Was this the most extravagant wedding the world has ever seen?

Was this the most extravagant wedding the world has ever seen?

If you are aware of Russian Oligarchs, there is no doubt that you already know that their weddings are the talk of the town as everyone wants to show off their lavish lifestyle. 

With that in mind, it didn't come as a shock to see how extraordinary and grand the wedding of Aleksky Shapovalov and Ksenia Tsaritsina was. 

Aleksey and Ksenia were dating for five years until he decided that it was finally time to tie the knot with the mother of his two beautiful kids. In April he proposed Ksenia with a huge engagement ring. The ring, which cost $10 million contains a 70-carat diamond and had everyone drooling over its beauty.  



In order to make the wedding a spectacular one, the couple chose Barvikha Luxury Village hotel in Rublekva, Moscow. The hotel is famous for hosting high-profile weddings, especially by wealthy Russians.  


The bride, on the other hand, had multiple outfit changes throughout the celebration and each one was better than the other. Her wedding dress had an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline with a floral lace illusion gown.  


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The guests had black, white and red as their dress code and were greeted with a room full white flowers that matched the wedding dress Ksenia had chosen for her big day. Various celebrities and pop stars attended the lavish wedding


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The wedding also featured an eight-tier "floating cake" that was decorated with pearls and large pink and white flowers and in order to make the wedding more exciting, the wedding was hosted by popular entertainers Ekaterina Barnabas and Andrei Razygraev. There was also a performance by Eurovision song contest runner-up Polina Gagarina and rock band Leningrad. 

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