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  1. New York terror attack: Here's what we know so far
  2. Families shattered after Argentinian friends celebrating high school reunion killed in New York attack
  3. Michelle Obama has a message for the men of the world, and it's worth hearing
  4. Yes, the Moscow Mueller is a thing, and you can thank Donald Trump for it
  5. Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump's account for 11 minutes; the Internet wants to give him a Nobel Peace Prize!
  6. 13-hour fashion show in China leaves Russian teenage model dead
  7. Can you get herpes from lipstick? This woman sues Sephora
  8. Texas mass shooting: Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley had a history of violence that saw him kicked out of the Air Force
  9. Texas mass shooting: First Baptist Church was the beating heart of a close-knit community
  10. Texas mass shooting: Sutherland Springs, the sleepy town at the epicenter of senseless carnage
  11. Fentanyl: The drug that is killing people in the US on a daily basis
  12. Ever fancied going out for dinner stark naked? Well, this naked restaurant is open for business
  13. Paradise Papers: Here's where the biggest names in the world are hiding their money, while you pay the tax!
  14. Kate Bushell murder: Decades later, detectives come out of retirement to catch cold-blooded killer
  15. The Barabas Criminal Enterprise: How four high school students raked in over $40,000 a month, and paid the price
  16. Texas mass shooting: The two local heroes who took the gunman down, and prevented further carnage
  17. This woman showed Donald Trump the middle finger and the internet can't get enough of her!
  18. Mila Kunis trolls Vice President Pence... and people want to boycott Jim Beam. Go figure!
  19. How to assist survivors and first responders cope with trauma after a mass shooting
  20. Why did this 70-year-old woman murder her elderly husband and a string of lovers?
  21. Texas mass shooting: Air Force blunder allowed gunman to buy firearms
  22. Here's the shocking reason why North Korea's nuclear missile tests are bringing back horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  23. There's a link between domestic abuse and those who carry out mass shootings, and here's what it is
  24. Mass shootings: Will stricter gun laws solve the problem or does the issue run deeper?
  25. Charlie Sheen accused of sodomizing 13-year-old Corey Haim in 1986!
  26. Barack Obama shows up for jury duty in Chicago; gets mobbed by a throng of supporters
  27. Republican senate candidate Roy Moore accused of having sex with a minor in 1979!
  28. New York Times article reports Louis CK accused of assaulting 5 women, as another celebrity pulled into storm
  29. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's best maternity style moments over the years
  30. US soccer star Hope Solo accuses 81-yr-old former FIFA chief Sepp Blatter of "grabbing her ass"
  31. An election of surprises: 2017 elections throw up many barrier-breaking firsts across the country
  32. Awkward: Melania Trump ignored by school girls after this man appears next to her
  33. Could Mark Cuban be America's next President?
  34. Tom Hanks has made his debut as an author...but what's his book about?
  35. Here's why Donald Trump thinks Scientology is a scam
  36. LGBT advocates celebrate historic victory of Danica Roem
  37. Why do men use masturbation as a way to harass women?
  38. Not even Wonder Woman can save "loud, ugly, tacky" Justice League film
  39. Look who's thinking of taking on Donald Trump in 2020!
  40. Remember Chelsea Manning? Well she just rocked the red carpet and vows to keep fighting the Man!
  41. It's auction season, and all eyes are on this controversial Da Vinci painting...but how much is it worth?
  42. What made 16-year-old Eliza Wasni brutally murder her Uber Driver in cold blood?
  43. GQ has just named its citizen of the year, and it's dividing America down the center
  44. The US army has lifted its waiver on recruits with a history of these illnesses, but not everyone's convinced it's a good idea
