1. Kate Steinle murder: Mexican illegal immigrant found not guilty by jury
  2. Trump conveniently forgets to mention LGBTQ community in World AIDS Day speech
  3. Matt Lauer wants $30 million from NBC after he was fired for sexual harassment
  4. Jimmey Kimmel and Roy Moore war over Twitter on a campaign stunt
  5. 8-month-old girl dies with fentanyl in her system. How did this happen?
  6. Ever heard of the Peanut, Butter, and Jelly hair trend?! Get ready to be blown away
  7. Science Solves The Yeti Mystery: They're Real but not what you thought
  8. Lost heretical text containing Jesus' secret teachings discovered!
  9. Elon Musk takes on Flat Earthers in Twitter battle
  10. Pikachu is now the official ambassador of Japan and fans couldn't be happier
  11. World's first artificial floating village could be home to hundreds of people by 2020
  12. Meghan Markle's ex-best friend says the Suits actress is 'cold and calculating'
  13. Sarah Palin's daughter accuses David Letterman, Mike Tyson of sexually harassing her entire family
  14. McDonald's refuses to serve woman because she's wearing a hijab
  15. GOP Senator says working class are undeserving of tax cuts because they waste money on 'booze and women'
  16. Is Saudi throwing Palestine under the bus? Leaked details of new MidEast peace deal outrage allies
  17. Woman with transplanted uterus gives birth to a baby boy and makes medical history in the US
  18. 18 gun facts in America that will make you want to rally for safer gun laws!
  19. Did girlfriend's rejection lead serial killer Ted Bundy to commit rape and murder
  20. 10-year-old commits 'bullycide' after suspected bullying incident is shared online, now her parents want the world to take note!
  21. 'Guardian angel' cop adopts opioid-addicted baby from homeless mother
  22. Are you a Kwaussie? The trending word could spell disaster for politicians
  23. VIDEO: What's the latest in viral trends? Stepping over an invisible box!
  24. Elon Musk to launch his own Tesla Roadster sending David Bowie's Space Oddity into Space
  25. San Diego opens giant tents for its homeless to fight Hepatitis A outbreak
  26. Russia is in the midst of an HIV epidemic, so why are so many of its websites calling it a myth?
  27. 18-year-old admits to molesting 'more than 50 kids' since he was 10
  28. MET refuses to take down controversial painting after enraged New Yorkers claim it 'sexualizes' girls
  29. 20th Century Fox fires Bryan Singer as director of Freddie Mercury biopic 'Bohemian Rhapsody'
  30. John McCain asked for help to reach 3 million followers on Twitter, and instead, thousands unfollowed him!
  31. National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard accused of sexual harassment and we can't believe the irony
  32. Ex-campaign aide claims Mike Pence's wife thinks Donald Trump is 'reprehensible' and 'totally vile'
  33. The true story of Jeff Bauman, the character at the center of a new film about the Boston Marathon bombing
  34. And the commander in tweets award goes to... *drum roll*... none other than Obama!
  35. Texan lawyer "hooked to hunting" claims people out there want to hunt her!
  36. Time Magazine names "silence breakers" as Person of the Year for 2017
  37. Trump makes history! US prez recognises Jerusalem as Israel's capital, cue global outrage
  38. Fake news writer Paul Horner, who helped get Donald Trump elected, died of opioid overdose
  39. The wildfires that literally took California's breath away
  40. Fears that lack of security in cheating website Ashley Madison could result in massive nude picture leak
  41. Largest Starbucks cafe in the world opens in Shanghai, and it redefines extravagance
  42. Video footage of Trump slurring during the Israel speech has the internet going crazy over why
  43. The Academy sets new 'code of conduct' amid harassment scandals
  44. South Carolina cop jailed for 20 years in fatal shooting of black man
  45. 27 experts warned us of Donald Trump's dangerous mental illness, and there's evidence to prove they could be right
  46. Al Franken resigns over mounting allegations of sexual assaults but he has found the most unlikely ally
  47. 19-year-old anorexic student starves to death after multiple NHS screw-ups
  48. For all those who drink and drive, we hope this couple's heart-breaking message makes you rethink your decision
  49. 26-year-old ex-Tesco worker made millions playing this popular game, and it's easy!
