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  1. New York terror attack: Here's what we know so far
  2. Now Entourage star Jeremy Piven is accused of sexually assaulting two actresses
  3. 12 tell-tale signs of a sexual predator, watch out for them!
  4. Chris Birch, the man who "woke up gay" after stroke, finally speaks out about his freak accident and its aftermath
  5. "They’re so in love it’s disgusting": Adam Levine spills the beans on Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's romance
  6. Here's what your Native American symbol is and what it means for you
  7. Pornhub reveals the spooky smut people search for during Halloween
  8. Here's the tiny reason why Simon Cowell has vowed to take care of his health!
  9. Blogger mom is still breastfeeding her 5-year-old, and dad wants it to stop
  10. 10 superstitions about black cats that you need to stop believing in
  11. Selena spotted wearing Weeknd's jacket, as he unfollows her friends and family
  12. These Victoria's Secret angels have some advice every girl needs
  13. Kim Kardashian dresses up for Halloween as Aaliyah, and the backlash is instant
  14. Families shattered after Argentinian friends celebrating high school reunion killed in New York attack
  15. Hollywood in panic after Olivia Munn and Natasha Henstridge accuse Brett Ratner of sexual assault
  16. 11 Home remedies to get rid of pimples quickly
  17. "He's a clown!": Tyrese Gibson vows to quit 'Fast and Furious' if the Rock returns
  18. 5 horrifying medieval contraptions that inspired modern medical treatment
  19. Michelle Obama has a message for the men of the world, and it's worth hearing
  20. Harry Styles stops mid-performance to save a fan in danger
  21. Here's what the animals you see in your dreams mean for you
  22. Dustin Hoffman in the dock after more women accuse the Oscar winner of inappropriate behavior
  23. Man goes to ER complaining of stomach pain, doctors find this leaking fluid into his stomach
  24. Men are developing breast cancer at a faster rate, and here's why it's dangerous
  25. Do you often see recurring numbers and numerical patterns? Here's the secret meaning
  26. If you thought strawberry on your pizza was bad, then you've haven't seen anything yet
  27. Sandra Bullock wants to get married again and Jennifer Aniston's helping out
  28. Baltimore elementary school choir does inspiring version of "I Rise Up"
  29. Dubai is building a rotating skyscraper unlike any the world has ever seen
  30. Can you make an entire language out of just whistles? It turns out you can
  31. Is Angelina Jolie getting married again?
  32. 12 types of toxic people that will ruin your life
  33. This is what the shape of your teeth says about you
  34. OMG! Are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West headed for divorce?
  35. Despite what the internet is telling you...Katy Perry is NOT a cannibal!
  36. What do Tom & Jerry, Charlie Bit My Finger, and Osama Bin Laden have in common? You'll never guess
  37. Here's what your choice of eggs reveals about your personality
  38. 12 Things to keep in mind while saying sorry in the hardest of situations
  39. Meet the model who will be wearing this year's Victoria's Secret $2-million Fantasy Bra
  40. 20+ scandalous cartoon moments that completely escaped the censors' attention
  41. She already has a Billboard hit and Taylor Swift calls her lil' sis... meet Kelsea Ballerini, country's newest superstar
  42. Joanna Jedrzejczyk is coming for Ronda Rousey’s UFC record, and this time she means it!
  43. Can you find the hidden words in these 6 images in less than a minute?
  44. Check out Gigi Hadid's amazing response to this Islamophobic tweet after NYC attack
  45. Big Sean and Jhene Aiko got married In Hawaii? Here's the proof
  46. November 2017: Thor Ragnarok, Darkest Hour and the other promising releases this month
  47. Megyn Kelly's Today show gets dissed by a most unlikely source
  48. Kylie Jenner just made a major pregnancy announcement on Instagram and we're excited for her
  49. Are Selena and Justin getting back together? Here's everything we know till now...
  50. The 10 deadliest events in human history
  51. Yes, the Moscow Mueller is a thing, and you can thank Donald Trump for it
  52. Attention women! You can now get a mulled wine bikini wax to go bare down there
  53. Can you get pregnant while already pregnant? This woman found the answer, and it will shock you!
  54. Science says this is how people judge you based on your face
  55. The 12 sexiest male rappers that make our hearts skip a beat, every time
  56. Transphobic much? Texas restaurant uses Caitlyn Jenner's before and after pictures on toilet doors
  57. Tommy Hilfiger adds style to adaptive clothing for disabled
  58. Twitter employee deactivates Donald Trump's account for 11 minutes; the Internet wants to give him a Nobel Peace Prize!