  45. Madagascar's deadly pneumonic plague is waiting to break out of Africa, warn experts
  46. The scandal that rocked the world of Scrabble
  47. Who trains those driverless cars to be so perfect?
  48. What is a former Apprentice star doing in Trump's White House?
  49. 3 dead after shooting at elementary school in Northern California
  50. Age of consent debate rages in France after man who had sex with 11-yr-old girl acquitted of rape by jury
  51. Here's how you can look stylish while saving the oceans
  52. You won't believe how much Einstein tipped this bellboy 95 years ago
  53. Proof of time travel? 19th Century painting shows woman using what appears to be an iPhone
  54. The end of Robert Mugabe: Here are 10 things you need to know about the dictator
  55. The Pope gets a cool new mobile, but here's what he decided to do with it
  56. Wife of California shooter found dead under floorboards
  57. Drake saw a man groping a woman at his concert, and his response was savage AF
  58. In shocking new threat, ISIS lays out plans for Christmas attacks with stab to heart of Christianity
  59. Cruel millennials are killing the restaurant industry. Here's how
  60. This controversial Da Vinci painting, which once cost $59, has smashed the art sale record at auction!
  61. Seminole Heights Murders: Florida serial killer strikes again as fourth body is found
  62. America vs Charles Manson: A look at our uneasy relationship with the psychopath and his cult of celebrity
  63. Every Batman movie, ranked from worst to best
  64. Teenager dies after being electrocuted by iPhone cable in her sleep
  65. Why is a deaf singer on America's Got Talent getting death threats?
  66. Net tightens around Kevin Spacey after Old Vic cites 20 more allegations of "inappropriate behavior"
  67. Trump has just signed the death warrant for hundreds of elephants in Africa!
  68. The photograph that could see Dem Senator Al Franken's political career in tatters
  69. Flint is only the tip of America's lead poisoning epidemic, and these new stats will shock you
  70. Brutal MS-13 gang feels the wrath of Operation Raging Bull, as US govt declares war!
  71. This YouTube sensation has more followers than Beyonce... and now she's under fire
  72. If Joe Biden takes on Donald Trump in 2020, it's obvious who's getting the knuckle sandwich, say polls
  73. TK Maxx, what are you suggesting with your sexist baby clothes?
  74. Racist discrimination rampant in US courts as well?
  75. Savor your winter mornings with this viral easy windscreen defrosting trick!
  76. Will Tom Steyer, with pockets full of dollars, succeed in his mission to impeach Trump?
  77. Rock fans in mourning after AC/DC founder Malcom Young dies aged 64
  78. To "maintain law and order", Turkey has just banned all these events in the capital
  79. The War on Drugs has failed: True cost of battling the opioid epidemic revealed
  80. How a horrifying hospital kitchen mix-up left 47 patients dead, 75 years ago
  81. Another outbreak expected at Chipotle... and it's scaring diners away
  82. Yazidi woman held captive by ISIS fanatics, reveals the horrors of being a sex slave and her daring escape to freedom
  83. Charles Manson, cult leader and mass murderer, dies in prison, aged 83
  84. The California shooter was targeting a 7-year-old... here's the shocking reason why!
  85. Sarah Palin has never been sexually harassed, and here's the reason why!
  86. Former Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna dies aged 49, and we will never forget this iconic picture
