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  1. Is this man the next President of America? Lt Gen Jay Silveria's rousing anti-racism speech has us hoping he is
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  3. #LeaveMelaniaAlone: The constant vilification of Melania Trump is cowardly, and has to stop | OPINION
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  5. Original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter slams 'thuggish' James Cameron after he refuses to let sexist jibe rest
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  12. These celebrity hair makeovers of 2017 will give you serious style goals
  13. Massacre at the Mandalay: Everything you need to know about the terror attack on innocent music-lovers in Las Vegas
  14. Las Vegas shooting: Emotional Jimmy Kimmel fights back tears as he says "there is something we can do about it!"
  15. Tom Petty: 15 things you didn't know about the Rock N' Roll legend
  16. Tom Petty death: Paul McCartney, Slash, Sheryl Crow lead tributes to rock 'n' roll legend
  17. "Enough is Enough", Country music star changes his mind about gun control after Vegas shooting
  18. Las Vegas shooting: Stocks in these companies are seeing a massive spike!
  19. Here's how you should help your child deal with the Las Vegas shooting
  20. 10 Former cult members reveal their spine-chilling experiences
  21. Stephen Paddock: How did a man with no criminal record, and no political and religious affiliations become America's nightmare?
  22. Angelina Jolie says her kids will have final say when it comes to this part of her life
  23. Las Vegas shooting: ISIS claim is a desperate stunt to remain relevant
  24. In the carnage of the Las Vegas shooting, heroes risked their lives, and in some cases, lost theirs
  25. "Heartbroken" celebrities' calls for stricter gun laws reach fever pitch after Las Vegas attack
  26. Blade Runner 2049 may finally end cinema's greatest debate: Is Deckard a Replicant?
  27. I get puked on, I get peed on. It's great! Meet the ICU grandpa who plays guardian angel to newborns
  28. Piers Morgan loses cool, gets into slanging match with pro-gun campaigner over Las Vegas massacre
  29. The victims of the Las Vegas massacre will never be forgotten, but for now, let's celebrate their lives
  30. IN PICTURES: The day after, people come together in solidarity for Las Vegas victims
  31. Now, even sex robots get molested. How desperate can men get?
  32. Sorry guys, Kate Winslet will never date Leonardo DiCaprio
  33. Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty: Inside their decades-old friendship
  34. These 12 Illustrations on gun policy will make you think
  35. America's battle with guns mapped out in 6 revealing charts
  36. Is Justice League really a Zack Snyder or Joss Whedon film? Cast weighs In
  37. Finally, headphones that match your hearing to give you perfect sounds
  38. Did Robbie Williams' 2002 song 'Me and My Monkey', predict the Las Vegas massacre?
  39. A-Rod is clearly smitten with Jennifer Lopez... but so are his daughters
  40. Hugh Hefner's death certificate reveals that the Playboy founder was suffering multiple health issues and infection
  41. The next time your child wants to pick a Chicken Pox scar, remember the heart-wrenching story of young Bryan
  42. Hugh Hefner biopic has landed its leading man, and he looks nothing like the Playboy founder!
  43. Who betrayed Anne Frank? Investigation launched by ex-FBI agent aims to determine what really happened
  44. Season of splits: 25 Celebrity couples who called it quits in 2017
  45. If you agree with 13 out of these 16 things, you are a true loner
  46. Here's how these 5 countries reacted to deadly mass shootings, and here's what we can learn
  47. Roman Polanski, accused of rape...again! When will Hollywood's hypocrisy end?
  48. These 6 optical illusions will reveal 6 hidden sides of your personality
  49. Fast and Furious star Tyrese Gibson under the scanner for child abuse
  50. Las Vegas shooting: Leaked images from inside Paddock's room show shocking reminders of a killer's last act
  51. After reading this, you aren't going to ignore a blackhead, ever again!
  52. Jim Carrey finally reveals the truth behind his notorious rift with Tommy Lee Jones on Batman Forever
  53. God no! Japanese adult entertainers are going to gross out the world in new show!
  54. Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle already engaged?
