Shamed for breastfeeding in public, these mothers share their stories in these gorgeous pics

Shamed for breastfeeding in public, these mothers share their stories in these gorgeous pics

If being pregnant wasn’t difficult enough, breastfeeding is another process that is not only physiologically taxing on the woman, but also difficult to live with in the public eye – thanks to the judgmental eyes and snide comments that are aimed at mothers.

Breastfeeding isn't abnormal. Stop making it look like one - Breastfeeding mothers all over the world

Picture Credit :Nicki Kaylor

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year in the first week of August and this year, Nicki Kaylor from Tennessee has taken it upon herself to create awareness about breastfeeding and in turn, normalize the process in the public domain.

Her attempt is being lauded by many for its simple message – accept breastfeeding mothers and allow them to feed their young ones with dignity and respect in a public space.

Photo Credits: Nicki Kaylor

Kaylor’s project called "Latched with Love" is trying to ‘normalise’ breastfeeding by creating a photo-series of nine new mothers from Tennessee.

Each mother was asked to write the most outrageous, shocking comment they heard while breastfeeding their child, and share it with the world in a gorgeous setting, complete with the mother’s nurturing their young ones. 

The comments that mothers receive for breastfeeding their children is shocking.
Photo Credit: Nicki Kaylor

When Kaylor was asked what the inspiration behind the photo-project was, she shared her personal experience with the world.

“I felt really uncomfortable nursing in public,” Kaylor said.

“I remember being in Walmart one night in the middle of winter and my daughter Aarianna started crying, so instead of going and finding a bench to sit on to nurse my baby, I walked out to my car, while my child was still crying to nurse, and sat in the car to nurse.”

A new mother Chritsey Hussey.Photographed by Nicki Keymour.sou

Photographed by Nicki Kaylor

Kaylor had bottle-fed her first daughter and breastfed her second child. Her experience of feeling inherent shame became the foundation of her project.

“To me, that’s not OK,” said Kaylor. “A mother shouldn’t have to go out of her way to feed her child in private because she’s scared of the inappropriate comments or judgmental stares in public.”

Michelle Rodes. Picture By Nicki Kaylor Photography 

The photo image series embodies a powerful message of helping lactating mothers feed in the public eye without having to deal with people being judgemental or unsupportive about it.

Breastfeeding is a natural process of nourishing and nurturing the new born baby. Sadly, people still look at it with eyes of disgust whenever they spot a breastfeeding mother in public.

Mama with her son. Picture credit: Nicki Kaylor


Raennan Bowling Picture credit: Nicki Kaylor

P.S: if you think only women are subject to the discrimination, think again.

''Bring husbands too''.Father's aren't spared too.

Terrance Dale photographed by Nicki Kaylor