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  456. Meghan Markle wanted St George's Chapel to be sprayed with air fresheners before wedding, but Queen rejected demand
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  459. Furious Kate Middleton reportedly shut Meghan Markle up for being rude to her staff; palace denies row
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  472. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner to wed in France next summer after brother Nick Jonas married Priyanka Chopra in India
  473. Royal insiders urge Meghan Markle to take the Queen's help to deal with rumors of rift with Kate Middleton
  474. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas end three-day celebrations with elaborate Hindu wedding ceremony
  475. Ellen DeGeneres gives Julia Roberts a huge fake Kardashian cleavage as a tip to help increase her social media followers
  476. Priyanka Chopra's first wedding gift from Mama Jonas is a pair of $80K earrings from a luxury French jeweler
  477. Duchess of style: Kylie Jenner has more influence than Meghan Markle when it comes to fashion and setting trends
  478. Jennifer Aniston reveals gritty details of bitter feud with mom Nancy Dow: 'I did not come out the model child she's hoped for'
  479. Makeup mogul Kat Von D welcomes first child with husband Leafar Seyer in a drug-free home birth
  480. Prince William and Kate will spend Christmas with Meghan and Prince Harry as palace tries to play down rumors of feud between the two families
  481. Dennis Quaid reveals he would use 2 grams of cocaine a day during the height of his crippling drug addiction in the 1980s
  482. Ariana Grande covers up tribute tattoo to Pete Davidson's dad with name of ex Mac Miller's dog, 'Myron'
  483. Mel B reveals all about fling with Peter Andre, says she would call him up in the middle of the night for a booty call
  484. Tekashi 6ix9ine was confronted by Crips gang members at Brooklyn facility forcing authorities to transfer rapper to safer prison
  485. Sarah Hyland's 14-year-old cousin killed by alleged drunk driver; actor donates $1,000 to GoFundMe page and asks fans to help
  486. Vanessa Feltz says she was only 'half-serious' about wanting to 'breastfeed' her grandson: "It was metaphorical"
  487. 'Dog The Bounty Hunter' star Beth Chapman returns home to Colorado after cancer surgery against doctors' advice
  488. Newlyweds Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra seen walking hand-in-hand as they head to Delhi for wedding reception
  489. Nicole Kidman refuses to speak about Tom Cruise 'out of respect' for husband Keith Urban
  490. Kylie Jenner posts Instagram Story featuring beau Travis Scott with diamond ring emoji, sparks engagement rumors again
  491. Eddie Murphy becomes a father for the 10th time, welcomes baby boy with fiancée Paige Butcher
  492. Amy Schumer says 'nemesis' Meghan Markle looks better than her and wears high heels during pregnancy
  493. Jackie Chan calls himself a 'a real 'b***ard' as he admits to cheating on his wife, visiting prostitutes and being an abusive father
  494. Willow Smith has forgiven father Will Smith for being "harsh" to her following her 'Whip My Hair' fame
  495. Princess Diana secretly attended gay bar party disguised as drag queen with longtime friend Freddie Mercury, reveals memoir
  496. Youtube star Ross Smith says he is Robin to his 92-year-old grandmother's Batman
  497. PETA slams Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra for animal abuse during their extravagant wedding
  498. ‘I murdered myself’: Sarah Ferguson admits her divorce from Prince Andrew left her devastated
  499. 17-year-old 'Coronation Street' actor Alex Bain welcomes baby girl with 16-year-old girlfriend
  500. 'It's all rubbish': Queen Elizabeth finds royal protocol tedious, claims Michelle Obama
  501. Kate Middleton stuns in tartan skirt and cashmere top as Kensington Palace throws Christmas party for RAF families
  502. #MeToo: Where are all the sexual harassers and predators now
  503. Cardi B and Offset's headlong romance comes to an end just a few months after daughter's birth
  504. 'America's Next Top Model' alum Jael Strauss dies at 34 after battle with breast cancer
  505. Gwen Stefani shoots down rumors of engagement with Blake Shelton, says he's still her 'boyfriend'
  506. Madonna reignites old feud with Lady Gaga, accuses her of copying her catchphrase from the 80s
  507. Kanye West's stepfather blames his 'erratic' behaviour on wife Kim Kardashian, says Kanye feels 'lonely' in the marriage
  508. 'Coronation Street' star Peter Armitage dies at 78, four years after recovering from bowel cancer
  509. Priyanka Chopra got hidden messages sewn into her wedding outfits just like BFF Meghan Markle
  510. WWE legend Tom 'Dynamite Kid' Billington dies on his 60th birthday after years of battling health issues
  511. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are in love, and the only "scam artists" are the haters
  512. Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively had sex 'just two times' and he is 'hoping for a third soon'
  513. Meghan Markle's a self-obsessed social climber who is now trying to play the royals, says Piers Morgan
  514. Kate Middleton steals Meghan Markle's style as she's spotted wearing pantsuit for the first time
  515. Cardi B gives first look at daughter Kulture post split from husband Offset
  516. Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas definitely want kids, but they're in no hurry to get past their honeymoon period
  517. Kate Middleton takes daughter Charlotte on secret outing to watch 'The Nutcracker' ballet at the Royal Opera House
  518. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie finally settle custody battle; Pitt free to spend more time with his children and go on holidays with them
  519. Kate Middleton took Princess Charlotte into a "lovely, friendly" local pub as the little one had to pee
  520. Kylie Jenner slams Travis Scott's cheating photo prank: "The internet scares me sometimes for real"
  521. Kevin Hart's homophobic tweets slammed by prominent Hollywood actors as he steps down as Oscars host
  522. "She took a s**t in the backyard": Jennifer Aniston reveals what Jimmy Kimmel's daughter did in her house
  523. Meghan Markle may snub a major royal tradition and opt for a 'natural home birth' at Frogmore Cottage: Reports
  524. Serena Williams can't handle how nice her friend Meghan Markle is, urges her to 'stop being so sweet'
  525. Amber Heard says she still shares a 'beautiful friendship' with ex-boyfriend Elon Musk
  526. Gwyneth Paltrow and Brad Falchuk have been married for months but are yet to move in together
  527. Kate Hudson shares heartwarming photo of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn caressing 2-month-old granddaughter Rani
  528. Shy young boy crawls away from Queen Elizabeth at charity event and yells 'bye' before leaving the room
  529. Kourtney Kardashian's picture in racy black outfit with Scott Disick is reportedly making Sofia Richie 'uncomfortable'
  530. Joe Jonas was so emotional at his brother Nick Jonas' wedding to Priyanka Chopra that he 'blacked out for a minute'
  531. Tyler Perry donates $430,000 to pay for layaways of around 1,500 people at two Georgia Walmarts
  532. Christina Aguilera cheers for Demi Lovato post her recovery in rehab and says she 'missed' her
  533. Mick Jagger gets dumped by 22-year-old girlfriend Noor Alfallah for billionaire Nicolas Berggruen
  534. Paris Hilton breaks down in tears as she says release of her sex tape was 'like being raped'
  535. Chicago goes to Cleveland: Kim Kardashian sends daughter with sister Khloé to keep her from catching the flu
  536. He can't get no satisfaction! All the women Rolling Stones Mick Jagger has dated or married
  537. Prince Harry accused Prince William of trying to 'wreck relationship' with Meghan and finish the romance before it had even begun
  538. Sean 'Diddy' Combs says his children miss mom Kim Porter, but are 'smiling and moving forward'
  539. Tekashi 6ix9ine implicates himself in robberies and shootings after cops find evidence in confiscated cell phones and surveillance cameras
  540. Is Meghan Markle copying Kate Middleton's style? The Duchess of Sussex has definitely started dressing more demure
  541. Angelina Jolie looks happy holiday shopping with children Shiloh and twins Vivienne and Knox after custody battle with Brad Pitt
  542. Scott Disick uploads picture of two women at his pool and fans speculate if they are Sofia Richie and Kourtney Kardashian
  543. Catherine Zeta-Jones shares touching tribute to father-in-law Kirk Douglas on his 102nd birthday
  544. Meghan Markle to lose second close aide further fueling rumours that she is indeed difficult to work with
  545. Beyonce looks gorgeous as she sports a red and gold gown for her performance at the wedding of the daughter of India's richest man
  546. Thomas Markle defends daughter Meghan, says she is 'demanding, but never rude' amid rumors of feud with Kate Middleton
  547. Miley Cyrus blames her mother Tish for getting her back into smoking weed again after she quit last year
  548. 'Bohemian Rhapsody' would have been ‘a disaster’ if Sacha Baron Cohen had played Freddie Mercury, says Brian May
