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  17. Have Kate and Pippa made a bizarre pregnancy pact?
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  19. L’Oréal sacks its first transgender model after she makes racist comment about white people
  20. All she wanted to be was Barbie: The unusual story of Paris Herms!
  21. The English Premier League spent the GDP of Greenland in just 60 days
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  30. Remembering Louise Hay: The model-turned-therapist who revolutionized mental health
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  40. Angelina Jolie confesses that she never wanted to be single.
  41. 30 year-old ski instructor is one of the youngest cases recorded of this type of dementia and it's shattering!
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  51. Prince Harry sure knows how to treat his lady right; check out the amazing pics of their $1500-a-night African love nest
  52. Kate, we hope you're reading's how you can keep morning sickness at bay
  53. Italy's most-wanted mob boss, the 'Cocaine King of Milan', finally arrested after 23 years on the run
  54. Good news! Kate Middleton and Prince William are going to be a family of five
  55. Lil' Wayne rushed to hospital after suffering multiple seizures in hotel room
  56. Twitter just found about King James' relationship with a gay lover and couldn't contain itself
  57. "Suicide Disease" has left this woman in complete agony, and she's reaching out to social media for help
  58. 10 laws that most people have broken at some point!
  59. If you belong to this blood group, there's a possibility that you have alien DNA!
  60. Brad Pitt finally apologises to Jennifer Aniston for dumping her...after Angelina Jolie dumped him
  61. Video of disabled boy helping his baby brother calm down will make you hug your children
  62. 10 Things that highly unsuccessful people do over weekends!
  63. Hunky Michael Fassbender just got hitched! But worry not ladies, here are 10 other dreamy eligible bachelors in Hollywood
  64. Piers Morgan and transgender model Munroe Bergdof in epic clash over her racist comments
  65. So Wayne Rooney cheated on Coleen! Here are 5 other footballers who have been round the block
  66. It's less than a week till the iPhone 8 launch...and these 3 iPhone killers are already sharpening their talons
  67. Michelle Obama, Serena Williams and others dress as Beyonce to honor the queen on her birthday!
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  69. 4 things to know about sizzurp- the drink that may have caused Lil Wayne's seizures
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  71. Scientists have finally received mysterious radio signals from outer space, but is it good news?
  72. How many dates do you go on before getting to the sex?
  73. Mario was not originally a plumber, reveals Nintendo. So what was his profession then?
  74. Watch out! Alarm bells ring as Hurricane Irma approaches Florida.
  75. 12 signs that your soul may be tired and dying.
  76. These strange stickers are turning up all over London...but what do they actually mean?
  77. 12 lessons everyone can learn from life's dark curveballs
  78. Sharon Osbourne unleashed! Goes full Santa Claus on Kim Kardashian's nude selfies
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  80. According to research, this is apparently the "maximum age" a human can live to
  81. This father 'kidnapped' his own children to teach a young girl a lesson
  82. Bachelor in Paradise: Kristina Schulman's exit from love triangle is a lesson for every girl who's been rejected
  83. CMA Awards Nominations Announced: Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban and others make it to the list
  84. Which crystal suits your personality best? Here's your guide to the magical world of crystal therapy
  85. Studies suggest women need more sleep and guys may not agree with the reason behind it
  86. Meghan Markle lifts the lid on what it's really like to date Prince Harry
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  88. Prince William says he's 'anxious' about Kate Middleton's pregnancy
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  90. 13 people who didn't know when to stop
  91. The 4th chocolate flavor now exists and it is lighter, fruitier and creamier
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  94. 10 ways to charm your woman the way Prince Harry does
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  96. Victory for Kate! French tabloid hit with $119,000 fine after publishing topless photos of Duchess in 2012
  97. The Rock has just met his new hero and we're all inspired
  98. British pub claims its most valuable guest was stolen by a Chinese artist; wants it back
  99. YouTuber tried Chris Pratt's workout regimen didn't work out!
  100. This power couple have finally revealed their love, despite denying it for nearly four years!
  101. 7 signs of superior intelligence that set you apart from the rest
  102. Everything you wanted to know about hurricanes, but were too busy hiding to ask
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  105. Pregnancy Tests are available at Dollar stores and yes, they work.