  59. The way you make a fist says a lot about your personality; find out what
  60. The very curious case of Ron Goldspink, the man who can't stop hearing the British national anthem
  61. How sensitive is your OCD radar?
  62. Back pain? Here are 12 ways to help you get rid of it
  63. Brad Pitt feels sorry for the next man to marry Angelina Jolie, and here's why
  64. Star Wars saga will continue after Episode 9, confirms Lucasfilm president
  65. This is what happens to your body when you give up on meat and go vegan
  66. Putin about to prove aliens exist, but Trump won't: Conspiracy theorist
  67. He was born without thighs... yet he beat all odds and learned how to walk
  68. 13-hour fashion show in China leaves Russian teenage model dead
  69. Starbucks launches a new type of latte and there's a healthy reason why you will be obsessed with it
  70. Jennifer Lawrence replaces Jimmy Kimmel and gives Kim Kardashian a right ol' grilling!
  71. Sexism doesn't only happen to women, men are victims's how!
  72. Taylor Swift turns fashion faux pas into profit
  73. The root cause of autism may have been found... and no, it's not vaccines
  74. Mother filming adorable son on Snapchat; finds something horrifying standing next to him!
  75. Want to induce labor? You might want to break into a dance
  76. Six years after his affair, Arnold Schwarzenegger says he 'regrets' cheating on Maria Shriver
  77. James Corden boasts that American women are suckers for British accent
  78. 10 female superheroes who deserve their own origin films
  79. After Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dogg makes light of Donald Trump's death
  80. A porn star, a luxury yacht, and $31million worth of cocaine... what could possibly go wrong?
  81. Are Hollywood predators using therapy as a legal escape?
  82. This teen's Instagram photo catapults her to the league of Rita Ora, Lana Del Ray
  83. Shocking news: Four women raise rape charges against 'That 70s Show' star
  84. It's a mutual lovefest: Millie Bobby Brown loves the Kardashians... and they love her back
  85. Cardi B wants to be a better role model for young girls
  86. Corey Feldman names two of his alleged 'Hollywood Pedophile' abusers
  87. Can you get herpes from lipstick? This woman sues Sephora
  88. Move over, New York. America has a new Culinary Capital!
  89. Heroic vets rush to save the life of a bear with this shocking condition
  90. Harvey Weinstein wears disguise to sneak out... still gets spotted
  91. Crazy, but true: Having sex with a ghost is a real thing
  92. Here's what Kim, Kylie, Cardi and your other favorite celebs were up to this week
  93. Unsure of whether to mix your alcoholic drinks? We debunk those drinking myths
  94. The message behind Melania and Ivanka's fashion choices
  95. World's most expensive whisky, sold for $10,000 a shot, turns out to be fake
  96. Sean 'Puffy' Combs has changed his name (again), so why is this guy so happy?
  97. Backlash forces Alec Baldwin off Twitter after he questioned women who accepted money to keep silent about sexual abuse
  98. Hollywood does not want you to see this movie...and that's exactly why you should!
  99. Charlotte Crosby posts a saucy picture on Instagram, and her fans have just one question
  100. Texas mass shooting: Shooter Devin Patrick Kelley had a history of violence that saw him kicked out of the Air Force
  101. 12 Secrets all women keep from men
  102. 10 home remedies to soothe your screen-sore eyes
  103. Meghan Markle's step-sister opens up about racism in the family, and why she lost touch with her celebrity sibling
  104. This is how your blood type is associated with your personality
  105. We are born 7 times in this world...find out which number you're on right now!
  106. Fans of The Walking Dead rejoice! Now you can get plastered with your heroes
  107. Texas mass shooting: First Baptist Church was the beating heart of a close-knit community
  108. After tragedy ripped his life apart, Patton Oswalt has found love and happiness again
  109. The number of times you shower is affecting your health. Here's how
  110. If you can name these 15 types of pasta, you are a culinary genius!
  111. 15 celebrities you probably didn't know were registered sex offenders
  112. Gal Gadot reveals how Wonder Woman would have responded to Harvey Weinstein's advances
  113. Renowned British artist gets ultimate revenge on family by painting these in a family portrait
  114. Dos and don'ts of dating at work
  115. Texas mass shooting: Sutherland Springs, the sleepy town at the epicenter of senseless carnage
  116. Ben Affleck wants to be "part of the solution" to sexual abuse in Hollywood, but is he part of the problem?
  117. Quentin Tarantino desperately looking for studio for his next film on the Manson Family, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt?
  118. 12 things people suffering from anxiety do that other people don't understand
  119. Are you suffering from period cramps? Marijuana tampons are here to take your pain away!
  120. 11 scary insights into rapist behavior, and no, they are not who we generally think they are
  121. Fentanyl: The drug that is killing people in the US on a daily basis
  122. Ever fancied going out for dinner stark naked? Well, this naked restaurant is open for business
  123. Paradise Papers: Here's where the biggest names in the world are hiding their money, while you pay the tax!
  124. Kate Bushell murder: Decades later, detectives come out of retirement to catch cold-blooded killer
  125. Here's why storing eggs in your fridge door could be seriously damaging your health!
  126. Chris Pratt's makes an emotional, and adorable, return to Instagram after splitting from Anna Farris
  127. 15 ways every relationship changes over time
  128. 10 things girls say and mean when they cancel your date!
  129. The Barabas Criminal Enterprise: How four high school students raked in over $40,000 a month, and paid the price
  130. Remember the 'Bee Girl' from Blind Lemon's classic, No Rain? Here's what she's up to now!
  131. Olivia Newton-John's missing lover Patrick McDermott 'found' alive, 12 years after he went missing
  132. The hipster church that seems to have lured Justin Bieber and other celebrities
  133. The horrific real-life kidnapping and murder of a child that inspired Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express
  134. This new extreme travel trend is a must for all adrenaline junkies
  135. Texas mass shooting: The two local heroes who took the gunman down, and prevented further carnage
  136. Here's how you can tell if your child is suffering from depression
  137. This new technique of getting rid of split ends without cutting hair is only for the daredevils!
  138. 12 warning signs that you may have breast cancer
  139. Men likely to remember women with this body type the most
  140. 10 celebrities who were kicked out of countries for breaking laws
  141. 10 symptoms that point to potential liver damage
  142. 16 strange first-period traditions from across the world
  143. Women are getting this dangerous, expensive surgery to look like Kim Kardashian
  144. Tyga hints at Kylie Jenner sex tape, as he calls his ex a "b****"!
  145. This woman showed Donald Trump the middle finger and the internet can't get enough of her!
  146. Studies suggest there are 4 types of drunk people in the world; which one are you?
  147. 9 Things you should do to be a role model for your kids
  148. Smelling your partner's farts might actually help you live longer
  149. 12 things people say when they are trying to hide their true feelings
  150. 10 ways in which drinking soda is putting your health at risk
  151. Mila Kunis trolls Vice President Pence... and people want to boycott Jim Beam. Go figure!
  152. You won't believe the bizarre reason why George Clooney wants to take a step back from acting!
  153. Harvey Weinstein hired spies to silence the women he assaulted
  154. Sad you can't grow a beard this Movember? The answer lies in your genetics!
  155. 11 signs your marriage is heading toward divorce
  156. 12 health benefits of watching horror movies!