  55. Las Vegas mass shooter's girlfriend quizzed by FBI; and it seems she lived a double life
  56. Scary real-life photographs of the girl whose story inspired 'The Exorcism of Emily Rose'
  57. The iconic Charlie's Angels is getting a reboot, and we've got a sneak peek at the new cast
  58. This plus-size model is celebrating her cellulite and you should too!
  59. If you think there's something very, very odd about this wedding picture, you'd be absolutely right!
  60. Look who's back! Ethan Hunt makes comeback from injury amid off screen scandal
  61. Thousands of bikes abandoned at Burning Man will be donated to hurricane victims
  62. 15 Tinder profiles that will have you in stitches
  63. 'Hey Honey!', Barack Obama's 25th anniversary tribute to Michelle will throw dust in your eyes
  64. Google’s foreplay with smartphones is it's time for action
  65. Peter Andre's wife Emily Andrea is all praise for Cheryl for raising awareness about this incurable disease
  66. Las Vegas shooting: 5 conspiracy theories doing the rounds that are rather unsettling
  67. Lauren Hutton becomes oldest woman to grace Vogue cover
  68. Jennifer Garner's magic potion to reverse the signs of ageing
  69. Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock's last meal throws up more questions than answers
  70. Unarmed security guard led cops to Stephen Paddock's room and gave them the break they needed
  71. 15 images of courage and unity amidst the carnage of the Las Vegas shooting, that show the true spirit of America
  72. US Green Berets are dying in Niger, but what do we really know about the country and its conflict?
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  79. Chris Hemsworth admits his successful career damaged his marriage to Elsa Pataky
  80. 5 Things Finally Being Revealed At The New York Comic Con 2017
  81. The bizarre connection between these celebrity deaths are jaw-dropping!
  82. Lovers of rich, creamy chocolate cake rejoice! Science has some great news for you
  83. Indonesian man was in a fight for his life with this monster, but his village was very happy indeed
  84. No Siri, ‘Despacito’ is not the national anthem of Bulgaria
  85. Fans in shock after this Glee star faces 7 years in jail for possession of child pornography
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  87. Five chilling revelations that have emerged about Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock
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  90. Does Lil Wayne have a 15-year-old son running about somewhere? His ex certainly claims he does
  91. If you are forgetful or tend to be absent-minded, here's what's happening to you...
  92. Never forget! Identities of all 58 victims of Las Vegas massacre released, and the tributes are heart-wrenching
  93. 15 awesome brain hacks to empower your mind!
  94. Neil DeGrasse Tyson blows the lid on why that classic Titanic finale is an epic fail!
  95. 10 Times pop-culture eerily predicted real-life death and destruction
  96. Country music has a close relationship with guns, but after Las Vegas, the new generation of singers is questioning its roots
  97. Meet the woman who fought life's many setbacks to stand up again on her feet and helps others do the same
  98. Hollywood's open secret: The rise and fall of Harvey Weinstein
  99. Ryan Gosling gives a teary-eyed tribute to his lost friend, and it's heart-breaking
  100. Japan's work culture is in question again: journalist dies after putting in 159 hours of overtime in just a month
  101. 10 sleepwalkers who committed horrible crimes in their sleep
  102. These fake MAC lipsticks can harm your unborn child and cause heart problems
  103. 20+ hilarious renditions of dogs as you and me; what dog would you be?
  104. 10 most loyal and lovable dogs, and their heartwarming stories
  105. Fast And Furious 9 delayed: Tyrese Gibson blames 'clown' Dwayne Johnson
  106. Raw version of Queen's We Will Rock You has fans wondering, what the hell is Betty the Tea Lady doing?
  107. Eric Church's tribute to a fan killed in Las Vegas will break your heart
  108. Wanna dress like Rihanna? These shoes may just be the thing you want
  109. Elon Musk has a plan to help powerless Puerto Rico, and it's ingenious
  110. Justin Trudeau used to teach French and it makes us wish we were in his class
  111. Here's everything you need to know about Justin Bieber's alleged new girlfriend!
  112. Furry friends: Therapy dogs being flown in to comfort Las Vegas shooting victims
  113. The Weeknd is ready to marry Selena and we couldn't be happier!
  114. A new hair-raising make-up trend is making us question everything beautiful
  115. Michigan mother jailed for refusing to vaccinate her son!
  116. Mystery man shielding woman from Las Vegas gunfire in viral photo identified!
  117. Kylie Minogue hits back at haters in the sassiest way possible
  118. McDonald's new burger is making waves, but meat-lovers needn't bother
  119. 20+ pictures that prove New York Comic Con is the place for superheroes to hang out!
