Seattle parents horrified after stranger hacks three-year-old daughter's baby monitor, tells her 'I love you'

Jo and John have filed reports with the police, as well as the FBI, and are now warning other parents to be careful about their baby monitors.

                            Seattle parents horrified after stranger hacks three-year-old daughter's baby monitor, tells her 'I love you'
Baby monitor (Source : Getty Images)

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON: A Seattle family has been left spooked after finding a stranger watching and communicating with their young daughter through a baby monitor that they believe had been hacked.

Jo and John, who have not revealed their last names, told KING 5 News that they made the shocking discovery on Monday, November 25, after they heard their three-year-old daughter, Jayden, calling from upstairs.

"She said, 'The voice is talking to me,'" Jo revealed. "I said, 'The voice is talking to you, what's going on?' And she said the man said, 'Jayden, I love you.' And I said, 'What?'"

Jo said her initial suspicion was that the voice was coming from somewhere outside or possibly from one of Jayden's talking stuffed animals, but that the young girl insisted she heard it come from the camera on the baby monitor.

While neither she nor John had heard the voice for themselves, they said Jayden's story remained consistent throughout the week. They also began recalling some of the weird things they had noticed about it themselves.

For one, they said the monitor had moved positions, from its usual angle down the crib, into the room. They had also noticed its settings resetting. It wasn't just them either - John's mother had reported hearing a strange voice coming from Jayden's bedroom as well.

"I instantly wanted to throw up," said Jo about the realization that the monitor was possibly compromised. "My heart was in my throat. Someone was in our daughter’s room … I don’t know what all they saw, what they got from that. Is it the fear alone they’re enjoying? It’s just so unsettling to not know."

They have since unplugged the camera, a WiFi-connected device branded 'Taococo' which is sold on Amazon for $50 and which they had received as baby shower a gift for Jayden's brother six months ago.

The couple called Seattle police, but a spokesperson for the department said they were not aware of any open investigation. They also filed a report with the FBI via an automated system because they aren't sure about the alleged hacker.

"Here’s a $50 camera that has glowing reviews, because it’s a good camera and an affordable option," Jo said about the camera. "Like, how many families are going to get this camera that’s not secure? And that’s just really upsetting. How could this happen to anyone?"

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