  157. Are you intelligent and emotionally stable, yet unhappy? We might know why
  158. 8 celebrities that were murdered by a fan
  159. The celebrity Instagram photos that nearly broke the internet
  160. Is Donald Trump choosing hamburgers over sushi in Japan?
  161. Luke Skywalker turns evil in Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Mark Hamill weighs in
  162. Fatal Familial Insomia: The sleep disorder that ends in death
  163. Scarlett Johansson is unabashedly Hollywood’s biggest player
  164. Why did the Country Music Association try to silence talk of gun control?
  165. Men will soon be able to get pregnant. Yep, you read that right!
  166. Bride-to-be's skin condition left her in tears; but fiance's love got her down the aisle
  167. How to assist survivors and first responders cope with trauma after a mass shooting
  168. Fans roast Finn of 'Stranger Things', and this 'GoT' star jumps to his rescue
  169. If you see this kinda coat hook in a toilet or changing room, call the police immediately!
  170. 'Stranger Things' creators under fire for forcing 15-year-old actress to kiss in front of the camera
  171. Oprah Winfrey reveals her worst guests ever
  172. 8 things you say to yourself that are destroying your mental health
  173. Why did this 70-year-old woman murder her elderly husband and a string of lovers?
  174. Paris Jackson under fire for her 'insensitive' tweet in wake of the Texas church massacre
  175. Texas mass shooting: Air Force blunder allowed gunman to buy firearms
  176. These are the different kinds of headaches and this is what they mean
  177. JWoww admits she has a 'sexless marriage' with Roger
  178. Terzo Millenio, the zero-battery, electric supercar concept by Lamborghini and MIT
  179. This Gossip Girl actor has been accused of rape by an actress and is being investigated by the LAPD
  180. 5 bizarre food trends that will rule 2018
  181. Here's the shocking reason why North Korea's nuclear missile tests are bringing back horrors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  182. 10 differences between men and women
  183. There's a link between domestic abuse and those who carry out mass shootings, and here's what it is
  184. Do you remember Gabrielle's kids on Desperate Housewives? Well, here's what Juanita and Celia look like now
  185. 11 Scientific reasons to hug someone right now
  186. These 6 products should not be overused... at any cost
  187. Vile body-shaming pushes Mariah Carey to do this
  188. 8 Reasons why it is high time we get rid of Daylight Saving Time; it's just not worth the trouble
  189. 8 ways you are unconsciously body-shaming children and friends
  190. Barcelona becomes the first city in world to have a rather unique escort agency!
  191. Mass shootings: Will stricter gun laws solve the problem or does the issue run deeper?
  192. This celebrity's painting sold for a whopping $10,000 at auction, but was it worth it?
  193. 10 weird signs that show you are good in bed
  194. Mary Jo Buttafuoco finally reveals what she thinks of husband's lover Amy Fisher, the teen who shot her in the head
  195. Meryl Streep called Dustin Hoffman a 'pig' decades ago... and she finally reveals why
  196. Women with this common hormone imbalance should be screened for mental health disorders, says new study
  197. The coolest stuff Disney gets if it buys 21st Century Fox; superhero fans are going to be thrilled!
  198. Men with curved penis at higher risk of cancer!
  199. Here's where you can find the elusive G-spot... and it's definitely not what you think!
  200. If you like a drink, then these Christmas stockings are just the thing for you
  201. Can you spot the camouflaged elite warriors in under one minute?
  202. 20 pictures of married couples that encapsulate what true love looks like
  203. Meditation 101: 9 easy steps to bliss
  204. Ben Affleck not too keen on playing Batman again? Here are 5 actors who can replace him
  205. From house-cleaner to top Sports Illustrated swimsuit model: The amazing story of Tabria Majors
  206. Sordid lawsuit accuses Mariah Carey of sexually harassing her bodyguard
  207. Victoria Arlen’s Tango number on 'DWTS' was so sexy even her ex-boyfriend called her
  208. If you love astrology and tattoos, then you simply have to read this!
  209. Loved Season 2 of 'Stranger Things'? Here's what to expect from the next installment
  210. Here's what we know about Taylor Swift's 'Reputation'
  211. Charlie Sheen accused of sodomizing 13-year-old Corey Haim in 1986!
  212. 10 terrifying stories about real life exorcisms
  213. Paris Hilton is back, and how!
  214. 2017 Country Music Awards: Meet the best and worst dressed celebrities
  215. Ben Affleck badly needs this... and he has found support in Jennifer Garner and Casey Affleck
  216. RIP Antonio Carluccio, the Godfather of Italian cuisine
  217. Massive penis erected on a mountain in Austria... no one seems to know why and by whom
  218. Dear David: The terrifying story of a man being haunted by the evil ghost of a dead little boy - PART 1
  219. What? Ellen DeGeneres is not the highest paid TV host?
  220. 9 ways healthy boundaries create happier relationships
  221. Barack Obama shows up for jury duty in Chicago; gets mobbed by a throng of supporters
  222. The days are shorter, it's cold and damp... here's how to beat the winter blues
  223. Frank Sinatra's manager gives a lowdown on the singer's final years
  224. Why do people 'Turkey Drop' just before Thanksgiving? This growing break-up trend explained
  225. Eating late at night could present severe long-term health risks
  226. 13 ways to make your 30s the best decade of your life
  227. Keith Urban's new Weinstein-inspired ‘Empowerment’ song is a must-listen
  228. Jon Bernthal reveals what it was really like working with Kevin Spacey
  229. Dear David: The terrifying story of a man being haunted by the evil ghost of a little boy - PART 2
  230. Portia de Rossi: "Steven Seagal sat me down and unzipped his leather pants during audition"
  231. 5 signs that will tell you if your woman is faking her orgasm
  232. Rosie Oliveira wins Miss Bumbum 2017, and is immediately groped...and boy is she angry
  233. Republican senate candidate Roy Moore accused of having sex with a minor in 1979!
  234. New York Times article reports Louis CK accused of assaulting 5 women, as another celebrity pulled into storm
  235. This is what the size of your forehead reveals about the way you think
  236. The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton's best maternity style moments over the years
  237. Kevin Spacey is being completely cut out from Ridley Scott's finished film and will be replaced by Christopher Plummer