  120. Woman accuses rapper Nelly of raping her on tour bus, singer denies it
  121. Hair today, gone tomorrow! When celebrities go bald, the results are simply stunning
  122. James Woods retires from acting after he claims he was blacklisted for his conservative views
  123. Barcelona or Bust: Everything you need to know about the independence crisis in Catalonia
  124. Remember the note found in Stephen Paddock's room? Now its chilling contents have been revealed
  125. Can you tell the difference between Isla Fisher and Amy Adams? Well, Lady Gaga certainly couldn't
  126. Donald Trump one said Frank Sinatra's demands were a "little rich", and Ol' Blue Eyes' response was epic!
  127. 16 Vintage photographs that prove you will never be as cool as your parents!
  128. 10 most notorious women serial killers in history whose stories will send chills down your spine
  129. Cindy Crawford says she's more worried about her daughter Kaia doing this, than walking the ramp
  130. This 66-year-old carpenter's unique homage to the victims of Las Vegas mass shooting will bring tears to your eyes
  131. The shocking story of how Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt offered themselves as bait to nab fearsome Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony
  132. 10 strange ways in which people are using sex robots (and in case you're wondering, that's a robot!)
  133. The creepy truth about Tom Cruise and his film's younger actresses
  134. Tired of catcallers? This is how you publicly shame them
  135. 10 most inhumane forms of punishment that are still carried out today
  136. So how much did you, the taxpayer, pay for Vice-President Mike Pence's protest against the NFL protests?
  137. Hollywood's silence on the Harvey Weinstein scandal smacks of hypocrisy and cover-up
  138. Men will think twice before dating a smart woman. Here's why..
  139. Marilyn Monroe had no problem posing nude for this young photographer, but he had to follow one cardinal rule
  140. 12 Comics that show how our childhood experience has changed over time
  141. 20 Celebrities whose real names will leave you stunned!
  142. Is romance brewing between these two stars on Strictly Come Dancing?
  143. 10 horrific ways in which mental disorders were treated in the past
  144. 18 super interesting facts that will freak you out and have you looking over your shoulder
  145. 13 Things we do for and with our pets because we love them unconditionally!
  146. Creepy video of Nelly serenading underage girl surfaces, and everyone is freaking out
  147. Dove faces massive backlash on social media for racist ad and this is not the first time!
  148. If you find a purple butterfly sticker on a crib, here's what it means
  149. 10 wild moments that'll remind you why Keeping up with the Kardashians is still on TV, after 10 long years
  150. 'Not everybody knew': Meryl Streep finally breaks her silence on Harvey Weinstein
  151. Justice League: Did the new trailer just reveal the film’s epic ending?
  152. "I've been asked to dust cocaine on top of soufflés, to put it on as icing sugar… coke's everywhere": Gordon Ramsay spills the beans
  153. Rumours of a love affair between Prince Philip and West End showgirl Pat Kirkwood rocked the Royalty, but was it true?