  87. The US-Mexico border gate opens briefly to let this couple tie the knot
  88. This powerful open letter from the police to a victim of domestic violence has gone viral
  89. Rare photo of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid posing with the man who killed him found
  90. New warning: 2018 could see twice as many big earthquakes
  91. PBS and CBS cut ties with Charlie Rose following sexual harassment allegations
  92. PhD student makes groundbreaking discovery that may stop cancer spreading
  93. The secretly glamorous lives of America's pardoned turkeys
  94. Kate Middleton's little sister Pippa is reportedly pregnant too
  95. The UN tried to pass an anti-Nazism resolution, but 3 countries voted against it: Ukraine, Palau, and...!
  96. Watch: Heartwarming video of returning soldier greeting his mom at her work place
  97. Watch: Homeless veteran with no family gets military style farewell from high school students
  98. A sneak peek into the lives of conjoined twin warriors!
  99. Formula 1 just changed its iconic logo and nobody can believe the reason why!
  100. South African court doubles Oscar Pistorius's sentence for brutal killing of Reeva Steenkamp
  101. Grandson needs a kidney, so the grandfather steps up...and gives a kidney to someone else!
  102. In a big victory to abortion-rights groups, judge tosses out Texas abortion law
  103. These paramedics did something extraordinarily touching to fulfil dying patient's last wish
  104. The half make-up trend is the weirdest thing you'll see today
  105. Billy Baldwin accuses Donald Trump of hitting on his wife
  106. MS-13 gang member stabs man over 100 times, beheads him, and rips out his heart
  107. This man spent 38 years in prison... for no fault of his
  108. From homeless to happy: Woman raised $100,000 for a man who helped her with his last $20
  109. THIS is the only good thing come out of the infamous sexual allegations in Hollywood
  110. While Trump has Thanksgiving dinner at Florida resort, Pence serves dinner at military base
  111. Video: Fox News host wants you to have a psychedelic experience before you die
  112. Mexico's drug cartels are killing children who refuse to work for them
  113. Hackers are planting porn in ISIS propaganda websites
  114. Tippi Hedren speaks out about "perverse" Alfred Hitchcock, and how she survived his films
  115. Photographer captures human face of endangered species in stunning photographs
  116. Donald Trump's support of Roy Moore could end in utter disaster for the president
  117. As the Pope lands in Myanmar, everyone wants to know...will he mention the 'R' word?
  118. Sick murderer Jon Venables jailed again for child pornography, and James Bulger's father wants his anonymity stripped
  119. America is on the path of social reformation and California's recent amendment is proof
  120. Backup singer accuses Virgin boss Richard Branson of sexual assault
  121. Susan Sarandon thinks Hillary Clinton would have been a 'very dangerous' President
  122. Say goodbye to the Malaysian Javan rhino, the latest species made extinct by humans
  123. No more daddy's girl? Donald Trump furious with Ivanka over her views
  124. The human side of the Rohingya tragedy
  125. Cara Delevigne, Olivia Wilde and other celebrities are sending a crucial message to Ivanka Trump
  126. The Time Inc. sale signals the start of a titanic political battle in the US media
  127. 10 things you need to know about Pocahontas, the subject of Trump's outrageous jokes
  128. This 22-year-old woman with Down Syndrome makes history at Miss USA state pageant
  129. Cyntoia Brown: The story of a child sex slave who was jailed for murdering the man who abused her
  130. This man walked inside an auction house with an old blanket and walked out a millionaire!
  131. This is the best-reviewed film in Rotten Tomatoes' history
  132. Did 21-year-old rapper Lil Peep die of a drug overdose, or, was he murdered?
  133. Wife finds out her husband is cheating after she sees a very familiar picture on Instagram
  134. As Bali eruption looms, thousands stranded in shadow of volatile volcano
  135. Ancient sport of Sumo rocked by scandal again as champion forced to step down after brutal assault
  136. Groundbreaking news as Australian state legalizes assisted suicide; but where else is it legal?
  137. Zahra Lari: The world's first head-scarf wearing professional figure skater
  138. What is HBO's future after Game of Thrones?
  139. The Markle Sparkle: How Meghan's white 'engagement outfit' crashed the internet
  140. Star newsman Matt Lauer sacked over sexual misconduct claims
  141. Shocking footage of Bosnian war chief committing suicide in court after judge declares him guilty of war crimes
  142. HP sneakily installs system-slowing spyware on its laptops and PCs
  143. Man handed a 1,000+ year sentence for sexually abusing children, but no, it's not the longest prison sentence in history
  144. The Seminole Heights murders: How a food bag led to the arrest of serial killer
  145. Meet the 'hero' who temporarily deactivated Donald Trump's Twitter account
  146. This man was profiled by the New York Times, now he's lost his job and fears for his life
  147. When Matt Lauer grilled Anne Hathaway about her upskirt photo...
  148. Trump mocks Asian leaders in yet another bizarre rant
  149. ‘Morning Joe’ Scarborough claims he has been told Donald Trump has dementia!
  150. Man Who Inspired ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Dies After Battling The Disease
  151. Matt Lauer responds to harrasment claims : "There is enough truth in these stories"
  152. How Wall Street learned to stop worrying and love Bitcoin
  153. Randi Zuckerberg was sexually harassed on Alaska Airlines... this was her response
  154. Rapper DMX pleads guilty to crime, could face 5 years in prison, instead of 40!