  549. Jennifer Aniston reveals she likes watching TV naked in bed at the end of the day: 'Is that weird?'
  550. Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra's seven-tier wedding cake was so huge they had to use a sword to cut it
  551. 8-year-old girl dresses up as a young Michelle Obama for school project and the former first lady loves it
  552. Pregnant Meghan Markle makes a surprise appearance at the British Fashion Awards and steals the show in her Givenchy gown
  553. Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey have not been in touch or spoken since his exit from 'Grey's Anatomy'
  554. 'Harry Potter' star Rupert Grint is wealthy but has no idea how much money he has because it makes him 'uncomfortable'
  555. Prince Harry's selfless gift to Kate Middleton and Prince William was a certain souvenir from mother Diana
  556. Priyanka Chopra posts pictures of 'marital bliss' with husband Nick Jonas from their exotic honeymoon
  557. Nicki Minaj is dating a registered sex offender and is now clapping back at fans who are not impressed: 'Y'all can't run my life'
  558. Ashton Kutcher labels Ellen DeGeneres a bully for shaming his 2-year-old son Dimitri for not walking
  559. After Freddie Mercury, 'Bohemian Rhapsody' star Rami Malek could be playing the next James Bond villain
  560. Brooklyn Beckham confirms romance with stunning model Hana Cross after they are spotted walking hand-in-hand
  561. Clint Eastwood's entire family including his 'secret daughter' Laurie pictured for the first time at The Mule premiere
  562. Kate Middleton had also encountered trouble with royal staff early in the marriage just like Meghan Markle
  563. Trump's son Barron invites football star Wayne Rooney and family to White House Christmas reception
  564. Meghan Markle's constant cradling of baby bump might be 'annoying' to some but experts say it's good for the baby
  565. Demi Lovato's recent stint in rehab may have helped her find true love in designer Henry Levy
  566. Sarah Hyland shows scars from her 16 surgeries, reveals she had suicidal thoughts after first kidney transplant failed
  567. Christian Bale says Donald Trump actually thought he was Bruce Wayne in real life when they met in 2011
  568. Caitlyn Jenner says she's very proud of how her children have fared in life: 'All my kids have done extremely well'
  569. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's relationship reportedly 'under pressure' because of all the negative attention
  570. Kourtney Kardashian and Sofia Richie reportedly fighting over who spends Christmas holidays with Scott Disick
  571. Arnold Schwarzenegger looks badass as he hits the road driving the world's first electric Hummer in Santa Monica
  572. Dog The Bounty Hunter says he "cries all the time and prays" as his wife Beth Chapman's cancer spreads to her lungs
  573. Kate Middleton spotted driving herself to Buckingham Palace for solo visit even as rumors of feud with Meghan continue
  574. Alex Rodriguez gushes about girlfriend Jennifer Lopez: "She has given so much to me and my kids"
  575. Meghan Markle 'frustrated' at not being able to get her side across amid rumours of feud with Kate Middleton
  576. Chris Pratt confirms romance with Katherine Schwarzenegger in sweet birthday tribute: ‘Your smile lights up the room’
  577. During their nasty divorce, Angelina Jolie reportedly told her son Pax that 'Brad Pitt never wanted to adopt him'
  578. Michelle Obama's Christmas visit to children's hospital was way more fun than Melania Trump's similar outing
  579. New tennis rules approve Serena Williams' controversial catsuit, allow protections for returning mothers
  580. Meghan and Harry and Kate and William reveal their strikingly different Christmas card photos
  581. The 'Incredible Hulk' actor Lou Ferrigno hospitalized after pneumonia vaccination mishap
  582. Pink hits back at fans who attacked husband Carey Hart's parenting style: "Are you a perfect parent?"
  583. Blake Shelton gushes about Gwen Stefani, says they 'aren't just dating' amidst growing wedding rumours
  584. Samantha Markle thinks sister Meghan’s Christmas card is 'sad', and accuses her of turning back on family
  585. Disney actor Stoney Westmoreland arrested for allegedly trying to have sex with a 13-year-old
  586. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar recall Josie Duggar's scary, 3 months premature birth on her ninth birthday
  587. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry snub Prince William and Kate Middleton's offer to stay with them for Christmas
  588. Muhammad Ali's son is 'penniless' and 'has no plans for Christmas' except looking for odd jobs
  589. Melania Trump's approval ratings see sharp decline amidst frequent public appearances with President Trump
  590. Melania dazzles in figure-hugging sequined white gown as Donald Trump lavishes praise on his 'incredible' two years in office
  591. Shakira accused of dodging $16.3m tax a month after she announced decision to build two schools
  592. Ariana Grande shows up at Pete Davidson's SNL office after he tweets 'I don’t want to be on this earth anymore'
  593. Prince Harry to skip traditional Christmas hunt to please animal-loving wife Meghan Markle sparking more controversy inside royal circle
  594. Melania worried about Trump's health as Mueller investigation puts president under 'immense stress'
  595. Cheryl shocks fans as she 'licks her hand' yet again while performing in bizarre boots on TV show
  596. Offset crashes Cardi B's stage to beg for forgiveness and ask her to take him back leaving her visibly annoyed
  597. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth waste no time in making up for 3 years apart as they cozy up on SNL
  598. The Queen is set to hand Meghan Markle her first royal patronages before the Duchess goes on maternity leave
  599. Matt Damon fights back tears on SNL as he pays emotional tribute to his father who died last year
  600. Ellen Page enjoys a snuggle with wife Emma Portner, posts a loved-up picture on social media
  601. Kylie Jenner defends Travis Scott after he was accused of taking shots at Kanye West, says they have 'moved on'
  602. Pete Davidson gets help from Machine Gun Kelly after he says he does not want to 'be on this earth anymore'
  603. How Meghan Markle has changed Prince Harry: From quitting hunting and old habits to a new sense of style
  604. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry nicknamed ‘Monica and Chandler’ by royal staff because of her 'controlling nature'
  605. Meghan Markle's father says she never replies to his texts, urges Queen to help heal rift with daughter
  606. Mark Hamill celebrates 40 years of being married to wife Marilou: "There is no love for you like mine"
  607. 'OITNB' star Yael Stone says Geoffrey Rush spied on her in the shower and danced naked in front of her
  608. Pete Davidson refused to see ex Ariana Grande when she rushed to him after he posted apparent suicide note on Instagram
  609. Kim Kardashian flaunts her stunning figure in a sparkling naked dress after a hectic workout
  610. Meghan Markle's mother Doria turns down Queen's invite, will not spend Christmas with the royal family
  611. Rob Kardashian still 'financially supported' by Kris Jenner as his ex Blac Chyna gets a court date to sue his family
  612. Former model says she secretly had threesomes with Woody Allen and Mia Farrow when she was 16
  613. 'Bird Box' star Sandra Bullock looks ageless in a stunning canary yellow faux fur coat and black leather boots
  614. Alfonso Ribeiro sues Epic Games over Fortnite's new 'Fresh emote' which he says is a "carbon copy" of his famous Carlton Dance
  615. 'I ain’t playing Eminem in my car': Rapper Gucci Mane feels 'Slim Shady' should not even be in 'The King of Rap' conversation
  616. Julia Roberts realized she was famous when she was asked for an autograph 'while in a bathroom stall'
  617. Meghan Markle in damage-control talks with palace after father Thomas drags the Queen into their family feud
  618. Khloe Kardashian snaps back at fan who said baby Chicago isn't Kim Kardashian's biological daughter
  619. Meghan Markle shows off growing baby bump on her last royal engagement before Christmas
  620. Newlywed Quentin Tarantino "confronted" two fleeing burglars who stole jewelry from his LA home
  621. 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett breaks silence on vicious racist, homophobic attack: 'I'm OK'
  622. Selma Blair has emotional reunion with her horse Mr Nibbles after MS diagnosis left her unable to ride
  623. Famed actress, director Penny Marshall who co-starred in 'Laverne & Shirley' dies aged 75
  624. President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump hold hands as they pose for their official Christmas portrait
  625. Jackie Chan's daughter Etta Ng and her wife kicked out of a hostel for offering $2.56 as payment for a $287 bill
  626. Selena Gomez looks happy and healthy during a snow vacation with BFFs in first appearance in months
  627. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Jason Statham plan to tie the knot in an intimate New Year's Eve ceremony
  628. Jennifer Lopez rocks a sheer dress as she shares a swing with Alex Rodriguez
  629. Meghan Markle to Kristin Cavallari: The 10 worst celebrity wardrobe malfunctions of 2018
  630. 'She's trying to be Diana': Royal experts reveal why Meghan Markle might be receiving so much negative publicity
  631. Kris Jenner buys $3,000 designer coat for 9-year-old grandson Mason on his birthday
  632. Michelle Obama makes bold statement in $4,000 glittery thigh-high Balenciaga boots and bright yellow gown
  633. Rachel McAdams poses with breast pump while wearing Versace to break motherhood taboos
  634. 'Star Trek' alum William Shatner slams #metoo movement because he can't compliment 'women's legs' anymore
  635. Meghan Markle is 'playing a dangerous game' by alienating father Thomas Markle, warns royal biographer
  636. Brad Pitt credits Angelina Jolie for him not hitting the bottle amid their bitter divorce battle
  637. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's feud is risking the future of British monarchy, feel royal experts
  638. Keanu Reeves would 'love to play' X-Men's iconic 'Wolverine' character after Hugh Jackman's exit
  639. Jennifer Lopez releases powerful 'Limitless' music video heavily featuring 10-year-old daughter Emme
