gun incident
  564. A&E premieres Elizabeth Vargas-led investigative docu-series 'Cults and Extreme Belief,' as well as two other specials
  565. History channel greenlights Leonardo DiCaprio-produced documentary on Ulysses S. Grant
  566. Driven by a group of fierce women, 'Yellow' is set to debut at Dances With Films Festival
  567. Samantha Bee apologizes for calling Ivanka Trump a ‘feckless c**t', says she 'crossed a line'
  568. James Moore joins Emmerdale as Charity Dingle reunites with her long-lost son
  569. Three ways to take 'Roseanne' forward without Roseanne Barr
  570. Reality bites: The truth behind Kyle Richards' controversial new show 'American Woman'
  571. Jackie Chan's daughter says she has been homeless for a month due to "homophobic parents"
  572. Daz Dillinger fuming at Kanye's pro-Trump stance, urges Crips gang members to beat him up
  573. Masterchef's George Calombaris slammed by 71-year-old woman as being the "worst neighbor in the world"
  574. Blake Shelton is reportedly feeling bad for Miranda Lambert's new boyfriend because "she’s never been faithful"
  575. Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evans reportedly pulls a gun on man during road rage incident
  576. Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards fails drug test as opiates found in his system
  577. Caitlyn Jenner allegedly set to marry her transgender girlfriend, 47 years her junior, at Malibu home: Reports
  578. Keith Urban teams up with a random fan and sings along to all 487 verses of 'American Pie'
  579. Paul Hollywood's ex-wife Alex takes a subtle dig at the chef's new model girlfriend on Instagram with 'summer tart recipe'
  580. Ashley Judd sues Harvey Weinstein for 'blacklisting' her after she refused his sexual advances
  581. Shailene Woodley reveals that working with Meryl Streep on 'Big Little Lies' second season is literally 'bananas'
  582. Orlando Bloom says he has a 'deep feeling' for Katy Perry
  583. Meghan Markle's wedding workouts and diet plans reveal how she's prepping for the big day
  584. Tyga and Rob Kardashian are apparently freaking out over Blac Chyna pregnancy reports
  585. Serena Williams golden advice for pal Meghan Markle ahead of wedding: "Live in the moment" and "eat the cake"
  586. Blake Lively deletes all her Instagram photos, leaving behind a cryptic message and fans scratching their heads
  587. Big Brother season 11 finalist Alex Rose Lee comes out of the closet, gets a rad makeover
  588. Bit too much skin? Elizabeth Olsen not pleased with her cleavage-revealing Scarlet Witch costume in Avengers
  589. Did Tyson Fury just fat-shame Susanna Reid? Good Morning Britain viewers call out boxer after awkward interview
  590. Anna Faris' advice for pregnant Overboard co-star Eva Longoria: "Don't do that again"
  591. Johnny Depp being sued by former bodyguards about unpaid wages and unsafe working conditions
  592. New gems from Kanye: Slavery was a 'choice' and Obama was 'opioids' to the black community
  593. Mama June and Honey Boo Boo ring in Pumpkin's wedding in Las Vegas
  594. Gemma Arterton channels her bi-polar grandmother who committed suicide for her new role
  595. Reality TV millionaire Michael Bernback "vindicated" after rape charges dropped
  596. Kelly Clarkson shows off amazing weight loss in new set of gorgeous pics
  597. Reasons why there was no official photo for Princess Charlotte's third birthday
  598. Singer Sheridan Smith is engaged to secret boyfriend whom she met on Tinder three months ago
  599. Brooklyn Beckham might be dating musician Lexy Panterra weeks after he was seen kissing a Playboy model
  600. Kendra Wilkinson says she wants to ‘go on a date by myself’ post her divorce from Hank Baskett
  601. Kendall Jenner rumored to be shying away from limelight because she's pregnant: Reports
  602. Sophia Hutchins: All you need to know about transgender student and the love of Caitlyn Jenner's life
  603. Kevin Hart sex tape scandal: Man accused of extorting comedian hit with criminal charges
  604. Cate Blanchett finally details sexual harassment ordeal at the hands of Harvey Weinstein
  605. The Queen is planning a lavish wedding gift for Harry and Meghan Markle, and it's not a grand donation!
  606. Kylie Jenner sparks social media meltdown with vacation photo of her baby girl
  607. CBB star Jemma Lucy leaves nothing to the imagination as she shows of new surgically-enhanced body on a beach in Cyprus
  608. ‘It’s not too late’: Meghan Markle's brother writes an open letter to warn Prince Harry against getting married
  609. Erika Girardi gets back to filming on the sets of ‘The Young And The Restless’ along with Eileen Davidson
  610. Olivia Attwood and Charlotte Dawson rumored to be in the running for latest installment of 'I'm a Celebrity...'
  611. 'Fixer Upper' star Joanna Gaines reveals what went through her mind when she found out she was pregnant AGAIN!
  612. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott were up to their "baby-making" best on tropical vacation
  613. Kevin Smith reveals how smoking weed may have saved his life during a heart attack
  614. Sandra Bullock's stalker dies of self-inflicted injuries after a 5-hour standoff with SWAT
  615. Kris Jenner apparently made Tristan Thompson sign a $10 million contract after his cheating scandal: Here are the deets!
  616. Miranda Lambert enjoys a 'girl's night out' amid rumored romance with Evan Felker
  617. Pamela Anderson believes that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is in danger as he remains 'cut off from everybody'
  618. Meghan Markle's maid of honor at her first wedding has been banned from the royal nuptials
  619. Camille Cosby says Bill Cosby was convicted by 'mob justice, not real justice'
  620. Bizarre fan theory: Kylie Jenner's bodyguard is apparently Stormi's biological father and not Travis Scott
  621. FKA Twigs transforms into Anomalie, a superhero in dystopian world, for latest issue of 'AVANTgarden'
  622. Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross feel nothing can take a toll on their relationship as they open their lives in new reality series
  623. Meghan Markle's father will be attending the royal wedding after all
  624. Zoe Saldana honored with star on Hollywood Walk of Fame, but it's her three adorable children that steal the show
  625. Kaley Cuoco slams car crash lawsuit against her and says she is not responsible for the accident
  626. Blac Chyna goes to war with Kylie Jenner for profits from reality show claiming she 'interfered' with her series
  627. Kate Winslet urges women to cover up on the red carpet as it makes her 'uncomfortable'
  628. Happy Mother's Day to these 10 celebrity moms who set the perfect example of good parenting
  629. Gigi Hadid apologizes for Vogue Italia 'blackface' cover, says backlash is valid
  630. Kris Jenner breaks her silence on Tristan's cheating scandal: "We're a force to be reckoned with!"
  631. Roseanne Barr backs Kanye West on Obama diss: He's 'telling the truth'
  632. Feeling left out? Chris Brown is reportedly hurt that Rihanna overlooked him in her 'first real love' comment
  633. Driver involved in road rage incident with Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans says the actress was ‘close to getting shot’
  634. Singer Kerry Katona reveals she married her mum’s ‘drug dealer’ to get 'free drugs'
  635. Demi Lovato broke her foot in the most casual way while on vacation in Bali
  636. Josh Duggar's hometown requests court to dismiss molestation lawsuit against them
  637. Fake Prince George Instagram account cattily mocks Meghan Markle's style and Kate Middleton's weight
  638. Amir Khan's wife Faryal Makhdoom slammed for posting picture of her post-baby body a week after giving birth
  639. Rihanna shows off a hint of leg hair in her candid pictures and prompts fans to ditch their razors and embrace body fuzz
  640. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will honor Diana at their wedding in a really special way
  641. Allison Mack married Battlestar Galactica's Nicki Clyne on orders from 'cult' leader in 2017: Reports
  642. Abby Lee Miller’s chemo treatment reportedly not working: She may not 'make it'
  643. Stormy Daniels slams Roseanne Barr following X-rated feud on Twitter
  644. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro’s ex Jen Harley calls him an "insecure person" after cheating scandal comes to light
  645. Sarah Hyland talks about her health struggles as she reveals she weighs only 87 pounds
  646. It's confirmed! Meghan Markle won't be having a maid of honor for her wedding
  647. Ryan Reynolds says his anxiety sent him to 'depths of the darker end of the spectrum'
  648. William and Kate release first official pictures of Prince Louis... and they are adorable
  649. Hacker stole nude photos and $130k from Paris Hilton and then threw a New Year's party
  650. Anna Nicole Smith's daughter Dannielynn Birkhead, 11, shines at Kentucky Derby with dad Larry
  651. Jordin Sparks and husband Dana Isaiah welcome first child
  652. Evan Rachel Wood asks DJ Khaled to 'grow up' after he says he would never go down on women
  653. John Cena and Nikki Bella post messages on what would have been their wedding day
  654. Transgender model who claims to have ‘rescued’ Jeremy McConnell ‘from the streets’ brands him a ‘user’
  655. Harper gifts father David Beckham a £4,950 Louis Vuitton wine case for his birthday
  656. Prince Harry undergoes cryotherapy treatment before the royal wedding
  657. Robin Williams had forgotten "how to be funny" in his last days, new book reveals
  658. Kate Middleton shows her thrifty side as she dresses Prince Louis in Princess Charlotte's hand-me-downs
  659. Prince Harry's ex Chelsea Davy feeling snubbed after she's left out of Royal Wedding evening party
  660. Danish producer to stop 'slapping asses' of employees after sexual harassment investigation
  661. YouTube sensation Bethany Mota channels punk while going undercover on 'Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition'
  662. Rita Ora comes out as bisexual in new single 'Girls', wants it to be an LGBT anthem
  663. Before her brush with royalty, Meghan Markle once dated an "award-winning" star of gay porn
  664. Man arrested after breaking-in to Rihanna's Hollywood home claims he just "wanted to have sex with the singer"
  665. "His hands were everywhere. His mouth was everywhere": Dominatrix stripper from Prince Harry's 2012 Vegas romp reveals all
  666. WWE's Charlotte Flair suffers another serious injury in the ring, loses teeth in match with Carmella
  667. Farrah Fawcett's son Redmond O'Neal pleads not guilty to weapon and drug charges
  668. Kendall Jenner goes nearly nude at crazy party in Cannes
  669. Khloe Kardashian just shared the first video of baby True Thompson, and it's adorable
  670. Kendall and Kylie are upset and don't approve of Caitlyn Jenner's engagement to Sophia Hutchins
  671. ‘Property Brothers’ star Drew Scott marries Linda Phan in an Italian destination wedding
  672. Jim Parson's injury forces cancellation of 'The Boys In the Band' performance
  673. Khloe Kardashian calls True and Tristan 'identical twins' after dismissing claims that her baby looked like OJ Simpson
  674. 'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry undecided on son's name, changes it a second time
  675. 'Big Bang Theory' star Mayim Bialik says she didn't feel completely beautiful for finale's wedding episode
  676. Having second thoughts? Lisa Armstrong rethinks divorcing Ant McPartlin as she believes their marriage is 'worth fighting for'
  677. Lisa Vanderpump's brother found dead of suspected drug overdose at home
  678. Cardi B deletes Instagram account after Azealia Banks calls her 'illiterate, untalented'
  679. 'Melania' has become one of most popular girl names in America, but is it all down to FLOTUS?
