1. Steven Spielberg revisits 1980s heyday in 'Ready Player One'
  2. Box office registers ringing as God finds his mojo again in Hollywood
  3. A League Of Their Own is getting an Amazon Prime reboot
  4. Why Charlie Bucket from the original Willy Wonka chose to be a veterinarian rather than an actor
  5. DC comics mythology has four Cheetahs, but which iteration will Kristen Wiig portray in Wonder Woman 2?
  6. 5 actors who got paid way more than their female co-stars
  7. The Black Panther effect: How a Marvel superhero film changed the unconscious bias of a global audience
  8. The true story behind Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson's 'candy ass' feud
  9. The man of a 160,000 exorcisms: The true story behind the documentary 'The Devil and Father Amorth'
  10. Black Panther will be the first movie to break Saudi Arabia's 35-year long cinema ban
  11. Steven Spielberg all for a female Indiana Jones, but how will audiences react?
  12. 'Mean Girls' is now a Broadway musical and they still wear pink on Wednesdays
  13. How an ancient Indian sect brought down Salman Khan, one of the country's biggest superstars
  14. 10 disturbing cases of real-life exorcisms and demonic possessions
  15. Top 2018 reboots and remakes: Classic movies and hit TV shows that are making a comeback this year!
  16. 'Summer Loving' may answer many questions about 'Grease', but did you know the secrets that the stars tried to hide from us?
  17. The real story of Rodney King and the 24 hours that shook America to its core as Los Angeles burned
  18. Basmati Blues: The borderline racist, rice-farming musical film Academy Winner Brie Larson does not want you to see
  19. Can Armie Hammer take over Captain America's shield? 5 actors we think are fit to replace the Avengers in MCU
  20. After the success of 'A Quiet Place', John Krasinski has another sci-fi thriller in the works
  21. No more auditions in hotels, says Hollywood actor union
  22. Milos Forman, Oscar-winning director of 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest' dies at 86
  23. Women in 'Avengers' have been underrated for too long... 'Captain Marvel' is going to change all that
  24. Robert Downey Jr's return from the brink: The real-life Iron Man who was once shunned by Hollywood
  25. Decoding the tortured life of Asian elephants: Director Ashley Bell shares her experience filming her documentary
  26. We need to stop confusing creepy stalkers and casual harassers as 'sweet' romantic leads
  27. R Lee Ermey's role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman was iconic, but here are 9 other on-screen soldiers that captivated us
  28. Mercury 13: The story behind the remarkable women who were primed to be the first humans in space
  29. Harry Potter and the people who just won't let it go: When will they ever stop milking the cash cow
  30. Bobby Kennedy for President: A tale of the greatest president America never had
  31. The transformation of 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' cast in 10 years is unbelievable, and we have pictures to prove it
  32. Victoria Mahoney to be the first female black director to helm a significant part of Star Wars
  33. Thor's new toy, Hulkbuster, Cap's powers and more Avengers: Infinity War Easter Eggs you might have missed
  34. How 'A Quiet Place' brilliantly weaves a pro-life message into its horror narrative
  35. Video game movies are the next big thing... but a lot needs to be done before they ignite the box-office
  36. They were the children who gave you where are they now?
  37. Peter Dinklage may play the villain in Avengers Infinity War, but his real-life heroism should inspire us all
  38. Do you remember the Jim Henson classic Labyrinth? Then let's take a look at where the stars of the film are today
  39. The cast of Scarface got together for a reunion, and all Michelle Pfeiffer was asked was how much she weighed during filming
  40. Verne Troyer, actor who played Mini Me in Austin Powers dies aged 49, after struggle with alcoholism and depression
  41. Spot the Chris-chins: Can you figure out which chin belongs to which famous Chris?
  42. Verne Troyer's death underlines the reality of depression among people with dwarfism
  43. 'Avengers: Infinity War': Say goodbye to these characters as they are not going to make it out alive
  44. Apple buys new Ed Sheeran documentary 'Songwriter' in a 7-figure deal
  45. Bruce Campbell confirms that he has retired as Ash from Ash vs Evil Dead
  46. James Cameron is back: This time he warns about Avenger 'fatigue'
  47. Kevin Feige suggests 'Nova' movie might be in the works
  48. Crazy Rich Asians trailer hints opulence with an all-Asian cast
  49. 'Miles To Go' brings to life the dark journey of overcoming drug addiction
  50. Jamie Lee Curtis promises new Halloween movie will be the most terrifying version yet
  51. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is 'the closest to Pulp Fiction that I have done': Quentin Tarantino
  52. Alden Ehrenreich accidentally reveals there are two more Han Solo movies in the making
  53. Rachel McAdams says sex scene with 'Disobedience' co-star Rachel Weisz trumped previous ones with male actors
  54. Tyra Banks insists that Lindsay Lohan will star in Life-Size 2
  55. The correct order to binge on Marvel movies before Avengers: Infinity War hits the theaters
  56. Chicago masseuse sues Stan Lee for alleged sexual misconduct
  57. Ahead of his latest Netflix venture, The Day Of...we rank every Adam Sandler film, from worst to best
  58. How Melissa McCarthy rose through the ranks to become the 4th highest paid actress in Hollywood
  59. John Travolta is unrecognizable as he steps out in a Hawaiian shirt and creepy bowl cut hair
  60. With Karate Kid reboot Cobra Kai set to hit the big screen, here are the top 10 martial arts films you must watch
  61. Footage of Neil Armstrong movie 'First Man' screened at CinemaCon
  62. In a first, Harrison Ford to voice a character in animated movie 'The Secret life of pets 2'
  63. New photos from Disney's 'Christopher Robin' are super cute
  64. Paramount announces two new Star Trek movies, Tarantino may direct one
  65. Newcomer Sadie Stanley cast as lead of 'Kim Possible' live-action movie
  66. The next installment of Spongebob Movie is called 'It's a wonderful Sponge'
  67. Paramount announces new set of movies, including sequel to Brad Pitt's World War Z
  68. With Netflix's The Week Of, Adam Sandler has once again plumped for his flagging buddy formula, but we're not mad at all
  69. New documentary 'I am Evidence' highlights the systemic neglect of rape cases
  70. The Karate Kid is all set for its TV reboot Cobra Kai, but what have the stars of the original film been up to meanwhile?
  71. All the times superhero movies failed to live up to their comicbook forerunners
  72. Alexis Bledel confirms 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3' is on
  73. Marvel's failure to bank on the Black Widow buzz is proof of the superheroine stereotype
  74. Avengers Infinity War: Here is the major Easter egg you missed from the end-credits scene
  75. New Deadpool 2 photos tease the line-up of X-Force mutants: What's Bill Skarsgård's role and powers?
  76. 'Mansfield 66/67' explores the 'satanic curse' behind actress Jayne Mansfield's death in a freak car accident
  77. New documentary claims James Dean could have been saved if paramedics had put his neck in a brace!
  78. Is Gamora really dead at the end of Infinity War? Burning questions about Avengers that have answers in the comics
  79. Scarlett Johansson's much-awaited 'Ghost In The Shell' to premiere on Showtime in May
  80. 'The Jazz Ambassadors': Racism, civil rights and how Jazz legends fought the Cold War through music
  81. Kanye West spotted with producer Rick Rubin at Calabasas this a sign the new album is ready?
  82. Ted Nugent says Parkland shooting survivors are liars who ‘have no soul'
  83. Over 200 used Linkin Park instruments to be sold for charity
  84. Californian punk rockers Audio Karate to reunite for tour dates to support the Descendents
  85. Tool plays April Fool's prank on fans, shares "new music," and photos from inside the studio
  86. Demi Lovato closes US leg of 'Tell Me You Love Me' tour with a sizzling lip-lock with Kehlani
  87. Cardi B teams up with Migos for latest single 'Drip': Listen
  88. Willie Nelson's Outlaw Music Festival adds new dates, featuring Neil Young, Van Morrison, more
  89. The evolution of Demi Lovato: From Disney starlet to a seductive songstress who isn't afraid to experiment
  90. HAIM's performance at Coachella to feature visuals by Paul Thomas Anderson
  91. The Beatles' animated film 'Yellow Submarine' returns to theaters for its 50th anniversary
  92. Tulisa wins lawsuit against and Britney Spears over the song Scream & Shout songwriting credit
  93. Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody opens up about his struggle with depression
  94. The return of Britney Spears: How the Princess of pop went from a total trainwreck to being back in the spotlight
  95. Music review: The 20 best albums of far
  96. Fatboy Slim has been announced as the official ambassador for Martlets
  97. A sneak peek into the musical journey and career of singer Sandro Cavazza
  98. Drones to beef up security at Coachella, organizers wary of Las Vegas like attack
  99. Lorde deletes bathtub picture post that unwittingly references Whitney Houston's drowning
  100. From starting big, losing it all, working at Costco and then returning with a 'boom', country singer Walker Hayes' story is inspirational
  101. Cardi B's new album 'Invasion of Privacy' mentions one of Beyonce's earlier songs about infidelity
  102. Bob Dylan converts his classic hit song into a gay anthem for same-sex wedding compilation
  103. Cardi B raps about wanting a 'threesome' with Rihanna and Chrissy Teigen in her new song
  104. Cardi B confirms pregnancy rumors by showing off her baby bump in a skin-tight white gown on SNL
  105. Watch: Aussie melodic hardcore rockers Vacant Home debut new single/video 'Knife's Edge'
  106. The Return of Vinyl: How an old favorite is back to stake its claim in the streaming era
  107. Normani Kordei shares the hardest part of Fifth Harmony disbanding
  108. Greta Van Fleet to headline London's Electric Ballroom
  109. Before Tranquility Base Hotel + Casino comes out, here's ranking every Arctic Monkeys album so far from worst to best
  110. From the mankini to cultural appropriation, the most outrageous Coachella outfits till date
  111. Gangnam Style may be forgotten, so how is BTS leading the K-pop culture charge in America?
  112. Carrie Underwood announces her upcoming performance and says she's on the way to a full recovery
  113. How did Nickelback become the 'most-hated band in the world"? Here's the real story
  114. How did Timmy Matley die? Overtones singer has died aged 36
  115. Yvonne Staples of 'The Staple Singers' dies from colon cancer at the age of 80
  116. 10 fine print acts at Coachella 2018 to watch out for
  117. The Gospel according to Snoop Dogg: The religious tones of a rap icon
  118. 10 times Coachella made us happy to be alive
  119. INTERVIEW: Korean rapper ARTLOVER opens up about her first music video and being the 'Queen of Retro'
  120. What you can wear to Coachella without offending anyone
  121. Pain and loss of breaking up with Gigi Hadid led Zayn Malik to new single 'Let Me,' his most confident single so far
  122. Daniel Caesar reveals gorgeous beachside music video for new single 'Best Part' featuring H.E.R.
  123. Watch Coachella 2018 live online: After a no-show in 2017, Beyonce is back to headlining the star-studded festival
  124. The 10 coolest fictional bands ever
  125. Coachella 2018 ticket to set you back $1030: Is it worth attending the hyped party?
  126. Busta Rhymes to headline the Heineken House at Coachella
  127. Lady Gaga shows some love to Cardi B's throwback tweet of her performing 'Bad Romance' in high school
  128. INTERVIEW: Rising soul star Lily Moore discusses the magic of being 17 and the eternal Aretha Franklin
  129. As music festivals boom, a push to include women gathers steam
  130. If you fear missing out because you aren't at Coachella, here's a list of 10 music festivals you can be at instead
  131. Bruce Springsteen joins Hear The World Foundation as its ambassador
  132. It is happening! Beyonce is reportedly reuniting with Destiny's Child at Coachella 2018
  133. Taylor Swift's dared to cover a 70's classic but it did not go as planned
  134. Coachella controversies: A list of every scandalous incident that took place at Coachella through the years
  135. Nathaniel Rateliff opens up about his alcoholic days and personal struggle which led him to his new LP
  136. Tyga cozies up to Iggy Azalea at the same party as Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott
  137. Rita Ora, Bella Hadid, Rihanna wow in festival fashion at Coachella
  138. Bon Jovi, Nina Simone enter Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  139. Beyonce makes history as the first black woman to headline Coachella with jaw-dropping show
  140. ACM Awards 2018: Miranda Lambert creates history with her Female Vocalist of the Year win
  141. Reba McEntire jokes about Blake Shelton's hosting skills in her Academy of Country Music Awards opening speech
  142. ACM Awards 2018: The complete list of winners
  143. Jason Aldean dedicates his Entertainer of the Year award to the lost souls of the Las Vegas massacre
  144. Fancy a bowl of 'Moms Spaghetti'? Eminem opened a pop-up shop at Coachella giving you a taste of his famous lyric
  145. Interview: Lee DeWyze discusses new LP 'Paranoia', writing songs for television, exploring voiceovers for animation and more
