The iPhone 8 is already here, but this one's meant only for the super rich

The iPhone 8 is already here, but this one's meant only for the super rich

Sept. 12 is the date when Apple will finally unveil its grand tenth anniversary edition iPhone 8 in the United States. While the preparations for the striking event are taking place in full throttle, the excitement among fans cannot be contained.

Owing to that demand, leaks and rumours about the unannounced iPhone 8 have gained immense interest. The prospective design of the 2017 iPhone flagship has been leaked by prominent sources, which has built amplified hype among fans.

The truth behind the leaked information about the new iPhone will only be revealed when Apple launches the iPhone 8 next week. The iPhone 8 is already expected to cost around $1,000, which is going to make Apple’s flagship the most expensive one ever. On the day of launch, Apple will also reveal when the premium flagship will be available for purchase and pre-order.

But a well-known luxury gift brand – Goldgenie – is giving an opportunity to fans to get a headstart on the iPhone 8 pre-orders. The London-based store is accepting orders for the unreleased iPhone 8, but there’s a one condition that will keep you from being impulsive.

Goldgenie, as the name suggests, is known for rebuilding regular items with gold, platinum, diamonds and other precious materials. Apple products such as iPhones, iPads and MacBooks have been Goldgenie’s favourite workshops.

Confident on its expertise and continuing its tradition, Goldgenie wants to allow Apple fans to be able to buy one-of-a-kind iPhone 8 in real gold instead of a golden hue. It will truly stand out in the crowd – but for a price.

Goldgenie founder Laban Roomes said that craftsmen are preparing in advance based on the information the company has gathered from vast industry insiders and Apple aficionados. Roomes has noted that iPhone 8 is posing as a great challenge due to its glass elements – something which has been rumoured in the past as well.

The 24K iPhone 8 demands superior craftsmanship and ultra-precision hand styling in order to turn it into something truly extra-ordinary. Goldgenie noted that pre-ordering the gold iPhone 8 will give a chance to customers to get hands on this masterpiece before anyone else.

If gold isn’t your colour, or should we say a precious metal, Goldgenie won’t turn you away. The company is also offering the iPhone 8 in platinum or rose gold, and another version adorned by Swarovski crystals. Goldgenie has delivered on these fronts in the past, so it is not at all surprising it will do the same for the biggest iPhone launch in the history.

All that hard-work and craftsmanship will be compensated for with a price tag that will make your jaws drop instantly. Just to give you guys a perspective, an iPhone 7 24K gold is priced at $3068.

So it is safe to say that an entry-level model of the top-of-the-line iPhone 8 will easily set you back for at least $3500 (not so easy now, is it). There is no price listed for the iPhone 8, but the company is asking for 50% as upfront deposit to get the work started on your special iPhone. So unless you have about $1500 stashed somewhere, it’s best to wait for Apple to come up with its standard iPhone.

One thing is for certain that one 24K gold iPhone 8 will be equivalent to at least three of the normal ones. Keeping iPhones from falling is as it is a tedious task, and what if a Swarovski crystal falls every time you drop the specially-designed iPhone.

But hey, the company entered Saudi Arabia in March this year. So it knows where its audience is. But the company is available in most of the countries worldwide, including the UK, China, Germany and others.