  680. Abbey Clancy narrowly avoids major wardrobe malfunction at BAFTA TV Awards
  681. "They saw me as someone who is almost inferior," recalls Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber on being cyberbullied by an entire country!
  682. Before Donald Trump Jr, Vanessa Trump reportedly dated a Saudi prince who dumped her right after 9/11
  683. Did Prince Charles ensure that Lady Amelia Windsor, Britain's "hottest royal", wasn't invited to the royal wedding?
  684. Former DWTS star Victoria Arlen recalls how she overcame four years of being 'trapped in her own body' due to coma
  685. Has Kendall Jenner forgotten how to wear a bra? The model is adamant that she will flash the red carpet this year
  686. Jada Smith shocked by daughter Willow Smith's confession she cut herself after being "plunged into a black hole"
  687. Going ahead as equals: Benedict Cumberbatch says he will turn down a role if his female co-star isn't paid the same
  688. Caitlyn Jenner shades Khloe Kardashian as she shares rare photos on Mother's day
  689. Johnny Vegas and wife Maia Dunphy split after seven years of marriage
  690. BABY ALERT? Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani reportedly discuss 'surrogacy and adoption'
  691. Nikki Bella admits she 'has hope' for John and her to work things out
  692. Meghan Markle's father thinks her mom will be a 'good choice' to walk her down the aisle: Will the royal family agree?
  693. The claws are out again: Jenelle Evans snubs Kailyn Lowry on Twitter, says she just wants 'drama' on 'Teen Mom 2'
  694. "They are trying to kill him": Pamela Anderson fears for Julian Assange's life, and asks Kanye West for help!
  695. Kendra Wilkinson slammed on social media for seeking dating and sex advice from fans
  696. Declan Donnelly and wife Ali Astall reveal September due date for their baby
  697. Gwyneth Paltrow shares rare pic of daughter Apple on her 14th birthday, and the resemblance is uncanny
  698. Khloe Kardashian spent Mother's Day alone because her family didn't want to see Tristan Thompson
  699. Ian Somerhalder pays Mother's Day tribute to wife Nikki Reed with naked throwback picture
  700. Glitter bums is the newest trend taking over the festival season, are you ready to answer this booty call?
  701. Meghan Markle's father now WANTS to walk her down the aisle and be part of history
  702. Farrah Abraham does an Arnie and goes full-on commando at Cannes
  703. UEFA teams up with Rita Ora to make football accessible to women
  704. Josh Brolin poses naked with Hawaiian wahoo fish to highlight plight of marine life
  705. Tonya Harding's heartbreaking performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' earns her a spot in the final
  706. Cannes jury member Denis Villeneuve says he would rather make films than judge them
  707. Can Kristen Stewart's red carpet heels moment be considered a sign of protest genuine enough for us to be excited about?
  708. Queen Elizabeth is reportedly furious with Meghan Markle's dad over staged paparazzi shots
  709. Nikki Bella reveals John Cena and she shared a bed for '30 days only' during their six-month engagement
  710. Baby paternity drama: Kylie Jenner has a message for all those who wanted to know about Stormi Webster's dad
  711. Ant McPartlin and Dec Donnelly reunite for the first time since the drink drive arrest
  712. It's finally over! After 30 years at war how Kathie Lee Gifford and Howard Stern ended their epic feud
  713. Johnny Galecki says returning to Roseanne this time was 'much more personal' and 'emotional'
  714. Catelynn Lowell slams Tyler Baltierra divorce rumors: ‘Couples go through ups and downs’
  715. Khloe Kardashian's latest Instagram post might have hinted at why she's staying with Tristan, despite his cheating scandal
  716. Jada Pinkett Smith says the greatest loss she endured was when she lost her own self
  717. Kim Kardashian latest scandalous social post has even her most ardent fans in shock!
  718. Shannen Doherty recovering well after undergoing reconstructive surgery, two years after mastectomy
  719. Rob Kardashian supports ex-girlfriend Rita Ora as she deals with criticism for 'Girls' lyrics and fans just can't keep up!
  720. Jennifer Lopez was asked to "lose a few pounds" to get rid of her curves
  721. Nicole Arbour defends her tweet about being 'sick' of people who are 'mad at slavery'
  722. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's bridal party will have the 'cutest' group of bridesmaids
  723. Meghan Markle's sister Samantha blasts the bride-to-be for trying to stop her from speaking about her family
  724. Stan Lee posts emotional Twitter message amid reports of a billion dollar legal battle
  725. Pink shuts down troll who said she’s ‘so old,’ her name should be ‘Purple’
  726. T.I. arrested for disorderly conduct, public drunkenness, and assault
  727. Confident mom Kristin Cavallari has three words for those criticizing her children's diet: 'I don't care'
  728. 'The Dress' 2018: The 'Yanny' or 'Laurel' debate has the whole world confused but we have an answer
  729. Skilled 8-year-old Mason Disick snaps a shot of mom Kourtney Kardashian in a bikini and people are impressed
  730. Ahead of covering the Royal Wedding, Megyn Kelly claims her daughter's a "feminist" because she doesn't want to marry a prince
  731. New mom Jessie James asks social media for advice as she shares breastfeeding photo
  732. Are they getting hitched? Miranda Lambert's beau Evan Felker trying to end his marriage ASAP
  733. Selena Gomez and Justin Theroux dating rumors reportedly upset Jennifer Aniston
  734. Whitney Houston was sexually abused by her cousin Dee Dee Warwick, new documentary claims
  735. Golfer Lucas Glover's wife arrested after 'attacking him' and calling him a 'loser'
  736. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen become second-time parents as they welcome baby boy
  737. John Travolta's daughter Ella Bleu makes a rare appearance at Cannes and looks absolutely flawless
  738. Meghan Markle confirms her father will not be attending royal wedding 'as he needs to focus on his health'
  739. Serena Williams' father refused to walk her down the aisle as he was "too nervous"
  740. Kim Kardashian gets slammed for Insta post endorsing appetite suppressants
  741. Fret not Meghan, Kate's there to help you through all the pre-royal wedding snafus
  742. Is Meghan Markle already preggers? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly met fertility doctor months before royal wedding
  743. Royal Wedding LIVE: Where to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding and what time does it start?
  744. Broadway star Ruthie Ann Miles loses her unborn baby 2 months after losing her 4-year-old daughter in car crash
  745. NFL quarterback Jay Cutler's wife Kristen Cavallari is enjoying a beach vacation, and the photos are scorching
  746. Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria welcome their fourth child - a baby boy
  747. Meghan Markle to make an important feminist statement at her wedding, breaking yet another royal tradition
  748. Walking Meghan down the aisle is more than a special moment for Prince Charles
  749. 8 celebrities who will bring some glamour to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  750. Royal titles announced: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to become Duke and Duchess of Sussex after marriage
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  754. Will Meghan Markle ever be the queen?
  755. People are waiting for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's royal wedding to get over so that they can get on with their lives
  756. Victoria Beckham blasted for wearing 'funeral dress' to royal wedding, and what's with the miserable face?
  757. Prince Harry's ex Chelsy Davy arrives at the venue and it looks real awkward
  758. Meghan Markle wears Queen Mary's diamond bandeau tiara, lent to her by the Queen
  759. Who is Bishop Michael Curry? Everything we know about the bishop who stole the show at the royal wedding
  760. From Meghan's powerful walk down the aisle to the couple's 'smooch,' remember all the key moments from the royal wedding
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  768. The best hats and fascinators from the Royal Wedding 2018
  769. Breaking another tradition: Harry and Meghan do away with the balcony and kiss under floral archway instead
  770. Caitlyn Jenner's fiance Sophia Hutchins hints that the couple is living together
  771. Kendall Jenner is the spitting image of Emily Ratajkowski in sexy new Instagram post
  772. Amber Rose says Donald Trump is Kanye West 'in a white man's body'
  773. Hugh Grant is finally getting married at 57 to his 39-year-old Swedish girlfriend
  774. EastEnders' Shona McGarty's naked photos get hacked and leaked online
  775. Kim Kardashian accused of exploiting her children for publicity
  776. Here are the 9 ways the royal couple paid tribute to Princess Diana at their wedding
  777. Elton John licks his lips after kissing David Beckham on the mouth at the royal wedding
  778. Heidi Klum and boyfriend Tom Kaulitz show some major PDA during their romantic getaway
  779. Roseanne Barr returns to Twitter shortly after fans convinced her not to leave over 'Anti-Semitic' remarks
  780. Harry and Meghan's wedding flowers were turned into bouquets for hospice patients
  781. Kailyn Lowry and Briana DeJesus get into a physical fight during 'Teen Mom 2' reunion taping
  782. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expected to fly to Mexico to meet Thomas Markle
  783. REVEALED: Why Prince Harry made the outrageous decision to invite his ex-girlfriends to his wedding
  784. 'It's not about you' : Holly Willoughby accused of stealing Meghan Markle's thunder but fans come to her rescue
  785. Meghan Markle's new website reveals a great deal about her role in the royal family while 'former actress' life gets buried in words
  786. 'The Expendables' actor Jet Li leaves fans worried for his health after recent picture shows him looking frail
  787. Meghan Markle's dad regrets not attending the wedding, tells his family members to just 'shut up'
  788. Samantha Markle attacks Meghan's mother Doria Ragland for 'cashing in' on the royal wedding
  789. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle look stunning in official wedding portraits