  238. 12 Things you should know about miscarriages
  239. 9 Signs that you may have been reincarnated into this life
  240. CMA picks lip syncing Garth Brooks as Entertainer of the Year and everybody's asking...what about Eric Church?!
  241. Pokémon Go creators are making a Harry Potter game; here's everything you need to know
  242. This New York cab driver photographed his passengers for 20 years, and the results are spectacular
  243. Get yer disco balls out, a musical based on the hits of the BeeGees is in the works!
  244. Nicki Minaj’s brother Jelani Maraj convicted of raping 11-year-old stepdaughter
  245. Drinking alcohol every day increases your risk of 7 cancers, warn top doctors
  246. Taylor Swift's pissed off with the media and it's all too visible before her new album's release
  247. Masseuse claims John Travolta sexually assaulted him in hotel room
  248. Courtney Stodden promised her fans some pay-to-view nude videos, and then it all came crashing down
  249. US soccer star Hope Solo accuses 81-yr-old former FIFA chief Sepp Blatter of "grabbing her ass"
  250. This boy was abandoned by his mother because of the way he looked, but his story is one of triumph!
  251. Jason Bateman's wife Amanda Anka accuses celebrity hotelier Andre Balazs of grabbing her crotch
  252. Everyone's favorite condescending 'Magnum PI' sidekick John Hillerman dead
  253. An election of surprises: 2017 elections throw up many barrier-breaking firsts across the country
  254. You won't believe how long these TV shows have been running for
  255. Awkward: Melania Trump ignored by school girls after this man appears next to her
  256. An end to a legendary partnership: Meet the two LAPD officers who patrolled your streets for 30 years
  257. Smallville actress Allison Mack accused of leading abusive sex cult
  258. Could Mark Cuban be America's next President?
  259. Big Little Lies Season 2 could make its way back to television sooner than you think
  260. Corey Haim's mom calls BS on Charlie Sheen rape allegations, says it was somebody else
  261. LAPD forms task force to investigate claims of sexual assault against Hollywood biggies
  262. Did Offset propose to Cardi B because she is 'not black'?
  263. Tom Hanks has made his debut as an author...but what's his book about?
  264. Nostalgia trip: 20+ pictures that capture the lifestyle of Americans in the 70s
  265. Here's why Donald Trump thinks Scientology is a scam
  266. LGBT advocates celebrate historic victory of Danica Roem
  267. 'Modern Family' co-stars talk Ariel Winters' fashion choices and her critics
  268. Why do men use masturbation as a way to harass women?
  269. Guys and girls! Here's the best way to shave the hair down there!
  270. What does the breed of your dog say about the kind of person you are?
  271. 7 Places in America where you can truly enjoy the Northern Lights
  272. Mariah Carey's boyfriend is ruining her life, but the singer just can't seem to see it
  273. 8 Ways to stop overeating without starving yourself
  274. Disney's brand new Star Wars Trilogy will be missing one key family, and we're horrified
  275. Here's how 'sexy' changed over the decades, in 16 sizzling photographs
  276. Ellen Page claims Brett Ratner outed her as lesbian in a horrifying homophobic rant!
  277. Not even Wonder Woman can save "loud, ugly, tacky" Justice League film
  278. 13 Signs that your BFF wants to have sex with you!
  279. 12 Hangover cures that will make sure your boss doesn't fire your sorry ass!
  280. This is what the way you kiss says about your relationship
  281. This reality superstar just posted a pic and her fans couldn't recognize her
  282. This Florida church put up an outdoor sign, and then had to apologize profusely
  283. Is Brad Pitt dating Kate Hudson? We finally have an answer!
  284. Confirmed! This famous boy band will reunite, and their fans can barely contain themselves
  285. Psychic who predicted Donald Trump win and Las Vegas massacre has something to tell you about 2018...and it's not good
  286. Are Chris Evans and Jenny Slate back together? Here's everything we know
  287. What on earth happened to baseball legend Sammy Sosa? Latest photograph leaves fans shocked!
  288. Look who's thinking of taking on Donald Trump in 2020!
  289. Remember Chelsea Manning? Well she just rocked the red carpet and vows to keep fighting the Man!
  290. Utah man walks for miles looking for a kidney for his wife, and then this happened
  291. Are we in the grip of a pedophilia epidemic? Experts believe the problem isn't what we think it is
  292. This plus-size model wowing the industry, comes from a very famous modelling family indeed
  293. These celebrities are hot, but their bodyguards are on fire!
  294. Celebrities finally get together at Governors Awards, and the conversation is only about one thing
  295. Wonder Woman takes a stand! Gal Gadot refuses to shoot sequel unless perv Brett Ratner is kicked out of franchise
  296. We told them what we want; what we really, really want...and they've agreed!
  297. Ladies, before you light up that next need to read this!
  298. Did WWE RAW just confirm this legend will be back in the ring...for one night only?
  299. It's auction season, and all eyes are on this controversial Da Vinci painting...but how much is it worth?
  300. Hollywood takes a break from scandal to honor a truly phenomenal actress, but shadows still loom
  301. 14 ways in you can prepare yourself for that winter run!
