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  1. Why is Joy Anna Duggar hiding her baby bump?
  2. Did 'The Girls' author Emma Cline rip off her ex's work to write bestselling book?
  3. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Are Back Together!
  4. Gabrielle Union gifts a whole new wardrobe to pregnant news anchor after she was body shamed
  5. Kate Steinle murder: Mexican illegal immigrant found not guilty by jury
  6. Erect on demand: Viagra will now be available over the counter in the UK
  7. Trump conveniently forgets to mention LGBTQ community in World AIDS Day speech
  8. Matt Lauer wants $30 million from NBC after he was fired for sexual harassment
  9. Woman speaks about horrifying experience where her rapist 'loved' her #MeToo post
  10. Selena Gomez finally breaks her silence on Justin Bieber reunion, The Weeknd split
  11. Jimmey Kimmel and Roy Moore war over Twitter on a campaign stunt
  12. 8-month-old girl dies with fentanyl in her system. How did this happen?
  13. Florida man stops to shoot heroin while being chased by the police
  14. Glen Campbells' family in uproar after his will leaves out three of his eight children
  15. 9 ways to keep your skin as healthy as it can be, according to dermatologists
  16. Here's everything you need to know about Tommy Wiseau - the guy James Franco plays in The Disaster Artist
  17. Californian woman gives up posh life in America to marry Indian farmer... now she happily milks cows
  18. 20+ pictures that prove Al Bundy was the funniest character on television
  19. Scientists announce that they have found a cure for baldness!
  20. We might be getting a new He-Man movie with Batman Vs Superman writer David Goyer directing
  21. Ever heard of the Peanut, Butter, and Jelly hair trend?! Get ready to be blown away
  22. Doner kebabs could soon be banned in Europe and people are not happy
  23. Country music's 'missing outlaw', who saved Townes van Zandt's life, resurfaces in France
  24. Geoffrey Rush denies 'inappropriate behavior' allegations, issues statement
  25. Meghan Markle felt the love of British people as she made her first royal appearance with Prince Harry
  26. ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ star fired ahead of Season 13 premiere
  27. Science Solves The Yeti Mystery: They're Real but not what you thought
  28. 15 Times Meghan tried to copy Kate, but did she do it better?
  29. Christiaan Barnard and the drama behind the world's first heart transplant
  30. Lost heretical text containing Jesus' secret teachings discovered!
  31. What does your sleeping position say about your relationship?
  32. Celebrities hilariously react to Flynn flipping on Trump
  33. Elon Musk takes on Flat Earthers in Twitter battle
  34. One guy sent a scandalous photo of his girlfriend to his mom and now he's shook
  35. This 90s classic TV show may be getting a reboot!
  36. Pikachu is now the official ambassador of Japan and fans couldn't be happier
  37. Geraldo Rivera is 'sorry' for sexually harassing Bette Midler in the 70s
  38. 20+ extremely rare pictures of celebrities like you haven't seen before
  39. 'Supernatural' is becoming a truly 'family show'
  40. Did Sahar Tabar really undergo 50 plastic surgeries to look like Angelina Jolie?
  41. Social media trolls Madonna as she fails to understand a meme
  42. Chris Pratt warns female fans against "pervy" predator disguised as him on social media
  43. World's first artificial floating village could be home to hundreds of people by 2020
  44. Freddie Mercury biopic put on hold as director goes MIA
  45. Meghan Markle's ex-best friend says the Suits actress is 'cold and calculating'
  46. Sarah Palin's daughter accuses David Letterman, Mike Tyson of sexually harassing her entire family
  47. Kate Winslet finally spills the beans on her views about Titanic's tragic ending
  48. Top 10 food trends that ruled the culinary world in 2017
  49. 12 most memorable moments from Chrissy Teigen's amazing PanAm-themed birthday party
  50. Meet 87-year-old Baddie Winkle... she is social media's newest fashion icon
  51. Royal wedding traditions that you can expect to see at the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding
  52. Rihanna and Princess Diana have a lot more in common than you know
  53. McDonald's refuses to serve woman because she's wearing a hijab
  54. 'The Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco gets engaged on her birthday!
  55. Rihanna says she will never use trans models as a "marketing tool" for her beauty line
  56. Could daily use of mouthwash be linked to increased risk of diabetes? Researchers have their say
  57. 11 things you must know about the terrifying condition called sleep paralysis
  58. GOP Senator says working class are undeserving of tax cuts because they waste money on 'booze and women'
  59. Remember the elderly couple who died together in 'Titanic'? Here's their real-life heartbreaking story
  60. Is Saudi throwing Palestine under the bus? Leaked details of new MidEast peace deal outrage allies
  61. Prince George and Princess Charlotte will follow Meghan down the aisle at the royal wedding
  62. This 81-year-old man has taken the Chinese runway by storm
  63. Woman with transplanted uterus gives birth to a baby boy and makes medical history in the US
  64. Greta Garbo, one of Hollywood's most enigmatic stars, was devastatingly lonely
  65. 18 gun facts in America that will make you want to rally for safer gun laws!
  66. A Pennsylvanian man is suing a water park after coming home with a gruesome guest
  67. Shakespeare or Adolf Hitler? The Texas Prison system's list of banned books will leave you scratching your head
  68. Where's Cheating Ben? World unites to track down man who boasted about cheating on his partner!
  69. Former supermodel Cindy Crawford admits aging isn't fun
  70. Pink's daughter says she wants to marry an African woman and the singer has the perfect response
  71. All the 8 live action Star Wars movies ranked from worst to best
  72. Ladies! This is the secret to beautiful skin, but you may not like what you have to do to get it
  73. Did girlfriend's rejection lead serial killer Ted Bundy to commit rape and murder
  74. 10-year-old commits 'bullycide' after suspected bullying incident is shared online, now her parents want the world to take note!
