This curvylicious blogger's inspiring story is what you need to read today

This curvylicious blogger's inspiring story is what you need to read today

What will it take for the world to flush out their "perfect body image" outta their minds?

We all know women across the world struggle a lot to keep their bodies in shape. It's not easy. It's a whole lot of pressure and work. 

Models know this reality all too well and when we come across stories that depict the above reality, it is all the more heartening to see that we aren't alone.

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Like Laura Brioschi, from Pietra Ligure, Italy who wants all the ladies out there having a love-hate relationship with the weighing machine to ditch the scales and believe that being curvy is nice and not a crime.

Beauty lies within. Not in the beholder's eye

The stunning 5ft 9in model struggled to lose weight when a company she was modeling for reduced the hip size from 42.5in to 40.9in.

Barely 21 then, Laura, like any of us, desperately tried to lose weight.

But to no avail.

Desperate to keep her job, Laura even started gymming twice a day but her weight wouldn't budge at all. Not the one to give up so fast, Laura stopped eating at all in a final bid to cut down the flab. But when she did eat, she would end up vomiting it all out. "The men in my life have always thought that the skinnier I was, the more beautiful I would have been. Unfortunately, I thought that too, therefore I was asking for help even from them, with exercising and diet."

Laura, 21 (left) and Laura,25, today (Facebook/Laura Brioschi)

"When I turned 21, at the end of my relationship, I managed to lose over seven stones after losing my appetite.

"People started complimenting me because I looked so skinny and beautiful (including my new boyfriend), and that's when, in order to keep this standard, I decided to start inducing the vomit,” Laura was quoted as saying by Daily Star. 

When bulimia nervosa (a serious eating disorder marked by bingeing, followed by methods to avoid weight gain often by vomiting or exercising to excess) started to yield the result she was looking for, one day before a major catwalk show, she was told to put on 2cm around her hips.

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Not just that, Laura's health also started to deteriorate right before the show—her eyes turned red, she got a severe bout of stomach ache that didn’t feel right. 

Laura advises women to believe in themselves, no matter what the size maybe. (Facebook/Laura Brioschi)

That moment changed her life as her sickness became her moment of introspective reckoning.

From fighting Bulimia to taking control of oneself

That moment, Laura realized that she was suffering from an eating disorder. "It was the first step towards my self-awareness. To be brave enough to take responsibility of my own actions, including with food," she said.

"I decided that it's better to be chubby than sick. Even with men, I finally decided that they had to love me for who I am, curvy or not – but it took me longer to get to that point of balance," Laura explained. Today, Laura is healthy at 12 stone 8lbs and a UK size 16 and she couldn't be any happier.

“I'm very happy about myself now. Bulimia is a disease that stays inside you, it's latent. You have to be strong and to fight against it.”

"I am proud to say that I am winning. Even if it sometimes still happens, I always choose not to. This is a choice, and we are the only ones who can choose for ourselves because we are stronger than that," she added.

The moment of truth

Laura turned her life around when she started to read stories about women who suffered from bulimia for more than 15 years. It was a culmination of her experiences and all that she read that made her realize that caring about what others have to say about the way you look, shouldn't derail one's own sanity and rational thoughts.

Since then, Laura, now 25, realigned all her energy to accomplish holistic fitness for the rest of her life. As Laura puts it on her blog Love Curvy: "[this blog] is for you who weighed 80 kilos and had a smile, but they made you notice that at 65 you were better, bringing you to think that you are no longer suitable for the people next to you, making you weak and insecure."

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Although Laura has regained composure and now exercises three to four times a week, eating controlled portions, the journey to recovery hasn't been easy. 

Avoiding the habit of purging after a meal was, in fact, the toughest thing to do. 

She explained: "It is possible to stop. We can make this choice. It's not worth to ruin your life for the idea of being skinny. We can choose and believe me, the bulimia will not just go away by itself, you have to be strong enough to decide to stop."

Well said, Laura.

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