Ronda Rousey slams Triple H on table and makes her plans for Wrestlemania clear

By all accounts, it seemed like just another event that was about to take place in the ring. However, things took an ugly turn once Kurt Angle told Ronda that she was being manipulated by Triple H and his wife.

                            Ronda Rousey slams Triple H on table and makes her plans for Wrestlemania clear

A lot happened at WWE Elimination Chamber on Sunday, February 25th. Ronda Rousey was set to sign her contract with WWE after making a surprise appearance at last month's Royal Rumble. The UFC champion's presence in January stole the show but it paled in comparison to what she did to Triple H on Sunday.

Ronda Rousey was to sign her WWE RAW contract at Sunday's Elimination Chamber. Source: Twitter

By all accounts, it seemed like just another event that was about to take place in the ring. Among those present were Triple H, the WWE COO, his wife Stephanie McMahon and WWE GM, Kurt Angle. Triple H praised Ronda and said he hadn't seen another athlete walk through the doors of WWE since Olympic gold medalist and, Kurt Angle. He added, "She has earned the right to be called the baddest woman on the planet." 

Ronda then shook hands with Triple H and enemy Stephanie and threw in a hug for Kurt, who seemed impatient to speak but Triple H took the mic and had a few good words to say again.

"To your credit, you didn't want anything special put in this contract. You didn't want any perks; you wanted no special travel; you wanted no private cars...The only thing you wanted was an invite to Wrestlemania and I'm telling you tonight that you not only have an invite to WrestleMania but when you sign this contract, you will be competing in WrestleMania," Triple H said. 

Ronda was also told she would compete in WrestleMania but not for the championship, which she seemed okay with. The UFC champion revealed that she wanted to earn the right to fight for the title and it seemed like she would finally sign her contract for WWE's RAW. However, Kurt disrupted this sweet moment which he found anything but. 

He told Ronda that Triple H and his wife were simply manipulating her. "They want to put their thumb on you and keep you down. Didn't you say earlier, 'Three years in the making and now we own the b----?'" And that's when things went down. 

Stephanie slapped Ronda Rousey at Sunday WWE Elimination Chamber. Source: Twitter

Kurt's reference to WrestleMania mania 31- the tag team match between The Raw and Ronda and Triple H and Stephanie stirred a lot of emotions. Although Ronda and her tag team partner easily defeated the couple, she didn't take too well to being manipulated.  

She put her Judo skills to use and slammed Triple H on a table, sending a strong statement that she meant business at Wrestlemania. But just as Ronda was looking down at him, Stephanie entered the ring and delivered a hard and loud slap. She ran away before Ronda could pull the same move on her, and what was supposed to be calm contract signing event, turned into a, well, a match. 

Ronda picked up the contract, signed it, threw the papers on her boss and walked away. We wonder who will partner will her at the WrestleMania match.

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