  75. 'Guardian angel' cop adopts opioid-addicted baby from homeless mother
  76. This new contraceptive for women could protect them from the pitfalls of cheating partners
  77. Are you a Kwaussie? The trending word could spell disaster for politicians
  78. Margot Robbie talks about her solo Harley Quinn movie... and it doesn't feature The Joker
  79. This mom walked 1600 kms to create awareness about Epilepsy, and her reason is a very personal one
  80. VIDEO: What's the latest in viral trends? Stepping over an invisible box!
  81. 15 pictures that Kate Middleton would never want you to see
  82. What has 'OITNB' star Ruby Rose done to herself?
  83. This 12-picture test will reveal if you are an introvert or an extrovert
  84. Elon Musk to launch his own Tesla Roadster sending David Bowie's Space Oddity into Space
  85. From Beyonce's horse fly to the Khaleesi slug: 10 weird creatures that are named after pop-culture icons
  86. The Weekly Playlist: 7 songs to kickstart your week
  87. Stripping and juggling... Meghan Markle's old CV reveals surprising skills
  88. Which member of the royal family are you?
  89. San Diego opens giant tents for its homeless to fight Hepatitis A outbreak
  90. Bella Thorne eyeing to be the new Kylie Jenner?
  91. The real reason why J Paul Getty refused to pay his 16-year-old grandson's ransom
  92. Russia is in the midst of an HIV epidemic, so why are so many of its websites calling it a myth?
  93. 18-year-old admits to molesting 'more than 50 kids' since he was 10
  94. After Peggy, more 'RHOC' ladies shown the door
  95. Where is the cast of The Hills now?
  96. Netflix exec says they don't believe Danny Masterson's rape accusers
  97. This six-year-old Russian is apparently 'the most beautiful girl in the world'
  98. MET refuses to take down controversial painting after enraged New Yorkers claim it 'sexualizes' girls
  99. Chatbot Therapy: Will it put professional therapists out of business?
  100. Winkevoss twins of Facebook fame become world's first 'bitcoin billionaires'
  101. This teenage girl found her "soulmate" in a 53-year-old man, but people aren't convinced
  102. The Internet asked everyone to "name a badder bitch than Taylor Swift", and the response was epic
  103. The Christmas tree syndrome: Your festive fir could make you or your child ill
  104. This woman has a striking resemblance to Beyonce and gets chased by fans on the streets
  105. 7 cruise ship secrets only the crew can tell you
  106. According to science, redheads could possibly have genetic superpowers!
  107. Tarantino is planning to take on this franchise film as his last and we’re thrilled!
  108. Here's how Chris Pratt has spent his time since he split with Anna Faris
  109. These punk kids infected themselves with HIV as an act of rebellion
  110. Listening to too much Christmas music can affect your mental health
  111. This teenager was born without a jaw, and is now making all the right noises in the music industry!
  112. A drunk customer walked into Waffle House only to find the employee'll never believe what he did
  113. Kylie Jenner reveals the sordid details of past hook-ups in revealing 'Never Have I Ever'
  114. Ridley Scott believes that there's something more dangerous than chest-bursting aliens, and it's already here
  115. Why you should make frequent eye contact with your baby
  116. This European city beat all cities in the world for the best nightlife
  117. This woman in California lives in only one color — pink
  118. 6 rules to break for a happier relationship with your partner
  119. This upcoming Batman anime looks lit AF and we can’t wait to see it!
  120. Here is the distressing reason why Selena Gomez made her Instagram account private
  121. 'The Voice' finalist accused of rape by former friend
  122. How the hell is Ozzy Osbourne still alive? Science might know the answer
  123. Angelina Jolie finally speaks out about what went wrong between her and Brad Pitt
  124. Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington's autopsy released, shows he had alcohol, ecstasy in system
  125. John Oliver grills Dustin Hoffman over sexual harassment claims in front of live audience
  126. 20th Century Fox fires Bryan Singer as director of Freddie Mercury biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
  127. Winter is here: 7 facts you need to know about the winter solstice
  128. Inside the romantic engagement of Chanel Iman and Sterling Shepard
  129. John McCain asked for help to reach 3 million followers on Twitter, and instead, thousands unfollowed him!
  130. Four more women accuse Prison Break star Robert Knepper of sexual assault
  131. Top Astronomer and SETI scientist claims there's a possibilty humans could be Martians
  132. National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard accused of sexual harassment and we can't believe the irony
  133. The New Minefield: If you're a good guy, don't let fear of allegations stop you from being yourself
  134. Ex-campaign aide claims Mike Pence's wife thinks Donald Trump is 'reprehensible' and 'totally vile'
  135. Piers Morgan calls Emily Ratajkowski a 'global bimbo' after lingerie pasta shoot divides opinion
  136. Women should be ready for the backlash of the sexual harassment allegations and here's how you can deal with it
  137. Meghan Markle will spend the next week being held hostage, and that's a good thing!
  138. The true story of Jeff Bauman, the character at the center of a new film about the Boston Marathon bombing
  139. Studio drops John Travolta’s John Gotti biopic 10 days before release for mysterious reasons
  140. Mass gastro outbreak on luxury cruise ship leaves passengers vomiting
  141. And the commander in tweets award goes to... *drum roll*... none other than Obama!
  142. Taylor Swift's fans are ready to sell their organs to get her 'pricey' concert tickets
  143. Here's evidence that proves middle-aged women are going to rule the world!
  144. Blac Chyna is slapped with another lawsuit over her controversial Instagram photos
  145. Can't see pictures in your head or count sheep? It could be aphantasia
  146. The heart-breaking reason why this mummy blogger didn't share this photograph on social media
  147. The sexiest accents for men and women have been revealed, and one of them is pretty shocking
  148. Texan lawyer "hooked to hunting" claims people out there want to hunt her!
  149. Time Magazine names "silence breakers" as Person of the Year for 2017
  150. Hugh Jackman reveals the real reason for rejecting the role of James Bond
  151. Audio files of Corey Feldman naming Hollywood pedophiles in 1993 finally found
  152. Do gentlemen really prefer blondes? Science seems to suggest so
  153. Former Church of LDS bishop reveals the scandalous sexual questions church leaders ask children
  154. Trump makes history! US prez recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, cue global outrage
  155. Beyonce and Jay Z would have walked away from their marriage if it wasn't for this
  156. Are Meghan Markle and Prince Harry really in love? 10 things that their body language reveals
  157. Is this Disney star behind Macaulay Culkin's unbelievable transformation?
  158. Taylor Swift opens up about her sexual assault trial for the first time
  159. 12 band names with the most bizarre backstories
  160. Newly discovered fossil of crab named after Darth Vader for its uncanny resemblance to the Sith Lord
  161. Mother of 'Most Beautiful Girl in the World' faces backlash
  162. RHOC star Shannon Beador doesn't want to play nice with husband David
  163. Where is Cameron Diaz? The once-superstar dropped off the radar, but we found out what she's upto these days
  164. Pssst! Don't tell the kids, but scientists may have discovered Santa's bones!
  165. There's something about Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard
  166. "He was paternal...", Jennifer Lawrence reveals how Harvey Weinstein was like a father figure to her
  167. Chester Bennington's previous suicide attempt redacted in autopsy report
  168. Study shows that African American basketball players are at greater risk of heart diseases
  169. Dumped before Christmas? Here are 10 ways to get back into the festive spirit
  170. The power of human touch: Lack of physical touch puts you at a health risk
  171. David Cassidy cuts estranged daughter Katie Cassidy completely out of his will
  172. Fake news writer Paul Horner, who helped get Donald Trump elected, died of opioid overdose
  173. Here are 227,000 reasons to kick your adult child out of your home
  174. Woman falls into raging river while attempting to do a yoga pose, and this is what happened next
  175. After Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds will play this beloved character in the Pokémon live action flick
