This Instagram husband will make you believe in true love all over again

This Instagram husband will make you believe in true love all over again

In the world where matches are made on Tinder, this husband makes us believe that true love is still a thing

It is hard to define love in the present scenario because times have changed. What people once used to believe about love as completely changed as love which was once believed to happen after being struck by Cupid is now more about swiping right on Tinder. 

Taylor Burkhalter shared a series of pictures of his parents on Twitter (Twitter)

At the same time, let's not forget clicking that perfect profile picture for you significant other. That's also another essential part of new-age love. However, it's not really a bad thing because even these small things make us see what love stands for. 

It all happened when Taylor's mom wanted to share a boomerang video (Instagram)

Something similar was shared by Taylor Burkhalter recently on his Twitter account. On account of Christmas, Taylor's mom wanted to share a boomerang video of her making a snow angel with her 29 followers. Sounds like something one of us would do, right?

She wanted to share the same with her followers on Instagram (Instagram)

But there was a catch. Rather than stepping out and make on in real snow, Taylor's mom wanted to make one in the living room. Might sound like an impossible task keeping in mind all the furniture one usually has in the living room. But luckily for his mom, Taylor's dad came to the rescue. 

It is then that her husband decided to help her out (Instagram)

Rather than questioning his wife's decision of making a boomerang in the house, Taylor's dad helped her move all the furniture just so she could have her perfect shot taken! Sweet, right? But this is not all. He later helped her take the boomerang from the perfect angle. 

In order to get that mindblowing shot, he decided to stand on the table and take the video while his wife playfully made a snow angel on a white carpet. Taylor then clicked a picture of the entire scene and shared it with his friends and followers to show that in the modern scenario, this is what love means. 

Taylor's dad helped his wife take the video (Twitter)

He tweeted, "I’ve learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so my mom can make snow angel boomerangs for her 29 Instagram followers than anything else in life." Little did he know that his one tweet was soon going to go viral. 

People soon started flooding the tweet with their comments (Instagram)

Soon, he started receiving a flood of comments and likes by people. With 2.6K comments and 920K likes, they sure did manage to become the new internet sensations with their little act of love. Many people were quick to add their own thoughts on the photo. 

Many believed that this is what true love looks like (Instagram)

One person wrote, "His face says 'This woman is crazy and ridiculous.' His heart says 'But god, do I love her.'" While another added that this was probably the best tweet they have seen till now. For some, the tweet was a joy that came their way on Christmas. 

One person even wrote how the tweet made them happy (Instagram)

"After a bit of a rocky start this Xmas, this made me smile. Thanks," one person tweeted. Meanwhile, there were some who wished that one day they will find someone just like Taylor's dad because they believe that the love shown in the photos is love in its purest form. 

Soon people tracked down Taylor's mom's Instagram (Instagram)

Thanks to Taylor's tweet and his fathers kind gesture, Taylor's mom had a bit of surprise waiting for her on Christmas. After seeing the photos, many people went on an investigation mode and wanted to track down his mom on Instagram. 

They wanted her to have more than 29 followers (Instagram)

The sole reason: They wanted to make sure that she had more than 29 followers on Instagram. Soon, it was found that Taylor's mother's name was Libby Burkhalter and that she went by the Instagram handle "libbfit" and had quite a few fun pictures of hers on it. 

She now has 14.9k people following her on Instagram (Instagram)

Describing herself as Fit Mom, Wife, Trainer, Health Coach, Business Owner, dog lover, passion for faith, food, fitness, and friends," her Instagram followers saw a huge leap as she soon had 14.9k followers. Looks like love has the power to increase your Instagram followers as well.

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