  640. Rapper Travis Scott reveals he and Kylie Jenner conceived daughter Stormi after just three weeks of dating
  641. Serena Williams shares cute photo of daughter Olympia as the duo walk hand-in-hand on the beach
  642. Andy Cohen reveals he's going to be a first-time dad through surrogacy: 'It’s taken me longer than most'
  643. Drew Barrymore shares encouraging message about life with photo of herself in tears to reveal even Hollywood has its lows
  644. Offset's alleged mistress Summer Bunni retracts apology to Cardi B, steps out in unmissable neon yellow dress
  645. Meghan Markle is becoming 'increasingly frustrated' as her ideas for change are being repeatedly rejected by the royal family
  646. Meghan Markle recycles $140k look while Kate Middleton re-wears £305 outfit for lunch with the Queen
  647. Prince Harry will not skip royal hunting tradition, Meghan Markle gives him the OK to shoot pheasants on Boxing Day
  648. Kourtney Kardashian fears Scott Disick will propose to Sofia Richie during holidays leaving her crushed
  649. The Warwick Rowers' charity calendar for 2019 is here, and the message is more relevant this year
  650. Leonardo DiCaprio's 22-year-old girlfriend Camila Morrone wows in sparkly black mini-dress at Seth MacFarlane's Christmas bash
  651. Caitlyn Jenner spreads Christmas cheer to the trans community, donates profusely for hospital's transgender health program
  652. Dominic West calls for a transgender James Bond, nominates trans soldier Hannah Graf for role
  653. Princess Eugenie opens up about scoliosis surgery, says she has come to be 'very proud' of her scar
  654. Samantha Markle sends a Christmas card to sister Meghan asking her to 'end rift with dad'
  655. Prince Harry has become 'grumpy' since rumors of Kate Middleton-Meghan Markle feud blew up: 'Something has changed'
  656. Meghan Trainor gets married to Daryl Sabara in an intimate backyard wedding ceremony
  657. Diners shocked as Tom Hanks pops into burger joint with wife and pays for everyone's lunch
  658. Kourtney Kardashian, Sofia Richie flaunt beach bodies as they vacation together with Scott Disick
  659. Cardi B owns Lamborghinis and Bentleys, but she still doesn't know how to drive
  660. Michael Jackson's youngest son Blanket rocks Spider-Man t-shirt during rare public outing
  661. Meghan Markle's tiff with her dad Thomas has upset the Queen who is 'unhappy' with how it's being handled
  662. Rihanna goes on dinner date with Saudi billionaire boyfriend Hassan Jameel accompanied by a fleet of bodyguards
  663. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus reportedly tie the knot in secret ceremony
  664. Former Disney star Stoney Westmoreland charged with six felony counts after attempting to have sex with 13-yr-old boy
  665. Amber Heard says she lost significant work after making abuse allegations against ex Johnny Depp
  666. Melania Trump steals the show in black dress and red heels during NORAD Santa tracker calls
  667. 'Teen Mom 2' star Jenelle Evans gets hospitalized, says she had 'biopsies done everywhere'
  668. Celine Dion shares adorable Christmas photo with kids nearly three years after husband's death
  669. Rita Ora spotted arm-in-arm with Andrew Garfield during a romantic stroll sparking dating rumours
  670. Meghan and Kate put rift rumors to rest, smile and chat with each other ahead of Christmas church service
  671. Crouching Tiger star Chow Yun-fat vows to donate his entire $715m fortune after his death
  672. Meghan Markle's royal curtsy has improved a year on and everybody's talking about how 'perfect' it was
  673. Kylie Jenner pampers baby girl Stormi with a Louis Vuitton print toy Lamborghini for Christmas
  674. Bode Miller and wife Morgan pay a moving tribute to late daughter in an emotional post: 'Merry Christmas to our baby in heaven'
  675. Caitlyn Jenner attends the Kardashian Christmas party with Sophia Hutchins for the first time since family feud
  676. Catherine Zeta-Jones says she's sick of apologizing for being extremely gorgeous and rich
  677. Meghan Markle slowly losing favor with the public as she fails to mend ties with ailing father, royal writer claims
  678. Miley Cyrus shares a series of fabulous photos confirming marriage to longtime beau Liam Hemsworth
  679. Prince William and Prince Harry barely interacted with each other, and looked very tense, say body language experts
  680. Sandra Bullock reveals she had a major crush on Keanu Reeves while filming 'Speed': 'It was hard'
  681. Arnold Schwarzenegger celebrates Christmas with friend Sylvester Stallone and son Joseph Baena
  682. Kevin Spacey's 18-year-old sexual assault accuser recorded incident and sent it to his girlfriend
  683. Offset tries to woo Cardi B back by gifting her diamond bracelets, Hermès bags and Louboutin heels for Christmas
  684. Meghan Markle's father ate chocolate out of her diapers when she was a child, reveals half brother
  685. Kim Kardashian slammed for letting 5-year-old daughter North wear lipstick and straighten her hair for Christmas photo
  686. The real meaning behind Trump and Melania's 'awkward' kiss during their PDA-packed Iraq trip
  687. Johnny Depp thinks it's 'a good thing' he is no longer in 'Pirates of the Caribbean'
  688. Eddie Murphy shares the first photo of newborn son Max in Christmas family picture
  689. Kourtney Kardashian's recent 'incest' photo with sisters Khloe and Kendall is shocking and disturbing, receiving severe backlash online
  690. Miley Cyrus dazzles in first wedding portrait alongside parents Tish and Billy Ray after exchanging vows with Liam Hemsworth
  691. Chris Brown facing criminal charges for illegally buying daughter an exotic monkey for Christmas
  692. Meghan Markle handed out marijuana to guests at her first wedding to Trevor Engelson and even boasted about it
  693. Meghan Markle's sister Samantha calls her 'rude, hurtful, heartless and lacking a soul' for ignoring their father
  694. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski are 'normal parents' raising their daughters away from the spotlight
  695. Khloe Kardashian accused of altering picture with daughter True to make her skin color appear lighter
  696. Iggy Azalea slammed for continuing to sing even as backup dancer collapsed on stage after suffering seizure
  697. $13 million pay gap between Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt for Disney's 'Jungle Cruise' reignites gender pay disparity
  698. Terri Irwin opens up about life a decade after the death of husband Steve Irwin: 'I miss him but I'm not lonely'
  699. Mark Hamill pays tribute to 'Star Wars' costar Carrie Fisher on her 2nd death anniversary
  700. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth love kids but are in no hurry to start a family following surprise wedding
  701. Prince George and Princess Charlotte woke up super early on Christmas as they were excited to start celebrations
  702. Kim Kardashian had a wardrobe malfunction during her Christmas party which left Kanye West quite 'satisfied'
  703. Katie Holmes sizzles in tiny black bikini while on holiday with boyfriend Jamie Foxx on mega yacht
  704. Angelina Jolie hints at a political career saying she is ready to do whatever it takes to make a change
  705. Brad Pitt spends Christmas with four of his children from Angelina Jolie as oldest sons Maddox and Pax refuse to see him
  706. Melania Trump wears skintight flesh-colored pants making people wonder if she had stepped out without her pants
  707. Meghan Markle steals the show in Kensington Palace's short video of the royal family's 'Favorite Moments of 2018'
  708. Kanye West reignites feud with Drake, lashes out at him for following wife Kim Kardashian on Instagram
  709. Kris Jenner calls Kourtney Kardashian her 'ride or die' in throwback picture taken days before Kim's infamous Paris robbery
  710. Pete Davidson spotted on lunch date with mystery woman in Miami just months after he was dumped by Ariana Grande
  711. Newlyweds Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas enjoy ski vacation in the Swiss Alps with Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
  712. Jon Bon Jovi and wife Dorothea Hurley look all loved up during romantic vacation even after 30 years of marriage
  713. Selena Gomez slays in burgundy workout set as she leaves second grueling Pilates class following rehab stint
  714. Sofia Richie joins beau Scott Disick and KarJenner sisters on family ski vacation in Aspen
  715. Detectives place Meghan Markle's sister Samantha on a 'fixated persons' list for posing a reputation risk to the royal family
  716. Dwayne Johnson plays 'Dwanta', buys his mother a brand new house for Christmas leaving her in tears of joy
  717. Kim Kardashian is desperate to be Meghan Markle's BFF, plans to win her over with gifts of diamonds for her unborn baby
  718. French model Thylane Blondeau lands 'Most Beautiful Girl in the World' title a second time after being crowned as a child a decade ago
  719. Michael Moore's top wish for 2019 is to see members of the Trump family 'in orange jumpsuits'
  720. Salma Hayek shows off her flawless and sleek figure in racy black swimsuit at undisclosed beach
  721. Kevin Spacey's video and pizza plan is the last rattle of a man who knows he's heading into utter obscurity
  722. Kate Middleton waited for Meghan Markle to leave Sandringham before going to shoot with her own 20-bore shotgun
  723. Serena Williams and Roger Federer to play against each other for first time EVER
  724. Kevin Spacey delivers pizzas to paparazzi while sporting a hat that reads 'Retired since 2017'
  725. Kourtney Kardashian follows in younger sister Kendall Jenner's footsteps and poses in similar bikini in snowing weather
  726. Victoria Beckham shares video showing seven-year-old daughter Harper's tattoo, gets trolled
  727. Sofia Vergara flaunts stunning curves as she vacations on a private island with hunky husband Joe Manganiello
  728. 'Friends' cast members continue to rake in $20 million each per year, 14 years after sitcom last aired
  729. George Bush Sr., 41st US President, dies at the age of 94
  730. A love that stood the test of time: George HW Bush and wife Barbara were married for an incredible 73 years
  731. Chris Watts' searched on Google about love and new relationships even as wife Shanann desperately tried to salvage their crumbling marriage
