Sarah Palin asks GOP supporters in Georgia to 'crush' vote in favor of Loeffler, Perdue for January 5 elections

The former vice presidential candidate said socialism will not be implemented in America nor will its inalienable rights be eroded

                            Sarah Palin asks GOP supporters in Georgia to 'crush' vote in favor of Loeffler, Perdue for January 5 elections
Sarah Palin with President Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has returned to the Republican campaign trail and urged the supporters the “crush” the Senate runoff polls for David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler. The elections will be held on January 5 and will determine who controls the chamber next. Currently, the GOP has 50 seats in the Senate while the Democrats have 46 while two are being held by Independents caucusing with the Dems. 

Palin, who was addressing supporters in Mariette, Georgia, on Friday, December 11, as part of the Save America Tour (SAT), said: “Georgia, we need you to not just show up January 5, not just to win, but to crush it.”

“We need you to crush it and to send that message, the loudest message that we can. That no, we will not implement at all socialism in America. We will not watch that erosion of our inalienable rights,” the 56-year-old, who was late John McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential election and debated Joe Biden in the same election, added. 

Sarah Palin with John McCain, the partnership that represented the GOP  in the 2008 presidential election (Getty Images)


“The eyes of America, the eyes of the world, are on Georgia.”

The appearance of Palin, who has not held an elected office for more than a decade now, marked the first event for SAT, organized by Club for Growth, a conservative group. The veteran has spent more time on TV instead -- from Sarah Palin’s Alaska, a reality TV show, to regular talks on Fox News.

Both the major parties are desperate to win the two seats in Georgia. If the Dems win (Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock are contesting for them), then a 50-50 tie will see their Vice President-elect Kamala Harris having the vote to break the tie. If the GOP wins, the 52-48 gap will see them putting the incoming Biden administration under pressure right from the beginning. 

Palin said GOP dislikes both her and Trump

Last month, Palin, who has always been a supporter of Trump, slammed former president Barack Obama for describing her as a precursor to “anti-intellectual” Republicans in his new book. She said the GOP neither likes her nor Trump because they were “rogue” figures who have challenged the party’s elitism. 

The firebrand conservative leader also tried to bolster Trump’s allegations that the November 3 election in Georgia was “rigged” while encouraging the state’s voters to come out to cast ballots on January 5. 

President Donald Trump attends a rally in support of Sen. David Perdue (R-GA) and Sen. Kelly Loeffler (R-GA) in Valdosta, Georgia, on December 5, 2020. (Getty Images)


Not all GOP members are, however, happy with Perdue and Loeffler for they feel the duo has not done enough to help Trump to overturn the results of the presidential election. The two candidates have tried to please the president and his hardcore supporters by backing the recent lawsuit that Texas sought to negate Biden’s win. They also sought the resignation of Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger accusing him of mismanagement and having a lack of transparency in the elections in the Peach State. But as the candidates spoke at Trump’s recent rally in Valdosta, the crowd shouted “Fight for Trump” to drown out the two incumbent senators. 



While Trump encouraged the state’s voters to help the GOP win the runoff polls, some of his allies have gone to the extent of asking the voters to stay away from the polls to avoid being fooled by another “rigged election”. But interviews with voters and party supporters gave indications that they will sit at home on the election day and turn out to cast ballots in favor of Loeffler and Perdue.