Sharon Stone opens up about the time when she couldn't walk or write her own name

Sharon Stone dropped off the radar for many years after she suffered a stroke in 2001 and it took her a long time to put herself together again.

                            Sharon Stone opens up about the time when she couldn't walk or write her own name

Sharon Stone holds the indisputable title of a sex siren in Hollywood. At 59, she looks every bit a badass and still sexy as she did during the 90s. Her recent appearance at this year's Grammys is proof that Sharon is still relevant and determined to show that she will continue to make films. According to Movie Web, the actress has reportedly teamed up with Bette Midler to act in the film version of Charles Busch's Tony Nominated Broadway hit, The Tale of the Allergist's Wife.

The actress's latest project comes after her role in the Oscar-nominated movie, The Disaster Artist and a lead role on HBO's crime thriller, Mosaic. However, it took a while for Sharon to pull herself together and get back on film/TV sets after she suffered a major stroke in 2001.

Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Source: Facebook

The Casino actress was just 43 when she had a stroke. She said she was all over the coffee table when the attack happened in the fall of 2001. She could barely walk, talk or even write her own name, she said during an interview with Radio Times.

"I had a stroke and a nine-day brain hemorrhage that changed my life forever. I had a five percent chance of surviving," the Oscar-nominated actress said, adding that the left side of her body didn't function for many years. Because of this, it took her a while to do basic tasks like reading, writing and speaking.

When she went home from the hospital in 2001, Sharon said she couldn't hear from her left ear and see with her left eye. It took her three years to start writing her name again. "I couldn't get my arm to listen to my mind, so I had to learn to read and write again. I had to learn to speak again. It took years for the feeling to come back to my left leg, but it finally came back," she added.

Sharon, like most people who've suffered a major trauma, viewed life with a new perspective after the stroke. In a 2016 interview with The Daily Express, she said that she no longer wanted a husband or a boyfriend because her life is so full already.

Sharon Stone at a promo shoot for Basic Instinct. Source: Facebook

"At this point, I get more satisfaction - physically, spiritually, emotionally - from a smile, a laugh, a warm conversation or a really sexy look. You know the way a man can look at you? Where you know he really sees you? I don't want to be with someone unless it's like that," she said.

Sharon was married to journalist Phil Bronstein when she suffered the stroke. However, their marriage fell apart two years later when he filed for divorce in 2003. He was awarded sole physical custody of their adopted son, Roan in 2006, as the judge felt their child could be provided with a secure and stable physical environment with the newspaper editor. Since then, Sharon adopted two kids- Laird, 12, and Quinn, 11, and is a single mom to them.

 Sharon Stone attends amfAR Milano 2012 during Milan Fashion Week at La Permanente on September 22, 2012 in Milan, Italy. (Photo by Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images)

Although it was the big screen that gave Sharon her fame, she told Radio Times that television helped greatly in her recovery. "I started by doing a guest role on Law & Order: SVU [in 2010], which was really humbling and strange. I'd lost my photographic memory, so I didn't know how to do my lines, but now I'm really together." 

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