  154. Kings of the Narcotics Empire: 8 things you should know about El Chapo, world's most powerful drug lord
  155. The true story behind Conjuring 2: What really happened during the Enfield Haunting?
  156. These 10 signs indicate that your life is about to undergo a massive change
  157. If you possess 10 of these 12 qualities, you are a true wolf among the sheep
  158. Torture of students under the guise of ice-breaking continues unabated in American universities
  159. Here is why Ivana Trump believes that she should be given title of 'first lady'
  160. Rare drinks from around the world that you must try before you die
  161. Man born without hands and legs decided to be a photographer, and the results are breathtaking!
  162. Why did the police fail to pinpoint Las Vegas gunman’s location sooner?
  163. 10 things you should know if you're taking care of someone with a mental condition
  164. Forget vampire facials. This new bloody procedure is the latest fad
  165. 21 pictures that prove the US presidency is the most stressful job in the world
  166. Rose McGowan slams 'spineless' Matt Damon and the Affleck brothers for not speaking up against Weinstein
  167. The Weeknd is now a Marvel comic character and we can't contain our excitement
  168. Adidas pushes boundaries, while Dove loses the race
  169. The true reason why Fixer Upper duo, Chip and Joanna, won't be returning to your screens
  170. Is Michael Schumacher doing well? Fans now believe the racing driver is recovering after his 2013 fall
  171. George Michael was overcome with fear of death 48 hours before he passed away
  172. Thor Ragnarok: Early reactions call it a laugh riot from start to finish
  173. Don’t believe it when people tell you this big, fat lie about your aging iPhone
  174. This actor doesn't remember being on Malcolm in the Middle and there's a tragic reason why
  175. Everyone thought these 10 people had been murdered...until they turned up alive!
  176. This virtual pet from the 1990s is making a comeback, and boy do we feel old!
  177. Eminem annihilates President Donald Trump in his new freestyle rap video that's gone insanely viral
  178. Harvey Weinstein might be the latest, but these 10 scandals rocked Celebland to its very core
  179. These scary pictures taken in hospitals and asylums are sure to send shivers down your spine
  180. When Harvey Weinstein harassed Gwyneth Paltrow, her superstar boyfriend gave him a 'Missouri whooping'
  181. Meet Loki, the traveler dog, who inspires people to embrace wilderness and freedom
  182. Finally, Hollywood's leading men stand up for women where it matters real life!
  183. New study shows that Americans are more likely to die alone!
  184. California wildfires will leave a bitter taste in your mouth
  185. 10 times celebrities dated underage people and got away with it
  186. Did NBC try to cover up the Weinstein scandal? They had a report, but decided not to publish it!
  187. There is something gravely wrong with the woman in this picture. Guess what it is?
  188. 10 celebrity couples who stayed together despite big scandals
  189. 100-year-old World War II veteran dies next to wife of 75 years, as California wildfire burns down their home
  190. Even men aren't safe in Hollywood: Terry Crews and Rob Schneider reveal tales of sexual abuse they suffered
  191. 'My brother is a very sick man': Was Bob Weinstein the whistle-blower?
  192. The woman who refuses to die: Soldier husband's second attempt to kill wife fails
  193. University of Hawaii prepares students for a possible nuclear attack, so we dug up a Cold War guide just for you
  194. Harvey Weinstein's wife, Georgina Chapman, dumps him amid allegations of rape and sexual assault
  195. Thor 3 director Taika Waititi addresses whitewashing concerns around Akira live action adaptation
  196. Hollywood's 'We Didn't Know' defense in Harvey Weinstein saga is vapid and insulting to all of us | OPINION
  197. 9 signs you are lying to yourself in your relationship
  198. When asked if she could balance personal and professional life, Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins had a superb answer
  199. World's largest cruise ship, Symphony of the Seas, is a palace on the waves!
  200. Is Ronda Rousey all set to light up the WWE?
  201. This is what your favorite color reveals about your personality
  202. Lethal air-borne plague ravages Madagascar; should you be worried?
  203. Smart dressing at work: A handy guide to nailing your office wear
  204. 10 horrifying, infamous family murders that will make you question humanity
  205. The ISIS White Widow is dead: 10 things you need to know about the British terrorist
  206. This is what your fingernails reveal about your personality
  207. I am not a victim: Model from 'racist' Dove ad finally breaks her silence
  208. Is sex addiction even a real thing? We take a look at a very modern affliction
  209. 11 extremely rare mental health disorders that will shock you!
