Amazing: This makeup artist makes clients as old as 80 look several decades younger

Amazing: This makeup artist makes clients as old as 80 look several decades younger

Don't believe the images? Anar has proof to show through his videos.

We all know makeup is transformational.

Makeup can make you look ramp-ready within minutes and can take away years or add a whole new dimension to your face within minutes.

Well maybe not minutes, but you get the point.

But can makeup make you look half your real age?

Unlikely. Or so we thought...until we saw Anar Agakishiev Instagram page.

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Meet Anar Agakishiev, 32, from Baku, Azerbaijan, who has been working on his makeup skills since he was a young teen. After quitting his medical studies, he took up his recreational activity with full gusto and began learning professional hairstyling.

Gradually, he extended towards makeup and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today, he boasts of a clientele that includes former PussyCat Dolls lead Nicole Scherzinger and supermodel Irina Shayk among a host of other women who swear by his makeup skills.

However, only recently did he step into the spotlight with his recent makeup project—his spellbinding makeup transformations for elderly women.

In a chat with Today Style, Anar's assistant Konul Seyidova revealed how the makeup wizard managed to get the momentum going with this project and how it all began for him.

The unbelievable metamorphosis is a part of a year-long project that started when Anar did makeup for a 60-year-old-friend. The friend, who was getting all dolled up for a wedding demanded a makeover of sorts and if there's anything to go by what Konul had to say, the friend in question received more than what she had anticipated.

"He did her makeup and totally changed her," Seyidova told Today Style.

That propelled him to start his project which involved 12 elderly women — one for each month throughout 2017 — who Anar transforms for free and by the looks of it, successfully takes away wrinkles, age lines and every other telling sign of old age—only with the power of cosmetics and makeup brushes.

Have a look here:

Both Anar and his assistant refer to the women who are a part of the project as 'Miss January', 'Miss February' and so on, referring to each month and the woman who is a part of the project.

For the wide-eyed reader, if you want to know exactly how much time do the dramatic makeup transformations take to finish? A minimum of two hours is the average for each transformation that entails hair-styling too, Konul explained.


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Anar is frequently asked by fans to reveal the foundation he uses but without divulging his secret, Anar does reveal the weapons he uses to bring about his vision into reality.

His makeup arsenal includes brands like Huda Beauty, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Too Faced, House of Lashes and Mikasa Beauty.

And if you thought that the pictures are digitally altered to give desirable results? You're mistaken.

Anar insists that all of his pictures are un-photoshopped and regularly posts videos where he is seen working his magic on the ladies.

"He's a very ambitious person and always looking for a challenge," Konul revealed. "He wants to make them look at least 10 years younger," she added further.

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Anar, who has trained in Moscow, frequently travels all over the world to conduct workshops and master classes and works on celebrities from the Azerbaijan film industry among others.

With his work garnering critical acclaim as well as immense fan love, Anar who has more than 450k followers on Instagram is grateful for all the buzz his work has been getting, Konul said.

"All this attention from around the world — he was really happy," she asserted.

Rightfully so, we'd say.

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