  50. ISIS threatens Christmas and New Year's attacks across some of the world's biggest cities in new series of posters
  51. Florida man sentenced to 15 years in prison for leaving piece of bacon in front of mosque
  52. 20 valuable books you might have at home that could make you rich... very rich
  53. Sasha Banks & Alissa Bliss become first women to wrestle in the United Arab Emirates, and the outfits are hilarious!
  54. Melania Trump wants to spend Christmas on a deserted island...Twitter offers to pay for a family vacation!
  55. Skier Lindsey Vonn refuses to represent Trump at the Olympics
  56. Jerry Sandusky's son sentenced to prison for sexual abuse of underage girls
  57. Tragic pornstar August Ames sent heartbreaking messages to pal Keisha Grey just days before she killed herself
  58. The sinister reason why evangelical Christians wanted Trump to recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel
  59. California fires claim lives of dozens of horses as communities lie in tatters
  60. Casey Anthony says she's finally ready to start dating again, six years after being acquitted of murder
  61. Big Media vs Big Tech: The battle for your attention is shaping up to be a slugfest
  62. The UK is a about to list this as a 'hate crime', and not everyone is happy about it
  63. Tech titans are coming for your kids, and you'd better know the rules of engagement
  64. The Internet may be about to die, and here's why it should matter to you
  65. Meghan Markle has competition... this gorgeous 27-year-old is the world's favorite royal
  66. South Carolina serial killer Todd Kohlhepp admits there may be more victims in chilling confession
  67. Medical accessory for Apple Watch could be the answer to being one step ahead of heart problems
  68. New York police flood Manhattan after explosion rocks bus terminal
  69. PHOTOS: Europe reels as weather wreaks havoc on daily life
  70. Connecticut man has sex with dead girlfriend 'hoping it would wake her up'
  71. Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme kicks female photographer in the head during show
  72. Kimberly Jones is on her way to becoming the most hated mother in America
  73. A mother and her baby kicked out of flight for breastfeeding before take-off
  74. 10 Must-visit beaches in the world, as ranked by travel experts
  75. White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has a very strange definition of Fake News, and we're not buying it
  76. North Carolina woman found guilty of hiding the bodies of her babies in trash bags under her house
  77. 2017: A year of amazing health advancements, human head transplants and more
  78. New Yorker writer who broke Hollywood assault story, claims his firing over ‘sexual misconduct’ was a mistake
  79. Tragedy of the Rohingya crisis: Women speak about systemic rape and sexual assault by the Myanmar army
  80. 3 Florida men charged with animal cruelty after video footage shows them dragging live shark behind speed boat
  81. The murky truth behind the Keaton Jones bullying story, and his mother's alleged racism
  82. 3 women charged Donald Trump with sexual misconduct, and this was POTUS's answer!
  83. 37-year-old murder case of teenager is finally closed... bringing peace to North Californian town
  84. Naked teen model plunges to death from 20th floor after ‘drug-fuelled swingers party'
  85. WWE superstar Paige admits to contemplating suicide after sex tape leak
  86. Star Wars The Last Jedi review roundup: 'It’s exciting, heartbreaking' and 'the final scene bucks all Star Wars trends'
  87. 24-year-old walks free even though her drug use was the cause of her son's death
  88. Saudi Arabia allows movie theaters to open, lifting 35-year-old movie ban
  89. Alaska's biggest murder mystery: 35 years on and still no sign of the killer
  90. Australian surgeons are wearing their names on their caps, and here's the awesome reason why
  91. Disturbing police video shows 11-year-old girl screaming as cop points a gun at her
  92. Trump 'slut shames' Senator Gillibrand, says she 'would do anything' for money
  93. The true story of Charles Robert Jenkins, an American hero who defected to North Korea and survived
  94. Pedophile goes on vacation with a 15-year-old girl and her family after convincing them that he was a teenager!
  95. 18 dismembered feet found on Salish shoreline, as rumors of serial killer on the loose begin to take shape