  146. Bands that rocked the 90s are which ones have aged well, and which ones should have remained retired?
  147. Mariah Carey's ex-manager is suing her for alleged civil rights violation
  148. Kendrick Lamar becomes first rapper to win Pulitzer music prize for his album DAMN
  149. Here's why Tool's new album is still worth waiting for even after 12 years
  150. Kelly Clarkson is all set to host the 2018 Billboard Music Awards
  151. Chris Stapleton and wife Morgane welcome twins, share an adorable picture of their baby boys
  152. As Zayn Malik's management team dumps him, it's time the singer channels his heartbreak into his art
  153. Cardi B unwittingly becomes the new icon of anti-abortionists
  154. Smile Empty Soul announce new album 'Oblivion', release music video for lead single 'Stars'
  155. Deafheaven return with a brand new single 'Honeycomb': Listen
  156. Coachella might suggest that rock is dead, but that is far from the truth
  157. Miranda Lambert had a very awkward run-in with Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani at the ACM awards in Vegas
  158. Too personal on purpose: How musicians use the rumor mill to boost album sales
  159. Grammy-winning country musician Randy Scruggs dies at 64
  160. Prince's death investigation comes to an end with the county not pressing for criminal charges
  161. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill stand with Ed Sheeran in 'The Rest Of Our Lives' song lawsuit
  162. Eat the Elephant by A Perfect Circle is a comeback album many bands would kill for
  163. Swedish DJ Avicii dies in Oman aged 28
  164. "I envision a comeback in 60 years": The tragic genius of Avicii, a sublime talent plagued by demons
  165. The Brothers Osborne are adamant they will not just 'shut up and sing'!
  166. Jethro Tull are bringing their 50th anniversary celebrations to your city
  167. Foo Fighters invited random "KISS Guy" from audience on stage and Dave Grohl is blown away by his performance
  168. 25 years ago, the Backstreet Boys burst on to the scene: Check out how they're doing these days
  169. My Bloody Valentine set to release two new EPs in 2018
  170. Rod Stewart may have been a ladies man but says he 'would never touch a girl unless she wanted' him to
  171. NSYNC's Lance Bass and husband take first step on road to fatherhood
  172. Transferring emotion from one human being to another is how Adam French looks at music
  173. Legends of rock Deep Purple and Judas Priest have just announced North American tour dates...clear your schedule!
  174. Slipknot tease 2019 release date for new album
  175. Usher's $4.2m LA mansion breaking-in: burglars took away $820,000k in cash and jewelry and wiped out security tapes
  176. Indie artist Alex Lleo releases latest track from his debut EP
  177. Post-System of a Down guitarist Daron Malakian releases first single for his new album
  178. Post Malone's new album headed towards gold certification
  179. Avicii warned management touring would kill him, but was pressured to do more gigs anyway
  180. A Perfect Circle adds new dates to sprawling 2018 world tour
  181. Panic! At The Disco fans are receiving potatoes in the mail for some reason
  182. Kanye West drops hint that he may run for US president in 2024
  183. Watch Radiohead resurrect acoustic version of 'True Love Waits' for first time in 15 years
  184. Nicole Kidman joined Keith Urban on stage for a romantic duet and it was magical
  185. Better Together: Ted Turner releases his first collaboration with wife Majella
  186. Wendy Dio gifts late husband's Black Sabbath ring to Judas Priest singer Rob Halford
  187. Can Meek Mill use the spotlight to ignite a music comeback?
  188. New album to be released by Prince's estate two years after his death
  189. Did Kanye West just confirm his 2024 presidential run on Twitter?
  190. Fleetwood Mac finally confirms why guitarist Lindsey Buckingham was 'fired'
  191. No singles to precede Arctic Monkeys’ new album
  192. Vampire Weekend returns with a surprise show in LA
  193. Lily Moore's debut album 'Not that Special' proves she is a talent to watch out for
  194. Dave Matthews Band announces new LP 'Come Tomorrow'
  195. Dave Grohl 'adopts' a fan during a gig, says 'I'll be your daddy'
  196. Avicci's family releases second statement, hinting the EDM star committed suicide
  197. Janelle Monáe comes out as pansexual
  198. Kanye West gives a sneak peek into his new material as he raps about ‘white dominance’
  199. Cardi B cancels summer tour dates due to pregnancy
  200. Maynard James Keenan says Jack White is right in banning cell phones at his concerts
  201. Mike Shinoda releases new solo song 'About You', a homage to Chester Bennington
  202. Mikaela Davis announces debut album 'Delivery', shares music video for lead single
  203. Dawes are set to return with sixth studio album 'Passwords'
  204. Aftercluv releases blockbuster remix of MC Kevinho's 'Olha A Explosão'
  205. Mogwai share new song 'Donuts' from the OST of upcoming sci-fi flick 'Kin'
  206. Tool preview new music in tour promo video
  207. Sunshine of your love: A tribute concert in honor of Cream's Jack Bruce
  208. Don't miss Alex Lleo's new EP 'Park Studios, JQ'
  209. Siddhartha Khosla breaks down his classic and timeless OST for 'This Is Us', talks musical influences and the streaming era
  210. Best Netflix Shows to Watch in September 2018
  211. Steven Bochco, creator of iconic TV series Hill Street Blues, dies at 74
  212. An emotional Declan Donnelly hosts Saturday Night Takeaway finale without long-time partner Ant McPartlin
  213. The philosophy of Rick and Morty: What is it that makes the show tick?
  214. 'Handmaid's Tale' back for 'gut-wrenching' second run on Hulu
  215. Simon Cowell starts to revamp X Factor by axing Nicole Scherzinger from the show
  216. In loving memory of Steven Bochco we look at where all his Hill Street Blues stars are today
  217. Taylor Swift episode was 'Final Straw' for Glover brothers departure from FX Deadpool series
  218. Teen Mom's Maci Bookout says Ryan Edwards threatened to hurt her while high on heroin
  219. ‘Melrose Place’ star Jamie Luner sued for $250 million over allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a teen
  220. Dawson's Creek sexist tone and stalker vibes would certainly not have made the cut in the Netflix era
  221. Nicole Scherzinger breaks her social media silence after being axed from the X Factor
  222. Top animated TV series: When is a new season of Rick and Morty back? Here are some epic animated shows to fill the void
  223. Jenna Fischer wears a towel to Jimmy Kimmel Live
  224. RuPaul's Drag Race Season 10 queen Yuhua Hamasaki wants drag to not give an 'eff' about anything
  225. Plagiarism in the Upside Down: Duffer Brothers sued for stealing the plot of Stranger Things
  226. Sharon Osbourne will fight for 'every last penny' of her £2m contract if Simon Cowell axes her from 'X Factor'
  227. Jersey Shore's Ronnie Ortiz-Magro welcomes daughter with girlfriend Jen Harley
  228. Elizabeth Olsen denies rumors that she was asked to play the role of Michelle Tanner on Fuller House
  229. American Idol's most controversial contestants: Where are they now?
  230. Then and now: Here is what some of our favorite 'Survivor' winners are up to
  231. Duffer brothers term 'completely meritless' charge of plagiarizing Stranger Things
  232. The best period shows to watch on Netflix, Amazon, and television right now
  233. Brady Bunch's Maureen McCormick reveals about her dark past where she ended up having sex for drugs
  234. Gilmore Girls is done for good, leaving us with so many unanswered questions!
  235. Cynthia Nixon reveals the one scene from Sex and The City which left her feeling devastated
  236. 'Pose' Episode 4 titled 'The Fever' is soul of its season
  237. Life in plastic: Heidi Montag opens up about her death scare while getting 10 cosmetic procedures in a day
  238. 712lb morbidly obese woman refuses to follow diet, gains weight, and then blocks doctor's number so he can't call her
  239. A reboot for 'The Office' might just be possible and here's what we think they should include
  240. Woman who had mounds of sagging skin after losing 360lb transforms after surgery
  241. Kylie the Konqueror: How Kylie Jenner overcame her insecurities and took over the world
  242. INTERVIEW: Comic writer Lan Pitts spills all details on the WWE-special comics ahead of Sunday night's WrestleMania 34
  243. 10 best sci-fi TV shows you have to binge-watch now
  244. Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Here are some things that have not changed in the reboot and make fans nostalgic
  245. INTERVIEW: Nick Tarabay says the second season of 'The Expanse' is going to make fans "laugh, cry and be mad"
  246. ‘Teen Mom’ Catelynn Lowell asks Tyler Baltierra to divorce her amid shocking marital issues
  247. MTV's 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' becomes the most-watched unscripted cable premiere in six years
  248. Declan Donnelly remembers Ant McPartlin during Saturday Night Takeaway’s finale: ‘It’s tinged with sadness’
  249. 'Killing Eve' star Sandra Oh says that years of discrimination conditioned her to believe she'd never land a leading role
  250. 'RHOA' star Kenya Moore and husband Marc Daly are expecting their first child together
  251. Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer's daughter asked her a question about eyesight and it broke her heart
  252. Flip or Flop star Christina El Moussa is ready to settle down and tie the knot with British boyfriend Ant Anstead
  253. The Bachelor Winter Games star Lesley Murphy finally opens up about her split with Dean Unglert
  254. INTERVIEW: UnREAL star Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman gushes about RuPaul's influence on his life and career
  255. TV host Brooke Burke breaks her silence about her divorce from husband of six years David Charvet
  256. Riverdale actress Lili Reinhart joins the skin positivity brigade by posting a photo of her cystic acne on Instagram
  257. Declan Donnelly ‘taking a break’ after performing Saturday Night Takeaway without Ant McPartlin
  258. Teen Mom's Tyler Baltierra may have hinted that he has reached a breaking point after battling family issues
  259. The Simpsons respond to criticism over the 'racist' depiction of Apu but fans are not happy
  260. Cracking their sizzling chemistry: Beloved TV couples whose 'will they/won't they' moments spark magic on-screen
  261. Disney are remaking the classic film High Fidelity, and John Cusack thinks they're going to screw it up
  262. NBC's The Voice will begin its live competition on three consecutive nights, starting April 16
  263. 'Roseanne' pays tribute to late cast member Glenn Quinn in latest episode
  264. 'Versailles,' one of the most explicit TV shows finally canceled after viewers tire of the 'constant sex'
  265. Sheree Whitfield fired from the ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’
  266. Jane Krakowski hints at '30 Rock' revival, says talks are on regarding a reboot
  267. 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' alums bring their fashion 'Out of the Closet' for Logo TV's new digital series
  268. Teen Moms Jenelle Evans's ex, Courtland Rogers, arrested on drug charges
  269. Sandra Oh landed the lead in 'Killing Eve' after 30 years of playing supporting roles, but these actors did not have to wait that long
  270. Snooki reveals how the cast of 'Jersey Shore' was paid for the first season, and it wasn't in cash
  271. 'Grey's Anatomy' star Ellen Pompeo promises season 14 finale will be 'devastating'
  272. Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser are in talks about a 'Mad About You' revival
  273. Kate Gosselin gears up to star in TLC's 'Kate Plus Date', clearly forgetting how fame ruined her marriage with Jon
  274. 'Jersey Shore' Jenni 'JWoww' Farley reveals how a miscarriage she had in 2011 turned her life upside down
  275. 'Jerry Springer' former producer Jill Blackstone arrested for murdering her deaf and partially blind sister
  276. 'Teen Mom' star Ryan Edwards admits he skipped drug treatment because he was too famous
  277. 'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell claps back at haters who called her out for going back to rehab
  278. 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood opens up about tackling gestational diabetes: 'It doesn’t make you feel the greatest'
  279. We're going to need some answers when 'The 100' returns with season 5
  280. In photos: The unbelievable transformation of the Jersey Shore cast
  281. Roseanne star Sara Gilbert praises Emma Kenney for her courage to seek out treatment for unruly behavior
  282. May we say, we are obsessed with the cast of 'Dancing with the Stars: Athletes'
  283. Teen Mom Farrah Abraham slammed for letting 9-year-old daughter watch her get butt injections
  284. America's Got Talent Jessica Willis shares horrific childhood stories about being sexually abused by her father
  285. Jill Duggar cheers on her disgraced husband Derick as he runs a marathon
  286. Kim Zolciak says she's never coming back to Real Housewives of Atlanta
  287. Arie Luyendyk Jr and Lauren Burnham eager to plan their wedding around the Bachelor schedule
  288. 'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry slams Farrah Abraham for letting daughter be present while getting butt injections
  289. 'Timeless' takes America's best president back to the future
  290. After quitting show, My 600-lb Life participant crowdsources money for her weight loss surgery
  291. Dorit Kemsley relieved to be out of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, says may not be back for season 9
  292. The Real Housewives of Orange County have taken off their makeup, and we're amazed
  293. Drag Race Thailand finally comes to the US on WOW Presents Plus
  294. 'Night Court' actor Harry Anderson found dead in his North Carolina home
  295. Ryan Edwards' ex-girlfriend hints that 'Teen Mom' star is cheating on wife Mackenzie Standifer
  296. Sara Gilbert reveals she sought Johnny Galecki's advice when picking out a name for their son on 'Roseanne'
  297. Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman’s 19-year-old daughter Maya is being touted as the next big thing in Hollywood
  298. ‘I'll Be Gone In The Dark’: The real story of Michelle McNamara's obsessive hunt for The Golden State Killer
  299. Teen Mom 2: Kailyn Lowry reportedly wins her court case against baby daddy Chris Lopez
  300. I want to play all types of roles, says 'Altered Carbon' star Byron Mann
  301. Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham slams parents who bring their kids to 'unsafe' Coachella
  302. 'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood reveals 'she was drinking horribly' after break up with Matt Baier
  303. Matt Lauer is supposedly planning his comeback
  304. From TV's darling to Hollywood's outcast, Rebecca Gayheart's fall was swift and sudden
  305. The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' cast go make-up free and look absolutely gorgeous
  306. Katy Perry flashes 'American Idol' audience after she has a wardrobe malfunction
  307. Former 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham live-streams surgery to get a 'designer vagina' days after getting butt injections
  308. Roseanne: People are still heartbroken over what happened between David and Darlene
  309. TV presenter and host of Supermarket Sweep Dale Winton dies aged 62
  310. 'Teen Mom' Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer's kid's gender and name reportedly leaked
  311. 'Jersey Shore' Ronnie Ortiz-Magro reveals the change in his life after he welcomed his daughter