  790. This exquisite overhead carriage shot of the royal couple has everyone going wild
  791. Nikki Bella and John Cena are 'basically back together', will their wedding still take place?
  792. Hilaria Baldwin shows off her figure 1 day after giving birth and hopes to 'normalize postpartum figure'
  793. Peppa Pig's voice, Harley Bird, earns £1,000 an hour and she's still ONLY 16!
  794. "I was only pregnant for three months": Katie Lowes opens up about the anguish of suffering a miscarriage
  795. Pregnant Chloe Green debuts huge baby bump while vacationing with boyfriend Jeremy Meeks
  796. Here's how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding photos are different from previous royal generations
  797. HARRY'S HEART OF GOLD: Prince Harry met an orphan boy in Africa 14 years ago, guess where he was over the weekend
  798. Jada Pinkett Smith reveals the reason behind why she's always seen in a turban
  799. 'Everyone wants what they don't have': Willow Smith reveals why she was jealous of 'curvy girls'
  800. Miss USA 2018: Miss Nebraska 2018 Sarah Rose Summers wins the title
  801. Khloe Kardashian claps back at haters by showing off her toned body, just five weeks after giving birth
  802. Paris Jackson sets the record straight after being criticized for missing aunt Janet Jackson's BBMAs performance
  803. Anthony Hopkins claims he "doesn't care" if he has grandchildren, revealing 20-year rift with daughter Abigail
  804. The weird reason why Meghan Markle will still have to curtsy to Kate Middleton
  805. George Clooney, who got to sway with Meghan and Kate, was turned down by Sarah Ferguson at the royal reception
  806. Did Farrah Abraham actually stage her own wardrobe malfunction at Cannes? New video footage might prove she did
  807. Stephanie Davis is returning to Hollyoaks after a scandalous incident led to her sacking in 2015
  808. Meghan Markle's sister Samantha hopes to finally meet the royal couple after their honeymoon
  809. Here's why Kate Middleton gave Prince Charles' garden party a miss
  810. 'Jersey Shore's' Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley break up AGAIN
  811. "They've moved on": Caitlyn Jenner admits that her relationship with her kids has been tough
  812. Kylie Jenner, a stay-at-home mom? Travis Scott reportedly wants her to scale back on Kylie cosmetics and take care of Stormi
  813. Kendall Jenner is reportedly using her rumored ex-boyfriend Jordan Clarkson to keep an eye on Tristan Thompson
  814. Not giving in this time: Selena Gomez is determined to stay away from booze after return from rehab
  815. Sarah Paulson dismisses people's concerns about the 32-year age gap with girlfriend Holland Taylor
  816. 'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout gets a 2-year restriction order against ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards
  817. Prince Harry's hot cousin Louis Spencer takes over the mantle of the new royal bachelor in town!
  818. Chrissy Teigen opens up about the scars of childbirth that few women talk about
  819. The new Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, will now have to live her life by these 10 rules
  820. Caitlyn Jenner slams Trump, says he's the 'worst President we have ever had' when it comes to LGBT issues
  821. Former Bachelorette Meredith Philips alleges she was sexually abused by a masseuse on the show
  822. Bachelorette Becca Kufrin reveals that she fell in love with two men on the show
  823. Ryan Seacrest's trial marriage with Shayna Taylor may be the only way to save his career
  824. Khloe Kardashian is nervous to move back to LA before getting a post-pregnancy body like sister Kylie
  825. Jenelle Evans is reportedly 'on very thin ice' at 'Teen Mom 2' after she skips reunion taping
  826. Abby Love's 3 best celebrity style insights for the week
  827. Prince Harry bid ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy a teary goodbye over the phone a week before royal wedding
  828. Kendall Jenner accused of editing her topless Instagram photo
  829. Bella Thorne's raunchy Instagram story teases topless picture ahead of music video launch
  830. Gwyneth Paltrow says Brad Pitt threatened to kill Harvey Weinstein after he sexually assaulted her
  831. 90 Hollywood celebs including Ellen, Cameron Diaz and Pierce Brosnan come forward to support a dog meat free Indonesia
  832. Chris Hemsworth rocking to Miley Cyrus's 'Wrecking Ball' with his children won our hearts
  833. Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior by multiple women
  834. Benjamin Hollingsworth opens up about playing the 'stray' Dr Mario in Code Black and what to expect in this final season
  835. Meghan Markle's cringe-worthy interview with Craig Ferguson is all about her hairless body
  836. Morgan Freeman apologizes after eight women accuse him of sexual harassment
  837. Time's up for Harvey Weinstein as he prepares to finally surrender to authorities
  838. Jennifer Aniston reportedly confronts Selena Gomez over Justin Theroux dating rumors
  839. Kylie Jenner freaks out after pregnancy scare, just three months after welcoming Stormi
  840. 'I'm so lucky', gushes Kim Kardashian as she and Kanye West share loving messages to mark their fourth wedding anniversary
  841. Snoop Dogg slams Kim Kardashian as he suggests Kanye "misses having a black woman in his life"
  842. "I just remember hearing this woman screaming, and I realized it was me": Amanda Holden opens up about her stillborn son Theo
  843. Kailyn Lowry looking into sperm banks as she reveals she wants to have baby no. 4
  844. How Meghan Markle's body language has changed since she joined the royal family
  845. Abby Lee Miller is "mentally and emotionally" drained by ongoing cancer battle
  846. Jersey Shore’s Angelina Pivarnick fans the fires of old feud with Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley on Instagram
  847. Kris Jenner booked an appointment for Caitlyn to get liposuction to remove breasts after Kendall was born
  848. Gwen Stefani's friends are convinced that she is pregnant with Blake Shelton's child
  849. Nicki Minaj confirms that she and Eminem are actually dating
  850. Harvey Weinstein turns himself in over sexual misconduct charges
  851. Pretty Little Liars star Sasha Pieterse marries boyfriend Hudson Sheaffer in Irish castle
  852. I am devastated: Morgan Freeman strenuously refutes assault allegations but apologizes for 'misplaced compliments'
  853. An incredible look into Prince Louis' adorable first month with the royal family
  854. Alicia Silverstone files for divorce from husband Christopher Jarecki
  855. Jay-Z's alleged son accuses rapper of abusing justice and avoiding paternity test
  856. Blac Chyna says Kardashians were responsible for the end of Rob & Chyna in court filing
  857. Hugh Grant, 57, marries girlfriend Anna Eberstein, 39, after six years of dating
  858. Scheana Marie, Robby Hayes spotted vacationing together in Hawaii, spark dating rumors
  859. Tonya Harding says she lost a lot of weight after her stint on Dancing With The Stars
  860. Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon from 'The Bachelor' are having some really wild sex
  861. Kanye West slammed for using photo of Whitney Houston's drug-covered bathroom as album cover
  862. New footage reveals Princess Diana was very upset by Camilla's presence at her wedding with Prince Charles
  863. Nicki Minaj and Eminem are not dating, and it was all a joke
  864. Heavily pregnant Chloe Green spotted vaping on yacht as boyfriend Jeremy Meeks looks on
  865. Model Lottie Moss bares her beautiful skin in a revealing sideless dress in Ibiza
  866. Melania Trump staying low after kidney surgery, wants Trump presidency to end: Reports
  867. Sesame Street sues Melissa McCarthy over her R-rated puppet movie 'The Happytime Murders'
  868. Pregnant Pippa Middleton shows off a tiny hint of a baby bump in new pink dress
  869. Pics! Nikki Bella celebrates Memorial Day by stripping down to raunchy lingerie in sexy Instagram post
  870. Game of Thrones stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie announce their wedding date
  871. Amir Khan cheated on wife Faryal by sleeping with beautician just 17 days after birth of his second child
  872. Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Cressida opens up about the one thing that bothered her about the royal wedding
  873. George Takei says he bears no 'ill will' after accuser changes sexual assault story
  874. Where's the other leg? Fans freak out as Kris Jenner's new picture shows her missing a limb
  875. In workout mode: Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner show off their fit bodies few months after giving birth
  876. Love Island Australia premieres but audience screams 'plastic' and 'fake' on seeing new cast
  877. Willie Nelson "storms" off stage moments after walking on, as serious illness fears resurface
  878. Kieran Hayler shares touching sweet birthday message for Katie Price's children as she moves in with new toy boy
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  880. Orlando Bloom prances around in his birthday suit as Katy Perry applauds from the audience
  881. Azealia Banks takes a dig at Kanye West for 'starving' her and reveals the 'day the shade began' with Rihanna
  882. Tiffany Trump makes an ‘I Complete Me’ statement months after breaking up with her boyfriend
  883. "Laugh at me, laugh with me, it is all fine by me": Bishop Michael Curry on the giggles during his epic sermon at the Royal Wedding
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  885. Carrie Underwood is pregnant and expecting twins with Mike Fisher: Reports
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  887. Harvey Weinstein gets bail at $1 million and looks forward to rebuilding his shattered career