  96. GOP leader asks Alabama's Doug Jones to 'do the right thing'...OK then!
  97. The best meteor shower of the year peaks tonight: Here's how you can watch it
  98. Woman stunned after restaurant leaves rude message on receipt
  99. Superhero films of 2017 ranked — from worst to best
  100. Mother puts her 8-year-old son through 13 major surgeries even though he's absolutely fine
  101. Congresswoman blames women with 'revealing clothes and deep cleavage' for sexual harassment
  102. Photographer's video of starving polar bear goes viral! So why didn't his crew attempt to save it?
  103. Over 6700 Rohingya Muslims killed in first month of Myanmar Crackdown: MSF
  104. Jurors vote for death penalty for killer of 8-year-old Palmdale boy Gabriel Fernandez
  105. Republican lawmaker 'Pope' Dan Johnson kills himself days after emergence of sexual assault allegations
  106. Bolton couple who secretly buried 'monstrosity' baby in shoebox walks away from court free
  107. United States is gripped by 'spymania,' Russian President Putin says
  108. 'I would have won Alabama': Trump blames everybody but himself for Moore's defeat
  109. Pope claims that Satan is real person, and wants to change the Our Father!
  110. Mother posts heartbreaking message after brutal bullying lands young daughter in hospital
  111. College student arrested for trading Sprite and chicken in return for sex with a 'minor'
  112. 8-year-old New Jersey girl hangs herself after reportedly reading about another girl's suicide
  113. WATCH: What happens when a man tries to burn a flag that can't be burnt?
  114. US regulator orders rollback of 'net neutrality' rules...yes the internet is dead!
  115. WATCH: Viral sensation Keaton Jones does not want to go to school
  116. There's 70% chance Trump will strike North Korea if it conducts another nuclear tests, Sen Lindsey Graham says
  117. Louisiana teen's reaction after getting into Harvard takes internet by storm
  118. Rihanna's Fenty Beauty fans show their love for the makeup line by creating matching nail art
  119. Majority of US gun owners believe mass shootings are part of life! Are you one of them?
  120. Donald Trump has just shut down Christmas in the one place it means the most!
  121. The shocking tale of the Australian town where 10 year-olds are addicted to meth and babies taken away at birth!
  122. 'Youthquake' is the word of the year, Oxford Dictionaries says
  123. White supremacist Charlottesville attacker faces the death penalty, after being slapped with first-degree murder charge
  124. The heartbreaking reason why mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer has to keep her daughter's gravesite a secret
  125. Woman had to give birth on the street in the cold after being turned away from maternity ward
  126. Man inadvertently films shark biting wife on their honeymoon
  127. Has the brutal murder of Mandy Stavik finally been solved, 30 years after she was raped and killed?
  128. The gun used to murder Tupac was found in 1998, but what did the cops do with it?
  129. Dad's hilarious letter to daughter's school questioning their casual sexism sparks debate on social media
  130. British diplomat Rebecca Dykes found dead in Beirut, taxi driver arrested
  131. Pentagon spent millions on secret program to research UFOs
  132. Fetus, transgender, vulnerable... America's top health agency banned from using these words
  133. 'Multiple' fatalities as Amtrak train derails onto highway in Washington state