  176. Winner of The Biggest Loser looks like this now, and you will not be able to take your eyes off him!
  177. The wildfires that literally took California's breath away
  178. Tomi Lahren takes a dig at Beyonce and Colin Kaepernick, and the fallout is nuclear
  179. Prince Harry's engagement to Meghan Markle has exposed Britain's dirty underbelly when it comes to 'quiet' racism
  180. Fears that lack of security in cheating website Ashley Madison could result in massive nude picture leak
  181. Queen biopic gets new director but Bryan Singer has already shot majority of the film
  182. Rents in San Francisco are so high that one Texan law firm has came up with a crazy idea to beat it
  183. Largest Starbucks cafe in the world opens in Shanghai, and it redefines extravagance
  184. Was a Tweet responsible for mysterious death of 23-year-old pornstar August Ames?
  185. Video footage of Trump slurring during the Israel speech has the internet going crazy over why
  186. 9 questions you must ask your child to ensure they are safe
  187. Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk is part of an unofficial trilogy... here’s how
  188. Instagram cracks down on animal cruelty in the most viral way possible
  189. With these dramatic makeup trends, we guarantee you will shine in the spotlight
  190. Fergie opens up about her crystal meth addiction
  191. New study says motherhood after 35 has many advantages
  192. Sex fiend Matt Lauer seems to be enjoying his time off while his victims suffer
  193. Meet sexiest Asian woman... others in the list are worth your time too
  194. The Academy sets new 'code of conduct' amid harassment scandals
  195. South Carolina cop jailed for 20 years in fatal shooting of black man
  196. Kevin Spacey accused of groping Norwegian royalty a decade ago
  197. Who is the mystery woman without a face in the TIME Person of the Year cover?
  198. Teenager turns bar mitzvah money to almost $1 million thanks to bitcoins
  199. Are we bullying Taylor Swift into denouncing Donald Trump?
  200. Are Charlie Heaton and Harry Styles the same person? We find out!
  201. Recent study states birth control pills can raise risk of this lethal cancer
  202. Rise of the #disasterselfie: Instagrammers using Bali volcano as backdrop has people outraged
  203. Dad uses adorable 4-month-old to recreate Elf on the Shelf with a twist
  204. Models turn Times Square into a ramp for an empowering, guerrilla lingerie fashion show
  205. Bryan Singer has been sued for allegedly raping teenage boy in 2003
  206. "I'm genuinely happy": JK Rowling defends casting Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts and fans can't believe the irony
  207. Australian Military wives furious over proposal to send sex-workers to help "de-stress" troops overseas!
  208. 27 experts warned us of Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness, and there's evidence to prove they could be right
  209. Al Franken resigns over mounting allegations of sexual assaults but he has found the most unlikely ally
  210. 19-year-old anorexic student starves to death after multiple NHS screw-ups
  211. For all those who drink and drive, we hope this couple's heart-breaking message makes you rethink your decision
  212. This woman has a rare condition, and it's worth remembering what it is!
  213. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break tradition again, with this very unusual wedding cake
  214. 26-year-old ex-Tesco worker made millions playing this popular game, and it's easy!
  215. ISIS threatens Christmas and New Year's attacks across some of the world's biggest cities in new series of posters
  216. Edgy, glamorous and futuristic: Meet Viktoria Modesta, the world's first bionic pop singer
  217. Tarantino’s Star Trek movie will be an R-rated film going boldly where no Trekkie has gone before
  218. Florida man sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving piece of bacon in front of mosque
  219. Japanese shores dealing with bizarre, washed up North Korean 'ghost boats'
  220. Thighlighting is the latest plastic surgery craze sparked by supermodels, but it comes at a price!
  221. How to talk to your child about sex: 9 tips to make the talk effective and easy
  222. 20 valuable books you might have at home that could make you rich... very rich
  223. Ben Affleck set to step down as DC's Batman, but can the new superstar save the franchise?
  224. There are only 7 kinds of soul in the world. Which one is yours?
  225. $30-million lawsuit against Bravo's Andy Cohen and RHONJ star Melissa Gorga
  226. The 10 most beautiful Christmas trees from around the world
  227. Amber Heard slams JK Rowling after she defends Johnny Depp despite domestic abuse claims
  228. Sasha Banks & Alissa Bliss become first women to wrestle in the United Arab Emirates, and the outfits are hilarious!
  229. Is Rihanna engaged? This huge-ass ring would say YES!
  230. Melania Trump wants to spend Christmas on a deserted island...Twitter offers to pay for a family vacation!
  231. Harvey Weinstein claimed Renée Zellweger offered him sexual favors...and then she responded!
  232. Inside LeBron James' $23 million LA mansion, and yes it's everything you thought it would be
  233. Skier Lindsey Vonn refuses to represent Trump at the Olympics
  234. Jerry Sandusky's son sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of underage girls
  235. Screen legend Mamie Van Doren reveals that at 16 she was the "right age" for Bob Hope in shocking Facebook post!
  236. Third actress comes forward to claim Dustin Hoffman groped her "night after night" and exposed her body to entire crew
  237. Tragic pornstar August Ames sent heartbreaking messages to pal Keisha Grey just days before she killed herself
  238. Yolanda Hadid is returning to reality TV and this time, her kids are going to play a major role
  239. The sinister reason why evangelical Christians wanted Trump to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel
  240. Is your partner emotionally manipulating you? 6 signs you may be a victim of Perspecticide
  241. Goodbye Johnny! Thousands bid emotional farewell to the iconic French Elvis
  242. California fires claim lives of dozens of horses as communities lie in tatters
  243. Casey Anthony says she's finally ready to start dating again, six years after being acquitted of murder
  244. Big Media vs Big Tech: The battle for your attention is shaping up to be a slugfest
  245. Gal Gadot voted top star of 2017, but check out the other stars on the list
  246. The UK is a about to list this as a 'hate crime', and not everyone is happy about it
  247. The cast of The Crown want this superstar to play the role of Meghan Markle, and we want what they're smokin'
  248. Charlie Sheen set to take down National Enquirer over 'defamatory' article claiming he raped 13-yr-old Corey Haim
  249. Bella Thorne reveals that she was sexually assaulted, after Twitter troll makes a shocking statement
  250. Justin Bieber's mom opens up about her 'special bond' with Selena Gomez
  251. Kelsey Grammer forgives man who raped and murdered his sister but says he doesn't deserve freedom
  252. Meghan Markle is nervous about royal life, but here's why she believes it's all worth it
  253. Is Rihanna really engaged? We finally have an answer!
  254. The music you listen to AFTER your workout is as important as what you listen to during it, says new study
  255. Now that Coconut Oil has been proved to be bad for you, here are the oils that are actually good!
  256. Tech titans are coming for your kids, and you'd better know the rules of engagement
  257. The Internet may be about to die, and here's why it should matter to you
  258. Meghan Markle has competition... this gorgeous 27-year-old is the world's favorite royal
  259. One serving of leafy greens a day may slow brain aging by 11 years!
  260. Sarah Paulson was advised to keep her 'fascinating and odd' relationship a secret to save her career
  261. The brave actresses who tried to expose Hollywood's predators way before the Weinstein scandal
  262. Are we biologically programmed to cheat on our partners? The answer may shock you
  263. Now your favorite tipple comes in red, white, pink and BLUE!
  264. New study says women are happier with less attractive happy are you?
  265. Celebrities launch an amazing show of support for Tennessee boy who got bullied at school
  266. Serial killer Rose West is reportedly thinking of killing herself after being told she would go blind soon
  267. Move over the classic chicken sandwich, this is America's hottest sandwich now
  268. South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp admits there may be more victims in chilling confession
  269. These celebrities treat their fans like absolute trash, and yet...they still get the adoration
  270. Medical accessory for Apple Watch could be the answer to being one step ahead of heart problems
  271. Madly in love: Prince Harry is giving up smoking for fiancee Meghan Markle
  272. New York police flood Manhattan after explosion rocks bus terminal
  273. Breast cancer survivor donates breast milk to new mom diagnosed with breast cancer
  274. All members of 'Britain's worst family' are behind bars for the festive season, and their neighbors' reaction is priceless
  275. The art of complimenting: Here's how you can give and receive compliments graciously
  276. PHOTOS: Europe reels as weather wreaks havoc on daily life
  277. Singer Katie Armiger says she was blacklisted for speaking out against sexual harassment in country music
  278. Why was Sheree Whitfield’s prison lover incarcerated? The shocking crime has been revealed
  279. This modern-day fairytale leads Golden Globe noms, as Kevin Spacey replacement gets the nod too
  280. Celebrity chef Mario Batali steps away from TV show, business following sexual harassment allegations
  281. Parents hope tragic story of toddler who died when heater turned room into oven will be lesson for others
  282. (NSFW) Watch: Daredevil rooftopper plunges to death as he attempts incredible stunt
  283. 17 epic royal wedding fails...did you notice any of them?