  312. Claire Danes confirms she won't be playing Carrie Mathison in 'Homeland' after the seventh season
  313. Roseanne's revival dominates the airwaves, becomes ABC's top-rated series
  314. Farrah Abraham's latest spread-legged educational, live stream video is equal parts smut and genius
  315. The times WWE has taken a weird turn, just to scoop up some ratings
  316. Axed Teen Mom 2 star David Eason mommy-shames Leah Messer over daughter's makeup
  317. Tyler Hilton hints that 'One Tree Hill' reboot 'could happen'
  318. CBS pulls the plug on 'Living Biblically': Did its religious theme not sit well with viewers?
  319. Patrick Cage says 'chaos is sure to ensue' in the second season of Westworld
  320. INTERVIEW | Bioterrorist, arsonist, US cult leader: Ma Anand Sheela on the "teaching moment" that almost destroyed her, and why she'd do it all again
  321. John Goodman says he 'didn’t realize how damn good' he had it at Roseanne
  322. WATCH: Michael C Hall gives 'Dexter' fans goosebumps with trailer of new show 'Safe'
  323. Benedict Cumberbatch calls Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman "pathetic" after his reaction to fans
  324. Quantico Season 3: What to expect from the blockbuster thriller as it comes back for a full season
  325. Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale will go beyond the book
  326. 'Teen Mom 2' star Jeremy Calvert's girlfriend Desi Kibler hints at possible engagement
  327. 10 things you did not know about Pablo Picasso, the surrealist painter who is the subject of 'Genius' season 2
  328. Season 4 of FX's 'Fargo' rumored for only a 2020 return
  329. Sharp Objects: New drama series starring Amy Adams to be released in July
  330. Meet the Top 10 finalists of American Idol season 16
  331. Westworld's Thandie Newton shares how she was ignored by Times Up for not being attractive enough
  332. Netflix's The Alienist takes a peek at the origins of criminal psychology
  333. The story behind 'Lost in Space' and how it got off the ground at Netflix
  334. Netflix announces new 'Fast and Furious' spin-off with television animated series
  335. The Late Late Show with James Corden is coming to the UK in June
  336. Another spin-off for The Bachelor announced, this time with NFL player Jesse Palmer playing host
  337. J.K. Rowling's Cormoran Strike novel adaptations all set to premiere in the US in June 2018
  338. Companions for new season of 'Doctor Who' announced
  339. Lethal Weapon star Clayne Crawford apologizes to cast and crew for his behavior
  340. Teen Mom OG alum Debra Danielsen's husband calls Ryan Edwards a 'dead man walking' amidst his drug abuse struggles
  341. Hulu cancels 'The Path' after three seasons
  342. Megan Fox to host alternative history series 'Mysteries and Myths' for Travel channel
  343. Lauren Cohan will return to "The Walking Dead" for season 9
  344. The most dramatic weight-loss transformations seen on 'My 600lb Life'
  345. 'The Turpin Thirteen' is a terrifying look into the lives of the Turpin children living in the 'house of horrors'
  346. Ant McPartlin will not be returning to host 'I'm a Celebrity,' says close friend Stephen Mulhern
  347. High ratings of 'Roseanne' and 'Modern Family' is exactly the reality check we needed to understand the country's divide
  348. Mayim Bialik teases fans with pics of Amy and Sheldon's wedding in Big Bang Theory
  349. They may be older, but they are still hot messes: Deena and Snooki reveal 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' secrets
  350. Love Island 2018: All the gossip, rumors and possible contestants revealed so far for the show
  351. Actress and singer-songwriter Allison Strong gets real about family, wanting a Latino superhero and her brand new film
  352. The real story behind acclaimed crime series 'The Staircase,' which is set to release on Netflix this summer
  353. American Idol judges step in with surprise move after being outraged over "biased viewer voting"
  354. Westworld season 2 just revealed the park's location but what does it mean for the characters?
  355. Nickelodeon all set to revive 90s game show 'Double Dare'
  356. Married at First Sight stars Jaclyn and Ryan have chosen to stay married
  357. After Scrubs and Garden State, Zach Braff was the next big how did it all end up with his tepid new show Alex Inc?
  358. From feasts under fire to dining in Trump's America, Anthony Bourdain is back from Parts Unknown
  359. Gabriel returns to Supernatural after 8 seasons
  360. Doctor Death: ITV's startling new docu takes a look at the life and death of the most prolific serial killer in history
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  364. Quantico Season 3: The reveal that blew our minds was also an initial surprise for Priyanka Chopra
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  367. After a successful stint on TV, Lucy Hale dude's up for the big screen in Netflix's 'Dude'
  368. Why the long face? Bojack Horseman artfully mines the underbelly of Hollywood and human existence
  369. Dancing with the Stars: Athletes Week 1 dances and songs have been revealed and we can barely contain ourselves
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  371. Winners for the 45th Annual Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards announced
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  377. Meghan Markle tagged as social climber after she ended her marriage to Trevor Engleson ‘out of the blue’
  378. Queen Elizabeth ‘has more faith in William and Harry’ than son Prince Charles, new book claims
  379. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie reach divorce agreement and prepare to settle in weeks
  380. "That was my absolute worst time": Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson talks about his battle with depression
  381. Alesha Dixon desperately wants another baby with boyfriend Azuka Ononye, but worries that at 39, she‘s ‘too old‘
  382. Actors who came out to their fans after years in the spotlight
  383. Kylie Jenner shares pics of her Easter celebration as daughter Stormi turns two-months-old
  384. Demi Lovato's no-makeup selfies will breathe life into you
  385. Blac Chyna caught on video as she launches attack on a man with her pink stroller
  386. Arie Luyendyk Jr's Fools' Day prank that fiance Lauren is pregnant did not amuse anyone
  387. 2 Broke Girls star Beth Behrs is the happy bride-to-be as she celebrates her bridal shower
  388. Heavily pregnant Kate Middleton attends Easter church service with Prince William as due date approaches
  389. Meghan Markle's father banned son from smoking marijuana in front of his little princess
  390. Ace pranks by celebs that left us wanting more
  391. 'House of Cards' alum Kate Mara reveals that Kevin Spacey's sexual misconduct scandal blindsided her
  392. Chrissy Teigen shuts up Bill O'Reilly after he trolls husband John Legend's 'Jesus Christ Superstar'
  393. No signs of trouble! Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott share adorable family snaps amid rumors of a breakdown
  394. Wendy Williams on The Weeknd over Selena: 'I don’t believe for a minute he was about to give her his kidney'
  395. Iggy Azalea went to a 'mental retreat' to deal with her anger
  396. Meghan biography paints her as a social climber who wants to be Princess Diana 2.0
  397. Kendra Wilkinson relays breakdown of her marriage with Hank Baskett in teary Insta story
  398. As Bill Cosby goes on trial again, here's a bird's eye view of the sexual assault case
  399. Stormy Daniels's affair with Trump isn't news to Seth Rogen, he says he knew it for years
  400. Fans made it happen! Late Aaliyah will be honored this summer with a collection of MAC Cosmetics inspired by her
  401. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan separate after 9 years of marriage
  402. Justin Bieber thinks Weeknd's song is petty as he would have gladly given Selena his kidney
  403. Khloe wants her daughter to inherit the famous Kardashian derriere, naturally
  404. Blac Chyna defends her wild fight at Six Flags, says she will 'protect' her children 'at all cost'
  405. He's back: Arnold Schwarzenegger says he's 'thankful' he woke up after second heart surgery
  406. Bella Hadid claps back at troll who called her and Kendall Jenner 'fake'
  407. Jessica Biel wanted to give birth the 'hippie' way, but ended up having a C-Section after things went wrong at home
  408. Troubled actress Amanda Bynes is reportedly making a comeback, and we're wishing her all the best
  409. Celebrity Ninja Warrior for Red Nose Day: Derek Hough, Nikki Bella, Colton Dunn part of the line-up
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  411. Kylie Minogue seems to be unlucky in love even though she has everything going for her
  412. Tiger Woods braces for impact after ex-girlfriend Kristin Smith says she's ready to break her NDA and spill some sordid beans
  413. Anna Wintour reportedly stepping down from her position as artistic director for Condé Nast and Vogue
  414. Justin Bieber shares that the decision to be together is in Selena's hands and that their fate is up to her
  415. Leonardo DiCaprio's ex Nina Agdal scorches the woodland with her bare curves
  416. Blac Chyna flare-up: Wendy Williams socks Robert Kardashian, calls him 'Rob the Slob'
  417. Jim Carrey's words of wisdom were the silver lining for comedian Kathy Griffin during hibernation
  418. Kaley Cuoco thought she'd never marry again after ex husband Ryan Sweeting ruined the word for her
  419. Jimmy Kimmel hosts 'presidential' Spelling Bee with school students, tests if they can misspell as well as Trump
  420. Cardi B will join Jimmy Fallon as the first-ever 'Tonight Show' co-host
  421. From Riverdale to Paris: Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart confirm romance with several kisses in the city of love
  422. Shawn Mendes' new photo with Hailey Baldwin has convinced fans that they are dating
  423. Katy Perry is ready to marry Orlando Bloom and have babies with him
  424. Rob Kardashian threatens 'to take Blac Chyna to court' over her wild fight at Six Flags
  425. Kylie Jenner did a paternity test to prove Tyga isn’t the father of baby Stormi
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  441. Dominic Cooper and Ruth Negga break up after 8 years together
  442. Actress Jamie King in tears after skateboarder smashes windows of her car while her son is in the backseat
  443. Prince Charles goes wild on radio when asked if he carries his toilet seat everywhere
  444. Tonya Harding, Adam Rippon and Jamie Anderson are reportedly heading to 'Dancing With the Stars'