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  108. Is Robbie Williams' career "killing him"? Well he certainly thinks so, and here's why
  109. Studies show that marriage really does this to you...and you should be very happy!
  110. This Pennywise is scaring the living daylights out of us, but he's also sorta cute
  111. Have you ever wondered what Ivanka Trump does all day? Get set to step into her shoes
  112. Serena Williams' battle with step mom hots up, as tennis star wants her gone!
  113. 12 genius cleaning hacks that will transform your home in no time at all
  114. 10 before and after photographs of drug abusers that will scare you straight
  115. George Clooney wasn't ready to be a he thought it was a mistake when he found out about the twins
  116. Want to Try Something Quirky? How about a dress made of 20,000 Salmon bones?
  117. Your home might be killing you, but worry not, here's what can save you
  118. 13 psychological hacks that are guaranteed to make you a pro at life
  119. People are now doing things to their eyebrows that we never thought possible
  120. These 12 celebrities have some truly weird sexual prepared to be shocked!
  121. Brad Pitt is done with Angelina Jolie and desperately wants to be single again...ladies?
  122. If you like being alone then you probably have these 6 personality traits
  123. This optical illusion is freaking people out...have you figured out what's going on?
  124. 10 Biblical Facts that everyone gets wrong
  125. These notes to strangers posted all over London are sure to make you smile and want to join in!
  126. Jennifer Aniston reveals the secret to her relationship with hunky Justin Theroux
  127. This young man underwent 22 brain surgeries, and what he's doing now is a miracle
  128. Anna Faris's new memoir is so explosive, she might have to leave the US
  129. Hurricane Irma is coming, and here's why these celebrities are pretty upset
  130. How did the heart shape really come about? These theories might help explain
  131. 5 reasons why living together before marriage may kill the relationship for you
  132. 12 celebrities who are lousy in bed...or so we're told
  133. The NFL's back, and here are 20 reasons why we're so looking forward to it
  134. The 10 most fascinating angels and demons that are all around you
  135. Claire Foy reveals her biggest fear of playing the Queen in The Crown
  136. Pictures and videos of the devastation already caused by Hurricane Irma should serve as a warning for Florida
  137. Cheryl left devastated after being body shamed for her post-pregnancy look
  138. These famous Victoria Secret's models are unrecognizable without makeup
  139. Studies show that men SHOULD drink twice a week to stay healthy!
  140. Look who's attending his first day of school, with a very proud daddy in tow
  141. This beer might be the reason you can't perform in bed, anymore
  142. The fashion industry has fallen out of love with Size 0, and it's about time!
  143. The iPhone 8 is already here, but this one's meant only for the super rich
  144. If you're good at this, then you're great between the sheets, says spanking new study
  145. If you're past 50 and single, then you'd better get your groove on, says study
  146. 12 oddly satisfying things that can brighten up even the darkest day
  147. This boy who used to suffer 100 seizures a day, now he suffers none after being prescribed this illegal drug
  148. Arie Luyendyk Jr is the new Bachelor, but who the hell is he...the Internet wants to know!
  149. Tom Cruise has an opinion about Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx's relationship, and you'll want to hear it
  150. Kid Rock's epic rant slams KKK, neo-Nazis and BLM activists, but there was one group he praised...and we salute him for it
  151. The 'startup wife' vs Earth's greatest visionary: Inside the world's messiest relationship
  152. Hell hath no fury like a celebrity lover scorned: Here's how these 12 spurned exes got their revenge
  153. These Demons are probably to blame for your bad behavior
  154. The Ed Sheeran effect: Red-heads are getting more of this, thanks to the singer
  155. There are only 3 major differences between successful and unsuccessful people
  156. 3 simple tricks that will help tell if your beer glass is really clean
  157. UK's most controversial and bizarre reality TV show is coming to the US...are you prepared?
  158. Miley Cyrus is at it again, this time she's dishing the dirt on her sex life with Liam Hemsworth
  159. 10 murder victims who managed to solve their own murders...Wait! What?