  732. Policeman, 38, tells teenager's father he's taking her out for a movie and rapes her twice in the woods
  733. Woman fatally shoots ex-husband's girlfriend who was decorating a Christmas tree with her twin sons
  734. 'Make Christmas great again': Air New Zealand's holiday ad takes a swipe at Donald Trump
  735. Shanann Watts' decomposing body was found in a fetal position, while the children's bodies were discovered in 'crude oil sludge', reveals new report
  736. George HW Bush legacy: He was one of the most qualified presidents to assume office
  737. Syrian refugee who was 'waterboarded' by bully in Huddersfield school asks public not to hurt his attacker after online abuse
  738. Women who snore are at a greater risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke than men
  739. 75-year-old woman dies in 'torturous, searing pain' after nurse mistakenly gives her fatal dose of a drug used in lethal injection
  740. Barack Obama was one of the last people to have met George HW Bush in Houston days before his death
  741. 98-year-old WWII veteran dies after he was brutally attacked by robbers who broke into his house to steal $26 TV set
  742. Trump to attend George HW Bush's funeral, declares December 5 as national day of mourning to honor former president
  743. Horrifying pictures and videos show the true extent of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit Alaska
  744. Sexting has been decriminalised between partners of 'similar age' in Australian state to protect consenting teens from criminal convictions
  745. Former president George HW Bush's last words were to his son, he said: 'I love you, too'
  746. Daughter shocked after she finds mother faked her death and held a memorial service to scam people for monetary donations
  747. Trump is the only world leader at G20 Summit to not sign statement pledging to combat climate change
  748. Girl who was sexually assaulted by member of pedophile grooming gang forced to let her rapist see her child or face arrest
  749. Principal cries misrepresentation after transgender teen posts video of school staff unlocking stall to kick her out of girl's washroom
  750. Jenna Bush misses her grandfather George HW Bush but is very happy he will be reunited with his wife Barbara
  751. Landlord asks Harvard student to move out after flatmates search and find two legally-owned guns in her room
  752. Egyptian actress Rania Youssef charged with public obscenity, faces up to 5 years in jail for wearing a see-through dress at film festival
  753. Melania Trump is 'relieved' Donald Trump will be attending George HW Bush's funeral with her
  754. Chris Watts' mistress breaks down in tears during interrogation into the deaths of his daughters: 'I'm so ashamed of him'
  755. Trump wanders off the G20 stage before a group photo and leaves Argentina's President Macri on his own
  756. Special needs teacher admits to sexually assaulting two schoolboys because she wasn't getting enough sex at home
  757. George HW Bush's service dog Sully lies by his coffin ready to accompany him to Washington on one last journey together
  758. North Carolina teen sentenced to over a decade in prison for strangling mother to death after argument over pizza
  759. Chilling surveillance footage shows Chris Watts calmly buying breakfast after dumping family's bodies
  760. Tyson Fury promises to donate $10 million from Deontay Wilder bout to help the homeless, drug addicts, and alcoholics
  761. Michelle Obama cancels book tours to Paris and Berlin to attend George HW Bush's funeral and 'celebrate his exemplary life'
  762. Electrician leaves lover with bloodied nose and a dislocated shoulder during 'Fifty Shades-style' rough sex
  763. Father whips toddler son and tries to hide abuse by using frozen hot dogs on legs and backside to reduce swelling
  764. Man lets partner choose her own engagement ring after proposing to her with six
  765. Seven-year-old 'celebrity' wolf killed by trophy hunter less than five miles from national park entrance
  766. Grandma sues after being booked into an all-male jail because nurse and doctor ruled her to be transgender
  767. 69-year-old pensioner who 'identifies as a 49 year old' loses legal bid to reduce his age by 20 years
  768. 'Witch' accused of dropping teen into cauldron of boiling water at German witchcraft festival
  769. Cats and dogs are being fed to death by their 'caring' owners, reveal latest reports on diabetes in pets
  770. Seven-year-old boy ranked highest earning YouTube star by Forbes after he rakes in $22 million in 2018 alone just by reviewing toys
  771. Woman caught punching herself in the face twice to 'frame husband for domestic violence'
  772. Trump sets aside political differences, makes an unannounced visit to US Capitol with Melania to pay respects to George HW Bush
  773. 300-pound woman murders 120-pound boyfriend by sitting on his chest after a row at their home in Pennsylvania
  774. Two-year-old Florida girl suffering from aggressive cancer in need of 'extremely rare' blood to save life
  775. Chris Watts' mistress says she fears she won't find any job after she got fired because of her affair with him
  776. Chris Watts stares down at Shannan's friend after she filed a missing persons report and got police home
  777. Triple murderer Chris Watts transferred out of Colorado prison to an undisclosed location over 'safety and security' concerns
  778. Late President Bush's service dog Sully has been assigned to his next duties and will not be going home with the family
  779. 'Monster of Worcester' who murdered three children before impaling their corpses granted parole
  780. Ada Hegerberg, first female winner of football's prestigious Ballon d’Or, was asked to twerk onstage prompting widespread anger
  781. Doctors struggle to save teen twin sisters critically ill from anorexia after model agency told them to 'lose weight so their cheekbones showed’
  782. Baltimore woman stabbed to death after she stopped and lowered car’s front passenger side window to give money to panhandler
  783. Chris Watts freaked out when neighbor showed him surveillance footage of him loading his truck
  784. Couple starved Great Dane so badly it chewed its own leg off in an effort to get free from a runner cable
  785. Male crossdresser who posed as housewife and recorded straight men performing sex acts sentenced to 3 years in prison
  786. Stafford hair salon slammed after employees mock 10-year-old girl recovering from stage 4 cancer
  787. Man stabs pregnant girlfriend to death with scissors in crack cocaine-fueled attack because he 'did not want any more children'
  788. Middle school teacher charged with multiple sex crimes for allegedly having sexual relations with 12-year-old student
  789. Michelle Obama and Meghan Markle hold a secret 'power meeting' in London to discuss shared causes
  790. Teens throw grandma out of her car and run her over with the vehicle right outside her daughter's house
  791. Groom cancels wedding after discovering his bride-to-be's cruel reaction to her sister's miscarriage
  792. Mexico's new leader to sell $368m presidential jet and fly commercial instead to help his country's poorer communities
  793. Chanel becomes first luxury fashion label to stop using fur and animal skin in their collections
  794. School bans expensive gifts after parents gift teachers designer handbags and dinners at Michelin-star restaurants
  795. Former senator Bob Dole, 95, rises from his wheelchair for one final emotional salute to George HW Bush
  796. Man dies after he was shot multiple times outside Belfast school while he was waiting to pick up his son
  797. Asian man who punched partner in face tells cops it is 'acceptable in his culture'
  798. Man who killed cop by shooting him 11 times executed before he could utter his final words
  799. New footage shows a shocked Chris Watts being handcuffed and arrested after failing polygraph test
  800. Transgender teen who fatally stabbed parents, pet dog because of 'gender identity issues' sentenced to 40 years in prison
  801. PETA relentlessly mocked after asking people to stop using 'anti-animal language' to reduce 'speciesism'
  802. WWE star 'Dynamite Kid' from tag team The British Bulldogs dies on his 60th birthday
  803. Woman who killed six people in DUI wrong-way crash breaks down as she is sentenced to 30 years to life
  804. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump give each other the cold shoulder at George HW Bush's state funeral
  805. 4-year-old girl accidentally shot dead by her 3-year-old brother after he got his hands on an unsecured firearm in his grandma’s home
  806. Man who groomed and sexually abused two teenagers over 14 years sentenced to 18 years in prison
  807. George W Bush slips Michelle Obama a mint during his father's funeral mirroring the famous candy exchange at McCain's funeral
  808. Mother-of-two left brain-dead from a heart attack makes a 'miraculous' recovery after she woke up when her life support was unplugged
  809. Teen who broke six ribs after being pushed off 60-foot bridge wants friend to pay for what she did
  810. Man who killed ex by injecting her with cyanide starts foaming in court forcing judge to delay his sentencing
  811. Irish lecturer's throat slit in fatal attack by expelled student outside private university in Paris
  812. 5-year-old suffers severe burns and has toes amputated after adoptive mother forced her into boiling hot bath
  813. Father teaches 10-year-old daughter a simple but powerful lesson, makes her walk five miles to school as punishment for bullying
  814. Dog owner left with fractured skull after dog gets spooked by moped and drags her along the road
  815. Bernie Sanders spent $297,000 on private jets during a month of campaigning for November primaries
  816. Security guard of Airbnb held in murder of American woman on vacation in Costa Rica; authorities say motive was 'sexual'
  817. Man told to choose between wife and daughter during childbirth; dad makes heartbreaking decision and saves baby
  818. Chris Watts' shirtless photos after arrest reveal he had several tattoos including one large tribute to Metallica on his back
  819. George HW Bush buried beside wife Barbara and 3-year-old daughter Robin whose death devastated him