  445. Priscilla Presley desperate to get back Elvis' prized possessions she once gifted to ex-lovers
  446. Vivica A. Fox throws shade at ex-beau 50 Cent in new book
  447. Kendall and Kylie Jenner have settled the Tupac lawsuit, but the two have a history of plagiarism accusations against their names
  448. Marc Jacobs is officially engaged to Char DeFrancesco after an epic flashmob proposal
  449. Meghan Markle's dad catches up on his reading while flipping through pages of the History of Britain over coffee
  450. Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan sent once final voicemail before her death
  451. Tyra Banks reveals she wants more plastic surgery to fix the one insecurity she has
  452. Kim Kardashian accused of another photoshop fail on Instagram
  453. RHONY star Luann de Lesseps apologizes for controversial Diana Ross costume
  454. Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett not on speaking terms after her Instagram announcement
  455. Jennifer Garner's one condition for her next man throws major shade at Ben Affleck
  456. Meghan Markle is the one wearing the pants in her relationship with Harry and he seems okay with it
  457. In an old interview, Donald Trump Jr talks about Melania Trump and going to the Playboy mansion with a pregnant wife
  458. Queen Letizia's tense exchange with mom-in-law Queen Sofia caught on camera
  459. Jenna Dewan shrugs off rumors that drinking and flirting with other women led to split with Channing Tatum
  460. WWE Hall of Famer 'Luscious' Johnny Valiant dies after getting hit by a truck
  461. John Cena responds to Dwayne Johnson's threat to kick his teeth so far down the 'throat you’ll have to stick a toothbrush up your ass to brush it'
  462. Police seek to question Conor McGregor for going on a rampage and attacking UFC bus
  463. Elizabeth Hurley ushers in her son's 16th birthday in a busty gown
  464. Brad Pitt is reportedly seeing a 'rockstar' MIT professor who looks so much like Angelina Jolie
  465. "What do they even do?": Larry King calls the Kardashians 'fantastically untalented'
  466. If you think Marc Jacob's proposal to Charly Defrancesco was extra, take a look at these celebrity proposals
  467. Ivanka Trump is the face of post-punk band Gang of Four's new EP titled 'Complicit'
  468. Taylor Swift is ready to seal the deal with Joe Alwyn as she goes house hunting in London
  469. Anne Hathway shuts down body shamers with an Instagram post explaining why she gained weight
  470. Cheryl Payne made a whopping 180 times more money than Liam in 2017
  471. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already planned their first official international trip after the Royal Wedding on May 19
  472. Three charged after drugs found on Migos tour bus, none of them band members
  473. Kate Hudson announces she's pregnant with her third child, a baby girl, amid confetti and balloons
  474. Brooke Burke to part ways with David Charvet after nearly 7 years of marriage
  475. Demi Lovato pinches her 'extra fat' and talks about loving her cellulite
  476. Cardi B says success did not happen overnight and plays down feud rumors with Nicki Minaj
  477. Kendra Wilkinson files for divorce from Hank Baskett after nine years of marriage
  478. Jennie Garth's husband Dave Abrams files for divorce after two years of marriage
  479. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may skip the traditional wedding and just elope, says source
  480. Tristan Thompson's fans slam Khloe Kardashian and blame the Kardashian Curse for his bad game
  481. Meghan Markle's first boyfriend Joshua Silverstein recalls their first kiss and breakup
  482. Miranda Lambert and Anderson East split after two years of dating
  483. Travis Scott introduces Stormi to his family by throwing a $7,145 party
  484. Kylie Jenner says that she needs to lose 20 lbs, nine weeks after giving birth to Stormi
  485. Kristen Bell says that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan split 'might be the healthiest things'
  486. Kate Hudson had a 'baby itch' and always 'wanted a girl more than anything'
  487. 'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry slams body shamers by sharing a nearly naked picture from her Jamaican vacation
  488. John Krasinski jokes about settling for Emily Blunt only because he couldn't get Anne Hathaway
  489. Tiffany Haddish reveals she ‘killed an old man by booty-popping on him at a Bar Mitzvah’
  490. Russell Simmons accused of groping 'Real Housewives' star Luann de Lesseps in an elevator
  491. Russell Crowe's divorce auction rakes in $2.8 million after frenzied bidding for 'Gladiator' items
  492. Priscilla Presley reveals how a depressed Elvis Presley "knew exactly what he was doing" when he died
  493. Married at First Sight's Nasser Sultan seems to have moved on to a new mystery man after his split with wife Gabrielle Bartlett
  494. Rapper Killer Mike gets shut down by TV show host Joy-Ann Reid after he tried to school her on Instagram about 'H&M'
  495. Brooklyn Beckham kisses Playboy model Lexi Wood and confirms split from Chloe Grace Moretz
  496. Eva Longoria and her baby bump soak in a beautiful sunset on the last day of her vacation
  497. Meryl Streep once sent a priest to exorcise Steven Spielberg's home after he was convinced it was haunted
  498. WrestleMania 34: The Undertaker makes a startling comeback to the ring and destroys John Cena in under five minutes
  499. Jimmy Kimmel apologized for his joke about Melania Trump's accent after his family received 'vile' death threats
  500. Famous New York comedian, actor and children's TV show host Chuck McCann dies at 83
  501. Princess Caroline confesses she and Prince Albert were closer to their nanny than their mom Grace Kelly
  502. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian sizzle in bikinis on their beach vacation over the weekend
  503. 'Stranger Things' couple Natalia Dyer and Charlie Heaton hint at breakup after they were spotted arguing in public
  504. Gwyneth Paltrow shares a sweet message for her son Moses on his 12th birthday
  505. Ink regrets: Zayn Malik plans to remove his Gigi Hadid eye tattoo from his chest after their recent split
  506. Jenna Dewan spotted for the first time without her wedding ring unlike ex-husband Channing Tatum who still wears his
  507. INTERVIEW: Comedian Margaret Cho talks about her dream role and why Donald Trump is so embarrassingly funny
  508. Geoffrey Rush virtually housebound, can barely eat after allegation of sexual misconduct
  509. Perfect wedding gift for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be a donation to select charities
  510. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may be thinking about baby number two just months after having Stormi Webster
  511. Wendy Williams tells pregnant Cardi B should tie the knot or Offset will move on with his life
  512. Pregnant Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo reveal the sex of their baby in the most adorable way
  513. Ben Affleck buys new house worth $19.2 million in the same neighborhood as ex-wife Jennifer Garner
  514. Kim Zolciak claps back at Marlon Wayans after he calls her a character from 'White Chicks'
  515. Here's how Jenna Dewan is dealing with her split from ex-husband Channing Tatum
  516. Khloe Kardashian confesses she was not close to Kim and Kourtney while growing up because of her 'different' appearance
  517. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement photographer recounts how the 'joyful' royal photoshoot was one of his 'easiest'
  518. WWE superstar Paige announces her retirement from pro-wrestling after serious injury
  519. Justin Bieber is looking for distractions and is 'doing everything he can' to keep his mind off Selena Gomez
  520. Fans slam Kylie's latest lipstick, suggests it looks like 'Stormi's poop'
  521. Royal baby countdown: No Parking signs crop up as the hospital prepares for Kate Middleton's baby number 3
  522. Chloe Grace Moretz drops cheating hints after pictures of Brooklyn Beckham kissing Lexi Wood surface
  523. Pregnant Khloe Kardashian reveals that she is not afraid of childbirth, but Kim does not agree
  524. Cardi B's sister's celebratory post may have accidentally revealed the gender of the rapper's baby with Offset
  525. Catherine Zeta-Jones' 14-year-old lookalike daughter Carys shares the spotlight with her at the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show
  526. In defense of Johnny Depp: How the brilliant thespian fell from the zenith of his career to be controversy's favorite child
  527. Rachel McAdams gives birth to baby boy after a secretive pregnancy
  528. Seth Meyers and wife Alexi Meyers welcome baby number two - in her apartment lobby
  529. Frances Bean Cobain hopes that dad Kurt is proud of the person she is, even if he doesn't like her music
  530. UFC star Paige VanZant opens up about being raped by multiple boys when she was just 14 in new book
  531. Anna Faris opens up about getting a boob job because she really wanted to fill in a bikini
  532. Jessica Simpson may not be pregnant with baby number three but the couple is certainly having fun practicing
  533. Actor T.J Miller arrested for reporting a false bomb alarm to the FBI on purpose after getting drunk on the train
  534. Tristan Thompson 'caught kissing two women', none of whom are Khloe Kardashian!
  535. Halsey beautifully shuts down an internet troll that mocked her for her armpit hair
  536. Jessica Simpson shares how daughter Maxwell is already cut out for the modeling world
  537. Watch Queen Elizabeth crack a subtle joke about Donald Trump and Barack Obama
  538. Katie Cassidy reveals that she once turned down the chance to party with Prince Harry
  539. Blac Chyna's teen boyfriend YBN Almighty Jay asks her to marry him through a post on Instagram
  540. Kim Kardashian can't stop sharing her holiday fun as she posts pictures in four different bikinis within 24 hours
  541. Mystery woman whom Tristan Thompson allegedly 'cheated on Khloe with' claims she is pregnant
  542. Aziz Ansari makes rare public appearance at Knicks game, as cloud of sexual misconduct hovers
  543. Mariah Carey opens up about her nearly two-decade-long fight with bipolar disorder
  544. Stan Lee accuses daughter and three others of trying to gain control of assets and property, claims 'elder abuse'
  545. Where to watch the Royal Wedding? NBC's Royal Wedding: Harry and Meghan has got you covered
  546. Blake Lively confesses to photoshopping her photographs, but we can't tell the difference
  547. Tristan Thompson makes his return to basketball and gets booed after allegations he cheated on pregnant Khloe Kardashian
