Model reveals struggle with laxative abuse after she was forced to lose weight

Model reveals struggle with laxative abuse after she was forced to lose weight

Nia Marshalsay-Thomas has come out in the open with her struggles to lose weight in order to get the 'perfect figure'

It isn't news that the world of glamour is an unforgiving business.

Thomas is a TV presenter and model.(Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

While many may presume that the modeling world is all about star-studded appearances and flamboyant living, what one misses is the immense pressure that people in showbiz undergo to look their 'perfect' best. 

Thomas became addicted to laxatives in order to lose weight. (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

Take former Miss Wales Nia Marshalsay-Thomas from Aberystwyth for instance — she has grabbed world attention with her claims that she 'ruined' her body after she was told to lose weight by an agency. In order to meet the demands of the agency, Marshalsay-Thomas started using laxatives that quickly spiraled to become an addiction.

Marshalsay-Thomas with her husband (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

Pressure to look 'perfect'

Marshalsay-Thomas relived her painful experiences on on the S4C programme Ein Byd, or Our World, where she explained how she was body-shamed while working in the fashion industry, including one instance when she was asked to model bridal outfits.

Model Nia Marshalsay-Thomas, from Aberystwyth, described how she began taking over-the-counter laxatives in a bid to lose weight

"All of the sample size dresses were a UK size 6-8, and I'm an 8-10," Marshalsay-Thomas revealed. "I felt like I was the biggest one there. I left there feeling really degraded. I felt like they were trying to hide my body under the bigger dresses because the smaller ones didn’t fit me." She went to add how she "was made to feel ashamed of her body."

The former Miss Wales became a laxative addict and has now spoken about her struggles openly.(Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

Shortly after the bridal outfit tryouts, Marshalsay-Thomas, 30, revealed that she had received a message from a modeling agency who wanted to represent her. However, the offer came with a condition—she was told that they would only be willing to work with her if she lost weight and attained a “genuine size eight” figure, according to Wales Online.

Thomas was told to lose weight to get a perfect figure (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

In a bid to not lose out on the lucrative offer, Marshalsay-Thomas turned to laxatives to attain the "perfect figure," not realizing that her habit could lead her to a place from where there's no coming back from.

Now, Thomas must necessarily take two tablets a day (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

“I started off taking one a day. Then when my body got used to that and it no longer worked for me. I increased the dosage until I was taking so many that my body just didn’t work without them,” Marshalsay-Thomas revealed.

Thomas wishes to inspire people by talking about her story. (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

Since then, the model-turned-TV presenter has been prescribed to consume laxatives which she takes twice a day regularly.

(Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

“My life now revolves around it. It’s really embarrassing. If you go anywhere, you have to take it with you. It’s had a massive impact on my life 10 years down the line," Marshalsay-Thomas revealed on the show.

(Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

Despite the struggles she faced with addiction, Marshalsay-Thomas is still very much a part of the modeling world, and hopes to inspire other upcoming models to embrace themselves without falling for the undue demands of people around in order to get the 'perfect figure.'

The former Miss Wales said she was approached by a modelling agency who said they would represent her if she slimmed down. (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

“If I’d have realized before that I could do all this as me and embrace who I am, rather than trying to change to suit the industry, I would never, ever have done it and my body would still be working as it should be,” Marshalsay-Thomas asserted on a final note.

Thomas with her partner. (Facebook/Nia Marshalsay-Thomas)

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