This woman is sharing images of her post-pregnancy body, and the internet is loving it!

This woman is sharing images of her post-pregnancy body, and the internet is loving it!

It's true. New-age moms feel the strain to "bounce back" to their pre-baby bodies as soon as their little one pops out. Thanks to Hollywood A-listers and their airbrushed images, the common perception that has become the norm for all is to snap back to a flat tummy and go 'back to the basics' thin selves as soon as possible.

Social media users also join the game and add onto the stress by commenting on pregnant bodies and making the woman feel more unwelcome than usual in her newly acquired pregnancy weight.

But new mama Anupa King is set to change the game and is not letting anything or anyone make her feel bad about her post-partum body. Anupa who goes by the Instagram handle @denuptzer is no stranger to body-shaming comments — but like a classy mom, let's the comments slide by while dancing her way to deliver her baby.

"Sorry I haven't shared much lately about how things are going over here.Honestly not pretty. But I know it won't be long now and I'm savouring every last second of this beautiful belly with Mikey. Hence the spam of naked belly shots. I'm sure once baby is here it'll be a different kinda of spam. For now, all the energy I have regarding my camera is to leave it on auto with a remote in hand." Image Source: Instagram/denupzter

You don't believe us? Check her out busting some kick-ass dance moves!


Anupa shared an unfiltered before-and-after pregnancy picture of her body and reveals how much guts it took her to share the image.

The caption read: "Remember my first naked belly pregnant shot where I had to build up enough courage to share... Well times that by like a million for this post belly shot comparison," she wrote. "The first image was taken hours before Levi was born and the second taken today at 3 weeks postpartum but I like to think 2 weeks since the first week of postpartum didn't really happen due on a large chunk of my placenta being forgotten in my uterus at birth."

"I'm so happy to say that after 12 days postpartum, I woke up this morning and I'm not swollen anymore. I swear I was so swollen I didn't even recognize myself some mornings. Our breastfeeding appt yesterday went so well... And while it'll be a challenge for both me and Levi we're determine to make it work the way that's best suited for both of us. Mikey has been adjusting so well and I know misses these belly bump shots since he's been bumping daddy's belly everyday all day long. PS: Did I mention my epidural didn't work? I'm still in awe at what our bodies are capable of doing." Image Source: Instagram/denupzter

Anupa is a fitness advocate, marathoner and a dancer. Her Instagram feed chronicles her efforts to stay fit every day with a full-blown baby growing inside her.

Despite the fitness regime, she followed (check out her yoga busting moves with her baby), she recounted her experience of coming across people who had the audacity to comment on her post-pregnancy body weight.

In her picture, she stated how other people are quick to assume how easy it is for fit women to bounce back to their old selves overnight. But Anupa made it clear that fit women don't have a wand to swish and go back to their old selves and it isn't all magic.

Image Source: Instagram/denupzter

"Yesterday, I was asked by the baker at my supermarket: "Are you having a girl or a boy?" and that would have really hit some soft spots/nerves with me," she wrote.

"I mean I'm not pregnant anymore but I sure do look it... instead I smiled and nicely said I had a boy. After I left the supermarket I realized I absolutely love my body and am so super proud of it hence the reason I chose to share this post image with you. And however long it takes for my body to journey back to where it once were then that's fine."

"4 weeks later, a handful of grey hairs, no sleep, extremely painful and sore boobs.Today Levi latched for about 5 mins but unfortunately I had to stop him cause my boobs are so sore. Beyond sore from all the round the clock pumping, that it was pure torture having him latched on me. I sat there and cried and cried and cried snuggling him as close as I could and whispered to him that it's going to be ok and we'll figure this all out together sooner than later. On a positive note we now have a surplus of milk that we're having to freeze and that makes me happy! Yayy!" Image Source: Instagram/denupzter

Another comment outlined how it is normal for a mother to gain weight and it isn't easy to nourish a child: Breastfeeding means burning a crap ton of calories, to be sure, but you’re also increasing your caloric intake to help maintain milk production.

Also breastfeeding just takes a lot out of you and mamas gotta eat to keep up their strength. So using it as a weight-loss plan is, to put it plainly and politely, unrealistic.

There is a need for women out there to be unabashed in accepting themselves and not give in to the pressure of becoming thin all over again. Take it easy, ladies. You created a human life! It takes time. Let Anupa teach you how to do not let body-shamers get to you and do it right!