  284. Connecticut man has sex with dead girlfriend 'hoping it would wake her up'
  285. Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme kicks female photographer in the head during show
  286. Golden Globes 2018: 10 biggest snubs that will make you go WTF!
  287. Children who get spanked by parents are likely to grow up to be abusive
  288. Mia Khalifa disses Ronda Rousey... gets roasted by WWE great Hurricane Helms
  289. The actual strip club from 'The Sopranos' is shutting down... and you'll never guess why!
  290. The Weekly Playlist: 7 songs for each day of the week
  291. Is Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in Avengers 4 after Fox deal?
  292. Kim Kardashian opens up about losing an embryo, praises 'selfless' surrogate
  293. Study reveals the shocking reason why you should never drink tea in your office
  294. Kimberly Jones is on her way to becoming the most hated mother in America
  295. Adriana Lima says she'll take her clothes off, but only for this...
  296. 'Creed 2' has found its director and it's not Sylvester Stallone
  297. Samantha Fox was once up given $50,000 to sing at Colombian drug lord's party!
  298. Rose McGowan lashes out at Alyssa Milano for supporting Harvey Weinstein’s wife
  299. Christmas Tree Brows are a thing, and we just can't take it anymore
  300. Here is why the Catholic League is not happy with the Golden Globes nomination of 'SMILF'
  301. Are you a good negotiator? Here are 7 tips to get what you want without stepping on others
  302. Pennsylvania gas station comes up with an innovative way to combat drug use in its toilets!
  303. Is Sofia Richie joining the cast of Keeping up with the Kardashians?
  304. This is the world's most sought-after wedding gown, and here's how you can get it
  305. New York bombing suspect attacked hallway after being inspired by ISIS Christmas threats
  306. Sky has proof that Dutchess is using her son as part of her revenge
  307. 4 reasons why you should have a shot of tequila every day
  308. Listen up ladies, man flu is a real thing...see, we told ya!
  309. A mother and her baby kicked out of flight for breastfeeding before take-off
  310. 10 Must-visit beaches in the world, as ranked by travel experts
  311. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a very strange definition of Fake News, and we're not buying it
  312. North Carolina woman found guilty of hiding the bodies of her babies in trash bags under her house
  313. Dear Americans, this is what you need to know about Pakistan
  314. Teen Mom 2 star Javi Marroquin has some choice words for Kailyn Lowry
  315. To shave or not to shave? 10 times celebrities were trolled for going au naturel
  316. Tantra isn't just about sex! Here's what this rich, sensual religion can teach you
  317. 2017: A year of amazing health advancements, human head transplants and more
  318. Chandler Riggs' father lashes out at The Walking Dead makers and he has a legit reason
  319. New Yorker writer who broke Hollywood assault story, claims his firing over ‘sexual misconduct’ was a mistake
  320. Tragedy of the Rohingya crisis: Women speak about systemic rape and sexual assault by the Myanmar army
  321. This eight-legged human killer, is terrorizing Australian homes, and with good reason
  322. 3 Florida men charged with animal cruelty after video footage shows them dragging live shark behind speed boat
  323. Netflix trolls serial watchers of 'A Christmas Prince' and absolute hilarity ensues
  324. The murky truth behind the Keaton Jones bullying story, and his mother's alleged racism
  325. Texan man's plight is a warning to all to ALWAYS wear sunscreen
  326. 3 women charged Donald Trump with sexual misconduct, and this was POTUS's answer!
  327. Kissing your children on the lips is 'too sexual' and can confuse them, warns psychologist
  328. 37-year-old murder case of teenager is finally closed... bringing peace to North Californian town
  329. Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler opens shelter for abused women
  330. Naked teen model plunges to death from 20th floor after ‘drug-fuelled swingers party'
  331. Big Brother star Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace brutally beaten by thug in horror attack in London
  332. WWE superstar Paige admits to contemplating suicide after sex tape leak
  333. Star Wars The Last Jedi review roundup: 'It’s exciting, heartbreaking' and 'the final scene bucks all Star Wars trends'
  334. Larry King claims he will sue Daily Mail TV over groping allegations
  335. 24-year-old walks free even though her drug use was the cause of her son's death
  336. The Duggars celebrate what would have been their daughter Jubliee's sixth birthday
  337. Saudi Arabia allows movie theaters to open, lifting 35-year-old movie ban
  338. Ready Player One trailer: Notable Easter Eggs and references you may have missed
  339. Alaska's biggest murder mystery: 35 years on and still no sign of the killer
  340. Are Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson dating? Here's everything we know
  341. The Highlander reboot might end up looking like a Marvel superhero flick
  342. Move over Prosecco! A new gin-flavored cheese is off the popularity charts!
  343. I shed an ocean of tears: Andrew Ridgeley opens up about heartbreak over bandmate George Michael's death
  344. 5 Most eligible royal bachelors, now that Prince Harry is taken!
  345. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton may not get married if he doesn't pop the question in 2018
  346. Australian surgeons are wearing their names on their caps, and here's the awesome reason why
  347. Your helicopter parenting is just driving your child's future into the ground, study claims
  348. Disturbing police video shows 11-year-old girl screaming as cop points a gun at her
  349. Hospital comes up with creative Christmas decorations to cheer up patients and we love it!
  350. Jasmine's paternity suit against Kirk gets thrown out and you won't believe why
  351. Trump 'slut shames' Senator Gillibrand, says she 'would do anything' for money
  352. The true story of Charles Robert Jenkins, an American hero who defected to North Korea and survived
  353. Pedophile goes on vacation with a 15-year-old girl and her family after convincing them that he was a teenager!
  354. Follow the light - Get the most out of light therapy through these tips
  355. New Cannabis cafes allow you to smoke 'em where you bought 'em!
  356. Worried about body shamers? Learn how celebs manage to shut them up
  357. Shannon Sylvain is a cancer survivor, and is now taking on the disease in a whole new way!
  358. 18 dismembered feet found on Salish shoreline, as rumors of serial killer on the loose begin to take shape