  888. Kendra Wilkinson, ex-husband Hank Baskett attend son's hockey game two months after filing for divorce
  889. Rhian Sugden shows off cleavage, bares it all in yet another racy Instagram post
  890. We love what's happening between Nicki Minaj and Eminem, but ex Meek Mill isn't impressed
  891. Marilyn Manson opens up about urinating on Korn’s catering: “I just thought it was funny”
  892. Neville Longbottom aka Mathew Lewis gets married to American actress Angela Jones
  893. Eminem and Nicki Minaj are just friends, but are dating rumors the rapper's best marketing strategy yet?
  894. Amid sexual misconduct allegations, videos of Morgan Freeman's inappropriate behavior surface
  895. Healing the rift: Jada Pinkett Smith and Gabrielle Union bring their 17-year feud to an end
  896. Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia make their official Instagram account public and invite fans to take a look at Swedish royal life
  897. The Bachelor's Bibiana Julian strips down to a bikini to show off the results of her workout
  898. Emma Watson and Chord Overstreet split after dating for six months
  899. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's honeymoon location to be changed due to safety concerns
  900. Samantha Markle takes a dig at the royal family over the Duchess of Sussex's 'kindergarten' coat of arms
  901. Tara Reid's vacation picture makes fans concerned for her health as she looks 'skinny' while posing in a bikini
  902. Anthony Hopkins says he 'can't waste time' worrying about his relationship with his daughter Abigail
  903. Dec Donnelly assures Britain's Got Talent's viewers that 'nothing has changed' despite Ant McPartlin's absence
  904. The rise and rise Shailene Woodley: The star of Baltasar Kormakur's latest film 'Adrift' is finally cutting loose
  905. Katie Price is in no mood to forgive as she throws shade at Kieran Hayler over son Harvey's birthday cake
  906. Nikki Bella reveals the exact moment she knew that she couldn't marry John Cena
  907. Khloé Kardashian's daughter True has a luxe nursery and it includes a $4,500 crib
  908. Fixer Upper writer apologizes to Chip and Joanna Gaines after claiming they don't put family first
  909. Catherine Zeta-Jones shares picture of her son, and he looks just like father Michael Douglas
  910. Kendall and Kylie Jenner fail to score an invite for brother Brody Jenner's wedding
  911. Caitlyn Jenner reportedly wants to have a baby at 68 with 21-year-old 'fiancée' Sophia Hutchins
  912. RHONY star Ramona Singer luckily escapes 4-car accident with just minor bruises
  913. Halsey claps back at Ivanka Trump for insensitive tweet amid reports of missing children
  914. Josh Brolin and wife Kathryn announce they're expecting a baby girl, in the cutest way possible
  915. Morgan Freeman demands apology and retraction from CNN over sexual harassment report
  916. America Ferrera welcomes first child with husband Ryan Piers Williams
  917. Meek Mill DOES NOT think Nicki Minaj's Twitter flirtation with Eminem was a 'cheap marketing gimmick'
  918. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas spark dating rumors after Memorial Day outing
  919. 'Deadliest Catch' star Blake Painter found dead in Oregon home
  920. Diane Kruger and boyfriend Norman Reedus are expecting their first child
  921. Heartbroken Paris Jackson walked out of Dior show over use of fur
  922. Not pregnant and not flattered: Riverdale star Lili Reinhart shuts down trolls with body-positive message
  923. Is Carrie Underwood pregnant? Despite reports claiming she's expecting twins, the singer is not pregnant
  924. Sarah Gilbert thinks Roseanne Barr is "disgusting and racist" and vows to never work with her again
  925. Valerie Jarrett says Roseanne Barr's racist tweet is a "teaching moment"
  926. Caitlyn Jenner set to skip son Brody Jenner's Bali wedding; couple say they will "miss" Kendall and Kylie
  927. Kailyn Lowry's ex-girlfriend Dominique Potter shades her to make sure people know they're history
  928. Former Page 3 girl Sam Smalling opens up about her medical condition which makes her look six months pregnant
  929. Here's why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's children will not have a royal title
  930. Kendall Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian make Memorial day truly memorable with sizzling bikini photoshoot
  931. Ewan McGregor reunites with estranged wife at their daughter's graduation
  932. Kylie Minogue is out to prove that 50 is the new 20 as she debuts new boyfriend on her birthday
  933. Beyonce has reportedly bought a 100-year-old church in New Orleans
  934. Fans of Meghan Markle are absolutely convinced that they have found her doppelganger, Prince Harry better watch out!
  935. Jenna Dewan opens up about her "new normal" and talks about being a role model for her daughter
  936. Kate Middleton spends some quality time with Prince George and Princess Charlotte on a family outing
  937. 54-year-old Brigitte Nielsen announces pregnancy with stunning photo of baby bump
  938. The Mountain of 'Game of Thrones' says he could crush Conor McGregor in 10 seconds or less
  939. Harvey Weinstein faces 25 years behind bars, indicted on multiple rape and sex crime charges
  940. Bullet dodged: How Drake used a fictional school reunion to divert the world from talking about his illegitimate child
  941. “I was scared that I wouldn’t feel sexy anymore": Amber Rose on her fears over breast reduction surgery
  942. Former Emmerdale actress shares her traumatizing experience with anorexia: "It wasn't for my dad, I would be dead"
  943. The MJ Estate is suing Disney over 'The Last Days of Michael Jackson' television special
  944. Coco Austin shares a tender moment on Instagram but gets slammed for breastfeeding her 2-year-old daughter instead
  945. Allison Mack reveals it was her idea to brand women as 'slaves' in NXIVM Cult
  946. Taylor Swift takes a stand, 'fires' close friend and dancer Toshi for his offensive and sexist posts
  947. Kendall Jenner rumored to be dating NBA star Ben Simmons following split with Blake Griffin
  948. The Queen has an unseen photo of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in her living room
  949. Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin and girlfriend Lauren Comeau are expecting their first child
  950. "You throw me under the bus. Nice!": Roseanne Barr responds after show's co-stars slam her for her racist comments
  951. Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves are not dating despite reports
  952. Elizabeth Hurley stuns in a sizzling blue bikini during her tropical vacation
  953. Gwyneth Paltrow says relationship with ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck was a 'lesson'
  954. Orlando Brown reveals he has a huge tattoo of Saven Symone on his chest, and fans are confused
  955. Photos of Emma Stone with a shirtless Justin Theroux in France ignite dating rumors
  956. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry forced to return wedding gifts worth £7 million
  957. Wendy Williams on Kim Kardashian meeting Trump: She is 'unsatisfied with her marriage'
  958. Serena Williams wants women to express their creativity and individuality through her fashion line
  959. Carrie Underwood back to being her confident self after facial surgery
  960. "I have a love-hate relationship with my belly": Model Lulu Bonfils on learning to love her body and dealing with trolls
  961. Troll who made cruel comments about Alfie Evans marched out of work and sacked
  962. Virginia paper published a Klu Klux Klan recruitment flier on its front page as part of a story and it backfired terribly
  963. Mother who killed her two children by locking them in a hot car to "teach them a lesson" gets 40-year sentence
  964. Woman who was raped by Ian Huntley and had his baby wants to meet him to say 'I hate you'
  965. Parkland shooting victim's father sues resource officer who refused to go into the building as massacre unfolded
  966. Horrific moment an elderly man is attacked by a lion in its enclosure in a South Africa zoo
  967. Stormy Daniels sues Trump for defamation over his Twitter 'con job' remark
  968. Alabama Waffle House justifies black woman's arrest as Black Lives Matter activists call for boycott
  969. Rare eye cancer strikes dozens in North Carolina and Alabama communities
  970. Alfie Evans' family begs supporters to stop posting his pictures as it upsets his mother
  971. Woman attacked by husband with screwdriver in New York City barber shop
  972. Doctor says Donald Trump dictated letter claiming he'd be "healthiest president ever"
  973. Parkland shooter's brother Zachary Cruz arrested again for hovering near another Florida school
  974. 19-year-old who wore clown makeup and stabbed her lover five times during sex gets jailed for 11 years
  975. Indiana mom blames daycare for badly beaten, hospitalized toddler while daycare blames it on 2-year-old
  976. Veterinarian charged with smuggling heroin packets stitched inside the bellies of puppies
  977. Pregnant woman who was shot outside her house stayed on life support and delivered her son before dying
  978. Kim Kardashian and First Daughter Ivanka Trump have reportedly teamed up to get 62-year-old woman out of jail
  979. Plumber working in shopping center shocked to find body of woman behind washroom wall
  980. Cultural appreciation or appropriation? Utah teen's traditional Chinese prom outfit creates a flutter
  981. French President Emmanuel Macron finds Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull's wife "delicious", and no one can handle it
  982. Former WWE superstar Kane wins Republican primary for mayor of Knox County
  983. Mother of Parkland shooting victim reimbursed by charter airline that flew her to Florida in emergency
  984. Groundbreaking surgery conducted on pony whose face was disfigured due to acid attack
  985. For Sale: Cold War-era nuclear missile base and home to family of 15
  986. Husband murders wife with saucepan after she compares their marriage to an episode of BBC One's Doctor Foster
  987. US strikes devastating blow on Mexican mafia after 85 arrested as part of "Operation Scarecrow" in California
  988. Couple who allegedly beat French nanny to death and then had sex, turn on each other in court
  989. Stormy Daniels' attorney unveils new evidence against "terrible attorney" Cohen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
  990. Las Vegas police release body camera footage of Stephen Paddock's hotel room moments after the concert massacre
  991. Doctors call the CPS on parents who treated their epileptic two-year-old daughter with cannabis oil
  992. Woman suffocated to death after being buried in cow dung by a snake charmer
  993. Nine police officers injured in an explosion at North Haven during a hostage situation
  994. Retired British businessman plunges to death just hours after filing for divorce from Thai wife
  995. Tensions run high as Henry Vincent's family prepare for his funeral
  996. Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos asks for footage of show to use in lawsuit alleging Donald Trump "groped" her
