Sasha Obama supporters tear down trolls over her 'midriff' photo and compare it to Melania Trump's nude pics

In GQ's January 2000 issue, Melania (then Knauss and Trump's girlfriend) had posed nude on his Boeing 727 wearing handcuffs and diamond jewelry, leaving everything else to the imagination.

                            Sasha Obama supporters tear down trolls over her 'midriff' photo and compare it to Melania Trump's nude pics
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Sasha Obama took the Internet by storm earlier on Sunday, December 13 when a photo of hers began circulating on social media. The picture showed her sporting a cute white crop top that flaunted her midriff. The pink and white outfit might have garnered a lot of adoration from her fans and Black Twitter in general but there are also some crude and unwelcome comparisons slamming Barack Obama's daughter. Twitter was quickly divided as many criticized Sasha for her image and "libs" called to attention FLOTUS Melania Trump's old modeling photoshoots. 

Since that image began circulating, she has been highly criticized, especially by those opposing Obama. However, most forget that the FLOTUS was involved in a lot more than just an Instagram image in a crop top. As Sasha's haters ripped her image and her dress choices apart, Sasha's supporters immediately took to defend the 19-year-old calling to attention one of Melania Trump's old photoshoots.

In GQ's January 2000 issue, Melania Trump (then Knauss and Donald Trump's girlfriend) had posed nude on his Boeing 727 wearing handcuff and diamond jewelry leaving everything else to the imagination. But she was never less proud of her work as the White House website had once listed it as one of her greatest achievements. 

This has angered a lot of Sasha's supporters who think it is unfair that the 19-year-old is being called names – including a porn star and prostitute. At the same time, FLOTUS was and has always been praised for her nude photoshoot. "Y’all really trying to make fun of Sasha Obama but Melania Trump is perfectly fine? The last time I checked, Melania literally did nude modeling. Sasha only showed a little skin. What’s the big deal?" a user took to Twitter to share their opinion. 


The debate goes deeper as the conversation around putting value in women's bodies and their choices becomes more prevalent. "So people complaining about Sasha Obama showing her belly button. But Melania showing her tits and coochie is classy. Gtfo," a user took to Twitter. "People going after Sasha Obama, a 19 yr old, for how she’s dressing? Same people called a grown Melania classy w/totally nude photos. Both women deserve to own their bodies & sexuality as THEY see fit. Stop placing a woman’s value on how many clothes she does or doesn’t wear," another user said. And many add that there are huge differences in the nature of these two images. "Melania's photos were taken when she was nude, and they are quite provocative. Google "Melania Trump nude photos", hit enter. Then click on the "Images" icon. I think you will immediately understand the HUGE difference between Melania's photos and Sasha Obama's." 




Those pointing fingers at Sasha were reminded of Melania's past. "#MelaniaTrump was a high priced Call Girl because Modeling Work was scarce, she didn't have a Work Visa. Trump PAID her when they met, as he does all the Prostitutes and Porn Stars. #SashaObama" a user tweeted. 


There, however, is also debate regarding whether the woman in the photo is Sasha or not. Some netizens are insisting the woman in the viral photo bears no resemblance to Barack and Michelle Obama's daughter.

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