Mother records tearful video for son before giving him up for adoption

Mother records tearful video for son before giving him up for adoption

The baby boy now lives with a new family and Hannah couldn't be any happier with her decision

Hannah Mongie, 21, had made the toughest decision of her life when she was 18. And if you're wondering what the decision was? The young woman's decision has emerged on Facebook and has captured the attention of millions of people who cannot help themselves from becoming teary-eyed.

Precisely two years ago, Hannah had decided to place her new-born child for adoption. But the reason behind her resolve could make anyone cry a river.

At the time of her son Taggart's birth, she had recorded a heart-wrenching video for him to know in the future, why she had chosen to place him for adoption—she wanted Taggart to understand that she and his father had taken the adoption call only out of love for him.

"I made this video, so you know how much I love you," Hannah stated at the beginning of the video. "I wanted to tell you why I made the decision to place you with your family. Gosh, you’re so cute, you’re making this hard!” she is heard saying in the video.

Hannah had spent two days with her newborn son after his birth in March 2016 and had recorded the video message back then, which hit virality after it was shared on the Love What Matters Facebook page earlier this month.

"This video was created so that he would be able to look back and know that this decision was made purely out of love for him. He will never have to think that I ‘gave him up’ or that I did not love him. He will always be able to know that I loved him more than anyone else in this world," she tells her little one in the video. 

She pours her heart out to the baby, saying everything she’s felt at the moment in the hope of answering all the questions he may have in the years to come.

“Right now, is the last hour of those two days before I send you off to Brad and Emily and then you’re going to be their little boy,” she is heard telling him. “And I just want you to know that I really love you so much. More than I’ve ever loved any other human in the whole world.”

Watch the video here:

Not easy giving one's own child for adoption

The decision to put her son for adoption came when she was 18 years old after becoming pregnant in 2015. Hannah's partner and Taggart's biological father Kaden Whitney, then 20, was all too excited to become a father.

Their love story had begun during Whitney’s Church of Latter-Day Saints mission trip. After talking to each other for weeks, they met each other and soon enough, began dating. Within a couple of weeks, Hannah had become pregnant with their child.

However, fate had other plans for the couple.

At her 12-week sonogram, Hannah heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time and recorded it for Kaden to hear. Barely two days after hearing his son's heartbeat, Kaden suddenly passed away. The reason behind his death was attributed to natural causes.

“I didn’t get out of bed for two months after Kaden’s death,” Hannah, who currently lives in Provo, Utah, told Scary Mommy. “And I most certainly was not going to even think of the word ‘adoption’! That was not going to be an option for me because Taggart was my last piece of Kaden," she added further.

Hannah revealed that while they were committed to each other, they had decided on adoption together. “We were both young with little to no college or work experience, so we decided together to choose an adoption plan. We both felt an immense amount of peace about it, so we started to look at families,” she said.

However, in contradiction to her earlier decision, she experienced a change of mind as her pregnancy began developing. "Over time . . . I learned that Tagg was his own person. He was not his father, and he needed a chance at the life he deserved," she explained.

At the time of her recording the video, Hannah allowed herself to completely be awashed with emotions which found a place in the video for Taggart to see. “I just allowed myself to break down,” Hannah told TODAY.

After Taggart was born, Hannah immediately asked the nurses to leave her alone with her baby for 45-minutes as she recorded the video. “I was just determined that Tagg was going to see this someday.”

In the video, Hannah also added praise for Taggart’s adoptive parents, Emily and Brad Marsh. “I fell in love with them and they were beyond anything I could have asked for,” she said teary-eyed in the video. “And I have really, really high standards for anyone who is going to raise my child."

All said and done, today Hannah couldn't be any happier about her decision. The Marshes, who live 10 minutes away from her, made sure that she was included in Taggart's life. In fact, Hannah sees Taggart every week and feels like she is just as much part of the Marsh family.

"Rather than ‘giving up’ or ‘away,’ I just adopted his entire family into mine. Including his extended family," Hannah told local news station KTVU on Monday, January 8. "His mom, Emily, is still one of my best friends in the whole world. She honestly is everything I want to be as a person and a mother."

"I am so grateful that Tagg led me to her and their family. They are a blessing alone. And with Tagg, they are everything I need," she said.


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