  820. Arnold Schwarzenegger attends Bush's funeral with his girlfriend to pay tribute to the man who gave him his 'big break' in politics
  821. Chris Watts sent letters and cards to his mistress with cheesy lines including romantic song lyrics
  822. Pedophile started abusing 5-year-old girl as soon as he was released from prison and made her pregnant at age 12
  823. Mother, 37, drowns her 10-month-old twins in a motel hours after being kicked out of women's shelter
  824. Shanann Watts and her in-laws had a strained relationship before she and her kids were murdered by Chris, reveal case files
  825. Heartbroken mother takes stillborn daughter for walks, bathes her and makes siblings play with her
  826. Malaysian teen dies after he was electrocuted while using earphones that was connected to a charging mobile phone
  827. 'Most beautiful policewoman in Germany' asked by superiors to choose between being a cop or a model
  828. 'Brighton bottom slapper' who assaulted 24 women beats prison sentence because he can't speak English
  829. Two women arrested for having sex with 14-year-old boy they met at pool party in Texas
  830. 24-day-old infant dies from 8-inch fracture on his skull after being thrown around room by mother and her former lover
  831. Ex MLB players Luis Valbuena and Jose Castillo killed in an accident after their car struck a rock and veered off road in Venezuela
  832. Former Sky Sports presenter Simon Thomas says his friends 'deserted' him after his wife Gemma died last year
  833. Randy stepdad, 36, attacked with ax and mowed down by car after he slept with his lover's 22-year-old daughter
  834. Marlboro makers invest staggering $3.8 billion in Canadian cannabis firm after nationwide legalization
  835. Firefighter paramedic who killed pregnant woman and unborn child in tragic accident gains forgiveness from widower and the two are now friends
  836. Shanann Watts' best friend was the unwitting hero in preventing Chris Watts from getting away with the triple murders
  837. Family left 'utterly horrified' with resort's attempt to pay birthday tribute for couple's late son
  838. 'Very violent' woman charged for beating live-in boyfriend and straddling his face, after he refused to perform oral act
  839. California becomes the first state in the US to make it mandatory for all new homes to have solar panels
  840. 12-year-old Michigan boy works day and night to raise money to buy gravestone for best friend who died of leukemia
  841. Heartbroken Texas mother urges burglars who broke into her house to return the ashes of her infant son who died in 2016
  842. 13-year-old autistic boy dies after being held face down for an hour by school staff after he became violent
  843. Shanann Watts' parents reveal that Chris Watts was 'cold as ice' in the weeks before the murders: 'It was evil at work'
  844. Braveheart cop who died trying to save people during the Thousand Oaks mass shooting was 'killed by friendly fire'
  845. Science teacher arrested after she forcibly cuts student's hair while singing 'The Star Spangled Banner'
  846. Mother left terrified of living in her own home after neighbor plays hateful recordings all night directed at her autistic son
  847. Father-of-four hacked to death by 'seven or eight lads' in a case of 'mistaken identity'
  848. Who is Pixee Fox? Woman who had SIX ribs removed won't stop even though doctors have refused more procedures
  849. FDA approves drug that relieves dogs stressed by fireworks and loud noises
  850. Casey Anthony's former roommate says she participated in a 'hot body contest' at a nightclub when her daughter was missing
  851. Woman falls 500 ft to her death from cliff while jumping for a 'perfect picture' taken by husband on birthday
  852. Nine-month-old puppy dies in his master's arms just seconds after accidentally ingesting black tar heroin dumped in woods
  853. British woman's body comes home from Mexico without eyes, heart, and brain, allegedly stolen by organ traffickers
  854. Woman gives 73-year-old lover fatal dose of sleeping pills to 'avoid his sex games' before dumping body in the trash
  855. Drinking orange juice helps stave off the risk of dementia in old age by almost 50 percent, reveals Harvard Study
  856. Pregnant bulldog left abandoned in a London alley with a dead puppy inside her ruptured uterus
  857. Two-month-old dies of meningitis after doctors send her home diagnosing it as constipation
  858. Man stripped of parental rights for calling autistic son 'retarded' in rare legal move
  859. Child killer Ian Huntley wants to undergo sex change and move to female prison where he can start afresh as 'Nicola'
  860. Canadian brothers hailed as heroes for saving grandma's life by performing CPR after she suffers massive heart attack
  861. Homophobic man punches woman, throws her to the ground, and breaks her spine on NYC subway because he thought she was lesbian
  862. Hailey Baldwin calls Miley Cyrus the 'biggest troll' as she reveals the singer used to bully her
  863. Terminally-ill man marries sweetheart, who suffers from the same condition, in dream wedding after lung transplant fails
  864. 'Fortnite' gamer who was heard beating up 21-year-old pregnant mother during live stream charged with assault
  865. Serial rapist who forced women to be his sex-slaves claiming they were his property could be jailed for over a hundred years
  866. Trump administration may force asylum seekers to pay $50 to enter the country with no waiver for those who can't afford it
  867. Danish photographer posts photo of himself 'having sex' with naked woman atop Great Pyramid sparking outrage
  868. Parenting experts call out father who "publicly humiliated" his daughter by filming her walk 5 miles to school and putting it online
  869. New proposed law in Australia could land you in court for failing to use transgender terms by making it illegal to say 'he' or 'she'
  870. 15-year-old martial arts champion electrocuted while bathing after phone kept for charging falls into water
  871. 16-year-old charged with rape and murder of 6-year-old Alesha Macphail to go on trial next year
  872. Woman overdoses on cocaine and dies weeks before she was due for kidney transplant from her husband
  873. 'I’m a straightforward guy': Emails that Chris Watts sent his mistress Nichol Kessinger show that their affair was built on lies
  874. Baby boy considered brain dead makes miraculous recovery after being taken off life support: 'He's choosing life every day'
  875. Cross-dressing man walks down the aisle wearing a similar wedding dress as his bride
  876. Critics' Choice Awards: 'The Favourite' leads by 14 nominations followed closely by 'Black Panther' with 12
  877. 'Golden State Killer' Joseph DeAngelo's trial could last 10 years and cost taxpayers $20m
  878. Teen student murders pregnant girlfriend and leaves body in a dumpster because she refused to get an abortion
  879. Woman returns home one month after Camp Fire to find pet dog patiently waiting for her and guarding her property
  880. Dolly Parton's brother and songwriting partner Floyd Parton passes away at the age of 61
  881. Colorado mother, 29, texts her employer that she will be 'taking the week off' and mysteriously vanishes on Thanksgiving
  882. Russian serial killer cop used screwdrivers, axes and knives to murder 78 people after offering them rides
  883. Mother-of-three falls through ice and dies while trying to rescue her dog from frozen pond
  884. Woman Jack Sparrow impersonator who married 300-year-old pirate ghost has broken up with him and now wants a divorce
  885. Nuns stole over $500,000 from struggling Catholic school to fund trips and gambling habit
  886. Emirates posts photo of diamond-encrusted 'Bling' 777 plane, sends the internet into meltdown
  887. Time magazine reveals Khashoggi and other murdered or oppressed journalists as Person of the Year
  888. 13-year-old schoolgirl with mental health problems kills herself just weeks before Christmas
  889. Man kidnaps 7-year-old girl from supermarket during Christmas shopping, drags her to nearby bushes and sexually assaults her
  890. Woman devastated after she loses six-year-old daughter, her older sister and her husband this year
  891. 'Does Nikolas Cruz deserve to die?': School just 10-minutes away from Parkland shooting slammed for insensitive quiz
  892. Former Miss Kentucky, now a school teacher, accused of sending nude photographs of herself to 15-year-old boy
  893. Distressing images and written report detail process of retrieving bodies of Chris Watts' two daughters from oil tanks
  894. Grandfathers receive fewer presents than everybody in the family including the family pet, reveals new study
  895. Father hears 3-year-old daughter's screams on baby monitor as her uncle slashed her throat and killed her in front of her four siblings
  896. 11-year-old finds ecstasy pill in brother's Sonic Drive-in meal, three employees arrested
  897. 9-year-old girl calls 911 to report parents after she was asked to clean her room
  898. Mother, 2 babysitters charged in death of toddler after falsely claiming she accidentally fell down the stairs
  899. George HW Bush's service dog Sully walks the red carpet at CNN gala, becomes its most popular guest
  900. At least 4 dead, 11 injured after shooting at Strasbourg's Christmas market in France, gunman identified, still at large
  901. Drunk partygoer pretends to offer takeaway food to homeless man and then slams it into his face
  902. Travelers at Nashville airport sing ‘The Star Spangled Banner’ in moving tribute to children of fallen soldiers
  903. Man charged in abduction, rape, and murder of teen girl who was taken from front yard while waiting for school bus
  904. Depressed mum whose two children were tragically murdered five months ago by her estranged husband found dead at home
  905. Nebraska man who killed parents and niece a day after Christmas last year offered no reason for the gun violence
  906. Trump publicly brawls with Pelosi and Schumer over wall, says he is proud to shut down Government for border security
  907. Man puts 13-month-old toddler in tumble dryer, closes the door, and turns it on leaving her severely injured
  908. Video shows Colorado mother shopping with her baby hours before she mysteriously disappeared; parents express concern
  909. Businessman bludgeoned 'high-class' escort to death on birthday and pretended to be unconscious when the police arrived