  210. The horrifying truth behind the Amityville haunting
  211. The 25 women who could see Harvey Weinstein locked up for 25 years
  212. Is Mandalay Bay liable for Las Vegas shooting? This victim definitely thinks so, and here's why
  213. After Harvey Weinstein, this superstar's alleged sexual abuse comes to light
  214. What could have been: JFK Jr would have run for president if he hadn't died in that plane crash
  215. Give the iPhone X a miss, as Apple is working on something truly remarkable for you
  216. Here are the 10 most important superheroes of all time
  217. Only the Brave: The true story of the elite Granite Mountain Hotshots
  218. When Arnold Schwarzenegger took his famous feud with Sylvester Stallone to new heights
  219. Instagram star Kristen Hancher accidentally live streams her sex session with boyfriend
  220. Harvey Weinstein's company had an appalling clause in his contract, related to his sexual misconduct
  221. 10 chilling serial killers who killed their victims in plain sight
  222. 14 spine-chilling photographs will make you believe in ghosts
  223. Jennifer Garner fears for her kids as Ben Affleck's sex scandal deepens
  224. 10 uncomfortable signs that show you are be becoming the person you're supposed to be
  225. Do you have sex on the brain? Look at these 10 illusions to find out!
  226. This mother's touching letter to the angels taking care of her sick baby has gone viral!
  227. What to do with pumpkins after Halloween? Here are 10 awesome ideas for leftover pumpkin guts
  228. Here's what the cast of 1980's Friday the 13th are upto now?
  229. Renowned climber commits suicide after surviving avalanche that killed his girlfriend
  230. All you need to know about the wildfires devastating America's west coast
  231. This new hair accessory will leave you mesmerized
  232. Not all celebrity children love the limelight! Here are the star kids that you probably didn't even know existed
  233. After Weinstein, Amazon Studios chief Roy Price accused of sexual harassment
  234. 14 natural home remedies that actually work
  235. 21 candid images of US presidents that show a very human side
  236. Here’s what the cast for Marvel’s all-female superhero team-up film should be
  237. The Trumps meet the Trudeaus; but what does this cryptic hand gesture really mean?
  238. Trolls claim Kate Middleton suffers from anoerexia, as rumours of twins circle
  239. Everything you need to know about Black Swan, the world's best restaurant!
  240. The mysterious case of Baby Sherin: 3-yr-old goes missing in Dallas after father throws her out at 3am for not drinking milk
  241. #WomenBoycottTwitter: Twitter accused of hypocrisy after Rose McGowan suspension
  242. Justice League star Jason Momoa apologises for his shocking ‘rape joke’
  243. Can you solve these 10 puzzles in 10 minutes? We wager you can't
  244. Is the White House haunted? This president's daughters have something to say about it
  245. Five reasons why you shouldn’t miss David Fincher’s new original series Mindhunter
  246. This company is taking you places without actually taking you there, but you won’t complain
  247. Beauty queens on wheelchairs break walls and limitations with their personality, strength and grace
  248. 7 Incredible health benefits of farting
  249. 9 solid signs that show you have found the 'right' one
  250. 10 Halloween pranks that went tragically and horribly wrong!
  251. The first face you see will reveal what kind of a sexual partner you need!
  252. Whatever you do, stay away from these 16 Halloween costumes this year
  253. Grape, the penguin whose love affair captured hearts, has died...and his story will make your heart swell
  254. As Prince Harry, Meghan Markle engagement nears, rumors swirl that Kate and Camilla want to keep her out
  255. Model Iskra Lawrence's fight against body-shamers makes her one of our role models
  256. Katie Price reveals another shocking plot to kidnap her disabled son for hefty ransom
  257. America has a problem with the standard-sized condom, and ladies, no smirking when you read what it is!
  258. UPDATES: Harvey Weinstein's crimes! More actresses come forward, as rape accusations mount against Hollywood predator
  259. "Hollywood blacklisted me because I was raped": Despite the price she's paid, Rose McGowan will not be silenced
  260. How cool is the new AlienBoard? We found out
  261. 10 of the weirdest last requests ever made
  262. Sexual assault claims against Donald Trump resurface, after president gets court order to release documents buried during his campaign
  263. 15 Celebrities who you would never believe were bullied as kids!