  160. Oh no Taylor, stop the Bad Blood! This pop queen may be in line for the next Swiftboating
  161. The Modern Family cast has come a long way since Season 1, take a look!
  162. You've heard of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, now meet Harvey and Irma married 75 years and still amazing!
  163. The Deuce: 5 things you can expect from HBO's expose of the 1970s New York porn scene
  164. We don't need another Nero: The real story behind the picture that sums up the American spirit
  165. 15 weird coincidences that are very hard to believe, but trust us...they're true
  166. Brian Austin Green defends son Noah after the Internet trolls the kid for being himself
  167. Top 10 crime duos who shook humanity to its core
  168. The next time you take a selfie, remember that an AI out there is using it to judge you sexuality
  169. Looking for BDSM furniture to create the dungeon of your dreams? This is the place for you
  170. It's Fashion Week, and these fashionistas never ever fail to Impress Us
  171. Fabulous over 50: 10 women who make ageing look simply stunning
  172. Glow like a celebrity: Here are beauty tips from the women who know how to look simply amazing
  173. Everything you need to know about Cara Mund, the new Miss America!
  174. Country music singer Troy Gentry's wife left shattered over his death in tragic helicopter crash
  175. 5 of the greatest moments in entertainment history that everyone missed
  176. Why Texas can't stop mourning the death of Deputy Constable Mark Diebold, and after reading this you might start too
  177. 10 totally bizarre facts about urine that will make your next trip to the loo mesmerizing
  178. How an ex boyfriend shamed Kylie Jenner into modifying her body
  179. Katie Holmes found something in Jamie Foxx and it has set her spirit free again
  180. 20 pictures that make you stop and go 'Wait, what?!'
  181. Your weekly horoscope is here: Here's what the stars have to say
  182. A nail-art trend is going viral and it's frightening the hell out of everyone
  183. This women lives with four men, and not one of them exists outside of her mind
  184. 15 of the world's most stressful jobs that will make yours seem like a breeze
  185. 10 Coolest perks that come with being a queen!
  186. Prince Albert of Monaco finally opens up about the day his mother Grace Kelly died in a tragic accident
  187. Twitter is in meltdown after seeing these two famous musicians in flirty overdrive
  188. 10 Most unusual and bizarre things that were used as contraception!
  189. 'Luckiest man in the world' survives Great White attack; and then one lands up in a pool!
  190. Are Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem the cutest couple in La La Land? Well, they certainly give us relationship goals
  191. 10 things you should never say to your Tattoo artist
  192. 10 real life inspirations for famous cartoon characters
  193. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' demons return after family tragedy rips him apart
  194. Where were you when The Beatles said goodbye at Candlestick Park? Certainly not at the almost empty venue
  195. This genius figured he had a way to scare Hurricane Irma off and everyone got excited...except for the police
  196. Shania Twain recalls the day she almost lost her voice permanently and her world crumbled
  197. Guess who's currently drafting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's engagement announcement
  198. Ad showing gods bonding over a meal has people in an uproar, but filmmakers ask...where's the beef?
  199. Apple better watch its back, this luxury Chinese phone is an iPhone-killer, costs less, and works in the US!
  200. This haunted house was built for a very specific purpose, and it works like a charm
  201. 15 celebrities who you didn't know were convicted felons
  202. 10 iconic movie roles turned down by famous actors for bizarre reasons
  203. This woman was pregnant for 46 years and you won't believe what happened to her child
  204. Sinead O'Connor opens up about the torture chamber she ran from and the horror she survived
  205. 4 reasons you should leave your phone behind when you head to the loo
  206. 71 Year old woman forced to live in a car as she couldn't enter her house for a disgusting reason
  207. 5 bizarre jobs that allow you to commit crimes legally!
