Women are more happy with these sort of men, says new research

Women are more happy with these sort of men, says new research

If you have had a constant need to make yourself look good, you might want to take a minute and see what science has to say. A recent study that was conducted by Florida State Univerity found that relationships are more successful when a female is more attractive than the male. As crazy as it sounds, research happens to have proof of it!

Actress Salma Hayek and her husband, French businessman Francois-Henri Pinault

The research stemmed from the assumption that women who have an attractive partner tend to be more motivated to maintain physical attractiveness and also resort to dieting or exercise to ensure that they look good. It could be said that their social environment is what pushes them to look fit and pretty all the time. However, when it comes to men, their opinion about themselves did not depend on their partner's attractiveness. 

In order to prove the assumption, the research was conducted on 113 newlywed couples who lived in Dallas, Texas. The couples were married for less than four months and were in their late 20s. The participants were rated on their attractiveness by evaluators from Southern Methodist University and Florida State University after they agreed. 

Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell

To assess different criteria, the participants were then provided with a questionnaire that focused on questioning their desire to remain fit and sexy. The findings pretty much matched the assumption that was made by the researchers. The study found that men who thought of themselves less attractive than their partner tend to put in more effort in order to please their lady love. 

On the other hand, women who felt that their husbands are more attractive felt the constant pressure of staying fit and beautiful and sometimes, the pressure used to get the better off them. At the same time, the study also found that men who look attractive put less effort into a relationship as they don't feel there is a need to. 

So, ladies and men out there, listen up! Looks are not the only thing that runs a relationship. Maybe, its time that you start looking at the personality as well.  

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