  264. The 10 street drugs that are destroying our youth, and our future
  265. 10 things that happen to a man's body when he stops having sex!
  266. James Corden makes Harvey Weinstein jokes at event, and Rose McGowan's response was epic!
  267. Can you spot these 20 animals in under 2 minutes?
  268. Fake news? 5 questions that nobody asked, as the story of Brianna and Austin went viral
  269. Status of projects currently in production at The Weinstein Company hang in the's the list
  270. Singer Ed Sheeran rushed to hospital after being hit by a car, just hours after Gerard Butler suffers similar accident
  271. Larry Flynt vs Donald Trump: Hustler founder wants info to impeach the president, and here's how much he's willing to pay!
  272. Green Beret Nate Boyer's open letter to Donald Trump, Kaepernick, and America is a must-read for every true patriot
  273. 10 cops who turned out to be serial killers
  274. 14 Times politicians were caught staring and it's hilarious!
  275. Big Bang Theory's Mayim Bialik blamed Weinstein's victims and the internet responded
  276. 10 Most common personality traits of a cheater
  277. Pussycat Dolls founder responds to shocking allegations that the girl group was a ‘prostitution ring’
  278. Listen up, women! You may increase your risk of breast cancer if you do this to your hair, says study
  279. Thor: Ragnarok will kick off a new 3-film story-line for Hulk
  280. This controversial feature is replacing the most beloved feature in all iPhones
  281. After Harvey Weinstein, here is the speech that every winning actor needs to deliver this awards season | OPINION
  282. Meet Carina Linn, the 'sexiest' nurse in the world, who won over the Internet with her jaw-dropping pictures
  283. The 10 most notorious death squads around the world
  284. Veritable hellholes: 10 of the most dangerous and brutal prisons in the world
  285. Annabelle, the real story! How a 'possessed' doll became the basis of a Hollywood classic
  286. The color of your eyes determines the kind of sexual partner you need
  287. Where was Jesus Campos? The security guard from Mandalay Bay finally turns up on Ellen
  288. Carrie Fisher's stark warning to Hollywood predator is a lesson for Kate Winslet
  289. Florida declares State of Emergency as Hurricane Spencer set to hit on Thursday
  290. An 'older' Nancy Drew is coming back to NBC, but what other children’s classics deserve a TV revamp?
  291. Bizarre 60 foot skeleton found in China, but is it what they think it is?
  292. Breaking the stigma: This photographer's stunning pictures of sex workers is a must-see
  293. "Female producer made me do a nude line-up with five other women": Jennifer Lawrence shocker!
  294. No county for old people: How the California fires came for the aged and helpless
  295. Tom Lenk slays with these hilarious red carpet re-creations
  296. James Cameron hopes reboot will wake him from Terminator nightmare
  297. 10 weird things named after famous celebrities
  298. Everything amazing in Marvel's new Black Panther trailer
  299. #MeToo: Reese Witherspoon and America Ferrera's stories of sexual abuse show how rampant the problem is
  300. Your WiFi is no longer secure, and here's why you need to be very worried indeed
  301. 10 reasons why men and women cannot be 'just friends' with one another
  302. 15 Celebrity couples who have proved that true love lasts forever!
  303. How did JFK really die? Secret files are set to be released next week, and one of these conspiracy theories may be proved true
  304. 10 most expensive gowns and dresses worn by celebrities
  305. Two boxers engage in a furious staredown, but what happens next shocks one of them!
  306. Why is Venus Williams dodging crash probe that left a 78-year-old man dead?
  307. There's an assistant behind every celebrity. Here are 15 who have dedicated their lives to their A-list employers
  308. Former adult superstar Mia Khalifa jokes about Gordon Hayward's horrific legbreak, and gets absolutely roasted
  309. These people have found some creative and ingenious ways to smuggle things
  310. Hollywood's other 'Open Secret': Exposed by Corey Feldman, pedophile rings that prey on young boys, must be investigated
  311. The iPhone X is just the latest inspired gadget from the brilliant mind of Apple’s Jony Ive
  312. Silent Bob Speaks: Kevin Smith to give all future money from films he made with Harvey Weinstein to women filmmakers