  359. Cardi B was an expert twerker even before the butt is video proof!
  360. This Balmain crystal embroidered $50,000 men's jacket is what your collection is missing
  361. José Canseco tweets about sexual harassment, says being molested was a 'turn on'
  362. GOP leader asks Alabama's Doug Jones to 'do the right thing'...OK then!
  363. She lost her husband..but found him back again with a surprise that took this granny's breath away
  364. Merriam-Webster has announced the most popular word of the year 2017, and women will be happy!
  365. Something's brewing between Nicole and Justin, and Keith and Jennifer are worried
  366. Afghan girl from famous Nat Geo cover finally gets her own home at the age of 45
  367. Christmas Miracle! This baby girl was born with her heart outside her body...but she battled to survive!
  368. Celebrities rejoice as Doug Jones trumps Roy Moore in Alabama senate race
  369. Why do fellow supermodels hate Kendall Jenner so much?
  370. Nicest celebrity ever? George Clooney once gifted 14 of his best friends $1 million each
  371. The best meteor shower of the year peaks tonight: Here's how you can watch it
  372. Do you feel lonely despite being around people? Here's why you could be a misfit and how you can embrace it
  373. Is Alex Rodriguez ready to pop the big question to Jennifer Lopez? Here's everything we know
  374. Egyptian popstar sentenced to two years prison for 'explicit' banana eating music video
  375. Woman stunned after restaurant leaves rude message on receipt
  376. Keaton Jones’ dad is a white supremacist with ‘Pure Breed’ and ‘White Pride’ tattooed on his body
  377. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lawrence reportedly enjoying lots of late nights together. Are they dating?
  378. This Full House actor is ready to be a first-time dad at 54
  379. Male hitchhiker drugged and raped by two women who call themselves 'Sperm Bandits'
  380. Superhero films of 2017 ranked — from worst to best
  381. Mother puts her 8-year-old son through 13 major surgeries even though he's absolutely fine
  382. Naughty secret: Stonehenge is a monument to penises, archeologist suggests
  383. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is 'serious' about running for president in 2020
  384. This 'Southern Charm' star is now working at a clothing store
  385. John Stamos joins the celebrity dads-over-50 list, but who else is on it?
  386. Congresswoman blames women with 'revealing clothes and deep cleavage' for sexual harassment
  387. Photographer's video of starving polar bear goes viral! So why didn't his crew attempt to save it?
  388. Meghan Markle is re-writing the rules of the Royal Family and forming a special bond with you know who!
  389. Forget menstrual cramps and mood swings with these amazing remedies
  390. Former cheerleader lost both her legs and her confidence, and then she decided to make a change!
  391. Over 6700 Rohingya Muslims killed in first month of Myanmar Crackdown: MSF
  392. Is Katie Holmes pregnant with Jamie Foxx's child? Photos seem to say so
  393. Destiny's Child may reunite in 2018 and we are so excited!
  394. Jurors vote for death penalty for killer of 8-year-old Palmdale boy Gabriel Fernandez
  395. Fancy a "professional cuddle"? Thanks to Donald Trump, thousands now do!
  396. Republican lawmaker 'Pope' Dan Johnson kills himself days after emergence of sexual assault allegations
  397. Salma Hayek accuses Harvey Weinstein of being a total perv, his excuse proves he's a coward as well
  398. Experts have found the optimum temperature to enjoy red wine and we've been doing it wrong all along
  399. One student had enough of Trump's sexism, so she took off her clothes and did this!
  400. Bolton couple who secretly buried 'monstrosity' baby in shoebox walks away from court free
  401. United States is gripped by 'spymania,' Russian President Putin says
  402. These twins born with different skin colors are one in a million and look fantastic all grown up!
  403. The top 10 most searched celebrities of 2017
  404. In a shocking revelation, Super Size Me star Morgan Spurlock admits to sexual harassing women
  405. 'I would have won Alabama': Trump blames everybody but himself for Moore's defeat
  406. Pope claims that Satan is real person, and wants to change the Our Father!
  407. Transgender man becomes first ever to give birth as both man and woman
  408. Mother posts heartbreaking message after brutal bullying lands young daughter in hospital
  409. College student arrested for trading Sprite and chicken in return for sex with a 'minor'
  410. Kirsten Dunst is pregnant with her first child at the age of 35
  411. 8-year-old New Jersey girl hangs herself after reportedly reading about another girl's suicide
  412. 'Avatar Therapy' can personify voices in your head, could help treating schizophrenia
  413. WATCH: What happens when a man tries to burn a flag that can't be burnt?
  414. US regulator orders rollback of 'net neutrality' rules...yes the internet is dead!
  415. 15 things you never knew about Donald Trump
  416. Halle Berry and Alex Da Kid have reportedly split just three months into their relationship
  417. The real reason why the 'Irish mum' in Titanic decided to tell the heartbreaking story
  418. WATCH: Viral sensation Keaton Jones does not want to go to school
  419. Ryan Reynolds pokes fun at Disney's merger with Fox on Twitter
  420. The Simpsons predicted that Disney would buy Fox nearly 20 years ago; 9 other times The Simpsons saw the future
  421. Did Coleen Rooney just get trolled by husband Wayne's party girl Laura Simpson?
  422. Someone slammed Simone Biles' hair, and her response is an inspiration!
  423. There's 70% chance Trump will strike North Korea if it conducts another nuclear tests, Sen Lindsey Graham says
  424. Is Jay Z's Tidal a sinking ship even with Eminem and Calvin Harris on board?
  425. The women who gave us the best, juiciest music moments in 2017!
  426. Louisiana teen's reaction after getting into Harvard takes internet by storm
  427. Artificial intelligence emerges as a promising tool to train people working with kids with autism
  428. Self-compassion: How this single act can improve all your relationships
  429. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty fans show their love for the makeup line by creating matching nail art
  430. Majority of US gun owners believe mass shootings are part of life! Are you one of them?
  431. Donald Trump has just shut down Christmas in the one place it means the most!
  432. These were the most popular foods of 2017, according to YouTube
  433. From testicle tacos to pig hearts, this woman cooks everything in a coffeemaker!
  434. Mark Wahlberg is the most overpaid actor of 2017. Meet the others
  435. UPS loses man's $846,648 inheritance cheque, gives him an apology letter and refunds him only the $32 he paid for shipping
  436. 10 absolutely cool gifts under $30 just for your friend who loves to stay at home
  437. Oldest living vertebrate? This incredible shark may be over 500 years old and still kicking
  438. How upholding the Christmas spirit and cheer all year round can be healthy for you
  439. The shocking tale of the Australian town where 10 year-olds are addicted to meth and babies taken away at birth!
  440. 'Youthquake' is the word of the year, Oxford Dictionaries says
  441. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding date announced
  442. Andrew Garfield gushes about ex-girlfriend Emma Stone whom he 'loves'
  443. White supremacist Charlottesville attacker faces the death penalty, after being slapped with first-degree murder charge
  444. The heartbreaking reason why mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer has to keep her daughter's gravesite a secret
