Longtime flames are hard to forget, especially if the relationship involves kids and nine long years. Kourtney Kardashian was recently caught deactivating her account while her boyfriend Younes Bendjima made his private, sparking rumors that things may not be all well in their love paradise. Read the full story here. 

The couple back in 2015, when they were together. (Source: Getty Images)

Hollywood Life reported that after the incident Kourtney's ex Scott Disick, who she dated for almost a decade, is wishing that things would end with them. Why? Because he wants her back! An insider told the website that he's hoping "that Kourtney unfollowing Younes on social media is the beginning of the end for Kourtney and her boy toy. Scott has never stopped loving Kourtney and he always will."

(Source: Getty Images)

The source also said, "Scott has been in a lot of pain since Kourt began sleeping with Younes, and he’s has been waiting for the day that she deletes him from social media. Scott is hopeful that this as a major sign that it’s the beginning of the end for Kourt and Younes."

Kourtney has come back on Insta and has started following Younes, so where does that leave Scott?

Kourt is quite okay without Scott. (Source: Getty Images)

Scott is dating Sofia Richie at the moment, but he would leave her at the drop of a hat if Kourtney came back, says the source. "If it turns out Kourtney is single again, you can bet that Scott will ghost Sofia and start spending more time at home with Kourt and the kids. As much fun as Scott has been having with Sofia, he still loves Kourt very much and would love to put his family back together." Poor Sofia. 

Is he ready to ghost Sofia? (Source: Getty Images)



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