  910. Stormy Daniels ordered to pay Donald Trump nearly $300,000 in attorney's fees, sanctions over lawsuit
  911. Three-year-old shoots his 8-month-old sister in face while his mother and her boyfriend are in the shower
  912. Mother heartbroken after drunk driver crashes car into trees killing her four children who were in the vehicle with him
  913. Ten years since Caylee Anthony's remains were found, family still picking up the pieces
  914. Stormy Daniels tops Pornhub searches for 2018 after being in the news all year due to her alleged tryst with President Trump
  915. Mother collapses and dies in disused hospital stairwell after she took wrong turn while visiting premature son
  916. Katie Price reveals her son Harvey is 'lonely' after his brothers and sisters moved out of their family home
  917. Woman who had sexual relations with her 15-year-old son 'because he seduced her' spared prison sentence
  918. Teacher suspended after violently sealing her students' mouths with duct tape to keep them quiet
  919. Some migrant caravan members are reportedly demanding $50,000 in reparations from the Trump administration to turn around
  920. Man blames his 'sleepwalking hands' for sexually abusing his 9-year-old granddaughter while she slept in bed with him
  921. 11-year-old boy called Joshua Trump changes his last name after he was bullied and forced to drop out of school
  922. Chris Watts invited gay escort Trent Bolte into his home and introduced him to his daughters when Shanann was away
  923. Miss Universe 2018: Miss USA Sarah Summers slammed for making fun of Miss Cambodia for not knowing any English
  924. Woman forced 5-year-old stepson to sleep in a closet under the stairs and nearly starved him to death
  925. Man accused of killing his 3-year-old niece by slashing her throat 'has a mental condition' and is 'sorry for what he did'
  926. 9-year-old school girl kills herself by hanging in grandma's home after months of bullying, says heartbroken family
  927. Pennsylvania man leading a 'double life' murdered wife and tossed her body into Lake Erie lake to be with his mistress
  928. Teen shoots his father dead before driving to an elementary school and killing a six-year-old boy during recess
  929. Woman who went on a date with mystery man found dead on roadway struck by several cars
  930. School basketball player and son of former NFL star accused of sexually assaulting, sodomizing an 18-year-old woman
  931. Whale that swam into French port with ghastly injury bleeds to death in front of hundreds of onlookers
  932. Newly released texts show Chris Watts lied and urged Shanann's friend not to call the police in the wake of family's disappearance
  933. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders says Donald Trump insults female reporters to 'treat them equally'
  934. Trump cancels decades-old White House Christmas party for journalists as feud with media escalates
  935. Mike Williams murder case: Man reveals he was having an affair with Mike's wife at the time of his murder
  936. One-year-old found dead behind a sofa was abused and left unattended by drug-addict couple
  937. US Army veteran dies from gangrene infection on genitals after nursing home staff failed to care for him regularly
  938. Migrant girl in custody at the US-Mexico border dies of dehydration, shock after not getting water and food for days
  939. South Carolina makeup artist allegedly hid two pregnancies and dumped newborn babies in trash to die
  940. First Lady Melania Trump is 'angry' with media for 'constant attacks' on 12-year-old son Barron: 'Children should be off limits'
  941. Donald Trump is reportedly considering his own son-in-law Jared Kushner for chief of staff job
  942. Fox meteorologist, 35, takes her own life a month after confessing she was struggling to recover from laser eye surgery
  943. 'Traditional healer' walks into police station with a human hand and leg, says he is 'tired of eating human flesh'
  944. Indian techie gets 9-year jail term for sexually abusing woman passenger on overnight flight while his wife sat next to him
  945. One-month-old mauled to death by family dogs that were 'jealous' of the new addition to the family
  946. US student stabbed to death by male roommate 'with a bad temper' while studying in the Netherlands
  947. Parents lied to cops to protect son who killed a woman, mutilated her and hid parts of her body at their home
  948. Woman drowns 4-year-old daughter before laying her out on a coffee table in the garden and setting her on fire
  949. Kentucky woman charged with murder after 'tossing crying three-day-old into a trash bag and throwing it over a staircase"
  950. Three-year-old beaten with belt and fists, drenched in scalding water by six adults including mother
  951. Janitor sentenced to 14 years in prison for molesting eight schoolgirls after 'gaining their trust with kindness and candy'
  952. Kim Kardashian wades into husband Kanye West and Drake's feud: "Never threaten my husband or our family"
  953. Three-year-old dies of asphyxiation after elder sibling locks him inside washing machine
  954. Harvey Weinstein 'bragged' about having sex with Jennifer Lawrence, new lawsuit claims
  955. Father who lost 7-year-old son in Sandy Hook shooting says he can't stop reliving the horror
  956. Family devastated after priest at young son's funeral service calls him 'a sinner' because he took his own life: 'He might not get into heaven'
  957. Man who fired multiple rounds at his wife says she begged him to end her life after suffering a stroke
  958. Father accused of sexually abusing 3-year-old daughter twice says he mistook the child for his 185-pound wife
  959. Son finds father's body buried in basement decades after his mother told him that he had left them
  960. Johnson & Johnson knew for decades that their baby powder contained cancer-causing asbestos: Report
  961. Father, stepmother repeatedly punished 9-year-old daughter by tying her up and waterboarding her in a bathtub
  962. Man says he bit two children multiple times leaving them with permanent scars 'out of frustration'
  963. Mother tracks down stranger who saved her life by grabbing her just as she was about to jump off car park roof
  964. 'I have a body in the trunk': Man fatally stabs romantic rival, drives around all night looking for a shovel
  965. Drug-addict couple arrested after newborn girl tests positive for crystal meth and amphetamine
  966. Teacher tells 15-year-old student he will 'raise her grades' if she agrees to perform a sex act on him
  967. Disgusted by her male genitalia, transgender inmate tried to remove her testicles using razor blade
  968. Man who 'heard voices' kills father by stabbing him 19 times while shouting 'I don't know what I'm doing!'
  969. Pedophile who traded 15-yr-old, sexually assaulted another child freed after parents win $15m lottery
  970. Mother with mental illness shoots four adopted children dead before turning the gun on herself
  971. Woman, boyfriend beat her 56-year-old mother to death with barbell over $65,000 business dispute
  972. Priest flaunts luxurious lifestyle by posting Gucci and Louis Vuitton products online, faces church's wrath
  973. 'People take better care of their pets': Judge rebukes mother who left children to die in hot car while she partied
  974. Doctor reveals he goes through dead patients' social media profiles before giving bad news to relatives
  975. Primary school pupils to be told ‘boys can have periods too’ in new sex education guidelines to promote gender inclusivity
  976. Joe Biden, 76, fears his age makes him 'less appealing' as he considers running for presidency in 2020
  977. Drunk school teacher swims underwater and bites 14-year-old girl's butt while she plays water volleyball
  978. Many people believe that Santa Claus should be rebranded as female or gender neutral, survey finds
  979. 19-year-old woman dies after she got stuck inside walk-in freezer at a Chicago hotel where she was partying
  980. Mother who lost husband, son in car crash days before Christmas opens up about donating their organs
  981. Ex-Apprentice crew member claims Trump 'took drugs' and treated teen pageant contestants 'like meat'
  982. Michael Schumacher no longer "bedridden or surviving on tubes"
  983. Michelle Obama talks about the warm gesture between her and George W Bush during his father's funeral
  984. Mother stabs three men after she caught them gang-raping her 27-year-old daughter, killing one of them
  985. Aspiring TV actress Cady Stewart killed herself at age 33 after struggling to cope with mother's death
  986. Melania Trump is not a 'reluctant' first lady, her spokesperson insists: 'The media consistently ignores her work'
  987. California wildfire: Camp Fire cleanup workers fired after posting insensitive pictures mocking burned down town of Paradise
  988. Woman takes to the internet to ask other mothers if she should cover up her son's affair or reveal it to his wife
  989. Three-year-old girl fighting for her life after building security guard, 40, brutally rapes her
  990. 'Your butt belongs to me, cuz mine is yours': Teacher, 47, arrested over 'romantic' messages to 12-yr-old
  991. Dried-out Christmas tree and fairy lights could have caused deadly fire that killed mum and two children
  992. Man records himself raping teen, calls her sister, and forces her to watch video of her sister being assaulted
  993. Woman takes sister to court after she refuses to tell her where she buried their deceased father
  994. Coast Guard serviceman kills wife and seven-year-old son after a domestic dispute before turning gun on himself
  995. Jealous boyfriend installs surveillance cameras at home to spy on girlfriend while regularly mocking her for her weight
  996. Decorated soldier charged after he admits murdering a captive man in Fox News interview
  997. Boy has '50-50 chance' of survival after his father knocked him unconscious just because he spat on him
  998. Man jailed for making daughter fire handgun, pointing firearm at her and pretending to shoot her
  999. Controversial Playboy model Marisa Papen arrested for posing nude at the Vatican while carrying a crucifix
  1000. Man arrested for stabbing ex and her mother to death after they found out about his secret marriage
  1001. Donald Trump called Dana White to tell him Holloway vs Ortega was the "greatest fight" he'd ever seen
