Derrick Barry hasn't had the best take on humor coming from his fellow queens on RuPaul's Drag Race, especially when it was at his expense.

While we have loved post-Drag Race Derrick a whole lot more than the tense, often delusional queen on season 8, he still seems to be getting criticized for taking things a little too seriously. 

So, here's the hot tea. Derrick shared a past experience of trying to audition for the live tribute show Legends. He spoke about how he explained to the person in charge that he is a "Britney Spears Celebrity Female impersonator that sings live." Sadly, he was laughed off, and was told that only women need audition.   

His sister Kim Chi came along to comment on the sensitive tweet, and basically commented, "What a great time to be complaining about being a white guy."

Now, we know not if Kim was trying to be funny or he was pointing out a serious error in Derrick's ways. Regardless, Derrick was quick to take offence. 

While some were quick to point out Derrick's inability to take a joke, some shady fans were happy with watching the drama unfold.  



Since then, Derrick, who has been a firm believer of accepting when he is wrong, has apologized for his tweet, and has appreciated the opportunity he got to educate himself.

He tweeted, "The views & opinions expressed tonight have been eye opening. I’m sorry that anyone was made to feel less than or invalid. I’m learning more everyday & knowledge is never ending. Thank you to all of the people that are questioning the topic at hand & helping creating change."


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