This is how the pattern of your freckles makes you more attractive

This is how the pattern of your freckles makes you more attractive

They direct the observer's gaze towards the sexiest parts of your face.

Your freckles are unique to you but there is a pattern to them. It is not a coincidence that the patterns are shared by many as well as the traits that define your core personality. Your physical attributes contribute towards your personality and attractiveness, and freckles being so prominent, add a lot to your personality.

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Freckles, therefore, work by directing a person's gaze to the parts of your face which, in turn, reveal your inner personality. Add to that your thoughts and your expressions, and you have the perfect recipe for attractiveness. Here, we reveal how the pattern of your freckles makes you more attractive. Pick your own pattern from below and we'll reveal how that increases your attractiveness.

#1 Just below the eyes

The freckles just below your eyes accentuate the beauty of your eyes. They direct people's attention towards your eyes and hence your expressions become even more sensual. Others are compelled to look into your eyes when you talk to them and the way your eyes speak, makes them fall for your personality. 

#2 Over the nose and under the eyes

This pattern of freckles brings attention to the entire upper part of your face. So, when people talk to you, they can see your eyes and your expressions clearly as the freckles direct them towards that part. It also divides your face into upper and lower halves which means that people pay extra attention while speaking to you so that they could get the complete picture. This increases their attention towards your face and your personality becomes instantly more attractive.

#3 All over the top-half of your face

This pattern not only brings attention towards your eyes and your nose but also towards your forehead. A person is compelled to pay attention to all of these aspects and their attention towards your forehead means that they are also compelled to see your thoughtful side rather than just your face. Attention towards the upper-half of your face also means that people are not attracted to you just for your face and body but also for your thoughts. They would love you rather than lust after you.

#4 The entire face

Freckles over your entire face mean that you are capable of holding people's attention completely. Their attention to your entire face means that when you talk, they not only listen but also look at your face, observe the pattern and lose themselves in the mosaic. For others, your pattern is like an enigma and by the time they are done observing each spot, they already fall for you hopelessly.

#5 Random spots

The randomness of your spots means that your personality too is on the quirky side. You like living in the moment and are slightly impulsive in your actions. This means that life with you is always an adventure and the unpredictability of your personality makes you highly irresistible. If randomness defines your personality then your unpredictability defines your sensuality, which is nothing if not incredibly hot.  

#6 On the tip of your nose

Freckles on the tip of your nose mean that your personality is somewhat calm and calculative. As people's attention is directed towards the center of your face, they can actually observe your entire face when you speak. It is, therefore, not only a part of your face that they are attracted to but everything from your eyes to your lips, with the focus being on your nose. The fact that they can hold people's attention at the very center of your personality makes you impossible to resist.

#7 On the cheeks

Cheeks are one of the cutest parts of the human body and the pattern of freckles developing over the cheeks means that your cuteness is accentuated more than your hotness. Your attractiveness comes from your sweet nature coupled with your cute charms. People fall for you because they can't resist your cheeks, adorable and sweet, and as they get to know you, they end up falling for your personality as well.

#8 Your neck

The neck is one of the most sensual parts of the human body and also highly sensitive. Freckles over your neck signify that people's attention is directed towards your neck and your necklines making you instantly sexier in their eyes. Their eyes move from your neck to your face and they can't help but explore every aspect of you as they speak to you. Your neck invites them in and the attractiveness is beyond comprehension.

#9 Around the lips

The freckles around your lips mean that people's attention is instantly directed towards your lips and their eyes center around it. When people's attention is directed towards someone lips, they are inherently inclined to find sexiness in your personality. They keep their focus on your lips and it is when you speak that your personality becomes irresistible too.  

#10 On your chin

The freckles on your chin mean that people's attention is distracted by your lips and your neck. They cannot help but look at your lips and your neck alternatively, as they speak to you. Both the lips and the neck are highly sensual body parts and they accentuate your attractiveness to no extent. The freckles on your chin bring out the sexiest parts of your face and there is nothing one can do but admire their beauty.

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