Trump may not attend Biden's swearing-in as president, says Anthony Scaramucci citing White House sources

Trump appears to be losing and aides claim he might give Biden's inauguration a miss

                            Trump may not attend Biden's swearing-in as president, says Anthony Scaramucci citing White House sources
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Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci, who worked for the Donald Trump administration for a total of 10 days in July 2017, has since become a critic of the president. In a conversation with CNN, Friday night, Scaramucci told them that he's positive that Trump will ensure all measures in his power be focused on bringing disarray to the normal process. Biden and his campaign have said that they are confident and have urged their supporters to remain patient as the final ballots are counted. They're leading Trump in Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and Pennsylvania. Trump will be out of the White House if he loses Georgia and Pennsylvania, but the final batches of ballots are coming in from both and reportedly are in favor of Biden, according to Newsweek. However, if Biden replaces Trump at the White House, chances are the incumbent will not attend the incoming president's swearing-in, says Scaramucci.

"Everybody around him says no," Scaramucci remarked when asked if Trump would attend Biden's inauguration in the future. "Everybody says that he will not do that, and that he's going to break every norm and he's going to break every tradition. And he hasn't gotten along with the past presidents. He didn't go to John McCain's funeral. He didn't go to George Herbert Walker Bush's funeral."

However, Scaramucci said that it's his personal belief that the president might attend the inauguration as "it's in his best interests to do so." He continued, "And since he always acts in what he thinks is his best interests, I am going to make the bet that he does it."

New York Times White House corresponded Maggie Haberman too has claimed that Trump could make history by avoiding Biden's swearing-in ceremony in 2021 after claiming that his loss was due to votes being manipulated. She tweeted, "People close to the president question whether he will invite Biden to the WH before inauguration. Or if he'll go to the inauguration himself. He does not care about the norms of the office. But no one I have talked to thinks he will refuse to leave."


The presidential elections results are expected soon. Countrywide, people have their eyes glued to the results, and Biden appears to be winning by a decent margin. The otherwise confident Trump crumbled after Biden started to take a lead days after election night and has since posted a slew of vexed tweets from the White House. He's attacked election officials, Biden's campaign, and has also urged his supporters to dispute the impending result, and had his tweets flagged down as misleading by Twitter.

There's a number of reports making the rounds stating that White House insiders believe that Trump is ranting about voter "fraud" as he fears going to jail once he is no longer the president. This is stemming from the fact that he'd lose immunity and stand unguarded in the face of multiple civil and criminal legal actions against him. 

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