  997. Military aircraft that crashed near Georgia Airport, killing 9, was on its final flight
  998. Armed sex offender uses own children as leverage and manages to give cops the slip after dramatic four-hour car chase
  999. Girl, 16, abducted from home and raped by 8 men, hangs herself a day later
  1000. 30 suffer burns from a bonfire explosion at Jewish celebration in London
  1001. 'Starving' teen, who throws up 30 times a day, finally gets help from Scotland for her treatment
  1002. Washington Redskins cheerleaders felt 'pimped out' as they were forced to pose topless for team's male sponsors
  1003. Shocking footage released of man mauled and killed by sloth bear after trying to take selfie with it
  1004. Beachgoer coolly slings a dying dolphin over his shoulder and drives off with it in his car
  1005. Mexican sports reporter slams a fan with her microphone after he groped her on live TV
  1006. Teachers union boss suspended after hidden camera captures him saying he's there to 'defend even the worst people'
  1007. Woman who went to India to cure her depression was raped, beheaded and found hanged upside-down in a forest
  1008. Police called to probe Native American boys on campus tour, mom says sons racially profiled
  1009. Kate McCann reads out haunting poem on the 11th anniversary of daughter Madeleine's disappearance
  1010. New Jersey school superintendent arrested for pooping on campus track field 'on a daily basis'
  1011. Illinois mother sentenced to 35 years in prison for beating one-year-old to death and dumping body in river
  1012. David Hogg does it again! GOP Maine mayor facing recall vote over tweet mocking Parkland shooting survivor
  1013. Man arrested on drug charges flees courtroom and jumps off second-floor balcony in attempt to escape
  1014. Ex-Marine serial killer pleads guilty to murdering seven women in Indiana
  1015. Trump tells NRA, elect Republicans to protect gun rights
  1016. Iowa governor signs 'fetal heartbat' law, banning nearly all abortions in state
  1017. A small bit of weapons-grade plutonium, enough to make a dirty bomb, missing from Idaho State University
  1018. 'It burns man': Chilling final words of murderer as he was executed by lethal injection in Georgia
  1019. Trump thanks Kanye West, says his approval rating among African-Americans doubled after rapper's tweet
  1020. Parkland victims' fathers heckled by gun-rights advocates during protest at NRA convention
  1021. BREAKING: Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson fighting for life after suffering brain haemorrhage
  1022. President Trump floats prospect of 'closing up the country for a while' over border security
  1023. Neo-Nazi Senate candidate who admired Hitler kicked out of California GOP convention
  1024. Sniper who opened fire at cars on a Georgia highway idolized Parkland shooter
  1025. Denver woman cited for heating up urine in a 7-Eleven microwave until it exploded
  1026. Kim Kardashian shares more saucy pictures to promote new perfume
  1027. T.I and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson disagree with DJ Khaled's take on oral sex
  1028. 13-year-old considered as a 'miracle child' after surviving seven skull fractures
  1029. Looks like YBN Almighty Jay may have dumped Blac Chyna following pregnancy rumors
  1030. Elderly man feared loneliness so much that he put himself up for adoption
  1031. This new $1 billion Norwegian cruise ship has a race track on board
  1032. Viral footage shows British Army corporal bullying female recruit to the point of tears
  1033. Lisa Armstrong seems to be sending a secret signal to Ant McPartlin with her new profile picture
  1034. Infant hospitalized after her skull was fractured during father's softball game
  1035. Family of Amherst senior Andrew Dorogi claims he was killed in Mexico
  1036. Former Playboy Playmate takes 7-year-old son and leaps to death off NYC building
  1037. Award-winning filmmaker dies after being headbutted by giraffe during filming
  1038. Norwegian Breakaway cruise sails directly into East Coast winter storm, passengers traumatized
  1039. Massive 6-storey-deep sinkhole opens up on New Zealand farm
  1040. Woman got cockroach stuck in her ear in her sleep... and it took 9 days to get it out
  1041. Man arrested after he dressed up as a woman and sexually assaulted a teen while his friend watched
  1042. Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry reveals her bandaged face days after nose surgery and boob job
  1043. Black students yanked off stage during University of Florida graduation ceremony
  1044. Playboy model Xenia Deli is expecting her first child with 65-year-old billionaire husband
  1045. Ken Jeong turned real-life doctor when a woman collapsed at one of his live comedy shows
  1046. Sarah Ferguson gets the royal snub, left off the guest list for Meghan Markle and Harry's reception
  1047. 'Make the most of your life': Slain YouTube star's mother implores teenagers to stop giving into violence
  1048. Senator John McCain says he regrets choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate
  1049. Hunt for the Zodiac Killer is back on! Police look to employ same DNA tracing techniques used to nab Golden State Killer
  1050. Boyfriend who stabbed Morgan Freeman's granddaughter to death found not guilty of murder
  1051. In poor taste? Fans slam Adele for hosting 'distateful' Titanic-themed birthday party
  1052. Abby Lee Miller reportedly writing a will and planning for a funeral as she struggles with cancer treatment
  1053. Cancer-stricken John McCain wants Mike Pence to attend his funeral... not Trump
  1054. Albany doctor allegedly conducted illegal human experiments for NXIVM 'fright study'
  1055. Paddy McGuinness praises his wife amid rumors that their marriage is hanging by the thread
  1056. Conor McGregor shares adorable pics of his family, but everyone could only gawp at his jewels
  1057. Parkland shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was referred to discipline program before shooting
  1058. Off-duty cop pulls a gun on Latino man whom he mistakenly suspected of stealing a pack of mentos
  1059. Lady Antebellum flubs national anthem at Nashville Predators playoff game
  1060. Teen Mom OG's Tyler Baltierra says he is his 'worst enemy' after he reveals battle with bipolar disorder
  1061. Former Playboy Playmate tells how she watched Donald Trump have steamy sex with her best friend at his Manhattan penthouse
  1062. Rick Moranis decides to end acting hiatus by reprising his 'Spaceballs' role on 'The Goldbergs'
  1063. Love Island's Chloe Crowhurst raises eyebrows as she poses in a skimpy bathing suit
  1064. Fixer Upper's Chip Gaines crosses marathon finish line hand-in-hand with 8-year-old daughter Emmie Kay
  1065. Clay Aiken disses and throws shade at eliminated American Idol contestant Catie Turner
  1066. Leopard drags off and eats three-year-old boy at Uganda's national park
  1067. Mom's Facebook post warns about how children are burning their skin after taking on the dangerous Deodorant Challenge
  1068. 'He died doing the job he loved' says family in tribute to NHS volunteer blood biker killed in collision
  1069. Walmart slammed for making veteran who was raising money for VFW sit outside in the rain
  1070. Visitors to Red Fleet State Park destroy valuable dinosaur tracks by chucking them into lake
  1071. Man tries to 'barbecue' sex offenders and child molesters in a Florida motel
  1072. Bankrupt man sets all his belongings on fire so they can’t be seized, faces long prison term
  1073. Stealing her thunder back? 'Aggressive' Kendall Jenner shoves assistant off the red carpet at Met Gala
  1074. Law enforcement in Washington arrest nurse for allegedly infecting patients with Hepatitis C
  1075. Woman who thought she had a stubborn case of runny nose was actually having a 'brain fluid' leak
  1076. Rapper 2 Chainz proposed to his long-time girlfriend at the Met Gala 2018 and she said yes!
  1077. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell gives it back to ex-con Don Blankenship in clever tweet
  1078. Piers Morgan fumes at Met Gala's Catholic theme, asks: 'Would they dare do it with Islam or Judaism?'
  1079. It's a boy: Kirsten Dunst and fiance Jesse Plemons welcome their first child
  1080. Teen Mom OG’s Amber Portwood welcomes baby boy with Andrew Glennon
  1081. Nikki Bella admits she can't 'sacrifice' kids for John Cena as she breaks down in ‘Total Bellas’ clip
  1082. First Lady Melania Trump reused Obama-era pamphlet for her new anti-cyberbullying campaign
  1083. Calvin Harris and girlfriend Aarika Wolf involved in a car crash
  1084. Emma Stone and Justin Theroux spark dating rumors after they are caught leaving Met Gala together
  1085. Racial profiling? Bob Marley's granddaughter detained by California police after neighbour reported them as burglars
  1086. Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason accused of hitting her 3-year-old son, Kaiser
  1087. Series of 5 earthquakes strike California in 18 hours
  1088. 6-year-old girl dies after falling from third-storey window while jumping on bed with another child
  1089. Florida mom and her two kids die after their car hits a 9-foot alligator on Southern Carolina highway
  1090. Search on for girl missing since 1979, authorities believe Michigan farm could be burial sight for four other teenage girls
  1091. Demi Lovato models new range of sunglasses... but everybody's distracted by her revealing swimsuit
  1092. 'We still have a long way to go,' says Marvel's first female stunt coordinator Monique Ganderton
  1093. Tonya Harding cries after son watches her dance on 'Dancing with the Stars'
  1094. Two cafe employees fired because of the Duke official's complaint about 'offensive' rap music
  1095. Five-year-old child dies tragically after log swing crushes her in front of her mom
  1096. Fat-shaming? Overweight couple 'banned' from taxis after car suspension broke
  1097. Stuck in a jam on expressway, woman decides to pass time by sunbathing on the road
  1098. Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford is fired, producers desperately looking for a replacement
  1099. Second student found dead at Rutgers University in less than a week
  1100. Bill and Melinda Gates gift daughter $16 million horse farm as graduation present
  1101. Meghan Markle wax statue joins Prince Harry's at Madame Tussaud's ahead of royal wedding
  1102. North Korea releases 3 American prisoners ahead of a planned Trump-Kim summit
  1103. Cop shoots and kills a groundhog that was trying to cross a busy road
  1104. Gender studies professor files formal complaint against male colleague for cracking 'inappropriate elevator joke'
  1105. Cardi B and Offset's security personnel reportedly beat up a fan at Met Gala
  1106. Calvin Harris informs fans of his well-being after the car crash involving his girlfriend Aarika Wolf
  1107. The Mormon Church wants out as it ends 105-year-old relationship with Boy Scouts of America over ideological differences