  445. Woman had to give birth on the street in the cold after being turned away from maternity ward
  446. Man inadvertently films shark biting wife on their honeymoon
  447. There’s a creepy coincidence about Harry and Meghan’s wedding date. Twitter has the scoop!
  448. If the Oscars decide to have a 'Best Tagline' category, Ocean's 8 is definitely winning it
  449. 'Selena makes me sick': Man wants to sue singer after teenage daughter commits suicide
  450. Matt Damon slammed for believing this celebrity sex perv should be forgiven!
  451. Has the brutal murder of Mandy Stavik finally been solved, 30 years after she was raped and killed?
  452. We can all relax, they're not Disneyfying Deadpool!
  453. Gwen Stefani reveals Blake Shelton almost burned their house down during first Christmas together
  454. The gun used to murder Tupac was found in 1998, but what did the cops do with it?
  455. 'Power' producer 50 Cent strikes new deal with Starz, promises more great shows
  456. How Princess Diana explained Charles's affair to a young Prince William, and brought tears to our eyes!
  457. Explained: The reason why ghosts seem scary to you despite knowing they do not exist
  458. The 23 strangest fashion trends of 2017, and we're going to be scarred for a while!
  459. Mom bares it all in honest post-partum pics, and the internet embraces her awesomeness
  460. Woman who suffered from anorexia posts her amazing transformation online, and it's stunning
  461. Remember your favorite Titanic stars? This is what they look like now!
  462. Dad's hilarious letter to daughter's school questioning their casual sexism sparks debate on social media
  463. Here's why you should never take cough medicine when you have a cold!
  464. 8 Reasons you should re-think your stance on cheating!
  465. Move over Gordon Ramsay, this hunk is stealing our healthy dish at a time!
  466. Keep away from the ice cream tub if you want to feel good after a break-up
  467. These 20 Snapchats from rich kids will leave you feeling very poor
  468. British diplomat Rebecca Dykes found dead in Beirut, taxi driver arrested
  469. Meghan Markle has chosen her wedding dress designer and it's not who we expected
  470. Pentagon spent millions on secret program to research UFOs
  471. Can you believe it? This airline wants to make you stand for the entire flight duration!
  472. 10 Instagram accounts you should be following for the best of 2017
  473. You won't believe what Olivia Newton-John thinks of Taylor Swift and her fame
  474. Nourishing your feminine soul: How to not let the tough corporate world turn you into a man
  475. Fetus, transgender, vulnerable... America's top health agency banned from using these words
  476. Rose McGowan slams 'hypocrisy' of Meryl Streep for 'silent' Weinstein protest
  477. The fashion brands that got a boost thanks to the 'royal effect'
  478. Constantly feel disconnected from what's going on? Here's what is happening with you
  479. This selfie forced Miss Iraq's family to flee the country in fear for their lives
  480. The true story behind the making of the Titanic, and the massive risk that could've sunk careers
  481. 'Multiple' fatalities as Amtrak train derails onto highway in Washington state
  482. The dark and tragic tale behind America's most popular Christmas song
  483. Glow in the dark plants are here, and they're changing everything we know about light!
  484. Did the royal family Christmas photo just drop a major hint about the sex of Kate and Williams' third child?
  485. Kevin Hart gets slammed for saying ‘moms are not fun’ during SNL monologue
  486. Lead singer of K-pop icons SHINee found dead in hotel in apparent suicide
  487. The true story of Molly Bloom: Hollywood's iron-willed Poker Princess
  488. Serena Williams reaches out to fans for advice after baby daughter Alexis goes through a rough patch
  489. 10 dirty jokes that Disney slipped by the kids and you in their films
  490. Visitor from alien star system wears insulating coat: astronomers
  491. Why was David Prowse, the actor who played Darth Vader, forgotten by George Lucas and the Star Wars franchise?
  492. The Duggar family is set to get a whole lot bigger, and we're still counting
  493. Feminist Linda Sarsour accused of bullying and threatening sexual abuse victim into silence
  494. Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias welcome twins!
  495. Peter Jackson’s ‘Mortal Engines’ drops first teaser and we're already in awe
  496. "I'm extremely insecure": Reality star Courtney Stodden reveals she is battling depression after split from hubby Doug Hutchinson
  497. Jason Priestley is as badass as we thought he was. Here's why
  498. Man who forced girlfriend to walk naked down the streets of NYC found guilty by Manhattan court
  499. Trump says immigration system is a national security threat, not climate change
  500. There's a reason why Scott Disick and Sofia Richie are sticking it out together despite their massive fights
  501. Are you ready to have Taco Bell's beer or own the new wine collection of Lord of the Rings!
  502. 9 scandalous details about Princess Margaret and Tony Armstrong Jones' turbulent romance
  503. 10 Reasons why having a wild party occasionally is actually good for your health
  504. Meryl Streep responds to Rose McGowan's criticism: Harvey Weinstein made sure I did not know
  505. What on earth happened to Ross' son Ben in Friends?
  506. 10 fashion trends that ruled the runway and red carpet in 2017
  507. As I Lay Dying frontman apologizes for hiring a hitman to murder his ex-wife, four years ago
  508. The constant need to take selfies is a genuine mental disorder now. Do you have it?
  509. Top 10 Breakout stars of 2017
  510. The Royal Family Christmas cards over the years
  511. 22-year-old woman found mauled to death in the woods by her own pitbulls
  512. This woman took a photograph of herself every day for a year, and the reason will break your heart
  513. Donald Trump Jr mocks Obama with giant birthday cookie in Instagram post with Ted Cruz
  514. How to handle male colleagues who "manterrupt" women in meetings
  515. Who is the new Bond... James Bond?
  516. Chrissy Teigen reveals the one thing about pregnancy she struggles with
  517. Remember the Kim Kardashian sex tape that launched a whole family? Well, the star's not ashamed of it anymore
  518. California wildfires: 'I have never seen anything like this,' firefighter battling blaze says
  519. Selena Gomez's mom reportedly hospitalized after row with Selena over Justin
  520. Worried about your sanity? 12 sneaky ways in which your loved one is gaslighting you
  521. The camera really does add 10 pounds and here's how to make sure it doesn't
  522. 7 Nursery Rhymes that are way too dark for children
  523. Did Obama protect Hezbollah as it grew into a major global security threat?
  524. Sir Ian McKellen believes women are partly to blame for sexual assaults in Hollywood
  525. 20 years after her tragic death, Princess Diana's last words have been revealed
  526. Woman, 26, gives birth to baby girl from an embryo that was frozen for 24 years
  527. Deadpool actor T.J. Miller accused of sexual assaulting, punching woman; denies all allegations
  528. Tyga texts Kylie Jenner to say he misses her, and we're all thinking...what about Travis?
  529. Ferne McCann's ex-boyfriend jailed for 20 years for throwing acid on people
  530. The Office may be coming back but without this fan favorite character
  531. 8 animals that get way higher than we do
  532. Here's why Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn is the right guy to save the DC Extended Universe
  533. Every person in this family of four identifies as transgender and is in transition
  534. Eva Longoria is pregnant with her first child!
  535. LGBTQIA issues could be taught in UK classrooms for the first time ever
  536. Model who lost her right leg to tampon-induced toxic shock may now lose the left one too
  537. This beauty blogger always keeps a tube of toothpaste in her nail kit... here's why
  538. US Tax Bill: What it means for you and what happens next
  539. Amtrak derailment: Heroic soldier risks life to save countless passengers after crash
  540. Celebrity deaths in 2017: Tom Petty, Mary Tyler Moore, Chester Bennington, Hugh Hefner, more
  541. Matt Damon wants a pat on the back for not being a Twitter gave it to him
  542. This Instagram model's bloated stomach pictures will tell you it is not easy staying in shape
  543. Crime-fighting robot attacked on the streets of San Francisco
  544. Whoa! Bernice Burgos is going to be a granny at age 37, and the Internet can't handle it
  545. Lala Kent's mystery man revealed... he's quite popular with young celebs!
  546. Flameless cremation: UK council plans to liquefy bodies in eco-friendly alternative to cremation
  547. Disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law, symbol of Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, dies at 86
  548. Desperate parents are now turning to marijuana to treat kids with autism
  549. A treacherous age for musicians... SHINee's Jong-hyun is the latest to join the ill-fated 27 Club
  550. 15 female tattoo artists on Instagram that you have to follow now!