  302. Prince Harry breaks major rule during Remembrance Sunday event
  303. World's heaviest baby baffles doctors; 10-month-old weighs over 30 kg
  304. 13 Signs that the daily blues you experience might actually be depression
  305. What made 16-year-old Eliza Wasni brutally murder her Uber Driver in cold blood?
  306. Reese Witherspoon is being slammed by women for her 'Mommy Blogger' comment
  307. This woman gets sexually aroused by a train station, and now she's taken it to the next level
  308. Expert warns that the beautiful Taurid meteor shower might be the end of humanity...and here's why
  309. 12 Easy ways to revamp your summer clothing staples for winter
  310. 8 Different types of farts that make you reach for the air-freshener
  311. 12 of America's most favorite Thanksgiving side dishes
  312. 16 best dressed celebrities at the 2017 MTV Europe Music Awards
  313. 15 Photographs of celebrities who had open-casket funerals
  314. Are negative thoughts causing your headaches and other ailments?
  315. If you suffer from migraines, then you'd better avoid these foods
  316. These 11 things that celebrities swear by are actually terrible for you
  317. You won't believe what Meg Matthews does to ease menopause side effects
  318. Emma's Torch: A beacon in the dark for refugees
  319. 20+ pics that prove high school was a very weird time
  320. Coffee lovers, here's why you should stop having coffee on an empty stomach
  321. 20 before-and-after photographs that will inspire you to get fit
  322. What the hell is going on? The Weeknd reportedly now dating Justin Bieber's ex
  323. Are you fighting with your partner because of your childhood experiences?
  324. Meet these old-age cheerleaders who refuse to hang up their pom-poms
  325. Creepy flashback video shows married Demi Moore french-kissing a 15-year-old boy!
  326. 16 Sexiest Twins on Instagram you need to follow right now
  327. TLC defends Jazz Jennings, fires Jill Duggar's husband Dillard for transphobic comments
  328. Here's why your breasts are asymmetrical
  329. Comedian Jen Kirman says she is 'jealous' of men who sexually harass women, and the internet goes into meltdown
  330. 10 movies which broke all boundaries of sex on screen
  331. Rowan Atkinson to become father again, at the age of 62
  332. Wendy Williams tells Real Housewife of Atlanta Kenya Moore to "shut up", and here's why
  333. Amazon set to bring out Lord of the Rings TV series to fill Game of Thrones space
  334. Fresh allegations against Tom Hanks, Robin Williams and others... of being too nice
  335. GQ has just named its citizen of the year, and it's dividing America down the center
  336. Barbie releases its first hijab-clad doll and it's a total winner
  337. 20 things that turned 20 in 2017, and they're making us feel old already
  338. This reality TV show is beneath Ozzy Osbourne
  339. Tom Sizemore was kicked off a movie set after being accused of molesting a 11 year-old girl
  340. 10 Celebrities who attempted to kill themselves
  341. Warning signs of diabetes every woman should look out for and yoga poses to counter it
  342. 6 Tips on how to communicate with your teenage kid
  343. One Tree Hill cast and crew accuse Mark Schwahn of sexual assault
  344. Travel trends that will rule 2018: Here's where the world's richest will holiday next year
  345. Remember all those gorgeous Bond Girls? Well here's what they're doing now
  346. Know when to leave your aging parents in an old age home
  347. The US army has lifted its waiver on recruits with a history of these illnesses, but not everyone's convinced it's a good idea
  348. Extraordinary tale of a medical miracle that united two men in an eerie coincidence
  349. Is celebrity chef Nigella Lawson considering a profession change?
  350. Good news for Angelina Jolie fans who are worried over her 'skinny' pictures
  351. Madagascar's deadly pneumonic plague is waiting to break out of Africa, warn experts
  352. 5 Dating principles to follow if you want your crush to ask you out
  353. 6 scientific facts about laughter
  354. Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian throw back to back baby showers
  355. A fast and furious ride downhill: What happened to Tyrese Gibson?
  356. Listen up guys, men who eat more veggies smell better
  357. The scandal that rocked the world of Scrabble
  358. 20+ illustrations that prove pictures speak a thousand words
  359. Who trains those driverless cars to be so perfect?
  360. Asgardia may be the size of a loaf of bread but there are other tiny countries you never knew existed
  361. Supermarkets recall salads and vegetables over safety concern
  362. 8 self-care tips for emotional wellbeing
  363. This photographer really knows how to give back!
  364. Video: How a groundbreaking innovation transformed a blind boy's life
  365. What is a former Apprentice star doing in Trump's White House?
  366. Jordin Sparks just got married and has more good news to share
  367. Greggs Advent Calendar has just made a lot of Christians very unhappy
  368. Why Selena Gomez and The Weeknd's relationship was doomed from the beginning
  369. 3 dead after shooting at elementary school in Northern California
  370. Julia Roberts opens up about how her husband Daniel Moder changed her diva ways
  371. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill may have just lost millions of fans, here's why
  372. Brad Pitt is reportedly dating royalty, and you'll never believe who played Cupid!
  373. VIDEO: Night-time antics of these identical twins is beyond adorable
  374. Strip club etiquette: 9 rules you need to know before you step in
  375. What do married women wish their man wouldn't take his shirt off for? Steve Harvey finds out
  376. Younger star Nico Tortorella is 'not welcome' at girlfriend's parents' house because of his sexuality
  377. Blake Shelton just took away the title of Sexiest Man Alive and the internet is losing it
  378. The unsolved mystery of redhead serial murders still baffles authorities in America
  379. Age of consent debate rages in France after man who had sex with 11-yr-old girl acquitted of rape by jury
  380. 10 Problems that every guy will face if he has a girl best friend!
  381. Joe Biden and Lady Gaga have teamed up for a heroic cause
  382. 14 Superfoods that elevate your mood and fight depression
  383. Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie rocks the red carpet with her ex
  384. Here's why every person above age 50 should get this vaccine
  385. Rapper Meek Mill and his controversial jail sentence sends shockwaves through industry
  386. 15 Things you should never put in the microwave
  387. 10 foods to eat to regulate your menstrual cycle
  388. Modern Family's Sarah Hyland hits back at haters over 'naked' selfie with boyfriend
  389. Here's how you can look stylish while saving the oceans
  390. Amber Heard was told coming out would ruin her career
  391. Have scientists figured out what makes Internet trolls tick?
  392. Indian man proclaims uninhabited land between Egypt and Sudan as his own country, and it could be legal!
  393. You won't believe how much Einstein tipped this bellboy 95 years ago
  394. 15 celebrities get real about their boobs!
  395. Hit show 'Blue Planet 2' captures never-seen-before creatures from the deep. Take a look
  396. Proof of time travel? 19th Century painting shows woman using what appears to be an iPhone
  397. Attention women, there's a website that will help you have better orgasms!
  398. The end of Robert Mugabe: Here are 10 things you need to know about the dictator
  399. Here’s the real reason why Michelle Pfeiffer left Hollywood 4 years ago
  400. This CiCo diet trend has got you believing in all the wrong things!
  401. What's the difference between using makeup worth $10 and $1,000?
  402. He was a skateboarder destined for greatness but he lost it all to mental illness
  403. I'm A Celebrity... 2017: The secrets the contestants don't want you to know
  404. A 25-year-old Polish architect who spent $40,000 to look like Barbie, and the results are shocking
  405. How Gwen Stefani transformed Blake Shelton from country music hellraiser to the Sexiest Man Alive
  406. Terry Crews reveals the name of man who sexually assaulted him in heart-wrenching interview
  407. What does your favourite drink say about your personality?
  408. Will Horton is back on 'Days of Our Lives', but will Sonny choose him over Paul?
  409. Nicki Minaj's scandalous Paper Magazine cover has just broken the internet, and it's got Kim Kardashian's attention
  410. The Pope gets a cool new mobile, but here's what he decided to do with it
  411. The Amish gene could be the key to extending your lifespan, say scientists
  412. Wife of California shooter found dead under floorboards
  413. 14 celebrities with criminal doppelgangers
  414. 25 rare photographs of celebrities that will take you back to a simpler time
