'Renovation, Inc.': Matriarch Bernadette feels 'overwhelmed' with her beautiful home after challenging makeover

Bryan and Sarah Baeumler's work left the matriarch highly impressed even though the renovation came with multiple challenges as it involved a large family

                            'Renovation, Inc.': Matriarch Bernadette feels 'overwhelmed' with her beautiful home after challenging makeover
Bernadette (HGTV)

Bernadette hasn't been the easiest client for Bryan and Sarah Baeumler on 'Renovation, Inc'. The matriarch of the multi-generational home was very clear about what she wanted and wasn't willing to budge from her wishlist when it came to the renovation work.

It all started when Bernadette's daughter Cara moved in with her four children and husband. The matriarch and her husband Don made a big decision. They decided to sell their house to Cara but stay in the same house's basement, which Bernadette insisted on referring it as her apartment. Don's mother Gigi also stayed in the same house. They gave the top floor to Gigi, the rest of the house to Cara and the basement would be Bernadette and Don's very own cozy retirement space in the home. 

Even before the project began, Bryan already anticipated that there would be some bumps along the road as the project involved many people with diverse personalities. He was interested in knowing who the contractor would be and who would be paying the money. Cara declared that she would be signing all the cheques, while her mother would be making all the decisions with respect to renovation. Although Cara initially decided on a budget of $170,000, it increased once the work began.

From changing the ceiling to adding a separate entrance to her apartment, Bernadette's wishlist was quite extensive. So Bryan and his crew got to work and began making all the changes to the space as requested by Bernadette, while Sarah focused on the interior decor of the home. Sarah, who is used to her clients loving every single decor choice of hers, faced her first criticism from Bernadette who wasn't at all impressed with Sarah's choice for the house's tiles. But Sarah finally figured out what Bernadette's preferences were and managed to leave the client feeling overwhelmed with her new living space. Sarah incorporated a lot of black and white in the interior design, with hints of grey, this seemed to impress Bernadette. In her green room interview, Bernadette could be heard expressing how she is beyond impressed and overwhelmed by how beautifully Bryan and Sarah managed to transform the space. 

'Renovation, Inc.' airs every Sunday at 8/7c only on HGTV. 

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