  551. Judging by this video, Jeff Daniels’ new 9/11 drama ‘The Looming Tower’ could be the next best thing
  552. Celebrities expecting babies in 2018
  553. 6 signs that you were brought up by a toxic or abusive mother
  554. Parents pull kids from class in anger after Ivanka Trump's surprise school visit
  555. Online petition asks for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to be discarded and remade
  556. Mexico sends accused money launderer for drug lord El Chapo to US for trial
  557. Warner Bros’ is making a ‘darker’ version of Jungle Book titled ‘Mowgli’
  558. A look at Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio’s incredible 20-year friendship
  559. Which Greek/Roman goddess do you resemble the most?
  560. Prince Charles wanted some other names for William and Harry... but Diana finally had her way
  561. The biggest unsolved science mysteries of 2017
  562. Meghan Markle wins over royal family members at Queen's Christmas lunch
  563. There are 7 kinds of romantic relationships. Which one is yours?
  564. Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova spend $600K to baby-proof their Miami home
  565. Man who killed wife and three children leaves a note saying it was 'the right thing to do'
  566. 10 hidden jokes in movie credits that you totally missed
  567. Endangered sea turtle found entangled in cocaine bundles worth $53 million!
  568. Selena's family loves The Weeknd more than Justin... and they want her to get back with him
  569. 42-year-old vigilante from Nebraska arrested for killing 30 pedophiles in murder spree
  570. Khloe Kardashian finally confirms her pregnancy... and we couldn't be happier for her
  571. Obese lions forced to perform in Russian circus after gorging on junk food
  572. This mom's tragic tale of how her son murdered his own baby sister will shake your faith in humanity
  573. Is the Queen already causing tension between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?
  574. Superfood algae will soon power planes and fight climate change
  575. Meryl Streep's brand under threat over Weinstein denial... but what about George Clooney and Brad Pitt?
  576. Florida man charged with attempted murder for dragging police officer with car for half a mile
  577. Here's what the cast of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" looks like today
  578. Shocking! The FBI is hatching a plan to assassinate Trump, claims right-wing commentator
  579. Christmas miracle: Heartbroken dad reunited with missing children three years after they disappeared
  580. Betsy DeVos has made loan relief more difficult for defrauded students
  581. Hugh Jackman talks about his 21-year old marriage and how it's as strong as ever
  582. How to handle bossy colleagues, friends, and partners
  583. Michelle Obama has the perfect advice for those struggling with anxiety and stress in the Trump era
  584. Doctors are warning people against taking up the 'water fasting''s why
  585. 'History is being made' Memphis Mayor says as City Council orders to remove Confederate statues
  586. Everything you need to know about the upcoming Stargate series
  587. Apple confirms a popular myth and admits it intentionally slows down older iPhones
  588. Jonghyun's death opens the Pandora's box of sexual, physical and emotional abuse in K-Pop industry
  589. Hugh Hefner's widow and children must stay drug-free to inherit Playboy fortune
  590. Melbourne crash: At least 19 injured after driver 'deliberately' rams car into Flinders street crowd
  591. Hunter faces social media backlash after he proudly posts pictures of his kill on Facebook
  592. Fraternity hazing: FSU fraternity pledge 'died alone in a room full of people' at party
  593. Here's how Donald Trump will influence the new season of Homeland
  594. 20 pictures which prove that mothers are hilarious and too cute!
  595. Meet Iman and Teyana, the 'sexiest' couple on earth
  596. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just released their engagement photos and they look so in love!
  597. The secret to living a happy life is carrying the childlike spirit inside you!
  598. 15 celebrities who destroyed their own careers in 2017
  599. Aurora teen stabs stepdad...and then posts Snapchat video of him dying
  600. People target Meryl Streep over Harvey Weinstein scandal by pasting 'She Knew' posters on streets
  601. Here's what Will Smith's ‘Bright’ director has to say to reviewer who calls it 'worst film of 2017'
  602. 11 music genres that sound completely made up
  603. Justin and Selena fight over his ex Hailey... and are now seeking Christian couple's therapy
  604. Mexican YouTuber shot dead after insulting notorious drug lord in a video
  605. There are 7 stages of love. Which one are you on?
  606. Kylie Jenner heartbroken and disappointed as Travis Scott neglects her during pregnancy
  607. The top 15 dumbest crimes of 2017
  608. Mexican man with the world's largest penis has been registered as disabled, and now hopes to land dream job!
  609. 10 famous banned books that everyone should read
  610. Uh-oh! Nobody wanted to name their kids Donald, Hillary, or even Bernie in 2017!
  611. New Jersey man claims he lost virginity to an alien woman and fathered hundreds of alien babies
  612. 8 Female actors who fought against Hollywood's pay disparity before Catt Sadler
  613. The 30 odd rules every member of the Royal Family must follow
  614. Shocking! After miscarriage, Texas woman kills new mom, takes away her baby
  615. Linchpin of pedophile ring sentenced to nine life sentences by court, accomplices also set to go behind bars
  616. What not to say to someone suffering from a mental illness during Christmas time
  617. Prevent gaining those Christmas pounds with the new trick we've got up our sleeve
  618. Judge dismisses emoluments lawsuit against Donald Trump alleging he violated Constitution
  619. Real Housewife Meghan King Edmonds has double good news for the New Year
  620. 5 reasons why you should get more laid this festive season, according to science!
  621. 6 Ways to practice Lagom; the Swedish secret to a happy and well-balanced life!
  622. Missouri woman jailed for 35 years after unfair trial is finally granted clemency and released
  623. Don't blindly follow other diets, create your own and observe the wonders
  624. 16 empath traits which show you feel more deeply than other people
  625. 10 most memorable rock concert riots that will go down in history!