  1002. Man who killed and dismembered teenage girl, friend tried to dissolve their remains in tubs of acid
  1003. Step-siblings of 5-year-old who was starved by stepmother say they sneaked him bread to keep him alive
  1004. Michelle Obama's college thesis at Princeton University was 'illiterate and incoherent', says far-right author Dinesh D'Souza
  1005. Facebook bans Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's son for posting he wants 'all Muslims to leave Israel'
  1006. Devastated teen who never got over father's death hangs herself in the same spot in the woods a decade later
  1007. 'Severely endangered' elephant suffocates to death on farmer's fence after it was chased by an angry mob
  1008. Dog owner devastated and distraught after groomer 'severely' sliced pet cockapoo's tongue
  1009. Manchester United sacks Jose Mourinho after poor run, set to pay $28 million as part of termination clause
  1010. Muslim workers at Amazon forced to 'choose prayer over bathroom' as longer breaks could get them fired
  1011. Woman savagely breaks up with cheating boyfriend during her 21st birthday party in epic viral video
  1012. Two Chicago cops killed in 'devastating tragedy' after they get hit by train while chasing armed suspect on tracks
  1013. Poacher who killed hundreds of deer ordered to repeatedly watch Disney movie 'Bambi' as part of prison sentence
  1014. 35-year-old aunt murders her four-month-old niece who was left in her care after her sister's death
  1015. Former sheriff's captain arrested for possession of child pornography spared jail time
  1016. Chris Watts' eldest daughter Bella would have turned 5 on Monday if he hadn't cruelly smothered her to death
  1017. Orgy tournaments, strip tennis and unlimited drugs: Sex Island guest reveals what really happens at the world's raunchiest festival
  1018. F1 ace Lewis Hamilton faces backlash on Twitter after calling his hometown of Stevenage a 'slum'
  1019. Man viciously attacks his four-weeks pregnant ex-girlfriend, leaving her with cut face and burst eardrum
  1020. One of the 'most hated women' in America: Chris Watts' mistress gets shipped off to witness protection and given new name and identity
  1021. Study reveals child abuse increases on Saturdays, a day after school report cards go out
  1022. Six-year-old Missouri girl dies after brother accidentally shot her in the head while parents were away at Christmas party
  1023. Trump's 2020 reelection campaign ad claims he 'achieved more than any president in history'
  1024. Cannibal trio lured women to their home under false pretenses before killing them and making pastries with their flesh
  1025. Christmas miracle! 11-year-old girl's inoperable brain tumor vanishes without explanation three months after diagnosis
  1026. Dying man left 14 years of Christmas presents behind for neighbor's young daughter until she turns 16
  1027. Leopard enters kitchen, snatches 3-year-old from horrified mother before decapitating the child
  1028. Singer Anca Pop passes away at 34 after her car plunged into the Danube in Romania
  1029. Brett Kavanaugh cleared of 'serious' misconduct allegations because Supreme Court justices can't be investigated
  1030. Mother of 20-month-old toddler who went missing 7 years ago sues absconding husband
  1031. Six-month-old baby found alive in freezing Missouri pond minutes after father confesses to drowning her
  1032. Father devastated after he fatally shot older son who was threatening to stab and kill his younger son
  1033. Scientist highly recommend cat owners in cities to walk their furry friends outdoors on leads
  1034. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wanted a week off for 'self-care' before taking office next month
  1035. If spiders across the globe unite, they could eat all humans on earth in a year, study speculates
  1036. School for disabled children uses electric shocks more powerful than stun guns to punish students
  1037. Florida police officer gently pets and comforts dog which was in pain after it was hit by a car
  1038. Teen who killed "loving grandad" by repeatedly stabbing him over a cigarette found guilty of murder
  1039. Fitness photographer who used his job to lure men before drugging and raping them sentenced to additional 20.5 years in prison
  1040. Missing mother Kelsey Berreth's fiancé raises suspicion as he's seen dumping waste a month after her disappearance
  1041. Trump declares victory against ISIS in Syria, orders more than 2,000 US troops to pull out immediately
  1042. Joe Biden and Beto O'Rourke could team up for a 2020 presidential run but Bernie Sanders is way more popular
  1043. Parkland school cameras were rewound 30 minutes making cops think gunman was still inside when he had already escaped
  1044. Bipolar teacher gets 3 years for having sex with her 14-year-old student and sending him nude photos of herself
  1045. 8-year-old girl who was ordered by mother to crawl under stationary freight train killed as it started moving
  1046. Arkansas couple who fostered 80 children in the past adopt set of seven siblings just in time for Christmas
  1047. Barack Obama dresses as Santa to surprise sick children in hospital, delivers gifts and hugs
  1048. Pedophile walks free despite confessing to abusing 13-year-old boy because prosecutor turned up to court drunk
  1049. Scientists say marijuana alters DNA of sperm and 'may pose a risk' to smokers' fertility or even their future children
  1050. George Bush Sr was pen pals with a Filipino boy, writing heartwarming notes and secretly sponsoring him for 10 years
  1051. Hunt for Madeleine McCann will continue even though the department is strapped for cash, says Met Police commissioner
  1052. Avicii leaves staggering $25.5 million fortune to his parents after tragic death
  1053. Teenager Syrian refugee girl in school bathroom by another girl who wanted to vape inside the stall she was in
  1054. Missouri couple charged with starving their six-week-old baby to death after he died weighing a pound lesser than when he was born
  1055. Florida deputy murders wife, daughter, and granddaughter before killing himself in front of fellow officers
  1056. Arizona man murders his wife who had a stroke because he was struggling to pay her medical costs
  1057. Piers Morgan slams Michelle Obama for "b**chy sniping" at Melania Trump to sell her book
  1058. Kansas dad wrongfully jailed 17 years for crime committed by lookalike granted $1.1 million in compensation
  1059. Crowdfunding campaign to "build the wall" launched by US Air Force vet raises $4.2 million in just 4 days
  1060. Man faces "substantial" prison sentence for having sex with corpse in funeral parlor after lifting the lids of several coffins
  1061. Woman ties rubber band around 6-year-old stepson's genitals before pouring boiling water on him
  1062. Chris Watts bombarded with bikini photos and love letters from fans despite him murdering his wife and daughters
  1063. School bus driver buys breakfast for 50 students after unexpected weather delay
  1064. Priest, 73, gets 25 years in jail for child pornography and discussing about his desire of wanting to "rape and kill" minors
  1065. Counter GoFundMe page created to raise money to buy 'ladders' to climb over Trump's border wall
  1066. 'Girl in the closet' who had been tortured and abused as a child by her parents arrested for sexual assault of 14-year-old girl
  1067. 17-year-old dad kills his 6-week-old baby boy after 'violently swinging him by the leg' and 'biting his nose' at a party
  1068. British woman on holiday in Goa raped and robbed near beachside on her way to her guesthouse
  1069. 'Depraved' 50-year-old man who plotted to sexually assault a seven-month-old child has been sentenced to 20 years in prison
  1070. Vladmir Putin, 66, admits he will 'soon' marry his 35-year-old 'longtime girlfriend'
  1071. Stepdad guilty of sexually assaulting, impregnating and brutally murdering teen with developmental disabilities gets sentenced to life in prison
  1072. Michelle Obama reveals she took Barack Obama to marriage counseling during his tenure as US President to 'fix him'
  1073. Jealous boyfriend stabs mother-of-three seven times, heads to a pub as she lay bleeding on floor
  1074. Porn star arrested at airport by federal agents for trying to hire a hitman to kill a person
  1075. Two British children stranded in New Zealand after their mother died in a tragic crash during holiday
  1076. World's heaviest man undergoes second life-saving surgery as he is still at risk of dying despite losing 500 pounds
  1077. Woman shoots teen daughter dead after she called 911 to report the mom for tasing her father
  1078. Man with mental health problems murders parents, dumps bodies in car trunk and hangs himself
  1079. Women use a 'huskier' voice to seduce the men they desire into having sex, finds research
  1080. Two-year-old boy left 'infertile' after doctors operate on wrong testicle and 'castrated him' by mistake
  1081. 2-year-old girl saves mum's life by calling her friend after she collapses due to near-fatal allergic reaction
  1082. Missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's fiancé arrested as officials now believe she's dead
  1083. Welsh charity boss with terminal prostate cancer holds last fundraiser by selling his funeral tickets
  1084. El Chapo trial takes emotional turn as drug lord reduced to tears after seeing daughters for first time in four months
  1085. Award-winning Louisiana police officer arrested for filming himself performing sexual acts on 'unspecified' animal
  1086. Teen who was illegally served 12 drinks at bar before he got behind the wheel kills Texas mom in car crash
  1087. Single mother who snapped photo of the 'Fab Four' at Sandringham last year says life has changed for the better since then
  1088. Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's family shocked after her fiancé's arrest: 'We are numb, we hoped Kelsey could be found alive'
  1089. Naked one-year-old abandoned by father in Oregon woods had broken leg, skull fractures and meth in his system
  1090. Pedophile who wore a nappy and sucked on a dummy while sexually abusing a child jailed for 17 years
  1091. Casey Anthony optimistic about starring in her own reality show: "The Kardashians sure made it big with so much hate!"