  548. Princess Meghan! What royal title will be given to Meghan Markle once she weds Prince Harry?
  549. Khloe Kardashian 'devastated' by news of boyfriend Tristan Thompson's alleged cheating
  550. PICS! Kendra Wilkinson parties with Tori Spelling days after filing for divorce from Hank Baskett
  551. Will Travis Scott be the next to cheat? Kylie Jenner insecure after Tristan Thompson cheating scandal blows up
  552. Cynthia Nixon supports legalization of marijuana to end the 'racist war on drugs'
  553. Lamar Odom 'would absolutely get back together' with Khloe Kardashian following Tristan's cheating scandal
  554. Real Housewives of New York star Luann de Lesseps celebrates her sobriety in a stunning white bikini
  555. After heartbreaking 2015 miscarriage, Lady Antebellum singer Hillary Scott gives birth to twins
  556. Khloe Kardashian wants Tristan Thompson in the delivery room despite cheating scandal
  557. Roseanne star Emma Kenney to seek treatment for her "battles": Will she leave the show?
  558. Hilary Swank says fans are often outraged she's not Jennifer Garner, and her reaction takes the cake
  559. The Rock for 2020: Why Dwayne Johnson should seriously consider running for President, but as a Republican!
  560. Meghan Markle's sister blasts her on Twitter for inviting 2,000 strangers to the Royal Wedding but not her own family
  561. Sophie Turner loves her fiance Joe Jonas but her career will always be the greatest thing in her life
  562. 7 celebrities who ended up cheating on their pregnant wives and girlfriends
  563. Prince William may have accidentally revealed the gender of his baby, as Duchess of Cambridge prepares for the big day
  564. She's finally here! Khloe Kardashian gives birth to baby girl, with Tristan reportedly by her side
  565. Alex Rodriguez furious about claims that he stiffed his ex-wife on child support payment
  566. It's a girl! Jamie Lynn Spears and hubby Jamie Watson welcome first child together
  567. Brad Pitt wants someone like his good friend George Clooney's wife, someone who can intellectually stimulate him
  568. Khloe Kardashian's fans tear Tristan Thompson apart calling her newborn 'Revenge Baby'
  569. Meet Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo, the nanny to the Royal Family
  570. X Men actor Sir Patrick Stewart shares his domestic violence story and urges victims to seek help
  571. Hugh Jackman lends support to bullied girl who said she was threatened and asked to kill herself
  572. Khloe Kardashian has 'basically already forgiven' Tristan Thompson after welcoming daughter
  573. Gwyneth Paltrow heads off to a fun getaway in tropical Mexico for her bachelorette party
  574. Justin Bieber SoulCycles with Baskin Champion fueling rumors that he and Selena Gomez are over for good
  575. Charlize Theron admits that she has her share of 'bad days' and says her kids can be 'a--holes' too
  576. "I make sacrifices": Kendra Wilkinson calls out mommy haters criticizing her for partying with friends
  577. Nicki Minaj admits being caught in Drake and Meek feud was the 'hardest part' of her career
  578. Meghan Markle visits Chicago to finalize UK visa days before royal wedding
  579. Meghan Markle is not a royal as yet but her attendance at two key Commonwealth meetings is an indication of her future role
  580. Cliff Richard drags BBC to court, for a "very serious invasion" of his privacy
  581. Antoni Porowksi from Netflix's Queer Eye may just as well switch careers after this hot photoshoot
  582. Liam Payne rules out plans for baby number two with Cheryl following their Maldives vacation
  583. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is shockingly unrecognizable as she steps out sporting gray hair
  584. PICS! Heidi Klum enjoys a hot holiday with boyfriend Tom Kaulitz
  585. Tristan Thompson is a serial cheater, and signs say he will do it again
  586. French police arrests man in connection with Kim Kardashian's 2016 Paris robbery
  587. These 12 celebrities admitted to some crazy things on 'Watch What Happens Live'
  588. Hollywood Medium Tyler Henry may have predicted that Tristan Thomson would cheat on Khloe Kardashian back in 2017
  589. Elizabeth Hurley models her swimwear line and gets slammed online as an 'attention seeker' for posting bikini photos
  590. Kylie Jenner debuts new hairdo while taking Stormi out for a stroll
  591. Prince Philip in 'good spirits' as he leaves hospital after hip operation
  592. Actor Will Ferrell rushed to hospital after car accident, leaving one seriously wounded
  593. Fans show support for Imogen Thomas after she shares heartbreaking family news
  594. The Simpsons showrunner says he will try to find the "right" answer to Apu controversy
  595. Meghan Markle is breaking royal protocol, and it's exactly what the monarchy needs | OPINION
  596. Kanye West threatens to kick Tristan Thompson's a** after rumors that he cheated on Khloe
  597. Former Miami Dolphins cheerleader alleges she was mocked over her virginity and Christian faith in complaint
  598. Celine Dion's ear surgery could mean she will never sing again
  599. Charlize Theron reveals she considered leaving America with her two children due to rising racism
  600. Gabrielle Union couldn't care less about Tristan Thompson, here's her response to being spotted in one of the cheating videos
  601. Kings of Leon's Nathan Followill and wife Jessie Baylin welcome their first son
  602. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle plan to honor Princess Diana in a very special way at their summer wedding
  603. The actress who accused Jeffrey Tambor of sexual misconduct says it would be justice if 'Transparent' comes back
  604. Kanye West is writing a philosophy book on why society is 'obsessed with photographs'
  605. Zayn Malik confesses he wanted to be in love with Gigi Hadid forever
  606. Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson '100 percent committed' to moving past cheating scandal
  607. Will Ferrell unhurt and released from hospital following car accident
  608. Steve Harvey sued for $2 million by fitness model who says he made her look 'slutty'
  609. Tina Fey, Viola Davis, and others showcase 'Power of Woman' at Variety's annual event
  610. Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham defends letting her daughter watch her getting butt injections
  611. Cardi B has some advice for Khloe Kardashian amidst the Tristan Thompson infidelity scandal
  612. Britney Spears posts romantic video of her spinning and dancing with her boyfriend Sam Asghari
  613. Carrie Underwood courageously shares her full-face picture months after terrible accident
  614. Jamie Lynn Spears feels 'complete' watching daughter Maddie 'fall in love' with her baby sister
  615. Wrestlers John Cena and Nikki Bella break up after six years of dating
  616. Kate Moss on the path to sobriety as she gives up drinking after 25 years of wild partying
  617. Gwyneth Paltrow rumored to be married to Brad Falchuk after celebrities attend 'secret wedding' party
  618. The Weeknd was spotted packing in a lot of PDA with ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid at Coachella
  619. Emily Ratajkowski's latest pic has fans convinced that she is pregnant
  620. Khloe Kardashian drops $4,000 just on baby girl's travel items including stroller and diaper bag
  621. Nicole Kidman updates fans on how it feels to work with Meryl Streep on Big Little Lies season 2
  622. Justin Bieber hailed as a hero after he punches man accused of grabbing a woman by the throat at Coachella
  623. Sofia Richie shares 'parental duties' with Scott Disick, as Kourtney Kardashian parties at Coachella
  624. Scandal-hit Ant McPartlin is expected to plead guilty to drink-driving charges
  625. Luke Bryan jokes that Blake Shelton should marry Gwen Stefani before she visits the optometrist
  626. R. Lee Ermey, who played sadistic Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in Full Metal Jacket, dies at 74
  627. John Stamos and wife Caitlyn McHugh welcome their first child, and we're still smiling
  628. Coachella's right-wing owner Philip Anschutz faces flak for reportedly supporting anti-LGBT and pro-gun politicians
  629. Shutting down break up rumors in style, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman were seen cuddling on the AMC awards red carpet
  630. Want to witness the royal wedding? From hotels to flights, these tips will make your Windsor trip memorable
  631. Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Rihanna spotted partying at Coachella
  632. Split with John Cena has broken Nikki Bella's heart
  633. Let's proceed with caution before we paint Khloé Kardashian as the victim in this cheating scandal
  634. Bill Cosby sexual assault retrial: Andrea Constand shares how the star claimed ignorance of encounter
  635. Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson announce name of their baby daughter
  636. Victims give a traumatic insight into 'daddy' R. Kelly's alleged 'sex cult'
  637. An 'ashamed and mortified' Ant McPartlin asked to pay a hefty fine after he confesses to drinking and driving
  638. Green Planet documentary shows that Queen Elizabeth is no fuddy duddy
  639. Blake Shelton admits he thinks about marrying Gwen Stefani but it's not going to be any time soon
  640. Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria got her Hollywood Walk of Fame star as her celeb friends cheered her on
  641. Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart skip Coachella and head out for a romantic vacation
  642. Kris Jenner explains why Khloe Kardashian named her baby girl True Thompson
  643. Emma Watson's romance with boyfriend Chord Overstreet seems to be a positive influence on him
  644. Brody Jenner says Tristan Thompson and Khloe Kardashian drama is a complete 'mess'
  645. 'Papa' Steven Tyler cradles pregnant Kate Hudson's belly and gives 'some good hugs'
  646. Coachella owner confirms his stance on LGBTQ rights after facing immense backlash over his right-wing stand
  647. Leo goes undercover in Coachella in the worst disguise as he cuddles with Camila Morrone
  648. Ian Somerhalder seems to be jumping from one vampire show to another, given his newest Netflix project
  649. Paris Hilton opens up in a documentary about the lonely life of fame in 'American Meme'
  650. In defense of Anne Hathaway: Unfazed by trolls and bullies, the Oscar winner maintains a thick skin in showbiz
  651. BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans and his wife are expecting twins
  652. "Policing women’s bodies is misogynistic and frankly pretty boring," says Insta star Lindsey Pelas
  653. John Oliver buys Russell Crowe's jockstrap to save a Blockbuster store in Alaska
  654. If you are not invited to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding reception, worry's how it's likely to go down
  655. Nikki Bella's sister Brie was concerned that Nikki was sacrificing way too much to be with John Cena
  656. President Trump praises wife Melania, calls her his 'rock and foundation' amidst alleged cheating scandals
  657. True Thompson's Instagram account already has over 144k followers and is growing by the second
  658. George Michael's boyfriend reveals that he will resort to selling the dead star's possessions for his survival
  659. The DailyMail fires reporter for calling a contestant on Bachelor, a 'vapid c*** '
  660. Gordon Ramsay makes shocking revelation of attempting to go vegan after years of mocking it
  661. Singer Jessie James Decker posts an adorable picture of her newborn son for fans to see
  662. It was ultimately the Queen Mother's death that allowed Prince Charles to propose to Camilla Parker Bowles
  663. LeBron James wants Tristan Thompson benched as alleged cheating scandal makes things awkward
  664. Nicholas Hoult and girlfriend Bryana Holly welcome their first child
  665. Rob Kardashian begging sister Khloe to break up with Tristan Thompson after cheating rumors
  666. Dangerous intentions: Taylor Swift's most recent stalker was arrested while armed with a knife, live ammunition and black rope
  667. Kylie Jenner gets mom shamed by 'parent police' for leaving baby Stormi at home for Coachella
  668. Abby Lee Miller's surgeon reveals that the star 'was going to die' following her spinal infection
  669. Ariel Winter stands up to an internet troll who called her 'thirsty' on Instagram
  670. Kate Walsh shares an update on the healthy lifestyle she has been leading post her brain tumor surgery
  671. Paris Hilton brags that she and Chris Zylka would never have a cheating scandal like Khloe-Tristan
  672. Meghan Markle will reportedly have two wedding dresses
  673. Khloe Kardashian hasn't spoken to Tristan Thompson after cheating videos surfaced
  674. Robert Delaney shares beautiful picture of his late son on what would have been his third birthday
  675. Rachel Platten finally speaks up and apologizes over her botched singing of the national anthem
  676. Scientology smackdown: Inside the crazy feud between Tom Cruise and John Travolta
  677. Prince William loves to chow down on Nando's Chicken
  678. Evan Rachel Wood, star of 'Westworld', reveals she was paid less than her male co-stars
  679. The Queen's last homebred corgi, Willow, passes away at age 15
  680. These are the crazy rules that Kanye West makes wife Kim Kardashian follow
  681. Meghan Markle makes royal history by speaking at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting
  682. Homeland actor Claire Danes is expecting a second child with Hugh Dancy
  683. "Divorce sucks!": Chris Pratt spills the beans on life after his split with Anna Faris
  684. Cool mom Olivia Wilde says that she is not forcing her son Otis into doing 'boy' things
  685. Crown Chronicles: Meghan Markle has made sure that her sacrifice of the big Hollywood dream is not for nothing
  686. Abby Lee Miller has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
  687. Tom Cruise stepping into dad shoes as he sends gifts to daughter Suri on her birthday
  688. Tina Turner makes her first red carpet appearance in five years and she looks fabulous
  689. Senator Bernie Sanders says 'Cardi B is right' about her views on social security
  690. Kylie Jenner celebrates sister Kourtney Kardashian's birthday in shades of nude
  691. Wrestler Bruno Sammartino dies aged 82: Remembering the greatest wrestler to have ever graced the sport
  692. Breaking royal protocol? Meghan Markle's $1,995 sleeveless dress at the Commonwealth Youth Forum termed as 'inappropriate'
