15 signs that you are a modern goddess

15 signs that you are a modern goddess

Ancient myths and stories from around the world reveal certain traits that represent the goddess

Ancient Goddess myths involve tales of courage, beauty, compassion and fierce love. Here are 15 traits of a modern goddess.

1. She lives an authentic life

A modern goddess is inspired from within. Whether she chooses to start her own small business, write a self-help book, or make the perfect patch of a backyard garden, her idea of success is not defined by what others think is important or cool.

She refuses to buy into collective ideas of ought to's and should do's and never borrows others ideas, dreams, or norms. She listens to what her inner voice says and doesn't let external factors, people, fame, or material success douse her true passion.

She lives her life with authenticity and doesn't let others define what success means to her. Source: Pinterest

2. She is effortlessly original

She is not afraid to be herself, whether that means wearing batik printed palazzos when it's not in style or choosing to cycle to work. She is unafraid to be different when it comes to looks, fashion, beliefs, outlook on life, and yet at the same time doesn't try to stand out. She does her thing with unassuming grace. 

She goes with what feels right, which makes her effortlessly original. Source: Shutterstock

 3. She is fiercely independent

She is independent in every way. Source: Shutterstock

She might have a loving partnership or family that she dotes, but her strength comes from someplace deeper within her. Her views are strong, and might often be seen as opinionated. As a passionate person, she believes strongly in causes, world issues, gender concerns, etc. She knows what she wants and most often, how to get it. When she doesn't, she is open to taking help and inspiration from wiser people with gratitude.

4. She is compassionate

She is innately compassionate. Source: Pinterest

As much as she loved her independence, she hates arrogance. She is highly intuitive to people/animals emotions. Her heart is capable of withstanding storms, but she finds it impossible to watch people or animals in pain. She often lets her heart lead and doesn't like to socialize with people who calculate their moves with hidden motives. Her kindness is not a quality she is proud of, it's the only way to be.

5. She is congruent

She states her mind and stands by her values. Source: Shutterstock

Even if it doesn't make her path smoother, she thinks, feels, and says the same thing. There is no pretense. If she doesn't like something or someone, she either states her mind clearly or leaves the situation. People might find this honesty brutal, but she'd rather say or do nothing than fake niceness or appreciation.

6. She acknowledges beauty, strength, valor in others

She admires strong, beautiful, talented women and men without feeling threatened. Source: Shutterstock

As a goddess, she rejoices in the beauty of all forms. She doesn't feel threated when a beautiful woman walks in. When she spots talent, courage, genius, or heartful kindness, especially in other women, she acknowledges and ensures she gives a heartfelt compliment. Since she is in touch with her core, she feels nourished and inspired by other women and men, not insecure.

7. She is sensual in the truest sense

She indulges her senses with rich experiences. Source: Shutterstock

A modern goddess, however modern, is very grounded in her physical reality. She indulges all her five senses with beautiful sights, soothing sounds, soul-nourishing scents, exotic flavors, textures, and experiences.

She delights in simple pleasures. Source: Pexels

She knows how to break away from complex problem solving and take delight in simple things. A walk along the shore or the sight of colorful blooms of spring revives her soul.

8. She knows that the body is wiser than the mind

She trusts the wisdom of the body. Source: Pinterest

Although she is an avid learner who might enjoy intellectual discussions, the goddess is wise enough to know that nature is true mastermind. When making lifestyle choices, she listens to her body and not go with fad diets, extreme workouts, or put herself to scrutiny under conventional standards of beauty.

She believes in balance. Source: Shutterstock

She gives the body ample rest, respect and reverence it deserves. She takes care of her needs first with nutritious food and doesn't fear in indulge in some soulful desserts as well.

9. She is constantly evolving

She is constantly learning and evolving. Source: Pinterest

A modern goddess has a huge appetite for life. New books, art, music, people, conversations, makeup tricks, recipes, movies, and tech tricks find their way to occupy her mind. She doesn't restrict herself from understanding a subject or skill from different viewpoints.

Art, music, different types of culture, new technology, and travel keep her engaged and inspired. Source: Shutterstock

Thus, she is open to opposing opinions and feels no need to oblige to single-layered perceptions. Because she consciously tries to break confirmation biases, her knowledge is often in-depth and experiential.

11. She feels a deep connection with nature

She is wild and free; nature lets her be completely uninhibited. Source: Pinterest

Much like the ancient goddesses, the modern goddess finds solace and strength in nature. She makes time to connect with the elements and feels restless or ungrounded when she hasn't had the time to spend some quiet time alone in the woods or under the open sky. She feels rejuvenated by walking barefoot, dipping her feet in a lake or ocean, taking a stroll in the woods or just watching the stars from her home. 

12. She is intuitive and feels connected to all 

It's easy for her to sense others' needs and pain and isn't afraid to reach out. Source: Shutterstock

A modern goddess may or may not be armed with degrees and educational certificates. Irrespective of her vast knowledge, she is highly intuitive and sensitive to subtle nonverbal messages and emotional cues from people. A highly intuitive goddess is also likely to be an empath.

Beyond these traits, a goddess is intrinsically aware of the oneness of all creatures. She knows that people from different ethnicities, cultures, geographies, animals, trees, and the planet are all connected in more ways than our collective psyche seems to understand. 

13. She is real and warm, which makes her classy

She doesn't care to put up an act and focuses on having a good time. Source: Shutterstock

She never fakes it, whether that be a smile, a fashion statement, or friendship. She may be a social butterfly or a quiet introvert, but she never boasts or talks about herself in an effort to make others like her better.

She is comfortable with being in the spotlight, but never sets out to seek it. She knows that beyond the clothes one wears or the lifestyle one can afford, being kind and genuine is the true mark of class.

Being real and kind makes her truly classy. Source: Shutterstock

14. She encourages other women

She is often surrounded by women who feel confident and happy around her. Source: Shutterstock

She understands that both genders are equal, yet she is aware of social factors that have made women's journey harder. With this in mind, she reaches out to peers, colleagues, teens, kids, and elders who are need of a word of support or encouragement.

She often acts as a mirror where they can see how gifted and gorgeous they truly are and nothing feeds her better than watching a previously unsure woman grab life with newfound courage and gusto.

She delights in seeing other women happy and confident. Source: Shutterstock

15. She isn't afraid to own her emotions

She isn't afraid to be fierce, wild, or vulnerable. Source: Shutterstock

She knows her emotions are valid, no matter what they are and isn't afraid to own them. She may choose to express them or keep them to herself, but she practices self-awareness to never kid herself about what she truly feels.

If she is angry, then she owns it like a fierce goddess; if she feels weak and vulnerable, she breaks into tears as easily. Because she isn't afraid of her own emotions, she is wise in handling others with equal compassion and grace.

Self-awareness allows her to be honest about her emotions. Source: Shutterstock

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