  415. Kim Kardashian says she finds surrogacy even more difficult than pregnancy, but no one's buying it
  416. Yes, the Stone Temple Pilots are coming back, but will ghost of Scott Weiland haunt them?
  417. Saved by the Bell: Where is the cast now?
  418. Drake saw a man groping a woman at his concert, and his response was savage AF
  419. In shocking new threat, ISIS lays out plans for Christmas attacks with stab to heart of Christianity
  420. 25 Celebrities who lost the pounds and shocked us with their transformation
  421. Cruel millennials are killing the restaurant industry. Here's how
  422. Pharrell Williams is recording a new song, but you'll be dead by the time it's released
  423. Angelina Jolie just made sexual misconduct a global issue with this rousing speech
  424. Ways to be a little more giving this holiday season
  425. This controversial Da Vinci painting, which once cost $59, has smashed the art sale record at auction!
  426. This is the most expensive plate of chicken wings in the world and here's why!
  427. 10 signs which show that your body is running low on essential nutrients
  428. The new Golden Globe ambassador has a very famous father, but what else do we know about her?
  429. 10 Early signs of mouth cancer you should not ignore
  430. Denim experts think you should never wash your jeans...Here's why!
  431. 6 Common phone charging myths, debunked
  432. Seminole Heights Murders: Florida serial killer strikes again as fourth body is found
  433. America vs Charles Manson: A look at our uneasy relationship with the psychopath and his cult of celebrity
  434. The flu season is here: Here's how to avoid taking unnecessary sick days from work
  435. 8 questions you need to ask yourself before you get hitched
  436. 4 Reasons why people who talk to themselves may actually be geniuses
  437. Every Batman movie, ranked from worst to best
  438. This woman spent $600,000 to look like a cartoon character
  439. Teenager dies after being electrocuted by iPhone cable in her sleep
  440. Why is a deaf singer on America's Got Talent getting death threats?
  441. Net tightens around Kevin Spacey after Old Vic cites 20 more allegations of "inappropriate behavior"
  442. For those of you who don't know the music of Little Richard, we have some very good news
  443. Trump has just signed the death warrant for hundreds of elephants in Africa!
  444. Matilda comes to Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown's defense after 'sickening' Tweet
  445. The photograph that could see Dem Senator Al Franken's political career in tatters
  446. Sylvester Stallone accused of forcing 16-year-old into sordid sex act
  447. Amidst the sexual harassment epidemic, let's meet patient zero
  448. Bella Thorne mourns shocking death of her ex, 21-year-old Lil Peep
  449. Double standards much? Wendy williams hits back at body-shamers... and then attacks Nicki Minaj
  450. Josh Duggar is no longer in therapy after cheating and molestation scandals
  451. Has Kylie Jenner found the perfect way to stop Travis Scott from cheating?
  452. Harry Potter fans are furious Johnny Depp has been cast in Fantastic Beasts sequel
  453. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez confirm their romance with a very public declaration of their love
  454. The cast of 'The Royals' accuses Mark Schwahn of sexual harassment
  455. Flint is only the tip of America's lead poisoning epidemic, and these new stats will shock you
  456. Grandparents who spoil their grandkids could be doing serious harm to the's how
  457. 9 telltale signs that you may have been abused as a child
  458. Are you a middle child? If so, then this new study will fill you with joy
  459. Megyn Kelly and Suzanne Somers joke about marital rape, and we don't find it funny at all
  460. Brutal MS-13 gang feels the wrath of Operation Raging Bull, as US govt declares war!
  461. 11 Things you should never do on airplanes, and #1 is the real shocker
  462. 'We are not mannequins': Brooke Hogan stands tall amid body shaming, and "tranny" abuse
  463. Mom forced to change disabled daughter on toilet floor at high-end department store
  464. This YouTube sensation has more followers than Beyonce... and now she's under fire
  465. If Joe Biden takes on Donald Trump in 2020, it's obvious who's getting the knuckle sandwich, say polls
  466. This gorgeous grandmother looks like she found the secret to eternal youth, and she's willing to share it
  467. “I played dead and waited until the blows stopped”: Meryl Streep recalls brutal physical abuse
  468. Artist Nate Hill's project 'Trophy Scarves' is either amazing or total decide!
  469. "Animals were anally electrocuted for this coat": Pamela Anderson slams Naomi Campbell's choice of attire!
  470. TK Maxx, what are you suggesting with your sexist baby clothes?
  471. Is red meat really bad for you? The answer may surprise you
  472. 20+ Never-seen-before pictures of the Titanic and its passengers will send a chill down your spine
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  474. Ladies, if you're planning on holidaying alone, here are 15 things you must keep in mind
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  476. While Trump is busy building a wall, China has already built something that looks like an alien spaceship!
  477. Remember the mother whose pregnant photoshoot with bees went viral? She just revealed some tragic news
  478. Jennifer Hudson reveals shocking details of gruesome domestic violence
  479. Victoria's Secret loses major Angels, after Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry banned!
  480. When Kim Kardashian almost ruined Serena Williams' wedding...
  481. Terrible news for Nashville fans
  482. Wendy Pepper of Project Runway fame dead
  483. 'Girls' TV show writer Murray Miller accused of raping underage actress Aurora Perrineau
  484. You won't believe what these 17 celebrities looked like for their prom!
  485. Racist discrimination rampant in US courts as well?
  486. George Clooney is making a comeback to TV and we couldn’t be more excited about the show!
  487. Gay Times editor posts racist, misogynistic, anti-semitic and transphobic rants on Twitter
  488. These first audition tapes of famous actors will really surprise you
  489. Savor your winter mornings with this viral easy windscreen defrosting trick!
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  491. Will Tom Steyer, with pockets full of dollars, succeed in his mission to impeach Trump?
  492. US Navy apologizes after pilot draws ‘penis’ in the sky
  493. Walmart cashier's act of kindness for elderly man goes viral
  494. World's first 'successful' human head transplant carried out on a corpse
  495. He created an all-terrain wheelchair so his disabled wife could go camping
  496. Rock fans in mourning after AC/DC founder Malcom Young dies aged 64
  497. Serena, Selena, Blake and many more: Here's what your favorite celebrities were up to this week!
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  502. Uber feminist Lena Dunham forced to apologize after she defended male sex fiend
  503. The War on Drugs has failed: True cost of battling the opioid epidemic revealed
  504. Russell Simmons accused of sexually assaulting a minor, while this Hollywood perv watched
  505. How a horrifying hospital kitchen mix-up left 47 patients dead, 75 years ago
  506. Another outbreak expected at Chipotle... and it's scaring diners away
  507. Yazidi woman held captive by ISIS fanatics, reveals the horrors of being a sex slave and her daring escape to freedom
  508. 15 things that prove Kevin Spacey was quite the creep all along!