  313. 12 Signs that your best friend may actually be your guardian angel
  314. One photo from model Sierra Skye was all it took to break the Internet (and it's not this one)
  315. Are Bella Hadid and Drake Dating? Well, here's why we think they are!
  316. Is Brad Pitt wooing an Angelina Jolie-lookalike, just 5 years older than son Maddox?
  317. This woman knits out of her vagina, and the reaction to her art is mixed
  318. Is this the real Melania Trump or is the White House using a body double? Conspiracy theorists are having a field day
  319. Germany's first sex doll brothel is ready to serve you...12 times a day
  320. Ariel Winter: How Alex from Modern Family went from demure damsel to warrior queen
  321. Channing Tatum cuts ties with The Weinstein Company on project that deals with sexual abuse!
  322. If a man has these 15 habits, marry him right away!
  323. Ivanka Trump's stalker makes shocking claim! He's Kim Kardashian's Baby Daddy
  324. "Well, I guess he knew what he signed up for": The politicization of a tragedy
  325. Shock jock Howard Stern slams "big, fat, freak" Harvey Weinstein
  326. At 68, music legend Billy Joel is all set to become a father again!
  327. Scotland bans smacking of children in UK first, and the reaction is divisive
  328. Demi Lovato opens up about her drug use and how she almost took her own life
  329. Black Panther Chadwick Boseman is following in the footsteps of these 10 iconic lead roles played by black actors
  330. Katie Piper's 3-year-old daughter has started asking about the scars on her mother's face, and this is Katie's reply
  331. The best camera smartphone to beat iPhone 8 Plus has a secret weapon that’ll dazzle photographers
  332. Christian Bale reveals what really happened during iconic Dark Knight scene with Heath Ledger
  333. A 9-year-old girl was banned from her First Holy Communion after she refused to do this
  334. Playboy magazine makes history with its first transgender Playmate
  335. 5 quotes for your Zodiac sign which can describe your personality
  336. Chris Pratt heartbroken: Was Anna Faris seeing current beau before split?
  337. Can you spot what's wrong with these 21 pictures in 5 minutes?
  338. You've heard of thongs, and you've heard of a jeans; but these Jongs prove that fashion is dead!
  339. KFC follows just 11 people on Twitter and the reason is pure genius
  340. 12 celebrities share their awkward 'sex scene' moments
  341. Tarantino admits he knew about Harvey Weinstein crimes, but here's why he kept silent
  342. This is what the shape of your nose reveals about your personality
  343. Meet Tarana Burke, the original creator of #MeToo... 10 years ago
  344. 10 Things that women want but would never tell their man
  345. 10 Reasons why people hate themselves.
  346. Review Roundup: Thor Ragnarok unleashes Chris Hemsworth’s real secret weapon
  347. Happy 37th birthday Kim! Here are 37 things that you never knew about Kim Kardashian
  348. The Fine Dining Guide: 10 Etiquette rules for the perfect fine dining experience
  349. Melanie Griffith reveals she's epileptic and says her seizures stopped once she made this change in her life
  350. Scientologist honcho Tom Cruise has acquired these special powers, says bizarre new theory
  351. Beware Nevada, OJ Simpson's hitting the road and coming to a town near you
  352. Meet Ant Smith, he's got a really small one of these and he's written a book about it
  353. A photographer captures women's expressions before, during and after orgasm to talk about female sexuality
  354. 12 former beauty queens whose lives took a turn for the worse
  355. 15 oddest pets owned by celebrities
  356. Doing this with more than five people will increase risk of cancer
  357. 15+ Hilarious photographs that will make you realize you're smarter than you think
  358. Priscilla Presley becomes latest celebrity to leave this controversial religion
  359. Fans of this classic TV show better brace themselves for some stunning news!
  360. An abused English Pointer found her soul mate in a toddler, and the pictures paint a thousand words
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