  208. 9 crazy places people have hidden cash, including where the sun don't shine
  209. What happened inside the helicopter crash that killed country singer Troy Gentry?
  210. When Alexis Bledel won her first Emmy, Lauren Graham was the first to Tweet her excitement
  211. Here's why you may see teal-hued pumpkins this year instead of the traditional orange ones
  212. Demi Lovato caught getting comfortable with her female date and we know exactly who she is
  213. Size does matter, but not in the way you think, reveals shocking new study
  214. 10 shocking facts about hurricanes you did not know
  215. What is the first thing you think of when you see these 20 pictures? Yup, that's what we thought
  216. Selena Gomez recalls how life at Disney was no fairytale, and how she was saved by the love of a superstar!
  217. Jade Goody's boys are all grown up, and we're sure she's watching down on them and beaming with pride
  218. 15 most brutal torture techniques that will make you glad you weren't born in that era
  219. 15 hilarious pictures that could only be taken on rollercoasters
  220. Here's how Miley Cyrus keeps her sex life exciting!
  221. Christian Bale's scoffing pies to look like this controversial vice-president...and you won't recognize him
  222. Mother who gave up her life so her unborn child could live, hailed for 'greatest act of love'
  223. Samsung's next smartphone will change the industry forever
  224. This Spa in Perth, Australia, Will Make You Wish You Were a Baby
  225. This new gizmo for your hair could be the solution to every woman's problems
  226. Don't be fooled by sex robots, they will eventually kill you, warns top cyber security expert
  227. Astronomers can now find out the shape of any galaxy, and these pictures will explain why that's awesome
  228. Here's everything you need to know about Lady Gaga's horrifying illness
  229. 25 celebrities who got married at least 3 times and more!
  230. 12 people who went from being homeless to ruling Hollywood
  231. Want that drunk feeling, but don't want to drink? Then this crazy contraption is for you
  232. Women are more happy with these sort of men, says new research
  233. 5 reasons why Miranda Lambert is enjoying life after Blake Shelton
  234. How do you know when to stop drinking? When you look like one of the people in these 20+ pics
  235. Kate Hudson slammed by fans for her opinion on women who opt for C-Sections
  236. 7 ways to tell if what you feel is attachment or love
  237. Afraid of dying alone? These 12 bodies were only found years after their actual deaths
  238. 11 strict rules that apply to princesses that most of us wouldn't be able to follow!
  239. Jonathan Rhys Meyers' wife lays bare the couple's pain in heart-wrenching post
  240. Did Prince William accidentally reveal that Kate is due as soon as March?!
  241. Believe it or not, there's a pub that gets you drunk without a drink
  242. 5 Most common conflicts between couples and how to solve them
  243. 20+ pictures that every person can relate to
  244. 64 years ago, John F Kennedy and Jacqueline Lee Bouvier tied the knot...let's take a trip down memory lane
  245. 25 people who were lucky enough to bump into their doppelgangers!
  246. Julia Roberts' husband wants a divorce after the actress reportedly flirted with a famous old flame
  247. By 2053, the median household wealth of Black and Latino families in America will be 0, and no one seems to be doing anything about it!
  248. Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone hug like two robots waltzing...seriously check it out
  249. There's something strange happening on the ISS, and astronauts are very worried
  250. Is Tabby's Star really home to an alien megastructure?
  251. These hilarious responses to the iPhone X are sooo much better than those kidney jokes
  252. 15 creepy photos that will make you believe in ghosts
  253. 12 tips and tricks for messy hair days...
