Samsung's next smartphone will change the industry forever

Samsung's next smartphone will change the industry forever

Apple’s most-anticipated launch of the year is about to happen, but Samsung is trying to steal the spotlight. The iPhone X is going to be the most revolutionary iPhone ever made by Apple, combining everything from perfect design to futuristic specs, and it’ll be pitted against Samsung’s best smartphone – Galaxy Note 8.

The early trend of iPhone X aka iPhone 8 is already threatening the Galaxy Note 8’s popularity, and it looks like Apple will overtake Samsung once the flagship is launched. But Samsung doesn’t want to take a backseat and wait for the storm to pass. Instead, it has spun its own hurricane.

With just hours to go for the iPhone X launch, Samsung dropped a major hint on its next Galaxy Note smartphone that’ll blow your mind. The president of mobile business at Samsung, Koh Dong-jin, said the company would launch its first smartphone with a bendable display as soon as next year.

Samsung does not have a firm release date for its foldable smartphone yet, and it was quick to state that the product would be launched after it overcame some problems. That’s a long-shot, but certainly is exciting.

By giving a 2018 time-frame for the first-ever foldable smartphone, did Samsung just try to distract customers ahead of the iPhone 8 launch? It certainly looks like it and it works splendidly if the company can fulfill its promise. Samsung is reportedly calling its foldable smartphone Galaxy X, and that cannot be a coincidence.

Foldable smartphones are exciting because of their capability to double as a tablet anytime, anywhere. And Samsung trying to achieve that makes it even more exciting because it will focus on practical use-case scenarios, combining it with top tech features like AR and VR and a sleek body frame.

With the foldable display, there will be more screen landscape to work with and rumours suggest a 4K display so you do not miss a detail. There will be a hinge to accommodate the folding functions with durability.

Hard to fathom the reality of a foldable smartphone? Check out this video, which perfectly visualizes the concept.

If the increasing screen sizes are a hint, foldable smartphones seem logical unless you’re prepared to carry a backpack just for your phones.

Samsung showed a working prototype of the foldable smartphone back in 2013, but has since remained silent on the commercial launch. With every tidbit about the folding phone revealed over the years, the potential commercial release has only seen delays.

Is 2018 the year for Samsung’s Galaxy X? We certainly hope so, but we’d advise caution in expecting too much.