Fans livid after the Bachelor season finale showed Arie dumping Becca, blindsiding her

Fans livid after the Bachelor season finale showed Arie dumping Becca, blindsiding her

In a brutal turn of events, the bachelor dumped the show winner Becca after proposing to her last fall because his feelings for runner-up Lauren overpowered him.

In a shocking turn of events on the Bachelor season finale, Arie Luyendyk Jr., the bachelor for the season, proposed to one and then ended up dumping her soon after for another contestant. Heartbreaking as it was for winner Becca Kufrin, it must have been also humiliating to be so cruelly thrown aside for the runner-up of the show Lauren Burnham.

Player alert: Arie proposes to Becca Kufrin on the show. (Source: Twitter)

It may have been preplanned, it may have just been all for increasing views but fans of the show were not all happy about it. People felt that it was a distasteful breach into a private grieving moment, even for a reality show.  

One Twitter user tweeted and summed up the feelings of the viewers, "I can’t believe this whole thing was filmed. Becca is a human being who deserves the privacy to cry and scream! ABC and The Bachelor should be ashamed. No one should ever sign their lives away like this! It’s embarrassing! And, Arie, for God sakes, LEAVE! #TheBachelor"  

Another user called it a "carnage", tweeting, "What kind of horrible people PLAN a live breakup on TV? This is not good TV. This is CARNAGE. Worst Bachelor in history. Boring to the end. #thebachelorfinale" One user pointed out how mean it was for the producers of Bachelor to put it on film. "ow horrible of The Bachelor producers to film this! They purposely went to the location to film the breakup! Heartless! No one needed to see this! #TheBachelor"

The proposal had happened last fall and the finale showed the couple, Arie and Becca spending time together, happy and excited about their life together. Then suddenly, she was alone, Arie had revealed his true intentions. "I told Becca I would choose her every day and I know I made that commitment, and it kills me that I’m going back on that, but I have to follow my heart.  

Just thinking about the possibility of something with Lauren is making me want to risk it all because I really feel like I made a mistake," he is heard talking to the camera.

Happier times : The two share a moment on the show. (Source: Twitter)

He is seen talking to the host Chris Harrison and the production team confessing that he was actually going to break up the engagement with his fiance Becca. As the camera crew filmed the whole emotional ordeal- he dumped the unsuspecting girl as she broke into tears. 

Arie's true love - Lauren Burnham, the runner-up, who Arie can't forget. (Source: Twitter)

She said recalling the incident, she says on the show, "I feel like I kind of blacked out. So much was going through my mind, I couldn’t take it all in or even focus on what I wanted to say." What makes us wonder if this whole ordeal was just a marketing gimmick is Harrison's confirmation, that Becca will have her time to speak on the Tuesday episode, reportedly called After the Final Rose, where she is supposed to reunite with Arie. 


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