  1108. FKA Twigs reveals she had 6 'pretty huge' fibroid tumors removed from her uterus
  1109. Jada Pinkett Smith says she regrets dating Will Smith while he was still married
  1110. Has Roseanne Barr's views on Muslims changed?
  1111. Denver mayor's son caught spewing gay slurs and threats at police officer in leaked video
  1112. California man offers truck, trailer and even kidney to anyone who can help save dying wife
  1113. Jane Fonda is done with sex as she says she’s ‘closed up shop down there’
  1114. Megan Fox is mom-shamed for not cutting her son's hair
  1115. Tons of melted chocolate spilled onto highway in Poland after truck overturns, all traffic comes to a halt
  1116. Teen killed while she was talking to her mom on the phone, mother helplessly listened to cries
  1117. 'Castle' star Nathan Fillion packs punches and fights crime in ABC's latest series 'The Rookie'
  1118. Four neo-Nazis found guilty of posting racist stickers around Aston University in Birmingham
  1119. 18-year-old killed by suicidal teens in Georgia
  1120. James Marsden to star in Netflix adaptation of Stephen King and Joe Hill novella 'In The Tall Grass'
  1121. When the three American hostages were released by North Korea, President Trump was there to greet them
  1122. Mark Hamill and 'Stranger Things' star Noah Schnapp to voice cast 'Hallowaiian: Adventure Hawaii'
  1123. Tristan Thompson says he was ‘relieved’ when his cheating on Khloe Kardashian was exposed
  1124. Bride ties the knot just days after losing her arm to a crocodile
  1125. 14-year-old schoolboy hangs himself after being unable to cope with his dog's death
  1126. Amy Schumer interrupts up-and-coming comic's performance to 'practice' SNL routine
  1127. I was trapped and raped in Chris Brown's home, woman claims in lawsuit
  1128. Dr Dre loses trademark battle against Pennsylvania gynecologist Dr Drai
  1129. Miranda Kerr and husband Evan Spiegel announce birth of their baby boy
  1130. Woody Harrelson reminisces about friendship with college buddy Mike Pence, doubts if they will get along now
  1131. Ariana Grande and Mac Miller break up after almost two years of dating
  1132. Michelle Wolf mocks her Correspondents' Dinner speech critics on Late Night with Seth Meyers
  1133. Woman sues housing complex after she was denied lease renewal on an apartment for not providing proof of pregnancy
  1134. Spotify to stop promoting R. Kelly songs over sex abuse claims
  1135. No more bad blood: Katy Perry buries her feud with Taylor Swift with a literal olive branch
  1136. Cornell University senior strips during presentation after teacher questions length of her denim shorts
  1137. Brooding Tyler Baltierra questions if his 'life really even matters' in an Instagram post
  1138. ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood shares first photos of newborn son James
  1139. Mayim Bialik opens up about her battle with depression
  1140. Queer Eye’s Tom Jackson and Abby Parr get married for the second time!
  1141. White student at Yale calls police to report black student napping in dorm's common room
  1142. Donald Trump Jr dating Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle amid divorce proceedings
  1143. Three 'Teen Mom 2' stars threaten to quit show if the producers don't fire Jenelle Evans
  1144. Billboard warning 'liberals' to 'get your guns' over Trump impeachment efforts to be taken down
  1145. ABC under fire after sexuality expert claims babies need to give their consent before change of nappies
  1146. 12 TV co-stars you would never believe actually dated
  1147. Love and loss in paradise: The true story behind Meghan Markle's first marriage to Trevor Engelson
  1148. Rihanna has some savage wedding night advice for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
  1149. Seven killed in the worst mass shooting since 1996 in Australia
  1150. Man paralyzed from neck down walks down the aisle with his dream girl
  1151. Dancing with the Stars Athletes recap: Six contestants to bust moves in the semi-finals
  1152. Emergency call operator tragically mocks woman claiming to be in great pain: "You are going to die just like everyone else"
  1153. Kelly Clarkson and Jennifer Hudson will be returning to join in on the season 15 of 'The Voice'
  1154. Do we really need another Rambo movie?
  1155. Uber driver who raped passenger and took a selfie with her prisoned for 12 years
  1156. Michael Avenatti berates President Trump on national TV, but who is cutting his checks?
  1157. Queen Elizabeth's dreamy grandnephew is being called the new 'single' Prince Harry...this way ladies!
  1158. Man chopped up his girlfriend's body before flushing it down the toilet
  1159. Florida deputy jumps to 3-month-old baby's rescue while driving back home from work
  1160. Twist in the tale: Youth mentor suspected of murdering a sex offender and his daughter, found dead in London flat
  1161. Halsey opens up about her struggle to validate her bisexuality and why she's giving back to the community
  1162. "Boulders the size of refrigerators" could be hurled into the air as the Kilauea volcano explosively erupts
  1163. "You got a gun. Let's just end it right here": Caitlyn Jenner reveals how close she came to ending her own life amidst paparazzi pressure
  1164. California school in lockdown after reported shooting, one suspect detained
  1165. John McCain's wife Cindy McCain slams White House official who said Arizona senator was 'dying anyway'
  1166. It's over, and this time for real: Selena Gomez reportedly "thrilled" she and Justin Bieber have finally called it a day
  1167. Jersey Shore Jenni “JWoww” Farley grills Ronnie for not coming clean about "french fries" to his girlfriend
  1168. White House chief of staff John Kelly says undocmented immigrants 'don't have skills' to assimilate in American society
  1169. Frightened Rabbit lead singer Scott Hutchison found dead after reported missing
  1170. Outrage after footage shows elephants being beaten on sets of 'Westworld'
  1171. Five years after Lars Mittank became 'most famous missing person on YouTube' his family still clings to hope
  1172. Woman accused of racism after calling cops on black family barbecuing at a lake, turns out...she was right
  1173. Rita Moreno says that Marlon Brando was way better in bed than Elvis Presley
  1174. Brace yourselves! Wildlife experts post photo of fish with startlingly human-like teeth
  1175. Should grandparents be paid for babysitting? Working mum sparks debate online after admitting her parents look after her kids
  1176. Baby daddy drama! Kylie Jenner's bodyguard Tim Chung refuses to deny he is baby Stormi's dad
  1177. Teenager who killed her rapist husband has been sentenced to death
  1178. Flirting secrets of women revealed! And it's all based on their Zodiac
  1179. 'Poster Girl' police sergeant live-streams herself playing video games in skimpy outfits
  1180. Zookeeper mauled to death by a tiger in a zoo which sold 'tiger bone wine'
  1181. Did 'Love & Hip Hop' star Teairra Mari leak sex tape herself? Her boyfriend certainly thinks so
  1182. Queen Elizabeth gives handwritten consent to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's marriage
  1183. Mysterious sea creature washes up on the shores of Phillippines leaving locals baffled
  1184. Model who sued Chris Brown for assault is fighting for life after complications during cosmetic procedure
  1185. Leisure center closed after swimming pool disappears overnight
  1186. Journey for the next American Idol continues as the Top 5 get ready to perform
  1187. Serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who murdered at least 12 men and played 'dress-up' with their corpses, dies in prison aged 72
  1188. Gorgeous 23-year-old model ends up looking like "The Joker from Batman" after horrifying pitbull attack
  1189. Behavior training gone wrong: Man in South Florida bit his dog's ear to 'establish dominance'
  1190. Outrage after CCTV footage catches 60-year-old man sexually abusing child and her mother in movie theater
  1191. Woman who awoke from coma, 20 days after giving birth, to find she was blind and with three amputations, reveals her struggle and triumph
  1192. Scandal at Kansas University after cheerleaders allegedly blindfolded and stripped naked in hazing ritual
  1193. Police officer captured on CCTV slapping and punching his daughter in school while staff sat and watched
  1194. Meghan Markle's half-sister claims responsibility after Meghan's father admits to "staging" photos ahead of royal wedding
  1195. Remains of 10-year-old girl who went missing in 2009 found, police now on the hunt for her murderer
  1196. Golden State Killer's family claim his rampage was the result of him watching his sister get raped when they were children
  1197. Women arrested for kidnapping 14-year-old boy who they met on Xbox Live, said they wanted to use him as "sex toy"
  1198. Three men arrested for rape of 15-year-old girl who they kept drugged for 4 days
  1199. Shashi Tharoor charged with abetment to suicide in wife Sunanda Pushkar's death case
  1200. Promising young New Zealand rugby player dies after collapsing in the dressing room during game
  1201. Rob Kardashian is furious at Tristan Thompson and doesn't want sister Khloe to forgive her cheating Baby Daddy
  1202. Donald Trump praises his late mom on Mother's Day, but forgets to mention Melania
  1203. Texas woman who repeatedly ran over her cheating husband with her car, is released from prison after 15-year sentence
  1204. Alfie Evans funeral: Tearful mourners applaud and toss flowers at passing hearse
  1205. New documentary claims that Meghan Markle is related to prime Jack the Ripper suspect, H.H. Holmes
  1206. Mom waiting for her kids outside their school honored, after she shoots and kills gunman attempting a robbery
  1207. Parkland survivor celebrates 'shrapnel-free' face three months after school shooting
  1208. Taraji P. Henson shows off diamond ring as she celebrates engagement to Kelvin Hayden
  1209. Instagram star loses 88 kg after surgery, shares absolutely stunning photos of transformation
  1210. Meghan Markle's father will NOT be attending the Royal Wedding due to a heart attack
  1211. Brie Bella accuses sister Nikki Bella of walking on eggshells around John Cena before split
  1212. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will spend the night before the wedding in separate lavish hotels
  1213. Baby decapitated after doctor opts for natural delivery over C-section and tells mom to "give me one good push"
  1214. Mom leaves infant trapped in baking minivan and goes she "forgot" child was with her
  1215. Terrifying CCTV footage shows girl being slammed on to a road by "ghost"
  1216. Pope Francis auctions his Lamborghini Huracan for close to $1 million, all proceeds go to charity
  1217. 'Lost' asteroid to whiz past Earth at half moon's distance on Tuesday, here's how you can watch it
  1218. Indianapolis woman dies after being infected with flesh-eating bacteria on vacation
  1219. British boxing champ Jack Catterall condemned for standing on ferret during strange footwork training exercise
  1220. Distraught father hopes that nanny who murdered his two children 'rots and dies' in prison