  693. Patrick J. Adams still debating over what to give Meghan Markle and Prince Harry as a wedding gift
  694. Meghan Markle's sister asks Prince Harry to 'man up' but falls flat on her face
  695. Robert F Kennedy Jr's daughter devastated after billionaire boyfriend passes away in rehab retreat
  696. Paula Patton steps out with her married boyfriend in New York
  697. Meet the next generation of Duggars!
  698. Jenna Dewan returns to her dancing roots following her split from Channing Tatum
  699. How Jennifer Garner reinvented herself through Instagram
  700. Ireland Baldwin is 'smoking' hot as she celebrates weed day in sheer lingerie
  701. Barbara Bush wasn't a fan of The Simpsons until she received a warm letter from Marge
  702. In latest barrage, Robert De Niro claims he has a new nickname for Trump...among other things
  703. Carrie Underwood reveals details of her horrific fall for the first time after the accident
  704. Destiny's Child singer Michelle Williams is engaged: How pain brought her closer to fiancé Chad Johnson
  705. Magician David Copperfield forced to reveal the truth behind his magic trick in court, after negligence allegations
  706. Teen Mom stars Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie might be getting a divorce: ‘They can’t stand each other’
  707. Kathleen Turner recalls falling for co-star Michael Douglas during filming of 'Romancing the Stone'...until his wife arrived
  708. Alex Rodriguez's 'nephew' held for ransom over a Lamborghini car sale in New York
  709. Blake Shelton's ex-girlfriend had posters of Gwen Stefani plastered all over her bedroom
  710. Justin Theroux spotted with model Erika Cardenas in NYC while Jennifer Anniston attends charity event despite injuries
  711. Meredith Vieira's statement in Matt Lauer's $100 million divorce case could just break him
  712. Brad Pitt is so 'infatuated' with rumored girlfriend Neri Oxman, he calls her "multiple times a day"
  713. Superbike legend Carl Fogarty slams Ant McPartlin; tells him to 'man up' by not making rehab an excuse for mistakes
  714. Channing Tatum hearts Jenna Dewan's lingerie picture on Instagram while she gets rid of 'Tatum' in her name
  715. Chloë Grace Moretz throws subtle shade at Brooklyn Beckham with just an accessory
  716. In defense of Ellen DeGeneres: Comedy royalty has proved her doubters wrong with 30 years of TV gold
  717. Ashley Graham shuts down bodyshamer who said she wasn't a "real model" due to her weight
  718. Javier Bardem defends Woody Allen and says he is 'shocked' by the treatment being meted out to him
  719. ‘How To Get Away With Murder' actress Karla Souza surprises fans by introducing her baby after secret pregnancy
  720. Joe Rogan slams Hollywood over its hypocrisy on gun control
  721. Holly Willoughby and Nicole Appleton look ravishing after a night at the opera
  722. Celebrity chef asks her fans if they've tried a "spit roast", and their response forced her to delete her post
  723. Brie Bella quashes rumors, says she'll "always love" John Cena
  724. We need to talk about powerful, silent spectators who allowed monsters like Matt Lauer to thrive | OPINION
  725. Baby Bond! Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig are expecting their first child together
  726. Natalie Portman backs out of Jewish prize over 'recent events' in Israel
  727. Lesbian mother advised to have sex with a man to register their newborn in the country
  728. Kourtney Kardashian ditches the clothes for 'V Magazine', to promote Kylie Cosmetics Collaboration
  729. British Bulldog's son Davey Boy Smith Jr wanted by cops after fight with Jake "The Snake" Roberts
  730. Jenna Dewan gets divorced-shamed for dropping her married name and posting a photograph in lingerie
  731. Ronnie cheated on pregnant girlfriend while filming Jersey Shore: Family Vacation
  732. 8 Celebrity children who have grown up to be amazing and beautiful people
  733. Sinead O’Connor claims that Prince 'worshipped the devil' and 'battered women while high'
  734. Glee's Kevin McHale decides to officially 'come out' with some help from Ariana Grande
  735. Morgan Freeman was involved sexually with his late step-granddaughter, says killer boyfriend
  736. Bill and Giuliana Rancic reveal the secret to keeping a marriage strong when you spend a lot of time apart
  737. Michael J. Fox recovering well from spinal surgery, and can't wait to get "back on the golf course"
  738. Florida woman who claimed to have DNA proof suggesting she is late David Cassidy's love child is lying, says half-sister
  739. Jeffrey Dean Morgan reveals how he helped his wife Hilarie Burton deliver both their kids
  740. Fans rally around Jenny Mollen after she shares shocking picture of postpartum weight loss and reveals she may have Graves' disease
  741. Prince Charles embroiled in racism row after saying woman "doesn’t look like she’s from Manchester"
  742. 'Dance Moms' star Abby Lee Miller shares hospital selfie after cancer scare
  743. Johnny Depp's daughter Lily-Rose is slowly taking the fashion world by storm
  744. Kylie Minogue says she was 'deluded' about relationship with Joshua Sasse, which led to 'slow, steady nervous breakdown'
  745. Jackson family fears Paris has 'lost it,' as her wild antics ‘spiral out of control’
  746. Tristan Thompson's girl-on-the-side returns to spotlight as Khloe Kardashian goes silent on Instagram
  747. Pippa Middleton pregnant a year after her wedding to James Matthews, sister Kate is 'delighted'
  748. Shania Twain says she would have voted for Donald Trump but angry fan reactions make her regret her words
  749. Ewan McGregor enjoys a red carpet date with daughter Clara just days after her steamy Playboy shoot
  750. Meghan Markle's niece defends her, tells family to stop 'ripping itself apart' over royal wedding
  751. Germaine Greer opens up on 60 Minutes and predicts that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s marriage won’t last
  752. Brie Bella says she wants to 'protect' Nikki after her split from John Cena
  753. John Stamos talks about life after welcoming his son Billy: 'I cry a lot'
  754. Robin Thicke’s girlfriend April Love Geary hits back at haters who criticized her breastfeeding photo on social media
  755. Ivana Trump feels that Vanessa may not get a new man easily and Donald Trump should just 'play golf and enjoy his wealth'
  756. Farrah Abraham's father falsely accused of attacking Kailyn Lowry over her private parts
  757. The Queen's epic eye roll when Prince Charles calls her 'mummy' during her birthday concert is priceless
  758. Why the friendship between Jennifer Aniston and Selena Gomez is one of a kind
  759. Eminem celebrates 10 years of being sober with an extremely inspirational photo
  760. Famous celebrities who managed to destroy their own careers with one bad interview
  761. Royal baby number three is here! Kate gives birth to a baby boy
  762. Korie Robertson fell in love with Willie in third grade and reveals it in a sweet birthday message to him
  763. Richard Gere secretly gets married to Spanish girlfriend Alejandra Silva
  764. Selena Gomez can’t seem to get Justin Bieber off her mind
  765. First pictures of the newest royal baby out, and Kate Middleton looks ravishing
  766. Dwayne Johnson and partner Lauren Hashian welcome new baby girl
  767. Pregnant Kate Hudson rocks her baby bump in an itsy bitsy red bikini
  768. Paris Jackson slams relatives who think that she is headed for a 'serious meltdown'
  769. Antonio Banderas says he will love ex-wife Melanie Griffith 'until the day I die'
  770. Camilla Parker Bowles was once spooked by a ghost at one of Prince Charles’ mansions and Twitter says it's Diana!
  771. Barack Obama reportedly sent a letter to Malia's boyfriend apologizing to him
  772. Psychologists explain how the birth order of Prince William and Kate Middleton's third baby will affect its personality
  773. 'The Biggest Loser' star Jillian Michaels says she was left speechless when daughter said 'gay people were gross'
  774. Kym Johnson and Robert Herjavec share their happiness on being blessed with twins
  775. Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry threatens co-star Jenelle Evans and signals the start of a new feud: ‘I’m coming for you!’
  776. Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent devastated as she posts an emotional tribute to her dad after his death
  777. Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick may have married his model girlfriend amid sexual assault allegations
  778. Amber Portwood breaks down on Teen Mom OG reunion after ex Gary Shirley's rude comments about her
  779. A look back at what the royal mums wore after giving birth to their little ones
  780. Allison Mack allegedly approached Kelly Clarkson and Emma Watson on Twitter to interest them in joining the sex cult
  781. Blake Shelton takes a playful dig at Luke Bryan for his offer to officiate his wedding with Gwen Stefani
  782. What will Prince William and Kate Middleton name their third baby?
  783. Shania Twain and other celebs who've had a love-hate relationship with Donald Trump
  784. Is Heather Locklear joining the cast of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'?
  785. Vanderpump Rules: Jax Taylor breaks up with Brittany Cartwright after morning sex
  786. Barack and Michelle Obama have invited themselves for a pajama party with royal baby no. 3
  787. Catelynn Lowell recounts suicidal thoughts at 'Teen Mom OG' reunion, as hubby Tyler Baltierra reveals his battle with bipolar disorder
  788. Rihanna teases her upcoming lingerie collection Savage x Fenty by modelling it herself and... we need a minute
  789. Meek Mill set to be released from prison, vows to use his platform for less fortunate people of color
  790. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle unveil an eclectic music lineup for their wedding ceremony
  791. Miranda Lambert has given her blessings to ex Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani
  792. Will he do it now? Gwen Stefani's kids are reportedly pressuring Blake Shelton to pop the big question
  793. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos get bold, admit to wanting a threesome with Jimmy Kimmel and many others
  794. The true cost of Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's upcoming wedding
  795. Miranda Lambert may have found love again with singer Evan Felker
  796. 'Fixer Upper' star Joanna Gaines talks about how pregnancy is different at 40
  797. Princess Diaries: Obsessing over royal princesses and fooling ourselves with the celebrity worship syndrome
  798. Royal baby alert! Monaco's Andrea Casiraghi and Tatiana Santo Domingo welcome a son
  799. Kylie Jenner is very happy that she is back to her pre-baby weight making her sisters envious
  800. Katy Perry defends Justin Bieber after Lionel Richie disses his daughter Sofia’s ex
  801. 'Smallville' actress Allison Mack granted bail on $5 million in sex trafficking case
  802. Kanye West genuinely believes in god and doesn't think Kim Kardashian is a genius
  803. How Taylor Swift is preparing for another diss when Kanye drops his new album
  804. Isn't that adorable! Scarlett Johansson's daughter Rose thinks her mom works as a superhero for a living
  805. Married at First Sight's Shawniece Jackson has revealed that she is pregnant
  806. Did Miranda Lambert break up Evan Felker's marriage with Staci Nelson?
  807. Emma Kenney says 'Roseanne' is much more than just politics
  808. Jake Paul faces $2.5 million lawsuit for trashing rental home
  809. 'Never question my loyalty to Big Brother': Rylan Clark fires back over former winner Brian Belo's criticism of his hosting skills
  810. George H.W. Bush's one bizarre gift that won his wife Barbara's heart
  811. 'Keep this mess to yourselves': Chrissy Teigen on nasty feud between Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes
  812. Kim Kardashian's new perfume will come in bottles shaped like her body
  813. Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina loses actress' childhood home to foreclosure
  814. 'Vanderpump Rules' star Brittany Cartwright admits to altering her double chin with slimming injections