  509. Eminem turned up on SNL, and boy did his performance get slammed
  510. Freddie Mercury's ex has made changes to the legend's house and fans are furious
  511. Charles Manson, cult leader and mass murderer, dies in prison, aged 83
  512. Despite having no disability, this woman wants to be permanently paralysed
  513. The California shooter was targeting a 7-year-old... here's the shocking reason why!
  514. Sarah Palin has never been sexually harassed, and here's the reason why!
  515. This men's club in Iraq has left women gasping for breath all over the world!
  516. Former Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna dies aged 49, and we will never forget this iconic picture
  517. 12 life-skills they forgot to teach you in school
  518. Ryan Seacrest responds to sexual assault allegations made by his former stylist
  519. 15 before and after makeup shots of celebrities
  520. This nurse was caught laughing on camera while a WWII vet begged for CPR...and the outcome was tragic
  521. The US-Mexico border gate opens briefly to let this couple tie the knot
  522. Tarantino's Manson era film is not really about the Manson murders
  523. Egyptian singer gets arrested for eating a banana!
  524. AMAs 2017: Viewers accuse Selena Gomez of lip-syncing during performance
  525. Harrison Ford is trending! But before you start sobbing in's for a truly heroic reason!
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  533. Is Mary Elizabeth Winstead's jilted husband sending death threats to her new superstar lover?
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  535. Mozart wrote a dirty song about booty! And it’s exactly what it sounds like!
  536. This simple trick will put your baby to sleep in less than a minute
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  541. Robbie Williams poses completely NAKED in sexy snap. Check it out
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  543. ' xXx' star Deepika Padukone threatened with beheading in India
  544. Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston recalls a childhood encounter with Charles Manson
  545. Gwen Stefani gushes about life with 'sexiest man' Blake Shelton
  546. Rare photo of Wild West outlaw Billy the Kid posing with the man who killed him found
  547. Internet reacts to Charles Manson's mourning 'loss' of Marilyn Manson
  548. Hiking actually changes our brain and keeps us healthy!
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  571. Pixar legend John Lasseter takes leave of absence after shocking sexual misconduct claims by employees
  572. You can now own NASA's Voyager Golden Record on vinyl
  573. Jennifer Lawrence felt like she was "gangbanged" after this heinous incident
  574. 6 Joys that come with the dreadfully cold winter
  575. Meghan Markle is moving in with Prince Harry at Kensington Palace
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  577. '70s teen heartthrob, David Cassidy dies at 67
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  579. Starbucks cups with ‘gay agenda’ brew up controversy
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  581. Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter accused of raping former teen pop star Melissa Schuman
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  583. Selena Gomez tears up over her life-or-death situation
  584. First ever interstellar object enters our solar system; may point to signs of sentient life
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  586. The secretly glamorous lives of America's pardoned turkeys
  587. Ashley Graham slams Victoria's Secret for not using plus-size models
  588. Kate Middleton's little sister Pippa is reportedly pregnant too
  589. Watch: Comfort at someone else's expense feels like royalty, this dachshund would agree!
  590. The UN tried to pass an anti-Nazism resolution, but 3 countries voted against it: Ukraine, Palau, and...!
  591. A powerful drug that can kill people with just one dose has resurfaced and we should be concerned
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  593. Kendall Jenner becomes the world's highest-paid model
  594. Kinky much? People are now making harems with sex robots!
  595. Warner Bros might just pull the plug on DC Films
  596. Watch: 12-year-old ukulele player stuns the crowd and judges at Asia's Got Talent
  597. Watch: Heartwarming video of returning soldier greeting his mom at her work place
  598. Celebrities demand justice for sex slave Cyntoia Brown, in jail for a murder she committed when she was 16!
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  614. Wu-Tang Clan is suing a dog-walking company for a rather strange reason
  615. Malia Obama was spotted getting hot 'n' heavy with a boy...and now we know who he is!
  616. Mountain lovers, this Swiss town will pay you $60,000 to move there permanently!
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  620. South African court doubles Oscar Pistorius's sentence for brutal killing of Reeva Steenkamp
  621. Kendra Wilkinson hits back after being criticized for 'picking cotton' in Texas
  622. Which are the drunkest cities in America?
  623. Serena Williams' lil' daughter is very fashionable... and it's all thanks to her husband
  624. 5 languages of love that every couple must know
  625. Catholic school forced to cover up 'suggestive' statue of saint
  626. Just friends or with benefits? Katharine McPhee has no desire to address David Foster dating rumors
  627. These 15 famous people were abandoned by dads and raised by single moms
  628. This photographer turns newborn babies into real-life Disney princesses
  629. Grandson needs a kidney, so the grandfather steps up...and gives a kidney to someone else!
  630. Woman dies after falling from second-story window while trying to take selfie
  631. The Harvey Weinstein scandal has now inspired an episode of a popular TV crime show
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  639. Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky split after only a year of dating
  640. Father defends son from a sneaker robbery and pays for it with his life!
  641. In a big victory to abortion-rights groups, judge tosses out Texas abortion law
  642. The world after Weinstein: The (in)complete list of famous personalities accused of sexual misconduct
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  662. A day off from school and stress: 8 Ways to help your child become emotionally and mentally strong
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  667. 15 celebrities who had top secret life-saving surgeries!
  668. MS-13 gang member stabs man over 100 times, beheads him, and rips out his heart
  669. This man spent 38 years in prison... for no fault of his
  670. From homeless to happy: Woman raised $100,000 for a man who helped her with his last $20
  671. You decide the narrative in Steven Soderbergh’s new interactive TV series
  672. This supercomputer was supposed to catch the zodiac killer... but it's doing something creepy on the side
  673. THIS is the only good thing come out of the infamous sexual allegations in Hollywood
  674. He created the world's most-viewed photograph and now he's back with some new ones
  675. 9 best techniques to get rid of period stains on your clothes or bed sheets!
  676. While Trump has Thanksgiving dinner at Florida resort, Pence serves dinner at military base
  677. This farm in China is breeding over 300 million American cockroaches for a surprising purpose
  678. 12 things the British do a lot better than the Americans!