  1221. Missing MH370 pilot was on a murder-suicide mission and deliberately crashed plane, experts conclude
  1222. Chinese pilot almost sucked out of cockpit after windshield shatters at 32,000 ft
  1223. YouTuber couple who posted videos of them skinning and eating endangered animals arrested
  1224. 'Murder babes' sentenced to 127 years for murdering colleague and chopping up her body, in crime that rocked a nation
  1225. Stark reality: Pictures taken just minutes and a few miles apart show two worlds that couldn't be more different
  1226. 5-year-old boy gets escorted by 70 police officers to school after hero cop dad dies in line of duty
  1227. Kyle Plush case: Cincinnati police never left their car while searching for teen trapped in minivan
  1228. California parents charged for 'torture' after police find 10 children living amid feces and garbage
  1229. American Idol host Ryan Seacrest's creepy comments to Katy Perry caught live
  1230. Pregnant woman asked to pay £40 as clean-up charge by cabbie after her water broke in the vehicle
  1231. Kansas bans cops from having sex with people they are arresting
  1232. 'Deportation Bus Tour' launched in Georgia to pick up illegal immigrants from sanctuary cities
  1233. 'Southern Charm' actor Thomas Ravenel accused of raping nanny while his daughter slept nearby
  1234. Ryan Reynolds competes on a Korean singing show disguised as a unicorn
  1235. Couple from Arizona arrested after sexually abusing minor girl and stashing recorded videos in iCloud storage
  1236. Taheera Ahmad, mother of three, stabs eldest daughter 60 times, absconds with youngest after setting kitchen on fire
  1237. The mystery of Scotland's Overtoun 'dog suicide' bridge which has claimed the lives of over 600 pooches
  1238. Exotic date: Miami High school displays caged tiger as part of prom celebrations and gets mauled by the internet
  1239. Huda Beauty faces criticism after 'vagina whitening' article
  1240. BREAKING: Hawaii on red alert as experts say Kilauea volcano major eruption "imminent"
  1241. Alien invasion? Conspiracy theorists have a field day after video claims to capture shot of unexplained white dots in the sky
  1242. Teacher, who was fired for allegedly being in a relationship with 17-year-old boy, dies in hail of gunfire outside her mom's house
  1243. Elderly man mercilessly beats his granddaughter after she stopped him from cutting a line
  1244. Mother who delayed cancer treatment due to pregnancy dies nine months after delivering twins
  1245. Clown who appeared on Belgium's Got Talent arrested for murdering ex in front of her kids
  1246. Shocking dashcam footage shows driver slamming on brakes after he sees baby crawling down middle of road
  1247. Man sentenced to life in prison after dismembering his girlfriend and making a necklace with her teeth
  1248. Dad with postnatal depression kills himself after throwing a huge party for his friends
  1249. Woman sentenced to 65 years for killing husband by injecting him with heroin and smothering him with a pillow
  1250. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's wedding guests will have their phones seized
  1251. Disgraced Parkland school cop, Scot Peterson, starts getting $8,702-a-month pension
  1252. 10 of the derpiest convict mugshots you have ever seen
  1253. She's singing off-key: Whitney Houston's ruthless dig at Paula Abdul's singing abilities in new documentary
  1254. Inside Khloe Kardashian's cosmetic comeback and post-baby body makeover
  1255. Video: 64-year-old bus driver taunts, physically abuses autistic second-grader girl on ride to school
  1256. Kent State graduate poses with an AR-10 rifle outside campus to fight university rules
  1257. LGBTQ students in Oregon harassed and forced to read Bible
  1258. Maryland bans gay conversion therapy for minors
  1259. 'It's a punishment': Oldest living human being on Earth claims she's suffered every single day of her life
  1260. Macho much? New Zealand PM's partner "fights off" a harmless whale shark with a pole while "dolphins watch"!
  1261. Good Samaritan comes to rescue of woman fat-shamed on flight by rude comedian
  1262. Philly man pleads guilty to killing four after luring them with weed; accomplice cousin pleads not guilty
  1263. Homeless black man sues Burger King for a million dollars after they refused service and got him arrested
  1264. Suspect in Hatton Garden heist denies having anything to do with the robbery
  1265. Drunk woman who thought she was having sex with her boyfriend was raped by sex addict ex-cop who filmed the entire thing
  1266. Meghan Markle's half-sister injured in a car crash after a confrontation with the paparazzi
  1267. Amy Schumer feels the royal nuptials 'will suck' for Meghan Markle and that she cannot imagine someone having a 'worse wedding'
  1268. 50 Cent is facing legal action for allegedly sharing a revenge porn video of Love & Hip Hop:Hollywood star Teairra Mari
  1269. Nikki Bella makes John Cena very uncomfortable with the baby talk on 'Total Bellas'
  1270. Rapper Mac Miller has been arrested for drunk driving and hit-and-run charges
  1271. Woman reportedly attacked and killed by a pack of dachshunds, but cops say it was a mix of small breeds!
  1272. Meghan Markle's pot-farmer nephew releases new "royal" strain to honor her wedding, calls it "Markle Sparkle"
  1273. President Trump did not know the difference between HPV and HIV, Bill Gates says
  1274. Touching moment man wrongly convicted of murder as 14-year-old weeps in front of the judge who exonerated him after 27 years
  1275. 'Catwoman' Jocelyn Wildenstein, known for her obsession with plastic surgery, goes from billionaire to bankrupt
  1276. Abraham Badru lives on: 10 years after he saved a young girl from being gangraped, he was brutally gunned down
  1277. Jennifer Aniston may be furious about Justin-Selena hook-up, but she's certainly not dating Jake Gyllenhaal
  1278. #BBQBecky: California white woman who called the cops on black people enjoying a barbecue has become a viral meme
  1279. Republican lawmaker explains rising sea levels, says it's a result of rocks falling into the ocean
  1280. Freshly dumped: Video shows woman defecating on the floor and then flinging the poop at the staff at Tim Hortons
  1281. When a man called Lyle Stevik was found dead in a Washington hotel room after 9/11, conspiracy theorists went we finally know who he is
  1282. Outrage after woman who killed mother-of-three in drunk-driving crash seen smiling in mugshot
  1283. Father protects one-year-old daughter while fighting off armed robbers in Memphis
  1284. Kim Kardashian warns sister Khloe to not have any more babies with Tristan unless he's a changed man
  1285. 93-year-old ends golfing career in style, records first hole-in-one after playing for 65 years
  1286. US Marine stationed in South Korea was told by his wife that their baby had died...she lied!
  1287. A nurse who stole prescription drugs to fund her cocaine addiction receives striking-off order
  1288. LETHAL LUXURY Michigan man puts life at risk and dodges bullets from robber's gun: "You’re not getting my Louis Vuitton"
  1289. Terrifying sea creature washes up on Mexican beach and has everyone scared witless
  1290. Philadelphia kindergarten student finds bag of cocaine in classmate's backpack, starts chewing on it
  1291. $60,000 worth of surgeries later, 'human elf' says he will have his Adam's apple reduced and fangs added
  1292. Texas: At least 10 dead, several injured at Santa Fe High School shooting
  1293. Man gets 29 years behind bars for brutally murdering a barmaid in a park on Christmas Eve 2017
  1294. The hour by hour timeline of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding
  1295. Santa Fe High School shooter played football and was also part of a church dance squad
  1296. Prince Charles will be walking Meghan Markle down the aisle at the Royal Wedding
  1297. Anti-Royalists compare Prince Harry and Meghan to the Kardashians and call the wedding 'a PR event'
  1298. Drag Queen Adore Delano to grace cover of Alternative Press Magazine’s first-ever pride issue
  1299. Charlotte Crosby flaunts her curves after going on a foul-mouthed rant at body shamers who said she had gained weight
  1300. Three contestants remain on Dancing with the Stars Athletes on one of the most intense seasons ever
  1301. Texas doctor allegedly prescribed unnecessary medical procedures to fund buying private jet, Maserati and real estate holdings
  1302. Living with extraterrestrials: Scientists suggest octopuses may be aliens in new research paper
  1303. Younger royals are making Kensington Palace their favourite nest
  1304. Jessica Patel murder: Husband charged with the murder of 'gentle and selfless' wife at their home
  1305. Santa Fe High School shooter reportedly killed girl because she turned down his advances
  1306. Two arrested in 1988 murder of German backpacker Inga Maria Hauser in Norther Ireland
  1307. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend introduce their son with an adorable photo
  1308. New revealing bikini trend 'risque' is the perfect sexy style for summer
  1309. Meghan Markle accused of copying Danish princess's wedding dress style with "familiar gown"
  1310. The princess and her men: Meet Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin's 28 new suitors
  1311. Why Ashlee Simpson-Ross has decided to return to Reality TV after a decade
  1312. 17-year-old Texas school shooter sang "Another one bites the dust" every time he shot at a student
  1313. Bodycam footage shows Georgia EMT punching a restrained 17-year-old patient in an ambulance
  1314. Sick woman arrested after she douses family dog in gasoline and sets it on fire
  1315. Tonya Harding shares that making it to finals of Dancing with the Stars is a big win in itself for her
  1316. Williams and Kate had Pippa's, but Harry and Meghan's wedding had its own "super butt" the woman who owns it
  1317. Pope Francis advises nuns to limit use of social media which could ruin their 'contemplative world' with 'noise, news, and words'
  1318. Lawyer caught making a racist rant on video receives an 'education' with a 'Latin Party' held outside his house
  1319. Two cyclists attacked by a cougar on a forest trail: One dead and one injured
  1320. James Corden refereed a hilarious dance-off between Prince Harry, Prince William and Prince Charles at the royal wedding reception
  1321. Renowned chef Mario Batali accused of sexual misconduct by multiple employees in NYC restaurant "rape room"
  1322. In 1987 a Canadian couple was brutally murdered in Washington, now 31 years later, the murderer has been nabbed
  1323. NJ school principal apologizes to black students for prom tickets that tell students to 'party like it's 1776'
  1324. North Carolina businessman rams car into family eating dinner in restaurant, kills daughter and daughter-in-law
  1325. Woman who swallowed 106 capsules with 930 grams of pure cocaine arrested at airport
  1326. Indiana teen beat her father to death with a hammer for 'fat-shaming' her
  1327. "Wanted" man mocks cops for "missing person" post on Facebook, gets arrested
  1328. Pregnant 70-year-old Mexican woman set to become oldest to give birth