  254. This cute country music star just got engaged, and we couldn't be happier for her
  255. 20+ facts you did not know about depression
  256. An emotional Brad Pitt returns to work only to storm off the set after major blow-up
  257. This woman suffers from a rare condition that makes her smell like rotten fish
  258. 12 incredible stories about identical twins separated at birth
  259. This woman searched for a brother she never met, only to stumble on a larger, more shocking family secret
  260. 15 Things your mother is always right about
  261. New York Fashion Week's vagina-themed show takes crazy to a haute new level
  262. Villagers dig up corpses of their ancestors and dress them up in this bizarre tradition
  263. This woman's Hurricane Irma-inspired makeup is creating quite an uproar
  264. Harrison Ford hasn't read Carrie Fisher's memoir, and here's why he probably never will
  265. 25 weirdest things ever found in an X-ray
  266. This brutal nail trend for cats needs to be stopped immediately, say veterinarians!
  267. Top 10 nightmares and what they probably mean!
  268. 'Most hated man in America' could be jailed after placing online bounty on this part of Hillary Clinton's body
  269. Selena Gomez finally reveals the shocking reason she's been off the radar...and we wish her a speedy recovery
  270. This Voice Judge is about to welcome a new baby, and we couldn't be happier
  271. 15 people who look exactly like the characters from The Simpsons
  272. Artist takes nostalgic photographs and turns them into tattoos!
  273. Have you heard the one where Marilyn Manson and Justin Bieber walk into a bar...?
  274. Rami Malek singing Freddie Mercury's Live Aid setlist is breaking the Internet
  275. Before you turn on your phone's Bluetooth read this
  276. Top 20 songs of 1970 [with lyrics!] that you should be listening to now!
  277. 7 designers we absolutely loved at New York Fashion Week 2017
  278. 11 traits of an unforgettable woman
  279. 12 of the most extreme women in the world...prepare to be astonished
  280. 25 of the most sexist vintage ads that should never have been allowed
  281. Fergie and Josh Duhamel have separated after 8 years of marriage
  282. A man wanted to be a genderless alien, and this is what he looks like now!
  283. The first animal you see in this picture will determine your personality
  284. 10 extreme proposals that take love to a whole new level
  285. This woman's life was turned upside down by deadly rare disease that causes "Dalmatian Spots"
  286. This boy suffers from the incurable Butterfly Disease, but he isn't going down without a fight
  287. The sordid saga of Jeremy Meeks: The 'hottest felon in the world', his estranged wife, and his billionaire heiress
  288. Serial cheater Ozzy Osbourne has some sage advice for men looking to step out on their wives
  289. This model went to Egypt to see the Pyramids, what she did next got her jailed!
  290. 30+ pictures that will leave you scratching your head and go 'Eh?'
  291. Most women have one of these, this woman has two...and she found out by accident!
  292. 20 New facts about breast cancer you must know!
  293. 20+ tombstones that are sure to have you chuckling
  294. Happy Birthday Prince Harry: World's favorite royal turns 33; here are 10 people and moments that have defined him
  295. 6 Things men like to do after sex...but are they acceptable?
  296. Vegan activists slammed by young girl's mother for forcing her daughter to claim she's a vegetarian!
  297. Supermodel comes out as transgender claiming she's fighting for the community's "liberation" under Donald Trump
  298. It’s annoying how people are ignoring these major flaws in the iPhone X
  299. The 20 most gorgeous, and infamous, mistresses of all time
  300. 12 weirdest allergies in the world, you won't believe are true
  301. This mother's struggle with breastfeeding is beautifully depicted in a photoshoot gone viral
  302. This British restaurant serves nutritious food and cocktails made out of insects and people are loving it!
  303. 20+ pics that show it doesn't work being a rebel without a clue!
  304. And the winner of 'You had one job!' goes of these 30 people
  305. This doctor is on a noble mission to help heal women who have had a miscarriage
  306. This superstar is in trouble for allegedly withholding $500,000 in tips from her restaurant staff
  307. Meet a pawsome new feline, Suki, who is busy travelling the world
  308. Pilot Shows Amazing Skills As He Lands Plane on Aircraft Carrier With Malfunctioning Gear
  309. Superman steps out with his Wonder Woman, and look how pleased he is
  310. Coleen's fighting talk! Calls Wayne Rooney's hugger Laura Simpson a "fame-seeking slapper"
  311. These amazing space facts will have you staring at the stars in awe
  312. Supermodels of the 1980s who seem to get sexier with age
  313. Study reveals why women lose interest in sex within a year of the relationship
  314. 12 mind-boggling accidental deaths that defy logic
  315. 8 awesome maternity photo shoots that will make you go wow!