  815. Daddy Blues! Prince William spotted dozing off during Anzac Day service after welcoming royal baby no. 3
  816. Blake Shelton seemingly threw some major shade at his ex-wife Miranda Lambert with his 'Karma' tweet
  817. Chip Gaines fanboying over his wife Joanna outside 'Today' will melt your heart!
  818. 'I’ve waited 47 years for this moment': Pregnant 'RHOA' star Kenya Moore talks about motherhood after IVF
  819. Ex On The Beach's Ashley Cain and TOWIE's Yazmin Oukhellou are all set to party in Bristol this weekend
  820. John Cena gets candid about his split with Nikki Bella and says 'it sucks'
  821. Anne Hathaway warns body shamers in advance as she appears on the red carpet after gaining weight for a new role
  822. Morgan Freeman denies allegations of sexual misconduct made by granddaughter's killer
  823. Kim Kardashian is trying very hard to do damage control after Kanye West's tweets
  824. '90 Day Fiance' star Anfisa returns to Instagram with a new account after old one was suspended
  825. Prince William confirms that he will serve as the best man at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding
  826. Blake Griffin says he doesn't owe ex fiancée anything in palimony
  827. Russell Simmons breathes easy as $5 million sexual assault lawsuit against him is dismissed
  828. Shawn Mendes gushes about his friendship with John Mayer
  829. Paris Hilton's brother Conrad faces jail time for stealing ex-girlfriend's car in LA
  830. Irina Shayk reveals the secret behind her getting back in shape after giving birth
  831. Tech magician Tom London talks about wanting to be an inventer and connecting with people through his art
  832. 'Vanderpump Rules' star Faith Stowers to file a lawsuit against Stassi Schroeder over theft accusations
  833. Kim Zolciak-Biermann apologizes for her racist comments on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta', says they were edited out of context
  834. Ann Widdecombe slams Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for supporting LGBTQ rights
  835. Kelly Clarkson opens up about parenthood and how she manages her 'bossy' kids at home
  836. Uh oh! The Royal family's website might have slipped up and hinted at royal baby #3's name
  837. Halsey talks about her fierce battle with endometriosis and her plans to freeze her eggs
  838. Evan Felker's wife puts on a brave face as she reacts to reports of her husband's alleged affair with Miranda Lambert
  839. Royal sibling love: Prince Harry jokes about going down on one knee to ask Prince William to be his best man
  840. 'It's such a special day': Bindi Irwin tears up at father Steve Irwin's posthumous Walk of Fame ceremony
  841. The judgement of Hannibal Buress: How a stand-up routine from a comedian brought about the eventual fall of Bill Cosby
  842. Tonya Harding says she's finally getting some "respect" after the release of biopic I, Tonya
  843. New mother Kym Johnson Herjavec shares an adorable throwback photo of the twins after their birth
  844. Brandi Glanville responds to backlash after posting a nude photo of her "sexy mom" moment
  845. Tristan Thompson's first baby mama Jordan Craig is reportedly feeling left out after the birth of True Thompson
  846. Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino announces his engagement to girlfriend Lauren Pesce
  847. Prince Charles still hasn't seen his grandson while the rest of the royal family has visited William and Kate
  848. Mila Kunis was asked about a 'That '70's Show' revival and she doesn't say no
  849. His name is Louis Arthur Charles! Prince William and Kate Middleton reveal their son's name
  850. Serena Williams knew she was going to be mom to a girl because only a woman could handle the stress
  851. Hayley Atwell talks 'Howards End' and reveals she may be done playing Peggy Carter on 'Marvel's Agents of Shield'
  852. Kendra Wilkinson debuts brunette hair color after her split from Hank Baskett
  853. How director Nancy Meyers cast Lindsay Lohan while filming 'The Parent Trap' is a tale for the ages
  854. Who has the royal invite? A tentative guest list for Prince Harry's and Meghan Markle's royal wedding
  855. Comedian Russell Brand's mother badly injured in a hit-and-run case
  856. Avicii's secret relationship revealed? Model reveals couple was planning on starting family in a heartbreaking post
  857. Kim Kardashian drops huge hint about a sculpture while slamming accusations that she ripped off KKW Body's design
  858. Kim Kardashian opens up about Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe, calls it 'f****d up'
  859. Former Dolphins QB Jay Cutler could be getting his own reality show with wife Kristin Cavallari
  860. Prince William says "revenge is sweet" as he jokes about being Prince Harry's best man
  861. 'I lost my virginity while I was asleep': Amy Schumer opens up about her assault in a candid chat with Oprah
  862. The woman with the golden arm: This Bionic Bride overcame her fears and found true love
  863. The Hills' Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera are reportedly dating again, after splitting up eight years ago!
  864. Woman involved in a horrible accident all praise for eyeliner for staying put
  865. Former model Rebecca Zeni found eaten alive by mites in Georgia nursing home
  866. Tristan Thompson shocked after Kim Kardashian disses him on Ellen...well, if you can't do the time...
  867. Two decades of love and passion: The fairytale story of Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos
  868. "It was like being raped": Paris Hilton finally reveals what she went through after leaked 2004 sex tape
  869. Miranda Lambert's a "homewrecker", claims her new boyfriend's ex...and the singer is not happy!
  870. Mila Kunis gushes over Ashton Kutcher, calls him "world's greatest husband"
  871. Blac Chyna may be pregnant with YBN Almighty Jay’s baby
  872. Lea Michele gets engaged to Zandy Reich: Check out her enormous 4-carat ring!
  873. Jessica Simpson sets the Bahamas on fire with steaming hot vacation snaps: Take a look
  874. Kendra Wilkinson's BFF Jessica Hall reveals she is in 'great spirits' after filing for divorce with Hank Baskett
  875. Caroline Flack engaged to Andrew Brady after just three months of dating
  876. Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz Magro and his girlfriend Jen Harley air dirty laundry on Instagram
  877. Bikini clad Danniella Westbrook gets cozy with Chantelle Connelly in Gran Canaria
  878. Dancing with the Stars pro Peta Murgatroyd forced to miss tour show due to a 'scary' illness
  879. "I hope he rots in hell," says Bill Cosby accuser Janice Dickinson
  880. Hosts of 'The Real' say Mel B not too happy about being asked about Spice Girls royal wedding reunion
  881. Prince Louis would not have been a prince if the Queen hadn't stepped in to change royal rules
  882. Chris Harrison says that Bachelorette Becca empathizes with Arie post his breakup
  883. ABBA will not perform together even after promising new music
  884. Miley Cyrus is 'not sorry' for the nude picture she posed for 10 years ago
  885. Ex-boyfriend of Lady Gabriella Windsor claims to have sordid details about Princess Michael of Kent's racist past
  886. 'Twin Peaks' star Pamela Gidley passes away aged 52
  887. Ant McPartlin is seen for the first time after getting out of rehab but fans urge him to take time to recover
  888. Harvey Weinstein believes he will be forgiven by Hollywood, says Piers Morgan
  889. Police report reveals Teen Mom's Ryan Edwards was caught with heroin and 14 syringes
  890. The Bachelor’s Tenley Molzahn marries longtime boyfriend Taylor Leopold
  891. Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan reveals her new baby's gender and the dramatic way she found it out
  892. La Toya Jackson teases reading with Tyler Perry as she says she still receives messages from Michael Jackson
  893. Watch: Luann de Lesseps threatening to kill a police officer in a new video from her December arrest
  894. Gigi Hadid spotted kissing Zayn Malik, sparking rumors they are back together
  895. Dancing With The Stars athlete Jamie Anderson reveals the "terror" she felt while ball room dancing
  896. Seth Rogen says he will work with James Franco despite sexual harassment allegations
  897. Royal harassment: French photographer accused of groping Swedish crown princess Victoria at Nobel academy
  898. Family left heartbroken after daughter's death as doctors failed to detect serious brain damage in the girl
  899. Judge asks rape victim if she closed her legs to stop assault
  900. Florida man traveled 236 miles to kidnap and rape 10-year-old girl
  901. Teen apologizes after he was caught on camera laughing after throwing cat into brick wall
  902. North Korean leader Kim Jong-un mesmerized by K-pop girl band as tensions thaw
  903. Everything you need to know about Point Nemo, Earth's watery graveyard for spacecraft
  904. Kellyanne Conway is the biggest leaker, author of new book on White House says
  905. Teen shot and killed by store clerk for stealing beer
  906. David Hogg rejects Fox's Laura Ingraham's apology, says 'a bully is a bully'
  907. Muslim women told to discard hijab, stay at home ahead of galling 'Punish a Muslim Day'
  908. Huge Kenyan crack points to an Africa split in two
  909. Frank Stallone backs off after taunting Parkland survivor David Hogg, apologizes
  910. Prince Philip misses Easter mass after being hospitalized for hip surgery
  911. 11-year-old boy finally returns home, three years after he was shot in the head by his meth addict mom
  912. Man jailed for upto 10 years for abusing his dog so much that it had to be euthanized after being rescued
  913. Lorna Tucker's documentary on Vivienne Westwood is a fascinating story on the punk designer's untold life
  914. Father-of-two shot in the head in live video after friend played around with loaded gun
  915. President Trump asks judge for private arbitration in adult-film star Stormy Daniels' lawsuit
  916. Rogue pit bull chases down and attacks group of children, leaves three injured and hospitalized
  917. Female shooter at YouTube headquarters dead
  918. Princess Diana is the queen of people's hearts but few know about how she used the media to become one
  919. Jay-Z cried out of sheer happiness when his mother told him she was a lesbian
  920. University of Chicago officials release video of police officer shooting student
  921. New FBI footage from 2011 Tucson massacre shows gunman casually bought water moments before shooting rampage
  922. 'Fired Trump official' Dr. Evil will run for 2020 presidency to 'Make the World Evil Again'
  923. Adolf Hitler may have sired a son with French woman while serving as a soldier in 1917
  924. One dead, four injured in Trump Tower fire in New York City; firefighters hurt
  925. In Cambodia, fears tarantula may go off the menu
  926. US officials take down website, but no one has a clue why
  927. Move over Kim and Kylie: The IT girls of the 70s and the 80s were the real trailblazers, and here's what they're up to now
  928. Florida woman blames 'windy day' for cocaine found in her purse
  929. Man bites off NYPD officer's finger and swallows after being arrested for vandalism
  930. Six-year-old girl had requested to speak with judge who exonerated father before he violently killed her
  931. Russian senator claims that the Queen and Teresa May are heavy and unpleasant drinkers
  932. Dog which killed two of its owners and shows 'permanent aggression' may not be put down after public outrage
  933. Largest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook was a scam being run by an Australian man
  934. Ivanka Trump gets schooled by retired general over children's fitness tweet, says Trump admin has done nothing yet
  935. In Hollywood's ring, John Cena has an advantage over Dwayne Johnson
  936. Arizona mother arrested after toddler ate mac and cheese laced with THC
  937. REVEALED! Morgan Freeman's granddaughter E'Dena Hines' chilling last words before being brutally stabbed to death
  938. California Polytech University's frat brothers pose in blackface, gangster costumes in college's latest racist dust-up
  939. Sacramento police issue new rules about muting body cameras after protests against police killings
  940. Stunning Gold Coast meter maids cry foul over Commonwealth Games
  941. 'Why should we trust you?' Mark Zuckerberg asked on second day of grilling as he defends Facebook model
  942. Bill Cosby retrial: Dramatic testimony from accuser stuns court
  943. Award-winning The Handmaid's Tale author', Margaret Atwood, says 9/11 terrorists 'got the idea' from Star Wars
  944. Pennsylvania school district gives baseball bats to teachers in wake of Parkland shooting
  945. Turn off your phones: Scientists predict humanity will be wiped out by 2050
  946. CEO Carl Ferrer pleads guilty, says he knew site had become hub of online prostitution
  947. Parkland school teacher leaves a loaded gun in public bathroom, gets arrested
  948. 'I am going to die here': Ohio teen Kyle Plush crushed to death in minivan despite making multiple 911 calls
  949. Two-thirds of US millennials do not know what Auschwitz is, Holocaust study finds out
  950. Former supermodel Janice Dickinson says she hid Bill Cosby assault in her memoir because she feared for her career
  951. US says it's 'locked and loaded' to strike Syria what can Russia do now?
  952. Starbucks CEO apologizes as protests spark after video of two black men getting arrested at Philly outlet goes viral
  953. James Comey says Trump is 'morally unfit' to be president
  954. Renowned gay rights activist sets himself on fire in Brooklyn to protest global warming
  955. Messages like 'Rapist in the White House' were projected onto Trump Hotel for sexual awareness month
  956. 8-year-old boy slashes students with knife at Minnesota school, at least three injured
  957. National Guard troops along the US-Mexican border may be armed, officials say
  958. Video shows cops waited for over five minutes to help Stephon Clark thinking he was 'pretending' to be shot
  959. Timothy Olyphant reveals why he is not an Avenger, but it's mostly nonsense
  960. Barbara Bush: Reasons why we love former first lady and Republican matriarch
  961. Stormy Daniels to donate $130k to Planned Parenthood in Trump, Cohen's names if she wins case
  962. Everything you need to know about the Lyrid meteor shower this weekend
  963. Southwest plane tragedy: Mother-of-two killed after being sucked out of plane during mid-air engine explosion
  964. A love that never died: A look at Barbara and George HW Bush's storybook romance that lasted nearly 80 years
  965. North Carolina shooting: Two dead, 5 injured in shooting at a home in Asheville
  966. Tennessee lawmakers punish Memphis city for removing Confederate monuments
  967. Syracuse fraternity suspended over 'extremely racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic' video
  968. Abused boyfriend was '10 days away from death' before cops rescued him from abusive ex
  969. 911 operator who disconnected multiple emergency calls sentenced to jail
  970. People seem to think they know exactly who threatened Stormy Daniels as legal team swamped with tips
  971. The Queen urges world leaders to appoint Prince Charles as leader of Commonwealth before her 92nd birthday
  972. Princess Elizabeth in NYC for last ditch effort to rescue grandchild from horrific sex cult; Allison Mack arrested
  973. Girl with Down Syndrome reportedly blocked from Twitter for using 'pro-life' pictures
  974. 'Sadist' hairdresser gets life sentence in prison for deliberately infecting Grindr lovers with HIV
  975. Two black women attacked by 71-year-old white woman at Georgia restaurant revealed as Army captains
  976. Rocked by spate of vicious attacks, India approves death sentence for child rapists
  977. Alfie Evans: Parents of terminally-ill toddler lose last-ditch court appeal to prevent docs turning off life support
  978. Smallville actress Allison Mack arrested in connection with notorious sex cult NXIVM
  979. Bikini model who left her four kids at home alone with a loaded gun for 11 days while she vacationed in Europe, gets probation!