  1329. Covfefe! The Daily Show with Trevor Noah will immortalize President Trump's hilariously iconic tweets in new book
  1330. Border Patrol agent under fire for questioning two US citizens in Montana for speaking in Spanish
  1331. Woman who fabricated story about being attacked by Muslim sex mob, found murdered in a field
  1332. Boy Scouts of America just made it mandatory for condoms to be made available to all participants at World Jamboree event 2019
  1333. Video shows two skydivers falling to their deaths after a mid-air collision at 5,000 ft
  1334. Army Reserve veteran saves little girl from drowning in a lake, but tragically couldn't save himself
  1335. School shootings have claimed more lives than active military duty in the US so far this year
  1336. LGBT community hails Pope Francis after he tells gay man, ‘God made you like this and loves you like this’
  1337. Victims of CIA-funded LSD 'brainwashing' experiments in Canada plan to sue the federal government
  1338. Double amputee Marine veteran denied ride at Six Flags for not having "two real legs"
  1339. Millionaire's 23-year-old son convicted of hacking parents and older brother to death with an axe
  1340. Four British citizens arrested after raging fire causes panic in Magaluf hotel
  1341. Video footage shows riderless horse galloping at full speed on US 59 Highway as drivers attempt rescue
  1342. New NRA president Oliver North blames the culture of violence for America's mass shootings but forgot he worked on Call of Duty
  1343. 96-year-old D-Day veteran attacked with claw hammer, left for dead
  1344. 15-year-old who started Oregon wildfire that wiped out 75 square miles, ordered to pay $36 million as judge issues him payment plan
  1345. Video captures cop yelling 'pretend like we're gonna shoot you' at a black woman during traffic stop
  1346. Annual GLSEN Respect Awards recognizes the efforts of LGBTQIA role models, honors actress Rosario Dawson among others
  1347. Brooke Shields looks stunning in red as she models for Power Suit, Swimsuits for All's latest campaign
  1348. Mother left red-faced after ordering $70 cake to celebrate son's graduation with 'Summa cum laude'
  1349. Santa Fe school shooter's father claims his son was "bullied and mistreated" by classmates and teachers
  1350. American Idol runner-up Caleb Hutchinson reveals how he was able to lose around 60 pounds by the end of the show
  1351. Terrifying video footage shows four-year-old boy attacked and bitten by a pit bull
  1352. 12 things that you possibly missed about Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the royal wedding
  1353. 4-year-old boy accidentally kills his younger brother with a gun he thought was a toy
  1354. Businessman who made millions selling cadavers gets 9 years in prison after they were found to be infected with HIV and Hepatitis
  1355. Baltimore policewoman dies after getaway car runs her over during ongoing burglary
  1356. Sinkhole opens up on White House lawns and everyone's got an explanation
  1357. Animal activists face a possible 60-year prison sentence for "open rescue" of piglets
  1358. Democrat Lupe Valdez becomes first Latina and openly gay candidate to win runoff for Texas governor
  1359. Ex-boyfriend storms into ex-GF's house, shoots her new lover, and accidentally impales himself on fence while fleeing
  1360. Watch: Impatient cyclist tackled by cops after he attempts to defuse a suspected bomb
  1361. Why did former Playboy Playmate Stephanie Adams murder her son before committing suicide? Here's all you need to know
  1362. Judge orders 30-year-old 'liberal millennial' out of his parents' home after he refuses to pay rent or do chores
  1363. EasyJet pilot reveals shocking sexist comments she receives from male passengers
  1364. Woman initially given community service for false accusation of rape sentenced to four years on appeal
  1365. Hunt for missing newlywed woman who fell into fast moving river turns desperate
  1366. Jealous boyfriend stabs pregnant girlfriend 7 times, killing unborn baby
  1367. Former reality TV star Melissa Hancock pleads guilty to aggravated DUI manslaughter
  1368. Body-cam footage of Texas trooper contradicts woman's claim he sexually assaulted her
  1369. NBA player Sterling Brown captured groaning in video after cop tases him over parking violation
  1370. Freaky: Giant 25-inch tapeworm lived inside NHL prospect for a whole year
  1371. #IfIDieInASchoolShooting: American students share heartbreaking messages amid increasing school shootings
  1372. Neighbors fume as cheerleader accused of burying her baby in the backyard roams free
  1373. NFL players will be fined if they kneel during national anthem, new league policy says
  1374. 'I'll pay the fine', says Jets owner after NFL bans kneeling during national anthem
  1375. Husband held on suspicion of murder after his estranged wife was found strangled at home
  1376. Three Ebola patients escape from quarantine, raising fears virus could spread
  1377. 54-year-old teacher accused of having sex with 16-year-old boy when his parents were out
  1378. Football legend Ronaldinho set to marry not one, but two women at once
  1379. Stormy Daniels has a day named after her, gets keys to the City of West Hollywood
  1380. #PeeingWhileBlack: Black actresses claim they were arrested for using a bathroom for too long
  1381. A photographer decided to take a picture of a homeless couple, and then their lives changed forever
  1382. Army sergeant found guilty of trying to murder wife twice to claim her life insurance and elope with Tinder lover
  1383. White woman unleashes rant at Asian-American serviceman, screams: 'This is not your f**king country!'
  1384. Three drag racers arrested after mowing down mother and 21-month-old daughter
  1385. Armed citizen kills shooter who opened fire in packed Oklahoma restaurant
  1386. Shocking video footage shows woman dragging husband's mistress across the street by her hair, as onlookers egg her on
  1387. Father arrested after video footage of him teaching a young girl how to smoke goes viral
  1388. Mom reports her son to cops fearing he's going to shoot up his school after he stole her gun
  1389. Motorsports pioneer Danica Patrick will be the first woman to host the ESPY Awards
  1390. Author Stephen King reveals why Trump blocked him on Twitter
  1391. Texas school shooting survivors recount horror, demand more armed security and student mental health tracking
  1392. Josh Hanson murder: Suspected killer Shane O'Brien on Interpol's 'most wanted' list
  1393. Domestic abuse victim escapes abusive boyfriend by slipping note to her dog's vet asking for help
  1394. Shocking video footage shows New Jersey police officer punching bikini-clad woman in the head; IA inquiry under way
  1395. Woman escorted off flight after she hurls abuse at passengers and assaults crew with her Bible
  1396. Las Vegas teacher who threatened to shoot up a concert wanted to "poke a lot of holes in a lot of people"
  1397. Pilot, assistant arrested for trying to kidnap flight school student and deport him
  1398. Right-wing commentator Tommy Robinson arrested for filming Islamic child grooming trial in UK
  1399. English teacher corrects Trump-signed letter, gives it near-failing grade before sending it back
  1400. 22-year-old man scales four storeys to rescue toddler dangerously dangling from balcony in Paris
  1401. Two-year-old girl tests positive for STD after she was raped by someone "close to the family"
  1402. US refugee office loses 1500 children, says not 'legally responsible' for finding them
  1403. Ivanka Trump's picture with son sparks social media outrage over border separations
  1404. NASCAR racer Jeffrey Earnhardt raises thousands for children of fallen veterans, surprises families
  1405. Rare and deadly bat virus without a cure is killing people, experts warn of global pandemic
  1406. Memorial Day bloodbath: Chicago rocked after 8 killed, 25 injured during holiday weekend crime wave
  1407. 9-year-old sells lemonade to raise money for baby brother's treatment, makes $6,000 in 2 hours
  1408. Shocking clip shows cop hitting motorcyclist with his patrol car to knock him off and arrest him
  1409. TV crew killed by falling tree while reporting on harrowing Storm Alberto
  1410. K-9 officer will face disciplinary action for hateful comment about David Hogg's 'die-in' protest
  1411. Tinder boyfriend murders 27-year-old woman, scatters her remains in a flower bed before killing himself
  1412. Teacher who stopped Indiana school shooter says he is not a hero, there was no other choice
  1413. "World's hottest grandma" may be swamped with marriage proposals, but is holding out for Mr Right
  1414. Even the European Judo Union criticizes Sergio Ramos for 'dangerous' takedown of Mohamed Salah
  1415. Casey Anthony's parents say 'we raised a monster' in interview, adding the mother even stole money from toddler's savings
  1416. America's first state-sanctioned bare-knuckle boxing tournament is just around the corner, and we're very excited
  1417. Teen Mom 2 star Adam Lind has been arrested again, this time for violating a protection order
  1418. David Cross "storms off" in middle of an interview with Stephen Colbert and was found crying backstage
  1419. Julianna Margulies recalls horrific hotel room meeting with Steven Seagal
  1420. 5G antennas could pop up in your neighborhood soon enough, but is it safe?
  1421. Scandal favorite: Here's a look at Roseanne Barr's biggest controversies over the years
  1422. Renowned magician David Copperfield 'not responsible' for volunteer's injuries, state court jury rules
  1423. Porn is the 'root cause' of school shootings, Republican congresswoman says
  1424. Man jumps to death from airport terminal balcony on holiday with girlfriend and one-year-old daughter
  1425. 22-year-old aspiring actress falls 13 stories to her death from luxury London apartment block
  1426. Comedian Roseanne Barr brutally mocked by Twitter users for her Ambien defense
  1427. Active shooter: Video game simulating school shooting pulled from sale after sparking outrage
  1428. Malian 'spiderman' hero joins Paris fire brigade after citizenship fast-tracked
  1429. Inmate reveals prison counselor sexually assaulted her after she reported a guard for repeated rapes
  1430. Vaping is highly addictive and is not a 'safe' alternative to smoking cigarettes, experts warn
  1431. Trump responds to ABC canceling Roseanne by comparing himself to Valerie Jarrett, gets mocked on Twitter
  1432. Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane steps down just five days after winning third consecutive Champions League
  1433. Mother slams Southwest Airlines for asking her to 'prove' biracial son was hers
  1434. Kim Kardashian meets Trump to discuss prison reforms, seek clemency for great-grandmother
  1435. Sarah Huckabee Sanders chokes up when a child asks her about school shootings
  1436. LGBTQ immigrants spend more time in detention and are more likely to be sexually assaulted
  1437. Walmart will sponsor college education for its 1.4 million US employees
  1438. Trump considers pardoning Martha Stewart and a possible commutation for Rod Blagojevich
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