  316. Nicole Kidman gets real about domestic violence in her emotional speech at Emmys 2017
  317. This man likes his women old and naughty and doesn't give a damn what others have to say about it
  318. Sanfilippo Syndrome is a heartbreaking disease, but this 6-year-old girl is pushing through it in her family's warm embrace
  319. 10 insane plastic surgeries people underwent to look like someone else
  320. This model's views on being curvy and large will change your outlook on beauty
  321. Your weekly horoscope is here: How does your love life look?
  322. 15 Celebrities who boldly admitted to being sex addicts
  323. 10 of the most dangerous and violent gangs in the world
  324. The fourth Powerpuff Girl is here and she is ready to save the town!
  325. In cruel twist of fate, TV show Narcos' location scout shot dead by suspected drug cartel in Mexico
  326. 12 Things you should never tell anyone
  327. This woman has defied all odds to become the world pole dancing champion twice, despite having only one arm!
  328. Artist's amazing illustrations showcase the beauty of falling in love
  329. New reality show, Sex Tape, is set to drag TV down to uncharted depths
  330. Are you worried that radiation from your cell phone is making you sterile? Then these high-tech boxers are for you!
  331. Olive Oil May Just be the Miracle Cleanser You've Been Waiting For...Just Ask Miranda Kerr and Selena Gomez
  332. 25 celebrity prison mug shots that are pretty much smug shots
  333. This smartphone company mocks Apple's FaceID fail and wants you to have 'The Real AI Phone'
  334. This woman is always on the verge of orgasm, and it's tearing her life apart!
  335. Emmy Awards 2017: Here Are the 10 Celebs and their Stunning Dresses that Scorched the Red Carpet
  336. China's evacuating its parks around a super volcano, after fears North Korea nuclear tests could cause epic eruption
  337. Lady Gaga writes an emotional letter to fans as mental and physical health issues take their toll
  338. Comedian Kevin Hart apologizes to pregnant wife after stripper releases sex video of booze-fuelled Vegas romp
  339. New interpretation of Biblical prophecy claims the world will end on September 23
  340. This celebrity has just been labeled the 'most dangerous on the Internet'...and here's why
  341. This Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice star reveals how a massive brain tumor almost took her life!
  342. This new dadbag is the talk of the town, but would you be caught dead wearing it?
  343. One year after Harambe's tragic death, Cincinnati zoo gets new gorilla Mshindi, and people aren't happy
  344. Researchers claim they have developed a new drug that can kill 58 of the 60 types of cancer!
  345. The story of this young girl with Down's Syndrome looking for love will make your day!
  346. Pray for the Caribbean; Category 5 storm Maria tears through the islands
  347. 15 creepiest anatomical cakes that you won't be able to eat
  348. Leah Remini's shocking revelation claims this star has been a Scientologist for years!
  349. This man wants to tell you why you shouldn't detest him, and others like's going to be very, very tough!
  350. Poop scoop! The secret to losing weight was in you all along
  351. 6 women turn up at a wedding in the same dress and you can imagine their reaction!
  352. If your teen wants a tattoo, then pediatricians have some advice for you
  353. 10 nudist colony rules and etiquette that will make you the star of the show
  354. This is what happens when you walk around wearing a Nazi swastika in Seattle
  355. This 21-year-old woman lives like a baby and guess what she calls her boyfriend!
  356. 10 wedding ceremonies that ended in disaster!
  357. Vet squeezes dog's skin only to find something emerge that made his stomach churn
  358. The world's 25 booziest nations
  359. This little boy suffers from a rare condition that causes his bones to shatter at the slightest touch
  360. 10 sadistic and idiotic teachers who will make you grateful you're not in school anymore
  361. Android users weep! These awesome features in iOS 11 are coming to iPhones
  362. Video of "Ghost Man" moving at lightning speed to save young girl's life has broken the internet, but is it real?
  363. Woman opens a salon exclusively for plus-sized women to help the curvy ladies feel beautiful
  364. Would you shell out $35 for a taco filled with 23 karat gold?
  365. These movie stars are unrecognizable and they're coming to a screen near you very soon
  366. This mysterious 'Pitch Black Jupiter' is being slowly devoured, and scientists are stunned
  367. Prince Harry's lady love, Meghan Markle, drops massive hint that she's moving to England!
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