  134. Visitor from alien star system wears insulating coat: astronomers
  135. Man who forced girlfriend to walk naked down the streets of NYC found guilty by Manhattan court
  136. Trump says immigration system is a national security threat, not climate change
  137. This woman took a photograph of herself every day for a year, and the reason will break your heart
  138. Donald Trump Jr mocks Obama with giant birthday cookie in Instagram post with Ted Cruz
  139. California wildfires: 'I have never seen anything like this,' firefighter battling blaze says
  140. Did Obama protect Hezbollah as it grew into a major global security threat?
  141. Woman, 26, gives birth to baby girl from an embryo that was frozen for 24 years
  142. Ferne McCann's ex-boyfriend jailed for 20 years for throwing acid on people
  143. LGBTQIA issues could be taught in UK classrooms for the first time ever
  144. Model who lost her right leg to tampon-induced toxic shock may now lose the left one too
  145. US Tax Bill: What it means for you and what happens next
  146. Amtrak derailment: Heroic soldier risks life to save countless passengers after crash
  147. Crime-fighting robot attacked on the streets of San Francisco
  148. Disgraced Cardinal Bernard Law, symbol of Catholic Church sex abuse scandal, dies at 86
  149. Parents pull kids from class in anger after Ivanka Trump's surprise school visit
  150. Mexico sends accused money launderer for drug lord El Chapo to US for trial
  151. Man who killed wife and three children leaves a note saying it was 'the right thing to do'
  152. Endangered sea turtle found entangled in cocaine bundles worth $53 million!
  153. 42-year-old vigilante from Nebraska arrested for killing 30 pedophiles in murder spree
  154. Obese lions forced to perform in Russian circus after gorging on junk food
  155. This mom's tragic tale of how her son murdered his own baby sister will shake your faith in humanity
  156. Florida man charged with attempted murder for dragging police officer with car for half a mile
  157. Shocking! The FBI is hatching a plan to assassinate Trump, claims right-wing commentator
  158. Christmas miracle: Heartbroken dad reunited with missing children three years after they disappeared
  159. Betsy DeVos has made loan relief more difficult for defrauded students
  160. 'History is being made' Memphis Mayor says as City Council orders to remove Confederate statues
  161. Melbourne crash: At least 19 injured after driver 'deliberately' rams car into Flinders street crowd
  162. Hunter faces social media backlash after he proudly posts pictures of his kill on Facebook
  163. Fraternity hazing: FSU fraternity pledge 'died alone in a room full of people' at party
  164. Aurora teen stabs stepdad...and then posts Snapchat video of him dying
  165. Mexican YouTuber shot dead after insulting notorious drug lord in a video
  166. The top 15 dumbest crimes of 2017
  167. 10 famous banned books that everyone should read
  168. Shocking! After miscarriage, Texas woman kills new mom, takes away her baby
  169. Linchpin of pedophile ring sentenced to nine life sentences by court, accomplices also set to go behind bars
  170. Judge dismisses emoluments lawsuit against Donald Trump alleging he violated Constitution
  171. 6 Ways to practice Lagom; the Swedish secret to a happy and well-balanced life!
  172. Missouri woman jailed for 35 years after unfair trial is finally granted clemency and released
  173. Ohio parents give teachers wine bottles with picture of son’s face for Christmas
  174. Donald Trump is finally getting to build not just one but two walls!
  175. Wealthy British neighbourhood installs anti-bird spikes on trees... where should the birds go now?
  176. Six-year-old Texan boy killed by stray bullet when police open fire on woman suspect
  177. The story of Britain's last executions: Two men who were hanged more than 50 years ago
  178. Dellen Millard: Once a fun-loving Canadian heir, now a cold-blooded killer
  179. Ohio Gov. John Kasich signs new law, bans abortion for pregnancies with Down syndrome
  180. Elderly couple forced to spend Christmas apart for the first time in 70 years
  181. Elderly couple caught in Nebraska with 60 pounds of marijuana, claim it's for 'Christmas presents'
  182. Deadly California wildfire has become the largest in state's history
  183. An elderly man sat down at a Goodwill piano, what happens next will leave you in tears
  184. Pope Francis rebukes Trump’s Jerusalem decision in traditional Christmas Day speech
  185. 30 Photos that defined and captured 2017 in all its essence
  186. Here are the top 5 House races you should watch out for in 2018
  187. British Government urges Prince Harry not to invite Obamas for Royal Wedding, and here's the shocking reason why
  188. Virginia couple killed by daughter's boyfriend after they warned her about his neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic views
