Republicans launch 'Democrats for Trump' campaign to attract liberals fed up with 'socialist radicalization' of party

The campaign already seems to be having an effect, with Democratic New Jersey Congressman Jeff Van Drew announcing that he would be shifting allegiance to the Republican party

                            Republicans launch 'Democrats for Trump' campaign to attract liberals fed up with 'socialist radicalization' of party
Trump's campaign is looking to attract disillusioned Democrats (Source: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

As numerous Democrats gear up and are bolstering their campaigns to win the presidential nomination for the party ahead of the 2020 elections to challenge incumbent Donald Trump, the Republicans are now trying to get any disillusioned leftists to their side.

The party launched the 'Democrats for Trump' coalition this past Thursday, December 19,  in a bid to appeal to those who have seemingly been fed up with the Democrats' embrace of radical progressivism.

"Coastal elitists and left-wing radicals have taken over the Democrat Party and are dictating everything from a sham impeachment process to the outright embrace of socialism," a statement on the website read.

"While lifelong Democrats no longer recognize the Democratic Party and feel forgotten by their party, President Trump has been keeping his promises to fight for ALL Americans. Stop the madness – sign up today and give him four more years!"

Brad Parscale, Trump's campaign manager, echoed those sentiments in a statement of his own where he said that the "Democrat Party of today is unrecognizable and leaving moderate Democrats behind."

"For Democrats who feel abandoned by the socialist radicalization of their party, there is room for you on Team Trump and we welcome you to join the movement and a President that are putting America first," he said.

The campaign claims its new coalition is for moderate liberals who want to work with Trump-led conservatives to reduce drug costs, pass strong trade deals, and improve and fix the country's infrastructure.

Parscale also took to Twitter to release campaign internal polling highlighting the possibility of Democrats holding on to House seats in districts won by Trump in 2016 following his impeachment, which the president said was "nothing more than an illegal, partisan attempted coup."

"House Dems sitting in @realDonaldTrump won districts know a vote for impeachment is a vote to lose their seats in 2020. Internal polling shows voters in those districts OPPOSE impeachment by 10 points," he wrote.

While it may be easy to scoff at the campaign, there already seem to be takers, most notably New Jersey congressman Jeff Van Drew, who was one of just two Democrats to vote against Trump's impeachment in the House this past week.

In the aftermath, Van Drew announced he would be switching sides to the Republican Party and suggested it was a "better fit" for him. 

"This is who I am, it’s who I always was, but there was more tolerance of moderate Democrats, of Blue Dog Democrats, of conservative Democrats and I think that's going away," he said, adding that he would be giving Trump his "undying" support.

Trump had welcomed the move, announcing during an Oval Office event with the Congressman that his joining was "a big deal."

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