These 2 genius ways to use someone else's Netflix are pure evil!

These 2 genius ways to use someone else's Netflix are pure evil!

Netflix is the best source for a daily dose of entertainment, with content ranging from highly addictive TV shows to our favorite movies. Even though Netflix is one of the cheapest means of endless hours of entertainment at $7.99 a month, not everyone is willing to cough up this amount to watch their favorite TV shows or movies.

You’ll probably end up using your girlfriend or boyfriend’s Netflix account to save a few bucks, but things get challenging when you break up. Your ex might not be OK with you still using his/her Netflix account, but a Reddit thread shows the art of hiding in plain sight.

These sneaky methods shown by some witty Redditors are not any types of hacks, but a simple change in settings so that the ex (or any other user whose account you had been using) doesn’t find out if you’re still living together inside Netflix.

We are not going to comment on how healthy it is for the broken hearts, but entertainment can surely take minds off some hurtful things. We’d still suggest asking your partner’s permission before using their Netflix.

But these sneaky ways to continue using someone else’s Netflix are both pure evil and genius.

If you’ve used Netflix, you would know it is not possible to stay under the radar since an account exists in your name. And every time the owner of the account logs in, it’ll show up on their screen.

But if you are a little smart, you can still have that extra gateway to Netflix without the other person knowing, unless of course, the primary user doesn’t look too closely.

Sorry kids!

You all are probably aware of the “Kids” profile, which pops up every time when someone tries to log in. Here’s what you can do, if there are no actual kids using Netflix.

=> Go to the profile section

=> Click Manage Profiles

=> Select the Kids profile and DELETE it

Then go ahead and create a new profile and name it “Kids” and you’ve got yourself a new profile which your partner is probably never going to check. But if there are actual kids watching Netflix using the same account, you’ll need another solution.

+ Add User

But you need to be smart with this one. Besides Kids, there’s another option called “Add User” on Netflix, and if there are four profiles on the account, you can create another one disguised as “Add User.”

The reason we suggest having four accounts before using this trick is to avoid having two 'Add Profile' tabs with different looks, which is easy to grab attention.

Even after adding this new profile, keep hoping that the primary user doesn’t go ahead and use this to actually add a new profile.

Well, if that happens, you’re busted. 

You know what’s much easier than these two wacky tricks? Paying up $7.99 a month and having your own Netflix account. Even better - the first month is free, so you don’t feel the burden while starting out here.