  980. Baby tragically dies after daycare worker drinks 10 beers before work; woman arrested for neglect
  981. Indiana abortion law signed by Vice President Mike Pence ruled unconstitutional by court
  982. Georgia town braces for neo-Nazi rally to be held on Saturday
  983. YouTuber gets 2 years in prison for feeding toothpaste-filled Oreos to homeless man
  984. How Japan's Akita dogs have captured hearts and homes across the globe
  985. Chicago White Sox pitcher Danny Farquhar in hospital after suffering a brain hemorrhage during MLB game
  986. Texas teacher asks eighth-grade students to list out 'positives' of slavery, school issues apology
  987. Mother accidentally shoots and kills two-year-old girl at Wickliffe hotel in Ohio
  988. Syracuse University permanently expels fraternity over 'extremely racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic' video
  989. Tennessee shooting: At least 4 killed, 4 others wounded in shooting at Waffle House
  990. Homeless man fatally stabs California father who was dining with five-year-old daughter
  991. Melania Trump seems to find Barack Obama extremely charming, as former POTUS has FLOTUS beaming
  992. Investigation opens into Kansas daycare that 'ties down' babies, with high risk of suffocation
  993. Thrillseeker survives being bitten by a tiger shark, a rattlesnake and a 300-pound bear in the last four years
  994. Former NFL star becomes the target of gun control advocates for innocent "Bad Boys II" joke
  995. Former Miss England contestant is jailed for two years for role in drive-by shooting that left a teen seriously injured
  996. Texas boy hit and killed by truck as students hold a walkout to protest gun violence
  997. California sits on a ticking tectonic time bomb; simulation's shocking new results reveal
  998. Man who stopped Tennessee Waffle House shooting from turning into a bloodbath says he's no hero
  999. Forbidden fruit: Woman fined $500 for carrying complementary snack off a Delta flight
  1000. Columbine High School shooting admirer who plotted to go on a shooting rampage sentenced to life imprisonment
  1001. Ruthless judge resigns after defendant whom she lambasted dies from breathing problems three days later
  1002. Stormy Daniels' lawyer warns Trump about having DVD evidence of his affair with the adult-film star
  1003. Mom arrested after her 7-year-old son went to school high on crack
  1004. What we know about the victims of the horrific Waffle House mass shooting
  1005. Alfie Evans: Toddler granted Italian citizenship, parents hope to take him to Rome
  1006. Colin Kaepernick decries 'lawful lynching' while accepting Amnesty International Award previously won by Nelson Mandela
  1007. Furious mother demands apology from the pub that told her to "control kids or leave"
  1008. Viral video of white policemen wrestling black woman to the ground at an Alabama Waffle House sparks protests
  1009. US authorities capture Tennessee Waffle House shooting suspect: police
  1010. Nine people dead as van mounts curb in Toronto and hits pedestrians; driver arrested
  1011. Former US president George HW Bush in intensive care less than 24 hours after laying wife Barbara to rest
  1012. The tragic story of little Alfie Evans: The baby who came to define the "quality of life" debate
  1013. French plumber claiming to be the grandson of Hitler is getting a DNA test done to prove his ancestry
  1014. Rowdy American Airlines passenger tased 10 times and forcibly removed for 'fondling' a female passenger next to him
  1015. Toronto van attack: 'Cop deserves a medal' hero police officer praised for single-handedly arresting suspect
  1016. Man studying hallucinogenic medicine lynched by Peruvian mob after being accused of killing village shaman
  1017. Woman cuts off boyfriend's genitals with garden shears for allegedly sharing sex tape with friends
  1018. 17-year-old girl finds true love in 44-year-old double divorcee whom she met online
  1019. Petition for the removal of hateful professor who insulted Barbara Bush on her demise reaches 16,000 signatures
  1020. Toronto van attack: Suspect identified as 25-year-old Alek Minnasian is due in court on Tuesday
  1021. The strange case of Bobby Bostic, the man handed a 241-year sentence for crimes he committed when he was 16
  1022. Experts at Johns Hopkins successfully perform world's first penis transplant on a war veteran
  1023. US Border Patrol agent accused of murdering teenage Mexican acquitted; feds may consider retrial
  1024. Police justify use of force on black woman in Alabama Waffle House, releases video and witness testimony
  1025. First Lady Melania Trump's White House state dinner looks like an experience fit for god
  1026. Parkland shooting survivor questioned by school authorities for visiting gun range with father
  1027. NRA supporters are blowing Yeti coolers after firm pulls out of discount coupon program
  1028. BREAKING! Air ambulance arrives to spirit baby Alfie Evans to Italy as world watches a young life cling to hope and faith
  1029. 'Never seen before' mysterious Arctic ice circles baffle scientists at NASA
  1030. Montgomery County prosecutors lash out at comedy icon Bill Cosby calling him a 'serial predator'
  1031. A man tried to molest this US powerlifter...oh boy, did he regret it
  1032. Parkland survivor David Hogg announces release date for his book 'Never Again' on gun control
  1033. Seven-year-old 'superhuman' kid has five organs transplanted in one operation
  1034. Kanye West's tweets, songs in support of Trump sparks off debate and concern about his mental health
  1035. Woman feared to be kidnapped by boyfriend in Oklahoma is said to be in no danger
  1036. Waffle House shooter put in solitary cell and given an 'anti-suicide smock' to wear
  1037. California secession advocates get the green signal to start collecting signatures on petition
  1038. Japan's elderly are so alone that many will do anything to get into prison, where they hope they will be cared for
  1039. British lawyer twins face jail time in Dubai for allegedly assaulting policewoman while drunk
  1040. 2 Dallas officers shot at and critically wounded in shooting at Home Depot; suspect arrested
  1041. President Trump's Veteran Affairs pick nicknamed 'candy man' for handing out prescription drugs
  1042. High School student who posted a racist 'promposal' will not be attending prom or graduation
  1043. Group of Good Samaritan truckers line up to make a safety net under a bridge after a man threatens suicide
  1044. A mother has been convicted of abusing and murdering her 3-year-old daughter in West Virginia
  1045. Golf club calls police over five black women 'playing too slow'
  1046. Alfie Evans' father threatens to prosecute three NHS doctors on conspiracy to murder son
  1047. Judge rules in favor of bar that kicked out patron for wearing "Make America Great Again" hat
  1048. YouTube video thumbnails feature bestiality images after site promised to moderate videos
  1049. Texas Democrats face backlash after cropping Melania Trump out of viral presidents' photo
  1050. Father-to-be construction worker shot by random stranger who wanted a cigarette
  1051. Joy Reid tries damage control tactics by claiming that her blog was 'hacked'
  1052. British GP who ran away with $5,60,000 of NHS money found dead with lover on holiday island
  1053. After four decades of carnage, the Golden State Killer has been's how it happened
  1054. Pit bull attacks woman who asked its owner to take it off a seat on the subway
  1055. Mother wakes up from a coma to face tragic news of the death of her four children in a house fire
  1056. Antiques dealer admitted to killing his daughter before murder trial
  1057. Waffle House shooting hero James Shaw Jr raises more than $150,000 for victims
  1058. SIblings with severe nut allergy told to ‘spend 7 and half hour flight in plane toilet’ by Emirates attendant
  1059. Patton Oswalt talks about how his wife's obsessive search for The Golden State Killer finally led to his arrest after 40 years
  1060. Trump says he doesn't watch much TV to keep his 'sanity' and then details what exactly he does watch
  1061. GUILTY! Bill Cosby found guilty on all counts at sexual assault trial
  1062. Horrific footage shows man walking through alley holding wife's decapitated head while smoking a cigarette
  1063. Lawyer from hell kidnaps victim who owed him $60 and threatens to cut off his genitals with bolt cutters
  1064. Drone footage captures four sharks and a crocodile 'binging' on dead whale carcass
  1065. President Trump tells White House reporters' children: 'You ask better questions than your parents!'
  1066. American Airlines sued for 'wrongful death' of 25-year-old nurse on its flight
  1067. Pro-Trump social media stars Diamond and Silk appear to lie under oath about Trump campaign payment
  1068. Ken Bone's son suspended from school after he tweets photo of him practicing at a gun range
  1069. Man wearing MAGA hat arrested after allegedly pushing Mexican migrant onto subway tracks
  1070. In quest for immortality scientists keep pig's brain alive outside its body in breakthrough experiment
  1071. Mom delivers her own baby, alone in a hotel room...with a little help from YouTube videos
  1072. Baby Alfie Evans dies, 5 days after doctors took him off life support, amidst titanic legal battles
  1073. Hero firefighter from New York rescues three girls stuck in North Carolina riptide
  1074. A new perspective on juggling two full jobs: employment and motherhood
  1075. Shocking video shows San Francisco commuters walking through a BART station filled with drug abusers
  1076. Meet Hilton, the world's most famous Great White shark...and he's just been spotted off the Florida coast
  1077. Father enraged after reading sexually explicit question in daughter's homework assignment
  1078. Jessica Chichester came 5th in the Boston Marathon, but didn't receive a penny of the $15,000 the fifth-placed male runner got
  1079. Does love have a heartbeat? Mother's decision to post pics of her stillborn baby online sees internet erupt with venom
  1080. 12-year-old boy steals mom's credit card and flies to Bali after an argument with parents
  1081. Grandmother uses her lethal 'Manstopper' on machete-wielding thugs who broke into her home
  1082. Siblings reunite for first time after horror car crash killed their parents and baby sister
  1083. Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks says Republicans are retiring en masse due to fear of assassination
  1084. Woman pleads guilty to weapons charge after officials stunned to find her hiding a .380 caliber pistol in body cavity
  1085. Little Alfie Evans's final moments revealed: Dad Thomas continued to resuscitate toddler till the tragic end
  1086. French First Lady Brigitte Macron shock claim that "strong" Melania Trump is "trapped" in the White House
  1087. Sex offenders found tied to bench, assaulted and covered in paint
  1088. Woman who had a bucket list wish to take a life before 25 found guilty of teen's murder
  1089. Parkland shooting survivors call out NRA on its hypocrisy over gun ban during Mike Pence's speech
  1090. Mother shot after she attacked officers trying to save her daughter
  1091. Three US Marines accused of rape and sexual assault of a Tulane University student and her guest
  1092. 'Laguna Beach' alum Jason Wahler reveals how he relapsed in his battle against alcohol addiction
  1093. Caravan of migrants at US border who were turned away by border patrol vow to wait until granted asylum
  1094. This student auctioned her virginity to a Wall Street banker, only to find that he was her soul mate
  1095. Georgia doctor arrested after allegedly threatening to slit employee's throat and roll head 'down a hallway'
  1096. Minnesota grandmother's arrest captured in surveillance video after she killed 2
  1097. Over 50 underage girls in four states were sent creepy packages at school; FBI on alert
  1098. Manchester police are desperately searching for parents of mauled baby found in Rochdale
  1099. Michelle Wolf's controversial WHCA dinner speech faces severe backlash for poor taste and lewd remarks
  1100. Bipolar man sues lifeguard, law enforcement after they save him from drowning
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