  626. KFC Japan has introduced fried chicken that doesn't smell, so that you'd stop annoying others
  627. Ohio parents give teachers wine bottles with picture of son’s face for Christmas
  628. Matt Damon's sexual assault comments have made people so angry, they want him out of Ocean's 8
  629. Is Princess Pushy trying to offend Meghan Markle?
  630. Donald Trump is finally getting to build not just one but two walls!
  631. Khloe is feeling hella guilty about her happy pregnancy while Kylie is miserable
  632. The swoon-worthy stories behind some celebrity proposals
  633. Not so excited about the holidays? Here are 9 kinds of joys you can give yourself
  634. Mel B is freaking people out as she plans on burning her flesh which had her ex's tattoo
  635. Wealthy British neighbourhood installs anti-bird spikes on trees... where should the birds go now?
  636. 10 facts we learned about the health effects of marijuana in 2017
  637. Six-year-old Texan boy killed by stray bullet when police open fire on woman suspect
  638. From 'A Christmas Prince' to 'Bad Santa', here's a roundup of the best Christmas movies to watch
  639. Selena falls for Justin even more after seeing how maturely he's handling family drama
  640. The story of Britain's last executions: Two men who were hanged more than 50 years ago
  641. 'He’s not my Luke Skywalker': Mark Hamill responds to 'The Last Jedi' fan backlash
  642. Bella Hadid's family not happy about her reuniting with The Weeknd... will she take a step back?
  643. The sweet story behind Queen Elizabeth's ring will put a smile on your face
  644. Dellen Millard: Once a fun-loving Canadian heir, now a cold-blooded killer
  645. These celebrity couples are spending their first Christmas together
  646. Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs new law, bans abortion for pregnancies with Down syndrome
  647. The 5 smartphones that changed 2017
  648. Life expectancy in America falls for second straight year as drug overdoses soar
  649. Are Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Grace Moretz engaged? We have proof!
  650. Elderly couple forced to spend Christmas apart for the first time in 70 years
  651. Elderly couple caught in Nebraska with 60 pounds of marijuana, claim it's for 'Christmas presents'
  652. Here is the real truth about Marilyn Monroe and JFK's affair
  653. Deadly California wildfire has become the largest in state's history
  654. Meghan Trainor gets engaged to Spy Kids stars Daryl Sabara
  655. Jay Z, Queen B and Tina doing the electric slide is all the Christmas miracle we need
  656. Black mother gives birth to one in a million white baby with blue eyes
  657. Scandals that had us gossiping all of 2017
  658. Fearing Meghan's wrath, Prince Harry will not be attending the traditional Royal Boxing Day Hunt
  659. An elderly man sat down at a Goodwill piano, what happens next will leave you in tears
  660. RHoNY star Luann de Lesseps arrested for disorderly intoxication
  661. 25 most groundbreaking albums of all time
  662. How Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins helped replace Kevin Spacey in All The Money In The World
  663. I visited the Pentagon and something else was going on: X-Files creator on secret UFO program
  664. Will Smith says watching himself on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' makes him cringe
  665. Kim K blessed us with her Christmas Eve card, but there's one person missing!
  666. Are you unconsciously inviting into your life people and situations that hurt you?
  667. This 81-year-old has been a flight attendant for about 60 years and has no plans to quit yet!
  668. Dr. Pimple Popper gets her own show and it is disgusting! Watch her best pops inside
  669. VS model Sara Sampaio has come up with a new way to don a bikini... and now it's a thing
  670. 8 best celebrity hair transformations of 2017
  671. Pope Francis rebukes Trump’s Jerusalem decision in traditional Christmas Day speech
  672. Here's how you can use the last week of 2017 to make 2018 the best year of your life
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  674. 10 lesser known skills of Alexa that you could put to good use
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  678. This facial is Hollywood's best kept secret for a youthful skin, but would you dare to try it?
  679. What's that scent? Here's why a whiff of something can trigger an old memory
  680. Retail giant Target defies queer-haters yet again with a new line for the LGBTQIA community
  681. British Government urges Prince Harry not to invite Obamas for Royal Wedding, and here's the shocking reason why
  682. 12 Biggest scandals of the British Royal Family that will shock you!
  683. Cardi B puts Offset breakup rumors to rest with this NSFW tweet
  684. Best of 2017: the red carpet's most stylishly coordinated couples
  685. Virginia couple killed by daughter's boyfriend after they warned her about his neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic views
  686. Your crush on Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron is utterly ridiculous. Here's why
  687. Margot Robbie reveals when we’ll get to see Harley Quinn on screen again
  688. California governor Jerry Brown defies Trump again, issues pardon to two immigrants over deportation
  689. 8 warning signs that your partner is not The One
  690. A rescue snake gets a Christmas sweater and the photos are adorable!
  691. Psychic who predicted 9/11 and Donald Trump presidency has foretold some major events for 2018
  692. These heartwarming photos of celebs celebrating Christmas with the fam will make you brim with cheer!
  693. The Royal Family extends a warm welcome to Meghan Markle for Christmas
  694. This Philadelphia infant was mauled by a raccoon but wait till you see how Christmas turned out for her
  695. This is what the colour of your fingernails reveals about your health
  696. Here's 7 ways how you can still turn the crappy 2017 year around
  697. Beyond Prince George and Princess Charlotte: Other Royal kids around the world that deserve your attention
  698. Where are the kids of the ‘Sound of Music’ Von Trapp Family right now?
  699. 10 of the most unexpected products you can overdose on!
  700. The top 15 unexplainable videos from 2017
  701. Pennsylvania woman left stunned after seeing $284 billion electricity bill
  702. 12 New Year's resolutions you and your best friend can make together!
  703. Lewis Hamilton gender-shames nephew for wearing a princess dress
  704. Sleep texting is the new sleep talking and this addiction is worse than drunk dialing
  705. Mo Farah targeted with racist abuse because he wished people a Merry Christmas
  706. Minneapolis cops remove memorial erected for woman by a white nationalist group
  707. Santa is an overweight alcoholic and has a risk of mental health problems
  708. This woman's face was horribly disfigured after she shot herself in the face... but she doesn't regret it
  709. What do Beyonce, David Beckham, and now Sean Connery have in common? You'll never believe what the legend has done
  710. Man abandoned as a baby on a London street 75 years ago finally traces birth family
  711. Khloe Kardashian just announced her due date and it's sooner than you expected
  712. Families receive envelopes full of cash on Christmas from real-life secret Santa!
  713. Heir to Washington Post fortune, William Graham commits suicide just like his publisher father
  714. This rapper's daughter shared a birthday picture, and we can't take our eyes off her!
  715. 10 best cannabis strains named after famous celebrities
  716. Don't hit the snooze button... it's bad for you and makes you more tired!
  717. This is what happens to your body when you skip going to the gym
  718. Interracial relationships are awesome. Here's how interracial couples can build a strong bond
  719. The Royals have banned Prince George and Princess Charlotte from using these popular, modern-life toys
  720. Gearing up for a change of wardrobe? Here is the fashion forecast for 2018
  721. Just days after celebrating Christmas with the star, Rihanna's 21-year-old cousin shot dead in Barbados
  722. Here's why Tunisia has banned Middle East's largest airline in the country
  723. Melania Trump orders for historic White House tree to be cut down
  724. Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser may be returning with a revival of 90s hit sitcom ‘Mad About You’
  725. This iconic picture of the Royals was taken by a single mom... and now it will help pay for daughter's university
  726. Scientists explore what it means to become a "better person"
  727. Vegan chef kills estranged wife and two children minutes after recording a video with son on Christmas
  728. Homeowners across country rush to prepay their 2018 property tax today, here's why you should too
  729. There's a new designer drug in the market and it can potentially kill millions
  730. This beauty blogger is using American sign language to make beauty tutorials accessible to all
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