Bizarre online gallery showcases beautiful models with very large feet

Bizarre online gallery showcases beautiful models with very large feet

A Russian fashion magazine dedicated an entire gallery to big-footed models, beauty queens, and wags

A magazine caused a stir after it dedicated a photo gallery to stunning models who have big feet. The layout appeared in Woman magazine in Russia, featuring several wives of footballers in the niche list. 

Anastasia Reshetova pictured with her large feet. (Source: Central European News)

Bigger feet are normally associated with taller people and we all know what a huge fashion statement it is to be tall and beautiful. The pride of place went to model and former beauty queen Anastasia Reshetova, 21, who recently stunned her fans with photos from a holiday that she spent with rapper boyfriend Timati, 34.

Users commented on Anastasia's feet calling them flippers. (Source: Central European News)

The stunning model was seen showing off her stunning body in bikini-clad clothes from her sun-soaked adventure. But what caused a stir and turned into a talking point was her feet which were rather big.

Anastasia looked phenomenal as she posed in a skimpy orange bikini while relaxing on a yacht. Internet users, however, quickly flooded her page with unkind comments, mocking her feet.

Anastasia had shared photos from her big holiday break with boyfriend Timati. (Source: Central European News)

Her strong fan base, some 1.5 million people were quick to respond to her pictures, commenting on her feet, calling them "flippers." Whether or not if it was the angle at which the pictures were taken or if it was the length of the brunette model's body, Anastasia remained unfazed by the comments and included a caption on to one:

“180 centimeters (5 ft 11 ins) of bliss.”

Former wag Olga Buzova also made it to the list after her big feet were mocked. (Source: Central European News)

Also included in the feet gallery were feet of Russian beauty Aiza Anokhina, 32, who attracted attention because of the size of her feet. Aiza is only 162 centimeters (5 ft 3 inches) in height. But that didn't matter for she's got lovely feet. In the past, the model has been seen joking about her feet, saying she wished her shoe size was smaller.

Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova, 30, the wife of ex-Fulham and Reading striker Pavel Pogrebnyak, 33, also made the gallery. (Source: Central European News)

Former wag Olga Buzova, 31, who was previously married to FC Lokomotiv Moscow midfielder Dmitri Tarasov, 30, also made an appearance in the wide collection. 

And former ballerina Anastasia Volochkova, 42, who was sacked by the Bolshoi Ballet for being “too fat”, also received recognition for her feet.

Olga Buzova proudly shows her big feet off with painted toenails that can stir envious glances. (Source: Central European News)

Anastasia Volochkov shows off her large feet and never-ending legs. She is quite the beauty. (Source: Central European News)
Aiza Anokhina poses for a casual snap wearing flip-flops. (Source: Central European News)

Aiza Anokhina, 32, who has been dubbed the Russian Victoria Beckham also made the gallery after her large feet were mocked. (Source: Central European News)
Even in heels, Aiza's legs and feet steal the show. (Source: Central European News)

Maria Pogrebnyak-Shatalova is known for her love for ankle boots with huge platforms. (Source: Central European News)
Anastasia Volochkova stretches showing off her beautiful legs. (Source: Central European News)

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