15 female tattoo artists on Instagram that you have to follow now!

15 female tattoo artists on Instagram that you have to follow now!

One of these artists makes lace and beads in ink, another colors outside the lines. Here are the 15 most sought after tattoo artists on Instagram!

A lover of ink on the body? You've come to the right place. From intricate little lines to amazing full-fledged portraits, these badass female tattoo artists are taking every other artist on Instagram by the balls. Popsugar lists the most sought after of the bunch.

1. Kat Von D

Her portrait work is next to impossible to match! Though Kat Von D is hardly an underground artist, her pieces are pure magic. If you're able to nail down an appointment between tours promoting her cosmetics line at her shop, High Voltage Tattoo, it'll be worth your while.


Tattoo time at @highvoltagetat with one of my fave #vegan homies: @tobymorse! 🖤⚡️

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2. Hannah Pixie Snowdon

This tattoo artist finds her inspiration in fantasy. Her creations are intricate but clean cut lines that make up beautiful tattoos.


Hannah loves her patterns.


❤️ photo by @hellomaxime , maybe a little more to come on the beautiful @dinnysmith24 🦋

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Hot as hell, no?

Hannah is also big on charity and also does re-tattooing. Her Instaqgram gives me such warm vibes.


Spotto - the borrower sipping a tinny on my shoulder hahahahahahaha

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3. Miriyam Lumpini

The Witchdoctor, as she likes to call herself is based out of Los Angeles. She's part "Swedish Elf , part Congo Blood."as she states on her Instagram. Her love for colour and wild and beautiful animal designs shows through just one scroll. Take a look. 


bun hawk 🤘🏽#braids

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Her work with colour is truly truly spectacular! 


Blue meth 💎 #thewitchdoctor #miryamlumpinitattoos #breakingbad

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3. Anka Lavriv

Anka's fine line work and stippling is a stand out. The ink work is delicate and her creations feature texturing and attention detail not often seen in tattoos.



Healed- one of my faves 💖

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Swan in flight for Meghan!

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4. Ryan Ashley Malarkey

RA's eye for details paired with with faux bead and lacework make her tattoos a work of art. She is the co-owner of The Strange and The Unusual Oddities Parlor in Wyoming.

Malarkey also has quite the eye for makeup, so watch her Instagram for beauty inspiration as well as tattoo ideas! 

I'm in awe of this lady, she's even got the folds right! Annnnd its freehand!

5. Alice Carrier

Carrier is known for colorful floral pieces. The Portland, OR-based artist taps into nature for inspiration, inking vivid re-creations of flowers, trees, and even vegetables on her clients. 



Healed black, fresh color! Thanks Francisco, I loved working on this piece!!

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6. Horu Tattoo

Known for tiny, sketch-style tattoos. The Korean artist is known for feminine tiny tattoos that use a balance of watercolor-style colors and clean, fine lines to create a dreamy effect.

7. Sasha Masiuk

Sasha is known for her dotwork tattoos. Whether crafting mandalas, flowers, or geometric designs on clients' skin, the best way to describe the work of this model and owner of Russian tattoo studios is "clean."


My Paris 🖤 #sashatattooingmood

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8. Krystals Tatted

She likes doing colourful pieces and sentimental tattoos. Much of Krystal's work focuses on special dedications like memorial pieces or an homage to a client's heritage.


#TattoosBykrystal ✈️💪🏾💕💕

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9. Dominique Holmes

Her tattoos feature mandalas and mehndi-inspired body art. If you're looking an intricate piece with a unique flare, this Londoner is your perfect artist.

10. Amanda Wachob

Amanda has colorful, bright art that looks like it belongs on a canvas. Wachob's dizzyingly realistic floral tattoos and abstract body art are worthy of a museum... which is why she also does exhibitions at institutions like The Met.


I'm starting some new work for Ludmila, but this is her back currently

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for Denise!

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11. Lily Anchor

Clean, simple lined botanical tattoos. This New York tattooer creates vegan tattoos that almost look like book illustrations. 

12. Ivana tattoo Art

Their watercolor tattoos are super sought after!


13. Georgia Grey

She does colorful tattoos with light line work. Grey works at the famous Bang Bang NYC, and her signature watercolor style is extremely sought after. She's always fully booked.



A post shared by Georgia Grey (@georgiagreynyc) on



💖Flamingo #healed #clientphoto #bangbangforever #bangbangtattoo

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🌺✨@bangbangnyc #bangbangforever #bangbangtattoo

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14. Briana Sargent

Her thing is coloring outside the lines of her intricate, modern tattoos. Sargent's watercolor tattoos (from her San Diego shop, Buju Tattoo) are some of the most Instagrammable body art pieces on social media.


No déjà vu, just me and my Bu ♡

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Happy FrenchieFriday!

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The garden is growing!

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15. Abbey Williams

Last but not the least, her ink is made up of playful cartoons. Williams can do everything from gothic queens to Pixar characters, all with perfect shading and jewel-toned ink.



Sneaky peek of this one so far...I couldn't resist 💖

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