  679. Video: Fox News host wants you to have a psychedelic experience before you die
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  687. ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry is 'deeply in love' with her girlfriend
  688. 30 Times celebrities were groped in full public view
  689. Eminem is furious with Donald Trump for this stupid reason, and you can hear faces hitting palms across the world
  690. David Cassidy death: Katie Cassidy reveals her father's heartbreaking last words
  691. 10 facts about Satanism that will shatter everything you thought you knew
  692. You've been cooking pasta the wrong way all your life, says celeb chef
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  694. Casablanca turns 75 this weekend, and here's why it's more relevant than ever before
  695. Mexico's drug cartels are killing children who refuse to work for them
  696. 12 Shocking signs that he doesn't love you, just your assets!
  697. Hackers are planting porn in ISIS propaganda websites
  698. Benedict Cumberbatch in epic battle with his neighbors over his latest 'project'
  699. Rihanna finds knock-offs of her Fenty Puma gear being sold in Barbados, and you'll never guess the man behind the scam
  700. Tippi Hedren speaks out about "perverse" Alfred Hitchcock, and how she survived his films
  701. Photographer captures human face of endangered species in stunning photographs
  702. Cigars could actually contain more of this than cigarettes, and it's not good news
  703. Donald Trump's support of Roy Moore could end in utter disaster for the president
  704. Try this mantra to help you take control of your feelings
  705. Glee star Naya Rivera arrested for beating up her husband, and her ex says..."I told ya'll"
  706. Graham Norton slammed for inviting this star on to his show, alongside singer Kesha
  707. As the Pope lands in Myanmar, everyone wants to know...will he mention the 'R' word?
  708. Sick murderer Jon Venables jailed again for child pornography, and James Bulger's father wants his anonymity stripped
  709. America is on the path of social reformation and California's recent amendment is proof
  710. Backup singer accuses Virgin boss Richard Branson of sexual assault
  711. 12 Tips to help you come out of the closet to your friends and family
  712. Woman 'slowly turning into stone' after being bitten by a bug in Indonesia
  713. Men, make some room: Womanspreading is taking the world by storm
  714. Susan Sarandon thinks Hillary Clinton would have been a 'very dangerous' President
  715. Move over Thai and Vietnamese, Filipino food will be the hottest cuisine of 2018
  716. Say goodbye to the Malaysian Javan rhino, the latest species made extinct by humans
  717. Confirmed: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged!
  718. Woman gets 'final birthday gift' from dad... five years after he died
  719. Watch: Jacksonville Jaguars' Leonard Fournette gives fan the surprise of a lifetime
  720. Parents beware! Babies can understand the meaning of words long before they can speak them
  721. No more daddy's girl? Donald Trump furious with Ivanka over her views
  722. Cat named after Notorious B.I.G shot multiple times... and it survives unlike the legendary rapper
  723. New survey reveals the 'best years' of your life
  724. "Keep your enemies close and frenemies far away," say scientists
  725. The human side of the Rohingya tragedy
  726. Miss South Africa wins Miss Universe... but singer Fergie steals the show
  727. Cara Delevigne, Olivia Wilde and other celebrities are sending a crucial message to Ivanka Trump
  728. Jennifer Lawrence wants to take a break from acting... and here's why
  729. Robin Williams would be so proud of his son Zak, and here's why we all should celebrate this amazing young man
  730. 14 Vintage Christmas posters which are completely unacceptable now
  731. Prince Harry's proposal to Meghan Markle is one of the most romantic ever, and here's why
  732. Rob and Bindi Irwin are keeping dad Steve's legacy alive in the best way possible
  733. The Time Inc. sale signals the start of a titanic political battle in the US media
  734. Meghan Markle: A true feminist among Britain's royals
  735. Did the cast of Jersey Shore just destroy Floribama Shore's TV debut?
  736. Teen Mom Wars: Jenelle Evans goes off on Kailyn Lowry and Chelsea Houska with libel and defamation allegations
  737. Jimi Hendrix turns 75 today, but his death remains a mystery to this day
  738. Star Wars: Can The Last Jedi match the success of its predecessor, The Force Awakens?
  739. Kardashian grandkids are going to get monetized, but one tot has been blacklisted
  740. VIDEO: Domestic assault survivor Melissa Dohme gets the cutest proposal by the man who saved her life
  741. Happy birthday Connie Sawyer, Hollywood's oldest working actress!
  742. Watch Ed Sheeran's performance at X Factor 2017 Live Shows, be prepared for goosebumps
  743. 10 things you need to know about Pocahontas, the subject of Trump's outrageous jokes
  744. 'I'm so happy for her': Meghan Markle's estranged half-sister reacts to the royal engagement
  745. All the women that Prince Harry dated before he met the lovely Meghan Markle
  746. Depression in new mothers is on the rise... and it shouldn't be ignored
  747. Barack Obama, and not Donald Trump, might be the lucky one to get an invitation to the royal wedding
  748. Morrissey says he would kill 'vermin' Trump for the 'safety of humanity'
  749. Tired of digital interaction? This bizarre product will help you break free from its shackles
  750. A Guide to talking to transgender people with respect
  751. 12 spectacular abandoned buildings and cities around the world that you must visit
  752. This 22-year-old woman with Down Syndrome makes history at Miss USA state pageant
  753. Mischa Barton's ex-boyfriend agrees not to release sex tape
  754. Facebook set to release new AI feature which will help detect suicide attempts before they're reported
  755. Federal suit filed against Harvey Weinstein for alleged 'sex trafficking' in Cannes
  756. 10 post-breakup stages that every girl will inevitably go through
  757. Cyntoia Brown: The story of a child sex slave who was jailed for murdering the man who abused her
  758. These pot-smoking nuns from California want to heal the world with cannabis
  759. Emily Ratajkowski accused of ripping off another designer's swimwear line
  760. Avengers 4 will be the last time you see the superhero team fighting villains!
  761. Ladies and gentlemen (drumroll) here are the Sexiest Men of 2017, you're welcome!
  762. This man walked inside an auction house with an old blanket and walked out a millionaire!
  763. Watch: This is how offices would be like if cats were employees
  764. VIDEO: Man captures 'ghost' in his shower and it is mildly terrifying
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