  189. Your crush on Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron is utterly ridiculous. Here's why
  190. California governor Jerry Brown defies Trump again, issues pardon to two immigrants over deportation
  191. This Philadelphia infant was mauled by a raccoon but wait till you see how Christmas turned out for her
  192. Pennsylvania woman left stunned after seeing $284 billion electricity bill
  193. Minneapolis cops remove memorial erected for woman by a white nationalist group
  194. This woman's face was horribly disfigured after she shot herself in the face... but she doesn't regret it
  195. Families receive envelopes full of cash on Christmas from real-life secret Santa!
  196. Heir to Washington Post fortune, William Graham commits suicide just like his publisher father
  197. Just days after celebrating Christmas with the star, Rihanna's 21-year-old cousin shot dead in Barbados
  198. Here's why Tunisia has banned Middle East's largest airline in the country
  199. Melania Trump orders for historic White House tree to be cut down
  200. Vegan chef kills estranged wife and two children minutes after recording a video with son on Christmas
  201. Homeowners across country rush to prepay their 2018 property tax today, here's why you should too
  202. There's a new designer drug in the market and it can potentially kill millions
  203. 2017 in pictures: 30 most mesmerising and riveting images of the US Armed Forces
  204. Utah police officer punches through frozen pond, dives in to save drowning 8-year-old boy
  205. Library of Congress will not archive every public tweet anymore
  206. Pregnant woman and her 7-month-old baby killed in accident just hours after boyfriend proposes
  207. Barack Obama takes a sly dig at Trump in Prince Harry interview
  208. If you spot such clusters on your Christmas tree, you need to take the tree down immediately
  209. 'Home and Away' star Jessica Falkholt is fighting for her life after deadly car crash
  210. Happy Birthday Marlene Dietrich: 5 Things you should know about the famous actress
  211. Mother shocked after doll she bought for daughter on Christmas called her a b****!
  212. Arkansas woman who witnessed a murder was kidnapped and then thrown off a bridge
  213. Americans among those detained in Saudi Prince's anti-corruption crackdown
  214. Black teenager brutally beaten up by cops in Alabama; parents want to know why
  215. Glamorous Russian TV personality shot dead by husband in front of their nine-year-old son
  216. Top 15 fake news stories of 2017
  217. Apple CEO Tim Cook earned $120 Million in 2017, now he must take a private jet for his travels
  218. North Korean soldier with anthrax antibodies sparks fear that Kim Jong-un is preparing for chemical warfare
  219. Beauty forecast: Here are the biggest beauty trends that will rule 2018
  220. A pastor discovered a huge diamond in a mine... and you won't believe what he did with it!
  221. Barack Obama beats Donald Trump in the race for the most admired man of the year
  222. This dominatrix made over $1 million by making men mine Bitcoin for her
  223. Magazine suggests Hillary Clinton take up this pastime, rather than run again, and everyone's outraged
  224. Mum stabbed to death while trying to protect daughter at Christmas party
  225. Ivanka Trump trolled for posting vacation photo that has something very dodgy behind Jared Kushner
  226. Troy quadruple homicide shocks local community and the police are determined to find the killer
  227. Oregon couple who refused to bake for lesbian couple have their charges upheld by court
  228. 'Home and Away' actress Jessica Falkholt remains in coma as sister dies three days after fatal crash
  229. Soldier home for holidays died saving lives in Bronx inferno
  230. Man who repeatedly raped daughter and fathered 8 children with her jailed for 12 years
  231. Slender Man Case: One of the girls who stabbed classmate 19 times gets 25 years in mental institute
  232. The Church of Sweden will now refer to God in gender neutral terms
  233. Liberians rejoice as football legend George Weah romps to victory in landmark vote
  234. 'Planned obsolescence': The two words every one of you needs to know
  235. Nikki Haley fooled by Russian pranksters posing as Polish PM on phone call
  236. Trump mocks climate change, says US ‘could use a bit of global warming’ as cold grips country
  237. Trump administration fires all members of HIV/AIDS council with a FedEx letter
  238. British woman arrested for carrying painkillers in Egypt will be jailed with rapists and terrorists
  239. Arise, Sir Ringo: Starr and Barry Gibb knighted in star-studded UK honours list
  240. Mystery writer Sue Grafton passes away after a prolonged two-year battle with cancer
  241. It's so cold in the US that sharks are dying and dogs are freezing solid...
  242. 'Swatting' hoax in Kansas leads to fatal police shooting of unarmed man
  243. 10 false claims made by President Trump in a 30-minute interview