  1092. Furious bride kicks couple out of wedding reception for violating child-free directive on invite
  1093. 21-year-old Indiana man accused of raping 11-year-old girl he met on Tinder
  1094. Florida social worker sentenced to six years in prison for having sex with her 17-year-old adopted son
  1095. GoFundMe campaign for Trump's border wall may need to issue refunds after raising more than $12 million
  1096. 20-year-old dies in her mother's arms after she collapsed from a suspected drug overdose at a dance party
  1097. Schoolboy tried to sodomise another student with a drumstick in a classroom while his girlfriend filmed the incident and laughed
  1098. Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz snuck MAGA hat into his liberal, Trump-hating mother's casket
  1099. Massive tsunami strikes Indonesia without any warning leaving 222 dead and nearly 900 injured
  1100. Indonesia tsunami: Jakarta band Seventeen swept away while performing live, leaving two band members dead
  1101. LeBron James slams NFL team owners for "slave mentality" on HBO's 'The Shop'
  1102. Genderfluid, non-binary Scout Barbour-Evans reveals plans to 'chestfeed' newborn after giving birth to 'perfect' baby
  1103. Details of Nicki Minaj's boyfriend's manslaughter case emerge and it could have been a killing in cold blood
  1104. Cinder the black bear, who survived a devastating 2014 fire, fatally shot by hunter
  1105. College graduate's golden retriever gets honorary diploma for helping her cope with disability
  1106. Toxicologists warn against using date-rape drug GHB as a 'zero calorie alternative to binge drinking' after schoolteacher overdoses
  1107. Woman who claims to have slept with 20 ghosts now wants to marry a spirit and bear its children
  1108. Couple kept infant daughter on strict vegan diet, she became so malnourished that even 'normal handling' fractured her bones
  1109. Melania flies back from Mar-a-Lago to be with President Trump who is 'all alone' in the White House
  1110. North Carolina man who loved riding on top of trains is decapitated after being hit by bridge as train passed underneath it
  1111. Brothers almost crash into family car, shoot 2-year-old girl in the head after arguing with her mother
  1112. US officials seek extradition of Saudi student, 21, in connection with the murder of Oregon girl
  1113. 'She's like a cyborg': Ruth Bader Ginsburg's trainer says she's eager to hit the gym after cancer surgery
  1114. Man left blind, badly disfigured after girlfriend pours half a litre of acid on him while he was sleeping
  1115. Heartbroken girlfriend kills self hours after boyfriend killed by Domino's pizza delivery driver
  1116. Jealous wife stabbed husband four times because he 'took too long' to finish Christmas shopping
  1117. Pedophile who sexually abused 8-yr-old boy has been stripped of UK passport, set to be sent back to India
  1118. 2-year-old dies of heat exposure as drunk parents leave her in the car after a night of partying
  1119. 4-year-old fighting for his life after stepdad shoots him in the head before killing mother, grandmother
  1120. Smoking weed reduces blood flow to the brain causing it to age by almost three years: Study
  1121. Cop called to remove homeless man who was 'asking for scraps' from restaurant buys him a meal instead
  1122. 'You want me back': Kevin Spacey posts bizarre video after being charged with criminal offence of sexually assaulting a minor
  1123. Eight-year-old boy loses battle to rare and aggressive form of cancer hours after parents make desperate plea for donations
  1124. Mexican governor Martha Erika Alonso and husband killed in chopper crash days after she was sworn in
  1125. Arizona woman tapes nude images of ex-boyfriend on fence of his children's school as revenge for breaking up
  1126. Man who sexually assaulted 8-yr-old boy and his younger sister over 18 months freed after just 3 weeks in prison
  1127. Woman throws urine-soaked underwear at officers after husband is pulled over for suspected DUI
  1128. 53-year-old stalker 'inappropriately touches' 17-year-old girl on bus while pleasuring himself in broad daylight
  1129. Student pilot makes emergency landing on interstate before stepping out and relieving himself
  1130. Big game hunter who held a bloodied sex toy next to a sheep she killed faces criminal charges
  1131. Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth's missing cell phone found, police suspect she was killed at home
  1132. President Trump tells 7-year-old that Santa Claus isn't real during traditional Christmas phone call
  1133. Birmingham's New Street railway station transforms into Xmas party to give 200 homeless people a festive meal
  1134. Bear tears off woman's arm and eats it during Christmas party in Russian city
  1135. Hundreds offer to adopt dog named Snoop after CCTV clip shows him being abandoned by owner
  1136. President Donald Trump and Melania sing Christmas hymns during late night mass at National Cathedral
  1137. Dutch model's threesome partners allegedly threw her nude body out of balcony and made it look like suicide, says lawyer
  1138. Indonesia tsunami: Father forced to choose between saving wife or his mother and son as their home gets wiped out
  1139. Cop making a traffic stop on Christmas Eve dies after DUI driver slams into her police cruiser
  1140. Michael Bloomberg slams 'recklessly emotional' Trump, calls his presidency terrible
  1141. The Bush family pulls together to celebrate first Christmas without Bush senior and Barbara
  1142. Family arrested after two siblings who went missing two years apart were found killed and buried in their own backyard
  1143. Kentucky man arrested for throwing ham at woman during argument over which day Christmas dinner should take place
  1144. Woman, who ignored advise to abort one or two of her triplets to give the other a chance to survive, celebrates Christmas with all three kids
  1145. The story of Italian playboy who claimed to have slept with 6,000 women and died while having sex
  1146. Sole survivor of Indonesian band wiped out in tsunami buries his wife who died while watching him perform
  1147. Doctor drugs, pushes ex-wife off cliff and updates her Facebook so people thought she was still alive
  1148. Hotel refuses to let homeless people stay after charity books rooms for them for Christmas
  1149. Russian hunter killed and 'eaten to the bone' by bear that he had raised since it was a cub
  1150. Royals pitcher Brady Singer pays off his parents' debt, thanks them for always supporting his baseball dreams
  1151. 8-year-old girl shot by dad, who also killed mom and brother, succumbs to injuries on Christmas Day
  1152. President Trump makes surprise visit to Iraq with Melania in tow, says America is respected again
  1153. Man battles for life in hospital unaware that wife and two children were killed in mystery house fire
  1154. Teenage Walmart worker hailed as a hero after he helped out a distressed customer by footing her $110 grocery bill
  1155. Mother wakes up in the middle of the night to find stranger in her house sitting with two-year-old son
  1156. Body of girl, 14, found 700ft below Arizona's Horseshoe Bend overlook after she accidentally fell to her death
  1157. Father who buried two children in his own backyard perhaps kept third child alive to profit off disability checks
  1158. Loving dad takes six Delta flights so he could spend time with his flight attendant daughter during Christmas
  1159. Man falsely accused of being pedophile threatened with acid attack on his girlfriend and sexual abuse of his cat
  1160. Melania Trump looks fabulous in yellow jacket and green pants during surprise visit to Iraq
  1161. Michelle Obama voted 'most admired' woman in US, beats Melania Trump who tied with Hillary Clinton at No 3
  1162. Married mother-of-two arrested and charged with child seduction for having a sexual relationship with teenager
  1163. Wives accidentally kill their husbands in freak golf cart crash while crossing river that runs through the course
  1164. Teacher 'crushing pretty hard' on 16-year-old student accused of sending her nude photos and videos
  1165. Woman cuts off alleged stalker's penis to 'teach him a lesson', then rushes him to hospital to save his life
  1166. Pedophile groomed 12-year-old girl using fake account, kidnapped her from home and took her to hotels for sex
  1167. Nevada judge arrested for punching teen son in the mouth and head while driving, leaving him bleeding
  1168. 'It was a work of art': Pablo Escobar's hitman brags about bomb that killed 107 passengers in plane explosion
  1169. Man stabs wife at the base of her skull with a kitchen knife, wraps her body and dumps it in trash can outside home
  1170. Grandma, 63, kills 'tyrant' son who tried to sexually assault her, hacks his body into 70 pieces using power saw
  1171. Students forced to stand with their pants down to their knees as punishment for being late to school
  1172. 21-year-old student murdered by her convicted sex offender harasser after police ignored calls for help
  1173. Man, 59, who sexually exploited 12-year-old girl he was babysitting told her 'this is what grandpas do'
  1174. Scientists discover protein which causes growth of cancer cells, believe it could lead the way to help improve therapy options
  1175. Illinois mother concealed and intentionally denied medical treatment for her daughter's diabetes causing the girl's death
  1176. Woman allegedly murdered her 23-month-old twins before crashing family car into the back of a lorry
  1177. 23-year-old man imprisoned for raping girlfriend in her sleep and videotaping the 'invasive, repetitive, obsessive penetration'
  1178. Ruthless hunter attacks gravely injured fox before hurling it into the air and smashing its head with rifle butt
  1179. Man collapses and dies after riding Universal's King Kong ride, family sues theme park for failing to post warnings in Spanish for tourists
  1180. Woman basketball coach jailed for sexually assaulting two teens and turning the team into a 'private lesbian harem'
  1181. Parkland School shooting: School officials and law enforcement could have saved more lives, reveals investigation
  1182. 'Batya deserves life': Parents hit back at online trolls who labeled their baby girl a 'creature' and 'monster'
  1183. Bre Payton, a promising journalist and conservative commentator, dies at 26 after succumbing to swine flu infection
  1184. YouTube bodybuilder, who violently stabbed his Tinder date, dies suddenly when responding cops tase him repeatedly
  1185. Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott is all grown up and looks stunning as she celebrates her 23rd birthday
  1186. Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts was stabbed in the skull and chest and hidden in cornfield, states report
  1187. Woman dies after falling 60ft from airport walkway while boarding plane on trip to surprise dad for Christmas
  1188. 18-year-old girl dies after plunging from bridge over a motorway and getting hit multiple times by oncoming traffic
  1189. Little Bobby Webber who was almost killed by his uncle in brutal attack 4 years ago heroically pulls through against all odds
  1190. Gay Navy sailor recreates iconic New York WWII kiss photo with his husband but faces homophobic backlash from viewers
  1191. Trump blames Democrats and their 'pathetic immigration policies' for deaths of migrant children at border
  1192. Six-month-old baby left unattended drowns in the bath while mother was busy browsing through Facebook and Instagram
  1193. Couple welcome Christmas miracle IVF baby after Facebook group secretly raises money to pay for treatment
  1194. French Bulldog dies from heat stroke after Virgin Airlines leaves him 'on the tarmac in scorching temperatures for up to 40 minutes'
  1195. Woman's beloved pet savagely mauled by group of dogs while out for Christmas Day stroll
  1196. Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle 'put their differences aside' and play Scrabble together after watching Queen's speech on Christmas Day
  1197. British tourist who snorted cocaine off Pablo Escobar's grave says he regrets it, receives threats of being "skinned alive"
  1198. New evidence shows Trump's golf club committed immigration crimes, gave fake green cards to undocumented workers
  1199. 61-year-old bodybuilder is now covered head-to-toe in tattoos after he got his genitals inked for Christmas
  1200. Sexuality educator says parents should seek consent from children before changing their nappies
  1201. Porn star Jenna Presley who has appeared in hundreds of adult films quits job and turns to Christianity
  1202. 'I'll show you a f***ing sir': Transgender woman challenges shop clerk to a fight after being called 'sir'
  1203. Drunk US student who lost her way brutally beaten, raped by stranger who pretended to help her
  1204. Missing Colorado mom Kelsey Berreth had vanished and come back before, her fiancé Patrick Frazee's client says
  1205. Couple sues gynecologist who used his own sperm to father their child four decades ago
  1206. Horror sisters set to go on trial for beating three-year-old boy to death for taking a cupcake from the kitchen
  1207. Police shoot dead former sheriff's deputy after he stabbed and beat sister, mother, and roommate to death
  1208. Nearly all bacon and ham contain cancer-causing chemicals, say experts calling for Government action to raise awareness
  1209. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez slams Sen. Claire McCaskill for calling her a ‘shiny object’
  1210. 22-year-old animal lover mauled to death by lion while interning at wildlife reserve
  1211. Parents 'forced' 12-yr-old boy with severe disabilities to sleep in room filled with faeces and insects
  1212. Grieving mother crowdfunds for $18,000 IVF treatment after her 4-year-old daughter died in tragic accident
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